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Episode 402 Meet Millie and Roland Memisevic, CEO of Twenty Billion Neurons as He Talks about A.I.

Chris Collins Show

Episode 402 Meet Millie and Roland Memisevic, CEO of Twenty Billion Neurons as He Talks about A.I.

Chris Collins Show

Episode 906: Sports Matters and R&B/Soul Artist Ashton Edminster
CCS Contributor SPORTS MATTERS with Kevin Drake joins in on JUST TALKING to discuss the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. It’s about time Skateboarding and Surfing were part of the games.  As Tony Hawk would say "I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle and a sport." PLUS—name drama in Cleveland—Guardians? The next Babe Ruth?—Shohei Ohtani?  AND the world of NIL rights for collegiate athletics?  OK young millennial athletes it’s time to use your NIL (Name, Image and Likeness) and bring in the endorsement cash—that is, if there’s any left after Bryce Young’s deal! What’s the secret to 15 million streams on Spotify?  STRIKE A CHORD guest Singer-Songwriter Ashton Edminster decided to put her personality on social media and sing to her followers—“the cool thing about social media is it lets you have an inside on people's lives.” Ashton’s track Break the Distance describes the experience of having internet friendship/relationships—AND within the first 24 hours was charted #9 on iTunes!  Ashton’s single Seem Okay features previous STRIKE A CHORD guest Dezmond Walkeron vocals. This track describes the difference between men and women in the most open and complimentary way, love is intoxicating.  Ashton Edminster is available on all major streaming services:
July 23, 2021
Episode 905: Punk Band Weatherworn
The boys of Weatherworn join STRIKE A CHORD to discuss farming a band from New York to Virginia, losing band members—AND what the hell does “Weatherworn” mean?  Some people argue that the drummer is the sexiest member of a band—BUT band member Steven completely challenges that notion with his clarinet—“it’s all in the way you use those fingers!” What’s better than playing Guitar Hero—“get a real guitar you nerd” — the coolest parent-to- son story you’ll ever hear.  The band’s latest track Head in Hands argues the duality of being a kid and the adult expectations to conform to societies predetermined “design of life.” Weatherworn is available on all major streaming services:
July 16, 2021
Episode 904: R&B Singer Jus True
Jus True R&B singer from Atlanta Georgia joins STRIKE A CHORD and brings her puppies—Pugs are lickers! The singer keeps it real when it comes to finger nails and X-boyfriends. Every music artist has a breakup/makeup song inspired by a true personal event. WTFYM (What The Fuck You Mean) Jus Trues’ new single is another anthem to the arsenal.  Her X-boyfriend’s infidelity was all she needed to crank out fire on this track! Her music is honest, emotional and inspired by the hits of the 90’s.  AND with 2 reality TV shows in the future and an upcoming music video—it’s true!—She’s true!  Listen to Jus True on all major streaming services:
July 9, 2021
Episode 903: Film Director D.W. Thomas and Country Pop Artist Amanda Cooksey
Director D.W. Thomas joins JUST TALKING to discuss her new Horror Comedy Too Late.  D.W. started off as video editor "polishing turds" and then one day decided to become a director so she could polish her own! Inspired by classic childhood 80’s flicks like Gremlins and her husband’s standup comedy career D.W. wanted to tell a campy horror story—but with a message. Films with scripted stand up jokes can feel forced.  D.W. gambled and won big.  She let the comedians use their own jokes and routines and it pays off.  Watch this film on all streaming services, select theaters and VOD. Visit That gorgeous Nashville looker Amanda Cooksey joins STRIKE A CHORD to talk about her new track In Denial—and Chris “can’t help but fall in love with an artist who can sing and play guitar.” GUSH!  Cooksey finds “millennial love is tough.” Chris reminds Amanda “you don’t want to swipe right and regret later!”  In Denial is about going through the stages of a break up.  Amanda got over her break up—AND you can too!  Just don’t stay “in denial.” Listen on all major audio streaming services. Visit
June 18, 2021
Episode 902: Eric Silvera and Sean Kenealy, In Action (Film) and NY Based Hip Hop Group, Re'Sounding!
Co-writers! Co-directors! Co-actors! Co-everything! Sean Kenealy and Eric Silvera join JUST TALKING to discuss their comedy thriller IN ACTION. The world's first 2-person action movie! Take Sean’s theater and Eric’s standup background, combine them as two idiot screenwriters—and a real life NSA investigation—and you have ridiculousness.  In Action is available on all streaming services—visit: Queens New York and Philly team up to create Hip Hop group Re’Sounding! The 4 member team, LTR4 (Later Four), Kiki Corona, E-Note and Kid Galactic join up on STRIKE A CHORD to rage against the machine!  Re’Sounding opening track—BOONDOCKS hits hard!  Powerful lyrics, globally self-aware and a banging beat. LTR4—“Our best music to me is when we write how we feel in the moment”.  Follow Re’Sounding—visit:
June 18, 2021
Episode 901: Royals
Pop Punk band the Royals joins STRIKE A CHORD from Southampton UK and drops new track Jaded!   The pandemic has taken its toll—but the Royals found inspiration to reform with a new band member, self- produce, write new songs and release an EP. There’s a new Pop Punk renaissance happening and the Royals are taking the charge! Alternative Press lists the Royals as one of the TOP 10 rising UK Pop bands.  Royals single Worldwide Catastrophe sets the tone for improving our world—the lyrics give us a hint—“There’s got to be a better way than just watch the world go down in flames; we could be the tidal wave!” Royals brand new EP “A Spark to Ignite” and single with video “GONE”, listen now, visit:
June 11, 2021
Off The Fret: The Blowies
If you’re like ME – MUSIC is everything! Since day one it’s been a passion of mine to create an opportunity to showcase amazing up-and-coming artists.  The CHRIS COLLINS SHOW has interviewed some of the most incredible international and national bands out there—from Finland, the Philippines, India and UK—to NY, LA, Texas and Nashville—you name it. We are so fortunate to have this outlet to show you guys some of the most talented musicians out there today!  There’s no other medium that brings people together like LIVE MUSIC.  Join me and listen to our first OFF THE FRET podcast.  More Music. More Music Talk!—with THE BLOWIES!
June 4, 2021
Episode 820: Music Storm 2021 Part 2
Not 1 but 2 MUSIC STORM 2021 episodes—and 2 PREMIERES! The CHRIS COLLINS Show celebrates MUSIC STORM 2021 Part 2.  We’ve invited STRIKE A CHORD music guests from seasons 7 and 8 to talk all things music, current song releases and what we can listen to in the future. EC Mayne LIVE from Texas is working on a new album—cooking up some club bangers! “Ahhh man the south got something to say. The West and East coast get ready—cause them southern states are bringin some serious heat and candy painted rims to the rap game!” Follow EC Mayne on IG: Omar Feliciano from The Phoenix Within joins the show from Queens NY!  The Phoenix Within is playing a fully SOLD OUT 3 days at Inkcarceration 2021. There’s some major bands performing at this festival—Slipnot, Mudvayne, Rob Zombie, Halestorm, Beartooth and many more. How stoked is the band? “LET US OUT!” Omar and the band are completely blown away to play with many of their favorite rock idols.  AND—then on to the Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2021! Keep up with The Phoenix Within at Cloe Wilder POP sensation has teamed up with MTV's mental Health awareness campaign. Cloe is a huge advocate for speaking on mental health—“I’ve been reflecting on that lately.” AND—CLOE has made it onto Chris’s playlist—“I’m hard ROCK—but I WANNA BE ALONE WITH YOU moves me!” Learn more and follow CLOE on IG: Finnish POP FOLK band Jonas and I joins the show from Finland to PREMIERE their brand new single I’LL BE FREE.  2021 has been a challenging year for the boys—but they have embraced their fears—changes in their personal lives—and fought off polar bears!  Did they mean Reindeer?! This is how Jonas and I write a song! Chris reminds the boys—“the only constant is change!” SO DEEP!  Keep up with Jonas and I at Texas RAPPER KAYNE joins the show to promote his NEW single Damn Shawty—great music video! What’s going on in KAYNES world? Have you ever played a little video called Grand Theft Auto? Ever wish you could transport yourself into that video game world and take over? KAYNE did! Big ol’ bitties or low resolution triangle titties—he made it happen! Follow KAYNE on IG at: Animal Sun brother-duo Will and Steve join the show to PREMIERE their brand new visual album Echoes of a Dream. Inspiration happens when you least expect it.  Animal Sun reveals how a 3 year old previous track Girl in Blue became the blueprint to create an entire musical universe for this album.  Also — the boys let the animal out of its cage showcasing their brand-new music video ‘More Than A Friend’ for the first time ever on the Chris Collins Show. Follow Animal Sun on IG at
May 21, 2021
Episode 819: Music Storm 2021 Part 1
The PANDEMIC can’t stop us! The CHRIS COLLINS SHOW celebrates MUSIC STORM 2021 Part 1.  STRIKE A CHORD music guests from seasons 7 and 8 return to the show to talk all things music! Including a PREMIERE of a brand new single, current song releases, and music in progress. Tiana Kocher is vaxxed and ready to be sassy… her new single, YOU TRIED IT. Michael Cuenca from Some Daggers Wear Red is also a filmmaker! His latest film SO GOES THE NIGHT got the nod from judge FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA as a finalist in the 2020 ZOETROPE SCREENPLAY COMPETITION. Dezmond Walker gets us right side up announcing his debut R&B EP Sophisticated Sad Boy with featured track MOVE ON. Yes there are Heartbreak songs on this album but like Dezmond say’s “there’s something on the other side.” Chris wants his style—and smile! Rebel Mel of DUOLOS wants everyone to know that weddings are no longer boring—play MY PLEDGE!   Do you know the most pretentious people on the planet? Tune in! Rebel spells it out! AJ Gordon of Saturn till June PREMIERES a brand new single MALIBU DAZE.  Remember when you dated two different people at the same time but they were more or less the same? Chris is still stuck in a CALIFORNIA HAZE when it comes to his love life. The BAD GUY Texas native YT WILL brings the smoke! And cigar! The DEMI-GOD is working on a new album called WORK IN PROGRESS—you gotta grind to meet that goal!
