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By Christina Foxwell
Resilience and Hope, Connection and Love are important in our world today. Christina and Jaqueline come together in this collaboration Podcast to: Be human, Share stories, Create hope and to build BOUNCE!
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Black Lives Matter... Love Matters... Acceptance Matters ... Real heart to heart with Jenny who tells her story of fear and the importance of speaking out!


Bounce - The Executive Dilemma - Facing Burnout as the new corporate "epidemic" not only in executives also in their people, So, where to from here?
Could leading during this time be the new Executive Dilemma? Leading organisational rebuild and evolution while wrestling with burn-out ripples from leaders through to their people. How do we know this? Jacky and Christina decided to understand how Executives and Snr leaders were feeling. They set-up a research survey and were thrilled to received responses from all over the world : 69% said they are feeling more tired than usual 48% said helping others is exhausting lately 53% said they feel like they are working harder but accomplishing less 59% said they feel overwhelmed more often than I used to 49% said they feel stuck lately 59% lost my get up and go lately 52% said they are feeling more impatient than they used to 45% said they feel they meet the definition of burnout In this first episode, Jackie and Christina discuss their findings, their insights and how they will discuss and support with reflections and ideas in this season. Why not be part of our journey as we explore how to recognise the challenge and support leaders and people charge up and be better.
November 26, 2020
If you believe you can, you can! Mindset and agility are the topics of today's interview. Welcome Rob Barlow to this BoUNCE episode
So can you achieve your vision and dreams, even when you think you might be too old?  In this week's episode Jackie and Christina interview Rob Barlow. Rob is an Entrepreneur who had a dream as a child to be a CEO. To make something of his life. What he found was through being purpose driven and finding solutions to simple problems he could make a difference in this world and you know what.... BECOME the CEO of his business. Rob shares his story of hope, dream and making a difference. Rob was President and CEO of WireIE Holdings International Inc. He has recently sold the business and is now working as a consultant sharing his knowledge of Tech, Communication, Start-up's and connecting the world. So if you are wondering HOW you can make your dreams real? Weighing in on how PURPOSE forms part of this dream... then take a listen and Please connect with Rob!
June 22, 2020
Black Lives Matter... Love Matters... Acceptance Matters ... Real heart to heart with Jenny who tells her story of fear and the importance of speaking out!
In this episode of Bounce we get really uncomfortable and Christina and Jacky welcome Jenny. Jenny comes from the same city as George Floyd in the US. She grew up in a world where Black lives didn't matter. Where fear was an every day worry. Where simply going out could mean danger. Jenny thank you for your honest reflections. We also really walk around the importance of understanding judgment and asking the real questions... how do we move from a place of Racism to a place of connection? Nelson Madela has a quote which sums up this discussion. "No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be TAUGHT to LOVE. for Love comes more naturally to the human heart than the opposite". Join us for laughter, tears and why not be curious to understand why the voice of Black lives matter is loud and needs to be heard.
June 12, 2020
Joy vs Judgment... How do we bounce when we feel judgment ... JOY Is Bounce Judgment stops bounce
Don’t we all need this episode right now. Judgment is the thing that stops us from BoUNCING... from FINDING JOY... it’s the small moments along our journey... Judgement is the barrier to connection, is fear based and is a defined barrier to resilience, freedom and personal growth... the barrier to living with others... to being enough... to be free from SHAME... don’t miss this!
June 2, 2020
Courage to consider the "Tall Poppy" syndrome and how it can keep us small and stop our ability to make a difference
Today Jackie and Christina unpack and relook at Tall-Poppy Syndrome and how when we are cut down it can stop us from trying again. (Tall poppy is  not just an Australian syndrome... it happens all other the world). Tall poppy syndrome can create: Loss of confidence Insomnia Illness Self-doubt rejection feeling unsafe threatened PTSD Hopelessness Mental breakdowns  And also how to BoUNCE back from being cut down. It's like the man in the area quote.... it's about failing and standing up again. Putting ourselves out there. What is Tall Poppy? It's where people who stand out for their positive ideals, dreams, achievements or success... yet when they stand out it isn't always viewed positively and can be seen as antisocial or anti-cultural. Tall Poppies can generate hostility from others and also a host of undermining behaviours to bring them down a peg or two.  Jackie interviews Christina around her experience as an Executive in Australia and how she struggle with this Tall Poppy in her own career. Both Jacky and Christina share a 5 step BoUNCE process to move through when we need to get up again... #1. Recognise what is going on - Take yourself out of the picture and just walk around it #2. Understand if you are feeling like a victim . are you staying small because you are buying into fear and shame and seeking your worthiness from others? #3. How to set boundaries... #4. Finding your Village and allowing them to help you rise... #5. Reming your self of your worthiness and the difference you are making... Don't miss this honest and dear conversation to help you BoUNCE.. You are not alone...
