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Christian Talk That Rocks

By Richie L.
Christian Talk Radio Show Online, discussing today's issues from a Christian perspective and an attitude that Rocks! Join host Richie L. for the hottest topics, current events, and issues affecting this generation of Christians, plus interesting guests and the latest in cutting edge, Christian Music. It's talk radio that is thought provoking, engaging, slightly irreverent, comforting to the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable. THIS AIN'T YOUR GRANDMA'S CHRISTIAN TALK RADIO! Listen in LIVE online, NEW TIME, 2-4 PM Eastern Time, 1-3 PM Central, every Weekday.
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 9/28/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Ian: Hurricane Ian shredding Florida, 2.5 told to evacuate, many don't - FEMA and National Guard staged Oil companies cut production as Hurricane Ian hits Gulf Coast - Hurricane Ian may spike food prices - we'll have coverage. Laptopgate: Hunter Biden's scandals actually a 'national security nightmare,' says congressman. Borderline:  New York becomes tent city, residents blast Biden's border policies. Plus, Dem. Tulsi Gabbard rips on Biden and administration on economy and Ukraine war. And, what a top London cardiologist now says about the COVID-19 shots after confessing he had been 'willfully blind.' or
September 28, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 9/27/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Run For The Border: Obama claims racism regarding most American's opposition to Biden’s deadly US Southern Border policies - Latino activist's realistic view on border angers CNN contributor - GOP Rep. Gimenez: Government shutdown over Border ‘a distinct p[possibility’ - we'll analyze. The Jab: 755% spike in excess deaths in kids since vax rollout in Europe - Top vaccine expert with FDA and NIH warns healthy young people not to get COVID-19 booster - Fired pediatric nurse tearfully testifies of vaccine-induced myocarditis in kids - we'll examine. Plus, U.S. Postal Service caught tracking mail of 2nd Amendment advocates. And, GOP not looking good in certain tight races. or
September 27, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. 9/26/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Whisteling: Facebook censoring content related to FBI Whistleblower - another Whistleblower says FBI manipulating J6 claims - 25 FBI agents with guns drawn reportedly raid pro-life activist's home to the horror of his family - we'll analyze. Vax Scene: Roughly 98% of people eligible to receive latest COVID booster have not received one - Air National Guard board finds military's shaky COVID vax mandate unlawful - New York judge rules COVID vaccine mandate for NYPD union members invalid - we'll examine. Plus, Jen Psaki says Democrats know 'they will lose' if midterms are a referendum on President Biden - Americans increasingly unhappy with Biden’s handling of economy, poll shows. And, 84-year-old pro-life volunteer shot in Michigan after she had a 'heated' exchange. or
September 26, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 9/23/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Over Pandemic: CDC Director Walensky dodges on whether COVID Pandemic is over - Fauci admits knew 'draconian' lockdowns would harm kids after downplaying impact of closing schools, businesses - new York city teacher fired for not taking vax for reigious reasons fires back - we'll exmine. It's The Economy, St***d: Worse to Come? Bank of America expects unemployment to soar to 5.6% next year - US housing recession could send home prices tumbling 20%, economist says - we'll explore. Plus, Faith Under Fire: Pro-abortion terror group attacks another pro-life pregnancy center, issues death threats - 'Woke' lawyer gets roasted after calling evangelical prayer-hands 'Nazi salute.' And, Borderline: The vice president blames the Trump administration for decimating the immigration system and the current border crisis - Poll shows Americans agree illegal immigration is a ‘Serious’ problem. or
September 23, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 9/22/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Fed hikes interest rates for third time In four months - Fed chief Jerome Powell does not agree with President Joe Biden on inflation - US leading indicator falls, signalling recession - Profits plummet and vehicles left unfinished as major U.S. carmaker struggles with inflation - Gas prices rise for first time since June - Grover Norquist claims Biden Administration gaslighting US on recession - John Kerry states what we all knew about inflation Reduction Act - we'll analyze. Plus, Sen. Josh Hawley probes Pentagon over 'alarming' mishandling of religious exemptions to the COVID vaccine - Effects of Mandate on lost jobs and income. And, Nearly half of Dems feel less safe since Biden took office - Overall, nearly 7 in 10 Americans have that concern. or
