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Chris Dyer's Creative Friends

Chris Dyer's Creative Friends

By Chris Dyer
This is a fun Podcast where artist Chris Dyer interviews his different creative friends all around the world. It's mostly visual artists but also people creating positive magic in other fields. These talks are done in person, usually at the artist's studio's, so for the full experience go and watch it on YouTube!
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#49 - John Gay
In the 49th episode of Chris Dyer's Creative Friends, Chris sits down with his friend John Gay at his home in Denver, Colorado!  They sit down and have conversations with topics including how they met, going to festivals, and John's transition from living in a small town to moving to Atlanta.   Watch to the end to hear John talk about aliens!   Blessings!
June 28, 2022
#48 - Amanda Sage
In the 48th episode of Chris Dyer's Creative Friends, Chris sits down with his artist friend Amanda Sage at her childhood home in Boulder, Colorado  During their chat they talk about topics such as Amanda's time as a young artist, travelling the world, and becoming a young apprentice to a prolific artist.  Later in the conversation, Chris and Amanda discuss topics like spirituality, success, and how they first met!   Listen to the end to hear Amanda talk about her future plans in her career!   Blessings!
June 09, 2022
#47 - Isabel Mariposa Galactica
In the 47th episode of Chris Dyer's Creative Friends, Chris sits down with his artist friend Isabel Galactica in her home in Kauai, Hawaii!   During their chat they talk about topics ranging from traveling to different countries, to psychedelics and the spirituality around them.  Isabel explains how visionary art is becoming more normalized and how her art is becoming more popular because of it.  She also talks about balance in her art as well as her lifestyle.  Listen to the end to hear what she has planned for the future!
May 26, 2022
46 - Illuminati Congo
In the 46th episode of Chris Dyer's Creative Friends, Chris sits down with his good friend Illuminati Congo!  Congo in a conscious Hiphop Rapper from Chicago. During their conversations they discuss topics such as NFTs, Cryptocurrency, spirituality, and more!   Illuminati Congo also goes on to talk about his rap career and how it has brought him many great opportunities. Listen to the end to hear about Illuminati Congo's view on love and the healing energy that can come from it.
May 12, 2022
#45 - Stella Strzyzowska
In the 45th episode of Chris Dyer's Creative Friends, Chris sits down with his friend Stella Strzyzowska in her home state of Florida!  During their chat they talk about topics ranging from overcoming bad habits to various psychedelic stories.  Stella explains how tripping on LSD has changed her life and how she mixes it with yoga and other healthy and beneficial practices to better her life.  She also talks about how her art career has taken off during the pandemic.  Listen to the end to hear what she has planned for the future! Blessings!
April 28, 2022
#44 - Maysr
In this weeks episode, Chris visits his old friend Maysr! Maysr is a street artist, DJ, bird feeder, and all around interesting guy!  We take a peek into Maysr's home, where he talks about his time as a young man learning about rastafarianism.  He goes on to talk about how hip hop and reggae shaped his art style back when he was first starting out. Listen to the end to hear how Maysr likes to spend his time when he is not making art or music! I hope you enjoy our conversations! Blessings!
April 14, 2022
#43 - Peru Dyer
In this episode, Chris sits down with his brother, Peru Dyer! He is most known for his graffiti and mural works. He is a great artist as well as a great father, husband, and skateboarder!   In this episode, Chris and Peru take a quick ride over to the longest mural Peru has painted and maybe even longest in all of Canada!  Listen to Peru talk about his first time doing graffiti, as well as what is was like growing up as an artist.  Chris and Peru also discuss what inspires them and motivates them to keep painting.  They also discuss where art has taken them and the various clients they have gotten to work with as well.   Blessings!
March 31, 2022
#42 - Monke
In the 42nd episode of the podcast, Chris sits down with his long-time friend, Monke! Monke is known for his work in various countries such as Uganda, France, and many other places. His passions range from murals and graffiti to rapping and producing music around the world. In this episode, Chris and Monke talk about topics like clothing design, old collaborations together, the shutdown during the pandemic, and more! Monke also fills us in on how he overcomes the struggles he faces being an artist and uses those struggles to become a better person. Listen to the end to hear what Monke has in store for the future! Blessings!
March 17, 2022
#41 - Katie Paglialunga
For the 41st episode of the Podcast Chris travels to Montreal, Quebec to visit his friend Katie Pag. Katie is an artist of many different mediums, including painting, sewing, collage-work, and more!   In this episode, they talk about life in Montreal and their experiences in the city, as well as their experiences as artists.  Katie tells us about her favorite mediums to use when making art and her journey with experimenting with new forms.   Katie goes on to tell us about her inspirations in life and how she views the duality of life and art. Later, Chris and Katie touch on clown college and how they cheer themselves up when they are feeling sad or anxious.    Watch 'til the end and listen to Katie's experiences being in a polyamorous relationship and how she plans on single-handedly saving the world!   Enjoy!
