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The Viewfinder Podcast with Chris Hadley

The Viewfinder Podcast with Chris Hadley

By Chris Hadley
On the Viewfinder Podcast, you'll hear fascinating in-depth interviews with some of today's most talented indie filmmakers and actors as they take you inside the creative process behind their latest productions.
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Episode 039 - WITHDRAWALS' Jorja Hudson and Kelly Stier/ROBOSPLAAT Voice Actor Greg Cipes

The Viewfinder Podcast with Chris Hadley

Episode 053 - Eritria Pitts and Ben Donnellon - TERRY + SAM
Love is a powerful force that touches the lives and motivates the decisions of everyone in our society. It’s a force that’s also impacted actors and filmmakers Eritria Pitts and Ben Donnellon, the co-stars and co-creators of the award-winning new web series TERRY + SAM. All four episodes of the show will premiere this Summer, and you can watch the first of those episodes at: TERRY + SAM focuses on the ups and downs of a relationship between two young adults in New Orleans - Terry, played by Donnellon, and Sam, played by Pitts. While the series observes the humorous experiences its titular couple share throughout their journey in love, TERRY + SAM also takes a stark look at the inevitable challenges that threaten to tear their bond apart. In addition to the series’ episodes, there will soon be a video podcast - co-hosted by Donnellon and Pitts - where they will discuss their real life brushes with love while helping viewers to cope with their own romantic issues. I’m pleased to have Eritria and Ben on the Viewfinder Podcast today to discuss both the conceptual development path that TERRY + SAM took, the impact that making it had on their own lives, and the ways audiences will be able to relate to seeing a couple like themselves portrayed on screen. Find out more about TERRY + SAM on Facebook: On Instagram: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod On Facebook: Music by
March 5, 2021
Episode 052 - Mike Heslin and Noam Ash - THE INFLUENCERS
Where once the term “celebrity” used to be associated with public figures like entertainers, athletes and politicians, the word is now used to describe the Kim Kardashians, Bethenny Frankels, Omarosas and Snookis of the world: reality TV stars whose personalities are the only reason why they’re famous in the first place. The same can also be said for millennial social media influencers like Jake and Logan Paul, Jenna Marbles, Shane Dawson and Tyler Oakley, whose connection with Generation Z is just as strong as the millions of audiences who watch the popular (albeit contrived) dramas of “reality TV”. Yet, both mediums are effective in presenting a glamorous but ultimately deceptive look at the so-called “perfect” life that social media followers and reality TV audiences desperately crave. That deception, and the negative effects it has on average people, inspired actor and filmmaker Mike Heslin to create the brilliant satirical miniseries THE INFLUENCERS, now streaming on Amazon Prime and recently nominated for a Queerty Award for Best Digital Series. THE INFLUENCERS co-stars Heslin and Noam Ash (who also co-executive produced the series with Heslin and fellow series star Nicolas Wilson - aka “Scotty Dynamo”) as contestants on a BIG BROTHER-style reality show that pits six fabulous yet incredibly superficial influencers in a high-stakes social media branding competition that puts their personalities and promotional skills to the ultimate test. Heslin’s time spent working in the social media business, his personal observations on how those he collaborated with were often lacking in the entrepreneurial department, and his own love of reality TV itself, prompted him to create a comedy where the unblinking eye of TV cameras and the judgment of TV audiences can make - or break - the destinies of six obnoxious Gen Z’ers. Watch THE INFLUENCERS on Amazon Prime: Find out more about THE INFLUENCERS on the show’s official web site: Connect with THE INFLUENCERS on social media: Twitter - @influencersshow Instagram - @influencerstheseries Facebook - Connect with Noam and Mike on social media: Noam Ash on Twitter/Instagram - @MrNoamAsh Noam on Facebook - Mike Heslin on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram - @MikeHeslin For more info on Noam and Mike’s production company, Well-Versed Entertainment, visit: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod On Facebook at Music by
February 5, 2021
Episode 051 - Jason Hagen and Seth Anderson - NORTHBOUND/NORTHSTAR
The focus of this week's show is the acclaimed thriller web series NORTHBOUND, a suspenseful and exciting story set in the aftermath of a deadly cataclysm that's nearly destroyed all of humanity. Set in a picturesque yet deserted mountain countryside, NORTHBOUND concentrates its plot on the danger-filled journey of a father (Alex, played by Nate Alaine) and his ailing daughter Crystal (played by Nate's own real life daughter Callie), who after finding refuge among a close group of survivalists known as The Infinity Group, must save their lives while battling the vicious militiamen who hunt them relentlessly, and the intimidating force of a secret government body, amidst the unforgiving chill of Winter. Joining me today to discuss both NORTHBOUND and its feature-length movie follow-up, NORTHSTAR (which we'll discuss a little bit later during this edition of our show) are the two men who helped make both projects possible: writer/producers Jason Hagen and Seth Anderson, who also co-produced NORTHBOUND with his brother Brendan. Both seasons of NORTHBOUND are available to watch on the popular web series platform Seeka TV, with a third and final season ready to go once conditions are safer for production to resume in the heavily COVID-affected area of Iron Mountain, Michigan (where the series is filmed). To watch NORTHBOUND on Seeka TV, visit: To watch the official trailer for its upcoming third season, visit the show's official web site: On Facebook: On Twitter: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at: Music by 
January 29, 2021
Episode 050 - Actor Susan Gallagher (a.k.a. COBRA KAI's "Homeless Lynn") Returns!