September 22, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 9/21/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Red heifers back in Israel - another last days sign? - More Americans take on credit card debt amid skyrocketing inflation - Hispanics approve of GOP Governors transporting illegals to Dem run Cities - PolitiFact crushed after publishing Martha’s Vineyard ‘Housing Crisis’ lie on Breitbart’s Facebook page - CNN guest rips White House for constantly walking back Biden's remarks - Biden's national security adviser's telling admission when asked about documents seized at Mar-a-Lago - Poll: Most Americans don't think GOP has done enough to earn their vote - and more. or
September 21, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 9/20/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Desantis fires back - Pandemic over? - More FBI whistleblowing - New York busting at the seams from unlawful immigrants, from Biden admin. - high tech firm trying to be anti racist will fire whites because they're white - British commentator schools CNN's Don Lemon after he suggests royal family should pay for reparations - And, former NIH Director Francis Collins is worried that health officials have lost the public's confidence, suggests creation of a new government agency to counter 'misinformation.' or
September 20, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 9/19/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Fed Up: 'My Pillow' guy Mike Lindell teams up with famed legal expert Alan Dershowitz to sue Feds and FBI - Joe Biden pressuring FBI Agents to 'find' cases that push 'domestic extremism' talking points according to new report - Attorney Preston Moore claims he was offered $400 to create ‘Fake News’ video about Trump by activist organization - we'll explore. Borderline: NBC News deletes tweet with activist quote comparing migrants in Martha's Vineyard to 'trash' - Just a year ago, official said Martha's Vineyard should be 'haven' for illegals, now residents demand immigrants be removed to somewhere else - Martha's Vineyard millionaires launch GoFundMe over 'humanitarian crisis' raised $42,000, but gave none to the migrants - Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says VP Kamala Harris, who claims that the US border is secure, is 'either completely disconnected from reality or she's blatantly lying' - we'll analyze. Plus, Joe Biden in interview says ‘There’s not a single thing that I’ve observed at all that would affect me or the United States relative to my son Hunter’. And, Fewer than half of Americans may be Christian by 2070, according to new projections. or
September 19, 2022
Christian Talk That rocks with Richie L. Ep. 9/16/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Border Debacle: Vice President Kamala Harris again ignores migrant question  - Sen. Ted Cruz Puts Martha’s Vineyard ‘Crisis’ in Perspective: ‘15,000 Haitian Illegal Immigrants’ Entered Del Rio in One Day - Martha’s Vineyard and Republican Governor of Mass., gets illegal aliens deported to Military Base - Majority Approve of Texas Moving Illegals to Sanctuary Cities - Dem run City of El Paso busses illegal immigrants to other ststes and nobody questions - we'll examine. Vax Scene: Big Tech executives silent when asked by lawmaker if they would censor President's now known misinformation on COVID vaccines - CDC chief admits agency gave false info about vaccine-safety monitoring - Former NYC firefighter who says his 20-year career ended after his vaccine religious exemption was denied absolutely shreds city council - we'll explore. Plus, 'What is Biden hiding?': School ordered to explain why it's still concealing Joe's Senate records. And, Sting operation arrests 13 accused of wanting to 'sexually abuse, groom' children, including Disney employee and IT guy who protects students from online predators. or
September 16, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 9/15/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET:  Borderline: Apocalyptic El Paso, Shocking photos show 1,000 migrants sleeping on border city's streets which now resemble 'a third-world country' with no sanitation - $20 Billion in tax dollars spent on illegals - Vice President Harris ignores question from reporter on migrants arriving outside residence after 'secure' border claim - DeSantis flying illegal immigrants to swanky hideaway for the rich and famous - Massachusetts Dems react after DeSantis transports migrants into ritzy Martha's Vineyard: 'Evil and inhumane' -  we'll explore. Rhetoric Ramp Up: Mazie Hirono issues 'literally a call to arms' against pro-life movement - Hank Johnson says parents at school board meetings were ‘just like’ January 6  ‘Coordinated Attack’ - Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan issued a bizarre defense of his “kill and confront” comment - we'll analyze. Plus, Facebook spied on private messages of Americans who questioned 2020 election. And, FBI's investigation into hundreds of attacks by pro-abortion terror group yields zero arrests so far. or