March 04, 2022
#40- Mark Henson
In this 40th episode of the podcast Chris travels to Northern California to interview his friend Mark Henson.  Mark is a legendary visionary art painter.   They talk about Northern California, Clear Lake, volcanoes, living in Santa Cruz, his house in Costa Rica, wildfires, firefighting techniques, how they met at Harmony Festival in 2006, going to Miami Art Basel together in 2011, Chris' Ukiah Gallery solo show, their travels together to Brazil, Mark's origins in Sacramento, California, learning to make art, going to art school, recovering original artworks, moving to Isla Vista, California, hippie life, living in Indonesia and hiring local artists, visiting East Timor, making woodcuts and bronze art pieces, staging One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and doing LSD with Ken Kesey, the psychedelic scene, the end of festivals, early web pages, the San Francisco Visionary Arts Club, getting help from his wife, evolving business and creating consciousness.
February 18, 2022
#39 - Banjo
In this 39th episode of the podcast Chris travels to Eugene, Oregon to visit his friend Banjo.  Banjo is a legendary glass blowing artist.   They talk about his house outside Eugene, Oregon, how they met online arranging art for a show at the Escalante Gallery in Los Angeles with Alex and Allyson Grey and Amanda Sage, Greg Escalante, skateboarding and glass art cultures, bluegrass music, David Grisman, building and playing banjos, studying sculpting, leaving college, Rainbow Gatherings, festival culture, Gatherings vs festivals, discovering glass art, dab rigs, Marcel Braun, the business of making pipes, developing the high-end glass pipe industry, vanity and status-symbols, the Bahai religion, dealing with fame and challenges, spiritual injections via glass smoking, Banjo's philanthropic projects, helping the world with love, facing trauma, social divisions, v questions, waiting for aliens or being aliens, Order 66, left vs right and accepting everyone.
February 10, 2022
#38- Marcel Braun
In this 38th episode of the Podcast Chris travels to Eugene, Oregon to visit his friend Marcel Braun.  Braun is a glass artist and leader of the Starship Collective.   They talk about Chris' mural for the Starship Collective, Oregon, cannabis legalisation, puffin', the Merry Pranksters farm, how they met via Oak Locoboro and Jon Ohia, Project 33, the Glass Coin Project, supporting the community and discovering new processes, how Marcel moved to Oregon and became interested in counter-cultures, learning by remaking classics, using Borosilicate for durability, his machines such as his Glory hole and his torch, spreading knowledge with volunteers, Fern Gully's Hexis, the Eugene, Oregon glass-blowing community, apprentices and interns and serving projects, art as money, glass coins, Charles Eisenstein and Sacred Economics, boats, valuing work properly, the pressures of the current world situation, taking care of your own health vs letting corporations force pharmaceuticals on you, the redistribution of engineering, the contamination of warfare on aerospace, ethics in engineering, core optimism, the scientific method, karma, advice for young glass artists and visionary artists, and Batman & Alfred.
January 13, 2022
#37- Joseph Haefs
On this 37th episode of the podcast Chris travels to Las Vegas, Nevada to receive a tattoo from and interview his friend Joseph Haefs.   They talk about Chris painting a Buddha mural in Joseph's backyard, Joseph tattooing Chris' scalp, face tattoos and commitment, growing acceptance of tattoos, Joseph's tattoo journey, how Joseph discovered Chris' art, meeting at COSM, different perspectives and effects of cannabis, realities of energy, dealing with emotions as men, Joseph's journey to Las Vegas and hanging out with gangsta Cholos, watching Pantera on LSD, learning to tattoo on tourists, improving in Chicago, using affirmations to improve, getting an apartment, a car and shop and starting to thrive, how hard it can be for friends to give honest criticism, jealousy and comparisons, discovering Instagram, giving tattoos to beautiful women and becoming the butt man, handling the 80/20 rule, that people want to be sexy, healing with art, not taking things seriously, ugly duckling syndrome, judging people and yourself, sobriety and optimism for humanity.
December 24, 2021
#36- Mike Maxwell
On this 36th episode of the podcast Chris travels to Carlsbard, California to interview his artist friend Mike Maxwell.  Maxwell is a painter.   They talk about his new mural at the Nixon HQ in Carlsbad, California, the business of making murals, Denver's art scene, art as creative problem-solving, similarities between extreme sports and art, San Diego's benefits and drawbacks, opening up visual perceptions, finding niches that appreciate art, lessons from jiu-jitsu, how they met at En Masse during Miami Art Basel, dealing with egos, trusting the Universe, materials, mixing ink and paint, Montana's Fluid Acrylic Paint, how Mike learned to make art working for Shepard Fairey, teaching and sharing processes, artistic inspirations and bombing trains, train culture, changing styles and finding new subjects in art, psychedelic influences in art, false confidence under psychedelics, smokin' weed, Mike Giant, Mike Maxwell's podcast Live Free, his documentary Working Class, talking to artist friends and making podcasts, the Joe Rogan Experience, making Joe Rogan's logo, knowing your own flaws, humility and self-deprecation, celebrtiy effects, and how isolation and quarantine help artistic creation.
