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Midwest Madness

Midwest Madness

By christine Butterfield
Midwest Madness is your new home for Men's and Women's Big 12 Basketball and hosted by Christine Butterfield. This podcast will include interviews with coaches and players, guests that represent/cover every school in the Big 12, game recaps and analysis, and keeping up with former Big 12 players who now play in the NBA/WNBA. Midwest Madness will drop once a week in the offseason and twice a week when the season tips off!
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2022 Big 12 Draft Analysis
We are a week out from the 2022 NBA Draft!! Christine goes through the top four Big 12 prospects in the draft and analyzes the best spot for each player. Jeremy Sochan Ochai Agbaji Kendall Brown  Christian Braun Where should each player go? Do you agree with Christine? Let us know on twitter! @MW_madnessBig12 @CBonSports @Ten12Network
June 16, 2022
Big 12/Big East Battle Overview
Paul Fritschner from the Big East network joins to talk about Jay Wright retiring, Big 12 transfers heading to the Big East, intra-conference transfers and of course thoughts on the Big 12/Big East Battle slate! Follow us on twitter: @MW_MadnessBig12 @CBonSports @PaulFritschner @Ten12Network
June 02, 2022
Transfer Portal Deep Dive
Christine Butterfield takes you through the recent changes in the transfer portal: -how the 2021 rule change affected recruiting -2021 portal facts and figures across conferences -2022 Big 12 transfers Follow us on twitter: @MW_madnessBig12 @Ten12Network @CBonSports
May 18, 2022
BIG 12 REIGNS SUPREME!!! KANSAS WINS THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! Christine Butterfield takes a trip down memory lane and discusses the Big 12's success in this year's NCAA Tournament. Then she gives allllll her reactions to the Kansas v North Carolina title game. Its a good time to be a Big 12 basketball fan, right?! Follow us on twitter: @CBonSports @MW_MadnessBig12 @Ten12Network
April 05, 2022
Kansas made the Final Four which means the Big 12 continues to be represented!! Matt Burton, sports analyst/personality on 107.7 The Franchise joins the pod to give an insight into the ACC, what Duke needs to look like and his predictions! Follow us on twitter: @IamMattBurton @CBonSports @MW_MadnessBig12 @Ten12Network
March 30, 2022
Sweet 16 Preview
Albie Shore from the Torillas N Takes podcast joins Midwest Madness to preview the Sweet 16 slate! Follow us on twitter: @Mr_AlbieShore @CBonSports @MW_MadnessBig12 @Ten12Network
March 23, 2022
Man...Christine realllllly dives in here guys: 0:00-8:30 Texas vs Purdue Absurdity 8:31-11:42 Big 12 goes 6-0 in the first round 11:43-20:12 Fort Worth story time (it’s okay not to care) 20:13-23:29 Baylor gets upset 23:30-27:00 Remy Martin saves Kansas 27:01-28:32 TJ Otzelberger is LEGIT 28:33-35:16 TCU ROBBED Follow us on twitter: @CBonSports @MW_MadnessBig12 @Ten12Network
March 21, 2022
Women's NCAA Bracket Breakdown
Caroline Darney managing editor for For the Win joins the pod to breakdown the Women's Bracket!! Follow us on twitter: @cwdarney @MW_madnessBig12 @CBonSports @Ten12Network
March 17, 2022
Christine Butterfield gives their initial bracket reactions and brake-down the immense possibilities of this bracket. Also Blake answers the question can three Big 12 teams make it to the Final Four? Follow us on twitter: @theblakelovell @MW_MadnessBig12 @CBonSports @Ten12Network
March 14, 2022
Who deserves Big 12 COTY?