September 15, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 9/14/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Forever Bullying Innocent: Trump supporter says FBI came to her door after Biden's anti-MAGA speech to intimidate her with 'anonymous' false tip - MyPillow CEO Lindell says FBI questioned him, took his cellphone - Special Counsel John Durham claims Igor Danchenko, source for fraudulent Steele Dossier, was paid FBI informant 2017-2020 - DOJ refuses to discipline 2 'corrupt' prosecutors - after attorney general claimed 'adherence to the rule of law' was foundational - we'll examine. Dividen' Biden: Majority of voters say Biden is dividing the country - Surprising poll result? Way more Democrats than Republicans believe Biden's anti-MAGA rhetoric adds to division in America, endangers free speech - we'll explore. Plus, White House planning for massive railroad worker strike that could hit right before midterms - could have grave impact on economy and supply chain woes. And, DoD Inspector General claims  Biden admin. violating laws of Religious Freedom. or
September 14, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. p. 9/13/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Danger Zones: Major city hemorrhages police officers amid massive crime spike - Portlanders are taking precautions to avoid being attacked in response to rising crime - tourist town in North Carolina sees violent crime spike as police dwindle, 'Perfect storm' - we'll examine. School daze: Advocates for Youth pushes for sex ed to start in kindergarten, NPR provides platform - School recommends kindergartners read about trans INFANTS! - Southington school board investigating controversial "woke" vocab list after parents push back - we'll explore. Plus, Unsealed depositions of former Obama IRS officials Lerner and Paz detail knowledge of Tea Party targeting and what they knew they couldn't legally do. And, the recalling of alleged spying and manipulating by Federal agencies of certain events and persons from the 1960's through the early 1980's. or
September 13, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 9/12/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Borderline: Former commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan says VP Harris, Biden Admin lying about border statistics - Texas border town requests refrigerators to store migrant bodies after drownings overwhelm mortuaries - Twice-deported illegal alien sentenced in murder of 6-year-old girl - we'll analyze. Vax Scene: CDC data now show post-vax myocarditis 'misinformation' is actually true' - Many companies dropping vaccine mandate, rationale has become weak' - The bottom is about to fall out for Pfizer and Moderna - find out why. Plus, Sen. Warner claims U.S. domestic threats greater than terrorism - media covered British Royals more than 9/11 stories and tributes. And, Franklin Graham reacts to shocking Pastoral Survey, lambastes 'false teaching, leading people & churches astray.' or
September 12, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 9/9/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Hell's Laptop: Hunter Biden 'happy' to introduce associates to Chinese Communist official, Emails described potential for investment opportunities - ‘My Son Hunter’ Screenwriter claims he  wrote dialogue using real ‘documents, transcripts, or emails’ of the Biden's - Now it's a majority of voters who want Biden impeached, includes one-third of Democrats - we'll examine. Tech & Media Matters: Journalist Glenn Greenwald slams corrupt, pro-censorship corporate news industry - Network host says media need to stop covering 'both sides' of issues - Twitter agreed to pay whistleblower $7 million for silence - we'll analyze. Plus, Defunded police sound alarm amid crime surge. And, Court: California cannot compel Christian doctors to participate in assisted suicide. or
September 09, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 9/7/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Laptop Gate: FBI agent Timothy Thibault hid intel from whistleblower on Hunter and the ‘Big Guy’ Joe Biden - buried  more than 5 hours of testimony from Tony Bobulinski, the first son’s former business partner - Poll finds 62 percent say Joe Biden consulted, perhaps profited from family business deals - Highly anticipated ‘My Son Hunter’ movie launches - we'll analyze. Civil War 2?: Kathy Griffin warns ‘Civil War’ if voters elect Republicans in November Midterms - Poll reveals Biden speech 'dangerous escalation,' majority says - we'll explore. Plus, CDC fed Facebook misinformation about vaccines, amid social-media platform's drive to censor news outlets - Judge orders Biden admin to turn over Dr. Fauci, Jean-Pierre 'misinformation' emails sent to social media giants. And, Justice Department lawyer smears religious liberty advocate as 'hate group.' or