December 09, 2021
#35- Drew Brophy
On this 35th episode of the podcast Chris travels to San Clemente, California to paint a surfboard with legendary surf painter Drew Brophy. and exhibit at his gallery.   They talk about his studio in San Clemente, California, growing up in South Carolina, comparisons between Orange County and Los Angeles, how Chris discovered Drew's art, how Chris followed Drew's DVD tutorial on how to paint a surfboard, how Drew started painting, learning lots of different technologies and abilities, paint markers, dealing with galleries and dealing without them, appreciating current success instead of just focusing on the future, touching hearts and making specific, personal art, making a difference, feeling gratitude and appreciation, how he moved out of South Carolina and started painting surfboards professionally, rejecting art school, abandoning dreams of surfing professionally, taking a gamble on a big job in Hawaii, discovering San Clemente, getting in at the beginning of a brand, travelling around the world, artistic inspirations, surfing big waves, being in touch with nature, extra-sensory powers, transmitting that connection into paint, sacred geometry and his new artistic explorations, airdropping ideas into brains, the nature of reality, drawing the mathematics of molecular properties, simulated realities and alternate dimensions, the limits of language, faith in humanity, the effects of media and marketing on people, overcoming fear and resisting manipulation.
November 24, 2021
#34- Cut Chemist
In this 34th episode of the podcast Chris travels to Los Angeles to host a solo show at the Lifted Veil gallery and interviews the legendary DJ and producer Cut Chemist.  Cut Chemist was a founding member of Ozomatli and Jurassic 5.   They talk about Chris' gallery show in Los Angeles, how they met at the Tipper show at the Fillmore in Denver, Colorado, psychedelic experiences and influences on music, his turntable guitar, growing up in Hollywood, going to UCLA for Fine Arts, drawing and finding artistic expression, graffiti experiments, finding Hip-Hop in 1983, getting paid to DJ house parties as a teenager, joining Ozomatli, starting live-band hip-hop and working in world music inspirations, Vans Warped Tour, joining Jurassic 5, collaborating between Ozomatli and J5, the documentary Scratch, losing a DJ battle at age 12, being a white guy in hip-hop, learning from DJ Shadow, opening for Shakira, software glitches onstage, learning to craft his show for specific audiences, Jurassic 5 opening for Fiona Apple, Kid Koala breaking the line and innovating hip-hop, living with Mad-Lib, how he made pies during lockdown, his independent record label A Stable Sound, the Stable Sound radio show, going to events during the pandemic, and a gift exchange
November 12, 2021
#33- Dela
In this 33rd episode of Chris Dyer's Podcast he visits his friend Erik De La Cruz, aka Dela, at his home in Boulder, Colorado.  Dela is a Visionary Painter.   They talk about Boulder and Denver, his time in San Fransisco, the Womb, how the Bay Area changed, discovering the visionary art scene, live painting in Florida, the growth of psychedelic culture in Colorado, growing up in Baja California, Mexico and moving to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, the influences of Puerto Rican nature on his art, latino identity, speaking Spanish, drawing ninja turtles, selling art on the street in Florida and California, drawing pop culture, live painting at Rootwire and other music festivals, studio work and commissions, Tik-Tok failures, developing art skills before selling art, environmental subjects in his art and nude muses, eating healthy living things, using photography to help painting, painting techniques, aliens, psychedelics and visions, losing his fear of death, restoring the planet and spreading environmental awareness in art.
October 28, 2021
#32 - Dome Moon
In this 32nd episode of Chris Dyer's Podcast he visits his friend Dome Moon at her home in Crestone, Colorado.  Dome is a visionary artist.  They talk about her witch tower house in Crestone, Colorado, nearby religious centers and cults, why people are attracted to cults and how cult leaders exploit and abuse their followers, Crestone's Dark Skies initiative, alien and UFO visits and activities, what aliens do on their Earth visits, growing up in Lithuania, moving to the suburbs of Chicago, differences between Europe and America, making dark art and the evolution of her art, having a spontaneous spiritual awakening in the nature of Colorado, the benefits of isolation for creating art, the subjects of her art, her materials and studying at workshops in person and online, the Vision Train, finding communities online, her products, art subscriptions, using Tik-Tok, cheat codes to algorithms, the Visionary Muses, marrying her life partner, marriage ceremonies, same-sex marriage and living as a queer woman, tattoos and psychedelics.
