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The Be Someone Podcast

The Be Someone Podcast

By Chris Ortiz
On the Be Someone podcast we go out and chat with some of Houston’s best and brightest. Find out what drives, motivates and makes these special people tick. Join us bi weekly for new episodes and I challenge YOU to go out and Be Someone.
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Season 2 Ep: 39 - “Vision Quest” Zach Neibert
They say nothing is hard after you have wrestled. Zach is living proof of that mantra. I met this bright and ambitious young man at my Brazilian jiu jitsu academy Gracie Barra The Woodlands. He looked tough like your prototypical scrappy white belt but that is where I was wrong. After getting a chance to roll with him it was apparent that he was no rookie. Zach was a high level high school and collegiate wrestler and is a natural on the jiu jitsu mats. After serving me several scoops of humble pie I got a chance to chat with him and learn a little something. Again I was guilty of selling him short. I had originally thought we were going to talk grappling and coaching on the podcast but low and behold I found out Zach is a deep thinker and a big dreamer. He is currently developing an app "MyfiVe" which I am sure will change the world and how we do things. On top of that he much like myself is pretty big into conspiracies which made him that much more interesting. I am saddened that he will be moving soon because I could really see myself buddying up to him. Regardless, him and his beautiful wife have a bright future ahead of them and the world is their oyster. We hit a number of great topics and I hope you enjoy this episode of the podcast with myself and Coach Zach Neibert. 
January 22, 2022
Season 2 Ep: 38 - "The Gift" Amber Nichole
In what had to be one of my favorite all time episodes we sit with Amber Nichole and delve into the paranormal. Amber and her husband Chris have been long time acquaintances of mine. One day out of the blue Amber had Chris reach out to me with a message. I was very receptive because the last time I had spoken to them was most likely college. Once I contacted Amber that is when she shared some very interesting and unique information with me about my fathers passing. She shared some info with me that was quite accurate and that is what really peaked my interest. I have tried for a couple of months to sit with her and discuss this gift because apparently it was not a one off. This is something that she has been living with for years. Furthermore it seems to be hereditary in nature and something multiple people in her family have in common. So I am hoping you can sit back and relax as we chat about Amber and her amazing gift on this episode of the podcast. 
January 16, 2022
Season 2 Ep: 37 - "Art Masterclass" with Franky Cardona
On this episode we sit and chop it up with one of Houston's most prolific muralist Franky Cardona. A lot has happened since we first spoke a couple of years ago. Frank has traveled the country and has learned a large amount about the art game and he shares it with us on this episode. If you are an aspiring artist and looking for some advice on chasing your dream of becoming an artist you will most def want to give this episode a listen. His work is featured all of the city and now all over the country. I have a suspicion the next time we chat he will be world wide. Hope you sit back and enjoy this episode of the pod. 
January 08, 2022
Season 2 Ep: 36 "AQA" Angela Arnold
On this incredibly cool and inspirational episode of the podcast we chat with the future of women's pro wrestling Angela Arnold. We chop it up and learn about her journey from a active and energetic child to a young adult that is poised to take the wrestling world by storm. She has been classically trained by the best in the world (Booker T's ROW and NXT) and is not ready to show the world what she has learned. She has learned a ton of life lessons along the way and is no doubt the best version of herself at this point in her career. We hope that you can sit back and enjoy this episode of the podcast with AQA and the The Coach Chris Ortiz. 
January 02, 2022
Season 2 Ep: 35 - Alfonso Garcia & Matt Kainer "Back in the day"
In this fun episode we sit back and reminisce about the early 2000's Houston softball scene with my boys. We take a trip down memory lane and talk about the parks, people and relationships that made the game special to so many. My favorite part is when we go position by position and talk about some of the best to do it in that time frame. Hope every one enjoys this episode of The Be Someone Podcast and if you have not already please subscribe to the show. 
December 30, 2021
Season 2: Ep 34 - Dr. Alex Gotay "Saint Hood"
In this episode we sit with my good friend Dr. Alex Gotay and chop it up. In the year and a half since we last spoke he has embarked on quite the journey. He is spreading his message of faith and positivity to our youth all over the country. His blend of knowledge and love for hip hop makes him a very unique speaker. Alex takes pride in meeting the youth where they are at and that is why he is so highly sought after in his field. On top of that he has entered the podcast space with his new show "Saint Hood" along side two of his best friends who share similar interest. So sit back and enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast with Dr. Alex Gotay! 
December 25, 2021
Season 2: Ep 33 - Jonathan Jay "Super Chango Tattoo Studio"
In this episode we sit back and chop it up with one of Houston's best tattoo artist Jonathan Jay. I have been fascinated with the journey one takes in order to become a legit artist in the game and Jonathan was kind enough to sit with me and walk me down this path. He does first class work and his portfolio speaks for itself. So if you could sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast with Super Chango Tattoo Studio artist Jonathan Jay! 
December 18, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 32 Eileen Cullen "Garden by the Sea" The BEST B&B in St John's The Virgin Islands
On this episode of the podcast we speak with Eileen Cullen of Garden by the Sea, a bed and breakfast on the beautiful island of St. John's. I first saw Eileen on an episode of Caribbean Life a show that highlighted people purchasing property on gorgeous islands. After watching the show I was convinced that we needed to not only visit St John but also Eileen Cullen. Several months later I am so happy that we got the chance to visit the island and experience this heaven on earth. We chat with Eileen about all the wonderful things to do while visiting St John as well as learn her backstory on acquiring the property. If you are in the market for a beautiful island get away I would def look up Eileen and John Cullen at Garden by the Sea. 
December 14, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 31 "The Impact of Influence" Chip Baker
On this episode we chat with my long time friend Chip Baker. Chip has been a busy man as of late, going around the country promoting his most recent book release "The Impact of Influence 2." On top of that he has steadily been chopping it up with successful people in all walks of life on his YouTube series "The Success Chronicles." So sit back and enjoy this awesome conversation with this master coach, motivator, educator, and author Chip Baker. 
