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By Chris Corsini
I’m Chris Corsini, a psychic-intuitive, astrologer, manifestation weirdo, and we’re gonna chat about some things that will probably be super helpful for you on your journey; this will include channeled information from Source, Tarot/Astrology, Guest Speakers, and whatever else tickles my fancy.. maybe some ASMR if you’re lucky.. don't box this podcast into whatever expectations you have - I'm a mutable air sign and we go with the flow!
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Tapping Into Your Gifts, Mediumship, & Psychic Sh*t with Medium Fleur
Medium Fleur is an internationally renowned psychic medium who's given 10,000+ readings, taught countless students over the last decade, and been featured in publications such as Teen Vogue and Instyle Magazine. Fleur is largely sought after in the entertainment industry, becoming a favorite among A-list musicians, actors, and politicians, including Grammy-Nominated Artist Lana Del Rey who raved "there are a handful of truly gifted mediums and clairvoyants in the world, Fleur is one of them. If you’re interested in taking her Mentorship Course (which I’ve done; it’s amazing!) then use the code CHRIS to save $100USD during sign up! Find all the info on her website. Website: Podcast link: Moving Beyond IG: Medium Fleur
April 21, 2022
Truth, Tantra, & Tricksters with Brenden Durell
Brenden is a spirit-led mentor who helps you connect with peace, power & pleasure, like if meditation and 90’s r&b made love. As a student of Tantra he specializes in self-cultivation and sexual energy mastery. If you can't get a hold of him, he's most likely drinking ceremonial cacao with his phone on airplane mode. IG: @brendendurell Website: You can also find our home website here: or connect with me on IG: @ChrisCorsini
February 24, 2022
2022 Year Ahead Forecast (Featuring Matthew Baniak)
Thank you for joining our online community - we've linked all the helpful resources (and more information about my guest) below: 2022 Year Ahead Astro-Calendar: More Resources On My Site: IG: ABOUT MY GUEST: Matthew Baniak is the Founder of Still Water Alchemy - a holistic business focused on alchemizing the Mind, Body, and Soul. Matthew has over twenty years of study and practice in the spiritual fields of Astrology & Tarot, and offers accountability and support through Coaching and Mentorship. Matthew provides his clients with the tools needed to cultivate Success, Vitality, and Love so they can reach their fullest potential and acquire the dream life they desire. Still Water Alchemy's Website: IG: Youtube:
January 02, 2022
Eclipse Season & Stillness Through Sagittarius (Minisode)
Thank you for joining me in this digital space; please subscribe and rate to help support this content for free. If you’d like to make a donation to support this work you can do so with this link; I hope the abundance returns to you tenfold: There are plenty of resources & access to free horoscopes on my YouTube, Instagram, and Website: Sending you all love! [An ASL accessible version of this episode is also on my YouTube page]
December 05, 2021
Trust YOURSELF & Vibrational Matches
In this episode we talk a bout why it is most important to trust YOURSELF over anyone else & the law of The Universe: What You Vibrate You Receive! For the ASL Accessible version of this podcast please visit my YouTube Channel (Chris Corsini) and visit my website for affordable & accessible resources, To Email Questions or Suggested Topics:
April 17, 2021
The Shift Into Aries & The Energetic New Year - Minisode
I was called to discuss the shift we're experiencing into Spring in the Northern Hemisphere (where I live) and the New Energetic Year that ushers in the real start to 2021! Pisces Season was a roller coaster of emotion & now we BEGIN AGAIN! This is a mini-episode and includes channeled messages by way of Tarot and Intuitive Insight.  Resources available on my website:
March 20, 2021