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Our vision for this podcast series was a channel where we might share an engaging set of conversations with practitioners and thought-leaders, internationally, to broaden peoples’ understanding of the diverse elements which underpin Christian schooling: culture, community, formation, pedagogy, leadership and research. That listeners would start to see the blueprint lines for effective Christian schooling. That each podcast would challenge Christian educators and leaders to take the next step in forming a concrete conceptualisation of what a flourishing Christian School community is.
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S3 - Ep.3: CSA Leadership Development Framework | Instilling Hope
Where Episode 2 caused us to consider the question of legacy and the importance of knowing when to pass the baton, Episode 3 takes a dive into the place of Hope in one's leadership and calling. In this episode we talk with Dr Brian Harris (Director) and Jennifer Argue (Executive Consultant) from AVENIR Leadership Institute as they share their theology and journey of leadership in education. Together, they challenge us to think about the generational impact of leadership and the place of instilling hope in our schools and their communities.  This episode will also ask the question of how the vision and hope that is instilled through godly leadership makes a difference for now and the long term.
September 27, 2022
S3 - Ep.2: CSA Leadership Development Framework | Inspiring Imagination
Episode 1 provided an overview of the Framework as a whole. In Episode 2 we begin our discussion of the twelve characteristics of leadership that are embedded in the Framework: Inspiring Imagination. Leaders of vision inspire imagination and paint a picture of the future to which others aspire.  We hear from Framework author Dr Daren Iselin and a leading architect and artist, Ian McGilvray.  As a senior architect, inspiration for Ian’s many projects came from his Christian faith, the aspirations of his clients and a desire to create spaces in which they would flourish. To get the best from his team he also inspired them to be creative in design and problem solving.  Approaching 60 this awarded architect left behind a partnership in an internationally renowned firm to complete a Masters degree in fine art. Far from being a retreat into a private passion, Ian saw the career change as an advance into a different form of cultural leadership, using art as a medium to express and inspire redemptive change, seeing and representing Godly hope at work in the subjects of his art. His insights are fascinating for all who seek to inspire and lead positive change.  This episode will also pose questions about legacy, and the importance of knowing when to pass the baton. 
March 29, 2022
S3 - Ep.1: CSA Leadership Development Framework | Where it all begins
Leadership is a journey. Welcome to the CSA Leadership Development Podcast series. This series is being developed throughout our 20th Anniversary year as a resource to accompany the CSA Leadership Framework, launched in 2021. With our host, Stephen O’Doherty, this series will be a collection of conversations that look at leadership in a broad way. “It’s about helping people find their place of flourishing in a world in which they are enabled to lead by God, who puts us in positions, and wants us to do well.” In this introductory episode, Stephen talks with co-author of the CSA Leadership Framework, and CSA’s Director of Research & Innovation, Dr Darren Iselin. Together they discuss the issues of: the crisis of leadership that’s occurring in schools in the cultural moment; who exercises leadership; the cost of leadership; is leadership what will make you flourish as God intended? The CSA Leadership Development Framework was birthed out of an imperative to seek to reimagine what leadership development might look like to help position school leaders, at every level, to take up the mantle into the future and beyond. FIND OUT MORE about the CSA Leadership Development Framework
February 25, 2022
S2 Ep.14: Change or Suppression? A personal story | Mark Spencer and Leah Gray
In this episode, Mark Spencer, Director of Public Policy with Christian Schools Australia, has a heart-to-heart conversation with Leah Gray and her personal experience of gender identity. Leah grew up in a Christian home, went to church, was actively involved with her faith, but always felt a little different. She didn’t fit the traditional stereotypes for a girl and once at university began to ‘explore’. Through lots of support, prayer and the grace of God, Leah has turned her life around and is now happily married with a little daughter of her own born earlier this year. On this podcast we share a little of Leah’s story and how legislation like the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act 2021 passed by the Victorian Parliament on 4 February 2021 impacts people looking to live an authentic Christian life.