October 15, 2021
#31- Jack Shure
In this 31st episode of the podcast Chris travels around Boulder, Colorado to visit his friend Jack Shure.  Shure is a low brow painter and dead-head.   They talk about how they met at an art workshop in Italy, Jack's origins in Nederland, Colorado, living on the road in California, Oregon and Mexico, life as a Dead Head and Grateful Dead fandom, sharing cultures and fan markets, Harley Davidsons, his mountaintop home near Boulder, Colorado, qualities of Colorado and the influx of new people, skateboarding and BMXs, learning how to paint in artist workshops, learning from Martina Hoffman, selling vs keeping paintings, his artworks and hidden messages, Jack's experiments with branding and products, selling art via galleries and collectors, teaching painting to juvenile offenders, and his engagement.
September 30, 2021
#30- Randal Roberts
In this 30th episode of the podcast Chris travels to Boulder, Colorado to visit his friend Randal Roberts.  Roberts is a visionary art painter.   They talk about Randal and Morgan's new house in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado, how they met at the Rootwire Festival, how Randal started painting and took advice from Chris, art school vs experience and workshops, growing up with Alex and Allyson Grey, travelling around the country for a year and then settling in Oakland, California, getting pushed out by gentrification, blowing up at the Symbiosis Festival, Randal's Homer Simpson painting, Bill Hicks' influence, meeting and moving to Colorado with Morgan Mandala, painting at festivals with Amanda Sage, meeting Shpongle, alcohol abuse during COVID lockdowns, Joe Rogan, the effects of social media on society, collaborating with Morgan Mandala, teaching new artists, the history of their Bromance collaboration, LSD discoveries, DMT visions, and meeting an angel.
September 30, 2021
#29- Morgan Mandala
In this 29th episode of the podcast Chris travels to Boulder, Colorado to visit his friend Morgan Mandala.  Mandala is a visionary artist.   They talk about her new house with Randal Roberts, having natural spaces, moving to Colorado from Chicago, Colorado's art scene, visionary artists, origins of her artist name, the benefits of creating an art name, live painting, plain-air paintings in the mountains, collaborating with Randal Roberts, differences between female and male artists, the business of art, the risks of offending people, how art changed Morgan's world, psychedelic trips to Peru, acid trips, festival stories, her gold mine shaft, optimism for the planet.
September 30, 2021
#28- Vincent Gordon
In this 28th Episode of Chris Dyer's Podcast show, he goes to Colorado to interview his friend Vincent Gordon.  Gordon is a psychedelic pop artist.     They talk about living in Colorado and his roots in Chicago, the Colorado art community, building collaborations, how they met at the Chalice festival, getting into cannabis culture and propaganda, mainstream appreciation of cannabis, being framed by police as a young man, being a challenger, the visionary art community in Colorado, a forced pause, life changes and evolutions, escaping reality, staycations, jungle juice, his art, digital and studio painting, art business structures, self-acceptance, pop culture deprivation and celebration, the Grateful Dead, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Melty Bros collaboration with Aaron Brooks, racial discussions, dealing with abuse, supporting friends, Blue Bench, the responsibilities of public life, and art therapy.
September 29, 2021
#27- Ben Steward
In this 26th Episode of Chris Dyer's Podcast show, he goes to Tennessee to interview his friend Ben Stewart (@Ben Joseph Stewart ).  Stewart is a musician and filmmaker for      They talk about travelling around the world and getting established in Tennessee, how they met, interviews for Waking Infinity, Ben's travels to Montreal, timeless wisdom, Ben's Google video film Esoteric Agenda, Youtube shows and Gaia shows, Magic Plant with Pete Evans, the responsibility of influencing with art, the Zeitgeist media festival, Burning Man, art and consciousness, David Icke, Psychadelica, DMT Quest, Limitless, human potential, natural DMT production, the effects of darkness on the human brain, plant medicines, integrating and understanding dark experiences, the art of listening and being a true friend, recent world changes, the first global event, epi-artistic phenomena on a global scale, where to find truth, getting out of comfort zones and awakening truth, telephone data technologies, artificial intelligence and cyborg terrariums, nanotechnology, how technology impacts modern life, getting past differences, plant medicines and psychedelics,  Ben's music career, his band Hierosonic, composing soundtracks for films, and finding your voice.
September 29, 2021
#26- Charles Eisenstein
In this 26th Episode of Chris Dyer's Podcast show, he begins his USA tour by interviewing author and speaker Charles Eisenstein.    They talk about safety and humanity, avoiding death, quality of life, security and control, risk aversion, the internet of things and of people, the paradise of perfect control, using science to push ideologies, "V" questions, how to bring the spirit of the gift into the modern society, crypto-currency, the roles of philanthropy, the waste and side effects of green technologies and carbon accounting, marine reserves, hope for humanity, psychedelic medicines and the invasion of death into life.