This week, I’m delighted to welcome back to the show actor Susan Gallagher, who I had the pleasure of speaking with last May about her acclaimed role on the LGBTQ web series QUEERING. Now she joins me to talk about what’s obviously become her most recognizable and most popular on-screen performance: that of the outspoken, opinionated and feisty “Homeless Lynn” on Netflix’s hit series COBRA KAI. Part of the mega-hit “Karate Kid” universe, COBRA KAI was co-created by Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald and Hayden Schlossberg, and reunites three of the principal cast members from the first Karate Kid film. The series follows the tenuous relationship - and rivalry - between teenage karate champ-turned successful Los Angeles car dealer Daniel LaRusso (played by Ralph Macchio) and his former competitor Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), whose adulthood has been anything but prosperous. Both motivated and scarred by the brutal training methods of the man who once mentored him, Sensei John Kreese (played by Martin Kove), Johnny decides to take a new generation of warriors under his wing when he re-opens his old teacher’s dojo - Cobra Kai - and redraws the battle lines between himself and Daniel in an escalating conflict that threatens to destroy themselves, their families, and the teenagers who turn to karate for self-defense. Zabka, Macchio and Kove, of course, are all reprising their roles from the first “Karate Kid” movie. On the lighter side of it all is “Homeless Lynn”, who we first meet in COBRA KAI’s opening episode as she antagonizes Johnny while sitting outside the same strip mall that soon serves as home base for his new dojo. Yet that’s just the beginning of the frequently contentious give-and-take between the two, and it’s an element of COBRA KAI that provides a humorous break from the show’s signature one-two punch of serious drama and high-kicking karate action. Though “Homeless Lynn” only appears in a few brief scenes during the first 3 seasons of COBRA KAI, she’s already won a tremendous following among the show’s loyal fans - so much so that there’s even a Facebook fan group dedicated to her character. We’ll talk about that and more as Susan Gallagher joins us on the fiftieth episode of The Viewfinder Podcast. Connect with Susan: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Check out the "Cobra Kai's Homeless Lynn" Facebook fan group: Connect with The Viewfinder Podcast: Facebook: Twitter: @ViewfinderPod Music by 
January 22, 2021
Episode 049 - 16up Filmmaker Tom Tennisco (QUICK SUITORS, T-SHIRT, BROTHERS-IN-LAW)
On an earlier episode of The Viewfinder Podcast, I talked to Ivan Hayden, whose new video platform - called 16up - provides an effective avenue for indie filmmakers to both share their short content online and to build their own individual brands through the content they post - both vertically on Instagram and horizontally on Facebook. One of those filmmakers is Tom Tennisco, the creator of the impressive post-apocalyptic sci-fi series QUICK SUITORS which you can now watch on 16up’s Facebook page. Other projects Tom’s working on for 16up include the horror short T-SHIRT (shot vertically) and the wacky cop caper BROTHERS-IN-LAW. Tom joins me to discuss those projects, and how 16up has helped him to break through in the crowded indie film world. Check out QUICK SUITORS here: A brief trailer for BROTHERS-IN-LAW can be seen here: Connect with 16up: On the web: On Facebook: On Instagram: Connect with Tom:  On the web: (A Tom Tennisco Thing) On Facebook: On Instagram: On YouTube: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook: Music by 
January 15, 2021
Episode 048 - Marianne Bayard and Jonathan Kaplan - MARES AND KAPS
The comedic duo of Jonathan Kaplan and Marianne Bayard - a.k.a. “Mares and Kaps” - have offered viewers a hilarious window into the wackiest moments of their fictional daily lives through a memorable assortment of YouTube sketches (first titled “Killing It!”, later "Mares and Kaps"). Now, Kaplan and Bayard have taken their humorous teaming to the next level as the creators and co-stars of a brand new series that thrusts them from the boredom of their day jobs to the brightness of showbiz. The show is called, naturally, “Mares and Kaps”, and its first episode can be seen on their YouTube channel (which is linked to in the notes for this week’s podcast). Kaplan and Bayard join us on The Viewfinder Podcast to talk about this newest chapter in their hilarious partnership. Watch the first episode of "Mares and Kaps" (the series) on its official web site: On YouTube: Follow Mares and Kaps on Instagram @MaresAndKaps Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod On Facebook: Music by
December 24, 2020
Episode 047 - Ivan Hayden -
Our guest on this week's show is television producer and x-visual effects supervisor Ivan Hayden, who as the CEO of independent production company Frostbite Pictures has helped to bring viewers acclaimed sci-fi/horror web series like DIVINE: THE SERIES (which co-starred SUPERNATURAL’s Misha Collins), plus DEMON X, AFTER and THE LAST FALL OF ASHES. Hayden’s latest venture is the new mobile video distribution platform 16up, which is already available on Instagram and Facebook. 16up is designed to accomplish two important purposes: one, helping filmmakers and brands connect through producing short and effective content (all shot vertically, as opposed to the traditional horizontal visual presentation that viewers are accustomed to seeing), and two, offering 16up’s partners ways to maximize audience share and profit through social distribution.  Hayden joins the Viewfinder Podcast to talk about those aspects of 16up, as well as the entertaining content that viewers can expect to see on the platform.  Connect with on its official web site: On Facebook: On Instagram:  Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Facebook: On Twitter: @ViewfinderPod Music by 
December 4, 2020
Episode 046 - The Louisiana Film Channel and DATING 'IN' PLACE
This week, we've got another set of back-to-back interviews, beginning with our first guest, Louisiana Film Channel president Dr. Lucas Fry, followed by my conversation with actor and filmmaker Shantell Yasmine Abeydeera about her new romantic comedy web series DATING 'IN' PLACE. THE LOUISIANA FILM CHANNEL The new Louisiana Film Channel presents a rich variety of original shorts, features, series, documentaries and music videos - all made by Louisiana filmmakers and starring Louisiana performers. The channel, which formally launches on Thanksgiving Day (November 26th), is already available online via its web site (which you can access at, plus Roku, Apple TV, the iPad and various android devices. After downloading the app and setting up your account for the Channel, you’ll get access to both free and subscription-based content (the latter available for either $4.99 a month or $50 annually). The Channel’s website also has more information on how filmmakers can submit their work to be shown on the platform. For TV viewers in Baton Rouge, you can get a taste of what the Louisiana Film Channel has to offer when you watch its weekly “Wednesday Night Movies” show each Wednesday at 8 PM Central on WLFT Channel 30. The station’s general manager, Dr. Lucas Fry, is also the president of the Louisiana Film Channel, and I’m pleased to have him join me to discuss how the Channel’s programming will give Louisiana’s indigenous filmmakers and actors the showcase they’ve long deserved. DATING ‘IN’ PLACE Filmed during the worldwide lockdown that took place during the initial outbreak of COVID-19, DATING ‘IN’ PLACE centers on two women - Debika (played by Abeydeera) and Jo (played by Emily Goss) - whose romantic connections are challenged by the emotional pain of physical separation and the unprecedented disaster that has defined 2020 for billions throughout the world: the global COVID-19 pandemic. The series also co-stars Mandahla Rose as Debika’s sister Dinali, and Kari Alison Hodge as Jo’s sister, Penelope. The Louisiana Film Channel’s web site can be accessed at: Watch DATING ‘IN’ PLACE on OML (available through the Revry app and web site): Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod On Facebook: Music by