October 25, 2021
S2 Ep.13: Re-imagining Leadership Development for Christian Schools | Dr Darren Iselin and Andy Wolfe
Re-imagining Leadership Development for Christian Schools: The CSA Leadership Framework and the Partnership with the Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership in the United Kingdom On this episode of the CSA Podcast series, Dr Darren Iselin talks with Andy Wolfe, Executive Director of Education for the Church of England in the United Kingdom. Andy and Darren discuss leadership development within schools and the work Andy has done co-authoring a Church of England leadership development resource with Professor David Ford from Cambridge University. Andy and Darren also discuss the recent collaboration between the Church of England and CSA on an exciting new CSA leadership framework which is due for release on the 14th October at the upcoming 2021 NLS Leadership Symposium.
October 01, 2021
S2 Ep.12: Developing a Culture of Communication | Andrew Taylor and Andrew Stone
Join Andrew Taylor, QLD EO and School Improvement national portfolio leader, in a conversation with Andrew Stone from Stone Creative. Andrew serves as a leadership development and communications consultant for the education sector, faith-based communities, universities, leadership colleges and not-for-profit organisations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and USA. Both Andrews will discuss the importance of effective communication in an organisation and explore that when you can clearly think about your outcomes and what you want to communicate, understand who in your organisation needs to know, and rollout with a relational and team building tone, you are well on the way to building a ‘culture of communication’. Download: CORE Framework PDF
August 25, 2021
S2 Ep.11: Looking Beyond the “Doing” of Leadership – Why Our Formation Really Matters
It’s a tough time to be leader. With so much uncertainty and change, the wellbeing of leaders is certainly a hot topic. We’re also seeing leaders with great ability and charisma burn out or fall from grace, not from a lack of skill, but perhaps from a lack of attention to their own formation. In this podcast we are joined by Jeff Nagle from Heritage Leaders, who will help us explore what it is that brings leaders unstuck and how we can be intentional in our spiritual and philosophical formation – rather than just focus on the “doing” of leadership. Jeff has many years of experience in the international development and not-for-profit space, is heavily invested in supporting teachers and school leaders, and has some sage advice for leading in these challenging times.
August 16, 2021
S2 Ep.10: Protections in Religious Freedom & The Impact on Education - Understanding The Australian Context
Mark Spencer, CSA Director of Public Policy, talks with Professor Nicholas Aroney, Professor of Constitutional Law at The University of Queensland and a member of the Expert Panel on Religious Freedom established by the Commonwealth Government in 2017. Existing protections for religious freedom in Australia are discussed, and some myths about claimed protections are busted, no section 116 does not provide individual rights to religious freedom. Professor Aroney outlines simply, and in an easy to understand manner, the protections for religious freedom in international law and highlights where existing protections in Australian law fall short. He also identifies some key traps in Australian law that might not be evident to the casual reader. This podcast is an essential primer for anybody wanting to understand the law around religious freedom in Australia.
August 11, 2021
S2 Ep.9: How to understand and positively influence school culture | Rob Loe with Ben Gibbs
This podcast explores how we understand and positively influence school culture. There is often a tension between what a leadership team might suggest is the destination culture of a school and what, in reality, one experiences when you ask everyone else – what we might call the shadow culture or cultures. When we don’t engage sufficiently with those shadow cultures it creates a level of HR risk which, experience suggests, schools are not, currently, managing. The first time we realise there is an issue is usually when something goes wrong. So how do we understand that culture better? How do we reveal that culture effectively? And how do we engage with it more dynamically? 26mins you won’t regret giving up! *Suggested link: Pandemic as Portal
June 16, 2021
S2 Ep.8: Why Religious Freedom Matters | Mark Spencer with Rohan McHugh
Our Director of Public Policy, Mark Spencer, talks with Rohan McHugh, Executive Director of Freedom for Faith about religious freedom and the upcoming Religious Freedom Weekend. Mark and Rohan talk about just some of the examples of the violation of religious freedom rights but more can be found here. They also discuss the report from a recent NSW Parliamentary inquiry. The full report is available here with a summary in our CSA Briefing. The Religious Freedom Weekend is coming up on 11 – 13 June 2021 with full details on the website or in our Briefing which also has downloadable resources for members.