It's a battle of the coaches! Who deserves to be awarded Big 12 Coach of the Year for 2022 season: Baylor's Scott Drew or Texas Tech's Mark Adams? Albie Shore from Tortillas N' Takes argues with Matt from Between the Bears to fight for their respective coaches. Follow us on twitter: @MW_madnessBig12 @CBonSports @Ten12Network @Mr_AlbieShore @mattisbear
March 07, 2022
0:00-2:30 Weekend reactions 2:31-10:14 TCU knocks out Texas Tech 10:15-15:03 Bedlam results 15:04-20:48 Texas barely beats West Virginia 20:49-23:30 Iowa State escape the Wildcats 23:31-29:59 Baylor Sics Kansas 30:00-33:00 Seeding changes? Follow us on twitter: @MW_madnessBig12 @CBonSports @Ten12Network
February 28, 2022
Early Bracketology with Kevin Flaherty
0:00-7:11 Texas being extra 7:12-15:34 Texas Tech’s defense = mother in law 15:35-19:30 It’s bracketology time 19:31-24:34 Baylor a wild card? 24:35-28:40 Texas Tech 28:41-39:47 Kansas ceiling in March Madness 39:48-50:24 Texas gonna Texas 50:25-58:11 Iowa State’s post-season potential 58:12-1:03:48 Hot take on the Horned Frogs 1:03:49 Oklahoma v Kansas State: who’s in? Follow us on twitter: @KFlaherty247 @CBonSports @MW_MadnessBig12 @Ten12Network
February 24, 2022
WBB Update with Jamie Steyer-Johnson
Jamie Steyer-Johnson joins the pod to give an update on WBB in the Big 12 plus predictions on how the top of the conference will shape itself out! Follow us on twitter: @jsteyz @CBonSports @MW_madnessBig12 @Ten12Network
February 21, 2022
Big 12 Week 15 + Kansas Fans Be Better
Christine describes her experience in Allen FIeldhouse and then breaks down this weekend's MBB slate. Follow us on twitter: @MW_madnessBig12 @CBonSports @Ten12Network
February 17, 2022
What's Going on with Texas? + Weekend Preview
Christina Huang from the Daily Texan joins the pod to talk all things Texas MBB. Also the two break down this weekend's Big 12 MBB slate. Follow us on twitter: @stina_huang @MW_madnessBig12 @CBonSports @Ten12network
February 10, 2022
Kansas is King...For Now
0:00-9:14 Oklahoma State wins Bedlam (Uggggggly) 9:15-12:56 Texas Tech impressive win over West Virginia 12:57-19:30 Baylor goes DOWN to Kansas 19:31-23:13 How will each team respond? 23:14-26:59 Texas upsets Iowa State 27:00-30:00 Kansas State beats TCU 30:01-32:00 Future Seeding Implications Follow us on twitter: @MW_madnessBig12 @CBonSports @Ten12Network
February 07, 2022
Big 12 WBB Review + TTU v UT Reaction
0:00-6:09 Texas tech v Texas Reaction WBB 6:10-14:12 Oklahoma beats Baylor 14:13-16:30 upcoming matchups 16:31-18:20 Iowa State beats Kansas State  18:21-20:59 Kansas beats Oklahoma State 21:00-24:18 West Virginia beats TCU 24:19-31:30 Upcoming Men's matchups Follow us on twitter: @MW_MadnessBig12 @CBonSports @Ten12Network
February 03, 2022
Big 12/SEC Challenge Review
Blake Lovell from Southeastern14 joins the pod to review the Big 12/SEC Challenge and discuss how this will impact March Madness seeding. Follow us on twitter: @theblakelovell @cbonsports @MW_madnessBig12 @ten12network
January 31, 2022
Big 12/SEC Challenge Preview
Writer for 247 Sports Kevin Flaherty joins the pod to preview one of the most exciting weekends in the college basketball landscape: The Big 12/ SEC Challenge! 0:00-7:14 TCU v LSU 7:15-14:40 Baylor v Alabama 14:41-21:27 Oklahoma v Auburn 21:28-28:50 Iowa State v Missouri 28:51-39:30 Texas v Tennessee 39:31-46:11 Texas Tech v Mississippi 46:12-49:54 Kansas State v Ole Miss 49:55-55:46 Oklahoma State v Florida 55:47-1:05:25 West Virginia v Arkansas 1:05:26-1:14:00 Kansas v Kentucky 1:14:01-1:20:00 Which conference will win the Big 12/ SEC challenge? Follow us on twitter: @MW_madnessBig12 @KFlaherty247 @CBonSports @ten12network
January 27, 2022
Big 12 Hoops Week 12 Recap