November 22, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 30 "Lawn Boys" Erik Regalado
On this episode we conduct another small business spotlight with my former student Erik Regalado. Erik runs Lawn Boys, a lawn care and maintenance business located in The Woodlands, TX. This young man has taken the untraditional route of starting a business first and using the funds from that to put himself through school. This route has kept him debt free and given him a chance to grow both as a student and business owner. We chat about all things lawn and garden as well as dive into all the expenses a young small business owner incurs on their journey. So sit back and relax as we chop it up with Erik Regalado. 
November 15, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 29 "Meet The Teacher" Coach Chris Ortiz
On this episode my good friend Dr. Jesse Robinson changes places with me and conducts the interview. We dive into my educational philosophies,  practices, and anything else educational one could think of. He does an excellent job going behind the curtain and getting to the root of all my outside projects namely the podcast and books. So sit back, relax and enjoy this episode of the podcast with myself and Dr. Jesse Robinson as we "meet the teacher." 
November 07, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 28 "Glory Days" with Justin Ruchti
On this episode we take a stroll down memory lane with my good friend Justin Ruchti. This was one of the most fun episodes I have had a chance to conduct in a long time. Justin and I were able to pick back up right where we left off over twenty years ago and seamlessly chop it up. We talk about his College World Series run under Wayne Graham and the Rice Owls as well as life post baseball. It was an honor and pleasure catching back up with Justin and there is tons of gold littered throughout the interview in terms of parenting and youth sports as well. So sit back relax and enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast with Justin Ruchti. 
October 31, 2021
Season 2 Ep:27 "The Family Business" Joey Hamlin
In this episode we sit down with my good friend Joey Hamlin of Pro Pest Control and Termite. Joey shares with us the impact that his father had on him as well as the community. As The Woodlands grew so did his fathers business, and after his passing Joey was able to take the torch and run with it. Joey has used his engaging personality and concrete business practices to make his company a house hold name in the. We also take a deep dive into Joey's thoughts on entrepreneurship and how one should treat their employees. So sit back, relax and enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast.  
October 27, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 26 "NFT Master Class" with The Penguin Fight Club
In this episode we chop it up with Cyrus, Geminhigh, and JustinFX of the Penguin fight club. There is a silent revolution taking place right beneath many of our noses and we should get hip to it if we don't want to get left behind. The PFC takes some time out of their day to educate us on the growing phenomenon known as NFTs. The art game has evolved and this young group of savvy individuals has staked an early claim in this growing field. Not only do we get a first class education on the subject we get a sneak peek into the future and have our minds blown by what's to come. If you fancy yourself a forward thinker I would really give this episode a listen. Thank you gentlemen for coming on the show and I look forward to watching you grow this project to crazy heights. 
October 23, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 25 "Breakbeat Media" Dave Mays
On this episode we chop it up with the creator of The Source Magazine and now head of Breakbeat Media David Mays. Dave helped get hip hop to where it is today. Something that started off as a fringe music scene went mainstream when Dave gave birth to The Source Magazine. The Notorious B.I.G, Eminem, and a whole host of other hip hop legends got their first national attention through his publication. Along with the music came the clothing and eventual culture we now know as hip hop. Dave is now in the midst of recreating that same magic with his new venture Breakbeat Media. He plans on giving hip hop some prime representation on that platform and something tells me he is just the man for the job. Sit back, relax and enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast with Dave Mays. 
October 17, 2021
Season 2 Ep:24 "The Ultimate Fighter" Pretty Ricky Turcios
We sit and chop it up with the winner of the UFC's reality T.V. series "The Ultimate Fighter" Ricky Turcios. We chat about life post tournament and see how things have changed over night for this young star. In typical Ricky fashion we enter some pretty interesting rabbit holes getting into the matrix, the multi-verse, and operating in the zone. If you are a fan of Ricky you will absolutely love this interview. Thanks for tuning in and go out and be that someone. 
October 08, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 23 "Back from the brink" Scott Sparks
On this episode we catch up with my long time friend and bjj training partner Scott Sparks. I have been wanting to sit with Scott and chat for a long while now because of his interesting journey. He is a gentleman that has an interesting perspective on life after nearly losing it twice to health related issues. Despite his bullet proof demeanor he understands all to well that we are all human and our time on earth is limited. Because of his experiences I have noticed that he lives a little differently than your ordinary man. I am hoping you enjoy the episode with my friend Scott as much as I had recording it. Have a blessed day and go out and be that someone. 
October 02, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 22 "Highest in the room" Max Heights
We were lucky enough to sit and chat with Mike Hernandez, aka Max Heights ahead of his New Texas Pro title match in Houston, TX. Big shoutout to his son also who was celebrating a birthday over the weekend. On this episode we were able to talk about his roots in the pro wrestling game and where he hopes they will eventually lead. We also get into parts of his game he hopes to grow and evolve as well as the genesis of his high flying style. So sit back and relax as we chop it up with the man himself Max Height. 
September 26, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 21 "Class Is In Session" with Professor Joel Heinen
On this episode we sit down and chat with Gracie Barra black belt, Professor Joel Heinen. We get into a myriad of topics that range from his MMA debut taking place in early October to evolving as a jiu jitsu practitioner and broadening his horizons. On the mats his technique is calm, cool, and calculating. Joel's ability to teach the finer details and nuances is something else that had captured my attention which made this pod session a no brainer for me. So sit back and relax as we take a deep dive into the mind of my good friend Professor Joel Heinen.
September 22, 2021
Season 2 Ep:20 "The CHAMP is here" Brittyn Corbishley
On this episode we chat with Knox and CP legend Brittyn Corbishley. This young lady set the wrestling world on fire with her two Texas State championships and National Championship this past season. For all the success and accolades she has earned over the last four years it was interesting to find out how she found her way onto the wrestling mats. On top of that we discuss the journey from rookie to the best the country has to offer at her weight class. It was a honor and pleasure to catch up with Brittyn and I am hoping you enjoy our conversation. 