June 09, 2021
S2 Ep.7: Christian Education - Valuing Honesty, Justice and Reconciliation | Sandra Scott
In this episode of the CSA Horizons Podcast series, Sandra Scott talks with Sam Cheesman, Principal of Tyndale Christian School in Strathalbyn South Australia, and Meredith Lockery, Tyndale’s Executive Director Faith and Learning, about equipping teachers for the intentional incorporation of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cross-Curricula Priority into the school’s curriculum and culture. Tyndale Christian School, as part of its commitment to an excellent, inclusive and Christ-centred education, has partnered with Australians Together in a pilot program which it heartily recommends to other schools. Key ideas shared in the podcast A plea from teachers: “What do we do about AITSL 1.4 and 2.4?” A partnership between Tyndale Christian School and Australians Together Growing a school culture which values honesty, justice and reconciliation It’s about changing mindsets and behaviours It starts with intentional and strategic leadership
June 01, 2021
S2 Ep.6: Rich in Hope and Purpose - Developing a Missional and Service Mindset in Christian Schools | Sandra Scott
In this episode of the CSA Horizons Podcast series, Sandra Scott talks with Catriona Wansbrough, Principal of St Andrews Christian College in Melbourne Victoria, about the intentional positioning of a mission and service culture in her school. Key things shared in the podcast School is about more than great academic results Always focus on the ‘why’: what are our end goals? In a Christian school, education is ultimately for the benefit of God’s Kingdom How do we build a school culture which incorporates a missional and service mindset? Priorities must be reflected in a school’s documents, budget, staffing, and time allocation It all starts with intentional leadership
April 01, 2021
S2 Ep.5: Revealing Jesus in the Learning Environment | Cass Pendlebury
Listen to this rich discussion on the key purpose of Christian schooling through the lens of curriculum. Cass Pendlebury hosts Peter Kilgour and Bev Christian from Avondale University College as they explore the importance of introducing Jesus to students in Christian schools and how to do that. Is it environment… is it planning… is it both? Peter and Bev also discuss their recently published book ‘Revealing Jesus in the Learning Environment’ from Avondale Academic Press and their own personal experiences with Christian education.
March 30, 2021
S2 Ep.4: Case Study - A School Improvement Experience | Andrew Taylor
In 2020 CSA launched the CSA Architecture School Improvement Tool. Discovery Christian College, a small school located on the coast in Central Queensland was the first school to pilot the tool. Join Andrew Taylor from CSA, Josh Counsel, Principal of Discovery Christian College and Blair Harp, Principal of Lighthouse Christian School, as they discuss the implementation of the new CSA Architecture School Improvement Tool at Discovery CC and learn from their experience.
March 24, 2021
S2 Ep.3: “Staying Mission True” : The Challenge for Christian Schools in Australia | Dr Darren Iselin and Dr Graeme Cross
In this episode Darren Iselin talks with Dr Graeme Cross Chief Executive Officer of the Swan Cristian Education Association (SCEA), a network of seven schools located in the Perth metropolitan area. Graeme has extensive senior leadership experience in both schools and universities and has an expert knowledge of education and the Christian schooling sector. Over the past 60 years, the flourishing of Christian schooling across Australia has been significant and far reaching. Such growth and development has led to increasingly changing enrolment patterns in many Christian schools that present both challenges and opportunities to Christian school cultures. Graeme explores the importance of sustaining core vision within both covenantal and missional schools models of Christian schooling into the future and uses a quadrant school culture model to re-frame the conversation regarding Christian schooling in the 21stcentury. Graeme explores the challenges for both models in a contemporary age and cautions about the potential for mission drift within both models unless leaders are highly intentional about their core purpose in a rapidly changing socio-cultural setting.
March 16, 2021
S2 Ep.2: Living in (Sexual) Hope | Mark Spencer and Geoff Lin
Director of Public Policy Mark Spencer talks with Rev. Geoff Lin. Geoff is, amongst other roles, the SA/NT Regional Director for the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) and chairs the steering committee for Living Hope SA—a ministry that supports individuals, families and churches in regards to sexuality and LGBT+ issues.* After getting feedback on the impact of Christian schools on students in South Australian universities, Mark and Geoff talk about the work of Living Hope SA in the lives of those struggling with same-sex attraction.  Geoff unpacks some of the theology and pastoral concern around LGBT+ issues, and provides some real life examples of the care that can be provided.  They also briefly touch on the potential impact of “conversion practices” ban legislation on these sort of ministries. During the discussion a book by the celibate same sex attracted Anglican minister, Ed Shaw is mentioned. The Plausibility Problem: The Church and Same-Sex Attraction (2015) ISBN: 9781783592067 is available from Koorong or a number of other booksellers. The Living Hope SA resources page also lists other recommended books for those seeking further reading. *Please note: Geoff was interviewed in a personal capacity for this podcast and not as a spokesperson for either of these bodies.  The views expressed are his own.