November 13, 2020
Episode 045 - Alonge Hawes Returns To Chat About Season 2 of BLACK ON BOTH SIDES
Although racism victimizes Black Americans through senseless violence, societal division, coded yet thinly veiled bigotry, voter suppression and vile political rhetoric, it also forces Blacks in the corporate world to take on a double identity that forces them to act in a way that Whites will supposedly find "acceptable" while simultaneously being inauthentic to themselves. It's a dangerous tightrope straddled by a young professional named Anansi Moor, the lead character of BLACK ON BOTH SIDES, now in its second season and streaming exclusively on web series platform Seeka TV. Alonge Hawes, who created BLACK ON BOTH SIDES and plays the role of Anansi Moor in the series, is my guest on this week's Viewfinder Podcast. I had the honor of speaking with him on an earlier episode of the show when he joined me to talk about season 1 of BLACK ON BOTH SIDES, and I am equally honored to have him join me once again to discuss season 2 of the series. As you're about to hear from Alonge, this season of BLACK ON BOTH SIDES is more than a story of young Black Americans fighting for personal and economic freedom. As he tells me, it's a story that, while fictionalized, truthfully exposes the continued injustices Black Americans face every day. Given the amplification of racism in a falsely labeled "post-racial" society, BLACK ON BOTH SIDES is an urgent reminder of this uncomfortable reality; one that will hopefully motivate audiences of all backgrounds to take a stand against injustice. In my opinion, BLACK ON BOTH SIDES is the most important series you'll see anywhere today. Stay tuned and find out why from Alonge Hawes, now on this week's Viewfinder Podcast. Watch both seasons of BLACK ON BOTH SIDES exclusively on Seeka TV: Check out Alonge's interview with Snobby Robot about season 2 of BLACK ON BOTH SIDES:  Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @viewfinderpod And on Facebook at Music by
October 30, 2020
Episode 044 - Actor/Filmmaker Judy Jean Kwon - MILFriend
Some of the best comedies, or for that matter, some of the best movies and TV shows we watch are those that explore real-life problems from the viewpoints of characters whose stories are fictionalized yet real enough to relate to. One such show is the new web series MILFriend (or "mother I’d like to friend"), created by and starring my guest on this week's Viewfinder Podcast: actor and filmmaker Judy Jean Kwon. Kwon leads MILFriend as Pepper, a brash, outspoken and oft-unemployed young Asian-American woman who's facing not just the consequences of her sudden pregnancy, but also the encroaching gentrification that's turning her otherwise diverse neighborhood of Venice Beach, California into another haven for White, upper-middle-class families - and families to be. As Pepper befriends the new moms whose company she will soon join, she gets a memorable crash course in the intricacies of parenting, while begrudgingly learning how to respect her peers - specifically, kids and women. In addition to starring in and writing the series, Kwon also co-directed MILFriend with her husband, Richard Henkels. With MILFriend a project of their production company, Commonwealth Creative, the series is part of Kwon and Henkels' shared mission of creating content that spotlights and encourages diversity in both storytelling and the broader entertainment industry.  Kwon and I discuss not just that mission, but also her journey to creative independence and MILFriend's fascinating road from script to screen now on this week's show. Watch all episodes of MILFriend (airing Thursdays) on Kwon's YouTube channel, YoMamaRice: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook: Music by 
October 16, 2020
Episode 043 - PANDA BEAR IT Writer/Director Evan Kidd
On this week's show, award-winning filmmaker Evan Kidd joins me to talk about his latest project: PANDA BEAR IT, the heart-wrenching and frequently surreal story of a talented hip-hop star named Kamus Leonardo (played by real life rapper Kamus The Leader), who's struggling to keep his career going while trying to heal following the untimely death of his beloved girlfriend. Part of the rapper's coping process? Talking about his problems with the most unusual confidant imaginable: a lifelike, costumed panda bear that soon adds even more misery to Kamus' daily life. Now that will either amuse you or perplex you when you eventually see the film, but it might also make you consider how some people will turn to anyone who'll listen to their concerns when things seem desperate. Directed by Kidd, scheduled to premiere soon on Amazon Prime, and released through his production company Rockset Productions (who also brought viewers the acclaimed web series HOME REMEDY and comedy/drama feature SON OF CLOWNS), PANDA BEAR IT is also a film that carries strong meaning for the man who conceived it. As Kidd says in his director's statement for the film: "I created PANDA BEAR IT as a way to talk about grief in a multitude of ways by blending drama, surrealism, and comedy. It's both tragic, and unseen, while never being exactly the same for two people. Music also is the healing method through which our main character Kamus Leonardo finds himself in this story. I think this is a story for our current day that will be relatable to all who have loved, lost, and found the courage to continue onward." I'm honored to have Evan join me today to discuss PANDA BEAR IT's story of overcoming personal loss, and the unorthodox yet necessary path it took to get to audiences in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more about Rockset Productions here:  Get updates on PANDA BEAR IT on Facebook: On Instagram: Listen to this and other episodes of The Viewfinder Podcast on these platforms: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Anchor: Stitcher: Radio Public: Podbean: iHeart Radio: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Facebook: On Twitter: Music by
September 11, 2020
Episode 042 - Stacey Maltin, Margarita Zhitnikova and Jackie Schwartz - TRIPLE THREAT
On today’s show, we talk to three talented filmmakers who've been dedicated to telling stories that celebrate the diversity of our society while giving underrepresented communities a well-deserved seat at the entertainment industry table: Stacey Maltin, Margarita Zhitnikova and Jackie Schwartz, whose production company Besties Make Movies has recently completed filming of its latest feature - and the focus of this week’s Viewfinder Podcast -  TRIPLE THREAT. Part musical, part coming-of-age romantic comedy, TRIPLE THREAT - which will be released soon -  is the story of three talented Broadway aspirants: Chloe (played by Maltin, who directed the film and co-wrote its script with her co-star Jay Deyonker), Maggie (played by Zhitnikova), and Gus (played by Deyonker), the leading man who proves to play a significant part in their futures. Having collaborated on their promising new musical Firefly while in their ‘20s, their creative potential and the enthusiasm that Chloe, Maggie and Gus have for the project is belatedly realized over 10 years later when Broadway producer Audrey Williamson (played by Catherine Curtin) aims to finally put Firefly on the stage. However, that excitement soon gives way to the unforgiving realities of show business and of Gus’ own desire to be a father; a goal that unites this talented trio in an extraordinary balancing act between career hopes and parental responsibilities. Under that scenario, Chloe, Maggie and Gus must work even harder to see their creative collaboration to its completion - and to deliver the next hit Broadway musical in the process. Featuring outstanding original songs from the duo of Sam Carner and Derek Gregor, including the recently released “Piece Of Me” performed by film cast member Aury Krebs (which you can hear on Apple Music, Spotify and other platforms), as well as dazzling choreography directed by Sara Andreas, TRIPLE THREAT is the latest example of how Besties Make Movies’ mission statement - “boldly raising up those who Hollywood has left behind” - is realized through the movie’s entertaining story and relatable characters, plus the company’s ongoing commitment to diversity in all facets of filmmaking and acting - all of which Maltin, Zhitknikova and Schwartz discuss with me now on this week’s podcast. Find out more about TRIPLE THREAT on its official website: Hear the full version of “Piece of Me” on Apple Music: On Spotify: On Amazon Music: For more information on Besties Make Movies, visit: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Facebook: On Twitter: Music by 
