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Better Life, Better Business

Better Life, Better Business

By Christoph Nauer
This is your go-to podcast for answers about how you can grow your business, double your productivity and time off, work smarter not harder. Brought to you by local expert, Balance 6 in Walnut Creek, California. In each 10 minute episode our business and Brian Tracy certified time management master Christoph Nauer answers your questions on how you can double your productivity, profits and time off. Join us each week for answers to your questions on how best to harness the power of time management strategies and systems to grow your business!
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Targeted Networking
special guest today is Joel Bash
November 11, 2020
Services Business Owners Need to Outsource
Special guest Julie Davis with Payton Davis Business Services What’s one thing you wish you had known when you began your business? ·  Having various different business owners ·  Having a bigger network of individuals What’s your biggest challenge right now? ·  Finding funding What are some of the best resources that have helped you along the way? ·  The contacts that I have made along the way What role does delegating play in your business? ·  Having an assistant ·  Business contacts how do YOU prioritize? ·  Deadlines ·  Prioritizing my workload As a business owner you have lots of responsibilities, what do you do to make sure everything gets done? ·  Creating lists ·  Using my calendar Only 3% of people have written goals for their business and life. How do you handle goal setting? ·  I create a one-year goal ·  I create a three-year goal ·  I create a five-year goal How are you adapting to the COVID 19 environment? ·  No real effects on me personally Who are some people who have been the most influential to you? ·  My aunt ·   My children ·  Ruth Bader Ginsburg ·   Oprah Winfrey ·   Steve Jobs Where can our listeners connect with you online? ·  My website at ·  Office phone number 925.775.4912 ·  Email:
October 26, 2020
How to help clients be successful & profitable
Special Guest: D'Ann Hayes with InkItUpDesigns Value comes from my love of marketing Help clients be successful & profitable so they can make memories with their families because all we can take with us is our memories, knowledge, & learning One thing I wish I had known when I started--have a pocket full of experts to delegate to best resources--industry experts, BNI family, coaches build trust with your experts so that you feel confident delegating to them write down everything that needs to be done for the week, prioritize, delegate, & include goals & fun activities Love my lists & crossing them off Goals--write them down, strategy to achieve the, vision board to envision them most influential--my hubby who says Yes, let's do it with a smile, my biggest supporter, my family, coaches, & business associates
October 22, 2020
Essentials for Business Growth
Special guest today: Karl Pontau How to network effectively Darren Hardy Doing a ton of reading. I made a list for people to use: I’ve been working on scaling my business during the past few months. Delegating is essential to that. On two of my current projects, I’ve delegated all of the production work, and am only doing project management and creative direction. We all only have 24 hours in a day, and can’t do everything ourselves. Delegating is a must for any entrepreneur who wants to succeed. Covey’s quadrant method Not everything gets done. I have to say no to some things. Or delegate them. I’m very coachable, and have benefited from working with coaches as I’m growing my business. By working with somebody who helps hold me accountable, I’m much better at setting goals that will not just force me to grow, but also actually take the steps to achieve them. Already worked from home. Lots of networking on Zoom.
October 16, 2020
How to Get More Done & Take Control of Your Life
Today, I want to focus on YOU and the fact that all of you can actually control your lives even though sometimes you may not think so. Is there a part of your life or business that you feel is out of control or for which there is never enough time? Or that if you had, just a few more hours that everything would be great? If so, keep listening. So the first step is to look at your life in detail, all 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week. How should we organize those days and hours carefully? You should be aware that you can increase your productivity and your efficiency by about 25 percent when you have a schedule for every day. By carefully doing so, you actually will have enough time to do most, if not all the things that you need to do. Therefore, the key is to plan and develop an extremely detailed schedule for every day. One of my mentor coaches suggests that you pick one set time a week, say Friday before you close the office, to block 30 minutes to plan the coming week. Include all the things that you have to do for your job, your family, social and other things. Make it comprehensive, including absolutely everything, and the more detailed you are, the easier it is to follow. This allows you to begin the weekend with peace of mind, knowing exactly what the coming week looks like. Those of you in industries where you at time have to put out fires, allow for oops time, a 1-2 hour window that’s open, nothing is scheduled for it. This way, if a true emergency arises – and it is up to you to decide if the incident needs your immediate attention – then you can stop what you’re doing and take care of this emergency. During the oops time, you can finish the task you were working on when this incident interrupted. However, make sure to keep these incidents to an absolute minimum. Taking a lunch break, away from the computer and phone, could be a simple start. People who do this are much more productive in the afternoon than those who don’t. It will take discipline and commitment and you need to put it on your schedule, but eventually, it’ll become a habit. Have date night monthly, ideally weekly, block it on your calendar, treat it with same importance as client appointment. You can always make more money but not more time. Let me know what you’ll do differently after listening to this podcast, email me
October 01, 2020
Are You Ready to Grow?
