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The Influencers with Chris Jones

The Influencers with Chris Jones

By Chris jones
Welcome to The Influencers....a monthly series of informal, honest and inspirational interviews with people, from all walks of life, who are changing, shaping and influencing our daily lives.
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Hello and welcome to the latest episode of The Influencers with Chris Jones...that's me. My guest is Terra Newell. Anybody seen the Netflix series Dirty John? Terra Newell is the daughter of Deborah Newell who was conned by John Meehan, who proceeded to attack Terra with a knife in a parking lot in the US. Terra fought back, defended herself, got hold of the knife and thereby killed John Meehan. Terra since then, has suffered with trauma and PTSD but she is now a coach and speaker and advocate for domestic abuse and coercive control victims and survivors. She very kindly gave me her time recently, from sunny California and we talked openly and honestly of her experience, domestic violence, control, red flags, consequences, the Dirty John series itself and how she has coped and dealt with the whole thing. She is amazing and I was very proud to interview, yet again, a true influencer.
April 01, 2022
Happy New year to you all! Here's hoping that 2022 will be a better year than 2020 and 2021🙈🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 So my first guest of the year on this monthly podcast with influential and inspirational people, who shape and change and influence our lives, is  one of the most respected and sought after forensic and criminal psychologists in the UK, who has written 2 fabulous books about her work and career. I am so lucky and absolutely honoured to have Kerry Daynes as my guest on The Influencers! We talk about her upbringing, her career, her work, the justice system, prisons, psychopaths, how she was stabbed by a kebab skewer 😱😱, domestic violence, her foray into writing and much more. If you haven't read her books yet (What lies buried & The Dark side of the mind) I THOROUGHLY recommend that you do!!!
January 01, 2022
Claire Sanderson is the editor-in-chief of Women’s Health magazine and brand. She's responsible for the strategy and direction of the whole brand. She's an outspoken advocate for more open conversation around mental health and passionately believes a holistic approach to health, including exercise, is crucial for mental wellness. She's also Welsh, from Abercynon in South Wales and is my amazing guest for this month's podcast. I am sooooooooooo lucky to have Claire on the podcast and we talked about her career, newspapers and magazines, women(obvs), health (obvs), being Welsh, mental health, fitness and so much more! Yet again, a very influential guest!!!
December 01, 2021
My guest on The Influencers for November & December is TV presenter and news reader Andrea Byrne. She is of course well known as a face on television and on award stages but it is as someone who went through repeated IVF treatments, without any success, with her rugby player husband Lee Byrne, that she is influencing and supporting people who are going through the same challenges and emotions. Andrea has been very open and honest about her losses, the stress and worry and dashed hopes of IVF treatment, and her popular podcast Making Babies, is an important and influential one, where she talks to various people about their experiences. There is a happy ending to Andrea and Lee's story, because she did finally fall pregnant, not through IVF, and their wonderful and wonderous little girl Jemima was born in 2019. Thank you so much to Andrea for speaking to me on the podcast not only about her experiences, her thoughts and her emotions, but about her career and work, schooldays and the 'Gavin & Stacey' comparisons!😉
November 01, 2021
THE INFLUENCERS WITH Chris Jones: Bernie Davies
All of my guests on The Influencers are fabulous, inspirational, interesting and influential; and my guest this month is all of those and so much more! Bernie Davies now lives in Wales, after making the journey to the UK from Jamaica and as well as a publisher, mentor, entrepreneur and speaker, she is an influential networker and an all round fabulous lady! Bernie's journey is an inspirational one, her positivity is infectious and this episode will DEFINITELY make you smile and laugh. Listen or download from Spotify, google pods, apple pods, Breaker, Radiocast or Anchor and enjoy the Influencers with Chris Jones and the wonderful September episode. A huge thanks too to my guest in August (still available to listen to on these platforms), Frankie Hobro from Anglesey Sea Zoo.
