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The Chris Stoner Show - BSL Radio

The Chris Stoner Show - BSL Radio

By ChrisStonerPodcast
Chris Stoner is the Owner of Baltimore Sports and Life (BSL).

BSL is dedicated to analysis and discussion on the Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens, and the University of Maryland.

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Anthony Castrovince / MLB Network

The Chris Stoner Show - BSL Radio

Maury Brown / Forbes
Maury Brown / Forbes joined to discuss Major League Baseball's Labor Negotiations.
February 19, 2022
Kevin Goldstein / FanGraphs
Kevin Goldstein / FanGraphs joins to discuss the Baltimore Orioles.
February 10, 2022
Mike DeCourcy / Sporting News
Mike DeCourcy / Sporting News joined to discuss Maryland's Head Coaching search.
February 05, 2022
Dan Szymborski / FanGraphs & ESPN
Dan Szymborski / FanGraphs & ESPN joins to discuss the Baltimore Orioles.
January 28, 2022
Anthony Castrovince / MLB Network
Anthony Castrovince / MLB Network Topics Discussed: - Based on the general consensus prognostications you saw entering '21; what team did you find yourself either higher on, or question more than most? - The Yankees are favored by most in the AL East. Within the division, who do you see as their primary challenger - Toronto, or Tampa Bay? - With the White Sox losing Eloy Jiminez, do they have enough to overtake the Twins in the Central? - The Astros lineup remains the class of the AL West, but it's an underwhelming rotation - especially with Verlander expected to be out all year. What's your take on Houston? - Philadelphia has jumped out to a Week 1 lead in the NL East, but the anticipation is the race there will ultimately be between Atlanta and the Mets... with the Marlins (who reached the post-season last year) also lurking. Do you see the NL East as the strongest division top to bottom? - The NL Central isn't overly strong, but it's interesting with everyone outside of Pittsburgh having a plausible argument. Who do you like best there? - The Padres are absolutely loaded, but potentially there is still some distance between them and LA. What's your primary question with San Diego? - Going back to 1990, where does this Dodger team rate for you? You've got the '90 A's at the end of their run, the '92-'93 Jays, the '90s Braves, the late '90's early 2000 Yankees, San Francisco's 3 titles in 5 years from '10-'14. The Yankees won 114 games in '98. The Mariners had 116 wins in 2001. Can LA challenge those totals? - In 2014 there was 4,186 total homers. In '19, there was 6,776.   Does launch angle and approach solely account for that jump? - Orioles Asst. GM Sig Mejdal has spoken about how the publicly available defensive metrics such as DRS or UZR are not particularly useful given the shifting in the game. As the Author of A Fans Guide To Baseball Analytics.. give some thoughts on Statcast, and what defensive metrics you currently value. - There was a recent article at The Ringer - Ben Lindbergh - which suggested the mount is too close. The primary argument was by moving back, hitters will have more time to react, and thus more balls will be put in play.. helping to address this current 3 True Outcome era, which is not particularly aesthetically pleasing. - What are you currently hearing in-terms of MLB's desire for expansion, and potentially radical realignment? - The Minor League talent is increasing. The Orioles are involved Internationally for basically the first time ever. There has been internal investment in Analytics. The Major League roster has limited payroll obligations going forward. What are your general thoughts on what is being built? - Carlos Correa, Javier Baez, Corey Seager, Trevor Story... who reaches Free Agency?
April 09, 2021
Mike DeCourcy / Sporting News
Mike DeCourcy / Sporting News Previewing the NCAA Tournament with Mike DeCourcy.
March 18, 2021
Jeff Ermann / Inside MD Sports