May 17, 2021
Episode 818: Drummer Chris Dalley, Authority Zero
Drummer Chris Dalley of Authority Zero is back on STRIKE A CHORD to promote their new EP “The Back Nine.”  A lot has changed for the band.  Former guitarist Dan Aid got an acting gig on Good Girls TV series making room for a new guitarist.  Enter Eric Walsh who joined the band through an online audition and COVID turning the band into avid golf enthusiasts?!  Little known fact.  Chris is the biggest Authority Zero fan girl!!!  He dreams of having tits just to get them signed by the band.  “The Back Nine” is a golf reference to the last nine holes—or is it?  “So it’s not about the golf course it’s about intercourse?” Dalley pleads the fifth.  Awesome EP! Check it out
May 7, 2021
Episode 817: Magician, Rhett Guter
Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and girls.  Let’s welcome Rhett Guter with a round of applause for Virtual Mind Reading!  Magician Rhett Guter joins JUST TALKING from the beautiful sandy beaches of Cabo San Lucas to spread jealousy and virtual zoom magic. Rhett breaks down the Theatre of the Mind—a good magician forces you to question what’s real and possible. His first trick gets Marissa sexually excited with Shakespearean references while Chris struggles to find his fuzzy balls. "Virtual Magic is a brand new genre of performing arts." It’s live on your phone and the audience is part of the trick—AND the interaction is real!!! Skeptical at first.  It doesn’t take long before Rhett goes to the darkest nether regions of Chris and Marissa’s mind—only to come back with hard gum and Nine Inch Nails—he nailed it! Experience the magic on your side of the screen—Rhett Guter
May 1, 2021
Episode 816: Elizabeth Kim, GEN Z Critics
Elizabeth “Betsy” Kim cofounder of GEN Z Critics comes in hot during JUST TALKING. Betsy tells it like it is. Millennials are out and Z’s are in! Z’s don’t like avocado toast and skinny jeans—AND the death of film criticism is because of social media—BUT lip gloss can bridge the gap and keep the peace. Listen up Academia.  Betsy leads the charge.  She is sick of watching Citizen Kane in every film class because it’s “important” but The Weeknd can’t get a Grammy?!  Betsy’s #1 Oscar pick this year is Nomadland.  Betsy’s parting gift of wiZdom—“Always be weary when a Boomer says oh things used to be better in my day.”  Damn KidZ! Get your NFT’s off my feed!
April 23, 2021
Episode 815: ANSON, Alternative Rock Band | Chris Collins Show
This week’s STRIKE A CHORD guest ANSON has the perfect track to celebrate the feeling called Runway! How many girls named Hailey have broken a guy’s heart? Only Chris knows. Can a songwriter ever have too many songs? ANSON channels his inner Prince and has an albums worth of unreleased music—but not one love song about his girlfriend. There’s a lot of competition in the Pop Punk genre. You’ve got to have the right hair, a cute smile, an ocean deep perspective of life as a musician. ANSON doesn't want to “ride the wave he wants to be the wave!” Surfs up! Write that love song!
April 16, 2021
Episode 814: Sports Matters, Matt Burt | Chris Collins Show
It’s been a hell of a week! Hopefully you’re not smoking Parmesan cheese?!  This week CCS Contributor Matt Burt from Sports Matters joins JUST TALKING.  Matt is an expert sports commentator.  Loves hologram Tupac.  But not so great at non-millennial sports trivia. Chris passes on LaMelo Ball’s third position on the NBA’s Best 25 under 25.   While Marissa defends the Ball’s—cause they got the name AND the skills.  The NY Mets steal a win against the Miami Marlins with the new classic “elbow hit” walk-off win play — you know what Conforto said“—A win’s a win!” Exit light. Enter night — Metallica’s Enter Sandman gets covered by Paul Raci in American Sign Language.  We all miss Kurt Cobain so Google’s AI software Magenta wrote a new Nirvana song called Drowned in the Sun — I remember when humans made the music.
April 9, 2021
Episode 813: Make Shift Documentary, Co-Directors Tim Cawley and Casey Suchan
Advertisers say nothing kills a bad product quicker than a good AD! “Money Wins!” Advertising documentary Make|SHIFT co-directorsTim Cawley and Cassandra Suchan join JUST TALKING for a meaningful “digital experience.” Chris decides to NTF himself live on the internet!  AND Marissa wants to upgrade the Burger King Subservient Chicken with gangsta dance moves. So HOW will technology allow us to be more human? Well—there’s 5g digital graffiti, fifth element multi travel passes and a Travis Scott’s Cacti spiked seltzer with complementary bad aftertaste. It’s easier to just blame Amazon—Word of Mouth still RULES!
April 2, 2021
Episode 812: Finnish Country-Folk band Jonas and I
Finnish Country-Folk band Jonas and I joined STRIKE A CHORD from the happiest country in the world and homeland of Santa Claus! How do 3 Finnish blokes find inspiration for Shouts From the Coal Mine? By getting lost in the forest, running with reindeer and writing a song about a man’s heart trapped in a coal mine. Music is universal but when the Finnish President calls for service—you answer!  Chris asked the question.  “Did you cut a hole in the ice, go for a dip—then jump back out and perform a country style cover, Savo’s Song for Finland’s FIRST Regional Anthem?”… ICE is NICE?!
March 19, 2021
Episode 811: Just Talking with Comedian Daniel Eachus and Strike a Chord with Christian Punk Band, Doulos Bassist Rebel Mel
It’s time to roll the dice—we’re gambling for the return of laughs?! Comedian Daniel Eachus joins JUST TALKING.  Daniel’s new book A day at the Zoo 2062 is a collection of adult short stories with illustrations—quarantine does strange things to a comedian?! In the near future we’ll be on Elon Musk’s space ship captained by Joe Rogan. “Online dating is getting weird, people think I’m a Russian bot—you gotta be smart enough to stalk me the right way.” Can a man bot explain mansplaining by feministic mansplaining? Rebel Mel from Doulos joins STRIKE A CHORD for a little death brawl.  But first create a car club—second a Christian Punk Rock Band—third wear biker studded crocs? Rebel Mel channels her Inner Post Malone, Chris has nightmares of being held down for a face tattoo and Marissa’s scorpion TAT is still stinging men!
March 19, 2021
Episode 810: Dan Mitre, Associate Director of Community Development at Ubisoft.
