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Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call

By Christina Previte
I interview bad ass people about how they got where they are. That includes the most prolific thought leaders, authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, and movers and shakers about their philosophies on business and life. Catch the special #FEMSQUIRE Series as I take Wake Up Call on the road and interview women attorneys and law firm owners.

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51. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Ex-Pat Danyel Manley, Esq.
Danyel Manley shares her experience leaving life as a family law attorney in New Jersey to take advantage of a unique opportunity to move to Asia! Find out how she found this opportunity and why she had the chutzpah to take advantage of it.   We discuss: Growing up with wanderlust The bold move that presented a unique opportunity for travel Making the decision to move to Asia Getting acclimated to Asian culture Having “American” children who have never lived in America What they think about America’s Trump in Asia The COVID experience abroad What Thai food is really like and Danyel's personal favorites Where is “home”? And is she ever coming back?! Danyel’s not-so-secret desire for the future
September 5, 2020
50. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Glitter Bombshell Amy Cores, Esq.
Amy Cores doesn't just march to the beat of a different drum.  She's the drummer too!    Christina's guest today is Amy Cores, Esq., a NJ divorce lawyer with a colorful history just as colorful hair as her pink hair and her pink Maserati! Originally from Philadelphia, Amy is a classically-trained cellist who had dreams of being a rockstar.  Her dream of going to Berklee College of Music was not feasible because of finances so she attended Florida State University as a history major, as she says, "because I had nothing else to do."  She was originally on the path to academia, planning to pursue a Ph.D., which deviated to law school.  Amy is notorious in the legal community for marching to the beat of a different drum.  She talks about her perception of that and talks about her philosophies on why some people simply need aggressive representation.   In this episode, we talk about…  *Amy’s educational and musical journey  *The hidden blessings of COVID  *Growing up Jewish in a non-Jewish community  *The most influential people in Amy's history  *Going to law school with the unexpected pit stop of having a baby  *Her feelings on the "marriage" of business partners *Gravitating towards high-conflict divorce cases  *Speaking the language of high conflict communication  *Glitter bombs as a litigation strategy Amy's Instagram page: Amy's website: Follow Christina on social media:  If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter:  If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
August 21, 2020
49. Rjon Robins: How To Manage A Small Law Firm (And Make Money Doing It)
Too many lawyers that run their own law firm forget that they are not only lawyers, but they are also business owners! Christina’s guest today is Rjon Robins, the Founder of How To Manage A Small Law Firm, a consulting group that teaches lawyers how to run their businesses effectively. As a lawyer himself, Rjon knows that law school doesn’t teach you a thing about how to run a law firm. Rjon found that out the hard way when his own law firm fell flat on its face. Through the school of hard knocks, Rjon was able to learn the systems that help run small law firms successfully and now he uses those systems to help over 400 law firms nationwide! In this episode, we talk about… Rjon’s journey through the school of hard knocks Having a practice as compared to having a business To know and not to do is not to know The question that got Rjon uninvited from the bar association What happens when a law firm hits $1M in revenue How to Manage a Small Law Firm’s evolution Breaking down introverts vs. extroverts The extent to which a person can grow depends on how much truth they can face Balancing between doing the right thing and wanting your staff to like you You have to take action to take your law firm to $5M It’s a mindset problem when there are problems and you already know what to do Law firms just work better with effective systems put into place Take a longer view instead of just worrying about today Tackling parental challenges right now Links to resources: Tiger King Endless Referrals by Bob Burg Law Firm Pandemic Growth Resources How To Manage a Small Law Firm: If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter: If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
August 14, 2020
48. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Julia Dasaro-Drescher, Esq.
When you think of a lawyer, you probably think of a suit and tie, Law & Order, and a conservative human being. However, there is so much more to a person than meet's the eye.  You couldn't possibly know until you meet her in a personal setting - or listen to this show!  That is definitely true of #FEMSQUIRE Julia Dasaro-Drescher, Esq., an attorney in New Jersey.   While Julia wasn't exactly sure what she wanted to be when she grew up, a short stint on her high school debate team sent her hurtling towards a long career in law whether she knew it or not!  Julia is a complex and interesting blend of art and creativity and scholastics and academia.  Find out more here.   In this episode, we talk about… Julia’s educational journey to becoming a lawyer Going to Fordham University with Chris Cuomo Aspirations for social justice and graduating law school in a recession  Being a non-conformist in a profession that values conformity Julia’s unusual artistic creativity in a usually-conservative industry Becoming a jack-of-all-trades in numerous practice areas  Breaking down Julia's family life and her influence on her creative and talented daughters Raising an ADHD child with sensory input issues  Julia's talents in the performing arts  Starting her own business after a decade and the best advice she got early on Experiencing the hiccups and growth spurts while growing the business How important "growth" really is (or isn't) as a business owner  Best life advice she ever got and what she would tell her 20-year-old self Looking into Julia’s vision for the future The comforts of being a solopreneur  Links to resources: ASMR EMDR Julia's website: Julia's Instagram page: Follow Wake Up Call here: If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter: If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
August 10, 2020
47. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Daredevil Rawan Hmoud, Esq.
