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Blissful Birthing - From Fear to Power

Blissful Birthing - From Fear to Power

By Chrissi Long
Are you petrified about giving birth? Have you had a traumatic experience with your last birth? Natural Birthing Coach, Chrissi Long helps you dissolve your fears and not only have an empowered birth but to have a truly euphoric and transformational birth experience that will serve you and your baby for the rest of your lives.
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Shine Bright
Here's my take on what it feels like to be with child during the Great Awakening, let alone being a mumma to several ankle biters already!   Crazy times like these call for extra digging deep abilities to unearth the treasures that are hiding under the surface of all the doom and gloom.   Shine bright fellow mummas....for we are the glue that holds our communities together, we have the abilities to radiate hope & our attitudes can play a huge role in creating an amazing future World for our babies.   Sending so much love your beautiful diamond Xxx   
April 08, 2021
Free Birthing with Yolanda Norris Clarke
Yolande from the Free Birthing Society and founder of Bauhauswife, shares her awe-inspiring journey as a naturally birthing mother to 8 babies...yes 8 babies!... and how at the tender age of 19 she discovered free-birthing with her 1st, which left her forever transformed.     Riddled with what the medical profession would have labelled as severe complications requiring a C section, Yolande overcame many "issues" in the lead up & during this first birth, which was instrumental in highlighting how her female body was in fact not flawed, yet extremely trustworthy, capable and frankly magnificent!     Yolande has made it her quest to share the undeniable benefits of this sovereign birthing right of passage with other women who wish to avoid interventions, medications and misogynistic protocols, which predominantly end in trauma for both mother and child due to unnecessary obstetric violence.    To find out more about Yolande's pioneering work, please go to:   IG: bauhauswife    For more info about Blissful Birthing, please visit and join the birthing autonomously movement:   Youtube Channel: Website:  Share this video with your friends who are pregnant.
February 26, 2021
Navigating a happy pregnancy, birth and motherhood as a survivor of trauma
Join me as Justine Leach from Resilient Birth shares her own first hand experiences with trauma and birth, to gain many helpful insights into how you as a birth giver, birth supporter or even as a survivor of trauma yourself can become empowered and best supported, in order to not have to suffer ever again.   Justine imparts her knowledge and wisdom with such gracious humility & empathy that it will leave you forever transformed for the better. To find out more about Justine's amazing offerings, please go to:
February 08, 2021
Natural Birthing Tips & Insights from 30 Year Midwife, Marie Tyndall
Marie Tyndall has attended hundreds of natural homebirths in Costa Rica over the past 20 years, helping countless women and babies to have peaceful and safe deliveries in the comfort of their own homes.   Marie is such a well of knowledge & experience, coupled with an unbridled passion for the humanized birthing movement... you won't want to miss this episode if you're interested in natural birth!   Marie's contact information:
January 19, 2021
Why I think natural childbirth is so frigging awesome?!?
In today's episode I'm sharing why I find natural childbirth so utterly awe inspiring.  Sound crazy?  Yeh, I totally get it!  If you had told me 12 years ago that THESE words would be coming out of MY mouth, I would have choked on my white wine (aaah those were the days) in both bewilderment and horror for sure!!   So please, hear me out and humour me for just 20 short never know, it might even change your life Xx 
December 08, 2020
A candid reveal of our third sons Homebirth
Hey Beautiful Mumma! Join me recalling my fond memories of Jesse being born into our spanish home, a mere 6 years ago.  Jesse's birth is strictly speaking the only real, official home birth we've experienced...out of 5 babies! His birth was when I truly unearthed and unleashed my inner birthing goddess.  This time around I was a more veteran birther so to speak, and so I approached this one with so much more wisdom, gleaned from his 2 older brothers previous births.   I knew how very integral my birthing environment was both inside and outside of me, exactly how I needed my support crew to show up and was fully aware of how I could best help myself, through this awe inspiring transition of bringing a life earth side, in the most peaceful & loving way. I hope you can gain some helpful insights from this raw & intimate episode, so that you don't have to wait until your 3rd time lucky to feel like you've mastered natural birth. Love as always, Chrissi Xxx
October 30, 2020
Pediatric Nurse, pregnant with her 4th, explains why she prefers hospital births