Dan Mitre a VIDEO GAME FANATIC! And Associate Director of Community Development with Ubisoft joins JUST TALKING discussing all things gaming.  Why does Ubisoft continue to prioritize pushing more monetized content?—should LOOT BOX games be classified for 18+? Who's LOOTING WHO? Marissa sues her virtual son for spending 20k on video game character skins and Chris is dodging flying genitals in Cyberpunk 2077. Come on Twitch—WHY was Dr. Disrespect banned?
March 12, 2021
Episode 809: Papa Joe Aviance, CEO of Papa Joe Networks
Chris asks “Am I allowed to say Electric Negro?” Papa Joe Aviance our Guest on JUST TALKING says—YES! BUT…doesn’t it frustrate you Papa Joe that some people in the black community might have a problem with your animated superhero? YES! BUT…So Papa Joe how did you go from 450 pounds to 200 in 18 months? "Read my Amazon Best Selling Book called Balancing the Scales: How to Transform and Balance Your Mind, Body and Business—you gotta want it!"—AND check out that .99 Cent Store Diet!
March 5, 2021
Episode 808: Vox Film Critic Alissa Wilkinson
CCS Contributor, Alissa Wilkinson joins JUST TALKING to drop her favs and predicted winners for the GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS and upcoming Oscars! Here’s Alissa’s list of the BEST FILMS: The Painter and the Thief, Minari, Nomadland, One Night in Miami, The Trial of the Chicago 7, Promising Young Woman, Mank and Judas and the Black Messiah. NETFLIX has the most films up for BEST DIRECTOR at this year’s Golden Globes and prompts L.A. Times to unmask the 87 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Martin Scorsese fights a tug of war to keep Cinema an “Art form” rather than algorithm generated “content.” AND should DISNEY + release episodes for binge watching or weekly releases? A tossup?!
February 26, 2021
Episode 807: 100th Episode
Our 100th show! It’s been a journey! From the Studio—to the COVID-19 Bunker! Chris and Marissa dig into show archives and pull clips of our most memorable guests. Marissa gives her Golden Globe Best Picture predictions and Princess Elizabeth from the 7 Deadly Sins learns how to stuff a turkey—it’s all about SEX! Chris blames Jurassic Park for his confusing childhood—and fossil excavator Harrison Duran sets the fossil record straight. LiLi Joy recaps her Blake Shelton experience on The Voice. Stay tuned for More Music. More Music Talk. Our music podcast OFF THE FRET premieres with The Blowies in March.
February 19, 2021
Episode 806: Indie-Pop Artist Cloe Wilder
Indie Pop Artist Cloe Wilder joins in on STRIKE A CHORD to talk about her debut EP TEENAGE LULLABIES.  A self-professed teenage sad girl tells us why writing dreamy “sad music” comes naturally.  And one fan comments: “I’m sorry, but no other person is doing like CLOE at age 14!!!”
February 12, 2021
Episode 805: Kevin Drake Sports Matters
Have the BUCKS made SUPER BOWL history without even playing the game? Find out when CCS Contributor Kevin Drake from SPORTS MATTERS joins in on JUST TALKING.  Kevin predicts CHIEFS for the win! What’s this trash talk between LeBron and “COURTSIDE KAREN?” Ejection? Really? AND Chris takes a swing at the JAKE PAUL Punching Bag.  Chris and Marissa go OFF THE FRET with MORE Music and MORE Music Talk.  Grammy Award winning artist The Weeknd pulls 7 million out of his own pocket to rock the halftime show at the super bowl. And he didn’t have a single Grammy nomination this year—“Blinding Lights?”
February 5, 2021
Episode 804: Brock Pierce Eddie Scarry and Animal Sun
Bitcoin Billionaire and 2020 Presidential Independent Candidate Brock Pierce and Washington Examiner Journalist Eddie Scarry join JUST TALKING to tackle Where Do We Go From Here? The Millennial VOTE, Student Loans, the Environment, REDDIT and FREE SPEECH! Who are these Twitter “Birdwatchers?” AND, Bernie’s Mittens, Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham round out the conversation! Animal Sun returns to STRIKE A CHORD to discuss the New year New band and New single “Every Word”.
January 22, 2021
Episode 803: Artist Mike Cuenca, Some Daggers Wear Red
Returning to STRIKE A CHORD is vocalist, musician and filmmaker Mike Cuenca, debuting his new dark alternative band Some Daggers Wear Red—AND a quarantine “Bieber” look. Marissa gets frosted tips listening to Cuenca’s Flesh Upon Flesh.  Chris has a loss of words for the  “suck it dry” scene from Cuenca’s film Like a Dirty French Novel. If you want to name your band try “magnetic poetry” on the refrigerator door—imagine the possibilities?!
January 15, 2021
Episode 802: R&B Artist DEZMOND WALKER
R&B artist DEMOND WALKER joins the Chris Collins Show as our STRIKE A CHORD artist to discuss his latest single, Move On. DEZMOND breaks down the key components to a long term relationship and the ‘Beautiful Blessing’ that has affected his life forever. Also—DEZMOND WALKER premieres brand new music for the first time ever on a major platform.
January 15, 2021
Episode 801: Cabaret performer, Ana Guigui and God of the South, Kayne
Our guest on JUST TALKING is Cabaret Music Artist Ana Guigui and Director Roderick Menzies to talk about their latest collaboration: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? A PANDEMIC CABARET. Are Americans suffering from 'Confinement Stress?'  When will the theaters reopen?  Will the theatre need to be more of an interactive experience post-pandemic to attract a millennial audience? Also—the self-proclaimed “God of the South” KAYNE joins Strike A Chord sending a message for southern rappers to stay in your lane!
January 11, 2021
Episode 714: Brandon Lee Harris
NASHVILLE Artist Brandon Lee Harris returns to the show on STRIKE A CHORD with a brand new EMOTIONALLY-CHARGED single FIREBALL --inspired by the recent loss of a friend.  Is Brandon Lee Harris hesitant to question God's plan? CHRIS desperately wants to believe life after Earth is REAL.... but does Brandon feel the same? TUNE IN for our SEASON SEVEN FINALE of the CHRIS COLLINS SHOW - Millennial Talk Show.
December 11, 2020
Episode 713: YT Will
If you’re going to HAVE A BALL today—you don’t PASS on these women! Rapper YT Will joins STRIKE A CHORD to bring sexual healing with his music. Chris gets horny and becomes sexually active with YT Will’s music! TUNE IN and hear how the Rapper can be a DEMI GOD and the BAD GUY--at the same time!
December 11, 2020
Episode 712: Tom the Commie and SOARIN
Straight from the Motherland of Russia, CHRIS COLLINS SHOW Contributor and Blog Writer Tom the Commie joins JUST TALKING! “America you are always smiling—STOP smiling—YOU don’t mean it!” Russians allowed Joe Biden to win the election! So America—“how are you?” Or in Russian—“cock dealer?!”  Musical artist Soarin rejoins STRIKE A CHORD. “Right now I wish I wasn’t a musician—it would make life so much easier.” Musicians are struggling in 2020 and Soarin’ has created a virtual creative space—an “Indie Artist Meet-up.” KEEP SOARING!!!
December 4, 2020
Episode 711: Award-Winning Film Director Hasan Oswald
Filmmaker Hasan Oswald joins JUST TALKING to discuss his Award Winning Film HIGHER LOVE!  The OPIOID epidemic is not just in Camden, New Jersey—it is in Forgotten USA! Hasan struggles with moral limits when it comes to filming a documentary focused on HEROIN use and life endangering situations.  LIVE-ON-AIR from Iraq, Hasan goes undercover to enter Isis camps for his next film! 
November 20, 2020
Episode 710: Erika Harlacher
Anime Icon! Newly Wed! Voice of Seven deadly Sins, Persona 5, and Sailor Moon, Erika Harlacher joins JUST TALKING! Why has anime garnered such a huge following among United States Millennials and Gen Zers? Erika says we’ve entered a time where “Nerd Culture” is accepted and praised. Princess Elizabeth has just burnt the Turkey—listen LIVE to the cover up!  OFF THE FRET is back! Chris and Marissa talk about all things music.  Justin Bieber, Elton John, and Cardi B back out of support for Armenia due to death threats.  Ticketmaster is planning for the return of IN PERSON events in 2021 with a negative COVID test! But will millennials attend?