September 19, 2021
Season 2 Ep:19 "Run it Back" Aaron Boyd AKA Stackz
On this episode we step back into the booth with local hip hop artist Stackz or his birth name Aaron Boyd. Aaron is a young man that experienced quite a bit of success early on in the rap game only to have to start back over from the beginning. His experience was not wasted though, through trial and error he is coming back bigger and better than ever. Aaron shares with us some of those lessons that he has learned along the way plus lays out a blue print for future success in the game. He is a young man that you may want to keep your eyes on, he is attracting a lot of attention from hip hop magazines and publications and is ready to stake his claim. Thanks for supporting The Be Someone Podcast! 
September 11, 2021
Season 2 Ep:18 "Support Local" Kendall Weeks and Josh Singh
On this episode we sit down with two of my favorite jiu jitsu training partners Josh Singh and Kendall Weeks. Both of these young men have ventured out into the business world and have started their own small company's. Even though one deals with health & fitness and the other landscaping & agriculture they have more in common than one would think. We were able to sit down and discuss the journey from idea to fledging business and everything in-between. There story is not unique though, it is one that countless people embark on taking a leap at the American dream. Hopefully after listening to this episode you can can confidence and insight into betting on yourself. Thank you Josh and Kendall for coming on and sharing your knowledge on the subject matter. If you are reading this please go out and support local and look up Silgrow USA as well as Hex Lab. 
September 07, 2021
Season 2 Ep:17 "The Dynamic Duo" Erik and Lindsey Spjut
In this episode we speak with the brother sister tandem of Erik and Lindsey Spjut The Woodlands College Parks wrestling coaches. These two have seemingly taken a program for all intensive purposes was dead in the ground and turned it into a state powerhouse. With both the boys and girls teams placing top 5 last year the program looks to be at an all time high. Erik and Lindsey would disagree though, they feel like there is much room for improvement and the sky is the limit for the Cavaliers. With several state champions in hand and for the first time a national champion the future looks bright at The Woodlands College Park. Thanks for tuning in and if you liked the show please feel free to share it with the world. 
September 05, 2021
Season 2 Ep:16 "On purpose with purpose" Dr. Tarell Williams
On this episode we speak with Dr. T Will and talk all things education and sport. Tarell is a master of getting the most out of his student athletes and has started a new chapter in his life as a sports psychologist. His experience as a master teacher, coach, and psychologist makes him a resource that I feel needs to be tapped into if you are in the world of improving the human experience. We tackle a number of subjects such as Simone Biles, teacher & athlete burnout, and the art of communication. Thanks so much for the continued support it is greatly appreciated!! 
August 29, 2021
Season 2 Ep:15 "Great Athlete, Even Better Human Being" Alex Myres
In this episode I sit and chat with a Knox JHS legend Alex Myres of the San Francisco 49er's. This young man always had a special and bright aura about him. Even as a young man it was evident that he was raised correctly and had quite the grasp on this thing called life. I would defiantly say that Alex has an old soul and it has helped him go from average junior high athlete to a young person that has climbed the ladder all the way into the NFL. He has a certain quality about him that lets you know that what ever he chooses to do he will excel at. We were blessed enough to grab a moment of his time and gain some wisdom from the experience. Hope you enjoy this episode of the podcast with Alex Myres!! 
August 21, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 14 "Heritage Muay Thai" Michael Chase Corley
On this episode of The Be Someone Podcast we chat with the president of the USMF "Irish" Mike Corley. This Houston resident has with the help of countless others have taken the sport of Muay Thai in the U.S from a niche combat sport to an official Olympic competition in the next games. While he has been working hard behind the scenes to give the sport the global attention it deserves he has also grown his gym Heritage Muay Thai into one of the most respected striking schools in the country. Mike is a perfect example of leaving something better than how you found it. If that is not enough he even found time to write a book about his journey in the sport. Thanks so much for tuning in and giving me and Mike a listen on this episode of The Be Someone Podcast. 
August 14, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 13 "Bend The Knee" The Queen Raychell Rose
In this episode with sit down and chat with one of Texas's fastest rising stars in the pro wrestling game. Raychell Rose has been on a journey straight to the top of the pro wrestling world. What started off as an opportunity to bond with her father has turned into one of the brightest futures in professional wrestling. She has been laughed at by teachers and doubted by her critics but one thing is for certain and that is you will bend the knee when the queen is in town. I have all the confidence in the world in this young lady and so should you. Hope you enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast with The Queen Raychell Rose. 
August 07, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 12 "Humans" Coach Richard Perez
We sit down with long time friend and softball enthusiast Richard Perez. He is a gentleman that is highly respected in the softball community and is doing his part to grow the game. He has recently embarked on a journey that is years in the making with the "Fast Pitch Barn" and is enjoying tremendous success in the private sector. He is a coach that first grabbed my attention with his ability to work his kids unbelievably hard but also allow them to keep their dignity and humanity. I have yet to see someone who was able to walk that tight rope quite the way he does but that is what makes him special. We chat about a myriad of topics and I felt it was my duty to get this out there prior to the start of the school and sports season. It does not matter what sport your child participates in this is a chat you do not want to miss. 
August 03, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 11 "Coolest Guy in The Room" Dr. Jesse Robinson
Great chat with long time Woodlands native Dr. Jesse Robinson. Jesse is a good friend of mine that I always admired and respected from a far. We would occasionally have students in common that we were both servicing in the public education sector. He was always a little different from other people that held the position of LSSP. He was warm, caring, and always seemed to suggest educational strategies that would benefit our students in a real world manner. We would sit in ARD meetings together and instead of rambling educational jargon he would get to the nuts and bolts of how we could help service the student. He briefly left that position and found his way into the traditional classroom setting which taught him a about children in general. He would take this knowledge and further his education to where he is now. Aside from his professional life he is a well respected husband, father, and coach in our Woodlands community. I am blessed to call him friend and wish him the best moving forward. 
