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Chris Spiegl ~ Thoughts, Stories, and Ideas

Chris Spiegl ~ Thoughts, Stories, and Ideas

By Chris Spiegl
Exploring life, productivity, random thoughts, and business ideas. I love to get out there and create. Make something new and try new things – hence why I am finally trying podcasting. What will this be? First, it's a challenge to step out of my comfort zone, and hopefully, that can already inspire.
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No. 31 / Corona and Trying to Stay Motivated
The crisis is bringing with it some self-quarantine and potentially, it’s a time to better ourselves in all kinds of ways. If only we stay motivated… Please, contact me with any feedback, topic ideas, or potential guests at my website 🔗 Relevant Links: YouTube Video for this Episode iTunes University Khan Academy CodeCademy 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 00:08 Corona and a Strange Fascination 03:01 What is Happening to My Business? 06:27 What to Do With the Extra Time? 08:36 Keep Creating 09:08 Learning New Things 09:51 All the Things We Are Behind on 🙈 10:07 Sports, Journaling, and Meditation 10:56 Staying Motivated Can Be Hard 12:30 Let’s Make the Best of It All 15:20 Outro 👨‍💻 Podcast Website: Website 💻 Instagram 📷 Twitter 💬 Podcast 🎧 Patrons 👑 Gear & Tools 🎥
March 16, 2020
No. 30 / Connecting with People, Being Real, and Happy Alone
In the past I have thought about sharing about certain things many times, then I thought: “I don’t know how this will end, let’s wait and I’ll make the video later”. The “later” point never came and I regret not having shared in the moment. Now I am changing that! And with that, I am exploring a lot of thoughts that are on my mind right now in regards to being a creator and having the desire to make YouTube and the likes to my full-time income. In this episode I explore: Why am I shy? Why do I care what others think? That we need thick skin (and not just if you are a creator). Why having others to approve of me is not helpful. Being enough the way I am (even when alone). And realizing that I have a following that I should be real with. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section, vis Instagram, or on Telegram. Thank you for listening and being here ❤. Please, contact me with any feedback, topic ideas, or potential guests at my website 🔗 Relevant Links: Video Version of this Episode 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 00:25 Where I Am Coming From 03:21 What It Started With… 1000 Subscribers on Youtube 05:47 What Do I Want to Do Moving Forward? 10:09 Feeling Drawn to Social Media and More Connection and Questioning Why I Am Holding Back? 12:24 My Fear That Bein a Youtuber or Instagrammer is Not Valued by Others 15:02 You’ll Need Thick Skin 16:59 Humans on Every Part of the Spectrum 21:48 Why Having Others to Approve of Me is Not Helpful. 33:03 We Do Not Matter, and Everything Could Be Wrong. 35:38 I Am Enough by Myself 38:44 Realizing That You Are Real People Out There Watching ❤ 👨‍💻 Podcast Website: Website 💻 Instagram 📷 Twitter 💬 Podcast 🎧 Patrons 👑 Gear & Tools 🎥
March 12, 2020
No. 29 / There Are Always New People
Please, contact me with any feedback, topic ideas, or potential guests at my website 🔗 Relevant Links: YouTube Video Version 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro & Thank YOU 02:46 Todays Topic 03:27 What do I even have to share? 04:28 You are Unique 06:02 More Relatable to Different People 08:15 Smaller Creators are more Available 09:45 There are always new people 11:36 Not everybody knows what you know! 13:02 You will share differently 14:11 Go and Create! 14:37 #NoSmallCreator 15:34 Thank YOU 👨‍💻 Podcast Website: Website 💻 Instagram 📷 Twitter 💬 Podcast 🎧 Patrons 👑 Gear & Tools 🎥
March 2, 2020
No. 28 / Ignore the Algorithm, Create What You Want, and Publish