September 07, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L Ep. 9/6/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Political History Re-Writes: Lawmaker claims election-denying is 'hallmark' of fascism, but his election-denying past quickly tells on him - we've got the clips - Teachers union head scorches major paper claiming she did not urge shutting down schools - Youtube clips say otherwise - we'll examine. Media Matters: Zombie Media Cartel worse than ever would strengthen legacy media, punish anti-establishment outlets via new legislation proposal - pushback strategy to prevent Tech from being a "Satan" - we'll analyze. Plus, new poll suggests Americans increasingly concerned about political violence. And, Navy SEALs fight for religious exemptions to vaccine mandates, and battle is far from over. or
September 06, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 9/5/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: FBI Raid: Judge grants Trump's request for Raid Special Master over FBI seized documents - Court fight over contents of safe deposit boxes reveals FBI made up search procedures - CNN reporter tweets there are ‘serious questions’ about Hunter Biden, FBI: ‘Shouldn’t be a partisan issue' - we'll examine. Big Pharma: 'Flagrantly illegal' - Scandal erupts at Pfizer, and it's not about shots - Bayer agrees to pay $40 million to settle whistleblower claims - Poll shows three in ten Americans did not get a Coronavirus Vaccine - we'll explore. Plus, Teachers Union Boss, Randi Weingarten claims politicians make teachers 'social justice warriors.' And, Christian Photographer beats city in court, won't be forced to work same-sex weddings. or
September 05, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 9/2/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: WAR?: Creepy, backdrop lighting, soldiers, as Joe Biden speaks to nation - MSNBC political analyst says Biden's anti-MAGA speech was an 'urgent wartime address' - tries to shake invisible hand? - CNN, CBS, WaPo Journalists Blast Biden for having military behind him during ‘political speech’ - President Biden walks back on Friday said he does not consider any Donald Trump supporters to be a "threat" to the U.S. - Divider & Chief? -we'll analyze.  Plus, Emails show the Biden administration met with big tech companies to discuss censorship of COVID-19 'misinformation'. And, California School District textbook claims there are EIGHT genders - Mother charges that kids “are being exploited." or
September 02, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 9/1/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET:  Brave New Schools: School district ignores homicidal petition, now pays huge price - Education Sec. Cardona saya huge drop in math, reading scores ‘Not surprising’ with remote learning - Kansas teacher wins $95,000 after school pushed her to 'deceive' parents about students' gender identity - we'll explore. Big Bro: Lawsuit uncovers army of feds censoring speech in America, 'Officials across at least 11 agencies have secretly communicated with social media' - Ex-FBI official called 'highly partisan' for his statements to public, Thibault also had long history of misconduct complaints - 'FBI leaders have created a world of universal deceit,' ACLJ lawyer says it's time for 'a root-and-branch effort to clean up' government - we'll examine. Plus, Americans dropping dead Largest decrease in U.S. life expectancy in 100 years!  And, Coalition of pastors declaring 'never again' to church shutdowns grows to more than 1,200. or
September 01, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 8/312022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: G-Men:  Deep state strikes back, shows top secret Trump Docs in court filing - DOJ posts photographs of classified documents online - Ex-FBI Agent Thibault retains legal counsel, denies some allegations against him - Monkees' frontman Micky Dolenz files a lawsuit against the FBI - Allegations of political bias, widespread misconduct prompt FBI agents to call for Wray resignation - we'll examine. It's The Economy: ADP’s new report sees ‘inflection point’ as hiring turns sluggish - US housing market in ‘much worse shape’ than Fed admits: economist - Californians are urged to avoid charging electric vehicles, days after state announced ban of new sales of gas-powered cars by 2035. And, Mom 'discovers sexual conversations between kids and adults in LGBT chatroom.' or