November 13, 2020
Episode 709: Daniel Eachus, Joshua 'Magic' Michaels and Abigail Ory
"Count the VOTE”—“STOP the count!” WHAT IS IT? We could all use a good laugh!  Comedians Daniel Eachus and Joshua “Magic” Michaels join us on JUST TALKING for “No Nut November!” Snoop Dogg votes for the first time, Oregon legalizes magic mushrooms, and Chris wants to be a Fly on Pence’s head inside the White House.  Abigail Ory who describes herself as “weird pop” joins us on STRIKE A CHORD—and shares her song “All I Want for Christmas is Some Emotional Stability.
November 6, 2020
Episode 708: Miguel Angel Caballero and Tiana Kocher
Joining us for JUST TALKING is filmmaker and IMAGEN Award winner for Best Short Film, Miguel Caballero! Miguel takes us through his experience of filming ACUITZERAMO his first LGBTQ+ movie. The word LATINX has been around for nearly a decade. Miguel says, “Latinx is challenging the patriarchy!” Inclusion in the film industry starts with writing and directing!  LIVE from the Philippines, music artist Tiana Kocher discusses her experience with APPLE and SPOTIFY on STRIKE A CHORD.  And her first breakthrough music video in the U.S. with stars Marlon Wayans and Rob Schneider!”
October 30, 2020
Episode 707: The Millennial Vote 2020
November 3rd is only DAYS away! We are the largest voting population in the country—this is OUR election—the MILLENNIAL VOTE 2020!  This week’s show talks about NATIONAL POLITICS with Brock Pierce, Bitcoin billionaire and Independent Candidate for President of the United States and Eddie Scarry, Nationally Recognized Journalist for the Washington Examiner and author of the latest TRUMP book. Can 3rd Party Candidates ever beat the two-party system? Scarry thinks not—its either Coke or Pepsi!  If ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL, this is a MUST LISTEN! Joe Collins (Congressional Candidate, CA 43rd District), Katie Williams (Clark County School Board Candidate, NV), and Adam Christensen (Congressional Candidate, FL 3rd District) discuss affordable health care, student loan debt, education reform, affordable housing, law and order, and term limits! Brock says Millennials are the “SLEEPING GIANT!” We have a chance to make change! VOTE!"
October 23, 2020
Episode 706: Jesse Alk, Film Director of Pariah Dogs and The Blowies, Debut Self-Titled Album release.
2 Million Dogs are killed in the U.S. every year!” Jesse Alk Director/Cinematographer of the Award Winning Film: PARIAH DOG joins us for JUST TALKING and shares the backstory of shooting this documentary about India’s Street Dogs. “We can’t stop feeding the cats and dogs. They have no guardians.” The Blowies are BACK! on STRIKE A CHORD to PREMIERE their debut politically-charged album and what it will take for them to release their new music on PINK vinyl—MORE than just listening to a “Selfie Fuck!
October 16, 2020
Episode 705: Cast of Color and Phoenix Within
“Nobody asked for this!” Celebrities are out of touch with their “Naked Ballot” ZOOM campaign! Joining us today for JUST TALKING is the Cast of Color Podcast—emphasizing diversity in entertainment and pop culture! Does Lulu Wang have grounds to speak to who should direct a Chinese story? Has black cinema taken over Hollywood without leaving room for other cultures? The band The Phoenix Within joins STRIKE A CHORD. Inspired by Fallout boy, Green Day, and Lamb of God, Lead Singer Omar Feliciano shows us that you can still learn something every day—like writing a book of chords when you don’t know music theory! BONUS!—join us for rapid fire superhero trivia!
October 9, 2020
Episode 704: Kevin Drake and Matt Burt - Sports Matters, The return of sports.
Chris is coining it—going forward in the next decade people want “true vision” in film! If you are not from that ethnic group or identify with that gender then people don’t want you portraying that role. How will this impact the future of casting? It’s back to sports with Sports Matters! And we’re answering all the top issues in sports news. What would a finals loss do to Lebron’s legacy? Should NFL coaches be required to wear masks? Can we move past the era of washed up boxers like Mayweather fighting wannabe celebrities like YouTuber Logan Paul? Off the Fret returns with all the recent news in music! This week Cardi B is calling out the double standard between male and female artists on music release frequency and relevance. Chris gives Marissa the nod to a “fair point!”
October 2, 2020
Episode 703: Musician A.J. Gordon, Saturn 'Till June
All the good band names are taken! Yet, one man band AJ GORDON joins Chris and Marissa on STRIKE A CHORD to discuss his choice to name his band Saturn 'til June. How did he come up with it? Let's just say it's a glimpse into our potential future. It's 2020 and not only do we NOT have flying cars but we're still getting stuck in the backseats of Teslas. What we DO have is a special sneak peek of Saturn 'til June's single—LOUD AND ELECTRIC! Drops on October 1!
September 25, 2020
Episode 702: Cameron Sorsby, PRAXIS CEO
We spend our childhoods listening to our parents and teachers tell us we have to go to college to be successful. So what do you say when a company tells you to drop out and they promise you a more successful career? Sounds like a scam! Cameron Sorsby, CEO of PRAXIS joins JUST TALKING to discuss how Praxis can take off the “Golden Handcuffs” for a better future by teaching you technical and soft skills. What sounds better? Spending $12,000 for one year of training and a guaranteed position at a company—OR $60,000 for 4 years of education and whatever job you can land? OFF THE FRET is back! Chris and Marissa talk music and feature recent MUSIC STORM artists. KANYE is pissed off (literally) and took Chris’s phrase “the Grammy’s are meaningless” to a whole new level!
September 18, 2020
Episode 701: Director/Writer Lorena Gordon and Rapper EC Mayne
What’s Good Listeners?! We’re back with Season 7 of the CHRIS COLLINS SHOW! Most of us have experienced the sloppy first kiss with someone shoving their tongue down our throats. Director Lorena Gordon, uses her coming of age film “AT LAST” to give us a beautiful rendition of what we all wanted that first kiss to be. The film which features comedian George Lopez and "PEANUT BUTTER FALCON" actor Zack Gottsagen, also gives exposure to underrepresented groups—in true vision. Is this “Felon Friday?” Chris asks the question.  RAP artist EC Mayne who went from felonies and prison sentences to using rap to tell his stories joins us on STRIKE A CHORD. EC Mayne offers an inspiring story of change and shares with us how he gives back to the youth from his neighborhood today
September 11, 2020
Episode 613: Music Storm Part 2
MUSIC STORM Part 2 gets stoked with Rocker Band ANIMAL SUN. Hear about how band brothers Will and Steven invited Animal Sun fans to help create the quarantine music video “Without You.” Solo Artist MANDI MACIAS new single “Alive” is already at 70k streams on Spotify! Austin TX Punk Band THE BLOWIES blow in with more Blowup Doll chatter with Chris and talk about their new politically charged album putting Netflix culture, religion, politics and social media on blast— scheduled to be released before the November 2020 election! Rapper ELEMENT RHYMES breaks down WAP and promotes the positive message of his new unfiltered podcast “Blac Billionaires.” And Music Storm 2 wraps with SCOTT COLLINS challenging Frank Sinatra to the Chicago theme song throne with his new EP “Headed North” available on Bandcamp’s weekly promotion.
September 4, 2020
Episode 612: Music Storm Twenty Twenty Part 1
MUSIC STORM Part 1 blows in with UK POP sensation Paige Cavell dropping her new music video "Lock My Lips" and featuring her alter ego—“puppet friend”—get ready to dance! HOST Chris has no shame dancing by himself!  NASHVILLE artist Brandon Lee Harris explains why finding LOVE in lockdown requires less salt and more pepper. SoCal Rockers Carry The Day drop hints on a new record in production and why drummers rock!—even without sheet music. And NEW DELHI, INDIA Metal-Act Alien Sky Cult and PITTSBURGH Rapper Baby Byron Premiere NEW music. Another storm is brewing—PART 2!
