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Walking the Path

Walking the Path

By Chris Ramsbottom
"This is your path, and you must walk it" Come and explore what people who are walking a spiritual path have to say about their experiences. Participants come from all walks of life but have one thing in common: they are all spiritual people and acknowledge their spirituality and its contribution to their life. Previews and other goodies are available via our Patreon account
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Interview with Chris Ramsbottom

Walking the Path

Episode 3: Steve Hackett
Chris walks the path today with her favourite rock star, Steve Hackett. In the interview, Steve explains his fascination with spirituality, the Tarot and where it fits in to his body of work stretching over 50 years. He talks to Chris about being a healer and his experiences in that field.  Steve's website is
March 5, 2021
Interview with Chris Ramsbottom
Well I couldn't in all honesty ask people to tell me about their spirituality without at least being a guinea pig myself could I! So here you have my thoughts on spirituality, who has influenced me, and some tips for what people can do for their own spiritual paths.
February 18, 2021
Welcome to Walking the Path with Chris Ramsbottom
I'm Chris Ramsbottom and I want you to come Walking the Path with me! In this episode I explain what the aim of the podcast is and how you can get involved.
February 14, 2021