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Smiling at the Future

Smiling at the Future

By Christi Rose
A podcast aimed at Christian single women to explore practical topics like habits single women should be developing, living with roommates, caring for aging parents and navigating long-distance relationships. "Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future." Proverbs 31:25
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11. Checkmate: Winning Against Your Finances with Kelly Ann Smith

Smiling at the Future

58. Clarity in Dating with Rick and Kim Holland
Rick and Kim Holland are a dynamic couple passionate about discipleship. They share their wisdom on the following questions: How do I weigh biblical qualifications vs. the Christian ideal in choosing who to date and marry? What areas do women have on their "husband checklist" that do not matter in the long run? What does it look like to let men initiate a relationship? Why do you think Christian singles are waiting longer to date and marry? Rick Holland's Dating Series:
September 20, 2022
57. Recovering from a Breakup: Hope in the Midst of Heartache with Liz Tittel
Returning guest Liz Tittel brings compassion and biblical clarity to this discussion on recovering from a breakup by answering the following questions: How would you encourage someone who is adjusting BACK to singleness after a breakup? How would you advise someone who has experienced a breakup, but still has regular contact with that person? How would you encourage someone who was never given a clear reason for the breakup, and is left living with that uncertainty? How would you direct someone to be using their time following a breakup instead of filling it with entertainment or distractions? What if the person is struggling with thoughts like, “I will never find someone again like____"? Book Recommendation: Picking up the Pieces by Lou Priolo: Previous Episode on Breakups: Previous Episode on Forgiveness:
September 06, 2022
56. Faithfulness Through the Years with Betty Price
A lifetime of faithful service to the Lord as a single woman, 79 year old Betty Price answers the following questions: Looking back on your single life, what are the greatest blessings you have experienced? How did you stay committed to ministering to people instead of becoming the stereotypical "cat" lady?  How would you encourage a single woman who finds herself struggling with the aging process? Did you ever reach a point where you realized that God did not have marriage for you, and what did coming to terms with that look like? During the course of your single years, in what ways have you been able to serve the church?
August 23, 2022
55. Navigating Age or Cultural Differences in Relationships with Hohn and Heather Cho
Returning guests Hohn and Heather Cho tackle this nuanced topic by answering the following questions: What are the potential issues and dynamics in a relationship when there is a significant age gap? How do couples maneuver the issue of having children when there is an age gap? How do you handle others' biases / concerns when there is an age difference? What if parents or family members do not support the relationship because of race? And what tips do you have for raising kids in a culturally blended family?
August 09, 2022
54. How To Control The Thoughts That Control You with Jocelyn Wallace
Jocelyn encourages us that it is possible to take our thoughts captive, and answers the following questions: When thoughts feel uncontrollable, is it possible to build habits to direct the thoughts we think? How should we deal with the guilt that comes from a fearful or sinful thought? If thoughts keep us up at night, how can we calm our minds before we sleep? Jocelyn's podcast, "Joyful Journey": Recommended Resources: "Controlling Your Thoughts" CD Lesson: "In the Arena of the Mind" book by John Vandergriff: "Think Biblically" book by John MacArthur: "Mindscape" book by Timothy Witmer
July 26, 2022
53. Cultivating Strong Sibling Relationships with Nate and David Rose
Christi's brother's, Nate and David, join the discussion on sibling friendships and answer questions such as: How can siblings transition well from childhood into adulthood in how the interact and treat each other? How should you evangelize unsaved siblings? How can a sister exhort her brother when she sees sin in his life? How can you be an encouragement to siblings with children? And how can siblings share the care load for aging family members?
July 12, 2022
52. Unmet Expectations with Lisa Hughes
Lisa Hughes, author of the book "Unmet Expectations," shares how we can biblically handle the disappointments and thwarted plans in our lives. She answers questions such as: is it wrong to have expectations? If we have expectations of other people, should we voice those? How do we handle the disappointment that comes when we don't live up to our own expectations? And how should single women handle the feelings of compounded unmet expectations of not being married or having a family? Lisa's Book "Unmet Expectations"
June 28, 2022
51. What I Tell Men to Look For in a Woman with Chris Hamilton
Informative for women (as well as and helpful guidance for men!), Chris candidly shares what he advises men to be looking for in a woman as they seek marriage. He answers questions such as: What do you tell men about the process of "looking for a wife"? What should every man be looking for? What are areas where every man may NOT be looking for the same thing? And are looks, intelligence, education, career or shared interests important?