September 29, 2021
#25- Spero
In this 25th Episode of Chris Dyer's Podcast show, he interviews his artist friend Ashley Spero!  Spero (spero_art) is a visionary artist based in Asheville, North Carolina.   They talk about Chris' family Quilmanà artist retreat, her art, channeling art and spirits from other dimensions, healing people with paintings, the difference between insects and cell phones, psychic abilities, alien tribes, painting on wood, painting with markers, art school, Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains, working with teas and herbs, plant medicine and guides, tearing down the Patriarchy, feminine energy to heal society, diving deep into experiences for paintings, abuses by Herbert Quinteros, abusing power, female power revival, the Visionary Muses, painting portraits, using art to raise up other humans, Chris' failings in dealing with Herbert's abuses, how men can learn from Chris, artists of Asheville, NC.
September 29, 2021
#24- Judea Star
In this 24th Episode of Chris Dyer's Artist Podcast show, he interviews his artist friend Judea Star!  Judea is psychic healer and sound healer.   They talk about Cusco and ancient ruins, psychic and sound healings, sound bowls, psychic powers, views into shadow, visions of the future, helping ghosts to move on, the afterlife and perspectives on life after having died, visions from multidimensional aliens, soul retrievals, past lives, the oversoul, twin flames and soulmates, soul groups, planetary healing and purging.
September 29, 2021
#23- El Chimu
In this 23rd Episode of Chris Dyer's Artist Podcast show, he interviews his artist friend El Chimu!  Chimu is a shamanic tattoo artist based in San Diego, California.   They talk about how they met on Instagram and then how El Chimu came to Quilmanà, Peru to tattoo Chris, El Chimu's American and Peruvian origins, how he started creating tattoos, opening up his first shop in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, going to pow-wows and being inspired by indigenous dances and dresses, deciding to spread pre-hispanic art, the many cultures of Latin America, shared imagery between traditional art, the risks of cultural appropriation when spreading indigenous art, the wisdom of Bruce Lee, mixing races and cultures, the ceremonial use of peyote, and an ayahuasca and art retreat in the jungle, as well as what it was like to work as a tattoo artist during COVID.
September 29, 2021
#22- Conrad Florez
In this 22nd Episode of Chris Dyer's Artist Podcast show, he interviews his artist friend Conrad Florez!  Conrad is a studio and street artist based in Lima, Peru.   They talk about Conrad's roots, art in the neighbourhood of Callao, the influence of Entes and his graffiti crew DMJC, Conrad's studio in Miraflores, painting murals in the neighbourhood, how they met at Chris' solo show in 2013, Miami Art Basel, Spawn comics, Todd MacFarlane, Korn, Iron Maiden and when rock bands started to play in Lima, Vanilla Ice in 1992 and today, making huge banners for stadium rock shows, his new painting style, Inca Cola, Cypress Hill, live painting at festivals, his new graphic painting style, the seven letter crew, painting huge walls with Pesimo, tattoos, Peruvian culture, the social media game, working with Nike and other brands, COVID's effects on the Peruvian art scene, protesting against Presidential coups and corruption in Lima, and gang alliances against corrupt cops.
September 29, 2021
#21- Miki Gonzalez
In this 21st Episode of Chris Dyer's new Podcast show, he interviews his rock star friend Miki Gonzalez!  Miki is a legendary musician living in Lima, Peru.    They talk about learning English, Peruvian culture, the neighbourhood of Barranco, how Chris' mother came to Peru, how they met in Wappinger's Falls, NY, surfing around Peru and the endless left of Chicama, Peruvian culture in the 1970's, moving to Cusco to be closer to indigenous culture, witch doctors and psychedelic drugs, mescaline, San Pedro, LSD, cultural upheavals, discovering Andino music, creating indie folk music, learning to play the blues, Brazillian influences on jazz, living under curfews due to terrorism and military rule and the all-night parties that happened due to that system, writing political protest songs, Afro-Peruvian reggae, changing musical styles, discovering electronic music, recording and remixing Andean cultural music.
September 29, 2021
#20- Entes
In this 20th Episode of Chris Dyer's new Podcast show, he interviews his artist friend Entes!  Entes is a popular street and studio artist based in Lima, Peru.   They talk about his new studio in Barranco, how they met at Chris' show at the Punctum Gallery, how Entes started creating graffiti with his soccer team, partnering with Pesimo, getting walls in Miami at Art Basel, opening the Museum of Urban Art in Lima, saving walls with epoxy, new mediums, oil paints and sculpting, getting sponsorships and teaching companies how to connect to the urban art community, street protests at the Peruvian government coup and political art, racism in Peru and around the world (especially Miami), reconciling street art and graffiti, galleries and museums vs social media for sharing art, and hopes for 2022.