May 19, 2020
Embrace the Ebb and Flow... allows us to stand in lifesmoments with hope and courage... It’s Bounce
In today’s episode, Christina and Jackie share their insights into Embracing the Ebb and Flow. How to work through knowing it’s going to be OK!, Getting real and open to move forward with others... Don’t miss this heartfelt journey of Bounce to encourage you that you are more than enough and that standing in discomfort allows the BOUNCE!
May 12, 2020
So what is your inner critic telling you to protect you ... to keep you small?
So we all have an inner critic, that voice of shame, fear, blame... it’s there to help us “cope” and stay safe yet it keeps us so small we struggle to be seen, heard and show our hearts. This week Jackie and Christina share their insights into the inner critic, how it shows up and how to work through it when it shows up? Why? Because our inner critic becomes EGO that keeps us from Love, Joy, Connection... The EGO that takes us into ... Separation, Blame, Resentment, Jealousy, Anger... While when I have acknowledged my inner critic and allowed myself to be seen. I can... Stand together, be friendly, forgive, love, be grateful, be Co-Happy, have Happiness, be Humble ... have Peace...
May 4, 2020
TRUST and Authenticity ... in actual fact trust in SELF helps us unlock our Authenticity to BoUNCE
How much do we struggle to really BE WHO WE ARE? To bring our gifts and talents... to connect with others in a way that builds trust and deep connection. We all struggle because Authenticity feels naked, exposed and has many lessons: Lesson #1 TRUST IN YOURSELF Lesson #2 KNOW YOUR WORTHINESS #Lesson 3 RECOGNISE YOUR INNER CRITIC # Lesson 4... it takes COURAGE to be Authentic and it means we might not always be liked by others... YET it is the only way to live ... Don’t miss this episode if you want to be more Authentic. Jackie and Christina share stories of growth, reflection and the elements and tools we give you the power to explore your own...
April 25, 2020
Be Brave... Own the struggle and be the author of your story...
Jackie and Christina have a raw and real conversation about what BRAVE looks like to them. They share their insights into growth and how being brave can feel like we are exposed... we are naked... yet being brave in our greatest way to living our purpose, being our best and impacting the world for the good. Don’t miss this heart felt episode...
April 19, 2020
The only way to BoUNCE is to walk through VULNERABILITY - It's ok to not be OK right now!
In order to BoUNCE we need to be ok to embrace our vulnerability. In this episode, Jackie and Christina share how they have navigated this week, their fears and also how they work at shifting their thinking. Moving from FEAR to LOVE. From SCARCITY to JOY. It takes being open, recognising how we feel. It takes talking to our coach, speaking about how we feel and choosing to find our way. "The most dangerous stories we make up are the narratives that diminish our inherent worthiness we must reclaim THE TRUTH about our LOVABILITY, DIVINITY and CREATIVITY". We need to retell our story we tell ourself when we feel overwhelmed, uncertain and scared. Jackie and Christina unpack GRACE and INTEGRITY and how these elements fit into their walk through vulnerability and into BoUNCE... Don't miss this deep felt and honest conversation from a place of LoVE.
April 10, 2020
Trust in yourself. This is a key component to BOUNCE and resilience. Get inspired as you listen...
Ok, so when I need to bounce ... it actually starts with “self” or me? Yes it does. In this episode Jacky and Christina look at TRUST in SELF and share stories of bounce. They share what they have face and still do. The four pillars of TRUST in SELF they dive into are: Acceptance, Belief, Courage and HOPE. Why not join them as they bounce through being human together, having fun and connect with them as they simply share their hearts. Let’s be human together it is better...
April 3, 2020
Welcome TO BOUNCE Let’s be human together, stay connected, be resilient, be grateful and be kind.
Bounce is a HUMAN and LOVE Filled Podcast. We want to inspire you in these weekly conversations as we all learn how to BOUNCE right now. We are both Coaches, Leaders, Parents, Wives and real people. Welcome to our conversation. Be inspired, be connected. We are going to talk about our WHY and we are going to laugh and be humans together.
March 26, 2020