June 14, 2022
50. Biblical Hope in Your Solitary Season with Lynne Brown
In this episode, Lynne Brown discusses how loneliness can strike in any season of life, but especially during singleness. She brings gospel truth to bear when answering the following questions: How can I handle the loneliness I feel when attending weddings and showers? What truths of Scripture should I meditate on when feeling alone? How should I respond to the loneliness that grows from others not being in the same life season? How should I cope with the loneliness I experience after a break-up? "Smiling At The Future" Spotify Playlist: Book Recommendation: "The Path of Loneliness" by Elizabeth Elliot
May 31, 2022
49. Gospel Centered Dating with Kurt and Julie Gebhards
Here to launch us into season two, Pastor Kurt and his wife Julie address how Christian dating is different from dating in the world, how important mentorship is in the dating process, and how to lessen the pressure found in some Christian dating cultures. Along the way they offer practical encouragement for how the gospel and our hope in Christ are the foundation for finding peace in the challenges of singleness, or any period of life. Dating Talk by Kurt Gebhards: "8 Tactics for Spousal Acquisition" Dating Series by Kurt Gebhards:
May 17, 2022
Smiling at the Future - Podcast Update
Just a quick announcement about the podcast!
March 22, 2022
48. How to Make Decisions with Chris Hamilton
We make decisions every day, but sometimes this can be a difficult process. Chris Hamilton joins the podcast again to bring clarity to this topic by answering the following questions: How do we discern the will of God when making a decision? How can you tell if asking for help in making a decision is actually a crutch for not thinking an issue through yourself? How do you pray when seeking the Lord's help in a decision? How do you avoid "paralysis by analysis"? What Scriptures have you leaned on when in a decision-making process? What are telltale signs of a bad decision?
February 22, 2022
47. Rekindling Contentment with Lynne Brown
No matter the season of life we find yourselves in, contentment is a quality that we often need to rekindle.  In this episode, Lynne shares powerful, biblical truths on how to cultivate contentment in your heart.  Lynne Brown's podcast: Book Recommended: "The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment" by Jeremiah Burroughs 
February 08, 2022
46. Homemaking: God's Design for All Women with Marci Ferrell
Marci Ferrell from "The Thankful Homemaker" podcast, answers helpful questions such as: what is the biblical support for women to be homemakers, even single women? What homemaking skills do you wished you had mastered before marriage and family? How do you keep the right attitude in homemaking so that you don't neglect or idolize it? What if you don't enjoy cooking and cleaning? What are your favorite homemaking tools? And do you think single women have an allowance to put homemaking on the back burner so that they can prioritize other ministries better? Recommended Resources Recipe Organization App: SH-MOP : Wool Dryer Balls: "Laundress" Detergent:
January 25, 2022
45. Why Marriage Matters with John and Jane Tucker
Foundational and mysterious; returning guests John and Jane answer the following questions about marriage: What are wise or unwise reasons to get married or remain single? Should a person who desires to be married, expect to be married? What is the difference between a contract and a covenant? What involvement does the government or church have in regulating marriage? What is the difference between egalitarianism and complementarianism? And what does being a "help-mate" look like? 
January 11, 2022
Smiling at the Future - New Year's Greeting
Happy New Year, and why this podcast was named "Smiling at the Future."  Join us January 11th for another full-length episode :) 
December 28, 2021
44. What to Look For in a Man with Chris Hamilton
Father to three grown daughters, and chairman of the elder board at Grace Community Church, Chris Hamilton answers the following questions in a clear and biblical way: What should I look for as marks of maturity in his spiritual walk? How do I know if he is ready to be a provider? Does the kind of job he has matter? How will I know if he is a wise steward of his finances? What should I look for in how he interacts and treats others? What sins do I need to mortify before I can get married? 