March 10, 2021
S2 Ep.1: Developing a Research Culture in your School | Dr Rob Loe and Hugh Chilton
In this interview with the Director of Research and Professional Learning at the Scots College, Sydney, Hugh Chilton unpacks what it means to turn a school outward. Despite deep connections to parent and church communities, schools can often become self-referential in their practice. We can do things because that's the way we've always done them. From international school collaboration to partnerships with universities and industry, Hugh and the team strive to ensure the school remains at the cutting edge, connected to the very best people and practices. Why? Because then you can turn inwards as leaders and explore, very deeply, who you are, where you are and why you’re here. Scots want their approach to be research informed, and that means plenty of piloting, prototyping and evaluation. But, more deeply, this is also a posture; a disposition where staff are relentlessly focussed on improving and evolving their classroom practice and sharing the learning with others. It requires an open-mindedness that we might be doing things wrong and as leaders, we need to model that and encourage staff, as well as students, to try new things.
March 03, 2021
S1 Episode Seventeen: New Horizons for the Christian School Association
This podcast explores the maturing of the Christian school movement in Australian over the past 40 years and the new horizons that lay ahead. Dr Pampuch puts a compelling case forward that schools, to retain their Christian distinctive, must be explicit and intentional about the essential elements of Christian schooling. Schools need to adopt a fully-articulated framework and pathway to maturity to be effective both now and into the future. He explores the way associations can assist in this process through development of conceptual frameworks which are underpinned by bespoke resources and services. He also discusses the pathways to maturity that schools need to take and the way that research, advocacy, leadership development type programs can provide opportunities for schools to embrace deep value propositions. The podcast concludes with a discussion about the mobilisation of schools through joint activity hubs, becoming communities of practice, which stretch and deepen the effectiveness of each member school.
March 03, 2021
S1 Episode Eighteen: Dave Stevens & Lisa Cole | Setting Students Up for Success
EPISODE 18 - HORIZON 2020 SERIES |  25 NOVEMBER, 2020 Episode Eighteen: Setting Students Up for Success Join the conversation about "Setting Students Up for Success" with Dave Stevens, CSA Executive Officer WA, and Lisa Cole, Executive Principal, Arethusa College, QLD. Lisa is passionate about teaching and learning and seeing all students succeed. She strives to help every child know who they are, how they learn and how to work well with others. Today's discussion begins within the framework of Trauma Informed practice, and the need to understand student's "back story" (or "trauma"). The conversation touches on four areas that all educators can use to help students succeed: Build relationship and develop trust. Allow students to fail and try, try , try again Appropriate, engaging, student focused curriculum Empowerment through choice.
March 03, 2021
S1 Episode Nineteen: Dr Rob Loe & Dr Brian Harris | Theology Meets Social Science - Unpacking "Community"
EPISODE 19 - HORIZON 2020 SERIES |  1 DECEMBER, 2020 Episode Nineteen: Theology Meets Social Science - Unpacking "Community" Join Professor Brian Harris and Dr Rob Loe as they unpack “community” as an integrating motif in theology and a fundamental lever of flourishing schooling. Why is God at work in the world? What is God wanting to do? Harris takes his cue from the work of Stanley Grenz and argues, as Grenz did, that at the heart of the Christian message is the good news that the triune God invites us into fellowship with himself, with each other, and with all creation. Theology meets social science in twenty packed minutes. The discussion is rich. The podcast is one not to be missed.
March 03, 2021
S1 Episode Twenty: Summer Series 20-21 | Throwback Episode - Behaviour Management - Who Is Managing Which Behaviour?