August 28, 2020
Episode 611: Film Director of I’ll Be Around Mike Cuenca and Singer/Songwriter Scott Collins
Is it possible to make a movie in 70 days? Mike Cuenca did the impossible! The movie director and writer of the coming of age Rock n Roll film: "I'll Be Around" joins this week's JUST TALKING to give us an insight into the production process and how the diverse cast came together!   "Fake it til I make it" is the mantra for Scott Collins.  Our STRIKE A CHORD music artist writes the songs, creates music videos with skeleton crews--AND tells us how he emailed the MAYOR of AUSTIN TX, resulting in January 31st being Scott Collins Day! That's NO FAKE! Neither is Scott! Mark your calendars people!
August 21, 2020
Episode 610: Kevin Drake and Matt Burt, Sports Matters and Chris Collins and Marissa Pitts, OFF THE FRET.
Cancel culture is alive and on the hunt! This week's target? Ellen DeGeneres and Trader Jose, I mean Trader Mings, no wait, I mean Trader Joes! This week on JUST TALKING, CHRIS COLLINS SHOW Contributors and hosts of SPORTS MATTERS, Kevin Drake and Matt Burt, join us to discuss the future of sports top to bottom from the professional level down to collegiate. There might not be a Super Bowl this year but maybe a Bubble Bowl? Today on STRIKE A CHORD – we introduced OFF THE FRET where Chris and Marissa fret about the issues being discussed in the world of music. Is Spotify a “greedy little bitch”, Taylor Swift's Folklore release is number #1 album during the pandemic and Iranian Metal Bands are facing jail time! It’s time to ROCK N’ ROLL!
August 7, 2020
Episode 609: Luke Herman, Crafty Brewing Company and Justin Bernardez, THE ADLIBS
NEWS ALERT from across the pond—the PUBS have reopened!  And Luke Herman, founder of Crafty Brewing Co. joins #JUST TALKING to discuss how Millennials are changing the future of boozing—“brewing is a capsule of everything you need in life!"  Did you know—ARCTIC FOX is the CLOSEST thing to BUDWEISER? And NO! We're not talking about the hair dye! TikTok sensation Justin Bernardez returns to #STRIKE A CHORD with his ONE MILLION+ FOLLOWERS to discuss his success with AD LIBS, online threats and privacy! Sorry, Buzzfeed—NOT!
July 31, 2020
Episode 608: Robby Soave, Author of Panic Attack and Nicole Alexandra, The Singing Violinist
You don't often get KILLED because of your ideology! said Robby Soave, Reason.Com Senior Editor and author of "Panic Attack: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump." Robby joins us on JUST TALKING to discuss Politics, Gap Year, 3rd Party Candidates and his pick for the upcoming Presidential Election--and it's NOT TRUMP!  Nicole Alexandra- The Singing Violinist returns to STRIKE A CHORD and gives us a real show with her video--"Every Drake Song On Violin". Check it out!
July 24, 2020
Episode 607: Chris Tuff Author of The Millennial Whisperer and Nashville's Brandon Lee Harris
“Millennials are FAT, entitled, slutty individuals!” Or at least that’s how the world stereotypes us. Today Chris Tuff, USA Today’s Best Selling author of “The Millennial Whisperer” Zooms in on JUST TALKING to break down the stigmas imposed on the millennial generation.  Find out what Millennials REALLY WANT in today's workplace.   And on STRIKE A CHORD - straight from Nashville - solo artist/songwriter Brandon Lee Harris emphasizes the importance of "Let LOVE RULE!" Brandon shares his NEW single HANDFUL OF DREAMS.
July 17, 2020
Episode 606: Actor/Activist Elizabeth Rogalini and UK Pop Singer Paige Cavell
Is Cancel Culture about to cancel itself? Actress and newly labeled Activist Elizabeth Rogliani joins JUST TALKING to discuss European VS American socialism and her experience on FOX NEWS – The Ingraham Angle. From across the pond UK Pop singer Paige Cavell joins us for STRIKE A CHORD.  How do musicians fight COVID-19? – drive through concerts! Who has the best Fish and Chips – we do, end of discussion!
July 14, 2020
Episode 605: Just Talking with Bevelyn Beatty
With Black Lives Matter gaining an increasing amount of attention--Beatty is LOADED & READY! Evangelist and Co-Founder ofAt Well Ministries, Bevelyn Beatty joins JUST TALKING to disclose why she is AGAINST the Black Lives Matter movement, why America isn't experiencing a Civil Rights Movement 2.0, and how BLM was founded by lesbians--"it was never about Blacks!"
July 7, 2020
Episode 604 Swamp Motel and Carry the Day
With the pandemic ruining SUMMER PLANS for Millennials -- Ollie Jones and Clem Garritty, Co-Founders and Creative Directors of Swamp Motel join JUST TALKING to discuss their latest interactive virtual detective experience: Plymouth Point. I went to the Point with my Sidekick, Marissa and it’s a fun time in real time! A MUST play before you get married! And So Cal punk rockers Carry The Day join STRIKE A CHORD to speak to what extent the band will go to play LIVE MUSIC again.
June 28, 2020
Episode 603 - Alissa Wilkinson and Element Rhymes
Are you like me wondering if The Academy's new 'TASK FORCE' for inclusion will bring systematic change to the cinema industry? VOX Film Critic and Culture Reporter Alissa Wilkinson returns to the CHRIS COLLINS SHOW to discuss the dangers of falling too quickly into CANCEL CULTURE and gives Spike Lee's Da 5 Bloods a big THUMBS UP for one of the best movies you can now watch at home! And Battle Rapper ELEMENT RHYMES is back on STRIKE A CHORD to discuss his latest movement, BLAC BILLIONAIRES.
June 22, 2020
Episode 602 Kevin Drake and Alien Sky Cult
As an alternate reading of the Mayan calendar suggests the end of the world this week — SPORTS in America is back!  At the TOP of the 1st Inning, Host Kevin Drake from SPORTS MATTERS joins the CHRIS COLLINS SHOW for all things sports.  Should NBA players be concerned about playing in the Orlando Bubble?  Will more UFC fighters leave the fighting platform over contract negotiations?  AND what is the proper way to PROTEST in professional sports?  Also -- our STRIKE A CHORD artist this week is New Delhi, India metalcore-act ALIEN SKY CULT showcasing their first taste of music from their upcoming untitled full-length album  #DEFUNDDANAWHITE.
June 15, 2020
Episode 601 Alexander Titus and Mandi Macias
What’s GOOD listeners?! Would you leave your Silicon Valley job to enter into public service — OR — take a GAP YEAR to focus on your college education? What if I told you that Data Scientist Alexander Titus is the first head of Biotechnology Modernization at the Department of Defense — WHAT does that mean?! TUNE IN as Alexander Titus discusses the Pentagon’s plans for WESTWORLD'S technology AND why we need a change of the guard--STEP UP MILLENNIALS!
June 10, 2020
Episode 517 Katie Williams and The Blowies
What’s GOOD party people! As Millennials are getting antsy to see their friends and family during COVID-19 lockdown -- Health Experts disagree with your Quarantine Circle. This week's episode features former Mrs. Nevada Katie Williams returning to the CHRIS COLLINS SHOW to discuss her race in the Clark County School Board - District B, the problems with Mail-In Ballots, and the effects of Voter Harvesting in her home state. Also --The Blowies bring the absurd in absurdity premiering their brand new single 'CDC' --AND remind everyone how they formed a band between many sex dolls!
May 29, 2020
Episode 516 ZOA Seo - Purple is my color
WHO is Zoa Seo? You haven't heard about her? Well check her out! This 22 year old South Korean singer has traveled halfway around the world and has landed in LA! STRIKE A CHORD artist Zoa joins the CHRIS COLLINS SHOW to talk about her journey, KPOP, her first impression of HOLLYWOOD and her latest EP, ZOA (2019) It's HOT!
May 8, 2020
Episode 515 Baby Byron
Rapper BABY BYRON joins the CHRIS COLLINS SHOW to discuss how the film ’LOSING ISAIAH’ made him the Poster Child of Opioid Addiction as national headlines turned his adoption case into an Interracial Custody Battle.  With over 3 MILLION+ streams online, Baby Byron is all grown up and releasing his 1st solo project, “Drugs Before The Flight”.  As a Crack Baby born two months premature and addicted to cocaine and heroin — does Baby Byron find himself to have an addictive personality and did his childhood involve the Gang Life?  Tune in as this self-made entrepreneur answers Chris’ HOTTEST QUESTION YET: Are ’Singles’ IN and ‘Albums’ OUT?