December 14, 2021
43. Forgiveness: Learning to Love Others as Christ Loved Us with Janie Street
Janie Street brings her wealth of biblical counseling experience and study of the Bible to this discussion as she answers questions such as: What are misconceptions that Christians believe about forgiveness? What language should you use when asking for forgiveness? What role do our emotions play in the forgiveness process? Should you offer your trust after a repeated offense? Where do you see that couples struggle most in the forgiveness process? And how do you handle the guilt that comes from remembering a past offense?
November 30, 2021
42. Encouragement for Single Mothers and Advice for Ways to Help Them with Sarah Alexander and Erika Iliev
Single motherhood is a journey that both Sarah and Erika have walked. In this episode, they share wisdom for both single mothers and for those who can come alongside and help; listen to them answer these questions: What do you wish others knew about what it is like to be a single mother? Where should a single mother get plugged in at church? How does one become two parents? And how should a single mother address the fear of "why would a man want to take me on with kids?"  Recommended Resources:  The Elizabeth Elliot Podcast: "Women Counseling Women" by Elyse Fitzpatrick  "What Does the Bible Say About Parenting?" By John MacArthur  "Everyday Talk: Talking Freely and Naturally about God with your Children" by John Younts  "Christian Living in the Home" By Jay Adams "The Path of Loneliness" by Elizabeth Elliot  ACBC Counseling: "Help! I'm a Single Mom" Carol Trahan
November 16, 2021
41. Don't Get Hacked - Cyber Security with Nate Rose
Christi's brother, Nate, joins the podcast today to share simple strategies for online safety that you might not be aware of: choosing secure passwords, limiting information that apps collect, and knowing what information you should not post on social media. Recommended Resources:  Credit Karma: Last Pass:
November 02, 2021
40. What if He Has Been Divorced? With Liz and Josh Tittel
Josh and Liz share their story of how God brought them together, and answer questions such as: What are the differing views on divorce and re-marriage among Christians? What questions should you ask someone to discern if their divorce was biblical? What questions should you ask their church leadership to vet their character? What kinds of reactions can you anticipate from other believers when they find out you are dating someone who has been divorced, and how can you be gracious in your responses? And what were the unexpected blessings that you experienced? Recommended Resources "The Divorce Dilemma" by John MacArthur "Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage" by Jim Newheiser
October 19, 2021
39. Financial Advice from a Pre-Marital Counselor with George Sanders
George has a unique perspective on finances from his years as a counselor, and offers wisdom on the following questions: What are common struggles married couples have with money, and what can single women do now to prevent those future conflicts? How can someone get their spending habits under control? How can we become "cheerful givers"? And what are hazards that women should watch out for when getting involved in social-networking jobs? 
October 05, 2021
38. Antidote to Anxiety with Janet Aucoin
In this requested episode, Janet Aucoin answers many relevant questions surrounding anxiety such as: Is it wrong for Christians to take medication for anxiety? How do we navigate hormonal ups and downs as it relates to anxiety? Is it better to counsel or listen when someone is struggling with anxiety? When should someone reach out for help, and who should they go to?  Book Recommended: "Anxious for Nothing" by John MacArthur  Joyful Journey Podcast:
September 21, 2021
37. Fighting for Conflict Reconciliation with Janie Street
Janie brings her wealth of biblical counseling experience and study of the Bible to this discussion as she answers questions such as: How does the principle that "love covers a multitude of sins" apply to conflict resolution? Does the existence of conflict always mean there is sin involved? When should you walk away from a conflict? And when should you seek mediation in a conflict?  Books Recommended:  "Resolving Conflict" By Lou Priolo 
September 07, 2021
36. Keeping the Spark and Other Relationship Wisdom with Chad and Jenise Johnson
Married 28 years, parents to 11 children, and Chad and Jenise still have the spark! They bring excitement and wisdom to this discussion on relationships through questions such as: Why is it important to "win" the family and friends of the one you love? How can you keep your relationship vibrant? How can women encourage godly masculinity in the men around them? When should you ask about purity and pornography?And why is it important to take a risk in pursing a relationship?
