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Orb Magic

Orb Magic

By Christina Rawls
Dr. Christina Rawls, former philosophy professor, evidential medium, spirit orb photographer, future physical medium? 🦋
Did you know souls reincarnate? The CIA knew about orbs as energy in 1975 too.
Today changed US history & women's rights. Let's take a different perspective than the usual 2 sides. Also Red Cloud & trance medium Estelle Roberts speak the Truth yet again in 2022. Plus some stuff on the CIA & orbs! Welcome 🪶
June 25, 2022
Co-Creating Synchronicities 🦋🪄✨
Welcome Tania Berg of Life Continuing podcast & more. You'll want to subscribe & hear her amazing guests & their wisdom on her podcast for sure!
May 26, 2022
Quantum Understanding ⚾️
What does systematic hacking, reincarnation, skepticism, physical mediumship, bisexuality, love & quantum understanding have in common? Goodness only knows! Maybe Eckhart Tolle can help us? The 30 min ish podcast hugs are back! 🦋
April 30, 2022
Welcome Allison DuBois ✨
World renowned medium Allison DuBois talks about her first supernormal experiences as a child, life as a medium & what she’s learned about life after death, being a trauma specialist & working with detectives & prosecutors, how to be a good medium, helping others, the state of the world today & watching bad tv for fun!
March 27, 2022
Medium Kathleen Cotter of MY3DOORS
Meet my medium mentor of over a decade & hear about some of her experiences over 7 decades as an evidential mental & physical medium. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
February 28, 2022
An Evening w/Physical Medium Kai Muegge 🪶 New Season
Oh boy! What a way to start 2022! I spoke with internationally recognized physical seance medium Kai Muegge about life & life after physical death, mediumship, ectoplasm, spirit photography, art & more! An honor.
January 07, 2022
We are alchemists & we love well 🪄
In support of healing messages from the beyond, physical mediumship, orb photography, trance development, alchemy, Eagle Magic & rock-n-roll. Happy 2022! 🎶
December 27, 2021
Orb Magic Interviews Director Stephen Berkley about the film Living With Ghosts (release date 2022)
Evidential medium Dr. Christina Rawls interviews Stephen Berkley, the director of a new amazing documentary - Living With Ghosts - which is currently making some waves on the film festival circuit!
November 29, 2021
11-11 Goodness & Permission to have Your Own Experience ⚡️
Get ready for some fragments melting together to create a little beauty fractal style.
November 12, 2021
Empathic Boundaries & Trance Mediumship
Dr. Christina Rawls, evidential medium & former philosophy professor, describes her first experience with a small group mediumship gathering where her team used her body & voice for mini trance readings with 6 strangers for 5 hours. Empaths setting boundaries for soul growth is also where it’s at! 🍁
October 25, 2021
Each Soul has Free Will
A quickie on respecting each soul’s free will with a little poetic justice 🦋
October 16, 2021
Welcome to Orb Magic ✨
Hello 🦋 Former philosophy professor Dr. Christina Rawls introduces her new website & chapters as an evidential & orb medium. Yep, we have a soul, life goes on after death, & science can now prove it. So, what’s next?
October 15, 2021