May 1, 2020
Episode 514 The Keys to a Rock Musical by Kenneth Hughes: Sex, Vampires, & Backstreet Boys
Are you looking to make a ROCK MUSICAL? Producer Kenneth Hughes says you need three things: SEX, VAMPIRES, and if you’re lucky—Kevin Scott Richardson from the Backstreet Boys! Learn about his new film Vampire Burt’s Serenade airing next month on AMAZON PRIME.  The icing on the cake for this episode? Animal Sun is back—WITHOUT PANTS?!  Hear their new song Without You!
April 24, 2020
Episode 513 Dan Mitre Evolving Gaming & eSports!
There’s not a lot to do during the quarantine! So, what do WE do?  WE turn to old reliable.... video games! CEO of New Wave eSports, Dan Mitre, joins the show to discuss the future for gaming and eSports. How did Dan get into gaming in the first place? What goes into eSports? And what’s this? Dan’s living in SKYRIM as a blacksmith? Who knew? One thing is for sure video games are here to stay!
April 17, 2020
Episode 512 Traveling in a Quarantined World w/ Amanda the Millennial Traveler
Where will YOU be traveling after the pandemic? One thing for sure traveling will never be the same!!! CCS Contributor Amanda the Millennial Traveler joins the show to discuss what we can expect in the future? Will it become mandatory to take a health test when going on vacation? Where will the top vacationing spot be after we kick this pandemic? TRAVEL TIP from Amanda—bring SOAP!
April 10, 2020
Episode 511 Pandemics and Sports Do Not Mix w/ Kevin Drake
These past 4 months without sports have been the absolute worst! Actually -- it’s only been 3 weeks! It just feels like 4 months. With all sporting events being put on hold you would think there isn’t a lot to talk about but there actually is even more to talk about now. Who better to talk about it than CCS Contributor Kevin Drake from SPORTS MATTERS! Listen in to hear about why Tom Brady chose to leave the Patriots. What can be expected from ESPN’s Jordan documentary? Will we ever see the NBA season finish?
April 3, 2020
Episode 510 CCS Fight Club w/ Kitty LaDochy
The first rule about CCS fight club? You don’t talk about CCS fight club! The second rule about CCS fight club? You ignore the first rule and make the fight club into a talk show! Martial artist Kitty LaDochy joins the show for one reason... to kick Chris Collins’s ass! Well that and to talk about her fighting studio UNDISPUTED FIGHT ACADEMY. Check out this episode now cause it sure kicks ass! (See what we did there?)
March 13, 2020
Episode 509 Law & Order Is A Musical? w/ Annie Bond & Godfrey Flax
Music and politics and murder, OH MY! Annie Bond & Godfrey Flax join the Chris Collins Show to talk about their roles in Law & Order....The Musical DUN DUNNN! Don’t worry, you read that right! It’s the show you never knew you needed, but everything you could possibly want. DUN DUNNN! Why wouldn’t you want to witness a grisly murder while everyone else sings catchy showtunes? DUN DUNNN.
March 6, 2020
Episode 508 Strange Bones Hates Chris’s Taste in Budweiser
“Punk can’t be defined as one genre, it’s a way of thinking, a rebellious art” Strange Bones sums up punk perfectly. Bobby and Will from the U.K. rock band Strange Bones joins the show to talk about their music and why it makes Chris want to smash a window.  How is BREXIT effecting the U.K. music industry? Also, hear as everyone rightfully judges Chris’s horrible taste in beer!
February 28, 2020
Episode 507 Toilet Paper, Must Have When Dinosaur Hunting w/ Harrison Duran
Run to the store right now and get all the toilet paper you can if you plan on hunting dinosaur bones! Speaking of, why do dinosaur names always have to be so long? Why can’t they have more names like THE REAPER OF DEATH? Now THAT’S metal. Fossil excavator Harrison Duran brings his dino-mite excavation story on uncovering the skull of Triceratops Alice and (sorry to disappoint you) reveals what an outdated fantasy Jurassic Park turned out to be!
February 21, 2020
Episode 506 Casanova BootCamp with Rebecca Munley & Neil Vachani
Is your love life as sad and empty as Chris Collins’s bed on Valentine’s night? Time for a lesson in love on this special Valentine’s Day episode. Rebecca Munley and Neil Vachani step in as our comedian romance gurus to discuss the biggest puzzles in today’s dating scene. Find out if it’s petty to name a cockroach after your ex or if A.I.’s are the best teachers to help you navigate online dating.  Sit down and take notes to become that Casanova you’ve always wanted to be!
February 14, 2020
Episode 505 Film Critic Alissa Wilkinson on Oscars 2020
VOX film critic Alissa Wilkinson joins the Chris Collins Show once more to discuss the 92nd Academy Awards right before the Oscars start this Sunday. What film has the best likelihood of taking home the crown for Best Picture? How can the systemic oppression within the film industry be changed going forward? How can someone become a voter in the Academy? Why wasn’t Avengers: Endgame nominated for Best Picture? Why is there a trend of international films being more accepted and popular throughout society? Check it out before the Oscars to hear Alissa, Chris and Marissa go in-depth within the entire film industry!
February 7, 2020
Episode 504 Host Of Sports Smack, Rasheed Phillips
SPORTS SMACK host Rasheed Phillips is in the studio during the BIGGEST sports weekend of the year and the hardest times for fans around the world—Super Bowl LIV and the passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant. Should the 2020 Summer Olympics be postponed for more updates on the Coronavirus Outbreak? Has anyone ever questioned how UFC commissioner Dana White picks the next BIG fights? Tune in as Chris holds nothing back for Rasheed Phillips!
January 31, 2020
Episode 503 Katie Williams, former Ms. Nevada
Chris and Marissa are joined by Katie Williams, former Ms. Nevada of 2019. They go over her story of being disqualified of the Ms. America pageant and stripped of her Ms. Nevada title for her political views and posts made to her personal social media page. Chris highlights the similarity of comments made by Laura Ingraham about Lebron James to “Shut up and dribble”, during China’s conflict with the NBA. The highlight of the show is the discussion that it has become more common that millennials are unable to have a conversation with others that hold a different belief or view. Even though it may not change the views of the other individual, it’s the ability and courtesy of having that rationale and calm conversation without completely disregarding the other’s take.
January 24, 2020
Episode 501: Musket and The Rat
Simon Lees and Maya Schnaider, director and lead actress of Musket and The Rat join the Chris Collins Show to discuss their time and work on this gritty play. Listen as they discuss some of the challenges that come from working within the theater industry but also why it is so important for today's generation to embrace it and experience more.
January 21, 2020
Episode 502 Celebrity Chef Jerome Brown
Chris and Marissa challenge the Rock & Roll Hall of fame status quo. Celebrity Chef Jerome Brown shares his experience cooking for star athletes, better living and Houston Astros cheating scandal. Billie Eilish is the youngest singer to record a theme song for the James Bond franchise but how does it compare previous theme songs?
January 17, 2020
Episode 414 Fashion Guru Jamar Hart
Fashion stylist and guru Jamar Hart joins the Chris Collins Show to discuss many insights within the fashion industry. Wondering why some fashion styles have become trends or just need some fashion tip, maybe you just want to know if it's acceptable to wear a turtleneck in California. Either way tune in to find out all this amazing content from Jamar Hart.
December 6, 2019
Episode 413 Animal Sun
Strike A Chord artist Animal Sun joins the Chris Collins Show in the studio to discuss their latest EP Beginnings and their brand new single ’Victory Song’.  Vocalist/Guitarist Steven Blake and Drummer William Alton talk about their expereience forming the band in Virginia and their venture out to Hollywood in pursuit of their musical career.  Have you ever wondered how Animal Sun came up with their band name to their thoughts on the music industry can eat you alive? Tune in as Animal Sun perform ‘Girl In Blue’ live in the studio.
November 29, 2019
Episode 412 Samantha Mehlinger & the Millennial Pulse
It's a must listen to show for millennials because Samantha Mehlinger, writer of the Millennial Pulse is in the studio! It's time to have the voices of our generation heard and some of the challenges that are being faced, such as the wealth gap, the political divide and the scariest of them all, choosing your own insurance!
