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Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call

By Christina Previte
I interview bad ass people about how they got where they are. That includes the most prolific thought leaders, authors, coaches, entrepreneurs, and movers and shakers about their philosophies on business and life. Catch the special #FEMSQUIRE and #femDR Series for interviews of women attorneys and doctors.

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79. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Law Firm Matchmaker Jennifer Gillman, Esq.

Wake Up Call

113. Michael Ulibarri: Former Gang Member Turned Prison Re-entry Specialist
I'm proud to introduce you to Michael, a former gang member who turned his life around, and now helps others do the same. His story of redemption is powerful and needs to be shared with the world. He talks about his rough childhood and growing up in a gang-dominated neighborhood, where the only way he had of obtaining respect was through the use of violence and getting imprisoned. He didn't know any other way, and this is how he lived throughout his youth, getting in and out of jail while dealing with the trauma that was inflicted upon him from a young age. While he fought his demons and struggled to find a place for himself in the world, he knew he had to change his ways. He decided to take action and find help in the form of rehabilitation and therapy. Michael never gave up and kept going, one day at a time. With faith and the help of his therapist, he was determined to make himself a better person. Now in his 40s, he has found his purpose in life and uses his platform as a former gang member and prisoner to create a change in the lives of others. He became a social entrepreneur and the founder of Access 2 Excellence, a program that helps formerly incarcerated people reintegrate into society and provides them with education. Michael has broken free from the chains of his troubled past and is now motivating others to do the same. His story proves that there's hope for everyone. It'll inspire you to believe in yourself, to keep fighting for what you want, and to trust that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Included in this conversation: How living in a gang environment impacted his childhood Growing up without a positive male role model How his strong mother influenced him When he was first introduced to gang activity A realistic glimpse of gang life Anecdotes of his time as a gang member The reason he was incarcerated for the first time What it was like to be in prison for most of his youth What really happens inside prison The lowest point in his life The moment his path to redemption started What he did when he got out of prison for the last time Helping ex-prisoners with "Acess 2 Excellence" and "Justice "Reform" How he has positively transformed other people's lives His experience with psychedelic therapy Overcoming his anger and traumas A bit about his love life His purpose in life Reach out to Michael on Facebook here: Find Michael on LinkedIn here: Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
September 01, 2022
112. #FEMSQUIRE Series: New Jersey Family and Divorce Lawyer Alison Leslie, Esq.
Success is never a straight line but rather an upward climb, and the story of Alison Leslie exemplifies that. Despite wanting to quit her first year of law school, her confidence and determination never let the words “You can’t” stop her from achieving her goal. So much so that after graduating from Seton Hall University and working at two boutique law firms, she opened her practice at the early age of 28! In this episode, she reflects on her experience entering the legal field and how the values she learned growing up helped her get by. She talks about her experience in law school and Catholic school, exciting anecdotes from her Court TV internship, and the knowledge she has gained from more than 20 years of family law practice. She credits her mother and the nuns at her high school for helping her grow into the confident, strong woman she is today—a great example of what can happen when you are surrounded by strong, driven women and are inspired by them: you develop into one yourself! Included in this conversation: Her educational background Why she picked family law The law school experience What she learned from her internship at Court TV Is it true that if you hated law school, you'll love practice? Her work experience before opening her practice Starting her own law firm at 28 years old The reasons why she loves being a family lawyer How the practice of law has changed over the years Networking before the internet was a boom Constantly evolving as a law firm owner How she runs her firm Her vision for her firm and personal goals The best advice she's ever gotten What Catholic school taught her The women she admires the most Focusing on what really matters in life Learn more about Alison and her practice here: Follow Alison on Instagram here: @divorcenjleslielaw Find Leslie Law Firm, LLC. on Facebook: Find Alison on LinkedIn here: Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
August 06, 2022
111. Roundtable Series - How to Start and Grow a Law Firm That Serves YOU! - Part Deux (Nuts & Bolts)
Starting a law firm is no easy task. Don't let it be an uphill battle by not having good advice to help you along the way! As law firm owners, we have been in your shoes, we know all about the challenges you face and the questions that keep you up at night. In this episode, find out how to start and grow a law firm that serves YOU, from four lawyers who did it themselves! Joining me for part two of this live episode of the Roundtable Series are Attorneys Adelola Dow, Esq. (The Law Offices of Adelola Sheralynn Dow), Stephanie Hunnell, Esq. (Hunnell Law Group, LLC), and Jamie Berger, Esq. (Jacobs Berger, LLC.) We share specific action items on building and growing an efficient firm. Read more about Adelola and her law firm here: Follow Adelola on Instagram here: @asdlaw Find Adelola's law firm on Facebook here: Read more about Stephanie and her law firm here: Follow Stephanie and her law firm on Instagram here: @hunnlawgroup Find Stephanie's law firm on Facebook here: Read more about Jamie and her law firm here: Follow Jamie's law firm on Instagram:@jacobsbergerllc Find Jamie's law firm on Facebook here: Here's a link to Allison Williams's law firm coaching: Check out Profit First, the book mentioned by Adelola: Follow me on social media: Instagram: @theprev Facebook: @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter: @ThePrevite If you'd like to be a guest on Wake Up Call, DM me!
June 24, 2022
110. Roundtable Series - How to Start and Grow a Law Firm That Serves You (It Really Is Possible!)
It's not a secret that starting and growing a law firm is hard, but that shouldn't stop you from reaching your goal. As law firm owners, we have been in your shoes, we know all about the challenges you face and the questions that keep you up at night. In this episode, find out how to start and grow a law firm that serves you, from four lawyers who did it themselves! Joining me for this live episode of the Roundtable Series are Attorneys Heather Keith, Esq. (Keith Family Law), Stephanie Hunnell, Esq. (Hunnell Law Group, LLC), and Jamie Berger, Esq. (Jacobs Berger, LLC.) We'll be sharing our best insight with you! Read more about Heather and her law firm here: Follow Heather on Instagram here: @keithfamilylaw Find Heather's law firm on Facebook here: Read more about Stephanie and her law firm here: Follow Stephanie and her law firm on Instagram here: @hunnlawgroup Find Stephanie's law firm on Facebook here: Read more about Jamie and her law firm here: Follow Jamie's law firm on Instagram:@jacobsbergerllc Find Jamie's law firm on Facebook here: Follow me on social media: Instagram: @theprev Facebook: @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter: @ThePrevite If you'd like to be a guest on Wake Up Call, DM me!
June 21, 2022
109. Roundtable Series - Monday Morning Lawyer Quarterbacking on the Depp v. Heard Trial!
Now that the Depp v. Heard trial is over, it's time for some Monday morning lawyer quarterbacking! Check out this discussion about what they did right and what they did wrong, from a lawyer's point of view. Joining me are special guests (quarterbacks), Attorneys Diana Schimmel, Esq. (from Martine, Katz Scanlon  & Schimmel), and Kristen Henninger, Esq. (from Kristen S. Henninger, Esquire, LLC.) We share our thoughts and analysis of the case, as well as what we've learned (and what we're still confused about!)  Read more about Diana and her law firm here: Follow Diana on Instagram: @mkssfamilylaw Read more about Kristen and her law firm here: Follow Kristen on Instagram: @khenningeresq Follow me on social media: Instagram: @theprev Facebook: @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter: @ThePrevite If you'd like to be a guest on Wake Up Call, DM me!
June 18, 2022
108. Roundtable Series - Depp v. Heard: What Have We Learned About Domestic Violence?
After the Depp v. Heard verdict, Attorneys Danielle Laughlin, Esq. (Sage Business Counsel), Derrick Farrell, Esq. (Labaton Sucharow, LLP), and Sylvia Breitowich, Esq. (Breitowich Law, LLC) join this discussion to talk about what all of this has taught us about domestic violence. Read more about Danielle and her firm here: Follow Danielle on Instagram here: @danielleinatl Find Danielle's practice on Facebook here: Read more about Derrick and Labaton Sucharow, LLP here: Find Labaton Sucharow, LLP on Facebook here: Read more about Sylvia and her firm here: Follow Sylvia on Instagram here: @breitowichlawfirm Find Sylvia's practice on Facebook here: Follow me on social media: Instagram: @theprev Facebook: @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter: @ThePrevite If you'd like to be a guest on Wake Up Call, DM me!
June 16, 2022
107. Roundtable Series - Depp v. Heard: Amber Heard and #MeToo
Family Law Attorneys Diana C. Schimmel, Esq. (Martine, Katz Scanlon & Schimmel, P.A., New Jersey) and Jill Coil, Esq. (Jill Coil Law, LLC, Utah) join this discussion about one of the most talked-about cases in recent years, the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation trial, and how this fits in with our culture today. Plus, we dive into how this case has affected the #MeToo movement.  Follow Diana on Instagram: @mkssfamilylaw Follow Jill on Instagram: @jillcoil You can find the NY Times articles discussed in this interview here: Amber Heard and the Death of #METOO by Michelle Goldberg Why We Love to Watch a Woman Brought Low by Jessica Bennett Follow me on social media: Instagram: @theprev Facebook: @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter: @ThePrevite If you'd like to be a guest on Wake Up Call, DM me!
May 27, 2022
106. Juliane Maxwald: Psychotherapist and Sex Addiction Specialist
Let's talk about sex! NYC-based Sex Therapist Juliane Maxwald works with people struggling with sex addiction. In this episode, she shares her insights on how to overcome this type of addiction and heal your life. But what is sex addiction? How do you know if you or your partner are addicted to sex? What are the signs? Juliane answers all of these questions and more. She dives deeper into the healing process and what it means to live a healthy sex life. We leave all taboos aside and talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of intimacy and relationships. You'll be surprised to learn that there is no such thing as "normal" in sex. But most importantly, we focus on the importance of living a healthy sexuality, where you have the freedom to love and be yourself, no matter your identity. We all deserve to know, own, and talk about our sexual health and preferences—it's very empowering when we do it through the right channels! Sex is often not presented positively or talked about enough, that's why open and honest conversations about it are important. Learn how to decide what's right for you by staying educated. Included in this conversation: All about sex addiction (what is it, treatment, etc) The differences in addiction between men and women Why addicts can't "just stop" The root cause of addiction How does sex therapy work? The explored factors in sex therapy Sexuality and empowerment for women There is no such thing as "normal" in sex Defining the lines between kink and fetish When to seek professional help The gaps in sex education in schools Sex education advice for parents A brief discussion of the movie Thanks for Sharing Is cheating really the end of a relationship? How to set healthy boundaries in your relationship The difference between coaching and psychotherapy Read more about Juliane and her services here: Find her on LinkedIn here: **Note this interview was originally recorded for the Divorce Happy Hour Podcast. Check it out here:** Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
April 21, 2022
105. Jonathan Sparks: From Business Lawyer to Musician
It’s always fascinating to hear the stories of those who took big risks in order to pursue a dream and were successful at it - and this was the case with Jonathan Sparks. After successfully practicing business law for years, he felt his calling was something else. Aware that those closest to him would consider him crazy, Jonathan courageously decided to tune out the opinions of others and pursue his longtime passion of becoming a musician. Get hooked on this story as he takes us through his musical journey of self-discovery, beginning when he learned to play his first song on the guitar at the age of 16, all the way to the talented man that he is today and everything else that shaped him in between. Jonathan is living the best of both worlds and has met plenty of supportive people along the way. His focus now is creating music while he continues to practice business law and manage his firm, Sparks Law. He’s also a best-selling author and has a podcast named Success, Decisions, & Rock N' Roll. There's no denying that his authenticity has gotten him a long way, and this is just the beginning. Included in this conversation: How he ended up in business law Shedding the baggage of his past The time when those closest to him were not supportive of his dream His beginnings in the music industry The struggle of being a musician Letting go of the need for approval His personal evolution How he got back into music after years of not playing Differences between the law industry and music industry Dating advice he received from David Neagle Finding a partner who supports him Understanding that prioritizing yourself is not being narcissistic His dietary habits Why it's important to follow your dreams Where he is now Check out Jonathan's newest single, Real Human Being, here: Check out his podcast, Success, Decisions, & Rock N' Roll, here: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Follow Jonathan on Instagram here: @jonathansparksmusic Subscribe to his YouTube channel here: Find out more about Sparks Law here: Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
March 26, 2022
104. #FEMCOACH Series: Financial Advisor Jigisha "Gigi" Thakor
Financial freedom is a form of personal empowerment, and Financial Advisor Gigi Thakor is helping people do just that. She believes money should bring you peace - that's the concept of her business, ShantiNow, where she provides financial coaching to companies and people of different incomes. She helps them have a better relationship with money by teaching them how to make peace with it, manage their debt, and create a savings and goal-based investing plan, to name a few. Gigi is certified by NYU in real estate investment. With over 12 years of experience in the financial business, she has acquired lots of financial knowledge that she shares with us in this episode. She also opens up about what it was like for her to grow up as a child of immigrant parents and the early days of her career, making emphasis on how some of her previous life experiences that didn't seem positive at the time, led her to be the wise and successful businesswoman she is now. Get inspired by Gigi's story and don't skip this opportunity to get advice (that every woman needs to hear) from a real expert in the matter. Financial awareness and money management skills provide women with a greater sense of security, making it simpler to save and invest for the future.  Included in this conversation: What does a financial advisor do? The reason why she started ShantiNow The interesting meaning behind her company's name The tricky work-life balance for women Common spending mistakes Financial tips to help you save smart and spend wisely Why a therapist is recommended if you're in debt How she helps people with expensive taste but low income The psychology of spending habits Book recommendations for personal finance Small habits that can save you hundreds of dollars The age group that spends their money the most Is it financially worth it to be a landlord? Growing up as a child of immigrant parents The hardest things about starting a business Key ways to be better prepared for retirement Read more about Gigi and her services here: Find Gigi on Facebook here: @ShantiNow Find Gigi on LinkedIn here: Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
March 12, 2022
103. Former Emmy-nominated TV Producer Jessica Klingbaum
Businesswoman and former Emmy-nominated TV Producer Jessica Klingbaum isn't afraid to tell it like it is. She has a very impressive resume working in the media industry, having run live news shows for Fox News and CBS News. Characterized by her energetic personality, Jessica gives us a real and honest insight into the media industry, while sharing some jaw-dropping stories of her own. She had an amazing time for most of her career as a TV producer, but she isn't the type to stay stuck in a place for too long if she isn't feeling happy or fulfilled anymore (kudos to her!), so after a successful 22-year career, she made the decision to leave and launched two businesses, exEXPERTS and Be Hip and Healthy. She now focuses on helping other women to survive and thrive after divorce, having gone through it herself — which is why she's able to connect so well with her audience. Her career evolution is awe-inspiring and is an excellent example of how taking risks, even if you're full of uncertainty, can have such great outcomes. Despite all that she has accomplished, Jessica still has big dreams to come true and it's motivating to see how vividly she's working to achieve them. Included in this conversation: How she became a TV producer What it’s like to work at live TV The role of a TV news producer Making original journalism and standing out The power of social skills Supporting other women in the workplace Interesting anecdotes of her days as a TV producer Megyn Kelly’s trajectory in the media industry The Fox News workplace culture The dark side of the media industry A brief discussion of Bombshell Her career’s evolution Why she quit being a TV producer Her dream job and plans for the future Follow Jessica on Instagram here: @jessicaklingbaum Follow her business, exEXPERTS on Instagram here: @exexperts Find exEXPERTS on Facebook here: @exEXPERTS Find Jessica on LinkedIn here: Read more about her business here: Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
March 05, 2022
102. #FEMSTEM Series: Rocket Scientist Flora Bobak