Vee, a pediatric nurse, is a mumma to 3 little ankle biters and due with her fourth in only 2 months time.   So far she has had 3 entirely different birth scenarios unfold and she patiently talks us through why she thinks they evolved into being the way they did.  These truly fascinating realisations are pure gold, as we all stand to benefit from learning about what is likely to unfold during birth, in given situations and scenarios.   Vee also explains why giving birth naturally in a hospital is her safe space, which again makes for really interesting listening for those of you who feel the same way, as her tips on staying empowered within this dynamic are invaluable. Feel free to reach out to Vee if you have any questions...she's happy to help you in any way that she can! Instagram: vivian_esculpi
October 17, 2020
Hypno Birthing with Zephyr
Zephyr is a gorgeous mumma to 2 beautiful babies and has recently qualified as a Hypnobirthing practitioner.   Her passion to help her fellow sisters as they transition into becoming birthing mummas is palpable.  Zephyr is an absolute shining guiding light for those of you who really want to own your birth experience in a calm & peaceful way.     Hypnobirthing is not just extremely useful for those of us who birth naturally, as it is indeed wonderful for all kinds of birthing scenarios and can even be extended to use in our everyday life challenges. I regularly use the concepts I learned from hypnobirthing 11 years ago, so genuinely encourage you to have a listen to this incredible episode to see what all the fuss is about! Zephyr has various offerings available, based on your individual needs, which can be evaluated in a free 15 min consultation. Feel free to reach out to her via: HypnoBirthing Program: Private or Group, In person or Online
October 17, 2020
Pregnancy & Birth having contracted Coronavirus
Victoria shares how she contracted COVID19 towards the end of her pregnancy with baby number 4, and how after having negotiated the various landmines associated with that reality, she was able to make a dream free-birth become a reality in her Scottish home, albeit all the odds having been stacked against her.  This is such a story of inspiration, determination, grit & courage...that any woman feeling nervous about giving birth in these turmoiltois times needs to tune into, if she wants to learn more about how to really advocate for herself and for the lives of her children.  
October 12, 2020
How to attain an ageless body & eternal youth even after a handful of kids!
Ivana Daniell reveals how we each have our very own unique Body ID and how we can keep it youthful, healthy, fit and posture confident via an intelligent movement therapy tailor made to just ourself! I absolutely HAD to share this treasure trove of info with mummies to be as so many of us suffer throughout pregnancy with various aches, pains and ailments that could be eased or avoided entirely through this progressive work.  Post pregnancy we also need as much TLC as possible, as we spend the vast majority of our time & energy tending to the needs of our beloved newborn,  rather than honouring our body as the temple that conceived, grew and birthed our little miracle.  Subscribing to generic online classes or Youtube fitness videos could actually do a lot more harm than good.  After an in depth 90 minute online consultation Ivana will design a daily 15 minute program bespoke for your unique body every week. Ivana is in her 60's going on 30....she is absolutely radiant & so youthful...I have been utterly inspired by her and for the first time ever actually feel hopeful about my years ahead being forever young! To be continued after my private consultation ;-) !! Ivana's Contact Deets: Book: A manual for a contemporary body Podcast: A manual for a contemporary body
September 30, 2020
Tapping into your Feminine Energy & Power
Me free-styling on how we sometimes need to be out of our comfort zones to become strong & achieve great feats of nature; inspired by baring witness to our amazing Olive Ridley sea turtles coming to lay their eggs at our local Costa Rican beach.  Nature is incredible & as we are part of nature, so are we! 
September 28, 2020
Exploring the energetic reasons behind why unplanned C sections may occur
Melanie Wells Alvarado speaks to us about her wonderfully healthy & magical advanced maternal age/geriatric pregnancy when she was 42 years of age.   How she adored being pregnant so much that she wanted to be pregnant forever and how she had wanted & planned for a natural, home, water birth only.    The emotional trauma of having had an unplanned C section is still palpable to this day...13 years later.  Melanie shares with us why she still feels saddened at not having had the opportunity to birth her son vaginally, & we explore together as to why on an energetic level her baby may have been "stuck". We discuss various methods Melanie could embrace to heal her emotional trauma, in the hope that her experience can help other mummas, who may be suffering from the same feelings of guilt, anger etc.    A very important listen to if you want to understand the intrinsic connections to your physical birthing abilities via unveiling & revealing any emotional blockers.  A special thank you to Melanie for being courageous enough to be so raw & real with Blissful Birthings audience today x
September 28, 2020
Ecstastic Birth--really?!?