It’s always interesting to dive into the success of lawyers who began their life journeys outside of the United States. Christina’s guest today is Rawan Hmoud, Esq., an attorney in Jersey City, New Jersey practicing divorce and family law. Rawan, the oldest of 4, was born in Jordan and moved around the Middle East until the Gulf War forced her and her family to move to Wayne, New Jersey when she was 11-years-old. From a young age, she knew that she liked arguing and looking at problems from a different perspective. Years later, Rawan completed her undergrad at Rutgers University, law school at Seton Hall School of Law, and began her journey to becoming the incredible lawyer that she is today! In this episode, we talk about… Rawan’s background and her journey to becoming a lawyer Lessons learned from working customer service jobs while being a full-time student Getting her first taste of court and landing an amazing clerkship Litigation is not easy but remains a necessary step in many cases Dealing with cases that cross state and international lines Diving into Rawan’s life outside of practicing law Breaking down the exciting activities on Rawan’s bucket list Rawan’s not-so-secret passion for driving Links to resources: Rawan Hmoud, Esq., Offit|Kurman Attorneys at Law Reach out to Rawan on LinkedIn or via email: If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter: If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
July 24, 2020
46. Christopher T. Anderson: CEO, Profit First For Lawyers
My guest today is Christopher T. Anderson, the CEO and Founder of Profit First For Lawyers. Christopher is also the host of the podcast The Un-Billable Hour, a podcast that covers all aspects of  running a law firm and how to make your business work for you (and not the other way around). Christopher T. Anderson: law firm owner, business coach, avid reader, entrepreneur, budding rocket scientist, pilot.  Is there anything he can't do?  We sat down with Chris and naturally segued into talk about the nuances of how to build a thriving and successful business.  Chris is on the cusp of something even big(ger). I just know it...Christopher has grown his own law firm, AndersonDodson, from the ground up to a 7-figure business, and he has helped others do the same! In this episode, we talk about…  Christopher’s legal career and extensive business background  What lawyers tell themselves about business that simply isn't true Identifying the gap in legal services that are provided to the public - and ideas about how to fix that The #1 biggest mistake business owners make that blocks their success Maybe what you are selling isn't really what you are selling  How failing forward is the best way to create a successful business  Mapping Christopher’s journey to where he is today  Ideas about how to change the billable hour model for law firms  How business owners are constantly held back by common obstacles  Daily habits that can help you be successful  Links to resources:  The Four Agreements  The Science of Getting Rich  Rocket Fuel  Duct Tape Marketing  E-Myth Revisited  Endless Referrals  The One Thing  Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It...And Why The Rest Don't  The Un-Billable Hour Podcast  Anderson Dodson Reach out to Christopher:  If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter:  If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
July 17, 2020
45. #FEMSQUIRE Series: The Legacy Whisperer: Christine Matus, Esq.