Jeff Ermann / Inside MD Sports Topics Discussed:  - What happens with Turgeon? - Morsell is the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year; will he return? - Wiggins... staying or going? -  Ike Cornish, Julian Reese, and James Graham; can any of them be immediately impactful next year? - Smart, Dockery, Marial, and Revaz... how many return? - Maryland faces Michigan State in their Big Ten Tournament opener... keys?
March 10, 2021
Jon Meoli / The Baltimore Sun
Topics Discussed: - Which group makes more starts this year? Lopez, King Felix, Matt Harvey, & LeBlanc or Baumann, Lowther, Zimmermann, Wells, and Smith? - Is there a sense of if the current Rule 5s Mac Sceroler and Tyler Wells are better positioned to stick with the O's than last year's selections? - Pitching Coach Chris Holt has said the Orioles are considering a 6 man rotation. Obviously after the short '20 season, pitcher workload is a question.  Does Jon the Orioles going with the extended rotation? Maybe piggybacking starters? - Harvey, Scott, Tate are what exactly?   Who interests Jon the most from that trio? - My BSL Colleague Matt Kory has an article up this morning on Trey Mancini. Obviously there is the human element, and we're thrilled he is healthy.  What does Jon see as the more likely outcome there... the Orioles extending Mancini (FA after '22) or trading him? - My expectation is that Diaz is going to take over LF by June 1st, meaning Mountcastle joins Mancini at 1st / DH... or Stewart, if Mancini has been moved.  Jon gives his thoughts. - '21 is a big year for Hays and Santander. Both have shown ability, but need to stay on the field, and produce over the entirety of a season. When '21 ends, will we believe in either, neither, or both as long-term options? - While Brandon Hyde is maintaining Jahmai Jones can win the 2nd base job out of camp, I think the anticipation has to be that the Orioles will start the year with Yolmer Sanchez and Jones at AAA... agree? - The Minor League talent is increasing.  The Orioles are involved Internationally for basically the first time ever. There has been internal investment in Analytics. The Major League roster has limited payroll obligations going forward.  What are Jon's general thoughts on what is being built?
February 25, 2021
Mike Tanier / Pro Football Network
Mike Tanier / Pro Football Network - These teams faced each other just two months ago, Mike's primary takeaways from that game... - KC will be without both of their starting OTs... Tampa Bay has a strong front 7... will the Bucs be able to get pressure without blitzing? - If you are the Bucs, you can't take everything away... what does Mike expect to see them try to do? - Does Mike give an edge to one coaching staff vs. the other? - Will KC be able to get pass rush up the middle vs. the Bucs? - Keys for the Chiefs... - Keys for the Bucs ... - Reaction to the Detroit / Rams trade... - Mike is taking who and why?
February 05, 2021
Maury Brown / Forbes
Maury Brown / Forbes Discussion on the business side for the Baltimore Orioles. - Current info on the MASN dispute with the Nationals - Are the Orioles prepping for a sale? How likely is relocation? - MASN has announced an app - Orioles estimated TV revenue is? - How much divided local revenue are teams receiving? - How much do teams get from National / Centralized revenue? - MASN's estimated worth?
January 30, 2021
Mike DeCourcy / Sporting News
Mike DeCourcy / Sporting News - Mike has 4 Pac 12 teams in his current bracket, does he like any of them to reach the S16? - In the Big 12, Baylor is obviously a National favorite. We get Mike's thoughts on the University of Texas, and Texas Tech. - Mike has Alabama a 2 seed.. what is their ceiling? Who else does Mike like in the SEC? - Michigan is the best team in a strong Big Ten, how far can they go? - Mike tells why FSU is the best team in the ACC. - Villanova has a strong offense is their defense good enough? - Is this the most talented Gonzaga team under Coach Few? - The metrics love Houston. Mike has them as 2 seed, how good are they? - Who does Mike think is getting too much love Nationally? - Who isn't getting enough attention? - Would Mike take Gonzaga & Baylor or the field?