Katya Bugratsevich, a teacher of ecstatic yoga, energy & free dance movement practices is a mother to 2 young children, who speaks out to us today about her controversial recent ecstatic birth and how we as women all have the innate power, ability & right to experience the same!  Katya believes that "The orgasm of life is what we came here for".  To quote the famous scene out of the movie "When Harry met Sally"...I want some of what she's drinking right ladies?!? Katya believes, lives & breathes the notion that sexuality reveals our creative energies, lays bare our limitless possibilities and extends our divine feminine natures.  The wild woman within each & every one of us exposes our true essence.   Katya explains how we can experience both physical & energetic orgasms by transforming the discomfort of childbirth into feelings of intense pleasure...the pleasure/pain veil is so very thin afterall!   I know this may all sound totally Woo-woo for those of you who haven't experienced an ecstatic birth yet...I used to feel the same way.   Until it happened to me ;-) --Website fo Russian midwife, Nataliya, who inspired Katja's water births: --Recommended Books to cultivate Tao sexual energies: --Follow Katja on her Instagram page: My Dance of Life & Energy
September 28, 2020
To vasectomy or not to vasectomy once your family feels complete - that is the question!
Ron Slavick, father of 3, married & still deeply in love with his sweetheart of nearly 20 years, bravely joins us on todays eye opening & eye watering  episode to share his 5 year struggle & heartbreaking story post a standard, 20 minute, day case vasectomy.   At 35 years of age, Ron was a type A personality doing extreme sports & winning at life in all possible areas; from achieving business successes, living in a dream home with his perfect wife and beloved kids, enjoying a great social life, travelling the world etc.   The drastic transformational downturn his lifestyle spiralled into after his vasectomy is truly shocking and took him no less than 5 years to figure out, thanks to his unwavering detective work.   Every couple considering having a vasectomy, take heed, & to tune into Ron's story as it is truly jaw dropping what the detrimental ramifications of such a supposedly innocent, run of the mill procedure has on a mans physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.   From being a prime causer of prostate cancer within a 20 year period, to 1 out of 10 men experiencing permanent prostate pain, the risks associated with a vasectomy also include diminished sexual pleasure, being far more prone to developing an autoimmune disease, early onset of dementia, depression, insomnia and even suicidal thoughts. The consequences of this procedure can negatively impact not just the quality of your mans life, but can ripple out & affect your relationship as a couple, as well as your family as a whole adversely. Don't take this decision lightly.  Research, ask questions and listen to men like Ron who have been there and have now made it their mission in life to prevent you from repeating the same trauma they experienced through pure ignorance and naivety.   "Knowledge is power" has never been a more apt saying.  Ron's contact deets:
September 10, 2020
The Wim Hof Method: How to use Breathwork, cold water exposure & mind set committment for an easier pregnancy, birth and post partum period
Yati has dedicated the past 2 years of his life to the Wim Hof practice and opens his Costa Rican home (and zoom) for workshops to those who wish to experience the huge physical, mental and spiritual benefits this amazing breathing technique has to offer. As I have experienced first hand, (5 x), how very powerful breathwork irrefutably is when navigating the intense sensations of labour, and how it can even fortify our stamina (my 2nd birth lasted 44 hrs), it was a no brainer to me that we need to do a deep dive into what Yati has to offer mothers to be! In this episode we talk about many fascinating things; from what conditions Wim Hof breathing can help people with, how it helped Yati himself survive a near death experience in India, how the immune system becomes super robust (particularly important in these stressful times), and we even do a couple of rounds of conscious, circular breathing for pregnant mummas and for post partum mothers (to speed up healing, balance hormones, avoid post natal depression/anxiety)...which are techniques you can use daily.  And obviously we also discuss the best type of breathing to employ during labour also! So tune in my darling...this is one you are not going to want to miss! Yati's Contact Deets: Guided Breathing for Beginners, 3 rounds: Can I still practice Wim Hof whilst I'm pregnant?
September 07, 2020
Why Babies Get Stuck (And How to Prevent It)
After speaking to a friend of mine this weekend about the 2 C-sections she'd had, but never dreamed of having before she had her first, I felt compelled to speak out about why babies get stuck 99% of the time.   It breaks my heart that birthing mothers & their babies are so often put into compromising, traumatic and sometimes even life threatening situations because of totally unnecessary interventions.  Too often, birthing mothers, are manipulated and coerced into giving permission to invasive procedures, under the guise of it being best for their baby....but they are rarely given the full picture of what the likely & highly predictable adverse side effects could be.    If you don't want to become another traumatised victim to protocols, another "unfortunate" emergency statistic....if you don't want to be cheated of experiencing the miraculousness of your birthing body, then tune in to todays episode to learn more. 