In our Summer Series, we're sharing some highlights from our 2020 podcasts, including this one on Behaviour Management. This podcast is for every practitioner, and the principals who lead our schools. This week we discuss behaviour management with one on the UK’s leading experts. CSA’s Dave Stevens of WA, interviews Paul Dix the once difficult child, relentless teacher and now award-winning behaviour trainer. Paul has been working with the most difficult behaviours in the most challenging urban schools and colleges for the last 25 years. He founded Pivotal Education and The TBAP Trust transforming behaviour, teaching and learning in schools and colleges in the UK and internationally. His voice has echoed through many classrooms. But, if you think this podcast is for a school other than yours, you’ve missed the point. A leading thinker in behaviour management and behaviour change, his inspirational perspectives and fascinating narratives reveal a ferocious passion for education. Join them both as they explore tips and strategies to encourage teacher-student relationships in the classroom. From the “at risk” to the “attention rousing” – Paul explores how minor adjustments in our craft produce monumental shifts in our cultures.
March 03, 2021
S1 Episode Twenty-Two: Summer Series 20-21 | Throwback episode - An Opportunity for Educational Re-set
This week, in our Summer Series, is a throwback to a conversation in May of 2020 between CEO of Christian Schools Australia, Dr Daniel Pampuch, and Executive Officer for Victoria and Tasmania, Dr Rob Loe, who also has a national portfolio in CSA for Organisational Culture and Community Development. This was recorded while Rob was still in lock-down in the UK, and soon after the first wave of Covid-19 hit Australia. In this episode, Daniel reflects on the need to create stability, predictability and continuity in our school communities, particularly throughout the uncertain times of being in and out of schools and classrooms. Something to definitely reflect on as the year draws to a close. Enjoy this though-provoking conversation, and have a Happy and Safe New Year!
March 03, 2021
S1 Episode Twenty-Three: Summer Series 20-21 | Faith in Kids (for Parents): Talking through Unbelief With Teens
This week in our Summer Series, we’re pointing you to an episode from the podcast channel called “Faith in Kids” hosted by Ed Drew, Director of Faith in Kids. This week’s episode is for Parents on the topic of Talking through Unbelief with Teens; when their independence is expressed, their preferred lifestyle is being explored and their personal values are now being owned. Hopefully this is timely for you as you and your household assess and re-assess the year that’s been and the year ahead. Check it out and have a listen here. Enjoy this deeply helpful discussion!
March 03, 2021
S1 Episode Twenty-One: Summer Series 20-21 | The Inquisition: Advent, Epiphany, Isaiah and the earthing of Christmas
This week in our Summer Series, we’re pointing you to an episode from the podcast channel called “The Inquisition” hosted by the witty and very funny, James Cary (known for his clever TV and radio writing for quite a number of British shows, including Think the Unthinkable, Concrete Cow and of course, Miranda). In this episode, James has a timely chat with “spy-turned-vicar”, Bishop Nick Baines, who explains Advent, Epiphany, Isaiah and the earthing of Christmas. Have a listen and check out the link here. Enjoy, and have a happy and safe Christmas from all of us at Christian Schools Australia.
March 03, 2021
S1 Episode Twenty-Six: Summer Series 20-21 | Throwback episode - New Horizons for the Christian School Association
This week in our Summer Series for 2020-2021, is this throwback to a brilliant conversation between Dr Daniel Pampuch, CEO of Christian Schools Australia, and Dr Maria Varlet, Head of Research and Innovation at CREST Education in Melbourne, Victoria. In this episode, Maria and Daniel have helpful and absorbing discussion exploring the maturing of the Christian school movement in Australia over the past 40 years. Dr Pampuch puts a compelling case forward that to retain their Christian distinctive, schools must be explicit and intentional about the essential elements of Christian schooling. With schools kicking-off all across Australia in the coming week, this is a timely conversational reminder of why we do what we do at Christian Schools Australia. And also a reminder to check out our wealth of resources available to CSA Member Schools on the our website (, all of which are there to help you do exactly what this episode discussed; to maintain that Christian distinctive in your schools. Stay safe and enjoy listening to this helpful episode!