Small people talk about small things. Big people talk about big things. That’s important to remember when you are deciding what kind of person you want to be. Christina’s guest today is Christine Matus, an attorney in Toms River, New Jersey, who practices estate planning, guardianship actions, real estate, special needs planning, and special education law. Though she originally planned on following the family DNA and practicing medicine, her destiny took her elsewhere.   Christine shares her experience studying economics at Rutgers University (Douglass College), her early experience in sales in a male dominated industry (and being the top sales "man"), and how she found her true path practicing law.   In this episode, we talk about… Christine’s educational and professional journey that led her to the practice of law Christine's crazy experience in sales (and she did cold calling)! A positive mindset is a choice you make every day - how Christine does that Growing up first-generation in the U.S. from the Philippines Jumping straight into work after passing the bar Getting off the ground after starting her own law firm How people’s compulsions often tend to be against their interests What people think of you is only true if you believe it Every experience gives you something The secret sauce to having a thriving law practice How bringing personal experience to your practice builds an authentic business People do not fail, they quit Links to resources: Shoe Dog Christine Matus's website: The Matus Law Group Facebook: Follow Christina Previte on Social Media: If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter: If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
July 10, 2020
44. Bill Anthes: The Mind Behind “Between The Ears”
Christina’s guest today is Bill Anthes, Green Beret and founder of Between The Ears, a performance coaching organization that endeavors to build better humans.  Bill Anthes does not hang his hat on his military experience.  He actually prefers not to emphasize it, but it is a part of who he is and his life experience.  Don't be misled though.  Bill's military experience did not make him the person he is today.  Bill is naturally a higher thinker and this path was one he started long ago.   In this episode, we talk about… Bill's military experience (what it did for him and what it didn't do) Why the "Green Beret" status does not define who he is Why “mental toughness” is a fiction Awareness and how it fundamentally impacts everything we do Projects Bill has in the works right now (Bill has since announced the opening of Between The Ears Fitness)  Why coaching templates are problematic  What's on Bill's bookshelf that you have to read! Living in two opposing worlds at the same time (military life vs. family life)  Everybody can’t be both a follower and a leader at the same time We dissect leadership what it really means to be a leader  Responding to massive failure determines how you learn Whether Bill feels he has found his life's purpose and what else is in store for him Putting Bill on the spot with a Proust Questionnaire!   Links to resources: Man’s Search For Meaning, Joe Rogan Experience, The Alchemist, Why Buddhism Is True, The Body Keeps the Scores, 5 Years To Freedom, Endure ,Legacy For Bill’s podcast and blog, go to his website: Follow Between The Ears Fitness on Instagram: Follow Between The Ears on Instagram:
July 3, 2020
43. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NJ Divorce Lawyer Robyn Ross, Esq.
Christina’s guest today is Robyn Ross, an incredible divorce lawyer from New Jersey.  Robyn has wanted to be an attorney since she was only 7 years old, getting her inspiration from watching LA Law. That desire eventually led her to major in Law and Justice at the College of New Jersey and to study law at Seton Hall. Now, Robyn is the co-founder and co-owner of her own law firm, Ross and Calandrillo, LLC, in Mountainside, New Jersey, where she practices divorce and family law.   In this episode, we talk about… Robyn’s not-so-enjoyable journey through law school The poisonous competition in law school How she chose family law as her practice area  The profound impact lawyers can have on their clients and the community Important (or not so important) stepping stones on the path to practicing law  Developing your own litigation style as a new lawyer Becoming an entrepreneur - not just a lawyer  The dirty details of leaving an associate job to start your own law firm The mindset of women vs. men making business decisions  Learning how to transition from "lawyer" to "business owner"  What Robyn found most surprising about running a law firm Rapid-fire "getting to know you" questions about Robyn's personal life  How Robyn's grandmother spoke about being a black woman in America  Robyn's feelings about the importance of voting  Robyn's awareness of racial issues growing up  What Robyn would tell her 20-year-old self  Women's sexuality and the idea of the "slut" in our modern society  The one thing Robyn wishes she did more of when she was younger What she orders at a steakhouse  Links to resources: Ross & Calandrillo, LLC: One L by Scott Turow Follow Christina on Social Media: If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter: If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
June 25, 2020
42. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Law Firm Ninja, Nichole Hanscom, Esq.
Why do you have the job you have? Is it the job you’ve always wanted and dreamed about? Or did you have a change of heart and decide to try something new? Nichole Hanscom, Law Firm Management and Marketing Advisor at How to Manage a Small Law Firm, joins Christina to share her journey of becoming a trainer-turned-lawyer-turned-business-owner, and what opportunities and challenges she has faced along her career path. Nichole has seen it all, from public defender’s offices to jails with scarce resources. Listen in for great advice about the people you decide to hire and how to manage your office with care!      In this episode, we talk about… Nichole’s college experience and Condé Nast dreams   Drinking the Kool-Aid of public defender’s culture  Transitioning from data entry clerk to computer trainer The opportunity of a lifetime—working in a social services unit  Work is play and if the excitement stops, it’s time to look for something else  The best public defender’s office is the one nobody needs  Why Nichole became a lawyer and how she feels about her decision now  Recognizing the need to hire someone to avoid hiring the wrong person out of desperation  Realizing attorneys walk into court with people’s lives in their hands and need better training The best standards of justice should be available to everyone  Making things happen “automagically”  If you’re not able to care about the people you hire, you’ve either got the wrong people or shouldn’t be a boss Focusing on personality vs. skills and how to hire with more intention    Nichole’s interview process and the questions she never asks  Coming from a place of love and being responsible to people instead of for people What led Nichole to stop practicing law and start her own business Why Radical Administration does not focus on coaching   You’re either hiring helpers or replacements—know the difference! The common fear most business owners across all industries have  The common mistake lawyers make with office support staff  Top areas of focus if you want to grow your firm  When it comes to charging people, it’s not about you—it’s about them     “If you chase two rabbits, you’re gonna lose them both.”