Women can do anything and Flora Bobak is an excellent example of that. When she was just in 8th grade, she started her path to becoming an astronaut and is getting each time closer to reaching her goal. Flora, who is reframing the narrative around women and girls in STEM, is currently an Integration Engineer at Relativity Space. She is also a STEM enthusiast and speaker who loves to share her passion for science and space with the purpose of encouraging more women to join the STEM fields. As an aspiring astronaut, her vivid desire to make this dream come true has led her to many cool experiences, such as studying abroad, working at SpaceX, and going tornado chasing to test the aircraft she has built! Listening to Flora talk so enthusiastically about aerospace will encourage you to keep reaching for your goals and to believe that you are capable no matter how wild your dream might seem to others. Included in this conversation: The moment she decided to be an astronaut Her experience in a male-dominated field Her educational background The different types of engineering The adventures and challenges of being a woman in STEM What is it like to work at SpaceX? How NASA astronauts train for space When will we set foot on Mars? Ways to encourage girls to get involved in STEM Her plans for the future Follow Flora on Instagram here: @florabobak Find her on LinkedIn here: Find Thinking STEM on Facebook: @thinkingstem Find out more about Thinking STEM on their website: Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
February 25, 2022
101. #femDR Series: Busy Mind Psychologist Dr. Jessica Borushok, Ph.D
When we're living a hectic lifestyle, or have a really busy mind, slowing down is exactly what we need to do to improve our health and well-being. But, how hard can this be sometimes! Psychologist and award-winning Author Jessica Borushok, who graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and an emphasis in Behavioral Medicine, currently practicing in California, is here to share her knowledge and show us ways in which we can identify and deal with unfavorable behavioral patterns, so we can make the most of our limited time and energy in order to create the life we desire. She is an expert at acceptance and commitment therapy, which is an approach that teaches people to stop struggling with their inner emotions and, instead, recognize that these feelings are reasonable responses to particular situations that should not stop them from moving forward in their life. Factors such as burnout from a stressful job, COVID, divorce, and social media can be detrimental to our mental health and unleash unhealthy coping mechanisms — we discuss each of those in this conversation. You can take this as your cue to start being more present and connected with the things you CAN control. Why not start with a greater understanding of yourself, others, and the world we live in? Included in this conversation: The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health Why adaptability is important Understanding the fear of uncertainty in the population Recognizing destructive behavioral patterns Why is anxiety so common today? How your environment and upbringing affect your mental health Creating a nurturing environment for your children Communication with your children during divorce Is staying married for the kids the right thing to do? Breaking the cycle of unhealthy relationships Mindfulness and self-awareness Telepsychology The social media portrayal of mental health Acceptance and commitment therapy The relationship between mental health and obesity Book recommendations  Follow Dr. Jessica Borushok on Instagram here: @busymindpsychologist Check out her YouTube channel for interesting content: Busy Mind Psychologist Read more about her practice here: Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
February 12, 2022
100. #femDR Series: Physician and Certified Coach Rashmi Schramm, MD, NBC-HWC
If you're having a hard time dealing with the physical and mental repercussions of the stressful life you're living and are looking for something more, you might find a solution in this interview with Physician and Certified Coach Rashmi Schramm, MD, NBC-HWC. After going to med school at the University of Virginia and practicing as a board-certified family physician for almost two decades, Dr. Schramm started to shift her approach and focused on lifestyle and mind/body wellbeing after realizing how underlooked this was in Western medicine. Refusing to work within a dysfunctional system any longer, she made the brave decision to leave her job and open her own practice, Optimal Wellness, to put to others' disposition her proficiency in meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda lifestyle. She now helps high-achieving professionals dealing with emotional distress to let go of guilt and attain a mind-body connection, guiding them to more vibrant and purposeful lives. She shares her extensive knowledge on meditation, plant-based diets, mind-body wellness, and more interesting topics that tackle a very important truth: your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Included in this conversation: Why she chose family medicine as her specialty Dealing with culture shock after moving to the U.S. What she loves about family medicine Things they don't teach you in med school What woke her interest in mind-body wellness Meditation for health and healing How stress can wreak havoc in your body Indicators associated with stress The value of sleep Transitioning to a plant-based diet – tips and tricks Leaving a big organization to open a small business Starting her own practice, Optimal Wellness What is Ayurveda? Training with Deepak Chopra The importance of preventive medicine Read more about Dr. Schramm and her practice here: Follow Dr. Schramm on Instagram: @dr.rashmischramm Find her on Facebook: @Dr.RashmiSchramm Find her on LinkedIn: Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
February 04, 2022
99. #FEMSTEM Series: Software Engineer Nilo Rahmani
Meet the first guest on the new #FEMSTEM Series! Nilo Rahmani is an accomplished site reliability engineer who's had this passion running through her veins ever since she was little. Heavily inspired by the women in her family who pursued the same career, she always prioritized her education and completed a master's degree in Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology, having already a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from George Mason University. Nilo wants to use all her extensive knowledge to make an impactful change in the world of technology, which she considers to be her biggest dream. She's also a passionate advocate for women in tech and opens up about what it's been like for her to be a woman, born to immigrant parents, in a male-dominated field. She also addresses the shortage of women in STEM fields. As a veteran software engineer, Nilo is paving the way for other women who want to break into tech with ease. Listen to this episode to get your daily dose of empowerment and to learn interesting engineering terminology! Useful tips for your business's website are also included.  Included in this conversation: What is a software engineer? Her female influences Growing up with Afghani parents Her educational background Having a tough time in grade school Being a woman in a male-dominated field Why women's empowerment is crucial Her biggest dream Working for the federal government and other cool projects The beauty of being in the tech field Cloud technology Automation Why websites crash Why she won't get a PhD Battling impostor syndrome Paving the way for women in STEM The shortage of women in STEM fields How companies across the industry can encourage and support female engineers Books that have had an influence on her Follow Nilo on Instagram and check out the fun techie stuff she posts: @shedevops Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
January 28, 2022
98. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Family Law Attorney & Mediator Anna-Maria Pittella, Esq.
If there is one word to describe Anna-Maria Pittella, it is courageous. Despite being young and at an early stage of her career, she decided to open her law firm at a time when there were more prominent barriers for women lawyers. Initially dedicated to litigation, Anna-Maria transformed her practice and was one of the pioneers of the family collaborative law movement since it began in New Jersey, breaking with the paradigms of the traditional divorce process. She is an accredited mediator and divorce attorney with years of experience, who has gone through a divorce herself and is committed to helping families by offering them ways to avoid litigation-the most traumatizing option for everyone involved. Anna-Maria, who feels fulfilled with the work she does, dives into the early days of her career and shares the most interesting anecdotes that would convince anyone of the vast benefits of collaborative family law, and that transitioning her practice from litigation to mediation was the best choice. This interview will remind you not to be afraid of change and to keep speaking up for what you believe in. Included in this conversation: Growing up with two doctors as parents Her strongest female role model Her educational background Overcoming the barriers for women in law How she got into family law Taking part in a revolutionary moment for women lawyers Why you should not be afraid of change Speaking up for the right causes Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy Her career development Her vast amount of experience in family law Stories that reflect the benefits of mediation The importance of marital planning Starting her own law firm Why she stopped doing litigation The special case that motivated her to mediate Why you should avoid a “pit bull lawyer” Transitioning her practice from litigation to mediation Read more about Anna-Maria and her practice here: Find her on Facebook: @Anna.Maria.Pittella.Esquire Find her on LinkedIn: Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
January 22, 2022
97. John Rizvi, Esq.: The Patent Professor®
Let's kick off 2022 with some major inspiration. John Rizvi, better known as The Patent Professor, is a Board Certified Patent Attorney and the founder of an IP law firm located in South Florida. John goes back to his childhood: the time where his interest in engineering and patent law started to peek through (since little, he already had dreams and sketches to create a spherical Rubik's Cube!). He has been featured in renowned magazines and his law firm is considered one of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Nevertheless, he's been through some challenging times, which he shares in this interview, and, fortunately, they have gotten him to where he is now. Listening to John talk about the trajectory of his career will motivate you to start working on that wild dream or idea you've been thinking about, but have been holding off. So ditch the fear and embarrassment, and make 2022 the year you start making big things happen for YOU!  Included in this conversation: Why he chose to become a lawyer How he started his business Why he prefers to work with passionate individuals instead of large corporations His engineering background His childhood dream: creating a spherical Rubik's Cube The best and worst part of being a patent lawyer What to do when you come up with a new idea or invention The important change made to the US patent law in 2013 Steps to patent an idea How he markets his business Why you need to hire extraordinary people for your company Why getting too comfortable is sabotaging your success The importance of self-discipline when you're an entrepreneur Being authentic: the key to success Read more about John Rizvi and his practice here: Follow John on Instagram: @thepatentprofessor Find him on Facebook: @patentprofessor Find him on LinkedIn: Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
January 14, 2022
96. #femDR Series: Endocrinologist Rocio Salas, MD
Is maintaining a healthier lifestyle included in your New Year’s resolutions? Then pay close attention to this interview with Endocrinologist Rocio Salas, MD. She provides us with great knowledge on topics like metabolism, hormones, nutrition, and more. She's a triple board-certified physician who specializes in obesity, diabetes, and thyroid disorders. On top of all that, she's also succeeding at being a business owner with her practice in New York. And it's no surprise that she's so successful: Dr. Salas genuinely cares about her patients and is guided by the belief that each patient is unique and requires individualized care and attention. This episode is packed with valuable information for people of all ages. Included in this conversation: What is Endocrinology? A dive into obesity, diabetes, and thyroid disorders Common hormonal issues in puberty Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Menopause and Perimenopause The effects of low estrogen levels The hormonal and metabolic changes of aging Simple ways to live a healthy lifestyle The problem with the food industry The aftermath of an unsustainable diet How to increase your metabolism Read more about Dr. Salas and her practice here: Call her office: 212-722-3636 You can email her at: Follow Dr. Salas on Instagram: @newyorkendocrinology Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
December 30, 2021
95. #FEMCOACH Series: Robin Jonna Rosenhaus, The Energetic Bushwhacker
What better way to prepare yourself for 2022 than aligning your energy! #FEMCOACH Robin Jonna Rosenhaus, a world-class energy worker from New Jersey, is here to walk us through the most effective energetic tools we can use to clean and change our energy—all while sharing some of the interesting experiences she’s gone through since she started to follow her path as an energy healer. She is an entrepreneur and focuses on helping other businesses achieve their goals by rewiring their energy and frequencies to help them create the changes they want. For this, she developed The Juno Method, the primary modality she uses to align her clients to their ideal results. Robin’s advice will help you improve your business and personal life, and you’ll definitely be able to feel those changes! Included in this conversation: What is energy work? How she discovered her ability to read energy Her first Reiki experience Turning her ability into a business How she reads a business's energy A reading of my energy! Celebrities' energy reading Methods to change your energy Successful personal experiences with her own children How to clean and improve your energy on a bad day The role energy plays in a business How your mindset affects your life The Juno Method Read more about Robin on her website: Find Robin on social media here: Facebook: @RobinJonnaRosenhausBiz Instagram: @RobinJonnaRosenhaus Twitter: @RobinRosenhaus LinkedIn: @RobinJRosenhaus Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
December 23, 2021
94. Chad Scott: Certified Life and Relationship Coach
Is your relationship on the rocks? Meet Chad Scott, a certified life and relationship coach. Chad has been assisting people in improving their relationships with themselves and their partners for more than 15 years by emphasizing the importance of communication, consistency, and living their truth. In his workshop, How to Stop Negotiating with a Terrorist (referring to toxic relationships), he is recognized as the strong but fair voice of reason that most people need to hear, warning them about the pitfalls of one-sided relationships. He’s also about to launch Chad Scott Here—his life, relationship coaching, and accountability partner business. Whether you’re single, dating, or married, this conversation is filled with amazing advice that will positively impact your love life and self-esteem! Included in this conversation: All about his workshop, How to Stop Negotiating with a Terrorist His expertise and qualifications that make him a relationship expert Why you need to trust the process and not rush it Why women tend to overanalyze Do men overanalyze too? FAQ by men and women regarding relationships The right time to share with your partner your plans for the future (marriage, kids, etc.) The psychology behind ghosting Can a booty call relationship turn into something serious? How to avoid blocking your blessings When is the right time to have sex with a new partner The importance of working on your self-esteem before dating How your family background affects your relationships Toxic relationships and setting boundaries Having honest, uncomfortable conversations with your partner The conversations you need to have before getting married Active listening: the master key to effective communication Watch Chad's relationship/dating YouTube playlist here: Follow Chad on Instagram: @chadscotthere You can email him at: Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
December 16, 2021
93. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Seattle Attorney Elise Buie, Esq.
If there's a lawyer who knows how to favorably ride out the storm, that's Elise Buie. After completely abandoning life as she knew it during Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans-raised attorney had to relocate more than once with her children, all while homeschooling, being a stay-at-home mom, and going through a divorce at the time. From rural Georgia, then to Minnesota, and finally, to the Pacific Northwest, she's had to learn to adapt and get used to life outside of her beloved New Orleans. And even though it was tough (the food, Mardi Gras, hospitality!), she's doing so wonderfully. She is now happily married and gets to enjoy her blended family thanks to the attention she pays to her work-life balance. But her personal life isn't the only thing that's successfully adapted to these rapidly changing times. Her law firm, Elise Buie Family Law, has exceptionally grown these past couple of years amid the pandemic. Time will fly as you bask into Elise's positive energy while she talks about reinventing her life and career, and the hard things she's had to endure in life, including the sequel of Hurricane Katrina, losing a family treasure, and her divorce story. This episode is definitely a mood booster and a reminder that every cloud has a silver lining. Included in this conversation: The thrilling experience of growing up in New Orleans Living through Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath The one thing she wishes she had taken with her before evacuating Her love for Southern cuisine Relocating to places with entirely different cultures Why she chose not to return to live in New Orleans for the best Why she made the decision to divorce the person she was financially reliant on Her divorce story Reintegrating herself into the workforce after several years as a stay-at-home mom The most important skill a divorce attorney should have The way family law relates to psychology Finding love again and remarrying The reason why her husband's family and hers blended so well Putting your children first Her personal growth throughout the years Being able to control your negative thoughts How she successfully co-parents The beginning of her booming law firm Listen to Elise's podcasts (Parenting Buie and Maximum Mom) here: Learn more about Elise's law firm here: Follow Elise on Instagram here: @elisebuie Follow Elise Buie Family Law here: @elisebuiefamilylawgroup Find her on Facebook: @elisebuiefamilylaw Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
December 03, 2021
92. #FEMSQUIRE Series: New Frontier Immigration Attorney Hillary Walsh, Esq.