0:00-2:14 College MBB strength of schedule chart 2:15-4:07 Big 12 MBB Standings 4:08-4:51 Big 12 WBB Standings Big 12 WBB 4:52-8:38 Kansas wins over Texas Tech 8:39-12:40 Kansas State beats Oklahoma (Basically Christine reacts to Ayoka Lee’s performance) 12:41:-15:54 West Virginia handles Oklahoma State 15:55-19:30 Baylor topples Iowa State 19:31-21:40 TCU falls to Texas Big 12 MBB 21:41-28:11 Baylor beats Oklahoma (Sooner fans stop complaining about the no call on WWE style foul) 28:12-31:10 Texas wins matchup against the Cowboys 31:11-34:45 TCU takes down Iowa State 34:46-37:59 Texas Tech handles West Virginia 38:00-46:14 Kansas wins rivalry game 46:15-50:00 Big 12 MBB week preview Follow us on twitter: @MW_madnessBig12 @CBonsports
January 24, 2022
Colin Post Talks TCU Hoops + Weekend Preview
Colin Post from the Funky Frog pod to give a deeper look into TCU MBB and WBB! 0:00-8:09 TCU MBB 8:10-17:59 TCU WBB 18:00-29:00 Weekend Preview Follow us on twitter: @colinp_3 @MW_madnessBig12 @cbonsports @ten12network
January 20, 2022
AP Poll Week 11 Reactions
AP Poll is out and Christine gives her honest reactions to differences in the polls. Plus a review of the games this weekend!
January 17, 2022
Baylor(s) fall and Weekend Preview
Both Baylor teams fall within two days of each other! Plus Weekend Preview of the matchups on Jan. 15 Follow us on twitter: @MW_madnessBig12 @cbonsports @ten12network
January 13, 2022
AP Poll is Wack + Big 12 MBB Update
Albie Shore from Tortillas and Takes joins the pod to take a look around the Big 12 -Oklahoma not included in top 25 -Texas Tech beats Kansas! -Chris Beard roast -Baylor the big bears -Jan 11 preview games Follow us on twitter: @MW_madnessBig12 @cbonsports @ten12network
January 11, 2022
MBB Pre-Conference Schedule Breakdown
Matt Wilson from Between the Bears joins the pod to analyze the Big 12 MBB teams before they begin their conference schedule: 0:00-5:30 Baylor at the Top 5:31-9:19 Iowa State Ballin out 9:20-14:23 Kansas gonna Kansas 14:24-18:53 What is up with Texas? 18:54-24:33 Texas Tech lookin good 24:34-28:38 Oklahoma’s ranking 28:29-32:49 WVU is not a Bob Huggins team 32:50-38:00 Oklahoma State struggles-> Cunningham gone 38:01-42:00 Is TCU a tournament team? Follow us on twitter: @ten12network @MW_MadnessBig12 @CBonSports @mattisbear
December 30, 2021
Cyclones Tearing it up w/Jamie Steyer Johnson
Jamie Steyer Johnson joins the pod to talk Cyclone men's and women's basketball plus what Big 12 women's games to bet on this week. Support women's basketball!!  Follow us on twitter: @jsteyz @cbonsports @MW_MadnessBig12
December 06, 2021
Big 12 Week 2
CJ Moore from the Athletic joins the pod to discuss what's impressed him about schools in the Big 12 so far. Follow us on twitter @MW_madnessBig12 @CBonSports Shop Homefield apparel with our Midwest12
November 22, 2021
Big 12 Hoops Week 1 Impressions
Christine Butterfield starts by reviewing changes in the APoll and then gives her thoughts on each Big 12 team's first week of games. Follow us on twitter @MW_madnessBig12 @CBonSports
November 16, 2021
Texas Preview + Week 1 Big 12 Schedule
Kyle Carpenter from Longhorn Republic comes on this episode to preview Texas MBB and discuss the first week of Big 12 games: 0:00-4:14 Chris Beard expectations 4:15-10:06 Elite transfer crop 10:07-15:21 Solid returners  15:22-23:30 Chris Beard's class coaching cliches 21:31-32:00 Exciting Big 12 games  Follow us on twitter for more Big 12 hoops content: @MW_madnessBig12 @CBonsports
November 09, 2021
West Virginia Preview
Brandon Phoenix joins Christine Butterfield to take an in-depth look at this West Virginia team before the season begins: 0:00-1:58 Bob Huggins contract extension 1:59-4:30 Incoming transfers 4:30-6:14 WVU's key returners 6:15-8:17 Can Huggins replace Culver's presence? 8:18-12:53 Preseason poll rankings 12:54-17:59 Non-conference schedule 18:00-20:30 WVU's identity Follow us on twitter! @mw_madnessbig12 @cbonsports @raspyvoicekids
November 04, 2021
Initial thoughts/reactions to the NCAA giving Oklahoma State a post-season ban for 2021-2022! Follow us on twitter @MW_madnessBig12 @cbonsports. 