November 22, 2019
Episode 411 Brianna Miera and The Murder Dictionary
Brianna Miera is in the studio to discuss our generation’s obsession with murder, serial killers, and rape in this gut-wrenching episode.  Does Brianna have a dark history of revenge fantasy? Does Brianna have anxiety about being murdered? Tune in as Brianna Miera shares her thoughts on real-life terror, 24-7 surveillance of crime news, and murderous traits to look out for on your very first date. Check out her podcasts Murder Dictionary, Crime Screen, and Rockumentary on all audio streaming services.
November 15, 2019
Episode 410 Battle Rapper, Element Rhymes Talks About His Latest Album and Hip-Hop Today.
BATTLE RAPPER Element Rhymes, in the studio, talks about his latest album 11:11. And, he sheds light on what's happening in hip-hop today. Are stripper rappers taking over?  How does rap help listeners in divisive times? Bonus -- tune to hear Rhymes freestyle LIVE! -- "Ford vs Ferrari, M.C's like Ford. I am the Ferrari. I'm not sorry..."
November 9, 2019
Episode 409 Alissa Wilkinson Discusses Movie Villains & The Hottest Movies of 2019.
Film Critic Alissa Wilkinson skypes into the studio LIVE from New York City to talk about the hottest movies of 2019. Is It right to glamorize movie villains like the JOKER? Is Scorsese is right about Marvel films being like theme park rides? What are filmmakers planning for the next decade?
November 1, 2019
Episode 407 Justin Bernardez, Singer-Songwriter, Talks About All Things Music!
Singer-Songwriter Justin Bernardez is in the studio talking about his latest EP, Proof.  The self-produced, self-titled dark pop musician shares his early childhood aspirations to explore unknown territories in his music, and how he accidentally fell into recording music at a young age. 
October 18, 2019
Episode 406: Marcus Hawkins Talks About Comedy & Naked Grandmas!
Marcus is back with plenty to say: Where’s comedy headed? WOKE culture’s in control and he’s not tight with that. What’s up with the stand-up critics, and SNL firing Shane Gills? Marcus doesn’t hold back. Even when he gets candid about his craziest gig so far... they’re NAKED, he’s not.
October 11, 2019
Episode 405 2 Girls and 1 Mic - Comic Duo
Comic duo Two Girls One Mic are in the studio and Chris wants to know — Is the Outrage Culture destroying Stand-Up? Should we care that late night shows use comedy to get across a particular agenda? Has the ever changing PC culture forced comedy into a recession? Tabitha Brownstone and Joy Gohring tell it like it is.
October 4, 2019
Episode 403 Mandi Macias, Singer & Songwriter, Talks About Music & The Inspiration Behind Her Music.
16 year old singer-songwriter sensation Mandi Macias joins the Chris Collins Show to share her success in the music industry. Mandi opens up to Chris and Marissa about how she wishes to be an inspiration for young girls and shares with us the direction of her new music.
September 20, 2019
Episode 402 Meet Millie and Roland Memisevic, CEO of Twenty Billion Neurons as He Talks about A.I.
Should Millennials be worried about A.I.?  How can we embrace A.I. at home and at work? Tune in as Roland Memisevic, Chief Scientist and CEO of Twenty Billion Neurons breaks down the importance of A.I. in our future. And he turns us on to Millie, their A.I. fitness coach who can kick any millennial butt into gear! 
September 14, 2019
Episode 401 Sebastian Schug Illustrator, Welcome To Dark Humor
Illustrator and Writer Sebastian Schug joins the Chris Collins Show to discuss why Authors SHOULD consider having a Pen Name! Author of dark humor series, Courtesy Jerk and children series, The Adventures of Daniel discusses with Chris about the importance of educating our youth on tackling new morals and ethics.  Sebastian Schug has written over 77+ books at the age of 22! Tune in as Schug gives advice for aspiring writers around the world!
September 6, 2019
Episode 311 Music Storm 2019
The Chris Collins Show presents “Music Storm”, a collection of strike a chord music guest. Featuring Soaring, Miss Princess, Nicole Alexandra The Singing Violinist, Lili Joy, Maria Schafer and Stations.
August 30, 2019
Episode 310 Actor Daniel O'Reilly Talks About MockBuster & "The Adventures of Aladdin." - Just Talking
#WhiteJafar aka Daniel O’Reilly is in the studio talking about his role in Asylum Pictures’ Adventures of Aladdin (2019).  What goes into the making of a Hollywood Mockbuster? How does Asylum Pictures continuously get away with licensing from iconic Disney films? Does #WhiteJafar approve of the live-action film, The Little Mermaid? Tune in as actor Daniel O’Reilly discusses his approach into the role of #WhiteJafar. 
August 24, 2019
Episode 308: Colorist, Monica Escalante Talks About Cinematic Storytelling.
Colorist Monica Escalante (Spider-Man:Into The Verse, Bumblebee: The Movie, Creed, and When They See Us) joins the Chris Collins Show for a conversation breaking down the process of coloring in cinematic storytelling.  Why are Camera Operators always getting all the glory while Colorist are never represented?  How does a Director for Television or Film communicate to their coloring team about their vision? TUNE IN as Monica Escalante discusses the process of creating your favorite films as well as recommending giving advice for anyone who wants to pursue a career in her field.
August 2, 2019
Episode 307: Brittanie Adaire Rodriguez - Just Talking
This Month’s CCS MILLENNIAL PROFILE is Brittanie Adaire.  Step outside with Brittanie and embrace the spiritual awakening being one with nature.  Why did Brittanie Adaire become a Botanist Trail Guider instead of pursuing a more traditional botanist job out of college? How can Millennials get more involved in the fight for Climate Change? Tune in as Brittanie Adaire shares her thoughts on the ‘Green New Deal’. 
July 27, 2019
Episode 304 Ben Caron - Musician, Creator and Community Leader
What in the WORLD is the NEW AGE movement all about? Singer-Songwriter Ben Caron is in the studio embracing his inner peace through the power of music—shining light on the positivity surrounding us in THIS WORLD.  Caron wants everyone to know that love is shown on the outside when you recognize yourself first from the inside.  Check out Ben Caron’s latest album King Benjamin’s Royal Heart out now on Apple Music + Spotify.
June 28, 2019
Episode 303 Linda Bisesti and Robert Shields - The Southern California Shakespeare Festival
William Shakespeare’s “girlfriend” Linda Bisesti and multi-talented Director/Actor Rob Shields are in the studio proclaiming that Shakespeare would be your typical Millennial—that is, if Willy were still alive!  Bisesti and Shields discuss their thoughts on the state of LIVE Theater. How do we get Millennials off their couch and see Classical theater? Where are all the FUN plays?! Tune in to find out!
June 21, 2019
Episode 301 LiLi Joy - Former The Voice Contestant
LiLi Joy is back in the studio ditching the wig as she discusses her transition into a fairy pixie sound on her new EP—Colours You Can’t See.  Why did LiLi Joy choose to change her image from her earlier look on NBC’s The Voice? What is LiLi Joy’s message behind her 1st music video? Tune in to find out as LiLi Joy talks about her new single and performs an MTV-style of Unplugged with her acoustic performance of Glow.
June 7, 2019
Episode 218 Samantha Mehlinger - Millennial Pulse
Samantha Mehlinger writes the column MILLENNIAL PULSE for the Long Beach Business Journal. She also is a new contributor to the CHRIS COLLINS SHOW!  Mehlinger sees MILLENNIAL PULSE as an alternative to the bombardment messaging of social media. Instead of relying on Twitter, Instagram, etc., to give readers an understanding of our generation, she puts current events in a broader context that speaks to our issues. She wants millennials to get involved beyond just reacting to social media posts—doing things that help craft our future!  
May 24, 2019
Episode 217 Nicole Alexandra - the Singing Violinist
Nicole Alexandra aka the Singing Violinist infuses her love of R&B/hip-hop into jazz.  Most Millennials see the violin as a decaying fossil—the Singing Violinist does not!  Alexandra is an insanely talented singer/songwriter who self-produced her own full-length EP, Dark Moon, as well as hip-hop covers such as SUPER MODEL X THE WORST. Why did Alexandra choose the violin? What does she want her listeners to get out of her music? Tune in to find out! 
May 17, 2019
Episode 216 Tara Campbell - Youngest Female Mayor in the U.S.