July 30, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 10 "Daisy Fresh Jiu Jitsu" The Hillbilly Hammer Jacob Couch and Alejandro Wagner from the Pedigo Submission Fighting Team
On this episode we take a peek behind the jiu jitsu curtain over at The Pedigo Submission Fighting Team AKA "Daisy Fresh Jiu Jitsu." We chat with Jacob Couch and Alejandro Wagner and chat about the secret sauce that makes their team so formidable despite an obvious lack of resources and gym space. It was one of my more fun and interesting conversations, it almost felt if I had known the guys for years and we were just catching up. Hoping you all enjoy this episode and come out knowing that none of us are a victim of circumstance. If you have a goal and wish to obtain it bad enough just know it is on the other side sweat, love, and dedication. Have a blessed day everyone and go out and  be that someone. 
July 25, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 9 - "A Striking Conversation" with Matthew Wald
We sit and chat with world class striking coach Matthew Wald. He has taken a unique path to where he is today and that journey has shaped the kind of leader he is today. Matthew became the head striking coach at Gracie Barra The Woodlands almost out of necessity but not before he learned from the best. That coupled with his extensive education in the communication field has made for the perfect storm as a master instructor. So sit back, relax and enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast with Houston's best kept secret Coach Matthew Wald. 
July 16, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 8 " The Flintstones" Kendrick Cornelius with KDC Basketball
On this episode we sit down with the Flint, Michigan native Kendrick Cornelius head coach at KDC basketball. Coach Kendrick is a unique coach in the basketball community. He is an interesting blend of basketball expertise and someone who has been shaped by his environment. His hometown of Flint produces an unusual amount of pro talent despite its small population. The iron sharpens iron mentality coupled with the rough surroundings come together to mold some of the best ball players on the planet. If you know Kendrick this explains his fiery demeanor when coaching and ability to drop 30 on you straight off the couch. I will be the first to admit he is not right for everyone but for those that he is right for they can and will experience tons of growth. So sit back and enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast with Coach Kendrick Cornelius. 
July 12, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 7 "Hoop Dreams" with Bobbi Bazzle & Ajailah Ogiemwonyi
On this episode we sit down with two of Houston's elite female basketball talents Bobbi Bazzle and Ajailah Ogiemwonyi. We tackle a myriad of different topics such as what makes a good coach, team, and what is it they look forward to most from their college experience. There is not doubt in my mind that these two high performing athletes will have spectacular college careers and do great things when this ride is over. Thanks a ton for joining us on the podcast and you continued support. 
July 11, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 6 "The Concrete Dragon" Chris Raven
In this episode we sit down with a legitimate shooter and chew the fat on all things wrestling. Chris is a young man with a ton of talent and potential that is just waiting for that one opportunity to arise to show the world what he already knows. We discuss his frustrations with the current state of affairs as well as call out some opponents he would love to face in the future. So please sit back and enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast with our guest The Concrete Dragon Chris Raven. 
July 06, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 5 "Man on Fire" The Bounty Hunter Bryan Keith
On this episode we sit down with "The Bounty Hunter" Bryan Keith. This young man is setting the Texas wrestling world on fire putting on memorable performances night after night. After his tremendous Wrestlmania weekend in Tampa Florida he has become one of the hottest commodities on the indy scene. With the matches he has been putting on it will not be long until he is wrestling in your living room on live T.V. Bryan has a ton of momentum on his side and deserves all the good things that are about to come his way. Hope you enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast =)
July 03, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 4 - "The Pathway" with Rex Andrews
In this episode we chat with fitness guru Rex Andrews about his self improvement business Pathways Training. This ambitious young man has parlayed his knowledge and expertise from the pro wrestling world into a thriving business. He is helping people transform their minds and bodies through the use of exercise, nutrition, and guidance. The immense growth of Pathway has been no surprise because its model of servant leadership puts the client first. Please sit back and enjoy the evolution of this young man from pro wresting stardom to health & fitness expert. 
June 24, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 3 - Taylor Hickman "Started from the bottom now we here"
We sit down for a second visit with my good friend and professional mixed martial artist Taylor Hickman. On this episode we chat about his humble beginnings and how he overcame his addiction to pain medication. We also talk about winning his pro debut as well as welcoming his newborn son to the world that same weekend. If you were not a Taylor Hickman fan prior to listening to this I promise you will be at the end of the podcast. Take care everyone and go out and be that someone.  
June 16, 2021
Season 2 Ep: 2 HTown recording artist Pax.Tony “100 years of peace”
We sit down for the second time with Houston recording artist Tony Torres aka Pax.Tony. A lot has happened since we have last spoken and it is safe to say momentum is on this young mans side. On this episode we dive into Tony's journey into a solo career as well as the process of making music. He is a complex young man that draws inspiration from all walks of life and has a bright future ahead of him. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast with Pax.Tony 
June 11, 2021
Season 2 Ep 1 - "The Comeback" with Jake Heffernan
In this episode we chat with Jake "The Grinder" Heffernan a professional mixed martial artist out of Houston, TX. In a little over two weeks Jake steps in the cage once again looking to regain his glory. He is coming off of two loses after starting out an impressive 7 and 0. More then that he is returning from a near fatal gun shot that nearly took his life. This new found appreciation for life has him poised for his big return. Jake is a good kid that works his tail off and deserves all the great things he has coming his way. Hope you enjoy season 2 of The Be Someone Podcast. 
June 05, 2021
Ep: 50 "The New Sheriff in Town" Kiefer Bartek of New Texas Pro Wrestling
We sit down and chat with Kiefer Barktek head guy over at New Texas Pro Wrestling! What this young man has been able to build in such a short amount of time is something to marvel at. Kiefer has taken his in ring experience and carried it over to become a master promotor that lots of young up and coming talent want to be a part of. He has created quite the buzz out on the indy circuit while giving the Texas talent a platform to shine on. Get hip to the name New Texas Pro because I have a feeling that it will become one of the main arteries producing high level talent along with content. Hope you enjoy this 50th and final episode, join us for season 2 next week!! Go out and Be that Someone. 