June 18, 2020
41. John "JT" Thomas: Chilling With Cancer
Whether you have or haven’t had it, cancer has touched everyone’s life in one way or another, including yours. Christina’s guest today is John “JT” Thomas, host of the Cancer and Chill podcast. John has been living with a rare form of tissue cancer (Sarcoma) for six and a half years, and since his diagnosis, his life has completely changed. Over and over again, John has been told that he only has a certain amount of time left to live, only to prove everyone wrong every single time. He has been able to learn so much about himself and about the world during his battle. Now, he uses his diagnosis and platform to help all those struggling with cancer. There is something here for everyone!   In this episode, we talk about… What happens to the rest of life’s problems when you are diagnosed with cancer Cancer is a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual battle John’s love for the radio stems deep into his past Looking back at the moment that John found out he had cancer Breakdowns that have happened to John over the years Learning to control what is within your power to control Living in a 60-90 day window for the last 4 years Other’s just won’t know how to handle your cancer Important things that John would like to do before his time Making the decision to walk away from a career that he loved The cancer patients are the actual experts on cancer Ways to stay positive in the present moment Dying with cancer, but not because of it The great balancing act in life: stuff vs. experience If you follow your true passion, the money will show up sooner or later Battling addiction to pain killers that come with battling cancer   Links to resources: The Mayo Clinic iHeart Media Keep up with John on Facebook! Cancer and Chill podcast:
June 12, 2020
40. Muslim in America: A Conversation With Rajeh Saadeh, Esq.
Unless you are Muslim or have spent a significant amount of time with Muslims, you probably have no idea what it’s really like to grow up as a Muslim in the United States. Well, Christina’s guest today knows all about it. Rajeh Saadeh is a first-generation Palestinian American, Muslim American attorney in Somerville, New Jersey. Rajeh shares his personal experience growing up in New Jersey as first generation Palestinian and Muslim American. Rajeh provides insight to his religious practices and beliefs and dispels many of the stereotypes about Muslims.  In this episode, we talk about… Growing up in Linden, New Jersey with Muslims and other religions and cultures Diving into the history of the religion of Islam and the Quran How Jesus is an important figure in Islam Islam and other religions as they relate to stereotypes about terrorism How September 11th changed life for Muslim Americans forever Blending into the community as a first-generation immigrant The historical traditions relating to men and women in Islam What it really looks like to attend sermon at a mosque Practicing prayer as a Muslim, inside and outside the United States Breaking down the significance of the pilgrimage to Mecca Marrying into Islam from another religion Observing Ramadan and the other Muslim holidays   Links to resources: A Woman is No Man The Autobiography of Malcolm X    If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter:    If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
June 10, 2020
39. "The Successful Mind" of David Neagle
Where you end up in life is solely the result of your thinking. So, you could say that thinking is everything! Christina’s guest today is David Neagle, host of The Successful Mind Podcast. He's also a success coach, mindset coach, income acceleration coach, business coach, and basically an "everything" coach - teaching us how to think to have everything we want in life. Remember, mindset is everything, so, whether you think you can or can’t, you are right!   In this episode, we talk about… David’s profession and what led him down this path Controlling the components of your own attitude Starting your own business creates a different vehicle for wealth Knowing when to invest in yourself and how much to invest People find more about their partner as they grow themselves Things that really hold people back from achieving success There is no outside force or ideology that keeps you safe Differentiating between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind If you believe that you are a victim, your life will never change Shame is used as a tool to control and manipulate You have to make yourself do the work to be successful Find people more effective than you in order to learn You need to be able to turn a need into a want Why it’s difficult to let go of a victim mindset Anger doesn’t have to control your life Everyday habits that David practices   Links to resources: The Last Dance Billions Joe Rogan Experience Gary V Podcast Michael Jordan: The Life Fix This The Year of Magical Thinking The Successful Mind Podcast Keep up with David’s wor
June 5, 2020
38. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Alternative Divorce Lawyer Kim Ciesinski, Esq.
