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The Christian Post Podcast

The Christian Post Podcast

By The Edifi Podcast Network
"The Christian Post Podcast: The Inside Story" takes you behind the headlines of the biggest faith, culture and political headlines of the week. In 15 minutes or less, Christian Post staff writers and editors will help you navigate and understand what's driving each story, the issues at play — and why it all matters.

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From Amy Grant to TobyMac: Inside the Genesis and History of Christian Music
Christian Post reporter Leah Klett joins Billy Hallowell to discuss "The Jesus Music" documentary and its exploration into the genesis and history of Christian music. Klett explores what audiences can expect from the film — and the most intriguing details to emerge about the rise and popularity of gospel-driven music.
October 6, 2021
The Story Behind Shocking Study Finding Majority of US Christians Don't Believe Holy Spirit Is Real
Christian Post reporter Leonardo Blair breaks down the story behind the stunning survey showing that the majority of U.S. Christians don't believe the holy spirit is real. Blair explains the data as well as some of the other shocking cultural elements unfolding right now in American society.
September 27, 2021
'We're in a Crisis': America's 'First Post-Christian Generation,' Moral Relativism — and a Powerful Solution
Christian Post reporter Leah Klett breaks down the moral chaos impacting Christianity and culture more broadly. But despite the consternation, Klett reveals a powerful ministry solution that can help bring faith back into the fold for an increasingly confused young generation.
September 20, 2021
Ex-Muslim Hedieh Mirahmadi Reveals Journey to Christ & Her Take on Afghanistan Crisis: 'Our Failure...Is a Spiritual One'
Hedieh Mirahmadi is an ex-Muslim-turned-Christian. An expert on Islam and extremism, she has a plethora of experience working in Afghanistan and in Middle Eastern affairs. In a recent Christian Post op-ed, she proclaimed "Ultimately, our failure in Afghanistan is a spiritual one." Listen to Mirahmadi explain this proclamation and her conversion to Christianity.  And read her article here: 
September 7, 2021
'I'm Ashamed': Dr. Richard Land Rebukes President Biden's Afghanistan Handling, Describes 'Shameful' Situation
Dr. Richard Land isn't mincing words when it comes to President Joe Biden's handling of the Afghanistan crisis: "He’s gotten it about as spectacularly wrong as you can get it. His behavior internationally is just as shameful as his behavior is on the southern border. We have an incompetent president." Listen to Land break down what's unfolding. And read his latest opinion piece on The Christian Post.
August 23, 2021
Atheist Defends Christian Evangelist Amid His Arrest For Publicly Preaching on Homosexuality
Evangelist Ryan Schiavo, an American street preacher, was arrested last month in the U.K. after publicly preaching about his beliefs on homosexuality — and the case is raising some eyebrows. Here's the story. Listen to more Christian podcasts today on the Edifi app. And be sure to subscribe to the “Christian Post Podcast” on your favorite platforms:  Edifi: Anchor: Breaker: Google Podcasts: Apple Podcasts: Pocket Casts: RadioPublic: Spotify:
August 16, 2021
The Secret Online Groups Where Christian Women Find Empowerment to Leave 'Destructive Marriages'
When is divorce permitted in the Christian faith? Christian Post journalist Brandon Showalter explores the complex conversation around abuse and divorce, delving into some of the secret online groups where abused spouses are fleeing to find support for leaving abusive and "destructive" marriages. "Some of the worst abuse that can happen to a person is psychological and mental," Showalter told "The Christian Post Podcast" while discussing the issue. "The effects on the body of the abused party are just as horrific as if there would be physical abuse." You can read the full article: --- SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHRISTIAN POST PODCAST: Edifi: Anchor: Breaker: Google Podcasts: Apple Podcasts: Pocket Casts: RadioPublic: Spotify:
August 11, 2021
‘Taken At Birth’: The Absolutely Unbelievable Story About an Abortion Doctor Who Sold Hundreds of Babies on the Black Market
On this week’s episode of “The Christian Post Podcast,” reporter Leah Klett unveils the absolutely unbelievable story about an abortion doctor who sold 200 babies on the black market — and victim Jane Blasio’s journey to uncover the truth. “[Blasio] discovered that she was one of 200 babies sold in an illegal operation run in the 1950s and 60s by a Georgia abortion doctor named Thomas Hicks,” Klett explained. Listen to Klett reveal the details of this shocking story on this episode of "The Christian Post Podcast." 
August 2, 2021
7 Faith-Based & Christian Films Coming Soon to Theaters (Featuring Jeannie Ortega Law)
Christian Post reporter Jeannie Ortega Law breaks down the seven faith-based movies that are coming soon to theaters across the nation. Plus, Law explores some of the Christian films you might have missed earlier this year.
July 26, 2021
As Christian Persecution Reaches a Fever Pitch, There's a Spotlight on the Dire State of Religious Liberty Across the Globe
Christian Post reporter Ryan Foley explores revelations about religious persecution that were recently shared during the 2021 International Religious Freedom Summit, an event aimed at advancing international religious freedom. During this week’s episode of “The Christian Post Podcast,” Foley revealed that 80 percent of the world’s population live in places with at least some restrictions on religious liberty. Why do these issues matter and what's really going on behind the headlines? Get the inside story during this episode of "The Christian Post Podcast." 
July 19, 2021
'A Medical Scandal': The Inside Story on the Transgender Debate, a New Porn-Blocking Service and More
Christian Post reporters Brandon Showalter and Leah Klett join the podcast to break down some of the big stories of the week. Showalter discusses the transgender debate and Klett breaks down a new porn-blocking service for families, her experience with the Kendrick Brothers and so much more. Go behind the headlines on this episode of The Christian Post Podcast!
July 13, 2021
The Battle Over Biden, Pro-Choice Dems and Communion — and Go Behind the Headlines on the Transgender Sports Debate
Journalist Billy Hallowell sits down with Christian Post reporter Ryan Foley to take you behind the headlines on two key issues this week: the battle over pro-choice Catholics and communion and the ongoing transgender sports debate. Why do these issues matter and what's really going on? Get the inside story on this episode of "The Christian Post Podcast."
July 3, 2021