January 25, 2021
S1 Episode Twenty-Five: Summer Series 20-21 | Faith in Kids (for Kids): Into The Unknown - Starting School Well
We’re continuing with our Summer Series. A couple of weeks ago, we pointed you to the podcast channel called “Faith in Kids” hosted by Ed Drew. And I mentioned that there is, in fact, a channel for parents and one for kids. Well this week, we’re sharing an episode for the kids. With the start of school looming, this podcast is a helpful one as Ed, Jam and Amy share some encouraging words from Joshua 1.  Have a listen and check it out with the kids here. Stay safe and enjoy!
January 18, 2021
S1 Episode Twenty-Four: Summer Series 20-21 | Throwback episode - Measuring What We Value
This week, in our Summer Series, is a throwback to a conversation between Dr Darren Iselin, CSA’s Director for Research and Innovation, and Dr Beth Green, who is currently Provost and Chief Academic Officer of Tyndale University, Fellow of the Royal Society and a Senior Fellow and former Director of Education at Cardus, a faith-based think tank in Canada. In this episode, Darren and Beth have a robust and insightful discussion about the importance of evidence in a quality improvement school agenda, and why it underscores the deep need to measure what we value in the current educational climate. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this episode the first time around and just know that I’ll get even more out of it this time. I hope you do too. Enjoy!
January 11, 2021
S1 Episode Sixteen: Reimagining Bible Engagement for Spiritual Formation
In this episode Mark Ryan speaks with Dr Graham Stanton, Lecturer in Practical Theology at Ridley College in Melbourne, and Dean of Ridley’s Centre for Children’s and Youth Ministry. Graham is a leading voice in youth ministry and has recently released a new book: Wide-Awake in God's World - Bible Engagement for Teenage Spiritual Formation in a Culture of Expressive Individualism. This podcast explores the cultural moment we are living in, and how we as schools can help young people engage with the Biblical story with faithfulness and imagination. Find out more about Graham’s book. Or purchase a copy for yourself now.
November 09, 2020
S1 Episode Fifteen: Illuminating our triune God in the Australian Curriculum | The God's Big Story Curriculum Journey
If you're teaching in a Christian school, this episode is for you. Keen to know how and why writing Christian curriculum requires a different approach? Cass Pendlebury, CSA EO NSW/ACT and National Curriculum, hosts this enlightening discussion with Dr Craig Murison (Christian Heritage College) about the journey of the God’s Big Story (GBS) Project. Craig and Cass discuss the origins of the GBS approach, the development of the resources with CHC to help teachers in Christian schools illuminate our triune God in the Australian Curriculum plus the future steps needed to equip teachers in the integration of Biblical Worldview and curriculum.
November 03, 2020
S1 Episode Fourteen: Investing in our social and relational capital
In this episode Rob Loe talks with Dr Graeme Cross, Chief Executive Officer of the Swan Christian Education Association based in WA. An academic, practitioner and leader, Graeme has researched and published on the social and civic development of students within Christian schools. This podcast explores the findings of his doctoral studies and unpacks his subsequent research alongside Relational Schools, where he conducted an informal qualitative inquiry into the trends observed in highly connected school communities and cultures. But this podcast also captures some of the personal story of Graeme Cross, where this work has led him and how it has influenced his leadership of a network of schools across the state. Good relationships have to be modelled from the top down; from our principals’ networks to the classroom environments.
October 26, 2020
S1 Episode Thirteen: New Horizons in Cristian Education
On this episode of ‘Horizon 2020’ Darren Iselin talks with Dr Deani Van Pelt, who is President of Edvance, a Christian Schools association in Canada and senior fellow at two think tanks, Cardus and the Fraser Institute. Deani has researched, presented, and published frequently on topics including school choice, school funding and school sector enrolments and her work has been regularly featured in mainstream Canadian print and broadcast media. Christian education around the world is entering an exciting new phase of maturation, growth and development. With this maturation comes exciting new possibilities in regards to evidencing graduate outcomes, best practice, student leaning and celebrating the transformative impact that our schools provide. Deani will explore how such opportunities afford new ways of working more intentionally and collaboratively together through networking which lead to rich and important conversations that can enhance and expand the impact and influence of our schools within the wider community. Deani will stimulate your thinking regarding these exciting new horizons that can bring great hope and encouragement to the cause of Christian education.