Special guest today is Michael Liebowitz CEO, Magnetic Mind Studio People don't buy your thing. They buy what your thing means to them. Michael helps you find it. 925.202.1724
September 26, 2020
Maximizing Productivity in a Remote Work World
Special guest Victor Mataraso with Reliable Receptionist and Victory Workspace in Walnut Creek entire business model is predicated on supporting business owners and entrepreneurs, assist them in becoming more professional, productive and profitable. Receptionists allow them to enhance their professional image, improve customer service and manage their workload. Victory Workspace gives them a physical place to base their business, be more productive with their work and a professional place to meet with clients. Great resource: California Employers Association, business networking groups. All our core business functions are essentially delegated. I don’t answer phones very well, nor am I fit for sitting in an office 8 hours a day, so I’ve hired good people who do those things better than I. distinguish between the Urgent and Important. It’s essential to carve out focus time to do those things that are essential to running the business, but may not be flashing red in your face. Try to limit my roles to the things I enjoy. Assign key roles to others and do regular check-ins. I’m a believer in a quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln that says: Plans are worthless, but planning is priceless. Anyone who set goals for 2020 has likely thrown that page out the window. Nevertheless, I believe the process of creating strategy and communicating it clearly to your people is essential. Covid has been particularly challenging for a large segment of our business. Operating a shared workspace during a pandemic when nobody wants to be within 6 feet of another is more challenge than I bargained for. However, uniquely positioned to benefit from a recession and an increase in remote work once the fear of the virus subsides.
September 17, 2020
What Every Small Business Owner Should Know!
I am saddened when a potential new client comes to me & I see that their company is either a sole-proprietor or an LLC. This saddens me because their CPA or tax professional hasn’t had the conversation with them about converting to an S-Corp. I am saddened because CPA’s know better & tax professionals should know better, but nope, they are allowing their client to over pay their taxes. You see, sole-proprietors and/or LLC’s pay an additional 15% SE tax on their net income & If their net income is over $18k, they are giving too much to the IRS out of their pocket. If they were in a S-Corp, they wouldn’t have to give it away. I help small businesses understand this and reposition themselves for thousands of dollars in savings each year. I wish I had known about S-Corporations & why there is such a huge tax advantage to operating as one. For years I overpaid my taxes. It’s a struggle but at the same time it is rewarding to groom someone to take care of my clients the same way I would take care of them. It less about delegating, it’s more about team building. Unfortunately the adage “the best laid plans...” is true in my case. Sometimes I prioritize by logic and then I have to re-prioritize by fire & often that is in the same day. In my profession, I am deadline driven. Lists, lots of lists, write it down. In my office we use slack to communicate lists to each other. I also look at a task at hand & ask myself, who else can do this task? We start with long term goals: 1. Overall desire for the company 2. 2 year goal for the company 3. What do we want this time next year as a company 4. What do we have to do now to reach goals set for the beginning of next year With the advancement & availability of connecting through technology, I am able to provide my clients with the same high quality service I provided prior to COVID. I serve clients worldwide, so I have used screen-sharing technology and secure client portals for some time. On a rare occasion when a client just must come into see me, we sanitize and social distance and wear masks if need be. Not enough hours in the day. I am very passionate about helping people and that takes time. #1 by far is Spencer Johnson, author of “Who Moved My Cheese.” He wrote one line that changed my professional life & that I still draw on to this day: “What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?” Another one is T.Harv Eker - Enlightened Warrior Training: Courage is not action without fear, Courage is action in the FACE of fear. Our website is: and you can search us in yelp, google and LinkedIn set an appointment for a FREE 1 hour consultation HERE
September 09, 2020
TEEDUP for marketing success