Create what you desire, make it, publish it, leave the perfectionist at home, make art now! Easier said than done, but we can all make it happen. Also… an update about where I am taking this, what is going on, and what I’d love to be doing. Let’s make something. Please, contact me with any feedback, topic ideas, or potential guests at my website 🔗 Relevant Links: Video Version of this Podcast Derek Sivers — Travel without Social Praise Tweet by Matt D’Avella Book — So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport (Affiliate Link) Cody Wanner — I’m Quitting “Full Time YouTube” Masha — Blogger & Influencer 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 00:18 You should not care about the Algorithm 02:46 What do I want to create? 05:04 Aligning Passion and Number of Clicks 06:33 Perfection vs Published? 08:30 Opportunities through Publishing 09:57 Update Time 14:12 Connect with me 🌸 15:26 Support me on Buy me a Coffee 17:08 Let’s share this Journey 👨‍💻 Podcast Website: Website 💻 Instagram 📷 Twitter 💬 Podcast 🎧 Patrons 👑 Gear & Tools 🎥
February 24, 2020
No. 27 / Virtual Worlds and the Real Game Controller
Game have been with us forever, computer games have been part of my life since I can think, and virtual reality is making it all the more interesting. But what about the real life game-controller? Why not take that and do something real? Please, contact me with any feedback, topic ideas, or potential guests at my website 🔗 Relevant Links: YouTube Video for thie Episode 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 01:56 Is it real or am I running away? 03:10 Why am I entering virtual reality? 04:57 Games aren’t evil… 05:36 Making Life My Game! 06:59 Maybe it’s all a virtual reality or simulation? 08:13 Are you taking the game-controller of life into your own hands? 09:22 You have to master yourself. 09:55 Virtual worlds are becoming more enticing? 10:42 Outro and Invitation to Conversation 👨‍💻 Podcast Website: Website 💻 Instagram 📷 Twitter 💬 Podcast 🎧 Patrons 👑 Gear & Tools 🎥
February 17, 2020
No. 26 / Universal Base Income? Let's do it ourselves.
The world is changing and evolving rapidly. We need new concepts. All that is true, but we also can’t wait for politics to change for us and provide the Universal Base Income. At least I am not waiting… Please, contact me with any feedback, topic ideas, or potential guests at my website 🔗 Relevant Links: Gewinne ein Grundeinkommen (only for German Citizens) Cody Warner — I’m Quitting “Full Time YouTube” Cody Warner — The Dark Side of Full Time YouTube 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 00:47 Disclaimer 03:44 The Basic Idea of Universal Basic Income 06:25 Some Benefits of UBI 08:52 An Opinion Divide 09:35 What UBI Could Do for Society 14:35 Why am I drawn to this concept? 17:39 Preventing Shady Business Ideas 19:34 Cody Warner — I’m Quitting “Full-Time YouTube” 21:00 Why wait for others? Are you driven enough? 25:06 Questions I am asking myself… 29:23 What are your thoughts? 👨‍💻 Podcast Website: Website 💻 Instagram 📷 Twitter 💬 Podcast 🎧 Patrons 👑 Gear & Tools 🎥
February 10, 2020
No. 25 / Focus and Attention — How to Regain Control Over Notifications and More
Sorry for the clipping sound for the first 10 minutes, that happens when you forget to hit record on your external audio recorder and the in-camera sound is clipping 🤦‍♂️ . But anyway, today I am sharing about my journey to experiment on myself to regain control over the distractions, notifications, and pulls in my life. From grayscale mode, to disabled notifications, to the reasons why it’s even so hard. Let’s talk about this! Please, contact me with any feedback, topic ideas, or potential guests at my website 🔗 Relevant Links: Video Version of this Podcast Episode — Vlog about Black & White Mode — Getting Un-Stuck from the Feeds — 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 01:27 Defining the Challenge 03:31 The Negative Impact of Notifications & the News 05:28 What I Have Been Trying 06:48 Tactics of Regaining Control 19:25 Conclusion 25:39 Outro 👨‍💻 Podcast Website: Website 💻 Instagram 📷 Twitter 💬 Podcast 🎧 Patrons 👑 Gear & Tools 🎥
February 3, 2020
No. 24 / Unapologetic makes you execute.