With courage and determination, #FEMSQUIRE Hillary Walsh has proven that no matter how hard the obstacles life puts in your way, it is always possible to turn them into opportunities to grow, achieve success, and become a better version of yourself. She is the owner of New Frontier, a law firm in Phoenix, Arizona dedicated to the protection of immigrants. Her personal experience growing up led her to become a passionate immigration attorney, capable of empathizing with her clients to provide them with the best service possible. This is a conversation that will give you lots of food for thought and will teach you to embrace your uniqueness. I'm sure everyone who listens to it will leave feeling inspired and appreciative, it might even make you let go of that grudge you've been holding for years—especially if you had a difficult upbringing as a child and/or teenager—plus, it's full of interesting anecdotes you don't want to miss!  Included in this conversation:  Coach David Neagle's teachings and programs Her personal background and how it shaped her  How your parents' learned behaviors shaped who you are today How she came to appreciate and find the positive aspect of her difficult upbringing Is being in a foster home always the best option? Struggling with your demons The event that made her get taken into custody Seeing gifts in bad experiences  The philosophy that helps her get through marital problems Viewing life as if it were all part of "soul agreements" The personal goals she has reached Learning to stop looking for validation in the wrong place Reconciling with her past The importance of good parenting and breaking the cycle Read more about Hillary here: Follow Hillary on Instagram here: @therealhillaryshow Follow her firm, New Frontier, here: @newfrontierimmigrationlaw Follow Coach David Neagle here: @david_p_neagle Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
November 24, 2021
91. #femDR Series: Allergist and Immunologist Shreya Patel, MD
Who better to treat your allergies than a doctor who experiences them herself? Practicing in the Sunshine State is Dr. Shreya Patel, an accomplished Allergist and Immunologist who treats her patients from a place of understanding and empathy while helping them improve their quality of life. Dr. Patel completed three years of residency training in Pediatrics at the Goryeb Children's Hospital in Morristown, New Jersey, and completed her fellowship training at Rutgers University. She is Board Certified by the American Board of Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology; and the American Academy of Pediatrics. As if that wasn't enough, she's not only a doctor but a businesswoman—she currently runs her own practice, the Allergy & Asthma Center of Orlando. Dr. Patel clarifies common misconceptions and provides an excellent explanation of the various forms of allergies that affect children and adults. If you have little ones at home, you might want to pay close attention to this interview. Included in this conversation: The MD educational trajectory: residency, fellowships, etc Transitioning from a pediatrician to an adult doctor How her 'collaboration over competition' mindset has helped her evolve The importance of supporting other women Her journey through deciding whether she wanted to become a doctor or not Food allergy vs food intolerance What's causing the rise of food allergies in children? The hygiene hypothesis Risk factors for allergies Common food allergens What you need to know about penicillin allergy and how to really identify it Asthma and its different types How she found out she had exercise-induced asthma Distinguishing between exercise-induced asthma and being out of shape Seasonal allergies (commonly known as hay fever) How she started her own medical practice Life as a small business owner The benefits of a plant-based diet You can find out more about the Allergy & Asthma Center of Orlando here: Read more about Dr. Patel here: Follow Dr. Patel on Instagram: @shreyapatelmd Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube: If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!
November 12, 2021
90. #FEMSQUIRE Series: The Harmonious Divorce Lawyer, Sabra R. Sasson, Esq.
#FEMSQUIRE Sabra R. Sasson, Divorce Lawyer and Founder of the Sabra Law Group based in New York City, has broken the mold for divorce lawyers.  Sabra gets real about how she found her calling in family and matrimonial law through her own divorce experience.  She shares her vision for the future of her law practice helping others have a harmonious divorce.  Don't think that's possible? Well once you hear Sabra's story, you will change your mind.  It is possible and Sabra explains what she really does as a divorce lawyer to help guide her clients through the divorce process.   Included in this conversation: The story behind her law firm name The genesis of her entrepreneurial spirit Her educational background Having a baby sibling while she was in college How a medical experience inspired her to “counsel” clients How she almost became a tax attorney How she became a family and matrimonial lawyer Her personal experience with divorce The kind of lawyer she strives to be for her clients The one piece of advice she gives every single client The divorces that take the longest How/when she knew it was time to open her own firm How the seed for entrepreneurship was planted at 6 years old The moment she actually felt like a lawyer The fortuitous circumstances under which she ended up practicing divorce law More about her book The Harmonious Divorce: A 4-Step Process to Uncoupling Why she wrote it A Proust Questionnaire Stay tuned for a link to Sabra's new book!  Find out more about Sabra and her services here: You can find Sabra on Instagram @Sabra.Sasson If you liked this episode, there are more!  FOLLOW me on Apple Podcasts.  You can also find me on Spotify or wherever you listen to Podcasts. If you or someone you know would be a good guest for Wake Up Call, tell me! DM me on Instagram @theprev Follow me on social media: You can also watch these episodes on my YouTube channel here:
October 14, 2021
89. NY Times Bestselling Author Kathleen Glasgow: You'd Be Home Now
Kathleen Glasgow is the author of the New York Times bestselling novel Girl in Pieces, as well as How to Make Friends with the Dark and You’d Be Home Now (which drops 9/28/21).  I first picked up Girl In Pieces at an airport.  (I find the best books at the airport).  I was mesmerized from the first page.  Kathleen portrays beautifully complex characters dealing with kind of trauma that is often hidden away from view and not talked about.  She gives us insight into what it feels like to be a young adult, trying to figure out the world and your place in it, all while dealing with very grown-up issues (e.g. self-harm, substance abuse, recovery).  If you're a parent, you must read Kathleen's books.  You will understand better (perhaps, remember?) what it's like to be a teen, not a child but not yet an adult.  You'll also come away with a new appreciation and empathy for humanity.  You might become a better parent, too.   Included in this conversation:  Kathleen's own experience with trauma How her experience influences her own parenting  Her path from trauma to prolific writer  Her creative process Insight into the main character, Charlie, of Girl In Pieces Discussion of the nature of addiction  The overriding theme of her books  Her vision for the future  A limited series on Hulu?! (Are you listening Reese Witherspoon + Drew Barrymore)! Kathleen's favorite books  You can find out more about Kathleen Glasgow here: Follow Kathleen on Instagram here: @misskathleenglasgow Follow Kathleen on Twitter: @kathglasgow Follow me on social media here: Instagram @theprev Facebook @wakeupcallthepodcast Twitter @ThePrevite You can also watch episodes of Wake Up Call on YouTube:  If you think you would be an awesome guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram!  
September 24, 2021
88. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NJ Divorce Lawyer Donna Legband
New Jersey Divorce Lawyer and #FEMSQUIRE Donna Legband looks like the head of the cheerleading squad and is married to her high school sweetheart (who, by the way, was QB for their high school football team).  
September 02, 2021
87. #femDR Series: Gastroenterologist Rashmi Advani, MD
Gastroenterologist Rashmi Advani MD -- also known as @drscopeswithguts (see what she did there?) -- takes us through her calling to medicine, specifically gastroenterology, and shares some gut secrets with us about the microbiome, medical school cadaver labs, and what a GI doc finds exciting. (Hint: There's more to what they do than colonoscopies).  Included in this conversation: Using social media as a public health tool The MD educational trajectory: residency, fellowships, etc. The fun of med school cadaver labs What she did before med school How she chose her specialty What a GI doctor really does What she thinks about Dr. Google What's trending in GI Gut microbiome disorders you should know about Gut-friendly diets What does she eat? Who she's noticed has better gut health Can you cure GI disease with diet? What she reads for fun Be sure to follow Dr. Advani on Instagram @drscopeswithguts.  She has lots of fun videos and valuable information for the public about gut health and other health issues. If you liked this interview, don't miss the next one! Follow me on Apple and Spotify!   If you are interested in being a guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram @theprev  You can also watch these interviews on my YouTube channel.  And catch special episodes of Wake Up Call LIVE! on Facebook. 
August 26, 2021
86. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Temple University Trial Advocacy Professor Elizabeth Lippy, Esq.
Remember when Alicia Silverstone said in Clueless that her father was a litigator, the "scariest kind of lawyer"?  Well, that's Elizabeth Lippy.  She's just the right kind of scary.  She knows her way around a courtroom and how to woo a jury.  (Literally, but more on that later).  No matter what hat she's wearing (and there are a lot of them), she's a litigator right down to the bone.  As the partner/co-founder of the criminal defense and personal injury firm Fairlie and Lippy PC, the Founder and Executive Director of TACT (Trial Advocacy Consulting & Training LLC), and the Director of Trial Advocacy at Temple University Beasley School of Law, Elizabeth has been sharpening her trial chops her entire career and now she's teaching others how to do do it.  She's a fierce advocate for her clients, having extensive experience defending criminal defendants accused of sex crimes, and an advocate for women being authentic in the courtroom.  (Find out what she thinks about pantyhose).   Included in this conversation:   What she thought a female lawyer was “supposed” to look like  The best advice for trial lawyers  Pantyhose in the courtroom  How a juror FBI Agent became her husband  The adrenaline rush of trial  The nitty gritty of defending sex crimes  That time a client admitted the crime after a non-guilty verdict  Is there really justice in a courtroom?  Attitudes towards victim bashing in sex crimes  Is the law fair to defendants in sex crimes?  The danger of inviting your date upstairs  Parenting sons to protect against rape allegations  Parenting daughters to protect against sex crimes  Jury selection in sex crime trials  How teens can get in trouble sexting  Fun jury stories  What she really thinks of the jury  Are jury experts real?  Is there some truth to Susan Smith Blakely’s ABA Journal article?  What we think about the ABA Journal  Commonplace sexual harassment in the workplace  Is it “normal”?  Innocent until proven guilty still apply?  If you liked this interview, FOLLOW me on Apple and Spotify for more like this one!  You can also watch this interview on YouTube.    If you're interested in being a guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on Instagram or email me at 
August 19, 2021
85. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Attorney, Wealth Expert, and Mentor Shamina Taylor, Esq.
Talk about a transformation! #FEMSQUIRE Shamina Taylor, Esq. transitioned from real estate attorney to wealth expert and spiritual mentor. She experienced a pivotal moment in her life where she had an identity crisis and left behind the life she had created, in order to find herself. In just 12 months, she built a million-dollar cash business and is now dedicated to helping successful and powerful women become very wealthy and be in touch with their feminine energy so that they can live their best life. She’s been outspoken and determined all her life, and is constantly improving and evolving herself. She recognizes healing is a never-ending journey and recalls her experience dealing with some of her own past traumas. You’ll finish with a refreshed mindset after listening to this interview, which carries a very empowering message for all women out there. Included in this conversation: Why she became a lawyer The exact moment her spiritual awakening journey started Transitioning from attorney to wealth expert and spiritual mentor Dealing with the trauma of physical abuse, by a family member, when she was a teenager Relationship between wealth and success Her healing journey Realizing she wanted to stop practicing law Characteristics of her average client Behaviors that stem from traumas Emotional mastery Manifesting The book that changed her life The importance of healing before getting into a new relationship Being in your feminine vs. in your masculine Follow Shamina on Instagram and download her FREE content: @shaminataylor Reach out to her on Facebook: Her book is coming out later this year! Follow me on Instagram too: @theprev and @wakeupcallthepodcast Watch these interviews on my YouTube channel: The Prev If you liked this episode, please RATE, REVIEW, and SUBSCRIBE. If you're interested in being a guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on social media.
August 12, 2021
84. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Happy Even After, Ms. Renee Bauer, Esq.
 Renee Bauer is the mastermind behind a Connecticut divorce and family law firm branded as Happy Even After Family Law.  The enterprise also includes the Happy Even After Podcast and the D Course with Ms. Renee Bauer.  Renee has taken the traditional law firm business to another level.  She has paid her dues though.  She built her firm from the ground up, wearing various hats as a litigator simultaneously handling the business end of things.  She found that should could be more effective, help more people and be happier herself if she focused on building the law firm.  The turning point really came when she was authentic. She shared her personal story of divorce, not once but twice, and it spoke to her audience.  Now she's on a mission to help others so they can be Happy Even After, too.  Included in this conversation: Talking about her own divorce The personal shame of divorce What her divorce experience looked like  Being authentic in her business Scaling her business Creating the D Course How she backed out of practicing law How she incorporated her brands  What her 5-year plan was (and what really happened) How she attacks marketing  Her business plans for the future  How she grew her Instagram following  If you liked this episode, please share it with your friends and colleagues! DM me if there are any topics or guests you would like to see or hear on Wake Up Call.   Watch special livestream editions of Wake Up Call LIVE! on Facebook. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter. You can also watch these episodes on YouTube.  
August 05, 2021
82. Exclusive Interview with Susan Smith Blakely: Her Response to the ABA Journal Article
Susan Smith Blakely's ABA Journal article, "Are women lawyers paying enough attention to upward mobility?" has sparked widespread debate and criticism in the legal community. The ABA Journal quickly attached a disclaimer to the article while the present ABA President and 9 past presidents published a response discrediting the article.  Susan Smith Blakely, Esq. has been largely silent until now. I had the opportunity to interview Susan and find out more from her about why she wrote this article, what she intended in writing the article, what she really thinks of women and "lawyer moms" and the legal profession today.  Included in this conversation: Her reaction to the backlash Her intentions in writing the article Her response to whether the article is outdated Has she reconsidered? The systemic changes we need in the legal profession This article in the context of her prior work Some insight into her personal experience as a woman lawyer  The ABA Journal's editorial process Her response to the public criticism of the article Mentioned in this interview is Susan's prior ABA Journal article "What is holding women lawyers back?" Susan's website where you can find other examples of her work, prior articles, and her blog: Please email me your comments or feedback here or DM me on social media. Find me on social media here: Did you miss the Wake Up Call LIVE! Roundtable discussion about Susan's article? Watch it on my YouTube channel here.   If you liked this discussion, please RATE, REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE.  
July 21, 2021
81. Marqueta Plum Jenkins. Scars & Stripes: Surviving Military Sexual Trauma (MST)
Marqueta Plum Jenkins talks about her tumultuous childhood growing up on the streets of Norfolk, Virginia, her first entrepreneurial experience as a kid, then smashing the glass ceiling in the street drug trade as the first girl “corner boy,” and escaping it all to join the military. Her hopeful military career was tainted by Military Sexual Trauma (MSA). She’s spent a lot of time running but this girl is on the way up.  Her book Something Beautiful Out Of Me is a sincere message of revelation, enlightenment, courage, and hope. Marqueta shares with you her relationship with God, her time spent in the military, and her learned lessons of breaking family "curses and chains."  Included in this conversation: A realistic glimpse of military life. Growing up in a financially disadvantaged environment Joining the military to escape poverty Growing up as a teenage girl without a father figure Lessons the street taught her How she learned her “father” wasn’t her biological father Letting go of resentment for a father who left Young entrepreneur skills selling candy and then drugs Being a “corner boy” and the only woman street dealer (there’s even gender discrimination there too)! Why she enlisted What basic training was really like The military experience after basic training Experiencing sexual assault in the military Military's failure to do anything about it Coping with PTSD from sexual assault Being a struggling single parent with PTSD Military Sexual Trauma MST What she’s doing now and how she still connected to the military Follow Marqueta on Instagram: @_billionaire_boss_lady  Buy Marqueta's book on Amazon or her website here.   Follow me too on social media!  On Instagram @theprev and @wakeupcallthepodcast  Watch special editions of Wake Up Call LIVE!  If you're interested in being a guest on Wake Up Call, DM me on social media.  
July 15, 2021
80. #femDR Series: HIV & AIDS Advocate Dr. Avi Varma MD
 Dr. Avi Varma, a Co-Host of the Brown Girl White Coat Podcast, has spent her career dedicated to public health as a family practitioner in Atlanta, Georgia, for uninsured/underinsured HIV and AIDS patients. She currently serves the community as a medical doctor while she's working towards a Masters in Public Health.  Dr. Varma explains how far we have come with HIV and AIDS treatments, the present reality of living with HIV or AIDS, and what we can still do better.  Included in this conversation: How she hopes to serve the public with a MPH Medical school "culture" What really makes a good doctor How health insurance often dictates medical care The "business" of medicine Stats: 1 in 7 people don't even know they are HIV positive. HIV vs. AIDS (Do you know the difference)? HIV is forever (for now) AIDS can be temporary  How AIDS affects the immune system The current state of HIV/AIDS treatment How COVID impacted HIV/AIDS treatment  Public Service Announcement Could COVID have bee handled better? What is "academic medicine"? Learn more about Dr. Varma at Educate yourself. Learn more about AIDS (and other infectious diseases) here:  Here too: You can follow Dr. Varma on Instagram here: If you liked this episode, please RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE! Follow me on social media here: 
July 11, 2021
79. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Law Firm Matchmaker Jennifer Gillman, Esq.