September 4, 2020
Episode 041 - Daniel Myrick and Kristian Krempel - BLACK VEIL/SKYMAN
Though millions know the American South for football, food and music, the region's more macabre landmarks - haunted houses, cemeteries and deserted ghost towns, among many - have constantly been a favorite with tourists and parapsychologists alike. Equally spooked and fascinated by these frightening destinations and the chilling backstories behind them are Dan Myrick and Kristian Krempel, co-producers of the new horror anthology series BLACK VEIL, and our guests on today's podcast. Co-created by Myrick, an indie horror film icon best known for writing and co-directing the 1999 smash hit THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, and Jeffrey Reddick, who originated the blockbuster FINAL DESTINATION franchise, BLACK VEIL and its first of six haunting stories - all tied together by the presence of a mysterious woman donning a black veil - were filmed in Plant City, located in the Tampa Bay area. Both natives of nearby Sarasota, Florida, Myrick and Krempel join the Viewfinder Podcast not only to talk about how BLACK VEIL's Southern-set tales of terror mirrors the real life frights that abound in Florida's most haunted areas, but also about how the series' production (currently paused due to the coronavirus pandemic) will help revive the Sunshine State's formerly booming film and TV industry. Later on in this interview, Myrick and Krempel will discuss their other top project: the recently released UFO thriller SKYMAN, which follows a man who attempts to have another close encounter with extraterrestrials over 10 years after they supposedly made contact with him. SKYMAN can be accessed on DVD, Blu-ray and video on demand.  For more information on BLACK VEIL, visit: For more information on SKYMAN, visit: You can listen to The Viewfinder Podcast on these platforms: Anchor: Stitcher: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Radio Public: Podbean: iHeart Radio: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Facebook at: and on Twitter @ViewfinderPod Music By 
August 21, 2020
Episode 040 - Filmmaker Creighton Hobbs - HOW MANY CHANCES
Life's most critical moments, and the lessons we learn upon experiencing them, frequently come when we're faced with adversity. For my guest on this week's Viewfinder Podcast - filmmaker Creighton Hobbs - overcoming adversity has literally been the story (or, to be more accurate, stories) of his remarkable life. In his new documentary feature film HOW MANY CHANCES, Hobbs takes audiences on a gripping personal recollection of his life; one filled with extraordinary stories of heartbreak, wonder, joy, love, and survival against absurdly long odds. Beginning in childhood with an unexplained baseball accident that forced his hospitalization, Hobbs has survived 26 car crashes, struggles with drugs and gangs in his teen years, and a frightening stint in juvenile prison. To top all that off, Hobbs has died - only to return to life - five different times. Yet, that’s just scratching the surface of his unbelievable journey. However, as Hobbs will explain in this interview, those incredible experiences have taught him as much about how fortunate he is to still be alive today as they have about making the right choices in life. It's those lessons that he aims to pass on to everyone who watches HOW MANY CHANCES, which will premiere sometime this August via streaming video.  Here are the links to The Viewfinder Podcast, both on other platforms and social media: Stitcher: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Radio Public: Podbean: iHeart Radio: Facebook: Twitter:
August 14, 2020
Episode 039 - WITHDRAWALS' Jorja Hudson and Kelly Stier/ROBOSPLAAT Voice Actor Greg Cipes
On this special double episode of The Viewfinder Podcast, you'll hear interviews with filmmakers Jorja Hudson and Kelly Stier (the producers of a new comedy film called WITHDRAWALS) and veteran voice actor Greg Cipes (best known for his roles in popular cartoons like TEEN TITANS and Nickelodeon's TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES), who joins us to talk about his work on the wacky new animated web series RoboSplaat. WITHDRAWALS First up, Hudson and Stier join me to discuss their partnership on a funny yet thought-provoking short film about a subject that many people still feel afraid to talk about openly: mental illness. Written and directed by Hudson, WITHDRAWALS co-stars Jenny Gorelick, Andrea Simons, Fareeha Khan and Charlotte Gilbert as four friends - Bianca, Quinn, Peggy and Rosa - who share an unusually detached reaction to the unexpected death of their pop music idol. In the aftermath of that incident, this unified quartet decides to take their emotionless statuses one step further by collectively quitting their antidepressants together. They all go on to experience very different side effects, leading them to the eventual conclusion that everyone has to do what’s right for their own mental health.  In presenting their film to audiences, Hudson and Stier hope to offer an entertaining yet honest look at how people deal with the challenges of living a well-balanced emotional life, while proving that getting help with those challenges is nothing to feel ashamed about. WITHDRAWALS will next play at the upcoming virtual Cinema Femme Fest between August 6th-9th. ROBOSPLAAT For years it was known as the “Ink Splaat”, the playful icon of the Emmy award-winning production company responsible for much of Nickelodeon’s classic toon content over the years: Klasky-Csupo, founded by veteran animators Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo. Given its ubiquity and the cult following it’s received from generations of toon fans throughout the world, company co-founder Arlene Klasky and animator Sergei Shramkovsky gave the character new life, new arms, new legs, a new name - RoboSplaat - and a new voice in veteran voice actor Greg Cipes, best known for his roles on TEEN TITANS, TEEN TITANS GO!, BEN 10 and Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now, all those elements come together in two new projects from Klasky Csupo: RoboSplaat, the web series, which airs new episodes each Wednesday and Saturday on YouTube and Instagram, and a soon-to-debut interactive video game called Splaativerse, which gives players the chance to put Robosplaat in all kinds of fun adventures while enhancing the character with a variety of different sound effects.  Cipes joins us to discuss the origins of Robosplaat and what viewers - kids and grown-ups alike - can expect from this offbeat yet entertaining character.  Check out new episodes of RoboSplaat on YouTube: On Instagram: For more information on WITHDRAWALS, visit its Instagram page: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Facebook at: On Twitter @ViewfinderPod
August 7, 2020
Episode 038 - Writer/Director Jon Massey - FRANK JAMES