Being able to do more, break free of our own perceptions, the judgments we fear and think are out there. Rediscovering the new me. It’s a learning process. From techniques (journaling, meditation, and healing sessions) over to discovering that not everybody thinks just like me and that there is more acceptance than one would think in this world. Becoming more of who I am now instead of being stuck with who I once was. 🔗 Relevant Links: Jason Silva Video about Control Freaks Candice Wu — Holistic Healer 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 01:40 Overview — Finding Balance in Life 04:22 What Do I Want Moving Forward? 06:19 Learning to Detach From Childhood Perceptions 08:12 How I Am Uncovering Myself — The Ever-Ongoing Process 10:30 Learning to Break Perceptions 12:14 Getting to Know That Not Everybody Has the Same Opinion — There Are Nuances 16:35 Unapologetic & Executing More 19:40 Working With My Self Perception 23:28 Wanting It All at the Same Time 25:52 An Experiment I Am Thinking About 28:01 Jason Silva on Thanking Fear 31:08 Outro Website 💻 Instagram 📷 Twitter 💬 Podcast 🎧 Patrons 👑 Gear & Tools 🎥
January 27, 2020
No. 23 / Exploring the Shiny Object Syndrome
Exploring the shiny objects in my life, how they come up, what they have done in the past, why it’s so intriguing, and how I try to deal with them. They are so distracting, pulling my attention and everything that goes with it, letting me forget my priorities. But why? And how do I get back on track? 🔗 Relevant Links: Candice Wu Extension to Redirect to Toto List 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 00:56 What’s the Shiny Object Syndrome? 03:05 My Experience 04:57 Why It’s So Easy to Slip Into 09:51 A New Shiny Object Arrises 12:42 Breaking the Hold of the Shiny Object 16:27 A Declaration of Loyalty 17:07 Making Time for Yourself 18:54 Awareness Isn’t Enough 19:56 What Helped Me Get Out of It. 23:08 Sicking Through It With You 25:00 Outro Website 💻 Instagram 📷 Twitter 💬 Podcast 🎧 Patrons 👑 Gear & Tools 🎥
January 20, 2020
No. 22 / You Cannot Hide Behind Other People’s Projects | Expand Your Comfort Zone
You cannot hide behind other people’s projects: especially if you think you can do it better. Just do it yourself. Build something for yourself. 🔗 Relevant Links: The Hard Truth About Making Your Dreams Come True by Mel Robbins 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 00:30 Opening the Topic 01:27 My Story With Other People's Projects 08:23 What I Am Doing Now… Stepping Out and Into 11:07 Nobody is Going to Do It for You! It's Your Responsibility. 12:22 In Conclusion — Don't Hide Behind Others 14:35 Connect with Me Website 💻 Instagram 📷 Twitter 💬 Podcast 🎧 Patrons 👑 Gear & Tools 🎥
January 13, 2020
No. 21 / Rereading the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss
Rereading a book that has shaped a big portion of my life — The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss — is having a bigger impact on me than I expected. Especially now, with the beginning of the new year and decade. Let’s explore what we can learn… From the Acronym DEAL (Definition, Elimination, Automation, and Liberation) to important questions to ask yourself. How can you design your life again? Are you on track to reach your desired destination? Or is it time to change course? Please, contact me with any feedback, topic ideas, or potential guests at my website 🔗 Relevant Links: Article by Derek Sivers — Time is personal. Your year changes when your life changes. — Book by Tim Ferriss — The Four Hour Work Week — (Affiliate Link) 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 00:23 Welcome 2020 00:35 The First Week — Not What I Expected 04:10 Back in the Studio 04:33 My Plan Went Off Its Tracks 06:36 Main Topic: Rereading the 4 Hour Work Week 10:48 How We Paint Ourselves Into a Corner 14:27 Lifestyle Design, Goals, and Values 15:19 The New Rich & Fire 19:12 My (Arguably) Mini Retirement 20:46 My Studio in Germany a Point for Having a Base 22:01 The 4 Hour Work Week Concept: Deal 24:39 My Revelation While Rereading the 4HWW 28:05 Closing Recommendation 👨‍💻 Podcast Website:
January 6, 2020
No. 20 / Lofty Goals in 2020 — When It Feels Like You Can't Get There.