August 31, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 8/30/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: FBI: Top FBI agent resigns amid claims he shielded Hunter Biden from probe - DOJ has 'no case' against Trump, says former FBI assistant director - Alan Dershowitz claims DOJ 'Can't be trusted' to look over Mar-a-Lago files - Massive majority thinks Biden-laptop coverup CHANGED election - was FBI raid a search for Russiagate Documents at Mar-a-Lago? - we'll analyze. Borderline: Border Patrol chief says border crisis a result of Biden's 'no consequences' policy for illegal migrants - Karine Jean-Pierre slammed for denying anyone 'walks over' the border - Surprise! Biden Administration is paying for illegal aliens to be bused to New York - we'll examine. Plus, School reportedly allows teen girl to identify as a cat in class. And, Economists ‘Are in Almost Universal Harmony’ That Biden Debt Cancellation Plan ‘Is a Bad Idea.’ or
August 30, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 8/29/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: FBI, DOJ, IRS: DOJ admits some seized Trump docs covered by Attorney-Client Privilege - FBI responds to Zuckerberg, says it ‘routinely notifies’ social media companies of potential threats - Person chosen to lead 87,000 new IRS agents helped cover up IRS corruption - we'll examine. Back To School: Students shown video telling them to NOT call police - Oklahoma mom says former teacher should face ‘criminal charges’ over kids' access to ‘pornographic’ book - Message to teachers wedded to CRT indoctrination, Find another job - we'll explore. Plus, Aaron Rodgers says NFL discriminated against unvaccinated. And, Does being 'offended' make someone else's prayer a crime? or
August 29, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 8/26/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET:  Facebook CEO admits to Joe Rogan FBI falsely claimed Hunter Biden laptop story was disinformation - Miranda Devine of NYPost appauled - DOJ releases heavily redacted Mar-a-Lago raid affidavit - couple who stole Ashley Biden Diary plead guilty - legitimizes diary - schools gone wild - school employee touts adult toys to kids - fed Chairman says more economic pain necessary to control inflation - and more! or
August 26, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 8/25/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET:  Federal Bureau of Intrigue: Whistleblowers claim FBI forbade agents from probing Hunter’s Laptop until after 2020 Election - slow-walked Hunter Biden laptop investigation - DOJ indicates will heavily redact Mar-a-Lago raid affidavit - we'll examine. School Daze: 3rd-grade boys instructed on how to act like girls - State's biggest school district implements mask mandate for entire school year - Joe Biden bristles after reporter questions fairness of canceling student debt -we'll explore. Plus, Trend-setting state poised to ban gasoline-car sales. And, YouTube will no longer punish accounts that question efficacy of face masks. or
August 25, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 8/24/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Foregiven: President Biden announces student loan handout as national debt soars - Biden will cancel up to $20,000 in student loan debt for certain Pell Grant recipients - Top Dem economist torches Biden's plan for sweeping student loan debt forgiveness, could increase inflation - Home prices fell for the first time in 3 years last month – and it was the biggest decline since 2011 - we'll analyze. Brave New Schools: Teachers-union president defends laying off teachers first based on race - Leftists crushed in school boards elections across Florida - Parent talks about duaghter's suicidal threats based on school gender pressures - back-to-school plans divide students by gender - we'll examine. Plus, record number of Americans are 'suffering' under president Biden. And, TWO YEARS after election, Post Office just now finds 2020 ballots! or
August 24, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 8/23/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Vax Scene: Marines beat President Biden in court on vaccine mandate for the moment - CDC Director says 'Dramatic' mistakes during pandemic prompt reset - praises Dr. Fauci - Pfizer CEO praises 'ingestible pills' with microchip, Drug chief goes gaga for capsule that broadcasts a wireless signal to authorities - we'll analyze. Raid: Trump attorney claims Mar-a-Lago Warrant 'Way too broad' - Judge determines government can't keep FBI-raid affidavit secret, but lets feds propose redactions to key allegations - we'll examine. Plus, Poll finds Gas Prices, Economy, Crime dominate Midterm issues. And, California sued for trying to force its morals on churches - Officials demanding faith daycare centers follow state agenda. or