Jennifer Gillman is one of those entrepreneurs that is always ahead of the curve.  She has the uncanny ability to see what trends are ahead and get in front of the crowd.  Although she is a “recovering” attorney, she loved practicing law.  She simply found another calling. As you will see, she’s had several pivots. She also has the unique ability to recognize easily when something isn’t working for her.  She doesn’t waffle.  She moves forward like lightning. This is a lady who has really mastered the art of being comfortable being uncomfortable.  Now she helps rainmakers connect with law firms so they can reach their full potential.  And she can tell in 5 minutes if you really want to keep practicing law.   Included in this conversation:  What she would have done if she didn’t go into law How did she become a recruiter? The deal she struck to pivot to recruiting What a recruiter really does Tips for people who want to break into recruiting How she evolved from associate placement to “law firm matchmaking” Millennials Being  comfortable being uncomfortable Business challenges in the beginning Who is a good fit for Jennifer’s services How she “matches” law firms How she vets her clients When it’s time for you to hire Jennifer She can assess in 5 mins if you still want to practice law What it looks like to work with Jennifer What is the hottest practice area right now? When Jennifer can match a rainmaker associate How her practice changed during COVID-19 Her vision for the Gillman Strategic Group Hottest geographic areas for growth right now Proust Questionnaire Jennifer's Reading List: The Savage Truth by Greg Savage The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann The Success Principles by Jack Canfield Referral of a Lifetime by Tim Templeton Find Jennifer here: If you think you would be a cool guest for Wake Up Call, tell me why.  DM me on social media.   Follow me on social media here:  If you liked this episode, please RATE,  REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE!   XOXO 
June 25, 2021
78. Kerri Lynn Miller: Actress, Writer, and Director
You've undoubtedly seen Kerri on TV. She's an outstanding actress, writer, and director that has co-starred with celebs like Jennifer Lopez on Shades of Blue (NBC), Julian McMahon on FBI Most Wanted (CBS), and Peter Coyote on Blue Bloods (CBS). Kerri's acting career was quite a detour from her original plan of medical school. She caught the acting bug in a monologue class in college at West Virginia University and the rest is history, eventually studying acting in the William Esper Studio.  Kerri also gets very real about what it is like to be a woman in the TV/film industry. She is currently working on her first feature film: Awaken Her, a female-driven, surreal, psychological thriller set in the plastic surgery world.  Included in this interview: The event that led her to ditch medicine and pursue acting Getting bitten by the "acting bug" The early days of her acting career How she learned to get comfortable in her own skin Difference between public speaking and a monologue (Even actors get afraid of public speaking too!) The importance of having your mental game in check, no matter your profession  Being on-camera vs being live on-stage The inspiration behind Awaken Her, her first feature film The pressure to comply with beauty standards as an actress Evolution of beauty standards through the years Rhinoplasty and how she first started feeling self-conscious about her appearance  The traumatic experience that made her question her self-worth Insecurities regarding body image and how people in media have perpetuated that How acting, meditation, and motherhood have helped her break free from her past physical insecurities How insecurities that start from childhood still impact you later in life Is acceptance of our body image really getting better in the modern world? The shame and stigma associated with plastic surgery The need for diversity in the film industry Uncomfortable situations women face in the film industry Her experience with the "casting couch"  More about her upcoming feature film, Awaken Her Kerri is raising equity for Awaken Her, be a part of this promising project and invest here: Check out Kerri's website (and see clips of her in action) here: Follow Keri on social media to see more of her acting clips and moments: Follow me too: www.Instagram/come/wakeupcallthepodcast If you think you're cool enough to be a guest on Wake Up Call the Podcast, DM me and tell me why.  Or email me here: If you liked this episode, please RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!
June 22, 2021
77. Theophan McKenzie: Smart Systematic Selling (S3)
If you think all salespeople are pushy, you definitely haven't met Theophan McKenzie. He is an Executive Sales Coach and the founder of S3, a company that offers sales training using a modern selling system (Smart Systematic Selling), with a conversational approach. Theophan shares with us how his extensive career in sales started and the one circumstance that led him to discover this new method of selling. He shares valuable information you don't want to miss and that ANYONE can benefit from, because, seriously, sales apply to all of us. Selling your product or service doesn't have to feel like the hardest job on the planet and Theophan has a solution for that, he even shares some really interesting personal anecdotes. Did you know his first sales job was actually as a Sales MANAGER?! If you're an attorney with your own practice, you have to listen to this! Sure you'll leave with some good takeaways. Included in this conversation:  Why sales are scary for some people  Erroneous perceptions we have of salespeople Traditional sales vs Smart Systematic Selling (S3)  His sales philosophy  The mistake of selling to somebody something they don't actually need  Being okay with a "No."  Why salespeople are so pushy in traditional marketing  What you really have to focus on when selling  The importance of having a good conversation with your prospects  Why Smart Systematic Selling (S3) works  Stop selling with just features and benefits!  Why he thinks you should start charging for your consultations  Overcoming self-sabotage and changing your mindset  How he got into sales  Most common challenges people face when they're learning about sales  "Alligator Syndrome"  How S3 prevents objections and stalls when selling  Steps in a sales conversation using S3  Why listening to your prospects' needs matters  Identifying your fully qualified prospects  How the S3 Bootcamp, Dojos, and Belt System work  Understanding that not everyone can benefit from your product or service  Are you still using traditional sales methods in your business? You may want to reconsider that! For more information on S3, send an email to:  S3's website here:  Follow S3 on Instagram:  Follow me too:  If you think you're cool enough to be a guest on Wake Up Call the Podcast, DM me and tell me why.  Or email me here: If you liked this episode, please RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!
June 16, 2021
76. #femDR Series: ER Doctor Siri "Hey Siri" Chamarti, MD
If you ever find yourself in the ER up in NYC, I hope you get to meet Dr. Siri Chamarti, MD.  She's cool, she's smart and she's got "MD" after her name.  She is also an Instagram sensation with 20K+ followers at last count.  She's a foodie, world traveler and has mad ultrasound trivia skills, and she's totally non-judgmental if you get foreign objects lost in your body.  (More on that later).   **(Note this interview was recorded in January 2021.  COVID-19 information may have been updated since then).** Included in this conversation: Reality of being an ER doctor What the ER really has to do for you Typical kind of patients ER docs see Is the TV portrayal of doctors accurate? How COVID-19 changed things Health insurance issues ER docs encounter Misconceptions about Emergency Medicine practice Real life examples of ER cases  That time Dr. Siri had to drain a prolonged erection Losing foreign objects in your body and other ER oddities  What is the ER doc REALLY thinking about you? For my lawyer friends: Do doctors really have to be good at math? "Disaster Medicine"  Vaccine hesitancy  COVID risks vs. Vaccine risks The one job every aspiring doctor should have  Don't end up in the ER just to meet Dr. Siri. Follow her on Instagram instead @heysirimd  Follow me too: www.Instagram/come/wakeupcallthepodcast If you think you're cool enough to be a guest on Wake Up Call the Podcast, DM me and tell me why.  Or email me here:  If you liked this episode, please RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!  
June 10, 2021
75. #femDR Series: Dermatologist Kaveri Karhade, MD
You’ll surely learn a lot in this interview with Dr. Kaveri Karhade, who brings a preventative perspective to dermatology, influenced by her Indian background. She is a board-certified general and cosmetic dermatologist at Berman Skin Institute in the Bay Area (San Francisco & Los Altos), specializing in laser cosmetic and medical skin care. Having different interests, she first explored the world of Chemistry, studying an undergrad, and a major in Comparative Culture in Politics, which she says helped her understand the world from a micro-level and also how humans function on a macro level, in a sociological aspect, only to later find out in medical school that Dermatology has a mix of both, which woke her interest. Dr. Karhade graduated from Michigan State University with a BS degree, Summa Cum Laude. She attended the University of Michigan Medical School, did an internship in Internal Medicine in the New York University School of Medicine, and later attended Brown University for dermatology residency. Dr. Karhade shared multiple skin care tips, her personal preferences in brands and products, and explained the importance of addressing and preventing skin conditions early on. Are you thinking about splurging on that luxurious moisturizer? Think twice! She also explained how to optimize where you’re spending your money when it comes to skin care so you don't break the bank. Turns out you don’t even need that many products! Included in this conversation: How she chose dermatology as a specialty Prevention vs Treatment  The evolution of skin care throughout one's life Preventative skin care that should start in your early 20's Skin care routine for each age (If you've never used anything, it is never too late to start!) The importance of protecting yourself from the sun year-round, no matter your skin type Misinformation in the skin care industry and social media Affordable options for your skin More expensive isn’t necessarily better Safety of Med Spas Her personal preferences in skin care products Do we really need those luxury skin care products or is it just marketing? Brands with products under $10 that actually WORK The products that are worth spending more money on The magic of Vitamin C Her thoughts on different popular brands Magazines you can trust when it comes to beauty and skin care recommendations The product that will make your skin look younger Carcinogenic beauty procedures Alternatives to reapplying sunscreen when you have makeup on Foods that can negatively impact your skin microbiome Her personal skin care routine  AND MORE SKIN CARE SECRETS YOU CAN'T MISS! Seriously, your skin will thank you for it. Follow Dr. Karhade on Instagram: @dr_kavi_derm Dr. Karhade's website here: Find a board-certified dermatologist in your area here: Check out what's on the shelves of other skin care experts (Dr. Karhade's included) here: If you liked what you heard, please RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE to Wake Up Call! I help women professionals and business owners be seen, tell their stories, and advertise without feeling like they're advertising. If you're interested in being on the show, email me here: Follow me on social media:
June 08, 2021
74. #FEMCOACH Series: Nancy Burger, Fear Strategist
Nancy Burger, the Fear Strategist, shares her extensive history facing fear.  Nancy experienced an eating disorder beginning in her formative teen years, which she carried throughout much of her adult life. Nancy was also diagnosed bipolar late in life and discusses how the highs and lows of being bipolar and how that affected her life.  Nancy also talks about a pivotal event in her life when she was almost arrested for a DWI and the chain of events thereafter.  We delve deep into how Nancy evolved, how fear held her back and how she overcame that. Included in this conversation: The moment Nancy recalls becoming obsessed with food The influences around her that cultivated disordered eating Eating disorders vs. Disordered eating  Perfection on Instagram Normalizing mental health and "imperfection"  Being diagnosed Bipolar late in life How she learned to live a Bipolar life without medicine Narrowly escaping a DWI Deciding it was time to change her life  What she did before she became a coach What is fear based thinking? How do you recognize it? If you're interested in learning more about Nancy, you can find her here: Follow Nancy on Instagram: If you liked this episode, please RATE, REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE! Follow me on social media:  If you think you would be a good guest for Wake Up Call, DM me and tell me why.   XOXO 
May 21, 2021
73. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Law Firm Mentor Allison C. Williams, Esq.
Allison Williams is the artist formerly known as the "DYFS Diva."  She's an attorney extraordinaire by anyone's standards.  If you see her in court (which is unlikely these days), you better show up and have eaten your Wheaties that morning.  She "shows up" and she fully expects the people in her orbit to do the same.  Allison has curated a law career that would take the rest of decades to achieve.  She has built a 7-figure law firm.  And she's not done.  Allison's pivot has been as the "Law Firm Mentor."  (Hear more on her podcast, Crushing Chaos with the Law Firm Mentor).  Allison has completely transformed herself, her mindset and her life with self-awareness, which she shares very openly in this interview.   Now she's teaching other law firm owners how to do it.  The first thing they need to do is to get out of their own way.  Allison talks about how she got out of her own way and built the life and career of her dreams.   Included in this conversation:  What she really wanted to be when she grew up Her first cross examination Her life as an introvert (yes, she is)! How she got past being shy Discovering the magic of the apple martini Evolution of her self-esteem and confidence Psychology of being a powerful, independent woman Life without a partner When she learned to be happy Her experience with personal development coaching  How life prepares you for life Law firm challenges  Dealing with trauma Dealing with other people's trauma  Book recommendations You can find Allison's law firm, The Williams Law Group here: You can learn more about coaching with Allison as The Law Firm Mentor here: Follow the Law Firm Mentor on Instagram: @law_firm_mentor Listen to Allison's podcast Crushing Chaos with the Law Firm Mentor here: Allison's book recommendations: Relentless by Tim Grover  Trust by Iyanla Vanzant  If you enjoyed this episode, please RATE, REVIEW AND SUBSCRIBE! Follow me on social media here:  If you are interested in being a featured guest on Wake Up Call, please DM me or email me here: 
May 03, 2021
72. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Criminal Defense Attorney, Melaney LaGrone, Esq.
Melaney LaGrone is a legal chameleon.  The law in various forms has been her calling.  She started out as a police officer in Detroit, walking the beat (back when cops actually had a beat).  When she filled her cup as a police officer, she moved on to law school, ultimately relocating to Atlanta to spend some time at the Prosecutor's Office before hanging a shingle.  Today she is the Atlanta Men's Law Firm with a focus on criminal defense and immigration.  But she's not done.  Melaney talks about her vision for the future which may bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community.  You'll hear how in this episode, as well as Melaney's why. Included in this conversation: How Melaney almost became an accountant How she found her first calling as a police officer Why law enforcement was her path to the future Her first experience on a homicide scene  Her transformation from a "safety" mindset to a "growth" mindset Quitting police work cold turkey for law school How the police officer's mindset has evolved  How the job of a police officer has changed Bridging the gap between the police and the community Insight into the inner workings of the judicial system Melaney's vision for the future, personally and professionally Her greater calling in the law  Proust Questionnaire  You can learn more about Melaney and her firm here: You can find Melaney and LaGrone Law on Instagram here: Check out Melaney's new podcast Black State Blue Nation: Subscribe to Melaney's YouTube channel: If you liked this episode, please RATE, REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE!   See what else I am up to by following me on social media: If you are interested in being a guest on Wake Up Call for the #FEMSQUIRE Series, DM me on social media or email me here: 
April 27, 2021
71. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Divorce Mediator Phyllis Klein, Esq.
I have had a girl crush on divorce lawyer-turned-mediator Phyllis Klein since I was a bright-eyed baby lawyer and heard Phyllis's voice bellowing down the hallway from her office fiercely advocating on behalf of a client. I thought, "THAT's the kind of lawyer I want to be!"  Fast forward about 17 years and here we are.  Phyllis has transformed her practice from divorce litigation to a strictly mediation practice.  She is a fierce mediator too!  What is that, you may ask? Aren't mediators supposed to softer, gentler? Well, not the ones who actually get cases settled!  Find out more about her style and why it's so effective.  We learn a little about Phyllis the woman, too.  I love her even more now. Included in this conversation:  The job Phyllis really wanted Did she really like litigation? Why (and how) she converted to a mediation practice Her personal experience with divorce Her mediation style  What are we REALLY doing at mediation anyway? How can we make the divorce process better? Is a divorce a failure?  (we debate that question)  Getting along with your ex for the kids  Getting along with the ex for yourself, too! Does she have any regrets? What she hopes her kids learn faster than she did If you are interested in using Phyllis Klein as a mediator, or just have questions for her, you can find her here: You can email her here: Are you interested in being on the #FEMSQUIRE Series?  Let's see if we are a good fit.  Email me here: Follow me on social media:  If you liked this episode, please RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE!  