November 03, 2021
Media Day is over but this pod gives you alllll you need to know about what went down + exclusive audio from the event. 0:00-7:16 more expansion talk yayyy (surprising development stated by Bruce Weber 7:17-9:33 Chris Beard at Texas 9:34-10:50 Preseason poll reactions 10:51-14:36 Scott Drew's goal for the Big 12 14:37-18:51 Kansas talk (Remy Martin transfer, Agbaji and McCormack development/views of practice) 18:52-23:41 Porter Moser joining the Big 12 23:42-29:31 RULE CHANGES 29:32-33:54 Could intra-conference be bad in the future? 33:55-38:00 FUN moments/quotes from Big 12 Media Day Remember to leave a rating and review if you like Midwest Madness having exclusive access for all things Big 12 Basketball and follow us on twitter @MW_madnessBig12
October 22, 2021
Women's Big 12 Media Dayyyy
ITS FINALLY HERE!!! Big 12 Media Day has come so you cannot yell at Christine for caring too much about basketball anymore! This episode she is joined by Andy Mitts from the Rock Chalk Pod and the two discuss everything that went down at media day. For ALLLLL your Big 12 men's and women's hoops coverage follow @mw_madnessbig12 on twitter and subscribe/leave a review :)
October 20, 2021
Baylor Preview
Christine Butterfield is joined by Matt Wilson to discuss Baylor MBB and WBB. The two talk about key players leaving the men's roster, back-to-back natty hopes, and WBB Head Coach new hire, Nicki Collen! Follow us on twitter @MW_madnessbig12
October 12, 2021
Big 12/SEC Challenge Schedule Announced!
Y'all its your early analysis of the Big 12/SEC challenge! 0:00-2:44 Christine fan-girling about this challenge 2:45-5:15 TCU v LSU 5:16-6:39 Iowa State v Missouri 6:40-8:04 WVU v Arkansas 8:05-10:03 Oklahoma v Auburn 10:04-11:24 Kansas State v Ole Miss 11:25-12:50 Oklahoma State v Florida 12:51-15:17 Baylor v Alabama 15:18-16:00 Texas Tech v Mississippi State 16:01-19:10 Kansas v Kentucky 19:11-23:45 Texas v Tennessee 
October 06, 2021
Texas Tech Preview
Texas Tech MBB color analyst Chris Level joins the pod to talk all things Texas Tech basketball: -Fans feelings towards Chris Beard -All the players that have left the Red Raiders during the offseason -Exciting Transfers coming in -Really tough non-conference schedule (look out for an underrated matchup!) Follow us on twitter @MW_madnessBig12 @cbonsports @chrislevel leave a like and review if you like Big 12 basketball coverage!
September 28, 2021
OSU Preview
Hallie Hart from Stillwater News Press joins the pod to give an in-depth look into Oklahoma State's upcoming season: 0:00-7:00 Ted Lasso obsession (not sorry) 7:01-9:45 How big of a gap did Cade Cunningham leave? 9:46-15:45 Bryce Thompson 15:46-18:59 Newcomers to look out for 19:00-22:11 Boone twins 22:12-25:11 Was Isaac Likekele overlooked? 25:12-28:17 Mike Boynton expectations 28:18-33:25 Hot non-conference schedule 33:26-40:00 upcoming season thoughts: LISTEN UP OKLAHOMA STATE FANS Follow us on twitter: @MW_madnessBig12 @ten12network @CBonSports Also leave a rating and review!!!