September 02, 2020
Natural Birth from a Dad's perspective
Today we have a special treat in the form of my husband, Bradley, joining me on the show as I ask him what witnessing our 5 babies births over a 10 year time span, in 3 different countries, was really like for him. This episode is a must listen to for the dads-to-be out there who just want honest, unedited, spontaneous, no BS answers to questions they may not even know they have!  And of course it's always a good idea for you mummas-to-be to understand what your man may potentially be going through & feeling in the lead up to birth, during birth, and post birth periods--as we may have a tendency to think this whole birth thang is mostly just impacting us!   Birth can be even more beautiful if your partner is able to be with you both in a nurturing, loving capacity.  All 3 of us (mum, dad and bambino) each have our very important roles to play during birth, the power of which should never be underestimated or taken for granted.  
September 01, 2020
How being a Birth Diva to protect your precious Oxytocin is key to having a Blissful Birth
Oxytocin, often called the Love Hormone, makes us all feel calm, connected and even promotes healing, but it's actually extremely shy and sensitive.  In todays episode I explain why & how we, as birthing mothers, need to fervently protect & encourage our oxytocin levels during labour, birth and even post-partum if we want to experience natural birth & early motherhood as seemless & blissful, as well as physically safe. For the more prude amongst you be warned...the ability for us lady's s to climax and have an orgasm is also touched upon, as it's a great analogy for how a natural, physiological birth works...oxytocin massively helps to conceive our babies and is essential in bringing them earthside too!! Happy listening Xx
August 30, 2020
An inspirational & transformative journey of a mothers awakened intention to have a natural homebirth, after 3 C-sections
Meet the beautiful & awe-inspiring Alisha Young Hall who is determined to finally experience her right of passage with regards to giving birth naturally to her 4th baby, just as mother nature intended.   Alisha is a spiritual teacher, transformational coach, awakening guide and an avid master, yet perpetual student of Human Design & Gene Keys. Alisha talks to us about why she has decided to embrace a natural homebirth in favour of a C-section in the hospital, even though she will be defying all the protocols and statistical odds in doing so ;-) !! We also discuss the souls of the spirit babies coming in during 2020 and all that they represent & signify, from a human astrology stand point. An absolute must listen to if you too are a mumma-to-be desiring a VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section). Find Alisha on FB: Quantum Blue-Prints 
August 26, 2020
Emotional Freedom Technique & Matrix Re-imprinting to support Couple Fertility, Life in Utero, Pregnancy Angst & Birth Anxiety
Hey Mumma,  Meet the vivacious Caroline Dawson; an EFT Master & Matrix Re-imprinting international trainer for S.E. Asia, a registered nurse of over 30 years, published author and mother of 3.   Caroline shares how she has been successfully helping couples optimise their fertility using matrix re-imprinting combined with EFT, over the past 13 years.  Healing & clearing past life traumas (from as far back as our own gestational period in utero) can cause very powerful transformational shifts for other blockages we may be carrying in our current every day lives, in the form of worry, angst, depression, anger etc.  We discuss heightened pregnancy angst during Covid, birth anxieties, life for our unborn children in the womb, the much overlooked role of fathers, supposedly "geriatric mothers", Heartmath and much more!    So grab a herbal tea and settle in Xx Contact Deets:
August 24, 2020
How breathing correctly during labour can be your super power
Meet Hart, an amazing SOMA breathwork facilitator,  who explains the very real physiological impacts that intentional breathing has on our conscious & subconscious mind and thereby also how breath alone totally influences our sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous systems.  If you want to feel centred and calm during your birth experience, no matter what labour throws at you, you'll want to listen to this episode for sure! Website: FB: SacredRoots Healing Arts; every Saturday join him online for free to experience the Soma Breath Awakening Ceremony, 10am-11.30am PST What is SOMA braething?
August 17, 2020
Witnessing a home/free-birth jungle styley from my children's point of view
This episode features my 2 eldest boys as honorary guests, Luca (11) & Marley (8), to share how it felt welcoming our youngest and first pink additions to the Longlet tribe one and a half & three years ago. Makes for interesting listening for anyone who wants to know how siblings can be affected by home or freebirths.
August 17, 2020
Ana's hopes to heal a past birth trauma by transforming her second birth-to-be
Ana joins us almost 7 months pregnant with her second baby, Benjamin, and shares with Blissful Birthing how this time around she is preparing for birth in a much more intentional, conscious & aware manner .   Three years ago Ana gave birth to her daughter in a traditional Costa Rican hospital.  Find out why it did not live up to her expectations & actually left her feeling scarred--not just physically.  Ana's story is here to ignite hope and inspiration amongst those of you who may have had a traumatic first birth experience, but desperately want to do it differently next time to enjoy what it feels like to actually have a blissful birth!  Ana is courageous, highly motivated and is taking full ownership to empower herself, whilst honouring her baby's absolute must listen to! 