April 13, 2021
70. Danny Passafiume: From Cop to Recovery
Danny Passafiume has had an extensive career in law enforcement, moving from corrections, to the local Sheriff's Department, and then to a local municipality.  While his house looked in order from the outside, he successfully hid an alcohol addiction from family, friends and colleagues for decades. As his life slowly spiraled out of control, Danny expanded his addiction to opiate prescriptions and got involved in a healthcare fraud scheme to which he recently pleaded guilty and, as of the publication of this podcast, is awaiting sentencing that could include jail time.   So why is Danny on this podcast  talking about it?  He wants to the set the record straight as to how - and why - he went from a successful police officer to pleading guilty to healthcare fraud.  Danny's path, including the success and the failures, have lead him where he is now.  He shares his story and explains why he is just the person to help others struggling with addiction to have hope.   Included in this conversation:  What it's really like to work in law enforcement Getting his street smarts on the job Working in corrections as a 21-year-old Getting accustomed to working with inmates  Learning prison culture  Learning how to assert himself with the inmates  Cops that go rogue How the code of blue works Prevalence of PTSS/PTSD on the job The realities of police work  Humor as a coping mechanism Struggling in secret with addiction Adjusting to police work with body cams Back injury and opportunistic drug addiction Looking back on being an alcoholic his whole adult life Sneaking alcohol and hiding it from everyone Evolution of his alcohol and drug addiction Coming to terms with being an addict Shifting from blame to personal responsibility  Taking responsibility for his divorce and his life  The damage of staying together for the kids Is addiction the problem or a symptom? Recognizing your pain Addiction as the symptom of a larger problem Danny's vision for the future  Danny hopes his story will help others who are struggling with addiction, or their loved ones, understand the nature of addiction.  Danny welcomes your comments and questions. You can email him here:  If you enjoyed this interview, subscribe to this podcast for more interviews like this one.   If you are interested in being on Wake Up Call or have a pitch, email me here:  Follow me on social media. Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: 
March 29, 2021
69. #femDR Series: Fertility Specialist Serena H. Chen, MD
Fertility & Reproductive Specialist Serena H. Chen MD was an open book, sharing her experience growing up in an Asian American immigrant family of physicians with pressures to go to Harvard Medical School. While Dr. Chen "only" went to Brown (you'll hear about that in the interview!) she still turned out pretty good!   Dr. Chen graduated from Brown University in Providence Rhode Island. She attended Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, North Carolina, where she caught her first baby and decided to become an Obstetrician Gynecologist. She then trained in Gynecology and Obstetrics and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Chen serves as Director for the Division of Reproductive Medicine in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, and the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science, and is a Clinical Associate Professor at Rutgers, UMDNJ Medical School and the St George’s University School of Medicine. Dr. Chen shared her special expertise about eggs, sperm, conception, IVF and fertility - and we even came up with an idea for a TV show!  (Margaret Atwood, call us!)   Included in this conversation: The evolution of "test tube" babies and fertility clinics A walk through IVF treatments  Prevalence of endometriosis in the fertility population Unexplained infertility  Delayed childbearing  Endocrine disruptors How birth control pills can actually protect your fertility  Anti-aging and egg freezing "Geriatric" pregnancy Trend of later-in-life pregnancies Age vs. Lifestyle as a factor in fertility  More than you ever wanted to know about eggs The challenge of mid-40s fertility in women When should you freeze your eggs? Is it ever too late to freeze your eggs? What about freezing your sperm! Biological superpower of the egg  Designer babies  Can we "manufacture" eggs or sperm without a human?  (The answer will shock you) Ethics of sex selection The role of mother nature vs. science in fertility  Dr. Chen's book recommendations (see links below) Follow Dr. Chen on Instagram: @drserenahchen Dr. Chen's website here: The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Anchor: Big Potential by Shawn Anchor: If you liked what you heard, please RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE to Wake Up Call! I help women professionals and business owners be seen, tell their stories and advertise without feeling like they're advertising.  If you're interested in being on the show, email me here: Follow me on social media:
March 18, 2021
68. #FEMSQUIRE Series: FL Divorce + Personal Injury Lawyer Christina McKinnon, Esq.
Christina McKinnon was a feisty young lawyer who started her own law firm shortly after law school when her peers were just finding their way to court. While Christina insists that she's not as feisty as she used to be, there is no evidence to support that. What Christina calls "feisty" is what has allowed her to evolve into a bold, charismatic woman with a gutsy business acumen and fierce determination to succeed. (One example: closing down her law firm to take a maternity leave and then starting another one).  Christina talks about her evolution from feisty to fierce, including her experience with personal and professional coaching.   Included in this conversation:  Childhood dream of becoming a lawyer Seeing herself as the "orator" at church as a kid This FL girl was in Michigan for a hot (er, cold) minute Short stint at a "job" after law school Starting her own law firm right out of the gate Biggest lessons she learned early in her entrepreneur-ship Influence of a strong mother  When it was time to engage in professional coaching Her vision for the firm and how that has changed Business managerial challenges  Personnel management (hiring and firing)  Building a practice vs. a business  Using Intuition vs. Data/Metrics to run a business Her personal style in handling divorce cases  How mindset affects your bottomline  Parenting a daughter to be an independent woman Proust Questionnaire  Follow Christina McKinnon, Esq. on Instagram: Find Christina McKinnon's law firm here: If you are a #FEMSQUIRE, #femDR and you would like the opportunity to be on Wake Up Call, message me on social media or email me to see if we are a good fit.   Email me here: Follow me on social media:  I help women professionals and business owners be seen, tell their stories and advertise without feeling like they're advertising! #powerhousemedia 
March 09, 2021
67. #femDR Series: Plastic Surgeon Rosiane Roeder MD
Dr. Rosiane Roeder may be a small town plastic surgeon in Hickory, North Carolina, but there is nothing "small town" about this lady! She is an accomplished physician and board certified plastic surgeon, one of the only 13% of plastic surgeons who are women.  Dr. Roeder performs the usual elective plastic surgery treatments we all know about, but she also helps people who are disfigured or have physical abnormalities feel whole and normal again.  We talk about Dr. Roeder's path to surgery, specifically plastic surgery (she almost became an infectious disease doctor!) and other issues such as the stigma associated with plastic surgery, using plastic surgery to feel more confident, and more detailed  information about some of the more common aesthetic treatments such as Botox and injectables.   Included in this conversation:  Social norms relating to plastic surgery Dr. Roeder's own experience with plastic surgery Growing up in Brazil Her career path to becoming a plastic surgeon Skin care treatments for anti-aging and self-care Plastic surgery as an elective treatment Reconstructive plastic surgery Who is not a good candidate for plastic surgery Explaining a breast reconstruction Saying no to a prospective plastic surgery patient Men vs. Women getting plastic surgery Attitudes about women aging in our culture How to care for yourself in your 30s, 40s and beyond General guidelines for "prejuvenation" Diet implications for anti-aging and skin care Don't forget to take care of your neck! When is it time for a facelift? Body fat and how it impacts your treatments  What her first solo surgery was like! What goes on in the operating room  What it feels like to use a scalpel  What do we think of Kim Kardashian's butt? Find more about Dr. Roeder MD here: Follow Dr. Roeder on Instagram: Find out more about me by following me on Instagram and Facebook: If you are interested in appearing as a guest on Wake Up Call, or you know someone who would make a great guest, please DM me on Instagram or email me here: 
February 25, 2021
66. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NJ Divorce Lawyer Heather Keith, Esq.
Heather Keith was born and bred in Michigan, but nothing could stop this firecracker from becoming a Jersey Girl (whether she likes it or not).  Steve Jobs said you can only connect the dots looking back - and that's exactly what Heather did during this interview.  She understands her life's path, looking back on all the opportunities and challenges that brought her where she is.  Sometimes we can only appreciate the obstacles and hurdles long after they have passed.  Heather is very honest about her personal development path, engaging coaches for business and mindset.  Find out what held her back, what she did about it and what her master plan is.   Included in this discussion:  Heather's background in the performing arts Heather can sing a mean White Rabbit College activism experience Mindset: Success vs. Hubris Law as a lifestyle  Experience as a child of divorce Divorce lawyer burnout and what she did about it Starting a law firm  Growing the law firm Finding "happiness" Getting to know who she really is and what she wants  Coaching with David Neagle  Coaching with Amira Alvarez Coaching with How to Manage a Small Law Firm  Heather's vision for the future and her master plan Heather's interest in equine therapy  Proust Questionnaire  Find out more about Heather here: Follow Keith Family Law on Instagram: Follow Keith Family Law on Facebook: If you enjoyed this episode (listen to more!) and please Rate, Review & Subscribe!   See more about me on Instagram:  Are you a professional woman in law, medicine or STEM?  Let me help you share your story and advertise without feeling like you're advertising! DM me for info on Instagram or message me here: 
February 23, 2021
65. #femDR Series: Psychiatrist Dr. Jenna Luu MD
Interviewing California Psychiatrist Dr. Jenna Luu MD for the #femDR Series was a real treat.  How often do you get to pick a shrink's brain, rather than them picking yours?  Dr. Luu got personal (and honest) about what it's like to treat people with "the usual" anxiety and depression, but also more serious afflictions like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.  What may be surprising to you is how drugs and alcohol really affects our brains, especially as teenagers, the connection between the brain and your gut health, and overall nutrition as well.  It all plays a role in mental health.  Included in this conversation:  Are psychiatrists secretly examining us all the time?  Can she tell us if Donald Trump is crazy?  Assessing whether someone is a danger to themselves or others  The experience of treating someone who is suicidal or psychotic  Perceptions of mental health in America vs. Asian cultures  When “worry” is excessive  The propriety of medication in treating anxiety  How does mediation and breath work impact anxiety  The mechanics of how to breathe to reduce anxiety  The importance of curating your own environment  Acute crisis situations vs. general life stress  The impact of excessive alcohol and drug use on mental health and the brain  What it’s like to treat people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder  Childhood trauma and abuse and its effect on brain development  Inflammation in the body and brain dysfunction  Connection between heart disease and dementia  Connection between depression and asserting yourself  Treatment of marijuana-induced schizophrenia  Marijuana isn’t as harmless as many people think  Predispositions for mental illness and the role of genetics Increase in psychotic breaks in our society  The effect of psychotic breaks on the brain  The experience of having schizophrenic delusions  The experience of a manic episode  Dr. Luu's book recommendations   Follow Dr. Luu on Instagram here:  Follow me too!    On Instagram:  On Facebook:   On Twitter:  Interested in being the next guest on the #femDR Series?  Message me on social media or email me here:
February 12, 2021
64. #femDR Series: Urogynecologist Betsy Greenleaf DO
If you think doctors are stuffy, you're going to change your mind when you meet Dr. Betsy Greenleaf DO.  Before we get to that, let's get her credentials out of the way.  Dr. Greenleaf is the first female in the United States to become board certified in Urogynecology. She is a women’s health expert, entrepreneur, inventor, and business leader, who has specialized in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery for over 20 years.  Unlike many other physicians who practice traditional medicine, Dr. Greenleaf takes a holistic body-mind-spirit approach to healing and wellness. Included in this conversation: What is a "urogynecologist" anyway? Distinction between the MD vs. DO degree What is "functional" medicine vs. traditional medicine? The limitations of drugs and medication Pelvic mesh: dangers vs. benefits  Your vagina can literally turn inside out! What else happens to your vagina as you age (and what you can do about it) Plastic surgery trends (a.k.a. "rejuvenation) for your vagina The magic of lasers (not just for your face) The truth about hormone replacement  How estrogen got a bad rap (and whether it's still true) How to do a proper Kegel exercise  What is a pelvic physical therapist (and when do you need one)? Nutrition and diet for overall wellness and gut health A few other secrets women should know (and do) for wellness, vaginal health and anti-aging  Gluten-free diets: bullshit or not? I am a huge admirer, supporter, follower and overall fan of Dr. Betsy.  (I've used her myself to restore my gut health and discovered I have a gluten sensitivity).  If you just want to know more about Dr. Greenleaf or potentially work with her, look here: Dr. Greenleaf is the CEO of The Pelvic Floor Store,, an online store dedicated to finding reliable products for pelvic health. She manages a blog at, and she is the host of Some Of Your Parts Podcast,, dedicated to women’s wellness and the notion that “ you are greater than the sum of your parts.” Podcast: Instagram: Website: Facebook: Twitter: DON'T FORGET TO FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: 
January 29, 2021
63. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Afshan Ajmiri Giner, Esq.
Afshan Ajmiri Giner, Esq. is a Partner at the law firm Florio Perrucci, which has offices throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.  Afshan practices in the New Providence (New Jersey) office and is a member of the Firm’s Education Practice Group, with a focus on education/school law, labor and employment, and representation of local governments/public entities. As the daughter in a South Asian immigrant family, Afshan explains how she deviated from a pre-med orientation to follow her calling as a lawyer.  Afshan shares how her personal family background shaped her, and in particular her grandmother, who strongly encouraged Afshan to pursue higher education.   No aspect of Afshan's career was a happy accident. She has carefully cultivated every bold step to build her credentials and support the machine that ensures a quality education for the community.  And she's nowhere near done.   In this episode we discuss:  Growing up in a South Asian family and the strong influence of her grandmother Profound influences her childhood (and community) had on her evolving passion for education How the seeds were planted for a path in public service Background in various aspects of education law before and after law school Her controversial (and bold!) introduction to the legal community  What, exactly, does a school lawyer do anyway?   Does Afshan see a future career in politics? Her experience as a young South Asian female lawyer and how she holds her own Some insight on school law issues from various angles  Afshan's vision and future goals  A short Proust Questionnaire  You can find Afshan at Florio Perrucci here: Follow Florio Perrucci on Twitter here: Follow Florio Perrucci on Instagram here: Follow Florio Perrucci on Facebook here: And don't forget to follow me and Wake Up Call on social media for more interviews like this one! www.  If you or someone you know would make a good #FEMSQUIRE on Wake Up Call, you can email me here: 
January 27, 2021
62. "RedLips For Change" Founder Camile Deans
Camile Deans doesn't just talk about making a better world.  She is putting her money (and her time) where her mouth is.  She founded the non-profit organization RedLips For Change (based in the Bronx) to help vulnerable women in underserved communities focus on health, wellness and personal growth. And it starts with something as simple as making them feel valued, loved and beautiful: Lipstick.  Hence the name, RedLips.   Camile tells us all about it, including how she immigrated from Jamaica to New York City on her own quest for personal improvement and found that helping others was her real passion.   Included in this conversation:  Immigrating to NYC from Jamaica  The unexpected experience that led her to public service The power of lipstick The "woman" experience and learning to put ourselves first  Camile's vision for RedLips How you can be part of the change  The "RedLips" woman: Who RedLips helps and how you can contribute  Learn more about RedLips here: If you would like to donate beauty products or volunteer your services for RedLips women, go to the RedLips website for more information.   Find Camile Deans on Twitter here:  Follow RedLips on Instagram here:  Follow Christina and Wake Up Call The Podcast here: 
January 22, 2021
61. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Lawyer/Disruptor Susan Guthrie, Esq.
Susan Guthrie, reformed lawyer turned business coach, escaped death - not once, but twice - at a very young age.   She shares this incredible experience as casually as you or I might order a latte at Starbucks.  It's no surprise she went on to be a successful attorney and law firm owner, and very much ahead of her time started an online law business (way before COVID) and has catapulted her business into a thriving coaching business.  Susan is an innovator and a disruptor - recognizing ways to do business better before the world's circumstances even necessitated it.  This is what has allowed her to be a leader in the field.   Included in this conversation: The TWO experiences that brought Susan very close to death. How she overcame the trauma of those experiences - and how it affects her today. The experience of contemplating one's mortality when death seems imminent. Why (and how) she became a lawyer  How she discovered online lawyering was the way to go long before the rest of us. How she transitioned away from the practice of law + litigation.   What she does now to bring home the bacon. How you can get in on that too.   Find out more about Susan Guthrie here: Follow Susan Guthrie on Instagram here: Follow me on Instagram: Watch Wake Up Call Live! on Facebook: Want to be a guest on Wake Up Call? Let's talk. Email me: 
January 13, 2021
60. #femDR Series: Gastroenterologist Supriya Rao MD
Dr. Rao received her undergraduate degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology after which she graduated from Duke University School of Medicine.  She completed her internship and residency in Internal Medicine from the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania.  She went on to complete her fellowship in Gastroenterology at Boston Medical Center.  Dr. Rao has board certification in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology.  She has special clinic interests in gastrointestinal motility as well as nutrition and obesity medicine. Included in this episode: Why Dr. Rao went to medical school How she chose her specialty The challenges of being a physician The practice of medicine vs. the business of medicine The most common practices of a GI physician The experience of telling someone they have cancer Whether diet + nutrition can "cure" everything  Dr. Rao's approach towards nutrition What Dr. Rao learned about nutrition in medical school The truth about protein What we really need more of in our diets The TV show that most accurately depicts being a physician What Dr. Rao has learned about humanity through her practice Books that had an impact on Dr. Rao  You can find Dr. Rao on Instagram here:  Don't miss a #femDR episode!  More to come! Follow me on social media:  Please RATE, REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE to Wake Up Call on Apple!  