August 24, 2021
35. Grappling with Self-Defense and Safety with John and Charissa Doerbecker
Starting with the Biblical grounds for self-defense, John and Charissa move through questions such as: what precautions should I take if I hike or jog alone? What should I look for in a self-defense class? What self-defense tools should I use? And what can I do to make my home more protected? 
August 10, 2021
34. My Personal Testimony and Growing in Assurance
In this episode I share with my friend Arlenys Buckelew on her podcast "Ordinary People with Extraordinary Lives" how I came to know Jesus Christ and my journey in growing in assurance of salvation.  We also chat about what my family life was like growing up, my parent's godly example, and how my podcast became a reality. Resources Recommended: "Knowing and Growing in Assurance" by Joel Beeke "Saved Without a Doubt" by John MacArthur "Heaven on Earth" by Thomas Brooks "A Believer's Assurance" by John MacArthur "Pilgrim's Progress" by John Bunyan "The Gospel Primer" by Milton Vincent "Knowing God" by J.I. Packer
July 27, 2021
33. Overcoming Challenges in Christian Dating with Hohn and Heather Cho
Hohn and Heather have ministered to Christian singles for many years, and bring biblical wisdom on questions in dating such as: How should I think through preferences like age, ethnicity, height, denomination, and political party? What should my parents role be in my relationship? And what should we think about the "Purity Culture" movement? Another powerful message Hohn gave at Grace Community Church on "Challenges in Christian Dating." 
July 13, 2021
32. Glorifying God Through Self-Stewardship with Maize Trempert
Maize takes a deep-dive into the biblical motivations for why a Christian woman should prioritize the stewardship of her body. She tackles questions such as: Should Christians practice self-care, and is it Biblical? Why do some Christians neglect caring for their bodies? What does your coffee consumption say about you? What should Christians be aware of regarding the trend with"mindfulness" apps? And are there rhythms and routines that can refresh your body for the glory of God? 
June 29, 2021
31. Trusting God Through Chronic Illness with Heather Coppi
Heather walked through 4 years of Lyme Disease, and brings so much hope and encouragement to this discussion on chronic illness.  She answers questions such as: How did friends encourage you during your illness? What encouragement can you offer someone who is battling undiagnosed health issues? What is the balance of praying for God to deliver you, but also the human effort needed to find a solution? How can someone with chronic illness still minister in the church? And, how do you deal with the fear of not being an adequate helpmeet to a future spouse? Books Recommended:  "Trusting God" by Jerry Bridges "The Power of Suffering" by John MacArthur "The Valley of Vision" - Puritans "Depression: Looking up from the Stubborn Darkness" by Edward Welch "Weary Warriors" By Carrie Coffman "The Hidden Link Between Adrenaline and Stress" Dr. Archibald Hart "When God Weeps" By Joni Erickson Tada   "God's Passion for His Glory" by John Piper "A Praying Life" by Paul Miller
June 15, 2021
30. False Starts: Navigating Rejection and Breakups with Lynne Brown
Lynne is back, and gives sound, biblical, loving answers to the following questions: How would you encourage the lady who has just been rejected? What are common temptations the "slighted" party might experience? If you're not interested, how can you graciously turn down a guy who asks you out? How do you handle if someone doesn't take "no" for an answer? And how do you respond if the guy uses the end of a relationship to tell you everything you did wrong and need to change?  Lynne's Podcast "Utterly Astounded":
June 01, 2021
29. Relationships: At The Starting Blocks with Lynne Brown
Lynne is back with practical wisdom on how to navigate the early stages of a relationship. She addresses how to respond if the man is not initiating spiritual conversations, how to handle if he is moving too slow or too fast, and what to do if you just don't know if you should go on a second date. This is as practical as it gets!  Lynne Brown's Podcast "Utterly Astounded"
May 18, 2021
28. Learning Life-Long Contentment with My Mother, Judy Rose
The most influential woman in my life shares how she learned contentment through the adventure of trusting God throughout her life.   Book recommended: "The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment" by Jeremiah Burroughs 
May 04, 2021
27. Tactful Answers to Tacky Questions about Singleness with Lara McVicker and Heather Olewiler
In this roundtable discussion we talk through how to graciously and humorously respond to questions people might ask you about your singleness. Some of the questions include: Why aren't you married? Do you want to get married? Are you picky? What are you looking for? And, have you tried online? Christi also shares about how to think through and navigate the world of online dating. 