October 19, 2020
S1 Episode Twelve: A New Agenda for Christian Schooling
Dr Lynn Swaner Episode Summary: A New Agenda for Christian Schooling On this episode of ‘Horizon 2020’ Darren Iselin talks with Dr Lynn Swaner. Lynn is the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at ACSI in the United States, where she leads initiatives and develops strategies to address compelling questions and challenges facing Christian education. Dr. Swaner serves as a Cardus Senior Fellow and is the lead editor of the books MindShift: Catalyzing Change in Christian Education and PIVOT: New Directions for Christian Education. Christian schools are constantly required to provide evidentiary data on a wide range of measures and metrics for regulation and reporting. But do we gather evidence on whether our schools are flourishing in ways that align with our core values and beliefs and whether our school cultures are distinctively Christian? Lynn will explore the importance of gathering these data for Christian school leaders and will showcase how such evidence can be used to drive a quality improvement agenda within Christian schooling. Lynn will also discuss a groundbreaking new flourishing schools culture model and survey instrument which will be of great benefit to Christian school leaders.
October 12, 2020
S1 Episode Eleven: Behaviour Management – Who is managing which Behaviour?
This podcast is for every practitioner, and the principals who lead our schools. This week we discuss behaviour management with one on the UK’s leading experts. CSA’s Dave Stevens of WA, interviews Paul Dix the once difficult child, relentless teacher and now award-winning behaviour trainer. Paul has been working with the most difficult behaviours in the most challenging urban schools and colleges for the last 25 years. He founded Pivotal Education and The TBAP Trust transforming behaviour, teaching and learning in schools and colleges in the UK and internationally. His voice has echoed through many classrooms. But, if you think this podcast is for a school other than yours, you’ve missed the point. A leading thinker in behaviour management and behaviour change, his inspirational perspectives and fascinating narratives reveal a ferocious passion for education. Join them both as they explore tips and strategies to encourage teacher-student relationships in the classroom. From the “at risk” to the “attention rousing” – Paul explores how minor adjustments in our craft produce monumental shifts in our cultures.
September 13, 2020
S1 Episode Ten: Exploring the link between School Improvement and Contextual Intelligence
Matt Kutz is a Full Professor at Bowling Green State University in Ohio in the College of Education and Human Development. He is a Senior Editor for two scholarly journals and is an award-winning author, researcher, and educator. He has written several books and his book on Contextual Intelligence was honored for Innovation and Cutting-Edge Perspective by the Leadership Book Awards. Some key conversation points from this episode: Contextual intelligence is the ability to take all kinds of different inputs, and simultaneously discern, interpret and act on those inputs. Contextual currency – the ability to recognise multiple audiences and to recognise and understand what each audience expects of you 3D Thinking Framework: Hindsight, Insight, Foresight.
September 03, 2020
S1 Episode Nine: Why Christians should be involved in Politics and the Public Square
On this episode of ‘Horizon 2020’ Mark Spencer talks with Dr Stephen Chavura, currently lecturer in history at Campion College, having previously lectured in political philosophy at Macquarie University.  Stephen also serves on the faculty of the Lachlan Macquarie Instituteincluding teaching in the GPS programaiming at preparing young people for university. Whether Christians should be involved in politics and the public square is discussed, with Stephen positing that this is a key avenue for Christians to be able to ‘love thy neighbour’.  Sketching the history of the contribution of Christians to society and the changing nature of what society considers ‘the good life’ to be, Stephen argues for the continued involvement of Christian in broader social debates. Challenging stereotypes of Christians as only interested in sexual ethics and morality, Stephen demonstrates how to broach issues of religious freedom, as part of a broader range of freedoms, at your next backyard barbeque. In preparing students for life beyond school, Stephen highlights the importance of acknowledging the worldview being taught in all schools and preparing graduates to engage with alternative worldviews. Stephen refers briefing in the podcast to two books charting the history of Evangelical Christians in Australia, The Fountain of Public Prosperity Evangelical Christians in Australian History 1740–1914 and Attending to the National Soul Evangelical Christians in Australian History, 1914-2014both published by Monash University Publishing.
