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Soul Care Minute

Soul Care Minute

By Christina Dammerman
Take a breath, a deep soul breath. Words to bring peace in the chaos, a smile to your eyes, truth to your soul.
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Skin Hunger
In this day of skin hunger, and isolation deprivation we have a unique opportunity to touch one another on a soul level, to be present with one another in a Soul Friend kind of way, to be an  Anam Cara in the Gaelic tradition. To craft a way of friendship and belonging that counters the intense loneliness of separation.
April 8, 2021
What's Your Monster?
Join in today as we discover what brings us joy, how to free up that well of creative life, and how to talk to our monster!
March 26, 2021
A Soul Care Minute Is Back!
It's been a long four years but A Soul Care Minute Is Back!! Listen in for the details of sponsorship opportunities and ways you can help others get the Soul Care they need. For more information about how to connect with Soul Care visit my website at: Looking forward to journeying with you!
March 17, 2021