Let’s start 2020 with a vision that feels a little out there. How can we get there? Do you need to Reframe, Restructure, or change how you do things? It’s time right now, but it can also be whenever! In this episode, I am talking about one of my goals that I am turning over in my head. Should I set up a huge goal? Should I not? How can I achieve it? Do I need to adjust the goal or maybe my life? It’s definitely all possible — let’s do it. Please, contact me with any feedback, topic ideas, or potential guests at my website 🔗 Relevant Links: I quit social media for 30 days 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro & New Years Plans 01:48 Time for Reflection… or not 🙈 03:22 Lofty, Outlandish, Crazy, Goals? 03:52 Mini-Review About 2019 08:43 A Lofty Goal — A Nervous System Response 10:57 Ways to Reframe 13:31 Watching vs. Creating 15:40 Consider the Goal… What can YOU do? 17:47 Create Your Vision… Solidify Your Path. 18:35 What I Am Probably Going to Be Doing. 21:45 Sending You into 2020 👨‍💻 Podcast Website:
December 31, 2019
No. 19 / How Review the Past Year and Am Planning 2020
Let’s talk about how to review the past year and design your 2020 so that you can achieve what you set out to do. Over the past decade I set many goals, I failed at most of them, now it’s time to do this differently and with more knowledge about my path and self. In this episode, I talk about my past experience with goal setting over many years, mostly failing, and then stopping completely. From there I went on a path of self-exploration and a sort of spiritual awakening with the help of my healer (Candice Wu) and since then I have my excitement back to set new goals. So I am now sharing my full process with you, the process I will go through between Christmas and New Years, to review 2019 and design my 2020! Let’s do this together and achieve what we envision! Please, contact me with any feedback, topic ideas, or potential guests at my website 🔗 Relevant Links: Candice Wu — My Healer, Coach, and former Partner Ally with Death Audio Experiential — Visualize Your Death so You can Life Again 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 00:36 Happy Holidays 01:08 Overview 03:50 Recap About My Goal Setting Journey 07:53 Spiritual Self-Exploration 11:30 Recognizing That I Am Not Where I Want to Be 12:45 What’s My Plan? Sit Back and Take Life Into Your Control! 15:16 My Plan for Between the Years 15:29 1: Reduce Work Obligations 16:49 2: Reducing Family Obligations 19:02 3: Prepare My Environment 20:27 4: Review the Past Year & Decade 23:01 5: Gratitude Journaling 24:29 6. Closure for Regrets and Using Them as Fuel 27:41 5. Gratitude Letters to People 28:27 7. Designing 2020 29:39 8. Designing 2020: Brain Dump 31:31 9. Designing 2020: Calendar Planning 33:26 10. Designing 2020: Prioritizing the Brain Dump 37:57 11. Designing 2020: Creating My Plan 40:33 12. Designing 2020: Setting the Plan in Motion 43:12 13. Designing 2020: Have a Monthly-, Weekly, and Daily-Check-In 44:16 Overview, Gratitude, and Sendoff 👨‍💻 Podcast Website:
December 23, 2019
No. 18 / End of Year Life Update — Ending 2019 and Searching for a New, More Confident, Self
Recapping the past few weeks and exploring what is going to come with the shift of the decade. What I am exploring, how I am changing, and where I am going from here. There are some significant shifts happening ❤. Please, contact me with any feedback, topic ideas, or potential guests at my website 📖 Quotes: “Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.” By Peter T. Mcintyre “Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life.” by Jerzy Gregorek 🔗 Relevant Links: Blog Post — There are Always New People — Aja Dang — Sorelle — Matt D’Avella — Project Life Mastery — Graham Stephan — Alex Becker — 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 00:22 Who I Am 00:39 All the Changes 01:31 Why the Apartment? 05:03 Finding Structure and Distance 08:30 Habit Stacking — Getting Up at 5:30 14:06 The New Decade of 2020 17:37 A Proclamation of Boldness 19:55 Why I Haven’t Been Sharing 21:28 Learning to Reframe My Thoughts 26:23 My Plan From Here 29:06 Closing Quotes 31:14 Grateful Closing 👨‍💻 Podcast Website:
December 16, 2019
No. 17 / September Life Update — Finding Confidence and Letting go of Doubts