August 27, 2020
S1 Episode Eight: Measuring What We Value
On this episode of ‘Horizon 2020’ Darren Iselin talks with Dr Beth Green, who is currently Provost and Chief Academic Officer of Tyndale University, Fellow of the Royal Society and a Senior Fellow and former Director of Education at Cardus, a faith-based think tank in Canada. The importance of evidence in a quality improvement school agenda underscores why it is so important to measure what we value in the current educational climate. Landmark studies including the Cardus Education Survey seek to provide a holistic and comprehensive tool for measuring graduate outcomes and provide a mirror for schools to gather meaningful data on their programs and practice. Beth will explore how such surveys can be powerfully used to improve our Christian school communities and also highlights other exciting new projects and initiatives that seek to measure faith formation and development within our Christian schools. Beth’s wisdom, experience and intellect will inspire our thinking regarding research and gathering data on the things that matter most to our Christian school communities.
August 19, 2020
S1 Episode Seven: Flourishing schools in a secular landscape
In an increasingly secular landscape, Christian schools have an enormous challenge in forming young people who are shaped by the Biblical story and equipped to serve the world around them. This requires a strong sense of purpose, a clear vision of flourishing individuals and schools, and healthy leadership to bring that vision alive In this episode of ‘Horizon 2020’, Mark Ryan talks with Andy Wolfe,  Deputy Chief Education Officer for the Church of England overseeing the delivery of programmes, networks and research for their Foundation for Educational Leadership.. The Church of England educate around 1 million children in the UK and has a vision of being ‘Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good’. In this episode we meet Andy Wolfe, who helped develop that vision, and has recently co-authored a resource for leaders titled, ‘Called, Connected, Committed’. Andy will stimulate our thinking about the crucial role of Christian schools in our prevailing culture.
July 31, 2020
S1 Episode Six: the technologies and pedagogies of effective online learning
With schools partially shutting their doors again in Victoria, so teachers and leaders must once again face the challenge of sustaining online learning over a longer period than anyone expected. But this ought to be seen as an opportunity as well, an opportunity to reflect deeply on learning solutions and their role in the wider digital strategy of any school. Why? Because schools never really closed in the first instance. They’re not closed now. A version of school may have its door shut, but the act of teaching needs to carry on and now, more than ever, we must look to refine and perfect the technologies and pedagogies that enable that to happen remotely but also enhance face-face provision on our return. In this episode, we meet Simon Armitage, a leader in this field internationally who explores new approaches to Mathematics teaching which have the potential to change the way we think about teaching and learning but also become a vehicle for re-imagining community engagement across the country.
July 22, 2020
S1 Episode Five: Dr Maria Varlet
The Head of Research & Innovation at CREST Education explores the possibilities afforded by this time of enforced separation, extended reflection and rapid innovation. What will we hold on to? What should we rethink and remove in this new educational era?
May 30, 2020
S1 Episode Four: Dr Daniel Pampuch (CEO, Christian Schools Australia)
Recorded on the 7th May, in the midst of lock-down, Daniel reflects on the need to create stability, predictability and continuity in our school communities now students return to classroom learning and the ways in which we might listen, capture and preserve the learnings of this time and look to this moment as an opportunity for educational re-set.
May 30, 2020
S1 Episode Three: Sharon Pedro
Join Sharon Pedro, classroom teacher from a large Christian College in the heart of Victoria, as she explores what supporting students, pastorally (but virtually) looked like in lock-down and the systems, processes and structures we must now look to as we return to face-face schooling.
May 30, 2020
S1 Episode Two: Leah Nicholls
Being known is an important part of our identity and worth.  Taking the time to know someone, to learn their story has the power to change the world. In our classrooms, when we learn our students’ names, their families, their strengths and weaknesses, their hobbies, their passions - we say that they are worth knowing, and that we want to know them. How can we know differently when forced to socially distance? Join Leah Nicholls in Episode Two of our new podcast series to explore this issue.
May 30, 2020
S1 Episode One: Josh Dux
A teacher from HOPE International School in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Josh recalls the learnings from the original Relational Teacher research with CSA back in 2017. Now teaching in a very different context, both socially and culturally, Josh explores how he is applying the work we did together back then, to the challenging environment he now finds himself in.
May 30, 2020