Nobody really wins a divorce, no matter what the public may think. Christina’s guest today is Kim Ciesinkski, a divorce lawyer and owner of ADR Law in Garden City, New York. She fell in love with divorce law when she realized that she could sit down and help women find their voice. Though she does practice divorce law and is divorced herself, she will never sour on the idea of marriage. Just like everyone else, Kim is adjusting her personal and professional life with these rapidly changing times!   In this episode, we talk about… Kim’s journey that led her to become a divorce lawyer with her own firm Taking a 10-year break from law and taking on non-profit work Lessons taught through custody battles and having children Approaching a high-conflict divorce as a mediator Getting back into law after a 10-year break Gender roles in divorce through the generations Adjusting the professional and home life to the ongoing pandemic Americans have an inherent need to not get left behind with work Focusing on settlement and mediation as opposed to trial What lies ahead in the future for ADR Law You either work to change the system or to avoid the system Don’t ever let fear stop you from doing anything   Links to resources: Harvard Business Review Hofstra University   Find out more about Kim on her website: Reach out via email or telephone: 516-308-2922    If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter:    If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
June 4, 2020
37. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NJ Divorce Lawyer Megan S. Murray, Esq.
Megan Murray has bounced from Cincinnati to Boston to North Carolina to New Jersey.  She talks about why and how she ended up with "Esquire" after her name.  She also shares why she left a comfortable job at a prominent law firm to start her own practice - and provides her insights on being a lawyer vs. being a business owner.   Follow me on social media: @wakeupcallthepodcast Sign up for my newsletter: 
April 27, 2020
36. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Renaissance Woman, Desha Jackson, Esq.
Desha Jackson has an impressive and extensive resume working in government, most notably at the NJ Department of Law and Public Safety Office of the Attorney General as a Deputy Attorney General (DAG) assigned to the Office of State Police Affairs from 2002-2007. This office was created by the 1999 consent decree between the State New Jersey and the United States Department of Justice which addressed the issues of racial profiling. As a DAG she primarily served as the prosecutor in disciplinary proceedings against New Jersey State Troopers.  She also served as the Assistant Director of the Equal Employment Division of the New Jersey Department of Corrections where she assisted in investigations of corrections officers and staff discrimination complaints, provided advice with regard to equal employment issues, as well as provided training to employees about the anti-discrimination policy and procedures.  Desha also worked as a legal assistant at the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office in 1997 before becoming the first African-American female Assistant Prosecutor to be hired at the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office in its 150-year history.  Desha talks very candidly about her personal experience as an African American woman, her experience working on racial discrimination in law enforcement and insights on how to provide more effective training to prevent racial profiling.  Desha is a huge supporter of creating a safe environment for law enforcement and the public and has progressive ideas about how to provide a better climate for the divide between law enforcement and the public in our current society.   Desha also talks about her personal experience growing up, and how her childhood experiences impact her today - and her big plans for the future that do not involve being a lawyer.  
April 26, 2020
35. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Lawyer, Author + TV Producer VIKKI ZIEGLER, Esq.
Vikki Ziegler, Esq. is taking over the world with numerous empires, and no sign of stopping anytime soon!  She is the founder and managing partner of a law firm in New Jersey, has her own fragrance, authored a few books, regularly appears on various TV and radio shows (and podcasts like this one), starred in the Bravo show "Untying the Knot" and has her own production company with too many upcoming projects to mention here. How did she get her start?  It wasn't easy.  She talks about her parents difficult divorce, her budding talent as an entrepreneur in high school, what has fueled her endless drive and motivation, and her personal philosophies about how to succeed in business and life.  There is a lot of wisdom here.  And a little (er, a lot!) of something called chutzpah! 
March 23, 2020
34. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NJ Criminal Defense Attorney Remi Spencer, Esq.
Remi Spencer has had an exciting career as an Assistant Prosecutor and then a private Criminal Defense Attorney with high profile cases that got her regular spots on Fox News.  She gives us her opinions about the criminal justice system based upon her experience on both sides, including her impressions of the Harvey Weinstein trial, the #metoo movement, what we can do to create a better landscape for victims of sexual assault, her personal experiences with gender equality and inequality, and what we think life will be like for our daughters down the road.  Also find out if what we see portrayed in the media is really representative of our criminal justice system.  It's not all doom and gloom! There's some good stuff in there too! Remi is an intelligent, eloquent and seasoned professional with experience and expertise to back up her insights.  We're not curing cancer but maybe something close...
March 13, 2020
33. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NY Attorney Sandra M. Radna, Esq.