Giving an update on my life, the travels (or lack thereof), redefining myself and breaking free from my own labels, and exploring what will happen next. All this brings me to a place where I feel I am back in January 2019. A time where I wanted to do all the things that I will be doing now. Please, contact me with any feedback, topic ideas, or potential guests at my website 🔗 Relevant Links: Video Version of This Podcast 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 00:25 Life Update and Other Things 01:39 Interviews on My Podcast 03:00 Invited by Fiverr to Be on Sonntagsgedanken by Masha Sedgwick 05:21 Feeling Valued and Soaking in the Positive Feedback 10:48 Big Shifts in Life — Is It January Again? 12:09 Letting Go of Labels That I Attached to Myself 18:45 Chiang Mai May Not Be Cheaper Than a Small Town in Europe 20:45 What’s Coming the Next Few Months 21:11 The Shameless Year Idea 22:34 Outro 👨‍💻 Podcast Website:
September 15, 2019
No. 16 / Robert Reppel on Software Engineering and the Importance of Natural Language
A conversation about Software Engineering, the German-German border, Event Storming, and Langauge in Project Management and Programming. Robert Reppel, CTO of TwoTonic Labs. The wide range of topics and stories about the life in a small town vs Vancouver, Canada as well as the development of the field of Software Engineering or Programming is really fascinating and I encourage you to listen in. Please, contact me with any feedback, topic ideas, or potential guests at my website Relevant Links: Robert Reppel on LinkedIn @robertreppel on Twitter TwoTonic Labs StoryStream Einstein1 — Founders Center in Hof, Germany Alberto Brandolini — Event Storming Mention Conway’s Law 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 02:06 Conversation With Robert 03:13 Overview: Where Did We Meet and How Hof Looked When Robert Grew Up 03:13 Einstein1 & University — A New Era for Hof and Small Towns 08:28 The Possibilities Small Towns Have Nowadays for IT Workers Especially 11:20 Founders Center Einstein1 — Knowledge and Skills 11:42 History of Hof: The Iron Curtain of East Germany & The Soviet Union 15:09 Starting in IT and How Nothing Really Changed in Over 20 Years 18:22 StoryStream — Describing Software Flow 22:04 — Consulting for Event Storming 25:46 Alberto Brandolini — Event Storming 26:09 Traditional vs. Technology Aided — Pen & Paper vs. Digital 28:53 It is About Language and Communication 29:33 Mention Conway’s Law 35:42 Computer Science is an Underappreciated Artform 37:18 The Invisibility of Software and Hidden Reward 38:10 When You Try to Change or Improve… It Often Breaks (We Need Better Software Engineering) 41:12 What Learnings Can You Translate From Software Engineering to the Real World? 47:28 What is Canada Like? How is it Different From Germany? 53:02 If You’d Write a Book, What Would It Be About? 53:58 A Life Long Passion as Work — Two Different Experiences 55:13 What Other Profession Would You Be Good at — If You Could Not Choose Software? 57:14 The Socio-Technological Systems of Creating Software 01:02:54 Wrapping Up 01:04:06 Outro Podcast Website:
September 5, 2019
No. 15 / Niko Emran über die Deutsche Startup Welt und Einstein1 in Hof
This episode is the first interview and it is German. Sorry for all those who don’t understand it, I will be back with English episodes soon. Heute im Gespräch mit Niko Emran erfahren wir alles mögliche über Startups und Gründungen. Niko ist Netzwerkmanager bei dem Gründerzentrum Einstein1 in Hof welches bald auch schon den Co-Working Space und mehr eröffnet. Wir reden über die Gründung von Nikos eigenem Startup, über die Herausforderungen welche Deutschland bei Gründungen hat und wie es speziell auf dem Lande (Hof hat nur 50.000 Einwohner) voran geht, und es geht dann auch noch um Digitalisierung im allgemeinen und wie man da auch langsam anfangen kann. Relevant Links: Niko Emran auf Facebook @NikoEmran auf Instagram @NikoEmran auf Twitter Nikos Startup — Digitales Gründerzentrum Einstein1 in Hof Instaspaces — Absätze für deine Instagram Beschreibung Über das Scheitern — Sacha Lobo 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro - This Episode is German 00:27 Über diese Episode 02:57 Opening 03:09 Niko Emran — Netzwerkmanager beim Gründerzentrum Einstein1 06:33 Walk What You Talk, Nikos Eigenes Startup: 13:31 Welchen Einfluss Sprache und Landesgröße auf dein Startup haben kann 17:00 Gründertagebuch und KPIs — Dokumentieren 22:23 Wie funktioniert das Geschäftsmodell von 28:02 Deutschland & Startups — Was geht hier im Vergleich mit der Welt? 38:16 Die niedrigste Gründungsquote in Deutschland seit 17 Jahren! 39:40 Wir sollten Gründern mehr Anerkennung geben und die Bildung ändern 44:32 Gründerunterstützung im Studium? 