April 20, 2021
26. Don't Dread Your Birthday with Kimberly Cummings and Shelbi Cullen
Kimberly and Shelbi from "The Women's Hope Podcast" give a fresh perspective on aging as a single woman for the Glory of God.
April 06, 2021
25. God's Sovereignty will Sanctify Your Singleness with Jennifer Jolly
Jennifer shares how a right understanding and response to God's Sovereignty changed how she viewed many things in her single years. This conversation tackles questions such as: Is it wrong to pray for a husband? How should I view past regrets? And, how does God's Sovereignty change my attitude in life? Books mentioned: 1. "The Sovereignty of God" by Arthur Pink 
March 23, 2021
24. Roommates: Cultivating Harmony in Close Quarters with Liz Tittel
Liz shares how she created a harmonious house culture with her roommates / housemates, covering topics such as conflict, hospitality, and what questions to ask a prospective roommate.  Resources Recommended by Liz:  1. Book "Resolving Conflict" by Lou Priolo  2. Book "Conscience: What it is, How to Train it, and Loving Those Who Differ" by Andrew David Naselli and John Francis Crowley 3. Sermon "Forgiveness When Wronged" by Lou Priolo
March 09, 2021
23. Overcoming Insecurities of Singleness by Placing Your Confidence in Christ with Lynne Brown
Lynne shines God's comforting truth on a variety of insecurities that can come along with prolonged singleness: Who will take care of me when I'm old? Why am I not getting asked out? Will I be able to financially provide for myself my entire life?  Lynne's Podcast "Utterly Astounded":
February 23, 2021
22. Before You Say "Yes" with Jane and John Tucker
Jane and John talk about the concept of "pre-engagement" counseling for a dating couple, and also tackle what a lady should look for as signs of maturity in a man in the areas of finances, vocation, and how they treat women.  Pre-Engagement Survey: Books recommended: 1. "The Exemplary Husband" by Stuart Scott 2. "The Excellent Wife" by Martha Peace 3. "Passion and Purity" by Elisabeth Elliot 4. "Trusting God" by Jerry Bridges 5. "What Did You Expect" by Paul David Tripp  6. "Habits of Grace" by David Mathis  Sermons Recommended:  1. Jason Cashell Marriage Seminar 2. Paul Washer Sermons on being transformed to the image of Christ through marriage: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:
February 09, 2021
21. 3rd Wheeling with Couples and Families: Why We All Need Each Other with Kristin Clarke
Kristin shares about the fun and unique bond she and her family have with the singles in their lives, and offers encouragement and tips for other married and single women.
January 26, 2021
20. How to Celebrate with Someone Who Receives What You're Praying For with Lauren Hereford
Lauren Hereford shares correct wedding etiquette and how to fully "rejoice with those who rejoice" by having the right heart attitude.  Lauren's Podcast: "Tulips and Honey" 
January 12, 2021
19. Femininity in a Feminist World with Dawn Harcus
Dawn shares not only the differences between femininity and feminism, but also how single ladies can encourage each other to be more feminine, and also what a misuse of our femininity looks like. 
December 29, 2020
18. They're Not Like You: How to Communicate Well With the Men in Your Life with Jenise Johnson
The in's and outs of talking to men: communicating well, overcoming shyness, how to interact online, and so much more!  YouTube: The Big Ski Family
December 15, 2020
17. Ministry and Missions as a Single Woman with Lisa LaGeorge
Lisa shares how to pursue ministering in your local church, as well as what questions to consider before pursuing missions abroad.  Stick around to the end for her book recommendations.   