Owing its gritty style and character-focused plotlines to modern suspense standbys like TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. and director Michael Mann's 1995 thriller HEAT, the new crime drama  FRANK JAMES is a gritty journey into an emotionally fragile Los Angeles police detective's efforts to capture the reviled crime boss responsible for a teenager's killing. Created by Jon Massey and starring Chris Muto in the title role, FRANK JAMES also features Fred Mata as Detective Byron Ozawa and Toni Robison-May as Detective Amy Washington, the two cops who assist Frank in his investigation of the young man's death. It's a search that also comes as Frank's soon-to-be ex-wife Maria (Angie Patterson) prepares to leave him after years of being frustrated with the way his career has overshadowed their once-joyful marriage. Two of FRANK JAMES' first six episodes will be shown online during this year's virtual Minnesota Web Fest event (which runs from September 24th through the 27th), and funds for production of the remaining four shows are being sought through its currently ongoing IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. You can find the links to the campaign's page in the show notes. Coming at a time when the nationwide scourge of police brutality against Black Americans has been brought into its sharpest public focus through the Black Lives Matter movement, FRANK JAMES' serialized narrative gives the classic detective-based suspense genre a socially relevant edge, dramatizing both the decades-long conflict between Los Angeles' predominantly Black population and inherently corrupt elements in the city's law enforcement, and the darker side of a metropolis that most people associate with the glamorous world of show business. Massey joins us today on The Viewfinder Podcast to talk about how his life in Los Angeles and his fascination with gritty suspense thrillers (such as HEAT and other films) influenced the concept for FRANK JAMES, as well as how he is attempting to stay creative while staying safe from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as it accelerates once again in California and across the United States.  Watch FRANK JAMES' first 2 episodes on its official web site:  Help FRANK JAMES' IndieGoGo campaign raise money to produce the show's next four episodes: Facebook: Twitter: @FrankJamesWeb Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at Music by 
July 31, 2020
Episode 037 - Introducing SHOW ME TV w/Kurt Sather, Andre Boyer and Shivani Patel
Streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime capture all the attention and awards these days, leaving upstart platforms to fight however they can for their share of audiences. Into that marketplace comes Show Me TV, now available on Roku and coming soon to Amazon Fire TV and other set-top services to be announced. Joining us to talk about Show Me TV are my guests on this week’s Viewfinder Podcast: Kurt Sather, Show Me TV’s co-founder, project director and connected TV/over the top specialist, Andre Boyer, Show Me’s content specialist, director of programming and creative team leader, and Shivani Patel, the company’s director of development and full stack app developer. Show Me TV's web site: Find out more on Show Me TV on Facebook: On Instagram: The Viewfinder Podcast on Facebook: On Twitter @ViewfinderPod Music by
July 24, 2020
Episode 036 - Steve Herold and Kevin Kolack - WAIMEA
This week's episode of The Viewfinder Podcast focuses on the hilarious new comedy short film WAIMEA, written and directed by Steve Herold and co-starring Kevin Kolack as a man who desperately tries to track down a missing lottery ticket. Yet with plenty of his neighbors on the hunt for that lucky ticket, will he find it in time before his wife finds out? WAIMEA continues the collaboration between Herold and Kolack, who previously worked on the acclaimed 2018 comedy DEATH OF AN UMBRELLA SALESMAN and 1999's H.R. PUKENSHETTE. In this interview, they discuss not only their memories of making WAIMEA, but also how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted them on a professional and personal level. WAIMEA recently screened at this year's online-only Jersey Shore Film Festival on July 15th, two days before this podcast aired. Please note that our interview was recorded last Friday (July 10th), which is why you'll hear references to the then-upcoming festival.  Find out more about WAIMEA and Herold's production company Joint Partners Productions (which made WAIMEA and DEATH OF AN UMBRELLA SALESMAN) on these links: ON THE WEB: YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK:  TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @viewfinderpod and on Facebook at
July 17, 2020
Episode 035 - Writer/Director Richard Harrison - THE HONEY KILLER
NOTE: Slight spoilers for THE HONEY KILLER toward the last five minutes of the podcast. This week's Viewfinder Podcast features what may be the most improbable story of filmmaking success ever told on this show: that of writer/director Richard Harrison and his award-winning 2008 comedy/thriller THE HONEY KILLER.  Finally released on Amazon Prime, Google Play and iTunes over 12 years after it was finished, THE HONEY KILLER isn't just a Tarantino-esque action-packed story of revenge. The film's production and distribution processes were plagued by an inexplicable array of mishaps, disappointments and near-misses that almost doomed Harrison's first feature-length project to obscurity. Yet when audiences got their first look at THE HONEY KILLER on video-on-demand, the movie's unexpected success further added to its incredible history. That success has now propelled Harrison to work on a big-budget remake of the original 2008 film, as well as an expansion of the film's concept into a TV series (THE HONEY KILLERS). Harrison discusses his memories of making THE HONEY KILLER, as well as the invaluable lessons he learned about the craft and business of filmmaking while working on the film, on this week's show. Check out THE HONEY KILLER on Amazon Prime, Google Play and iTunes, and find more information about the film here: On Facebook: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Facebook: and on Twitter @ViewfinderPod Music by 
May 22, 2020
Episode 034 - Actor/Filmmaker Susan Gallagher - QUEERING
This week's show features an interview with actor and filmmaker Susan Gallagher (known to COBRA KAI fans as "Homeless Lynn" on the popular YouTube TV series) as she discusses her work on the acclaimed LGBTQ web series QUEERING, and how her female-owned and operated production company Her Little Red Productions is paving the way for talented women filmmakers to find success in the industry. Created by Leticia De Bortoli, QUEERING stars Gallagher (who also served as the show's associate producer) in the role of a recently divorced woman (Val) whose life-changing sexual awakening occurs when she publicly announces that she's bisexual - much to the surprise and anger of her young lesbian daughter (Harper, played by Sophia Grasso), who's going through her own romantic problems at the same time.  Having come out after 50, Val is guided through the finer points of bisexual life by Harper's best friend Devon (Diana Oh) while learning about how the monumental consequences of her decision to come out have affected both herself and the people she loves. Season 2 of QUEERING is a co-production of De Bortoli's Gancho Films and Gallagher's production company Her Little Red Productions. Check both seasons of the show out on YouTube: Find out more about Gallagher on her official web site: On iMDB: On Facebook: Also check out the "Homeless Lynn Theories and Spin-Off Ideas" Facebook group (for fans of Gallagher's COBRA KAI character): On Twitter: @SusanLGallagher On Instagram: @IAmSusanGallagher Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at Music by 
May 15, 2020
Episode 033 - Joelene Crnogorac and Kelly Frye - ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP
Described as "SEX AND THE CITY meets ENTOURAGE...only the poverty version", the hilarious comedy web series ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP is brash and bold in the tradition of female-led comedies like BRIDESMAIDS, FLEABAG and BROAD CITY. Created by Joelene Crnogorac and co-starring Kelly Frye, ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP focuses on a group of four actresses who'll do whatever it takes to reach the heights of stardom - but will their dreams crash into the harsh reality of Tinseltown? Crnogorac and Frye join us to talk about ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP on this week's show! Check out all 6 episodes of ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP on YouTube: Find out more about ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP on the show's official web site: On Facebook: On Twitter: On Instagram: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at Music by 
May 8, 2020
Episode 032 - Writer/Director/Actor/Producer Bri Castellini