May 31, 2021
Ep: 49 - "A Legacy Worth Leaving" - Kerrie Brown founder of The Legacy School of Sport Sciences
On this episode we sit down and chat with Kerrie Brown founder of The Legacy School of Sport Sciences. This groundbreaking institute allows students to chase their athletic dreams both on and off the court. Much in the tradition of other specialty schools like the DeBakey Institute for Health Professions and The Houston School for Performing and Visual Arts the Legacy School gives young people an opportunity to explore athletics from a number of different angles. For a long time the educational system has separated sport and school, Legacy looks to merge them like never before. We also take a little time to chat with two Legacy students and get first hand why this school is unlike any other and the positive impact it has had in their life. Hope you enjoy the episode!!
May 20, 2021
Ep: 48 - "The book game" My reasons for getting into children's literature
In this episodes I sit with myself and explore all my reasons for entering the children's lit world. After listening you will find that there is more to me than meets the eye. Truth be told I have really enjoyed the journey and the lessons that I have learned are priceless. The plan is to be paid handsomely by a publishing company one day but if that does not happen at least I know I tried. The one thing I fear is having regrets on my death bed and this is one dragon that I know in my heart of hearts that I chased. Besides writing makes me happy and I really enjoy telling stories =). I hope you enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast. 
May 17, 2021
Ep: 47 "Going Green" with Nick Waite
On this episode of the podcast we talk with my good friend Nick Waite. It has been several years since we last saw each other but I have kept a close eye on his business venture. In a world that is growing greener by the second Nick seems to be at the forefront of the movement. His entrance into the legal Cannabis industry was prompted by his mothers battle with Fibro Myalgia a disease that slowly eats away at the person  experiencing it. Nick was forced to watch as his mother was given round after round of western medicine which only made things worse in his opinion. Over time Nick has changed his view on Cannabis and even built a business off its back in California. In this episode we explore topics such as non violent drug offenses, tax revenue generated from the industry and a whole bunch more. Hope you enjoy The Be Someone Podcast!!
May 06, 2021
Ep: 46 - "The Teflon John" Johnny Ray Cissell
We sit down today with one of Texas's brightest wrestling prospects Johhny Bedlam. I have known this young man for a couple of years now and after this interview left even more impressed than I already was. Johnny is a kid that has tremendous upside, inside and outside of the ring. I have been blessed to watch him grow as a performer and young person and know the sky is the limit. He is def one to keep an eye on because of his physical gifts and mental capacity. In particular his keen awareness of human behavior which helps him evolve and shape his characters development. I hope you enjoy this episode of the podcast and thanks for the continued support. 
April 30, 2021
Ep: 45 - Walk a mile in their shoes... The student experience of education through the pandemic.
We sit down with two of my most respected and well spoken students and discuss education through the pandemic. The Covid crisis was one the likes we have never seen. Our young people were put in the unenvious position of distance learning on the go. An evolution that would have taken 3 to 5 years on a natural timeline was immediately put into place inside of 1. The goal of this podcast was to share the student side of the equation. Hope you enjoy this episode of the Be Someone Podcast, as always thank you for the love and support. 
April 24, 2021
Ep: 44 "The Ultimate Fighter" Pretty Ricky Turcios
On this episode we sit down with one of my day ones from Gracie Barra The Woodlands Ricky Turcios. This tremendous young man was just granted the opportunity of a lifetime and was named to the cast of season 29 of The Ultimate Fighter Reality TV series. He is currently up in Vegas filming the show and we were lucky enough to catch him before he left. On top of being an incredible mixed martial artist with a 10 -2 record his is an incredible human being. Someone anyone would be proud to call friend and training partner. On this episode we discuss his come up, journey, and reasons for doing what he does. I hope you enjoy this episode of the podcast and send my man good vibes as he vies to become the UFC's Ultimate Fighter.
April 18, 2021
Ep: 43 - "Man on a mission" with Taylor Hickman
Great interview with one of my Gracie Barra the Woodlands brothers Taylor Hickman. Taylor has taken the road less traveled in hopes of making his dreams a reality. We talk to him about his motivation and goals moving forward in both his training and fighting career. One thing is for certain, after listening to this episode you can not help but to be a fan of this inspirational human being. We wish him the best of luck ahead of his first professional fight and know he will bring the W back to the family. Hope you enjoy the episode and thank you for supporting!! 
April 12, 2021
Ep: 42 "The Karate Kid" Shinigami from Street Beefs
Real fun episode with the internet fighting sensation Shinigami. Danny Uribe has taken the internet by storm on the wildly popular youtube series Street Beefs. To be honest the first time I laid eyes on this gentleman I laughed and thought he was about to get knocked out and run off the show. He is very unassuming and a little over the top with his fight gear. Little did I know that with in a minute I would be whistling a completely different tune. Danny is extremely skilled and has earned this mans respect. He has gone on to win some impressive fights on the youtube series Street Beefs and gained national attention. I have not seen this much excitement for a backyard fighter since Kimbo Slice. Shinigami is a good guy with an even better story and we were lucky enough to sit with him while he shared it. He has lofty goals and at this rate just might make them. Hope you enjoy the show!! 
April 09, 2021
Ep 41 - Matthew Broussard with a little comedic relief
Super interesting interview with one of the best stand up comics in the game right now. Matthew Broussard came to Houston early in his life and attended Rice University. After hitting some open mics and slowly amassing success and love for the art he has turned into one of the hottest acts going. After a half hour of chatting with this young man you will know why he has earned his honorary Houston hood pass. Thanks for following and supporting the podcast =) . To listen to more interesting podcast like this one please hit the subscribe button and share with friends and family. Have a blessed day and go out and Be that Someone. 
April 04, 2021
Ep: 40 "The Undisputed Future" with Emily Kennedy and Ty Buckmon
We sit and chat with two of North Houston's premier young athletes Emily Kennedy and Ty Buckmon. Both of these young people have been given the keys to the proverbial car in their respective sports. They have not disappointed winning numerous team and individual distinctions along the way. Their road has been anything but easy, both come from situations where they were forced to fight adversity on the way to becoming the big man/woman on campus. They share with us their trials and tribulations which helped shape them into the wonderful people and athletes they are today. They also give us a little insight into what it is like to walk a mile in their shoes and be a modern day student athlete. Ty has helped capture two district championships in his junior year as well as all district awards in each sport. On top of that he was awarded Co-district MVP in basketball this season as well. Emily is currently the star pitcher at Lake Creek H.S where here team has amassed a 20 and 0 record up until this point. They are currently ranked 3rd in the state and Emily has accepted a scholarship to pitch at Texas A&M college. She is also a top 100 recruit in the country in the sport of softball. Hope you enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast!!  