January 06, 2021
59. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Lynda Hinkle, Esq.
Lynda Hinkle might be compared to a cat who has already lived several lives.  Among her other lives is that of teacher,  including teaching at a federal prison, writer, literature academic, and the latest incarnation, of course, is that of divorce lawyer.  Lynda shares generously of her past experiences, including dropping out of law school (the first time), surviving trauma, her passion for literature, and reinventing herself and coming out on top.  Like a cat, she always lands on her feet.   Included in this conversation: First career as a teacher The trauma that changed her life Defining moment in her life Her career trajectory (and why she's not suited for politics) The one thing her father wished for her in life Starting her law firm right out of law school The key skill for a lawyer The one ingredient you need to start a law firm Managing a law firm during COVID-19 Lynda's management style (including hiring and firing) Lynda's impressive book list Proust Questionnaire  Her plans for the future  You can find Lynda's law firm here: You can follow Lynda on Instagram here: Find Lynda's book "Breaking Up: Finding and Working with a New Jersey Divorce Lawyer" (Second Edition) here: And you can follow me on social media here: If you are interested in the opportunity to appear on Wake Up Call The Podcast, the #FEMSQUIRE Series, email me here: 
December 28, 2020
58. Future Regrets Podcast Hosts Jessica + Alexis
 Jessica + Alexis are the dynamic duo behind the "Future Regrets" Podcast.  They share their tricks of the trade of podcasting, how (and why) they got started in the podcasting world, the technology that has worked (and didn't work) for them, and what they aspire to do in the future.  If you're thinking of starting your own podcast, or even if you have one now, or if you're just fans of the Future Regrets Podcast, you'll get some good info here.   Included in this episode: The story behind the name "Future Regrets" How their first episode was recorded What they've learned about podcasting during their experience  Equipment they use (and don't use anymore) Their experience recording in-person vs. remotely Advertising and marketing the podcast  Podcasting "mistakes" they've made Expanding their reach through Instagram and livestreams Their hopes and dreams for the future How they plan to achieve world peace (ok, not really, but it sounded good, right?) You can find Future Regrets Podcast on Instagram here and get all of their info: And you can get all the dirt on me here: You can also "watch" this interview on my YouTube channel here:
December 22, 2020
57. Team Neagle Superstars: Brandon + Steph Tuss
I had the opportunity to sit down with Steph Tuss, CEO of the David Neagle machine "Life Is Now, Inc." and Brandon Tuss, Director of Podcasting at Life Is Now.  If you are familiar at all with success coach David Neagle, you have seen (or heard) this husband and wife team.   They are an integral part of the Neagle machine, with Steph running operations and marketing and Brandon the tech wizard behind The Successful Mind Podcast, who can also be heard on almost every episode. It's not a well kept secret that Steph and Brandon were first introduced to David when Steph began coaching with David years ago to help her grow a nutrition coaching business.  It didn't take long for Steph to step into the light and follow her desire to join the Neagle Team.  Brandon followed suit.  Their journey wasn't without its hiccups, like most periods of growth.  Brandon and Steph share how they were first introduced to the world of Neagle and the evolution of their personal growth journeys. Included in this conversation: The patterns they grew up with that discouraged growth The reaction from family members to quitting their "safe" jobs and pursuing their desires  Not always being at the same place at the same time in their journeys How their marriage was affected by dramatic individual personal growth  Their individual experiences joining the Neagle team Where Brandon initially experienced setbacks and overcame them Steph's experience finding her purpose The philosophies of the Neagle team that keeps them thriving Common patterns they have seen over the years in David Neagle's clients Some insight to the inner workings of the Neagle machine Be sure to listen to The Successful Mind Podcast: You can also find The Successful Mind Podcast on Apple and wherever else you listen to podcasts. Listen to more podcast episodes like this one by subscribing to Wake Up Call the Podcast.  If you liked what you heard, please leave a review! Follow me on social media:
December 05, 2020
56. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Veterans Advocate Kristine Maher, Esq.
This episode is just in time for Veterans Day.  As the daughter of a Navy Officer, Kristine Maher is very familiar with the sacrifices members of the military and their families make for their country.    Kristine talks about the challenges of growing up as a "military brat" having to move and change schools often.  Kristine also recognizes the eventual benefits of this experience as an adult and the emotional maturity she developed.  Kristine eventually settled in Cincinnati, Ohio, where her legal career has naturally gravitated towards advocacy for our veterans and their families.   In this episode, we talk about:   Growing up as a military kid  The hidden advantage of frequent relocations + military life   Her dad’s career as an officer in the Navy  How she developed an interest In being a lawyer  Her interest and special talents in the arts  Parallels of art vs. litigation  Being a woman in the legal profession in Washington DC  Influences of a special female mentor early in her career   Still fighting for gender equality in the courtroom  Women united are a powerful force  Her evolution as a champion for veterans  Types of veterans cases she handles  Destigmatizing mental health treatment for veterans  Incredible gift a Gold Star Mother gave her  Why she needed a piano to move to Cincinnati  Her favorite obsessions  What’s on her bucket list  What she has in common with Lady Gaga  Ends with a Proust Questionnaire  You can find out more about Kristine Maher, Esq. here:  If you are a #FEMSQUIRE and you want to be featured on the show, email me for a Media Kit: 
November 16, 2020
55. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Immigration + Human Rights Attorney Jessica Smith Bobadilla, Esq.
Jessica Smith Bobadilla's track to becoming an immigration and human rights attorney was truly a calling.  As the granddaughter of Armenian immigrants who immigrated to Mexico and eventually landed in California, Jessica is the face of the American dream.  Jessica discussed her family's escape of the Armenian genocide, her young interest in human rights, and her impressive path from grade school defending vulnerable students from bullying, traveling to the East Coast to attend Columbia and working for the UN in Haiti.  Jessica truly understands the plight of immigrants and has a passion for immigration policy and human rights.  Some highlights of our conversation:  Jessica's early desire to be an advocate for human rights  Jessica's Armenian ancestry + her family’s immigration history to Mexico  Jessica's special sensitivity for the immigrant experience  How egregious human rights violations lead immigrants to trauma  Significance of last names for immigrants  Keeping family stories and history alive Infusion of Armenian and Mexican influences in her family  Representing African refugees in NYC  The East Coast vs. West Coast experience  What an immigration really does (it's not filling out forms)  Immigration trends after 9/11  The human face of immigration and how it affects us all  Global vs. domestic immigration trends  The true nature of immigration policies   Addressing stereotypes about immigrants   Immigration policy and practices in the current political climate  The real impact of Trump's Executive Orders on immigration practice  Examining our place in history DACA implications   Obama Administration vs. Trump Administration   Immigration law vs. politics  Why it's critical to have an attorney (not a "notary") handle your immigration matter  Jessica's vision for her law firm and future aspirations   Is there a future in politics?  Reach Jessica here:  Call Jessica's main office: 559-264-2500  Resources: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg:  If you are a female attorney and you are interested in being featured on Wake Up Call the #FEMSQUIRE Series, I would love to hear from you! Email me at  You can see what I am doing on social media:  SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER: 
October 23, 2020
54. #FEMSQUIRE NJ Divorce Lawyer Diana Schimmel, Esq.
Diana Schimmel is yet another #FEMSQUIRE with a creative background who went into the performing art of litigation.  Diana shares her background in dance and how that has given her the poise and grace she displays in the courtroom - and elsewhere. She also shares her inspiring family influences, most notably her grandmother Gertrude Schimmel who was a pioneer for women just like Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Diana is carrying the baton by being a strong supporter of women empowering women and advocating LGBTQ rights - not to mention also being a strong role model for her daughter.  In this conversation, here are some of the things we talk about:  Mutual admiration for Frida Kahlo  Diana's early aspirations to be a dancer   Why Diana decided to become a lawyer  Diana's natural gravitation to litigation  Diana's grandmother Gertrude Schimmel and her trailblazing career as the first female NYPD Police Chief  The parallels between Gertrude and Notorious RBG  Diana's strategic use of the law school experience to become a business owner  Law you will never find Diana doing  Diana's perceptions of the changing landscape of family law   The evolving family in our modern society  Diana's early experiences with Impostor Syndrome  Diana's personal challenges running a business  The pros and cons of having partners vs. being a solo practitioner  Diana's personal and professional visions for the future  The "social dilemma" of social media and technology in today's world  Being a parent in the age of technology   The hidden blessings of the COVID quarantine experience   Ideals of beauty and perfectionism   Organic growth of Diana's law firm   Diana's secret dream and her guilty pleasure  The end-of-interview top 5 questions  The influence of Barbie and feminism  Book recommendations  Why Diana doesn't listen to business books  Find out more about Diana and her law firm here:'s book recommendations:  Untamed by Glennon Doyle  Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert   Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote   If you or someone you know is a #FEMSQUIRE and wants to be on Wake Up Call, email me at for a media kit  Keep up with me and the #FEMSQUIRE crowd on social media:  Wake Up Call on Instagram:  Wake Up Call on Facebook:  Wake Up Call on Twitter:  The Prev on Instagram:  Subscribe to my Newsletter!
October 16, 2020
53. #FEMCOACH Series: Amira Alvarez
Where we come from definitely plays a part in who we are, but it doesn’t need to stop us from moving past the level that we have reached in our lives. Christina’s guest today is Amira Alvarez, a business, mindset, success, and income-acceleration coach. Before working as a coach, Amira came from a background in the corporate world. Despite an impressive salary and fancy title, Amira felt no real connection with what she was doing. She followed the breadcrumbs that led her to become the inspirational coach that she is today! In this episode, we talk about... The painting that sits in Amira’s office is a reminder of her unconscious competency Amira was very receptive to coaching because of her commitment to personal growth A plethora of factors from childhood play a part in the people that we become You have to learn to appreciate achievement to appreciate life Money will only amplify who you are already on a spiritual level There needs to be someone outside of yourself to call out your blind spots High goals make many women afraid of the possible failure We must constantly use self-awareness to battle our subconscious programming People believe a lie that sales are something you do to someone instead of for someone It’s very common for people to be resistant to sales training out of fear Amira made multiple changes that led to her rapid rise as a coach Investing in yourself is critical to becoming successful Deciding to move on from a good relationship to grow Women and men can find independence in a healthy relationship Fear of rejection and disappointment stop many women from pursuing their dreams Common problems that stop owners from scaling their businesses Know what you want and go for it; you get what you go for Elements that have contributed to Amira’s success as a coach Life is a journey of constant growth filled with challenges and obstacles Links to resources: Amira Alvarez: Podcast Virtual Summit 2020 If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter: If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or a #FEMCOACH and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
October 01, 2020
52. Courtney Danielle Gray, DPT: A Trans Story
Christina’s guest today is Courtney Danielle Gray.  Courtney shares her experience as a transgender woman in today’s world.   Courtney has many great accomplishments.  She's a Doctor of Physical Therapy, WBFF Diva Fitness Model, and in the Top Ten running for the cover model contest for Ms. Health and Fitness competition.  It has been a long journey figuring out her true self.  Courtney is very candid sharing her experience as a transgender female.  Nothing was off limits.   In this episode, we talk about…  Growing up in rural Arkansas Her experience figuring out why she felt different The modern trans community and how times have changed  Living a double life while trying to be who others expected her to be  Differentiating between gender identity and sexual orientation  Navigating relationships when you can’t be open about who you are  Breaking down the experience of the transition process  Courtney’s experience coming out to her children  How to deal with the people in your life when going through a gender transition  The medical aspect of gender transition and hormone control  Looking into the post-transition future after all medical procedures  What it was like coming out to friends and family members  The experience of gender dysphoria  How estrogen medication affected Courtney’s pursuit of bodybuilding  Bodybuilding with other women as a transgender female  Dating after transitioning  Links to resources:  Follow Courtney Gray on Instagram: @courtney_she_is_strong  Follow me on social media:  If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter: If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
September 29, 2020
51. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Ex-Pat Danyel Manley, Esq.
Danyel Manley shares her experience leaving life as a family law attorney in New Jersey to take advantage of a unique opportunity to move to Asia! Find out how she found this opportunity and why she had the chutzpah to take advantage of it.   We discuss: Growing up with wanderlust The bold move that presented a unique opportunity for travel Making the decision to move to Asia Getting acclimated to Asian culture Having “American” children who have never lived in America What they think about America’s Trump in Asia The COVID experience abroad What Thai food is really like and Danyel's personal favorites Where is “home”? And is she ever coming back?! Danyel’s not-so-secret desire for the future
September 05, 2020
50. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Glitter Bombshell Amy Cores, Esq.
Amy Cores doesn't just march to the beat of a different drum.  She's the drummer too!    Christina's guest today is Amy Cores, Esq., a NJ divorce lawyer with a colorful history just as colorful hair as her pink hair and her pink Maserati! Originally from Philadelphia, Amy is a classically-trained cellist who had dreams of being a rockstar.  Her dream of going to Berklee College of Music was not feasible because of finances so she attended Florida State University as a history major, as she says, "because I had nothing else to do."  She was originally on the path to academia, planning to pursue a Ph.D., which deviated to law school.  Amy is notorious in the legal community for marching to the beat of a different drum.  She talks about her perception of that and talks about her philosophies on why some people simply need aggressive representation.   In this episode, we talk about…  *Amy’s educational and musical journey  *The hidden blessings of COVID  *Growing up Jewish in a non-Jewish community  *The most influential people in Amy's history  *Going to law school with the unexpected pit stop of having a baby  *Her feelings on the "marriage" of business partners *Gravitating towards high-conflict divorce cases  *Speaking the language of high conflict communication  *Glitter bombs as a litigation strategy Amy's Instagram page: Amy's website: Follow Christina on social media:  If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter:  If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
August 21, 2020
49. Rjon Robins: How To Manage A Small Law Firm (And Make Money Doing It)
Too many lawyers that run their own law firm forget that they are not only lawyers, but they are also business owners! Christina’s guest today is Rjon Robins, the Founder of How To Manage A Small Law Firm, a consulting group that teaches lawyers how to run their businesses effectively. As a lawyer himself, Rjon knows that law school doesn’t teach you a thing about how to run a law firm. Rjon found that out the hard way when his own law firm fell flat on its face. Through the school of hard knocks, Rjon was able to learn the systems that help run small law firms successfully and now he uses those systems to help over 400 law firms nationwide! In this episode, we talk about… Rjon’s journey through the school of hard knocks Having a practice as compared to having a business To know and not to do is not to know The question that got Rjon uninvited from the bar association What happens when a law firm hits $1M in revenue How to Manage a Small Law Firm’s evolution Breaking down introverts vs. extroverts The extent to which a person can grow depends on how much truth they can face Balancing between doing the right thing and wanting your staff to like you You have to take action to take your law firm to $5M It’s a mindset problem when there are problems and you already know what to do Law firms just work better with effective systems put into place Take a longer view instead of just worrying about today Tackling parental challenges right now Links to resources: Tiger King Endless Referrals by Bob Burg Law Firm Pandemic Growth Resources How To Manage a Small Law Firm: If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter: If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
August 14, 2020
48. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Julia Dasaro-Drescher, Esq.