August 23, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 8/22/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Is It Recession Yet? Half of companies planning layoffs or hiring freezes according to survey - Fox News host gets energy secretary to show just how out of touch she is with everyday Americans - Turkey prices expected to surge this Thanksgiving, experts warn -Inflation and bird flu took a toll on turkey flocks - foodbanks being hit hard - we'll eaxmine. Angry Americans: NBC News Poll finds Americans are angry, disappointed, 74% say country on wrong track - Ex-FBI agent claims Biden's DOJ pushed FBI to raid Mar-a-Lago - NYT Op-Ed says throw out the ‘Broken Constitution’ and ‘Reclaim America’ - Murder rate in major U.S. cities higher than Ukraine's civilian death rate. Plus, Virginia parents concerned by proposed changes to history standards claim 'Slippery slope.' or
August 22, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 8/18/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET:  Media Matters: News editors: Yes, we'll question integrity of federal law enforcement - CNN reporter admits name of inflation bill a 'marketing device' meant to dupe Joe Manchin  - MSNBC, ABC, CNN realize Inflation Reduction Act doesn’t reduce inflation after bill is passed: ‘Marketing’ - we'll explore. Deeper State: Jim Jordan Explains the 14 FBI Whistleblowers, ‘Frankly, We Anticipate More’ - Liz Cheney's husband and Hunter Biden's attorney are partners at the same firm - Judge weighs possibility of releasing Mar a Lago raid affidavit - we'll examine. Plus, Brave New Schools: New Jersey teachers union condemns parents as 'extremist' in new ad - Arizona parents deliver list of 'expectations' to school board: 'Trust has been broken.' And, Home sales fell nearly 6% in July as housing market slides into a recession. or
August 18, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 8/17/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Donald and the Raiders: Eric Trump puts FBI on notice, Raiding officers were recorded, 'We will be releasing the video surveillance footage when  time is right' - was Trump raid pulled off by 'Russiagate' FBI agents 'actively under criminal investigation' - Rick Santorum claims FBI raid is another reason for a convention of states - we'll analyze. School Daze: Teacher requires students to provide pronouns, personal contact info, was not an optional survey - White teachers get fired first in major U.S. city - Black conservative mom plans legal action over being called 'token' by school board member - we'll examine. Plus, famed economist makes dire prediction about Biden's economy - Sen. Joe Manchin admits 'Inflation Reduction Act' won't tame inflation for Americans anytime soon. or
August 17, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 8/16/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Vax Scene: Double Vaccinated, Twice Boosted Jill Biden Tests Positive for Coronavirus - COVID-infected Pfizer CEO promised vaccine was 100% effective - No more quarantines or test-to-stay in schools, CDC reveals sweeping changes to COVID-19 guidance -  attorneys who have filed lawsuits on behalf of military members, students, health-care workers and others argue there is no longer a case for vaccine mandates - Alex Berenson claims Biden administration pressured Twitter to ban him, reveals damning evidence - we'll explore. Just Us Department: Jim Jordan: 14 FBI whistleblowers have come forward - Judge schedules hearing on potentially unsealing FBI search records on Trump/Mar-a-Lago raid - Attorney General told by several Republican lawmakers in a letter to produce 'all documents' on Trump document seizure - we'll examine. Plus, Soros-backed organization creates plan to entrench Critical Race Theory in Federal Government. or
August 16, 2022
Christian Talk That Rocks with Richie L. Ep. 8/15/2022
On today's show, 1:06pm CT, 2:06pm ET: Recession Yet?: Best Buy cuts jobs across the country, after warning of slower sales - Labor Department data, the number of workers in the U.S. has fallen 400,000 since March - most "big boxes" in hiring freeze or layoff mode due to shrinking sales - Inflation costing the average American $717 a month, analysis shows - WH press secretary gets twisted into knots when ABC anchor confronts her over 'Orwellian' narrative on inflation bill - we'll analyze. Brave New Schools: California Department of Education advocates books promoting gender transitions to kindergartners - one state trains teachers to hide students' names and preferred pronouns from parents - Michigan mom who advocated against lockdowns, speaks on how district allegedly bit back - we'll examine. Plus, Trump Never: DOJ allegedly seized privileged attorney-client materials in Trump raid - Trump fundraising shatters records after FBI raid. or
August 15, 2022