March 28, 2021
Ep: 39 - On the rise with Courtney Goodson
On this weeks episode we chat with one of the most ambitious young people that I know. Courtney Goodson is a woman that knows what she wants and is not afraid to go out and get it. Her bloodline is filled with high level athletes across multiple sports that have played at the highest levels. Court could have chosen to go down that route and would have done quite well. She was different though, she has taken the hyper competitive spirit that lives in her gene pool and has applied it to business/media/marketing. She is furthering her education, gaining valuable experience and on the verge of creating her own media platform. If you enjoy listening to strong women speak then do I have the podcast for you. Hope you enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast with Courtney Goodson. 
March 10, 2021
Ep: 38 - "The Good Doctor" Christel Bastida
We sit down and chat with this proud Houstonian. Christel is equal parts intelligent and interesting which makes for one heck of an interview. I met the good doctor when she interviewed me for my children's book release. I was super impressed with her intellect and ability to pull great information from the person she was interviewing. I knew after our chat that she was someone who I really wanted to follow up with and have as a guest on my show. She is a doctor in the field of Neuro Science and is currently furthering her education at Rice University. Hope you enjoy this fun and interesting interview with "The Good Doctor" Christel Bastida 
March 05, 2021
Ep: 37 "Texas Made" Todd Moore
We sit down and chat with one of the pioneers of the Houston MMA scene Todd Moore. He is a long time friend that I share many interest which include BJJ, Pro Wrestling, and Education. Hope you enjoy our conversation and tune in for many more just like it. Take care, have a blessed day and go out and BE SOMONE! 
February 28, 2021
Ep: 36 Laced with grace The Brandi Urbanik story
We sit down with one of Houston's premier wedding coordinators and find out what makes her tick. She has grown her business from the ground up and is perfectly in tune with what her brides to be want. On top of growing a successful business Brandi is also a staunch advocate for her autistic son Lincoln and his educational needs. Brandi's story is one of bravery, innovation, experimentation, and courage. Hope you enjoy episode 36 with Brandi Urbanik =)
February 15, 2021
Ep:35 - Chip Baker and The Success Chronicles
Great chat with one of my good friends Chip Baker. Chip is a gentleman that has done it all in the field of education. He has served his community in both the classroom and on the sports field serving as a coach for many years. With all of the the knowledge he has amassed he is on a new mission. One that brings value to people outside of his teaching and coaching circle. He has authored multiple books with more on the way as well as host a show named The Success Chronicles. He has interviewed interesting, innovative, and inspiring people such as Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Bucs and Rap a Lots own J. Prince. Thanks for tuning into our show we appreciate it more than you know.
February 09, 2021
Ep:34 HTX Breaking News with Brandon Mora
On this episode we speak with Brandon Mora a young man has inconspicuously grown one of the largest local news followings in the Houston area. He is proof that one can circumvent the normal channels and create a platform through the use of social media. As a high school senior his reach extends to over 60,000 and is steadily climbing. He is also starting to gain the attention and respect of the Houston news community and doing a fair share of networking with the mainstream media. If you have not already go to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find and follow today's guest. Take care, have a blessed day, and go out and be that someone.   
February 05, 2021
Ep:33 Master grappler, instructor, and business man Travis Tooke
Great chat with one of Houston's most accomplished grapplers and instructors Travis Tooke. Travis has built one of the most dominant jiu jitsu teams in the Houston area and is steadily growing his brand. On top of his numerous accolades as a competitor he is also a master instructor whose students compete at the highest levels. Travis has taken the black belt focus and has also applied it to the business and writing world. Sit back and enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast with Professor Travis Tooke!
January 25, 2021
Ep: 32 - Live, love, and learn with Dr. Tarell Williams aka "Twill"
Proud to call this gentleman my friend. Dr. Williams is an interesting blend of experience and education. Sometimes in life you run into people who have either studied the walk or walked the walk. T is someone who has done both and taken the opportunity to help others along the way. Everywhere  Tarell goes he leaves a trail of goodness in those tracks. Whether it be as an educator at Conroe H.S, Track Coach, and now in the mental health field. Just to let you know how high of regard I hold this man I used to put my kids in his track program just so they could hear his words of wisdom. The exercise was secondary to the wisdom he was sharing with these young people. Please enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast with Dr. T Will.
January 16, 2021
Ep: 31 - "The Phenomenal Man Podcast" with Rex Andrews
We have a great sit-down and do a joint podcast with my good friend Rex Andrews. We stray off the beaten path and talk a lot about our fathers and the impact they had on our lives. He started out climbing the wrestling ladder at Booker T's Reality of Wrestling and has now transitioned into the self improvement industry. Rex is a man that is focused on the improvement of the human condition through exercise, psychology, and nutrition. Hopefully you enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast.  
January 03, 2021
Ep: 30 - "All Damn Day" The Will Allday experience
We sit down with one of the brightest stars in the pro wrestling world Will Allday. Will has climbed the wrestling ladder in record time and is on the national radar. He has a unique blend of athleticism and showmanship that sets him apart from the competition. Hope you sit back and enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast. 
January 03, 2021
Ep: 29 - "Ruthless" Ryan Davidson
We go one on one with the ruthless one Ryan Davidson. Ryan is professional wrestler that checks all the boxes and is on his way to achieving his dreams. We chronicle his journey and what it is like to ascend the pro wrestling ladder. Hope you enjoy the show and please go out and be the someone. 
January 03, 2021
Ep: 28 - "The Latin Heartthrob" Gino Medina
Great chat with a certified blue chipper in the professional wrestling world. This young man is a second generation star that is doing his best to make his family proud. The kid has something special and we were blessed to speak with the MLW and Reality of Wrestling Star. Thanks for tuning into the show and go out and be that someone. 