August 10, 2020
Your baby's brilliant brain
Join us as Dr Chris & her daughter Dr Toxil speak to Blissful Birthing about how keeping our baby's beautiful brain optimally connected, aligned & neurologically communicating with the rest of its body, is the key to ensuring long term health-physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually speaking.   Truly groundbreaking info for our precious little ones!! Guest Contact Details: Your baby's brilliant brain podcast
August 10, 2020
A Doula's Story - nearly 3 decades supporting 100's of birthing women & their babies
Caroline Spears is an absolute lioness and pioneer in the doula-ing world.  Specialising in supporting homebirths, waterbirths & VBAC births she has witnessed and been honoured to be present at a wide and colourful array of different birth stories.   Today Caroline shares with us what conditions are optimal for birthing mothers, how doulas can best assist mummas and their babies to be, things to bear in mind from a dads-to-be perspective and how we can stay in our power throughout the whole rollercoaster ride of this blissful event! 
August 06, 2020
Transformational Birth Stories from Trauma to Empowerment
Victoria takes us on the transformational journey of her 4 births, which took her from trauma & violation to ecstasy and bliss.  A peek into the highlights: How the medical system is failing natural birth? The importance of having the right support group.  How to unleash the magical birthing hormone, Oxytocin.  How unleashing your divine feminine power has huge ripple effects on the rest of your life & on society as a whole.  The golden hour after birth.
July 25, 2020
The miraculous cocktail of birthing hormones
Meet holistic mIdwife, Bee Lauher, with in California.  Todays special guest has over 19 years experience catching hundreds of babies in the home setting, in America, Mexico, Vanuatu, Guatemala, Indonesia & Uganda .  She is a firm believer in supporting women in their sacred birth choices. Bee shares how very important it is to honour & protect the synergistic relationships between our birthing hormones, in order to safeguard a blissful birth for both mother and baby.
July 25, 2020
A Soula session - Connecting with the spirit of your unborn child
Rose Meran offers a mother-to-be the gift of connecting her with the spirit of her unborn child.  Join us in this fascinating adventure to see whether it's something you feel could benefit the bond between yourself & your baby too.  I absolutely LOVED my session with Rose whilst pregnant with my most recent baby, Khaleesi, and I share why I would recommend it to every expectant mum.
July 25, 2020
Peadiatric Chiropractor & cranio-sacral therapist can ease the ailments of your pregnant body for both you & your baby's welfare
Dr. Laura specialises in cranio-sacral therapy for babies & has also been a peadiatric chiropractor for the past 17 years.  Join me by listening to revelationary new information that will leave you absolutely spellbound, as Dr.Laura reveals how any discomfort your baby may be feeling can be significantly relieved in utero, soon after birth, as well as in its first year of life.   A shocking eight out of ten babies are in need of some of this gentle care, including 3 of my own...even after blissful births!  Dr. Laura can help relieve issues such as baby colic, reflux, constipation, restlessness, crying, sleeping & feeding problems...  And for us mother-to-be Dr. Laura can help melt away skeletal pains, reflux, varicose veins, restless legs, insomnia and so much more!
July 24, 2020
Why choose the birth mother nature intended for you & your baby?
Blissful Birthing is a podcast that has been created to provide support to expectant mothers-to-be who are looking to transform their fears around birth into a deep, innate trust & irrefutable power. If you want to avoid birth trauma for yourself and your precious baby, then this is the place for you. If you want to thrive throughout the birthing experience versus just survive it, then look no further. If you are ready to claim your right of passage as a divine birthing goddess, who leaves her birth feeling ecstatic & euphoric, then search no more, I've got your back. Blissful Birthing is here for both pregnant mothers and babies alike.  We believe in making awakened, conscious birthing choices,  where instincts and intuition are truly honoured and respected, as only in this way can our bodies open up & do what they were born to do. If you realise that birth isn't just a 1-day experience, but that in fact, it is a moment in time that will stay with you for the rest of your life, then you will want a memory to treasure in your heart forever. Spoiler Alert: Blissful Birthing is guaranteed to start you upon a transformative journey of body, mind and spirit! Love Chrissi Long P.S Eleven years ago, I was more terrified of natural birth than death itself!  Now I'm a mother to 5 little ankle biters, all birthed as mother nature intended & I hand-on-heart absolutely LOVED each & every one of these experiences...I think I'm addicted...don't tell my husband!
July 10, 2020