The Viewfinder Podcast returns with an all-new episode featuring this week's guest, filmmaker and actor Bri Castellini. Through her production company Undead Burrito Productions, Castellini created and co-starred in the web series BRAINS and SAM AND PAT ARE DEPRESSED. Also under the aegis of Undead Burrito, Castellini wrote, produced, directed and edited short films such as ACE AND ANXIOUS and BUY IN. Behind the camera, Castellini has also directed episodes of other web series like BETTER WITH YOU and ROSALIE. In addition to her filmmaking work, Castellini has also served as community director for the web series content aggregator Stareable, and now serves as Film Community Manager for the popular indie film crowdfunding site Seed&Spark. Castellini is also an adjunct professor of the MFA Screenwriting program Stephens College, and serves in the same capacity as an instructor at LIU Brooklyn's MFA in Writing and Producing for Television. Find out more about Bri's work and her projects on her official web site: Support Bri's work on Patreon: Reach out to Bri on social media:  TWITTER: @BrisOwnWorld  INSTAGRAM: @BrisOwnWorld YOUTUBE: Visit Undead Burrito's Facebook page: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at
May 1, 2020
Episode 031 - HORRIBLY HOLLYWOOD SINGLE Host/Actor/Comedian Adam Carr
It's a slight change of pace for this week's Viewfinder Podcast as our latest guest just happens to be a fellow podcaster - actor/comedian Adam Carr, host of the hilarious AfterBuzz TV/iTunes comedy podcast HORRIBLY HOLLYWOOD SINGLE. Each week, Adam and his celebrity guests recall their worst dating disasters while sharing some equally memorable romantic mishaps from the show's viewers and listeners.  If you'd like to have your bad date story read on air, contact the show at YouTube: iTunes: Spotify: AfterBuzz TV: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:  Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Facebook: On Twitter: @ViewfinderPod
March 6, 2020
Episode 030 - Writer/Director/Producer Yarnel Nicolas - TEARS OF JOI and STUCK ON THE TELLY
On this edition of the Viewfinder Podcast, acclaimed filmmaker Yarnel Nicolas talks about how his fascination with the art of pantomime inspired both his award-winning short film drama TEARS OF JOI (broadcast on several PBS stations in 2018) and his snarky classic TV vlog commentary web series STUCK ON THE TELLY.  (Full disclosure: the host of this program wrote 3 episodes of STUCK ON THE TELLY). TEARS OF JOI can be seen here: To watch Yarnel's work, including STUCK ON THE TELLY, visit his YouTube channel REW: A Yard Lion Channel: Also available on Manic Expression: Watch STUCK ON THE TELLY on Stareable: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at: Music by  Photo credit: © Nunzio Rugierro
February 28, 2020
Episode 029 - MALVOLIA: THE QUEEN OF SCREAMS Star/Creator Jenn Nangle
This week's podcast features an interview with actor/writer Jenn Nangle, a.k.a. the beautifully wicked horror anthology hostess Malvolia, The Queen of Screams! Check out all 3 seasons of her show on YouTube: Find out more about Malvolia on Facebook: Instagram: @queenmalvolia Twitter: @queenmalvolia If you've got a horror short film you'd like to have featured on Malvolia's show, send a link to it at  Follow Jenn on social media: Facebook: Instagram: @Jennifer_Nangle Twitter: @Jennifer_Nangle Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on social media: Facebook: Twitter: @ViewfinderPod
February 14, 2020
Episode 028 - REN: THE GIRL WITH THE MARK Co-Creator Kate Madison
This week's guest is Kate Madison, the co-creator of Mythica Entertainment's critically acclaimed fantasy/adventure web series REN: THE GIRL WITH THE MARK. Season 1 of the award-winning drama starred Sophie Skelton (now of Starz's OUTLANDER) as a young woman whose fate is forever altered when an ancient spirit gives her incredible magic powers. Madison talks to the Viewfinder Podcast about her efforts to launch a second season of the series via its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, and how that campaign will ultimately make REN a better product for its loyal worldwide fan base. To contribute to the campaign on Kickstarter, visit: Watch season 1 of REN on its main web site, where you can also find more information about the series' storyline, cast and crew: Check out REN on YouTube: On Amazon Prime: Follow REN on Facebook: and on Twitter @RenTheSeries Follow the Viewfinder Podcast on Facebook: and on Twitter @ViewfinderPod Music by
February 7, 2020
Episode 027 - LIFE XP Star/Writer/Creator Cassandra Ebner
Actor/stunt performer/filmmaker Cassandra Ebner talks to The Viewfinder Podcast about her acclaimed comedy/adventure series LIFE XP. The series' first season (9 episodes total), plus exclusive "making of" content, can be purchased for $4.99 on Vimeo on Demand: Link: Full YouTube playlist for LIFE XP: Visit LIFE XP's official web site for more information: Help contribute to a second season of LIFE XP here: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook: Music by 
January 31, 2020
Episode 026 - Writer/Director Lukas Kendall - SKY FIGHTER
On the first Viewfinder Podcast of 2020, writer/director Lukas Kendall talks about the making of his suspenseful new sci-fi short film SKY FIGHTER. The futuristic, thought-provoking thriller co-stars Tom Maden (MTV's SCREAM: THE TV SERIES), Jess Gabor (SHAMELESS) and Erik Palladino (ER, U-571, NCIS: LOS ANGELES, THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL, SUITS, etc.) and can be seen exclusively on YouTube channel DUST at this link: Details about the film, courtesy its publicity materials: "In the 26th century: humankind fights a war in space against an unstoppable alien adversary. A pilot, John (played by Gabel), awakens on the deck of his two-man fighter-bomber spaceship—with no memory how he got there. His copilot, Mo (played by Gabor), tells him he was hacked (via his cybernetics) by the aliens, and she tried to save him...yet evidence on the ship points to HER being the one possessed by the enemy. Should he trust her...or the little memory he regains?" Director's statement: “This is a take on space warfare I’ve always loved (Star Wars, Robotech, Battlestar Galactica) with a Twilight Zone/Black Mirror/Memento twist. (Robotech fans: you’ll recognize the voice on the radio.) Hopefully there’s something to make you feel, make you think—and give you some candy for your eyes and ears. It’s bread-and-butter suspense storytelling, grounding the fantastic in relatable human behavior. There is a moral to the story...but I can’t give it away without ruining the ending.” —Lukas Kendall About Lukas Kendall, again courtesy of SKY FIGHTER's publicity materials: "Lukas Kendall is the writer, director and executive producer of Sky Fighter, a crowdfunded sci-fi short film and proof-of-concept for a feature. Kendall co-wrote and executive produced the indie suspense drama Lucky Bastard (2014), “a clever thriller set in the world of porn” (The Los Angeles Times) noted for “humanizing the people behind the objectification, with lives beyond the smut” (The Village Voice). He is the founder and publisher of Film Score Monthly, a magazine, website and CD label devoted to movie music, which he created as a high school student on Martha’s Vineyard in 1990. Since 1996, he has produced and/or released more than 400 CDs of classic film and television music for the collector’s market, including albums from the Star Trek, James Bond and Superman franchises." Find out more about SKY FIGHTER on Facebook: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on social media: On Facebook - On Twitter - @ViewfinderPod Music by 
January 24, 2020
Episode 025 - Stacey Davis - CHERRY/PIE IN THE PUSS
On this final episode of The Viewfinder Podcast for 2019, we speak with writer/director Stacey Davis about two of her latest short films: the uproarious family comedy CHERRY, and the hilarious documentary PIE IN THE PUSS: A BRIEF HISTORY OF PIEING IN FILM. Both shorts recently played at the 2019 Fairhope Film Festival in Fairhope, Alabama, where Birmingham native Davis shared these outstanding comedies before local audiences. Find out more about Davis' production company, Under The Couch Entertainment (which produced CHERRY and PIE IN THE PUSS) on its web site: Follow the podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at: Music by  See you for more great interviews on The Viewfinder Podcast in 2020!