September 01, 2021
Anglesey Sea Zoo Frankie Hobro, the Director and Owner of Anglesey Sea Zoo, has a long history working on hands-on conservation projects with critically endangered species in difficult conditions abroad. She has always been a passionate advocate for conservation, particularly endangered species and marine conservation. I'm so pleased to have Frankie as my special guest on The Influencers podcast for August. We talk about all manner of things, such as the sea zoo, her career and goals, the business which she has transformed, entrepreneurship, her travels, litter and beach cleaning and her 10 quick fire questions. Thank you so much to Sophie How for being on the podcast for July and don't forget to listen to all the monthly episodes of the podcast on Spotify. Enjoy the conversation with Frankie and go to
August 01, 2021
THE INFLUENCERS WITH Chris Jones: Sophie Howe
Sophie Howe is the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, appointed in 2016. She had previously been a local councillor and worked as a special political advisor and deputy police and crime commissioner. I've been trying to interview Sophie for the podcast for a while and I'm very grateful for her time and her support. She is a force of nature, a superwoman, a mother of 5, a passionate battler for the rights of young people and the future of Wales and a very down to earth person....a proper laugh too! There's loads of info about the role of the future generations commissioner on
June 01, 2021
THE INFLUENCERS with Chris Jones: The HOW people
The HOW People, is a digital social hub for girls aged 11-16 years built on the pillars of HOW: Happiness, Opportunities and Wellbeing. Founded by GP and mum of a nearly 14 year old girl Dr Jo Watkins and co-founder Polly Crook a design, strategy and spreadsheet guru, it's a unique and exciting digital community with weekly sessions connecting girls aged 11-16 yrs to inspirational role models, mentors, coaches and experts. It was my absolute pleasure to have Jo and Polly on the May podcast! They are both inspirational, motivational, dedicated and wonderful people....and just a little bit bonkers?😂 I loved it and I had a great time interviewing them both. Check them out on
May 01, 2021
Professor Jane Monckton Smith is a criminologist specialising in domestic homicide. A former police officer, she is professor of public protection at the University of Gloucestershire, and is recognised for her groundbreaking work on coercive control and stalking. In her new book, In Control: Dangerous Relationships and How They End in Murder, she lays out the eight stages of a domestic homicide timeline that flag up the potential for the coercively controlling to kill. I'm very proud to know Jane. She is a true influencer in every sense of the word. Her work and publications relating to domestic abuse and coercive control is groundbreaking and important. She's also a fantastic laugh! She loves music and is not afraid to perform on zoom quizzes and social events! In short, my influencer for the April episode is awesome! Thank you so much to my March guest, travel expert and writer, Pip Jones and thank you so much to everyone who has listened, given feedback and downloaded the podcast, available on several platforms, including Spotify, Breaker, Apple and Google.
April 01, 2021
We might not be able to travel at the moment (and it's really important to stay local!) but we can still talk about travelling, about holidays and breaks and this month's episode of The Influencers is all about travel and the travel industry. Pip Jones is an influential travel writer and podcaster and she's been to numerous countries and destinations and is a regular contributor on programmes and podcasts. Her website is and it's full of ideas and guides and I really enjoyed talking to her about her top tips on travelling in general and where to go when our lives are back to ''normal''. Her own podcast, TRAVEL GOALS, is also available, like The Influencers, on Spotify and it's also appropriate that Pip is Welsh and this is episode was released on St David’s Day 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 I can't WAIT to go on holiday, a city break, a weekend away....anywhere!!!!!!!
March 01, 2021
Welcome to The Influencers and to this February's episode. My amazing guest this month is Cath Pendleton, also known as The Merthyr Mermaid. Quite simply, Cath is amazing. An NHS worker, she holds the record for swimming a mile in the icy waters of the Antarctic polar circle and trained in her back garden by sitting in a freezer full of ice! Check out the BBC Wales programme about her and her amazing challenge, The Merthyr Mermaid, still available on the i-player. So I was more than pleased and chuffed to have a wonderful chat over zoom with her recently. I was ALSO over the moon to have a sponsor for this month's episode of the podcast. Tanya Whitebits, founded and run by another inspirational and entrepreneurial woman, Shoned Owen and I thank her for her support and help. Her website is and if you're interested in being a sponsor of any of the monthly podcasts, please get in touch. (Seriously, it's a really good deal and there's a lot of social media exposure on offer!)