December 01, 2020
16. How to be Ladylike with Qwynne Winslow
As a Christian lady, and a professional Image Consultant, Qwynne dives into the elements of femininity expressed through your dress, beauty, and mannerisms.   Smilingatthefuturepodcast@gmail.com
November 17, 2020
15. Friendships: Pursuing the Right People in the Right Way with Delores Michaelson, Pt. 2
How should I treat the single men in my life? How do I know if I'm "taking" in my friendships? And stick around for the bonus question at the end :) 
November 10, 2020
14. Friendships: Pursuing the Right People in the Right Way with Delores Michaelson
At 89 1/2 years young, Delores Michaelson shares what character qualities make for a good friend, how to walk alongside a friend who is in an extended trial, and the importance of having friends of all ages. 
November 03, 2020
13. Embracing A God-Given Role: The Auntie Life with Bridget Jackson
One role that many single women can embrace, is being an auntie.  Bridget shares how to stay connected even from afar, and gives practical advice on activities, discipline, and leaving a spiritual impact on your nieces and nephews.  Stay tuned for the bonus question at the end "What if I'm not a "baby" person?" 
October 27, 2020
12. Homemaker or Career? How to balance two potential futures with Logan Carr
Logan Carr helps us single ladies navigate this question, as well as:  What if I surpass the men in my life vocationally? Will that make me un-marriagable? And should I approach my investments and career as if I will always be single? 
October 20, 2020
11. Checkmate: Winning Against Your Finances with Kelly Ann Smith
This week we are joined by well-known Financial Youtuber Kelly Smith. Kelly explores how to save money on grocery shopping, how to set savings goals, how to start investing, and how to avoid unhealthy financial habits she sees in single women.   Course link: (Coupon code: smilingpodcast) FREE 7 Day Meal Plan: How To Shop At ALDI:
October 13, 2020
10. Buying a House: How to Think Through the Big Questions Before Making the Biggest Purchase of Your Life With Liz Tittel, Pt. 2
The benefits of having housemates, and what Liz's husband thought of her owning a home when he first met her.  
October 06, 2020
9. Buying a House: How to Think Through the Big Questions Before Making the Biggest Purchase of Your Life With Liz Tittel
Should a single woman buy a house? This episode explores that topic, and When to buy, and what to look for in a future house.  
September 29, 2020
8. Don't Get in a Rut: Embracing Travel, Adventure and Fun as a Christian Single Gal with Sara Disalvo
This light-hearted episode is about trying new things, overcoming fear and insecurities, and enjoying traveling.  
September 22, 2020
7. Living with Your Parents Without Living Out the Stereotype, with Rachelle Talley
This episode goes into the details on how to live with your parents well so that you can be a blessing to them, while living a responsible and independent life as an adult woman.  
September 15, 2020
6. Caring for Aging Loved Ones with Marcia Griffiths, Pt. 2
Marcia shares how she navigated thoughts on feeling like she was missing out on opportunities in her own life by being a caregiver for her mom.  
September 08, 2020
5. Caring for Aging Loved Ones with Marcia Griffiths
Marcia shares the tried and true wisdom of her own experience caring for her mother, and how women can help others in a similar role.  
September 01, 2020
4. Navigating set-ups and long-distance relationships with Jane and John Tucker, Pt. 2
Jane and John share so many nuggets  of wisdom in this episode, including how attraction and contentment played an important role in their relationship.  
August 25, 2020
3. Navigating set-ups and long-distance relationships with Jane & John Tucker
Jane and John share their story and include helpful tips on being set-up, and navigating a long-distance relationship. 
August 18, 2020
2. Essential Habits for Christian Single Women with Jenise Johnson, Pt. 2
Continuing from part 1, Jenise, mother of 11 children, shares habits that Christian single women should be developing in their single years, what negative habits she would discourage falling into, and tips for starting a new habit. 
August 11, 2020
The Who, What, and Why 
August 03, 2020
1. Essential Habits for Christian Single Women with Jenise Johnson
Mother of 11, Jenise Johnson dives into the habits she would encourage Christian single women to be forming in this season of life.  Show Notes: August 15th - "How to Win a Heart" book release on Amazon "Miracle Morning" Book 
August 03, 2020