Did you know that the youngest female mayor in the United States is just 25?!   And, it’s not her full-time job!  Why does a millennial run for politics at such a young age if there are no benefits? Could it be that public service—which our government was founded on—is still the case today? Mayor Tara Campbell is a patriotic model for OUR generation. If you want to see change, you have to be a part of that change! 
May 10, 2019
Episode 215 Pumpkin Actors with Band Stations
Actors Samson Klink and Noah Toth are in the studio to discuss Host Chris Collins’ directorial debut of PUMPKIN, which is a film exploring the cultural divisions that exist within the LGBTQ community.  Also, two-piece punk band Stations join us during Strike A Chord premiering brand new music for the FIRST TIME EVER on the Chris Collins Show! 
May 3, 2019
Episode 214 Amanda - the Millennial Traveller
Do you have fears of travelling solo and never knew how to begin?  Are you like me when it comes to travelling and don’t know what to bring on your vacation? Amanda the Millennial Traveller a CHRIS COLLINS SHOW Contributor speaks to our generation about the importance of traveling outside your zip code—and it’s OK to travel SOLO! 
April 26, 2019
Episode 213 Dr. John B. Wallace - Religion vs. Spirituality
Author Dr. John Wallace (Starting at the Finish Line: The Gospel of Grace for Mormons) is back in the studio to discuss religion vs. spirituality.  How do millennials interpret faith?  Is spirituality the same as religion? Why does religion have such a negative connotation?  Can the Bible or the Quran be a starting point for someone who doesn’t associate with a religion? Listen to 2 Ex-Mormons discuss religion and the power of faith.  
April 19, 2019
Episode 210 LiLi Joy - The Voice Contestant
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go thrift shopping with LiLi Joy or how theater played a major role in her musical career? LiLi Joy sits down in the studio to discuss her massive success from THE VOICE at just 15 years old! At such a young age, LiLi Joy speaks about her passion to advocate for mental health, depression, and to be the voice of Generation Z with her music. LiLi Joy talks us through her excitement of country artist Blake Shelton buzzing the pop sensation in to be a contestant on THE VOICE for #TeamBlake. 
March 29, 2019
Episode 209 Pat McGee and Adam Linkenhelt - American Relapse with Punk Band Bad Ass
What’s lurking beyond the palm trees and sunny coastal shores of Walt Disney’s Florida?  Co-Directors Pat McGee and Adam Linkenhelt sit down in the studio to discuss their latest feature film American Relapse following the heroin epidemic and corrupt rehab practices used in South Florida.  American Relapse gives the viewers a raw reality of the plague that has tarnished the Sunshine’s State. Following their Viceland series Dopesick Nation, the co-directors talk about their experiences handling a death rattle, using a narcan, documenting the ugly truth, and what Florida can do to reverse these unsettling number of deaths happening in the state.  When is there a point to stop recording and how do you make a film about heroin without making it a needle porn?  Tune in to find out!  FACT: Drug overdoses killed more Americans last year than the Vietnam War.  Throw  up your horns and your hair! Punk band Bad Ass vocalists Helen and  Mikie Farber also stop by the studio to play music and talk about their  decision as parents to change their lyrics. 
March 22, 2019
Episode 207 Miss Princess - International Pop Singer
Miss Princess is in the studio discussing her career as a solo artist while also being a member of The Era Queens.  This pop diva and UCLA Grad isn’t like your average musician. Miss Princess is a singer/ songwriter, scientist, linguist, actress, model and philanthropist—and plays violin, flute, xylophone, classical piano—and the trombone!!!  Did you know that playing classical music instead of rock n’ roll will show a higher growth rate in plants because the vibration of sounds affects the consciousness of all living things?!
March 8, 2019
Episode 202 The Maldonado Bros Bring Fitness to the Studio - Just Talking
Fitness has entered the studio, thanks to Maldonado brothers – two successful millennial bodybuilders! Through it all you’ll learn:  How do bodybuilders’ workout?  What is the best cocktail that would make you look and feel better? What exactly does an athletic diet consist of?  
January 26, 2019
Episode 201 Chris Goes to Tokyo
After 25 years of existence, my little brother Kelley and I travel outside the country for the first time. Did you know it’s nearly impossible to find a trash can in the streets of Tokyo? Do you think your pilot should speak internationally? Have you ever wondered how to get stuck on Disneyland’s Space Mountain? I dream to go back to Japan!  
January 18, 2019
Episode 109 Chris Dalley - Authority Zero
Punk legend drummer Chris Dalley from Authority Zero (also known for his work in Pulley, Implants, and Death By Stereo) calls into 22West Radio on 88.1FM HD-3 to discuss the band’s first self-released studio album, Persona Non Grata.  Is there a difference between North American fans vs European fans?  Is rock n’ roll a dying artform? Check out drummer Chris Dalley’s new album below! 
December 14, 2018
Episode 108 Anthony Sparzo - Opioid
Enough is enough! It’s time for our generation to speak up and address the issues that has put a dark cloud over 2018.  Opioids are NOW the number one cause of death in the United States and are continuing to rise to this day.  Director of Sacramento Sober Living Homes and Author of From Judas To Me, Anthony Sparzo calls into the studio to expand the conversation of the dangers among the use of prescription drugs. “What is being lost in this fight is—LIFE! What is the solution?” 
December 7, 2018
Episode 107 Marcus Hawkins - Comedian
Comedy is the best source of medicine and when Marcus Hawkins comes around – you know it’s a GREAT time! Hawkins sits down in the studio at 22West radio to discuss his upcoming shows at the Ice House in Pasadena to Laugh Factory’s Chocolate Sundae.  Also, we discuss the use of strict cellphone policies at comedy shows and whether it’s cool for comedians to recycle old jokes. Is there nothing untouchable in comedy? 
November 9, 2018
Episode 106 Maria Schafer - Jazz Recording Artist
Jazz Singer Maria Schafer known for her on-airtime with KJAZZ’s 88.1FM and winner of Outstanding Soloist at Reno Jazz Festival showcases her brand-new album, To Know Love... out on major digital outlets. Schafer sits down in the studio with sidekick Marissa Pitts and I to explore the upcoming Jazz musicians today that have made her what she has become today. 
November 2, 2018
Episode 105 Erika Harlacher - Voice Actress
ERIKA HARLACHER - Voice Actress, The Seven Deadly Sins What’s deadlier than having Chris and Marissa host a show?! Inviting Voice Actress Erika Harlacher from The Seven Deadly Sins to join the chaos!
October 19, 2018
Episode 104 Samuel Asencio- Chef
It’s Thanksgiving and I don’t cook! Marissa doesn’t cook! Well, I do a mean Hot Pocket — one minute 30 in the microwave, done. But that doesn’t cut it for the bird. We need a chef! Thankfully, Chef Asencio comes on air to talk about his nontraditional Thanksgiving, complete with Red Neck Turkey. How does that compare to Friendsgiving? Plus, he joins in to play Turkey Trivia — did you know, only the male gobbles?
October 18, 2018
Episode 103 Kevin Foxe—The Blair Witch Project
Yeah there's lots of cool horror movies, but none have the raw authenticity of The Blair Witch Project. Still an audience shocker, this cult classic’s executive producer, Kevin, lets us in on its backstory. Hear about the unorthodox screenplay, military on the set, actors disappearing — and more!
October 17, 2018
Episode 102 Jacob Tillman—D’Inked Executive Producer
 *!&^@*! how can the pain of getting a tattoo compare to taking one off? Find out as we chat with Jacob, producer of D’Inked, winner, Best Documentary, 2018 Hollywood Independent Filmmaker Awards & Festival. Hmmm…me get a tattoo? Hmmm... Also, Marissa Pitts joins the show as my official sidekick! Watch out Howard, you may have Robin but I’ve got Marissa — game ON!
October 12, 2018
Episode 101 ft Justin Delgado - Music Producer
My inaugural guest on the show is up-and-coming recording artist, Justin Delgado aka MyCalvinMusic. He didn’t recognize his talent until his late teens, but since then this multi-faceted musician has grooved in every genre. Not like the normal Synth Lord you come across every day in the galaxy, young padawan, check in to hear his iconic song Addicted to You and you’ll get why he doesn’t plan on stopping until he reaches the top!
September 14, 2018