February 01, 2021
THE INFLUENCERS: Season 2. Ep 1:. Ruth Rowe, Entrepreneurship officer
Blwyddyn newydd dda! A very happy new year too you all and let's hope that it will be a better year than 2020! To mark a new part time role for me in 2021, as ''entrepreneur in residence'' at Bridgend college, in South Wales, my guest this month is entrepreneurship officer and Enterprise champion at the college, Ruth Rowe. A wonderful, creative, passionate and inspiring lady, Ruth's role is to develop ideas and to encourage students and learners to become entrepreneurs and to start a business and realise their dreams. She is constantly thinking of new ways to inspire and support learners, of all ages and I am really looking forward to working with her and her team at Bridgend college. In my eyes and in many learners eyes, she is a true leader and influencer and deserves to be the first in this year's monthly podcast. Enjoy!
January 01, 2021
THE INFLUENCERS: EP 10: Gareth Wyn Jones & Kem Minnick
For December's episode I thought I would talk to not one but two people! Gareth Wyn Jones is a farmer and tv/social media presenter and personality from beautiful North Wales and Kem Minnick is an ex playboy model who has her own profile, her own business and is based in Boulder, Colorado, USA! I know right!? Two very different parts of the world and you would think, two very different people. Their common link however is food, sustainability, a meat diet and a true passion for promoting what they think is healthy eating and living. THAT has made them the arch-enemies of vegans around the world and they regularly receive abuse about their beliefs and opinions. So, a bit of controversy (for some at least) to see this horrible year through but a wonderful interview with 2 genuine and passionate people. Kem, in Colorado, over zoom, sounded clearer than Gareth, in Wales! 😂 Enjoy and thanks again for all the wonderful comments about November's episode with the inspirational Chelsea Monye. Merry Christmas to you all, Nadolig Llawen!
December 01, 2020
It's November already and it's been a difficult few months. So I thought that we need some positivity and hope for this month's podcast of The Influencers. My guest is Chelsea Monye, a young, vibrant, enthusiastic entrepreneur who started her entrepreneurial journey when she was just 17! I know right! Chelsea is the perfect example of how the younger generation can inspire, help and influence us ALL and as well as being grounded, funny, determined to make a difference, she is a shining example to every generation, especially during these difficult times. So enjoy, be inspired. Don't forget that ALL the episodes are available on several podcast platforms.
November 01, 2020
October's influencer is Abi Carter, a forensic archaeologist, who started her own forensics company in her 20's and who worked on evidence and material after the Bosnian-Serbian war, and who is a tireless supporter, fund-raiser and advocate for that genocide and in-particular the Srebrenica massacre of 8372 men and boys. Once again, my influencer this month is a dynamo, a passionate and hard-working business person, who, apart from running her successful forensics company, has decided to bring the genocide and the still present effects of the war, to people's attention in as many ways as possible, and she is heavily involved with the charity Srebrenica Wales. Abi is a friend. She will help in any way she can, she is involved in entrepreneurship in Wales, she believes passionately in the cause and wears her heart on her sleeve. ....and she can talk for Wales! Which is great for an interview podcast! Thanks again for all the support and the positive comments about September's episode with Rob/Dr Bev and don't forget, all the episodes are always available on the various podcast platforms.
October 01, 2020
Rob Keetch is one of the most influential figures within the LGBTQ+ community in Wales and was one of the first involved with Pride Cymru. He is also a very popular and sought after drag performer and goes by the name of Dr Beverley Ballcrusher or Dr Bev. Rob opens my eyes and educates me about the LGBTQ community and the ever popular drag scene and once again, in an honest, sometimes shocking, and emotional interview, it was an honour and a pleasure to hear all about the work of a true influencer. Rob was recently voted and included in the Pink List as an important influencer and has just been appointed as the first LGBTQ+ ambassador for the homeless charity, Llamau UK.  I look forward to life going back to some 'normality' because I can't wait to see Dr Bev in action on stage! Enjoy!