December 20, 2019
Episode 024 - Giuditta Lattanzi and Franca Paschen - CRITICALLY ASHAMED
On this week's show, you'll hear an interview with the co-stars/co-creators of the YouTube comedy series CRITICALLY ASHAMED: Giuditta Lattanzi and Franca Paschen. Check out the first four episodes of the show on YouTube! Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod  and on Facebook at Music By
December 13, 2019
Episode 023 - Chris Poche and Beth Burvant - THE TRUE DON QUIXOTE
This week's show focuses on a uniquely Southern cinematic take on legendary Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes' iconic "Man of La Mancha" - THE TRUE DON QUIXOTE. Written and directed by Chris Poche, co-produced by Beth Burvant and filmed throughout St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, the film co-stars Tim Blake Nelson as an unemployed bookworm who transforms himself into a modern-day Don Quixote. Recruiting a mild-mannered youth (Jacob Batalon) to be his Sancho Panza, the pair begin an entertaining quest to restore chivalry in a cynical world.  Rent or buy the film on Amazon Prime: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at: Music by 
December 6, 2019
Episode 022 - Blayne Weaver - GHOSTED and SANTA GIRL
Actor/filmmaker Blayne Weaver talks to The Viewfinder Podcast about two of his latest projects: the short film thriller GHOSTED, which he co-wrote, directed and stars in, and the Netflix Christmas romantic comedy SANTA GIRL, which he produced and directed.  Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod  and on Facebook: Music by
November 29, 2019
Episode 021 - Alonge Hawes - BLACK ON BOTH SIDES
Award-winning actor/filmmaker Alonge Hawes (BLUE COLLAR HUSTLE) talks to The Viewfinder Podcast about his newest series, Seeka TV's powerful BLACK ON BOTH SIDES. Exploring the challenges faced by young African-Americans in a so-called "post-racial society", BLACK ON BOTH SIDES co-stars Hawes as Anansi Moor, a retail salesman forced to present himself in an "acceptable" light before his racist employers. As he moves up the corporate ladder, Anansi treads a thin line between satisfying the majority-white business world and staying true to who he is.  Check out its first season at:  Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at Music by
November 22, 2019
Episode 020 - VESSEL 87's Nick and Hondo Weiss-Richmond
This week, hear my conversation with brothers Nick and Hondo Weiss-Richmond, the creators and puppeteers of the new comedy web series VESSEL 87. Produced with meticulously designed shadow puppets, the series centers around the often monotonous yet completely humorous lives of a cargo ship crew. New episodes of VESSEL 87 air each Wednesday at: and on YouTube: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at If you like what you've heard, please leave us a review of the show on iTunes or wherever you get your podcast - and please invite your friends to listen. Thanks for listening to and supporting The Viewfinder Podcast! Music by Under Influence from Fugue
November 1, 2019
Episode 019 - INDOOR BOYS' Wesley Taylor and Alex Wyse
This week's Viewfinder Podcast features an interview with the co-stars/co-creators of the award-winning comedy web series INDOOR BOYS: Broadway vets Wesley Taylor (THE ADDAMS FAMILY, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS) and Alex Wyse (SPRING AWAKENING). Taking an honest look at gay male relationships and featuring an outstanding supporting cast of Broadway stars, season 3 of INDOOR BOYS is now streaming on Vimeo and its official web site. Check it out at: VIMEO:  Official web site: Follow the Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at Music by Under Influence from Fugue
October 25, 2019
Episode 018 - BETTER WITH YOU's Amanda Taylor and Kailee Brown
Spooking up laughs and romance for the Halloween season is the new comedy from Apple Juice Productions, BETTER WITH YOU. This week's guests, series co-star Amanda Taylor and editor/cinematographer Kailee Brown talk about the making of their project, and how it fulfills Apple Juice Productions' mission of empowering female filmmaking talent; one that began with vlog-based content like STONEYBROOK REVISITED, THE CATE MORELAND CHRONICLES and THE LILY EVANS SERIES. Check out the show on YouTube, with its season finale airing October 31st. Find out more about Apple Juice Productions on Facebook: Check out BETTER WITH YOU and all of Apple Juice Productions' content on their YouTube channel: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod  and on Facebook at: Music by Under Influence from Fugue
October 18, 2019
Episode 017 - Writer/Director Jeremiah Kipp
On this week's show, hear my interview with acclaimed writer/director Jeremiah Kipp as he takes you through the making of four of his acclaimed short films: THANKSGIVING, HOW DO YOU TYPE A BROKEN HEART, PICKUP and SLAPFACE (now in production as a feature length film).  Follow the podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at Leave us a review of the show on iTunes, and please invite your friends to listen! Music by Under Influence from Fugue
October 11, 2019
Episode 016 - Actor/Podcaster/Coach/Motivational Speaker FRANK R. WILSON
This week's episode of The Viewfinder Podcast features an interview with a true renaissance man: actor, podcaster, coach and motivational speaker Frank R. Wilson. Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Wilson has appeared as a background actor in films like Antoine Fuqua's remake of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, plus BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB and director Rob Reiner's LBJ. His first speaking role came in the OWN drama series QUEEN SUGAR.  A devoted fan of film scores, Wilson also hosts the podcast WHAT'S THE SCORE, where he has interviewed acclaimed composers like George S. Clinton (the AUSTIN POWERS series), Film Score Monthly founder and soundtrack producer-turned filmmaker Lukas Kendall (SKY FIGHTER) and fans of film music like fellow Hollywood South actor Billy Slaughter (MINDHUNTER, ON BECOMING A GOD IN CENTRAL FLORIDA, JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK).  A talented voice-over artist and motivational speaker who's worked with dozens of companies, Wilson also leads corporate team building through role playing exercises with his organization Licence To Coach. Find out more about his multi-faceted career and fascinating life on this week's Viewfinder Podcast. Frank's official web site: To listen to Frank's podcast WHAT'S THE SCORE, click at this link: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at Like, listen and subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts, and please leave a review of the show on iTunes!
October 4, 2019
Episode 015 - Ian David Diaz and Katie Sheridan - REBECCA GOLD
An elite assassin's mission is turned upside down when her old high school crush suddenly resurfaces in the midst of a dangerous assignment in season 1 of the award-winning web series thriller REBECCA GOLD, now streaming on YouTube. Hear all about the making of this acclaimed show from its creator, Ian David Diaz, and series star Katie Sheridan (who plays the title role of Rebecca Gold), on this week's episode of The Viewfinder Podcast.  Watch the first season of the show on YouTube at: Find out more about REBECCA GOLD on Facebook: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at: Subscribe to the show on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Anchor or wherever you get your podcasts.  Music by Under Influence from Fugue 
September 27, 2019
Episode 014 - SURVIVING CONFESSION w/Matthew Tibbenham, Shane Miller, Sutton McKee & Jo Rauen
Today's Viewfinder Podcast features an interview with the team behind the new religious satire SURVIVING CONFESSION: director Matthew Tibbenham, writer Shane Miller and producers Sutton McKee and Jo Rauen. The film can be streamed on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Rent or buy SURVIVING CONFESSION on iTunes: Find out more about SURVIVING CONFESSION on Twitter: and on Facebook: Follow the podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at
September 20, 2019
Episode 013 - THE FEELS' Co-Director/Cinematographer Naje Lataillade
This past June, the acclaimed web series THE FEELS streamed its third season throughout LGBTQ Pride Month. Praised for its honest look at sexuality, relationships and mental health, all three seasons of THE FEELS are available on YouTube. This edition of The Viewfinder Podcast features an interview with THE FEELS' co-director and cinematographer, Naje Lataillade. Among the topics Lataillade discusses in this interview are how the show's third season tied itself to the annual month-long celebration of the LGBTQ community, and the immeasurable impact that THE FEELS continues to have on its viewers. . Find out more about THE FEELS on its main web page: Watch THE FEELS on YouTube: Follow THE FEELS on Twitter: On Facebook: On Instagram: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at Music by Under Influence from Fugue  