September 29, 2021
#19- Psy Conscious
In this 20th Episode of Chris Dyer's new Podcast show, he interviews his artist friend Psy Conscious (psy.conscious)!  Psy is a psychologist and visionary artist based in the Miraflores neighbourhood of Lima, Peru.   They talk about how they met, Visionary art in Lima, the Miraflores neighbourhood, going to Catholic school, studying communication and then psychology, discovering drawing and painting, the link between psychology and art, using psychology to heal humans, using psychadelic medicines, meditation retreats, answering the call of Ayahuasca, discovering visionary art naturally, Dietas and bathing with flowers, going from Lima to the jungle, traveling to see art in Florence, Italy; making digital art, paintings vs digital art, making art merchandise and clothing, healing with art and psychology together, the effects of COVID and reactions to the disease in Peru, Presidential coups and street protests in Peru, and youth power against government corruption.
September 27, 2021
#18- Mauro Reategui
In this 18th Episode of Chris Dyer's new Podcast show, he interviews his artist friend Mauro Reategui (@visionary_art_by_mauro).  Reategui is a visionary artist of the Amazonian jungle in Peru.   They talk about how they met at the Temple of Visions Gallery in Los Angeles, growing up and making art in Pucallpa, studying painting with Pablo Amaringo, death threats from bad Shamans, the importance of working with a teacher for dietas, medicinal lessons, lessons in the darkness, learning to paint Ayahuasca visions, studying shamanism, not needing to do drugs to see visions and make art, Amazonian influences in his art, Dietas, the term shaman, travelling and exhibiting art, Lima as compared to the provinces of Peru, the growing appreciation of Peruvian visionary art, Ayahuasca culture in Peru, building a spiritual center in the jungle, the personal effects of COVID-19, and natural medicine to improve health
September 27, 2021
#17- Tava
In this 17th Episode of Chris Dyer's new Podcast show, he interviews his artist friend Antoine Tava!  Tava is a pop artist based in Montréal.   They talk about how they met at an En Masse jam, working as an animator and artistic director, getting inspired to go it alone as a working artist, quitting his 9-5 job, selling his condo and car to focus on art, working with Galerie LeRoyer, Station16 and European galleries, partnering with a Chinese multimedia company, cracking the Chinese art market, travelling to China, perspectives on China and working with the Chinese people, travelling to Italy, old perspectives on Mussolini, milk drips in art, the Italian quality of life, the Italian community of Montreal, working with brands, 1990's nostalgia in art, Tava's street art and murals, wheat pasting, canvas art, Tava's collaboration with Wizard Skull, collecting art, growing up in Ville-Emard, making Montreal better, planting seeds outside your community and bringing back rewards to the city, Tava's Panda Boxing Gym and its problems with pandemic legislation, and the collateral effects of COVID rules.
September 27, 2021
#16- Valerie Lambert
In this 16th Episode of Chris Dyer's new Podcast show, he interviews his beautiful ex-wife Valerie Lambert! Valerie is an artist and spiritual healer from Belgium, but based in Montréal.     They talk about why they divorced, moving from Belgium to Canada, living close to each other and Parc LaFontaine and staying friends, the history of cultures, Native American cultures, European and American consciousnesses, Visiting Maniwaki and connecting to the land, how they met on Myspace, meeting up, travelling to Paris and Canada, Fashion design, beauty vs conceptual art, working in fashion, making sculptures out of fabric, drawing with coloured pencils, bringing light with art, the Amanda Sage workshop in Italy, the Mische technique in painting,, Layers of humanity, nutrition, organic food, animal liberation, Essential oils and aromatherapy, sound healing, crystals, vaccines, the importance of asking questions Hypnotherapy, past and future lives, other planets and possibilities, Egypt, Astrology and its effects.
September 27, 2021
#15- Oak Locoboro
In this 15th episode of the Chris Dyer's Creative Friends Podcast he interviews the glass-blower Oak Locoboro, who is based in southeast Quebec.  They talk about Oak's name, growing up in Southern California, glass blowing, how they met, learning to blow glass, his signature glass chains, collaborations while glassmaking, Oak's Fukushima fish and Chris Dyer's fishbomb mural, messages in glass blown art, collecting art and figurines, sculptural influences in glassblowing art, getting quality materials, the Mike Gong Acid Eater, Oak's glassblowing inspirations, glass coins, the Starshp of Eugene, Oregon, alternative currencies, comparing California's scene to Quebec's growing and smoking weed, medical cannabis, the qualities of quality weed, and problems with cannabis legalization.