September 21, 2021
Big 12 Expansion: Hoopz Style
Brian Rauf, lead national writer for Heat Check CBB, joins the pod to talk about the teams joining the Big 12 (basketball opinions only of course)! 0:00-5:00: Initial thoughts on Cincinnati, Houston, BYU, and UCF joining the Big 12 5:00-7:50: Houston's fit 7:51-10:53: Cincinnati is READY for the Big 12 10:54-12:07: Bob Huggins & Cincinnati tea? 12:08-18:18: BYU's potential 18:19-22:47: UCF = fun in Florida 22:48-29:00: Expectations for Chris Beard's first season at Texas Follow us on Twitter at @MW_madnessBig12 for all your Big 12 hoops needs!
September 14, 2021
Porter Moser
Christine Butterfield interviews Oklahoma's new men's basketball head coach Porter Moser!! They discuss: -Transfer additions -Harkless and Hill returning -Family in Norman -Jordan brand nostalgia  Be sure to leave a rating and review if you like hearing from your favorite coaches and follow us on twitter @MW_madnessbig12
September 02, 2021
Jeremy Case is officially official
Christine Butterfield is joined by RockChalk pod's Andy Mitts to discuss Jeremy Case officially coming on the Kansas basketball coaching squad. Breakdown of this week's episode: 00-16:35 Jeremy Case hire 16:36-33:14 Texas Tech announces non-conference schedule 33:15-38:36 UT athletes can use official trademarks now? 38:37-43:30 Texas sport's that benefit most from their new NIL agreement Remember to follow Midwest Madness @MW_Madnessbig12 on twitter to stay up to date on all things Big 12 Basketball!
August 24, 2021
Jeff Mittie
Comin atcha with another WBB Head Coach interview!! This week Christine Butterfield is joined by Jeff Mittie, head coach of the Lady Wildcats of Kansas State. Be sure to leave a rating and review if you like hearing exclusive interviews with head coaches. Also follow us on twitter @MW_madnessBig12 for all your Big 12 basketball updates!
August 17, 2021
Nicki Collen!
I told y'all on twitter (@MW_madnessbig12) y'all were not ready!! Lady Bear's spicy new hire Nicki Collen joined Christine Butterfield to talk ALL THINGS Lady Bear basketball. Official breakdown of this episode: 0:00- 1:39 slight Kansas to Big 10 update (literally so slight it only needed that much time to touch on) 1:40-5:20 big time Baylor MBB commit 5:21-6:45 introduction of interview 6:50-32:30 Nicki Collen hops on the pod!
August 10, 2021
Big 12 Realignment + Big 12 players in the 2021 Draft
Yes...because everyone's talking about it we're getting into Big 12 realignment basketball stylz. Also we get into where each Big 12 player landed in the 2021 NBA Draft. Joining this episode is Matt Burton from 107.7 The Franchise in Oklahoma City! 1:20-3:00 Big 12 realignment = RIP great basketball conference 3:00-14:46 Ideal landing spots for each school 14:45-20:56 Should Notre Dame be called? Notre Dame as various celebrities. Who else should be called? 21- NBA DRAFT 21:05-25:29 Cade Cunningham goes #1 25:30-29:29 Recruitment regarding realignment (lol you thought we were done?) 29:30-32:14 Davion Mitchell 32:15-36:14 Kai Jones 36:15-40:00 Jericho Sims 40:01-41:04 Greg Brown 41:05-44:59 Miles McBride 45:00-51:00 Jared Butler's landing spot is spicyyyy Follow us on twitter: @cbonsports @MW_MadnessBig12 @IamMattBurton @ten12network
August 03, 2021
Let the Games Begin
No more searching, this is your home for Big 12 Basketball.
July 21, 2021