Sandra shares the business secrets she has learned over the course of her 27-year legal career, which includes growing a solo practice (literally, from her basement) to the growing empire it is today.  Sandra has a varied practice of divorce & family law, medical malpractice & personal injury, and residential real estate.  Sandra gives the real nuts-and-bolts of how she not only grew her practice in a short time, but how she runs an uber efficient practice today.  You can find out how she does it and the ONE book she credits with really moving the needle on her firm.  There is also ONE single practice she credits with getting her good quality clients reliably over time.  Get out your notepad.  There's a lot to learn!  
March 11, 2020
32. SPECIAL EPISODE: Exposing the Nip & Tuck: A Conversation About Plastic Surgery
If you have ever felt the stigma of plastic surgery & other cosmetic treatments, or ever been curious about getting treatments, then this show is for you.  I sat down with Deena Asaadi, the patient liaison of Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi, board certified NJ plastic surgeon with offices in West Orange, New Jersey, and Park Avenue in NYC.  We had a very personal and brutally honest dialogue about the stigma of plastic surgery.  We also discuss the current trends in surgery, skincare, and non-invasive treatments for anti-aging and self-care.  Deena shares Dr. Asaadi's philosophies and what you can expect when you visit Dr. Asaadi's office.  DISCLAIMER: Deena is not a physician.  The information presented in this episode should not be interpreted as medical advice.  If you have specific questions, we recommend you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.
March 8, 2020
31. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NJ Divorce Lawyer Elizabeth Rozin-Golinder, Esq.
Elizabeth is the first generation of Russian immigrants and - while not the first one in her family to be an entrepreneur - is the first one in her family to go to law school.  While she dreamed of becoming a mover and shaker as an entertainment lawyer in the Big Apple, she ultimately found herself loving divorce & family law and moving and shaking back in the suburbs of New Jersey.  Elizabeth has been on the fast track, opening her own law firm after only six years of practice.  She shares her experience as a young + female "boss" with a practice to run, raising young children, and her personal challenges building a successful business.  
March 6, 2020
30. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NJ Divorce Lawyer Jeralyn "J. Law" Lawrence, Esq.
NJ Divorce Lawyer Jeralyn Lawrence inherited an entire family law department practically right out of law school.  Rather than let fear hold her back, Jeralyn rose to the occasion and built a thriving family department from scratch at a large firm while she was still learning her way around a courtroom.  Almost 20 years later, Jeralyn has left big law to build her own law firm.  Jeralyn talks about her career trajectory beginning with her young aspirations to be a lawyer, how she was instrumental in changing the evolving alimony laws in New Jersey, what she hopes  to change in the future, and what drives her.  There is no sign of Jeralyn slowing down as she is in line to be President of the NJ State Bar Association in three years.  Hear how she does it and how you can too.
March 2, 2020
29. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NJ Divorce Lawyer Wamaitha Lois Kahagi, Esq.
Lois shares her experience winning the lottery in Kenya and making her way alone to America in her early 20's looking  for the "American Dream."   With aspirations of becoming a professional dancer or opera singer, Lois found herself working as a babysitter and working various office jobs to pay the bills.  She explains how she ultimately found her calling as a divorce lawyer, started her own law firm right out of a judicial clerkship, and overcame impostor syndrome to learn how to run a business and practice law at the same time.  Lois is very candid about how she has overcome her fears, forged a path for herself in America and shares her personal "secret sauce" for success.  Lois is a wonderful example of the American Dream.  
February 24, 2020
28. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NJ Divorce Lawyer Jennifer "J.Mac" McCaskill, Esq.
This interview is not for the faint of heart.  New Jersey family law & divorce lawyer Jennifer McCaskill talks about sowing her oats and finally settling down to be the bad ass divorce lawyer she is today.  She shares how she left a future in academia on a whim to end up in Washington DC practicing family law, founding her own law firm, almost quitting when she had cash flow problems, and how she stuck through it to build a successful solo practice. We also talk about why we are officially discontinuing the word "bitch."  Holler!  
February 21, 2020
27. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NYC Attorney Jessica Sanchez, Esq.
I sat down with NY attorney Jessica Sanchez who shares why she became an attorney, how she commandeered a path as one of the only females in a male-dominated NYC law firm to ultimately leave and start her own firm.  She did that as a newly divorced single mother and pounded the pavement to generate a clientele that would sustain a one-woman practice.  She shares her management philosophies ("manage clients, not staff"), how she learned to command higher prices and establish firm standards for collecting fees.  Jessica has mastered balancing her personal + professional life on her own terms and making her business give her the life she desires. She is a pioneer for women and gives great advice if you are also thinking of opening your own firm.