September 13, 2019
Episode 012 - Lowell Byers and Jake Diamond - DOIN' GREAT
This edition of the Viewfinder Podcast features an interview with two of the talents behind the upcoming comedy web series DOIN' GREAT: Lowell Byers (co-star/co-writer) and Jake Diamond (director/co-writer). The series will premiere its first season on YouTube on Monday, September 9th.  More info about the show at its official web site: Follow DOIN' GREAT on Twitter: On Facebook: On Instagram: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at: Music by Under Influence from Fugue
September 6, 2019
Episode 011 - Emily Duke and Matthew Scott - GARBAGE PEOPLE
Co-stars/co-creators of the comedy web series GARBAGE PEOPLE, Emily Duke and Matthew Scott, talk to The Viewfinder Podcast about the show's second season. New episodes air every month on YouTube, and can be seen at: Follow GARBAGE PEOPLE on Instagram: and on Facebook: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @viewfinderpod and on Facebook at Music by Under Influence from Fugue
August 30, 2019
Episode 010 - ARCENEAUX's Lance E. Nichols, Billy Slaughter and Jason Buch
This edition of The Viewfinder Podcast features an interview with writer/director Jason Buch and actors Lance E. Nichols (TREME) and Billy Slaughter (THE BIG SHORT, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, AMERICAN HORROR STORY) as they discuss their work on the gripping Amazon Prime mystery ARCENEAUX: MELPOMENE'S SONG. Filmed and produced in New Orleans and featuring some of the city's most talented actors in its cast, all four episodes of the show can be seen on Amazon at: For more information on ARCENEAUX, visit the show's official web site: and on Facebook: Follow the podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook: Leave your feedback on the show on iTunes, and invite your friends to listen!  Music by Under Influence from Fugue 
August 23, 2019
Episode 009 - Legendary Golden Globe Winner/Oscar Nominee Sally Kirkland
Sally Kirkland - acclaimed actor, acting coach and ordained minister of The Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness - talks to The Viewfinder Podcast about some of the most memorable roles she's played over a nearly six decade career in film and TV. While recalling her work on popular TV series like ROSEANNE, FELICITY, DAYS OF OUR LIVES, STARSKY AND HUTCH, CHARLIE'S ANGELS and CRIMINAL MINDS, Sally also discusses her Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated performance in the 1987 feature ANNA, plus her recent roles including the 2017 Netflix biopic THE MOST HATED WOMAN IN AMERICA, and the soon-to-be released 2019 indie drama CUCK.  Find out more about Sally on her official web site: Follow the show on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at Invite your friends to listen, and leave a review of the show on iTunes! Music by Under Influence from Fugue 
August 16, 2019
Episode 008 - Previewing The Tel Aviv Web Fest
Some of the best shows in digital media are airing now in Israel, and the first annual Tel Aviv Web Fest on August 30th at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque in Tel Aviv, Israel will celebrate the remarkable work of the country's top web series creators. This year's event features panel discussions, screenings, and an original pilot competition. Though this year's first annual festival is exclusive only to Israeli content creators, it's anticipated that more shows from around the world will be part of ensuing festivals. Festival founder Yuval Berger, strategic planner Tomar Levine and festival producer Yahel Yakov recently talked to The Viewfinder Podcast about what attendees and fans can expect from the first annual Tel Aviv Web Fest. For more information on the fest's program, plus where to purchase tickets for the fest, click here. Visit the Tel Aviv Web Fest's Facebook page: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod and on Facebook at Please rate/review the show on iTunes, and share your feedback with us! Music By
August 12, 2019
Episode 007 - Actor John Emmet Tracy
With work that spans theatre, film, TV, video games and web series, actor John Emmet Tracy (iZombie, Altered Carbon, Fifty Shades Freed, The BFG, Supernatural, Assassin's Creed III) talks about some of the most memorable characters he's played throughout his nearly three decades in the performing arts. Follow John on Twitter @JohnEmmetTracy Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on Twitter @ViewfinderPod Visit the show's Facebook page: Please rate the show on iTunes, and share your feedback with us! Music by
August 9, 2019
Episode 006 - Matthew J. Kaplan - IT'S TIME FOR TEA
Actor/writer/producer/director Matthew J. Kaplan talks to The Viewfinder Podcast about his directorial debut, the hilarious comedy short IT'S TIME FOR TEA. The official trailer for the film can be viewed here: See the film on July 12th at the Long Island International Film Expo, and on September 28th at the Berkshire Short Film Festival. More info on both fests are at these links: IT'S TIME FOR TEA will also screen this August at the Festival of Cinema NYC in Queens, New York. Full updates on IT'S TIME FOR TEA are on the film's Facebook page: Behind-the-scenes photos from IT'S TIME FOR TEA are on Instagram: Learn more about Matthew J. Kaplan and his work on his official web site: Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on social media: On Facebook: On Twitter: @ViewfinderPod Music by Under Influence from Fugue 
June 28, 2019
Episode 005 - Herman Wang - THE SPELL TUTOR
Filmmaker/screenwriter Herman Wang talks to The Viewfinder Podcast about his award-winning family sci-fi/fantasy/adventure web series, THE SPELL TUTOR. Based in and inspired by the Harry Potter-verse and its creator, author J. K. Rowling, THE SPELL TUTOR follows a young wizard-in-training as she discovers the potential - and risks - of magic.  The complete series (4 seasons worth) can be seen on Seeka TV and The Fantasy Network, and is closed-captioned. Links to both platforms are here: Find out more about THE SPELL TUTOR at: On Twitter: @TheSpellTutor On Facebook: On Instagram: @TheSpellTutor Follow The Viewfinder Podcast on social media: Twitter: @ViewfinderPod Facebook: Music by Under Influence from Fugue 
June 21, 2019
Episode 004 - Greg Dicharry and Emma Benoit - MY ASCENSION
This edition of The Viewfinder Podcast features an in-depth interview with suicide attempt survivor Emma Benoit, and filmmaker Greg Dicharry, who tells Emma's powerful story of survival and recovery in the upcoming documentary MY ASCENSION. More information about the film can be found here: If you or someone you love needs help, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.  You can also text for help via the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741.  Both services are free, confidential, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Music by Under Influence from Fugue 
June 14, 2019
Episode 003 - Roni Geva and Margaret Katch - CTRL ALT DELETE
On this edition of The Viewfinder Podcast, Chris Hadley talks to Roni Geva and Margaret Katch, co-creators of the Emmy-nominated web series CTRL ALT DELETE. Now in its second season, the show has received praise from The Washington Post, The Guardian, Tubefilter, Buzzfeed and other media outlets for shining a realistic light on the women’s reproductive rights issue through the power of comedy.  You can watch all episodes of CTRL ALT DELETE at:  Find out more about CTRL ALT DELETE at:  Music by Under Influence from Fugue 
May 31, 2019
Episode 002 - Anne Marie Cummings - CONVERSATIONS IN L.A.
On this edition of The Viewfinder Podcast, Chris Hadley talks to 4-time Emmy nominated actor/writer/director Anne Marie Cummings, the creator and co-star of the award-winning drama series CONVERSATIONS IN L.A.  Now in its third season on Amazon Prime and filmed in one long, uninterrupted take, each episode of the series is a fascinating look at the eventful relationship between two different people from two different backgrounds: 50 year old Michelle (played by Cummings) and Gus (series producer Gustavo Velazquez), a younger man 25 years Michelle's junior. During each season of CONVERSATIONS IN L.A., their unlikely romance is captured in compelling scenes that reflect the emotional peaks and valleys of love, and the impact their relationship has on the people around them. Find out more about CONVERSATIONS IN L.A. on their official web site: Watch the series on Amazon Prime at: Music by Under Influence from Fugue
May 25, 2019
Episode 001 - Tom Bhramayana and Stephen T. Hoover - TINKER'
On the premiere edition of The Viewfinder Podcast, Chris Hadley talks to Tom Bhramayana and Stephen T. Hoover, screenwriters of the acclaimed family sci-fi/fantasy drama TINKER', starring Clayne Crawford and Christian Kane. Produced by Bhramayana and directed by Sonny Marler, the award-winning movie is now available on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Video DVD, Blu-ray and digital. For more information on TINKER', visit the film's official web site: 
May 25, 2019