January 03, 2021
Ep: 27 - The "Pride of Greenspoint" Bryan Keith
We have a real great chat with Reality of Wrestling standout Bryan Keith. After listening to this episode there is know way that you could root against this young man. The kid is talented, charismatic, and motivated which is a recipe for success in the biz. Hope you enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast.  
January 03, 2021
Ep: 26 - Pow3r Plus with Coach Brian Mcginty
We have an awesome interview with the future of athletic performance training. Brian Mcginty has embarked on a journey to change the game and open peoples eyes to a new way of thinking. For years trainers have found ways to make the vehicle bigger, faster, and stronger. In the process  they have neglected the most important component, the driver. Coach Mcginty under the tutelage of the Marinovich brothers is making great strides in this department. He is slowly growing his empire and big things are definitely on the horizon for this athletic performance savant.  Sit back and enjoy this conversation with the creator of the Pow3r Plus training system. 
December 27, 2020
Ep: 25 - Houston Rockets preview with Roosh Williams
Super interesting interview with Houston sports enthusiast Roosh Williams. After learning more about the guy I was amazed to find out that he is a renaissance man of sorts. Houston born and bred he has gone on to graduate from U.T and later USC with an emphasis on law. If that was not enough my man had a good stint in the rap game gaining national attention in the not so recent past performing with artist such as Paul Wall, Scarface, Baby Bash, and many more. If you like the Houston Rockets and all things Htown you do not want to miss this episode.  Thanks for tuning in, take care and have a blessed day.  
December 23, 2020
Ep: 24 - Carlson Gracie Houston Head Coach Jared "The Jaguar" Chaffee
We sit down and talk with my long time friend and head coach of Carlson Gracie Houston, Jared Chaffee. He recently branched out and opened his own jiu jitsu spot in Conroe, Texas. He has been a mainstay in the MMA community both as a competitor and a coach. More than all that he is a legit good guy that leads by example and puts people first. Thanks for you time Jaguar and hope everyone enjoys the interview.
December 20, 2020
Ep:23 - The Great White vs Showtime
We speak with Alex Morono ahead of his fight with former UFC world champion Anthony "Showtime" Pettis. Alex is coming off a impressive victory over Rhys McKee and has been given the green light to take on Showtime on 3 weeks notice. 
December 15, 2020
Episode 22 - World Class Strength and Conditioning Coach Adam Laititi
Great chat with one of my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brothers Adam Laititi. We had a blast talking about everything from rugby to training a world class UFC fighter and everything in between. What pains me the most is that his time in the states is slowly drawing to an end but I will always have this chat with him by. Sit back, relax and hope you enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast. 
December 06, 2020
Episode 21: "The Reality of Wrestling" with Kevin Neal Bernhardt
We sit down and have a chat with the engine behind Booker T's Reality of Wrestling. Kev takes us behind the curtain and shares with us his journey into the professional wrestling world. He has seen the business from a number of different angles, everything from fledgling performer to executive producer of one of the largest indy promotions in the game. Thanks Kev for stopping by and chatting with us at The Be Someone Podcast
November 26, 2020
Ep:20 "Drive Slow" interview on The Houston Hour
On this episode we take a look back at our interview on the Houston Hour with Mr. McKinney and Dr. Christel Bastida on KPFT 90.1  We were super blessed to have been given this opportunity and would like to say thank you again for having me and Rylee Hollis on and shining a spotlight on our project. The actual interview starts at around 4 or 5 minutes into the podcast, hope you guys enjoy. 
November 21, 2020
Ep:19 The Gentle Art with Carlos Martinez
We sit down and have a great chat with Gracie Barra professor and black belt Carlos Martinez. C- Los has been a long time training partner and instructor of mine at Gracie Barra The Woodlands. We dive into his background, how he was introduced to BJJ, and how he has crafted his game to compliment his age. He is a great example of how a practitioner should be able to age gracefully in this brutal combat sport. I am beyond blessed to call Carlos friend and coach. Hope you enjoy this episode of the Be Someone Podcast. 
November 16, 2020
Ep: 18 Enter the Octagon with UFC Vet Alex "The Great White" Morono
Great conversation with my coach and UFC veteran Alex Morono. We delve into a number of topics which include his origin story, and fighting on the grandest stage of them all the Ultimate Fighting Championship. We also dive into the mindset of a fighter, training at Fortis MMA, and running a successful Gracie Barra gym in the Woodlands Texas. Sit back relax and enjoy this episode of The Be Someone Podcast.
November 09, 2020
Ep: 17 Coaching and investing in our youth with Kenneth Hepburn and Conway Waddy
We have a great chat with two of the best coaches I know Kenneth Hepburn and Conway Waddy. On this episode we tackle a number of issues when it comes to the topic of working with our young athletes. These gentleman get results and do it in a way that has their student/athletes coming back for more. If you have young people in sports you will not want to miss out on this important and informative episode. 
October 30, 2020
Ep: 16 - The Art of Coaching with Richard Perez
On this episode we chat with Richard Perez a gentleman who is on my Mount Rushmore of coaching greats. This man has a unique and special way in which he is able to connect with young people and get the most out of them. He is proof that an instructor can be equal parts demanding and loving. I was blessed to have my oldest daughter play and win a state championship under him and now watching him grow his new business the Fastpitch Barn. Join us for the interesting and thought provoking discussion, you will not be sorry. 
October 25, 2020
Episode 15: Rex Andrews - A constant state of evolution
Rex Andrews is a young man that is in a constant state of evolution. In the pro wresting world he rose to prominence at Booker T's Reality of Wrestling by honing his grappling skills and developing his character. He has taken that same approach into the fitness industry and built Pathways which takes a wholistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle.  Rex is not even close to being done in either venture and his best is yet to come. Thanks for the continued support!! Please feel free to check out my website: and check out our past podcast episodes as well as my recent children's book projects. 
October 11, 2020
Ep 14: The State of Education - Brian Lee & Mehran Ahmed "Wicket"
An interesting conversation with two close friends of mine who are now Head Principals at their respective junior high schools. We dive into their backgrounds as students, teaching philosophy, and how they have managed a school during these unprecedented times. 