February 16, 2020
26. THE HONORABLE GLENN BERMAN J.S.C. (Ret.) - "Notorious JSC"
Judge Berman is a well-known and respected retired New Jersey superior court judge with a colorful and expansive legal career spanning 48 years (and still going).  He sat down with me to talk about his roots in New Jersey, his calling to be a lawyer, and an impressive career path that brought him through 17 years of private practice, an appointment as a county prosecutor and life on the bench as a judge.  Judge Berman candidly speaks about the infamous  State v. Dharun Ravi case, his philosophy about crime when he was the Middlesex County Prosecutor, some thoughts about the drug epidemic, why he never ran for President of the United States - and much more.  
February 10, 2020
Attorneys and law firm owners Jennifer Armstrong and Christine Matus share their experience opening their own law firms, building and running a business, and all of the challenges (and rewards!) along the way.  Great insights for anyone who is practicing law and thinking of starting their own firm or any #bossbabes with their own firms already.  
January 11, 2020
24. MARIEL COLÓN MIRÓ (El Chapo + Jeffrey Epstein lawyer) + FANIA VEKSLER - Fierce, Female Criminal Defense Attorneys
Find out how NYC criminal defense attorney Mariel Colón Miró, Esq. found herself with Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán and Jeffrey Epstein as her first clients.  Plus, New Jersey criminal defense attorney Fania Veksler, Esq. got arrested for contempt just by being a fierce advocate for her client at trial.  (Oh, and by the way, her client was acquitted).  These women are kicking ass and taking names!
January 5, 2020
23. Jennifer Hilligus Interviews Host Christina Previte
I created "Wake Up Call" to interview trailblazers who take risks and live life on their own terms.  So when Jennifer Hilligus said I should be my own guest, I took her up on her offer to interview me!  Find out how I overcame a childhood of poverty and substance abuse (without becoming a stripper) and became a lawyer in spite of everything.  
December 28, 2019
22. AMY IMPELLIZZERI - Corporate Lawyer Turned Author
Amy is a self-proclaimed "reformed" corporate lawyer. She achieved the American Dream, living in NYC, and holding a prestigious corporate attorney job at Skadden Arps.  Now she's a prolific writer living a more authentic life.  We cover everything from Amy's creative writing process and how to break into writing, to being a woman in the boys' club at Big Law, as well as the future of women in America, the #metoo movement, and even Monica Lewinsky.  
December 20, 2019
21. ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION - Can we really have it all?
Is the idea that women can "have it all" just a beautiful myth?  And what does "having it all" really mean anyway?  These dynamic women talk about raising kids, practicing law, running a business, creating their own lives and making their own paths.  This is the new breed of women.  They don't just have a seat at the table. They OWN the damn table! (Guests: Melissa Ruvolo, Esq. + Angela Pastor, Esq.) 
December 9, 2019
20. THE KRISTEN DAVID - Up Level Your Business + Your Life!
Kristen David doubled her law firm revenues numerous times - and then she taught other people how to do that as a coach at a nationally recognized consulting group.  Now she's living her best life living in Paris 1/3 of the time,  her home in Seattle 1/3 of the time, and traveling the rest of the time!  She founded her own coaching business - The Kristen David - to teach other business owners how they can build a business that lets them live the life of their dreams.  She shares the secret sauce here.   
November 22, 2019
19. STACY FEINTUCH - "Widow Wears Pink" Lives Her Second Act
Stacy Feintuch experienced the trauma of becoming a widow and single mom at the age of 45 when her husband suddenly died from a heart attack.  Stacy managed to function for her daughters, but she was living with depression for several years.   She finally sought help and the veil lifted.  Stacy reinvented herself and found a dormant writer inside of her.  Hear about her experience, how she coped, and how she has come  out the other side as a successful blogger of online magazine "Living the Second Act."  
November 15, 2019
"Donna" shares her experience - from beginning to end - getting a divorce.  She explains the years leading up to making the decision to end a 17-year marriage, the trauma of enduring the public humiliation of her husband's infidelity and the shame of divorce, and the trials and tribulations of the entire divorce process - and more importantly, coming out the other side whole.  If you are thinking of getting a divorce, going through a divorce, or have been through one already, you will be able to relate to Donna's story.   This is a special episode of Divorce Happy Hour -  a podcast published by Christina Previte and John Nachlinger, Co-Owners of NJ Divorce Solutions (Previte Nachlinger PC).  You can find other episodes of Divorce Happy Hour wherever you listen to podcasts. 