September 27, 2021
#14- Make Noize
In this 14th episode of the Chris Dyer's Creative Friends Podcast he interviews his friend Make Noize, a street artist based in Montreal.   They talk about his studio, French and English, how they met at Orkus skatepark, skateboarding, definitions of street art, playing with the environment, illegality in art, mentoring newcomers, spreading love and positivity, being taught to fear, Make Noize's collaborative art installation with Adida Fallen Angel, building bigger art projects and pushing limits, Make Noize products, clothes, spray can lamps, Ron English, the Souriez Vous Êtes Filmé art campaign, paying attention to politics without becoming depressed, living with passion and making art for joy not money
September 27, 2021
#13- Barry Walsh
In this 13th Episode of Chris Dyer's new Podcast show, he interviews his friend Barry Walsh (@realcity_veteran71)!  Walsh is a professional skateboarder and DJ based in Montréal.   They talk about how they met, St Henri block parties, loft living, Barry's professional skateboarding career, skateboarding in Vancouver, the Richmond Skate Ranch, Marc Tison, the Big O, the Pipe Fiends book, saving the pipe, Cherry Bomb skateboards, Creation skateboards, Urban Ambush, the skateboard industry, '80's BMX culture, memorial graffiti pieces, EmbassyMTL, Dime, DJ'ing and collecting Vinyl and cassettes, reggae, inner-city Rastafarianism, relationships with herbs, boomboxes, painting ghetto blasters, and fatherhood.
September 27, 2021
#12- Auresia
In this 12th Episode of Chris Dyer's new Podcast show, he interviews his friend Auresia (@auresia)!  Auresia is a musician based in Montreal.   They talk about how they met, treeplanting, living together in Montreal, how Auresia got into music, hitchhiking across Canada and discovering Montreal, making her first album, the Reggae River music festival in California and discovering Reggae music, recording in Jamaica, Reggae's positivity, different flavours of reggae, dark forces of the music industry, personal loss, Jah Goddess, recording in Cuba, escaping COVID, making a Ukrainian reggae album in Ukraine, making a career out of music, travelling in Morocco and further world explorations, international profiles, making and selling essential oils, teaching music, and 5G activism.
September 27, 2021
#11- Kevin Ledo
In this 11th Episode of Chris Dyer's new Podcast show, he interviewshis friend Kevin Ledo (@kevinledo)!  Ledo is a painter and muralist based in Montreal.   They talk about Ledo's new studio in Mile End, his old studio at LivArt, how they met at En Masse, shared teachers at Dawson College, beauty in art, definitions of fine art, abstract art, projections for painting, irony in art and pop culture, living and working in Taiwan, working as a studio artist, switching to murals, brushes vs spray cans for murals, realism in mural art, Montreal's Mural Festival, travelling to Bhutan, Jordan and Lebanon, Miami's Art Basel, the Raw project (decorating schools), Indigenous portrayals in art, and huge murals of Leonard Cohen.
September 27, 2021
#10- Ben Jackson
In this 10th Episode of Chris Dyer's new Podcast show, he interviews the show's co-creator Ben Zion Jackson (!  He is a filmmaker based in Montreal who has been Dyer's longtime video collaborator.   They talk about skateboarding, kids, homeschooling, coming to Montréal, how they met at the Foufounes Électriques Skate Night, Ben's projects and career, making Chris Dyer's Artventures, relationship breakdowns, surfing in Canada, what it means to be Black, personal racial histories, Black Lives Matter and thoughts about the future.
September 27, 2021
#9- Leyla is on Fire
In this 9th Episode of Chris Dyer's new Podcast show, he interviews his artist friend Leyla Ghobadi, aka Leyla is on Fire ((@leylaisonfire)!  She is a multimedia artist and DJ based in the Plateau hood of Montreal.   They talk about her studio and the Plateau Mt Royal neighbourhood, horror movie props and Halloween, the band Alexisonfire, Leyla's Persian heritage, Miami Art Basel, her path of becoming an artist, working in marketing, interior design, real estate and modeling, as well as pricing art, working with epoxy, working with galleries, fraudulent art reprinters/bootleggers, teaching art, live painting at festivals, her infamous tryst (or lack thereof) with Kanye West, and world travel and art jams
September 27, 2021
#8- Jason Botkin
In this 8th Episode of Chris Dyer's new Podcast show, he interviews "En Masse" founder Jason Botkin!  Jason is a muralist and studio painter based in Montréal.   They talk about his studio in Hochelaga, his journey from the USA to the Alberta College of Art and Design, his dreams of becoming a professional snowboarder, divorce and a new commitment to art, Montréal, living in Japan and studying ceramics, gallery art, the En Masse project Jason founded, their show at the Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal, the difficulty of enacting cultural activities during Covid, creating a new art marketplace, the role of galleries nowadays, finding ways to share wealth and resources in the community, street art and intramuralism, using paintbrushes for murals, the difficulty of finding masks for art creation, how to deal with less or no social media, the revival of street art and using it as a tool of emancipation, dealing with depression and an autoimmune disorder, psychedelics and other plant medicine, DMT visions, meditation, Jason's religious path from Christianity to Buddhism, Yogic studies, Scientology and beyond, and their personal perspectives on 2020.