49:48 Finanzierung in Deutschland? Herausforderungen und was geht? 52:27 Bootstrapped Startups: Für die meisten Ideen braucht man kein Geld sondern Zeit! 55:03 Förderprogramme und ihre Herausforderungen 57:55 Israel: Sie machen es vor — Förderung und andere Ansätze 59:16 EU & Deutschland: Da muss mehr passieren. 01:01:13 Über das Scheitern - Sacha Lobo 01:01:40 Die Zeit zu gründen ist JETZT! 01:03:16 Made in Germany im Maschinenbau, aber Tesla überholt uns trotzdem! Umdenken für die Zukunft 01:07:22 Wie kann sich Deutschland noch behaupten? Schritt für Schritt, klein Anfangen. 01:09:12 Digitalisierung kann bei der Email Liste Anfangen 01:13:08 Instaspaces — Absätze für deine Instagram Beschreibung 01:15:20 Man kann unglaublich viel machen — Wenn man technisch gut dabei ist. 01:16:24 Klein Anfangen. Man muss nicht gleich zu Schritt 35 springen. 01:20:53 Eine Außenstelle für Einstein1 in den USA oder Berlin? Kapital gibt es auch in ländlichen Gegenden! 01:28:17 Lebenshaltungskosten: Ein gutes Argument auf dem Land zu gründen. 01:31:20 Vor- und Nachteile auf dem Lande 01:35:05 Angebote und Möglichkeiten im Einstein1 Gebäude 01:51:21 Finde Niko Online @NikoEmran 01:52:10 Nikos Online Shop — MEGA10 für 10% auf die Bestellung 01:52:25 Und das Digitale Gründerzentrum — Podcast Website:
August 20, 2019
No. 14 / Leaving the Consumption Rat Race, Deep Work, and New Podcasting Gear
A solo episode and life update. A lot of explorations about all things social media, deep work, the media rat race, and what’s coming up for me. Relevant Links Kraig Adams (YouTuber, Minimalist) Tidying Up with Marie Kondo Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things (Documentation) Matt d’Avella (YouTuber, Minimalist, Documentary Film Maker) Deep Work by Cal Newport (Book) Marques Brownlee (Tech YouTuber) Linus Tech Tips (Tech YouTuber) Peter McKinnon (Photography YouTuber) 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 01:29 New Podcasting Gear 02:27 Podcasting Videos Coming Up 02:51 Kraig Adams 03:16 Amazingness Overload 04:57 Freelance Struggles & Enjoyments 07:36 Minimalism 12:32 Deep Work Minimalism 12:57 Walking More 13:40 Reducing Consumption & Digital Time 14:30 Just Sit and Work 15:59 Rethinking Priorities 18:51 Fast Attention Grabbers 19:06 Cutting Social Media Consumption 20:18 Long From & Long Living 22:18 The Media Rat Race 22:42 Creative Freedom to Create 27:48 Back to the Basics 28:29 Gratitude Podcast Website:
April 10, 2019
No. 13 / Documenting the Process, Consumption Minimalism, and Journeying to More Self Knowing
Much has happened since the last episode and this is a summary update episode. I share some background information about the last episode, what expectations I put on myself, what consumption minimalism means for me, and much more. 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 00:44 About Episode No. 12 02:51 Expectation I Put on Myself 05:48 Documentation of the Process 06:32 Cutting Down YouTube Consumption 09:33 Consumption Minimalism 12:29 Bringing Back Twitter & Instagram? 15:25 Personal KPI Sheet 18:18 Concepts From Deep Work 22:38 Masculinity & Journeying to More Self Knowing 31:05 Why Talk About This? 32:09 What Has Made Me 33:06 Outro Podcast Website:
February 24, 2019
No. 12 / Comfort, Work, Procrastination, Growth, Responsibility, and Virtue
Talking seriously. Sometimes not all is amazing and upbeat, but that inner world view can be leveraged to grow out of it. I share deeply about what is going on in my life, how it can be self-deprecating, borderline depressing, but I am still trying to pull myself up! There will be more to come on this journey and since recording this episode my life situation has changed a lot. I thought about not publishing this episode but then I would only give gas to the fire of deception that everything is always perfect for everybody else but yourself. I am not perfect, I am far from it, and I struggle. This is one of those moments that that was the case and I’d like to share it with you. It’s important to see that side too! 🎧 Chapters / Show Notes: 00:00 Opening — I Want to Be on My Happy Train 02:11 Not being able to execute is crippling! 04:50 Feeling Exhausted and wishing for discipline! 06:44 What would it be like to be employed? 11:37 The Value of Planning and having Rules 12:49 Helping the body shift with good habits and supplements. 13:39 What do I expect from the distractions? 14:47 A set of long term goals supposed to trump them all. 16:42 Knowing is not enough. The power is in doing something different. 18:41 It’s about Self Discipline 19:48 Orienting myself towards my Vision 23:08 It not going to be easy! Podcast Website:
February 16, 2019
No. 11 / What Would Happen if We Would Publish as if We Are Already Dead?
