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Eat Half, Walk Double

Eat Half, Walk Double

By Chris J. Dunn
This show chronicles my four decades in endurance sports as a coach, race director, and athlete told through the stories of the important, influential, and interesting people I’ve met along the way. While I catch up with friends, colleagues, rivals, clients, and the occasional family member, it’s my hope you’ll learn a little something about health, fitness, and the secrets to living well along the way.
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E1: Jim Dunn (Part 1) | The Hoody Before The Hoody Was The Hoody
In the first part of a two part series I talk to the greatest coach, teacher, leader, and mentor I've ever dad Jim Dunn.  From his first coaching job at Dover High School in 1969 to his last game as a Spaulding Red Raider in 2021, we talk about his philosophy on coaching, his career, and what he considers the greatest teams and players he ever coached (and coached against).  We also talk about the greatest coach he ever worked with and the most challenging coach he ever coached against.  By the way, he was the original "hoodie".  Don't fool yourself.  
May 15, 2022