October 10, 2020
Ep: 13 Kim Hess - An angel amongst us.
Kim tragically lost her 16 yr old daughter Cassidy to the silent epidemic, suicide. Since that day she has been on a mission to help as many youth as possible through her foundation "Cassidy Joined For Hope." Kim shares with us the events of the that day as well as all good her foundation is doing for area youth. We also discuss stress, anxiety, and what to look for in our teenagers who may be struggling. 
September 27, 2020
Ep:12 Daniel Ortiz - A hero's journey
We chat with my cousin Daniel Ortiz about the long hard road he has had to navigate ever since his life altering incident. One night after pulling over to help someone in need his life was changed forever. Sit back and marvel at this young mans perseverance as we find out what it was like to walk a mile in his shoes and what the future has in store. 
September 14, 2020
Ep 11: Professor Vinicius "Draculino" Magalhaes head coach @ Gracie Barra Texas
On this episode we chat it up with Draculino who is both a legendary competitior and coach under the Gracie Barra banner. We discuss his origin story, jiu jitsu roots, coaching, and stories from back in the day. If you fancy yourself a bjj enthusiast you will not want to miss this episode. Thanks for tuning in make sure to like, subscribe and share the podcast with your friends and family.  
August 28, 2020
Ep:10 Emerging Houston hip hop artist Blue July & Aaron Boyd AKA $tackz
On this episode we pick the brains of these fledgling Houston hip hop artist $tackz and Blue July. We delve into the creative process, motivation, and what goals they hope to obtain in this musical journey. These young people are ultra hungry and have the courage & bravery to chase their dreams. Hope you enjoy this episode please make sure to subscribe and leave a comment, have a blessed day. 
August 15, 2020
Ep:9 Wrestling round table with Eric Lopez and Tony Rincon
Decided to have a little fun and do something outside the box. Met up with a couple of wrestling encyclopedias and chopped it up. Thanks Eric and Tony for coming on and sharing your pro wrestling memories and expertise =) .  We discuss: - Earliest wrestling memory - Best Face/Heel  - Wrestling Mount Rushmore - Best Tag Teams - Greatest Royal Rumble moments  - AEW vs WWE - The Monday night wars - Best wrestling intro music and much, much more!
August 10, 2020
Paul, Tiffany, and Tucker Ivanovsky: The family business
The Ivanovsky family is near and dear to my heart. I have had the honor of coaching 4 of their daughters at the school that I work at. In that time I have really gotten a chance to know this kind, caring, and genuine bunch. While scrolling through my Facebook one day I noticed that this charismatic family were also running a successful business using social media. Now I have seen this before but what really stuck out to me was the enormous number of people watching and interacting with Paul and Tiffany. It was obvious that they were doing something different, something that was both entertaining and organic. Since then I have picked their brain from time to time to see what I could learn from this dynamic duo. Something else really peaked my interest, this entrepreneurial spirit flowed through the veins of their children as well. I am not sure if it was nature or nurture but multiple children were running their own successful online businesses. So I decided to do a sit down interview with the family and really get a peek behind the curtains to see how and why they do what they do. We also chat a little bit about their family structure and a little bit about each of their wonderful children. 
August 02, 2020
NBA Champion and Voice of the Houston Rockets: Matt Bullard
In todays episode we step back in time and relive the magic that was Clutch City. In the 93/94 the Houston Rockets brought the city of Houston its first major world championship. We speak with Matt and get a peak behind the curtain of what it was like to go through the process of becoming a world champion. We also take time to talk about the state of the NBA today as it stands, the Rockets chances of winning a world championship and a trip down memory lane. Thanks for supporting the show take care and go out and be that someone!
July 22, 2020
Dr/Marine/Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt/Cancer Survivor: Alex Gotay
Much like the title states we visit with this real life Renaissance man that has enough life experience for 5 lifetimes. Alex has touched people in all walks of life and continues to do so through his thoughts, words, and actions. Please give the podcast a listen I promise you will come away with something that you can take into your everyday life. Thanks brother for coming on it was an honor having you on. 
July 18, 2020
SHSU Rugby Coach: Ramon “Chico” Serrano
Coach Serrano gives us a peek behind the curtain of the storied Sam Houston State rugby team. He’s created a unique team and player driven culture that has resulted in back to back state championships. Sit back and enjoy this episode of the Be Someone podcast.
July 02, 2020
Reality of Wrestling Stars: Zackzilla, Clay Roberts and Brenden Steen
We take a peek behind the curtain into the lives of 3 incredible up and coming talents out of Booker T's Reality of Wresting. We discuss dream matches, what it is like to train at R.O.W, and a whole host of other topics. Thanks for giving us a listen and make sure to subscribe and leave a review. 
June 20, 2020
Heritage MT Head Coach: Mike Corley
We sit back and chat with Heritage Muay Thai and USMF President Mike Corley. In this episode we discuss his intro to the sport, training overseas, coaching and the future of USA Muay Thai. Thanks for supporting and visit my site at:
June 04, 2020
CP Wrestling Coach: Erik Spjut
On this episode we meet with Erik Spjut head coach of The Woodlands College Park High School. Coach has a decorated wrestling background winning multiple state championships in HS and then going on to be an All American at Virginia Tech. Since then Coach Spjut has turned his non existent program into a state and national powerhouse over the course of 5 years. He has a handful of state champions under his belt and is looking to take his program to the next level. Join me as we take a look behind the curtain and see what makes Coach Spjut and his program so special. Thanks you for listening to the Be Someone Podcast, please listen, like, subscribe, and share.
May 24, 2020
Houston Artist: Franky Cardona
In todays episode we speak to one of Houston's most celebrated artist Franky Cardona. He is most well known for his huge murals depicting Houston's premier sports figures. You can find Franky's work proudly displayed at Minute Maid Park and the Houston Toyota Center. In this interview we discuss Franky's origins as an artist, his artistic process, collaborations, people he hopes to work with and his personal life. Sit back and enjoy this interview on the Be Someone podcast with one of HTown's most iconic artist. 
May 09, 2020