January 23, 2021
Alex Fast / PitcherList
Alex Fast / PitcherList - Discussion on Alex's most recent article at PitcherList where Alex asked if pitchers need to elevate four-seamers? - Thoughts on Means - Kremer and Akin joined the rotation last Summer. Out of those two, Baumann, Lowther, Zimmerman, Wells, and Smith – can the Orioles find two productive starters, and two usable ‘pen options? Who is Alex highest on in that group? - Harvey, Scott, Tate are what exactly?   Who interests Alex the most from that trio? - When ’21 ends, are Rodriguez and Hall on-track to join the Orioles by mid ’22? - Thoughts on Mancini, Mountcastle, Santander, Hays, Diaz, and Rutchsman - Importance of the Orioles International efforts today
January 16, 2021
John Gasaway / ESPN
John Gasaway / ESPN - John's book Miracles on the Hardwood comes out in March - Maryland faces Illinois Sunday night... thoughts on the Fighting Illini - Conference overviews of the Pac 12, Big 12, SEC, Big Ten, ACC, and Big East - Is this the year Gonzaga wins it all? - Who does John feel is overrated and underrated Nationally?
January 09, 2021
Jeff Ermann / Inside Maryland Sports
- Basketball... review of  the current roster, status of Jarius Hamilton, and thoughts on the Class of 2021 - Football... review of the current roster, thoughts on what MD needs to achieve this year, and a look towards the Class of 2021
October 23, 2020
Jim Callis / MLB Pipeline
- Keegan Akin, Dean Kremer, and Bruce Zimmermann made their MLB debuts this Summer.   Immediately behind them are Michael Baumann, Zac Lowther, the recently acquired Kevin Smith, and Alex Wells.   Who of this group interests Jim the most? - How is workload going to work with pitching in '21? -  Thoughts on Terrin Vavra, Rylan Bannon, and Adam Hall - Thoughts on Drew Rom, and Carter Baumler, - The Elias regime has added Gunnar Henderson, Jordan Westburg, Anthony Servideo, Coby Mayo, Darell Hernaiz in the last 2 two drafts...  who interests Jim? - Current thoughts on Yusniel Diaz - How would Jim handle the innings and development of Grayson Rodriguez and DL Hall? - The Orioles 1st round pick in the '20 draft was Heston Kjerstad. As an advanced college bat, what's a realistic time frame for him? -  Adley Rutschman takes over as Orioles catcher when? - The International window opens January 15th...
October 23, 2020
Clifton Brown / Baltimore
- Discussions of where the Ravens are big picture wise... - What Clifton will be looking for coming out of bye... - Discussion of Clifton's pod, "Black in the NFL."
October 22, 2020
Matt Kremnitzer / PressBox
Guest was Matt Kremnitzer / PressBox Wrapped up the '20 season, discussed the roster, and looked ahead to the off-season.
September 25, 2020
Mike Tanier / Football Outsiders
Mike Tanier / Football Outsiders NFL Talk through Week 2, and looking ahead to Week 3.
September 24, 2020
John Eisenberg /
John Eisenberg,
August 28, 2020
Nathan Ruiz / The Baltimore Sun
Nathan Ruiz of The Baltimore Sun joins Chris Stoner
August 02, 2020
Stewart Mandel / The Athletic
- The Big Ten, and Pac 12 have announced they will be conference only... does Stewart expect the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 to follow? - Is the assumption Notre Dame would have a full ACC slate? - If Football is not played in the Fall, and is moved to the Spring to try and recoup some of the financial losses Athletic Departments will be dealing with... will most draft-eligible talent play? - What Head Coaches could potentially benefit the most by a lost season? - Two years from now, will the Power 5 conferences have broken away from the FBS? Is Conference Realignment again on the horizon? - If there is Football this Fall... Power 5 favorites? Best set-up to challenge? - Some Terps Football thoughts...
July 17, 2020
Steve Melewski / MASN
Steve Melewski joins Chris to take look at the upcoming MLB season
July 04, 2020
Dan Szymborski / FanGraphs & ESPN
Dan Szymborski / FanGraphs & ESPN Chris and Dan discuss the return of baseball!
June 26, 2020
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June 22, 2020