September 01, 2020
It's to the world of education this month for the 6th episode of informal and honest interviews with influencers from all walks of life, and Pepe Hart is a truly inspirational and highly regarded figure within the education world. A head teacher, advisor and educational trust board member, Pepe has had a huge effect on many pupils and teachers throughout the years and this is one of the most honest and emotional interviews in this podcast series. Enjoy! If you are a teacher or involved in education, this will strike a cord. And don't forget that all the episodes of The Influencers are still available on several podcast platforms.
August 01, 2020
Many of us have experienced bad times and have had terrible experiences. Mark Williams, as a 10 year old boy, lost his leg in a car accident. Did that stop him from being a top Paralympic swimmer, a successful businessman and a true inspiration? Absolutely not! Mark and his wife have built a company, LIMB ART, based in the heart of North Wales, that designs and produces covers for prosthetic limbs and they are world leaders in their field. As well as that, Mark spends his time talking to groups, helping amputees, changing people's perceptions and influencing the way that we all look at life changing experiences. His motto is Stand out and stand proud and I was honoured to be able to interview Mark recently, via zoom, during the lockdown. If ever there was an example of overcoming adversity and of adopting a can-do attitude to business and life in general, Mark is it.  Enjoy and marvel!
July 01, 2020
THE INFLUENCERS WITH CHRIS JONES.Episode 4: Mandy Powell, Goodwash Co
June's episode of The Influencers with Chris Jones  talks to the wonderful Mandy Powell, an ex Welsh International hockey player, who left a very successful career in the pharmaceutical world, to start, along with her business partner Kelly Davies, the Goodwash company, a company that not only makes and sells luxury wash products for humans and dogs, but who ploughs the profits back into the community, addressing various social issues. And no matter what she says, Mandy is a true influencer and a real entrepreneur. Like me, Mandy is a big dog lover and along with Maisy and Dilys, she lives in Barry, South Wales. Unfortunately, when we recorded our fabulous interview, once again over zoom (so forgive any audio glitches at times), my dog, Jack the border terrier, decided to bark at the postman! 😂 Apologies! Enjoy June's podcast and check out the fabulous Goodwash products on And don't forget, you can enjoy all episodes of the podcast anytime, on various podcast platforms, including the Google podcast app and Spotify.
June 01, 2020
Recording interviews is a somewhat different process and experience these days, but I am very pleased to announce that my next podcast is with the CEO of the homeless charity, Llamau, Frances Beecher. Frances has devoted her life and career to helping the many people who are the victims of homelessness and domestic abuse and during these difficult and troubling times, this wonderful interview, recorded over the Zoom app (how many of you had actually heard of it a few weeks ago?), is very apt and current and timely. We talk about the causes, the reasons and the perceptions relating to homelessness in general and Frances is a wonderful and passionate advocate. I hope you enjoy this month's podcast and remember, nobody actually WANTS to be homeless! Be kind! Diolch chris
May 01, 2020
The second episode of The Influencers, with Future Generations Minister in Wales, Sophie Howe, had to be cancelled, for obvious reasons. Or should I say postponed, because we will re-arrange...sometime, when all this is over! So as a 'stand-in' who better to have as my guest that welsh actor, activist and influencer Michael Sheen! Recorded recently for my Swansea Sound radio show, at the Cardiff School of Journalism, and arranged by PR and events company Working Word. A slightly shorter podcast this time, but well worth a listen! I will post another shorter interview, with another guest and influencer later in the month.......and then? Who knows!? Enjoy!! And look after yourself and others!
April 01, 2020
THE INFLUENCERS PODCAST with Chris Jones. Ep 1: Rachel Williams
The first in a series of monthly podcasts with Chris Jones. Honest and informal interviews with people from all walks of life who are changing, shaping and influencing our daily lives. This month, the influencer is Rachel Williams, who suffered 18 years of domestic and coercive abuse, was shot and beaten and endured tragic personal loss, but who has re-built her life and is now devoting her time to raising awareness of domestic abuse, changing policy and attitudes, and influencing politicians, police forces, charities and the general public. An honest and sometimes incredulous account of her life as a victim, this brave interview was recorded at the Celtic Manor resort in Newport, South Wales.
March 01, 2020