When you think of a lawyer, you probably think of a suit and tie, Law & Order, and a conservative human being. However, there is so much more to a person than meet's the eye.  You couldn't possibly know until you meet her in a personal setting - or listen to this show!  That is definitely true of #FEMSQUIRE Julia Dasaro-Drescher, Esq., an attorney in New Jersey.   While Julia wasn't exactly sure what she wanted to be when she grew up, a short stint on her high school debate team sent her hurtling towards a long career in law whether she knew it or not!  Julia is a complex and interesting blend of art and creativity and scholastics and academia.  Find out more here.   In this episode, we talk about… Julia’s educational journey to becoming a lawyer Going to Fordham University with Chris Cuomo Aspirations for social justice and graduating law school in a recession  Being a non-conformist in a profession that values conformity Julia’s unusual artistic creativity in a usually-conservative industry Becoming a jack-of-all-trades in numerous practice areas  Breaking down Julia's family life and her influence on her creative and talented daughters Raising an ADHD child with sensory input issues  Julia's talents in the performing arts  Starting her own business after a decade and the best advice she got early on Experiencing the hiccups and growth spurts while growing the business How important "growth" really is (or isn't) as a business owner  Best life advice she ever got and what she would tell her 20-year-old self Looking into Julia’s vision for the future The comforts of being a solopreneur  Links to resources: ASMR EMDR Julia's website: Julia's Instagram page: Follow Wake Up Call here: If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter: If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
August 10, 2020
47. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Daredevil Rawan Hmoud, Esq.
It’s always interesting to dive into the success of lawyers who began their life journeys outside of the United States. Christina’s guest today is Rawan Hmoud, Esq., an attorney in Jersey City, New Jersey practicing divorce and family law. Rawan, the oldest of 4, was born in Jordan and moved around the Middle East until the Gulf War forced her and her family to move to Wayne, New Jersey when she was 11-years-old. From a young age, she knew that she liked arguing and looking at problems from a different perspective. Years later, Rawan completed her undergrad at Rutgers University, law school at Seton Hall School of Law, and began her journey to becoming the incredible lawyer that she is today! In this episode, we talk about… Rawan’s background and her journey to becoming a lawyer Lessons learned from working customer service jobs while being a full-time student Getting her first taste of court and landing an amazing clerkship Litigation is not easy but remains a necessary step in many cases Dealing with cases that cross state and international lines Diving into Rawan’s life outside of practicing law Breaking down the exciting activities on Rawan’s bucket list Rawan’s not-so-secret passion for driving Links to resources: Rawan Hmoud, Esq., Offit|Kurman Attorneys at Law Reach out to Rawan on LinkedIn or via email: If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter: If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
July 24, 2020
46. Christopher T. Anderson: CEO, Profit First For Lawyers
My guest today is Christopher T. Anderson, the CEO and Founder of Profit First For Lawyers. Christopher is also the host of the podcast The Un-Billable Hour, a podcast that covers all aspects of  running a law firm and how to make your business work for you (and not the other way around). Christopher T. Anderson: law firm owner, business coach, avid reader, entrepreneur, budding rocket scientist, pilot.  Is there anything he can't do?  We sat down with Chris and naturally segued into talk about the nuances of how to build a thriving and successful business.  Chris is on the cusp of something even big(ger). I just know it...Christopher has grown his own law firm, AndersonDodson, from the ground up to a 7-figure business, and he has helped others do the same! In this episode, we talk about…  Christopher’s legal career and extensive business background  What lawyers tell themselves about business that simply isn't true Identifying the gap in legal services that are provided to the public - and ideas about how to fix that The #1 biggest mistake business owners make that blocks their success Maybe what you are selling isn't really what you are selling  How failing forward is the best way to create a successful business  Mapping Christopher’s journey to where he is today  Ideas about how to change the billable hour model for law firms  How business owners are constantly held back by common obstacles  Daily habits that can help you be successful  Links to resources:  The Four Agreements  The Science of Getting Rich  Rocket Fuel  Duct Tape Marketing  E-Myth Revisited  Endless Referrals  The One Thing  Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It...And Why The Rest Don't  The Un-Billable Hour Podcast  Anderson Dodson Reach out to Christopher:  If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter:  If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
July 17, 2020
45. #FEMSQUIRE Series: The Legacy Whisperer: Christine Matus, Esq.
Small people talk about small things. Big people talk about big things. That’s important to remember when you are deciding what kind of person you want to be. Christina’s guest today is Christine Matus, an attorney in Toms River, New Jersey, who practices estate planning, guardianship actions, real estate, special needs planning, and special education law. Though she originally planned on following the family DNA and practicing medicine, her destiny took her elsewhere.   Christine shares her experience studying economics at Rutgers University (Douglass College), her early experience in sales in a male dominated industry (and being the top sales "man"), and how she found her true path practicing law.   In this episode, we talk about… Christine’s educational and professional journey that led her to the practice of law Christine's crazy experience in sales (and she did cold calling)! A positive mindset is a choice you make every day - how Christine does that Growing up first-generation in the U.S. from the Philippines Jumping straight into work after passing the bar Getting off the ground after starting her own law firm How people’s compulsions often tend to be against their interests What people think of you is only true if you believe it Every experience gives you something The secret sauce to having a thriving law practice How bringing personal experience to your practice builds an authentic business People do not fail, they quit Links to resources: Shoe Dog Christine Matus's website: The Matus Law Group Facebook: Follow Christina Previte on Social Media: If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter: If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
July 10, 2020
44. Bill Anthes: The Mind Behind “Between The Ears”
Christina’s guest today is Bill Anthes, Green Beret and founder of Between The Ears, a performance coaching organization that endeavors to build better humans.  Bill Anthes does not hang his hat on his military experience.  He actually prefers not to emphasize it, but it is a part of who he is and his life experience.  Don't be misled though.  Bill's military experience did not make him the person he is today.  Bill is naturally a higher thinker and this path was one he started long ago.   In this episode, we talk about… Bill's military experience (what it did for him and what it didn't do) Why the "Green Beret" status does not define who he is Why “mental toughness” is a fiction Awareness and how it fundamentally impacts everything we do Projects Bill has in the works right now (Bill has since announced the opening of Between The Ears Fitness)  Why coaching templates are problematic  What's on Bill's bookshelf that you have to read! Living in two opposing worlds at the same time (military life vs. family life)  Everybody can’t be both a follower and a leader at the same time We dissect leadership what it really means to be a leader  Responding to massive failure determines how you learn Whether Bill feels he has found his life's purpose and what else is in store for him Putting Bill on the spot with a Proust Questionnaire!   Links to resources: Man’s Search For Meaning, Joe Rogan Experience, The Alchemist, Why Buddhism Is True, The Body Keeps the Scores, 5 Years To Freedom, Endure ,Legacy For Bill’s podcast and blog, go to his website: Follow Between The Ears Fitness on Instagram: Follow Between The Ears on Instagram:
July 03, 2020
43. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NJ Divorce Lawyer Robyn Ross, Esq.
Christina’s guest today is Robyn Ross, an incredible divorce lawyer from New Jersey.  Robyn has wanted to be an attorney since she was only 7 years old, getting her inspiration from watching LA Law. That desire eventually led her to major in Law and Justice at the College of New Jersey and to study law at Seton Hall. Now, Robyn is the co-founder and co-owner of her own law firm, Ross and Calandrillo, LLC, in Mountainside, New Jersey, where she practices divorce and family law.   In this episode, we talk about… Robyn’s not-so-enjoyable journey through law school The poisonous competition in law school How she chose family law as her practice area  The profound impact lawyers can have on their clients and the community Important (or not so important) stepping stones on the path to practicing law  Developing your own litigation style as a new lawyer Becoming an entrepreneur - not just a lawyer  The dirty details of leaving an associate job to start your own law firm The mindset of women vs. men making business decisions  Learning how to transition from "lawyer" to "business owner"  What Robyn found most surprising about running a law firm Rapid-fire "getting to know you" questions about Robyn's personal life  How Robyn's grandmother spoke about being a black woman in America  Robyn's feelings about the importance of voting  Robyn's awareness of racial issues growing up  What Robyn would tell her 20-year-old self  Women's sexuality and the idea of the "slut" in our modern society  The one thing Robyn wishes she did more of when she was younger What she orders at a steakhouse  Links to resources: Ross & Calandrillo, LLC: One L by Scott Turow Follow Christina on Social Media: If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter: If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
June 25, 2020
42. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Law Firm Ninja, Nichole Hanscom, Esq.
Why do you have the job you have? Is it the job you’ve always wanted and dreamed about? Or did you have a change of heart and decide to try something new? Nichole Hanscom, Law Firm Management and Marketing Advisor at How to Manage a Small Law Firm, joins Christina to share her journey of becoming a trainer-turned-lawyer-turned-business-owner, and what opportunities and challenges she has faced along her career path. Nichole has seen it all, from public defender’s offices to jails with scarce resources. Listen in for great advice about the people you decide to hire and how to manage your office with care!      In this episode, we talk about… Nichole’s college experience and Condé Nast dreams   Drinking the Kool-Aid of public defender’s culture  Transitioning from data entry clerk to computer trainer The opportunity of a lifetime—working in a social services unit  Work is play and if the excitement stops, it’s time to look for something else  The best public defender’s office is the one nobody needs  Why Nichole became a lawyer and how she feels about her decision now  Recognizing the need to hire someone to avoid hiring the wrong person out of desperation  Realizing attorneys walk into court with people’s lives in their hands and need better training The best standards of justice should be available to everyone  Making things happen “automagically”  If you’re not able to care about the people you hire, you’ve either got the wrong people or shouldn’t be a boss Focusing on personality vs. skills and how to hire with more intention    Nichole’s interview process and the questions she never asks  Coming from a place of love and being responsible to people instead of for people What led Nichole to stop practicing law and start her own business Why Radical Administration does not focus on coaching   You’re either hiring helpers or replacements—know the difference! The common fear most business owners across all industries have  The common mistake lawyers make with office support staff  Top areas of focus if you want to grow your firm  When it comes to charging people, it’s not about you—it’s about them     “If you chase two rabbits, you’re gonna lose them both.”
June 18, 2020
41. John "JT" Thomas: Chilling With Cancer
Whether you have or haven’t had it, cancer has touched everyone’s life in one way or another, including yours. Christina’s guest today is John “JT” Thomas, host of the Cancer and Chill podcast. John has been living with a rare form of tissue cancer (Sarcoma) for six and a half years, and since his diagnosis, his life has completely changed. Over and over again, John has been told that he only has a certain amount of time left to live, only to prove everyone wrong every single time. He has been able to learn so much about himself and about the world during his battle. Now, he uses his diagnosis and platform to help all those struggling with cancer. There is something here for everyone!   In this episode, we talk about… What happens to the rest of life’s problems when you are diagnosed with cancer Cancer is a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual battle John’s love for the radio stems deep into his past Looking back at the moment that John found out he had cancer Breakdowns that have happened to John over the years Learning to control what is within your power to control Living in a 60-90 day window for the last 4 years Other’s just won’t know how to handle your cancer Important things that John would like to do before his time Making the decision to walk away from a career that he loved The cancer patients are the actual experts on cancer Ways to stay positive in the present moment Dying with cancer, but not because of it The great balancing act in life: stuff vs. experience If you follow your true passion, the money will show up sooner or later Battling addiction to pain killers that come with battling cancer   Links to resources: The Mayo Clinic iHeart Media Keep up with John on Facebook! Cancer and Chill podcast:
June 12, 2020
40. Muslim in America: A Conversation With Rajeh Saadeh, Esq.
Unless you are Muslim or have spent a significant amount of time with Muslims, you probably have no idea what it’s really like to grow up as a Muslim in the United States. Well, Christina’s guest today knows all about it. Rajeh Saadeh is a first-generation Palestinian American, Muslim American attorney in Somerville, New Jersey. Rajeh shares his personal experience growing up in New Jersey as first generation Palestinian and Muslim American. Rajeh provides insight to his religious practices and beliefs and dispels many of the stereotypes about Muslims.  In this episode, we talk about… Growing up in Linden, New Jersey with Muslims and other religions and cultures Diving into the history of the religion of Islam and the Quran How Jesus is an important figure in Islam Islam and other religions as they relate to stereotypes about terrorism How September 11th changed life for Muslim Americans forever Blending into the community as a first-generation immigrant The historical traditions relating to men and women in Islam What it really looks like to attend sermon at a mosque Practicing prayer as a Muslim, inside and outside the United States Breaking down the significance of the pilgrimage to Mecca Marrying into Islam from another religion Observing Ramadan and the other Muslim holidays   Links to resources: A Woman is No Man The Autobiography of Malcolm X    If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter:    If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
June 10, 2020
39. "The Successful Mind" of David Neagle
Where you end up in life is solely the result of your thinking. So, you could say that thinking is everything! Christina’s guest today is David Neagle, host of The Successful Mind Podcast. He's also a success coach, mindset coach, income acceleration coach, business coach, and basically an "everything" coach - teaching us how to think to have everything we want in life. Remember, mindset is everything, so, whether you think you can or can’t, you are right!   In this episode, we talk about… David’s profession and what led him down this path Controlling the components of your own attitude Starting your own business creates a different vehicle for wealth Knowing when to invest in yourself and how much to invest People find more about their partner as they grow themselves Things that really hold people back from achieving success There is no outside force or ideology that keeps you safe Differentiating between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind If you believe that you are a victim, your life will never change Shame is used as a tool to control and manipulate You have to make yourself do the work to be successful Find people more effective than you in order to learn You need to be able to turn a need into a want Why it’s difficult to let go of a victim mindset Anger doesn’t have to control your life Everyday habits that David practices   Links to resources: The Last Dance Billions Joe Rogan Experience Gary V Podcast Michael Jordan: The Life Fix This The Year of Magical Thinking The Successful Mind Podcast Keep up with David’s wor
June 05, 2020
38. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Alternative Divorce Lawyer Kim Ciesinski, Esq.
Nobody really wins a divorce, no matter what the public may think. Christina’s guest today is Kim Ciesinkski, a divorce lawyer and owner of ADR Law in Garden City, New York. She fell in love with divorce law when she realized that she could sit down and help women find their voice. Though she does practice divorce law and is divorced herself, she will never sour on the idea of marriage. Just like everyone else, Kim is adjusting her personal and professional life with these rapidly changing times!   In this episode, we talk about… Kim’s journey that led her to become a divorce lawyer with her own firm Taking a 10-year break from law and taking on non-profit work Lessons taught through custody battles and having children Approaching a high-conflict divorce as a mediator Getting back into law after a 10-year break Gender roles in divorce through the generations Adjusting the professional and home life to the ongoing pandemic Americans have an inherent need to not get left behind with work Focusing on settlement and mediation as opposed to trial What lies ahead in the future for ADR Law You either work to change the system or to avoid the system Don’t ever let fear stop you from doing anything   Links to resources: Harvard Business Review Hofstra University   Find out more about Kim on her website: Reach out via email or telephone: 516-308-2922    If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter:    If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let's talk!  Please email me at
June 04, 2020
37. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NJ Divorce Lawyer Megan S. Murray, Esq.
Megan Murray has bounced from Cincinnati to Boston to North Carolina to New Jersey.  She talks about why and how she ended up with "Esquire" after her name.  She also shares why she left a comfortable job at a prominent law firm to start her own practice - and provides her insights on being a lawyer vs. being a business owner.   Follow me on social media: @wakeupcallthepodcast Sign up for my newsletter: 
April 27, 2020
36. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Renaissance Woman, Desha Jackson, Esq.