Publishing without the fears of rejection, without the necessity of regulation, as if someone is going through your diary after your death. They might find the disturbing things, the self questioning, the desire to breakup with a life long partner, the contemplations about suicide. Or the amounts of gratitude that was never expressed. There are so many things we hide from the world to build up a facade with a certain look to not let others inside. But the real self — the one that’s behind the facade — that’s the one that will find connection. Being vulnerable, open, and explorative. Giving other permission to do the same. Podcast Website:
January 28, 2019
No. 10 / Rant Against Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
There are many reasons to boycott social media. Her is one for the creators. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are incredibly fast paced. Content is old by tomorrow and yet we spend tones of time on the creation? I’d like to propose an alternative, a new (or rather old) way, a way that is valuable in the long term and makes the investment worth wile. There certainly are good reasons to be on social media platforms like Instagram. But it might be good to reassess and see which one you spend most of your time creating for. Podcast Website:
January 27, 2019
No. 9 / Make The Real World Your Game
Why are we drawn to games, what does that virtual world give me that the real world doesn’t have, and what would happen if I’d reframe my real life experience to be the game? So much can happen in virtual worlds. But I want to bring my real self forward. Leveling up my own skills — not just a virtual characters. Can I do it? The game mentioned in this Episode Eve Online: Podcast Website:
January 26, 2019
No. 8 / What's going on? Why the Break? What now?
It’s time for a bit of an update on what has been going on and where I have been? The short and sweet: I am in Germany and I am going to stay there for a while. But let me explain… The Embody Podcast by Candice Wu: Yesterdays Desk Building Vlog with the Flexispot Desk: Video Version of This Episode: Podcast Website:
January 25, 2019
No. 7 / High Above with an Airplane View
Let’s talk about the airplane view. Right after takeoff and right before landing. The excitement, the flow, and the fear. If you’re interested to check out the video version, you will find it on my YouTube Channel.
September 25, 2018
No. 6 / Real Talk — Breaking Free From Shame & Judgement
Let's break free form shame and judgment. Learning to just go for it. Do it. Actually get going and be ourselves. This video is about that. A change of pace. A learning experience. Breaking free of old believes.
September 18, 2018
No. 5 / Contemplations About Building Homebases
Traveling for months at a time, you quickly (or not so quickly) will notice how much you are carrying with you, how much stuff you have, and how little you actually use it all. In this episode, I share my experience that I had with finally giving away some of the items I am not using. What I expected, and what actually happened. Enjoy.
June 24, 2018
No. 4 / Giving Felt Small Yet Significant
Traveling for months at a time, you quickly (or not so quickly) will notice how much you are carrying with you, how much stuff you have, and how little you actually use it all. In this episode, I share my experience that I had with finally giving away some of the items I am not using. What I expected, and what actually happened. Enjoy.
June 21, 2018
No. 3 / Creating for Myself
Why do you create? Do you create for others? For yourself? In this episode, I talk about my struggles to create. The way I shut down projects to focus my energy more. And my new idea to create more for myself. Not looking if the content will benefit anybody. Not looking if it's going to be quick, easy, and high value. Listen for yourself, build your opinion, and let's discuss on Twitter. Enjoy.
May 2, 2018
No. 2 / Sometimes Not the Boss
The very second episode of MakeItYour.LIFE ~ Thoughts, Stories, and Ideas with Chris Spiegl! Are you the boss of your own company? Should you be your own boss? Let’s discuss how to find more motivation, get up earlier, and start with why.
March 26, 2018
No. 1 / Let's Get the Ball Rolling
The very first episode of MakeItYour.LIFE ~ Thoughts, Stories, and Ideas with Chris Spiegl! A new medium! Something to learn, to explore. It’s so fascinating (and yet scary). I hope you will enjoy the journey with me.
March 19, 2018