September 27, 2021
#7- Adam Millward
In this 7th Episode of Chris Dyer's new Podcast show, he interviews his artist friend Adam Millward!  Adam is a painter based on the south shore of Montréal.   They talk about how they met, buying and collecting art, drinking beer and alcoholism, choosing sobriety, the Costa Rican party life, marriage and divorce, becoming an artist, the spiritual experience of painting, a serendipitous encounter with the president of Costa Rica, the business of being a full-time artist, changing algorithms and fighting against AI, wanting to give up, the COSM art workshop, local art markets, mandalas, the new video game level art style, using different acrylic paints, the Arty Time Podcast, manifesting negative energy and fighting conspiracy theories, why Qanon's missing child statistics are wrong, the Keto Diet and eliminating sugar, playing guitar and making music as meditation, and improvisation in music and art.
September 27, 2021
#6- SAKE
In this 6th episode of the Chris Dyer's Creative Friends Podcast we get to meet Sake, who has been most prolific graffiti artist in Montréal for the last 26 years.   They talk about graffiti, the meaning of Sake, Instagram, climbing, being chased, Kings and Queens, murals and drawings, Sake products, stealing from stores, eating healthy organic food, cilantro and garlic pills, toxic spray paint, and then go on a deep dive into Sake's political perspectives of our current world; wrapping it all up a little discussion on getting back to nature and doing art.
September 27, 2021
#5- Sloast
In this 5th Episode of Chris Dyer's new Podcast show, he interviews his artist friend Sloast!  Sloast is a studio and street artist based in Montréal.   They talk about Satellite Studios on St Laurent Blvd, art jams, the Montréal street art community, what Sloast means and the importance of artist names, they address gender questions, pronouns, queer identify and gender expressions in art.  They talk about the mission of art, studying art history at McGill and NYU, activist professors, the Silence = Death movement, politics vs healing in art, defending freedom of speech, street art around the world, travelling to Colombia, Brazil and Armenia, the Armenian war situation, obsidian crystals,  and how Covid has affected her art.
September 27, 2021
#4- Adida Fallen Angel
In this 4th Episode of Chris Dyer's new Podcast show, he interviews his artist friend Adida Fallen Angel! Adi is a skateboarding visual artist and multimedia creator who has travelled the whole world from his original home in Israel and is now starting a family in Montréal.     In this wide-ranging conversation they talk about his identify, spiritual living and angels, music, travelling in Europe, Israel, California, New York, the Laurentian mountains and Montreal, working as a VJ, singing in the band SpoonLicker, getting off drugs, winter in Canada, living as an Israeli, being evalutated by the Israeli Army, comparing insanity and disability, computer skills, Tel Aviv life, the Israeli situation, working at a skate shop in Israel, living in San Diego, California, living in Paris without knowing French,  living in Berlin, Love Parade and street art, studying art in Rotterdam, Flash website design, Street Art in galleries, living in NYC, Montreal, Struggling as an illegal artist, the music industry in Quebec, Adida's Wheat Paste project, The Fresh Paint Gallery, the Under Pressure and Mural Festivals, the theme of Love, spray paint and mural art, Winter and other impediments (COVID), adaptation and evolution, the drive to create, letting go and the impermanence of street art and impending fatherhood.
September 27, 2021
#3- Labrona
In this 3rd Episode of Chris Dyer's new Podcast show, he interviews his artist friend Labrona! Felix is a legendary Montréal street artist now doing studio art and commissioned murals.  After a fun skate sesh at the Big O, they settle in his studio to talk about painting trains, street art, his characters, travelling the world, LivArt studios, street art vs studio art and prints, galleries and dealers, evolving art styles, skateboarding and skate art. Enjoy!
September 27, 2021
#2- Germ Dee
In this 2nd Episode of Chris Dyer's new Podcast show, he interviews his artist friend Germ Dee! Germ lives a free life of creation between the streets, pop culture and fighting the politricks of our world!   They talk about how they met, becoming an artist, kidulting, skateboarding, punk, pop culture propaganda, comics, storytelling, graffiti, branding, making toys, Beautiful Losers, smoking weed, fasting, diet, his farm, getting shadowbanned on Insta, love and faith.  Enjoy!
September 27, 2021
#1- Danny Rebel
Welcome to the first episode of my brand new Youtube show! This is a Podcast style Interview show where I (Chris Dyer) will be interviewing a bunch of my Creative Friends worldwide, starting with my local Montreal tribe! My first guest is both a visual artist and a musician, Danny Rebel who will tell us all about himself and his perspectives in life! He also made the music for the initial intro. Hope you will enjoy this pilot, and if you do, please subscribe to the channel to catch our future Positive Creators!
September 24, 2021