Desha Jackson has an impressive and extensive resume working in government, most notably at the NJ Department of Law and Public Safety Office of the Attorney General as a Deputy Attorney General (DAG) assigned to the Office of State Police Affairs from 2002-2007. This office was created by the 1999 consent decree between the State New Jersey and the United States Department of Justice which addressed the issues of racial profiling. As a DAG she primarily served as the prosecutor in disciplinary proceedings against New Jersey State Troopers.  She also served as the Assistant Director of the Equal Employment Division of the New Jersey Department of Corrections where she assisted in investigations of corrections officers and staff discrimination complaints, provided advice with regard to equal employment issues, as well as provided training to employees about the anti-discrimination policy and procedures.  Desha also worked as a legal assistant at the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office in 1997 before becoming the first African-American female Assistant Prosecutor to be hired at the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office in its 150-year history.  Desha talks very candidly about her personal experience as an African American woman, her experience working on racial discrimination in law enforcement and insights on how to provide more effective training to prevent racial profiling.  Desha is a huge supporter of creating a safe environment for law enforcement and the public and has progressive ideas about how to provide a better climate for the divide between law enforcement and the public in our current society.   Desha also talks about her personal experience growing up, and how her childhood experiences impact her today - and her big plans for the future that do not involve being a lawyer.  
April 26, 2020
35. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Lawyer, Author + TV Producer VIKKI ZIEGLER, Esq.
Vikki Ziegler, Esq. is taking over the world with numerous empires, and no sign of stopping anytime soon!  She is the founder and managing partner of a law firm in New Jersey, has her own fragrance, authored a few books, regularly appears on various TV and radio shows (and podcasts like this one), starred in the Bravo show "Untying the Knot" and has her own production company with too many upcoming projects to mention here. How did she get her start?  It wasn't easy.  She talks about her parents difficult divorce, her budding talent as an entrepreneur in high school, what has fueled her endless drive and motivation, and her personal philosophies about how to succeed in business and life.  There is a lot of wisdom here.  And a little (er, a lot!) of something called chutzpah! 
March 23, 2020
34. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NJ Criminal Defense Attorney Remi Spencer, Esq.
Remi Spencer has had an exciting career as an Assistant Prosecutor and then a private Criminal Defense Attorney with high profile cases that got her regular spots on Fox News.  She gives us her opinions about the criminal justice system based upon her experience on both sides, including her impressions of the Harvey Weinstein trial, the #metoo movement, what we can do to create a better landscape for victims of sexual assault, her personal experiences with gender equality and inequality, and what we think life will be like for our daughters down the road.  Also find out if what we see portrayed in the media is really representative of our criminal justice system.  It's not all doom and gloom! There's some good stuff in there too! Remi is an intelligent, eloquent and seasoned professional with experience and expertise to back up her insights.  We're not curing cancer but maybe something close...
March 13, 2020
33. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NY Attorney Sandra M. Radna, Esq.
Sandra shares the business secrets she has learned over the course of her 27-year legal career, which includes growing a solo practice (literally, from her basement) to the growing empire it is today.  Sandra has a varied practice of divorce & family law, medical malpractice & personal injury, and residential real estate.  Sandra gives the real nuts-and-bolts of how she not only grew her practice in a short time, but how she runs an uber efficient practice today.  You can find out how she does it and the ONE book she credits with really moving the needle on her firm.  There is also ONE single practice she credits with getting her good quality clients reliably over time.  Get out your notepad.  There's a lot to learn!  
March 11, 2020
32. SPECIAL EPISODE: Exposing the Nip & Tuck: A Conversation About Plastic Surgery
If you have ever felt the stigma of plastic surgery & other cosmetic treatments, or ever been curious about getting treatments, then this show is for you.  I sat down with Deena Asaadi, the patient liaison of Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi, board certified NJ plastic surgeon with offices in West Orange, New Jersey, and Park Avenue in NYC.  We had a very personal and brutally honest dialogue about the stigma of plastic surgery.  We also discuss the current trends in surgery, skincare, and non-invasive treatments for anti-aging and self-care.  Deena shares Dr. Asaadi's philosophies and what you can expect when you visit Dr. Asaadi's office.  DISCLAIMER: Deena is not a physician.  The information presented in this episode should not be interpreted as medical advice.  If you have specific questions, we recommend you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.
March 08, 2020
31. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NJ Divorce Lawyer Elizabeth Rozin-Golinder, Esq.
Elizabeth is the first generation of Russian immigrants and - while not the first one in her family to be an entrepreneur - is the first one in her family to go to law school.  While she dreamed of becoming a mover and shaker as an entertainment lawyer in the Big Apple, she ultimately found herself loving divorce & family law and moving and shaking back in the suburbs of New Jersey.  Elizabeth has been on the fast track, opening her own law firm after only six years of practice.  She shares her experience as a young + female "boss" with a practice to run, raising young children, and her personal challenges building a successful business.  
March 06, 2020
30. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NJ Divorce Lawyer Jeralyn "J. Law" Lawrence, Esq.
NJ Divorce Lawyer Jeralyn Lawrence inherited an entire family law department practically right out of law school.  Rather than let fear hold her back, Jeralyn rose to the occasion and built a thriving family department from scratch at a large firm while she was still learning her way around a courtroom.  Almost 20 years later, Jeralyn has left big law to build her own law firm.  Jeralyn talks about her career trajectory beginning with her young aspirations to be a lawyer, how she was instrumental in changing the evolving alimony laws in New Jersey, what she hopes  to change in the future, and what drives her.  There is no sign of Jeralyn slowing down as she is in line to be President of the NJ State Bar Association in three years.  Hear how she does it and how you can too.
March 02, 2020
29. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NJ Divorce Lawyer Wamaitha Lois Kahagi, Esq.
Lois shares her experience winning the lottery in Kenya and making her way alone to America in her early 20's looking  for the "American Dream."   With aspirations of becoming a professional dancer or opera singer, Lois found herself working as a babysitter and working various office jobs to pay the bills.  She explains how she ultimately found her calling as a divorce lawyer, started her own law firm right out of a judicial clerkship, and overcame impostor syndrome to learn how to run a business and practice law at the same time.  Lois is very candid about how she has overcome her fears, forged a path for herself in America and shares her personal "secret sauce" for success.  Lois is a wonderful example of the American Dream.  
February 24, 2020
28. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NJ Divorce Lawyer Jennifer "J.Mac" McCaskill, Esq.
This interview is not for the faint of heart.  New Jersey family law & divorce lawyer Jennifer McCaskill talks about sowing her oats and finally settling down to be the bad ass divorce lawyer she is today.  She shares how she left a future in academia on a whim to end up in Washington DC practicing family law, founding her own law firm, almost quitting when she had cash flow problems, and how she stuck through it to build a successful solo practice. We also talk about why we are officially discontinuing the word "bitch."  Holler!  
February 21, 2020
27. #FEMSQUIRE Series: NYC Attorney Jessica Sanchez, Esq.
I sat down with NY attorney Jessica Sanchez who shares why she became an attorney, how she commandeered a path as one of the only females in a male-dominated NYC law firm to ultimately leave and start her own firm.  She did that as a newly divorced single mother and pounded the pavement to generate a clientele that would sustain a one-woman practice.  She shares her management philosophies ("manage clients, not staff"), how she learned to command higher prices and establish firm standards for collecting fees.  Jessica has mastered balancing her personal + professional life on her own terms and making her business give her the life she desires. She is a pioneer for women and gives great advice if you are also thinking of opening your own firm.
February 16, 2020
26. THE HONORABLE GLENN BERMAN J.S.C. (Ret.) - "Notorious JSC"
Judge Berman is a well-known and respected retired New Jersey superior court judge with a colorful and expansive legal career spanning 48 years (and still going).  He sat down with me to talk about his roots in New Jersey, his calling to be a lawyer, and an impressive career path that brought him through 17 years of private practice, an appointment as a county prosecutor and life on the bench as a judge.  Judge Berman candidly speaks about the infamous  State v. Dharun Ravi case, his philosophy about crime when he was the Middlesex County Prosecutor, some thoughts about the drug epidemic, why he never ran for President of the United States - and much more.  
February 10, 2020
Attorneys and law firm owners Jennifer Armstrong and Christine Matus share their experience opening their own law firms, building and running a business, and all of the challenges (and rewards!) along the way.  Great insights for anyone who is practicing law and thinking of starting their own firm or any #bossbabes with their own firms already.  
January 11, 2020
24. MARIEL COLÓN MIRÓ (El Chapo + Jeffrey Epstein lawyer) + FANIA VEKSLER - Fierce, Female Criminal Defense Attorneys
Find out how NYC criminal defense attorney Mariel Colón Miró, Esq. found herself with Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán and Jeffrey Epstein as her first clients.  Plus, New Jersey criminal defense attorney Fania Veksler, Esq. got arrested for contempt just by being a fierce advocate for her client at trial.  (Oh, and by the way, her client was acquitted).  These women are kicking ass and taking names!
January 05, 2020
23. Jennifer Hilligus Interviews Host Christina Previte
I created "Wake Up Call" to interview trailblazers who take risks and live life on their own terms.  So when Jennifer Hilligus said I should be my own guest, I took her up on her offer to interview me!  Find out how I overcame a childhood of poverty and substance abuse (without becoming a stripper) and became a lawyer in spite of everything.  
December 28, 2019
22. AMY IMPELLIZZERI - Corporate Lawyer Turned Author
Amy is a self-proclaimed "reformed" corporate lawyer. She achieved the American Dream, living in NYC, and holding a prestigious corporate attorney job at Skadden Arps.  Now she's a prolific writer living a more authentic life.  We cover everything from Amy's creative writing process and how to break into writing, to being a woman in the boys' club at Big Law, as well as the future of women in America, the #metoo movement, and even Monica Lewinsky.  
December 20, 2019
21. ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION - Can we really have it all?
Is the idea that women can "have it all" just a beautiful myth?  And what does "having it all" really mean anyway?  These dynamic women talk about raising kids, practicing law, running a business, creating their own lives and making their own paths.  This is the new breed of women.  They don't just have a seat at the table. They OWN the damn table! (Guests: Melissa Ruvolo, Esq. + Angela Pastor, Esq.) 
December 09, 2019
20. THE KRISTEN DAVID - Up Level Your Business + Your Life!
Kristen David doubled her law firm revenues numerous times - and then she taught other people how to do that as a coach at a nationally recognized consulting group.  Now she's living her best life living in Paris 1/3 of the time,  her home in Seattle 1/3 of the time, and traveling the rest of the time!  She founded her own coaching business - The Kristen David - to teach other business owners how they can build a business that lets them live the life of their dreams.  She shares the secret sauce here.   
November 22, 2019
19. STACY FEINTUCH - "Widow Wears Pink" Lives Her Second Act
Stacy Feintuch experienced the trauma of becoming a widow and single mom at the age of 45 when her husband suddenly died from a heart attack.  Stacy managed to function for her daughters, but she was living with depression for several years.   She finally sought help and the veil lifted.  Stacy reinvented herself and found a dormant writer inside of her.  Hear about her experience, how she coped, and how she has come  out the other side as a successful blogger of online magazine "Living the Second Act."  
November 15, 2019
"Donna" shares her experience - from beginning to end - getting a divorce.  She explains the years leading up to making the decision to end a 17-year marriage, the trauma of enduring the public humiliation of her husband's infidelity and the shame of divorce, and the trials and tribulations of the entire divorce process - and more importantly, coming out the other side whole.  If you are thinking of getting a divorce, going through a divorce, or have been through one already, you will be able to relate to Donna's story.   This is a special episode of Divorce Happy Hour -  a podcast published by Christina Previte and John Nachlinger, Co-Owners of NJ Divorce Solutions (Previte Nachlinger PC).  You can find other episodes of Divorce Happy Hour wherever you listen to podcasts. 
November 14, 2019
Angie Kitko was a beautiful baby born into an environment of drugs and addiction.  Her mother died of drug-related complications when she was only six-years old.  She was left a motherless daughter with a heavily drug addicted and abusive father.  She narrowly escaped the dangerous environment at home and at the age of 16 became an emancipated minor. Despite having escaped the dysfunctional home life, she was left ill-equipped how to create a healthy life for herself.  She succumbed to her own addiction, abusive relationships, and a life of crime.  She gives us all of the gory details and how she finally found home.  
November 14, 2019
David Rubel has lived most of his life with debilitating OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  David explains the compulsion to wash his hands until they bleed and wear vinyl gloves as a means to cope with the anxiety caused by OCD.  Despite these incredible challenges, David has managed to have relationships, run a business, and go to law school.  If you think you understand OCD as a "germ" phobia, it goes far deeper than that and infiltrates ever nook and cranny of life.  David shares the genesis of this disorder and how it has affected his life over the past 35 years. 
November 08, 2019
Keren Barrios was kidnapped and held for ransom for 13 days in Guatemala when she was only 10 years old.  Hear her amazing story of strength and survival, and how she has used this incredible experience to live a successful life.  
October 25, 2019
Attorney John Nachlinger shares his experience growing up gay and coming out in the conservative state of Texas.
October 23, 2019
Find out what  women (ages 35-40) are saying about men, dating, and climbing the corporate ladder.  Do they care what you do for a living?  Do they have marriage on the brain?  Do they care how much money you make?  Listen here.
October 15, 2019
Every once in a while you meet someone whose life trajectory takes a 90 degree turn. Film director Hezues R. Talks about a young life on the street and finding his purpose in film.
October 05, 2019
Denny Mendez grew up in Queens with aspirations to be a doorman.  His plot to avoid school by working in a Wall Street mailroom set him on a course for the rest of his life.  Now he's a financial advisor with a celebrity clientele. He teaches millionaire celebrities and athletes how not to go broke.
September 30, 2019
Suzette Zuena started her business doing lashes in a one-room "Lash House" and has expanded to the LH Spa + Rejuvenation (Med Spa) with two locations (and growing).  She shares her business acumen as well as some insider beauty secrets.  
September 30, 2019
Robin has an amazing story how she escaped a disadvantaged childhood to become a great success.  She has overcome great odds and now she teaches other people how to overcome a victim mindset and start "behaving wealthy."  
September 30, 2019
Sara has discovered her own "special sauce" for success. Sara has built two separately branded 7-figure law firms. Now she is teaching other women how to discover their own unique style and personal brand.  Hear how she did it in her own words. 
September 11, 2019
Sara has discovered her own "special sauce" for success. Sara has built two separately branded 7-figure law firms. Now she is teaching other women how to discover their own unique style and personal brand.  Hear how she did it in her own words. 
September 11, 2019
Dana was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 33.  She shares how this experience has had a profound impact on her life.  See how she lives her life differently after what I call the "blessing" of a pivotal event such as cancer.  
September 11, 2019
From national recognition as the "DYFS Diva" to 7-figure law firm owner and now "Law Firm Mentor," Allison Williams, Esq. has lived (at least) three lives already!  Allison gives us a rare and up-close glimpse of her personal struggles and challenges - and how she overcame them to live her best life.  
August 26, 2019
Karianne Anthes is the co-owner of CrossFit Morristown (New Jersey) and BKØM Coaching.  Karianne talks about her evolution from physical fitness to the active pursuit of personal development and fulfillment.  
August 17, 2019
Brittany Messuti candidly shares her experience growing up with a schizophrenic parent, finding herself, finding love and building an amazing yoga studio and coaching business.  
August 10, 2019
3. AMY O. - Fertility For One
Faced with approaching her 40s without a mate, Amy Ottavinia shares every detail of her very personal experience having a baby on her own.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, you don't have to forego children.  Amy did it and so can you.  
August 05, 2019
Elena Deutsch created WILL - Women Interested in Leaving (big) Law - to help women find their real passion and leave their big law jobs.   However, she shares a sensitive childhood experience that makes her so qualified to coach women (and men) who are unhappy in law.  
August 05, 2019
Fat loss and fitness coach Maria Gargiulo tells us how she transformed her body and her life.  She went from fat to fab, left a toxic relationship, moved from Missouri to  California and built a thriving coaching business.  Find out how! 
August 05, 2019
Wake Up Call (Trailer)
August 04, 2019
August 4, 2019
August 04, 2019