November 14, 2019
Angie Kitko was a beautiful baby born into an environment of drugs and addiction.  Her mother died of drug-related complications when she was only six-years old.  She was left a motherless daughter with a heavily drug addicted and abusive father.  She narrowly escaped the dangerous environment at home and at the age of 16 became an emancipated minor. Despite having escaped the dysfunctional home life, she was left ill-equipped how to create a healthy life for herself.  She succumbed to her own addiction, abusive relationships, and a life of crime.  She gives us all of the gory details and how she finally found home.  
November 14, 2019
David Rubel has lived most of his life with debilitating OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  David explains the compulsion to wash his hands until they bleed and wear vinyl gloves as a means to cope with the anxiety caused by OCD.  Despite these incredible challenges, David has managed to have relationships, run a business, and go to law school.  If you think you understand OCD as a "germ" phobia, it goes far deeper than that and infiltrates ever nook and cranny of life.  David shares the genesis of this disorder and how it has affected his life over the past 35 years. 
November 8, 2019
Keren Barrios was kidnapped and held for ransom for 13 days in Guatemala when she was only 10 years old.  Hear her amazing story of strength and survival, and how she has used this incredible experience to live a successful life.  
October 25, 2019
Attorney John Nachlinger shares his experience growing up gay and coming out in the conservative state of Texas.
October 23, 2019
Find out what  women (ages 35-40) are saying about men, dating, and climbing the corporate ladder.  Do they care what you do for a living?  Do they have marriage on the brain?  Do they care how much money you make?  Listen here.
October 15, 2019
Every once in a while you meet someone whose life trajectory takes a 90 degree turn. Film director Hezues R. Talks about a young life on the street and finding his purpose in film.
October 5, 2019
Denny Mendez grew up in Queens with aspirations to be a doorman.  His plot to avoid school by working in a Wall Street mailroom set him on a course for the rest of his life.  Now he's a financial advisor with a celebrity clientele. He teaches millionaire celebrities and athletes how not to go broke.
September 30, 2019
Suzette Zuena started her business doing lashes in a one-room "Lash House" and has expanded to the LH Spa + Rejuvenation (Med Spa) with two locations (and growing).  She shares her business acumen as well as some insider beauty secrets.  
September 30, 2019
Robin has an amazing story how she escaped a disadvantaged childhood to become a great success.  She has overcome great odds and now she teaches other people how to overcome a victim mindset and start "behaving wealthy."  
September 30, 2019
Sara has discovered her own "special sauce" for success. Sara has built two separately branded 7-figure law firms. Now she is teaching other women how to discover their own unique style and personal brand.  Hear how she did it in her own words. 
September 11, 2019
Sara has discovered her own "special sauce" for success. Sara has built two separately branded 7-figure law firms. Now she is teaching other women how to discover their own unique style and personal brand.  Hear how she did it in her own words. 
September 11, 2019
Dana was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 33.  She shares how this experience has had a profound impact on her life.  See how she lives her life differently after what I call the "blessing" of a pivotal event such as cancer.  
September 11, 2019
From national recognition as the "DYFS Diva" to 7-figure law firm owner and now "Law Firm Mentor," Allison Williams, Esq. has lived (at least) three lives already!  Allison gives us a rare and up-close glimpse of her personal struggles and challenges - and how she overcame them to live her best life.  
August 26, 2019
Karianne Anthes is the co-owner of CrossFit Morristown (New Jersey) and BKØM Coaching.  Karianne talks about her evolution from physical fitness to the active pursuit of personal development and fulfillment.  
August 17, 2019
Brittany Messuti candidly shares her experience growing up with a schizophrenic parent, finding herself, finding love and building an amazing yoga studio and coaching business.  
August 10, 2019
3. AMY O. - Fertility For One
Faced with approaching her 40s without a mate, Amy Ottavinia shares every detail of her very personal experience having a baby on her own.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, you don't have to forego children.  Amy did it and so can you.  
August 5, 2019
Elena Deutsch created WILL - Women Interested in Leaving (big) Law - to help women find their real passion and leave their big law jobs.   However, she shares a sensitive childhood experience that makes her so qualified to coach women (and men) who are unhappy in law.  
August 5, 2019
Fat loss and fitness coach Maria Gargiulo tells us how she transformed her body and her life.  She went from fat to fab, left a toxic relationship, moved from Missouri to  California and built a thriving coaching business.  Find out how! 
August 5, 2019
Wake Up Call (Trailer)
August 4, 2019