The value that we bring is offering businesses a proven, efficient way to retain the best marketing services and technology at no extra cost. I wish that I had known to focus on the goal and not chase the money.  If you obsess about offering people the absolute best solutions, the money will take care of itself. Delegating is at the core of the efficiency of our business.  We control the over-arching customer experience by connecting or delegating the work to the exact right marketing and business development professionals. I prioritize by deciding, before the day begins, 3-5 projects that I must get done that day.  They are generally large, big picture projects.  Important conversations, directional decisions, business partnership opportunities. These are what I focus the core of my time on.  Then I delegate or field more minor tasks myself.  At the end of the day, I want all these minor tasks and urgent matter to be resolved or in someone else’s court so that my time and energy is freed up to focus on the important matters.  Just because something is urgent, doesn’t mean it is important. I need to be better at this.  We write down goals and constantly reassess to make sure that the direction of that goal is still the direction we want to be headed.  Right now our written goals are too financially consumed, we need to refine this. Biggest challenge is maintaining focus.  I have a tendency to get excited about the next shiny thing.  There are so many things that we want to do and so many opportunities.  That energy serves us well if it is focused.  We have the ability to be really creative and discover and build synergies, but sometimes that energy is better channeled elsewhere.
September 04, 2020
Three things I’d wished I’d known before I started my business
A Conversation with Diane Labazio from Creative Solution Consulting Diane Labazio founded Creative Solution Consulting for small businesses and non-profits who wanted to make a significant impact but were too small to have a dedicated web design and brand strategy department. Creative Solution Consulting is unique because of who we are. Diane knows there is no one easy answer or technological widget in this day and age that will make your business instantly grow. Creative Solution Consulting works because we listen to your concerns, study your business practices, and implement practical yet innovative, marketing, and sales solutions. We do not throw away what has worked for you in the past; we implement it as part of a better plan for the future. Whether you are a “Solopreneur” just launching your brand, a non-profit trying to scale, or a business that has been around for years – Creative Solution has the knowledge and experience you need to take your brand strategy to the next level. With over fifteen years of successful experience, including direct sales, business to business sales, email campaigns, WordPress web design, print and online advertising, and creating copy content for brochures, blogs, newsletters, and websites. Creative Solution Consulting provides solutions that help you gain measurable results based on what you need prioritizing in your business right now – whether it is print, in person, or on the internet. Finally, Creative Solution Consulting helps you find direction and a cohesive message that you can confidently present to your clients and peers. We inject energy and a new perspective on your sales and marketing goals. And we help you market your enterprise with integrity, which helps to gain the best results – long term success. Contact Diane Labazio if you would like to learn more:
August 31, 2020
How to plan your ultimate day
Today, I’d like to dive in a little more deeply into this complex topic. I have already shared with you my unique and wholistic way to goal setting, a way that clearly differentiates me from most business coaches because I believe that business and personal life are intrinsically  intertwined and cannot be separated. That belief and conviction led to my business name: Balance 6. If you listened to my podcast on goal setting you remember the 6, here they are again: time and money, health and relationship, self-improvement and higher power or spirituality. If we balance those 6 we are at our best, as business owner, entrepreneur, employer, boss, spouse, parent, friend, colleague, Let me illustrate my point about a client of mine: Working crazy long days, 12-14 hours, the to do list gets longer not shorter, there’s no time for lunch, clients demand immediate attention, I get interrupted by phone call, email or an employee walking into my office needing my help, leads to stress Here are some questions to ponder if you want to plan your ultimate day: –       What must I accomplish today? –       What project do I need to focus on? –       Who do I need to follow up with today? –       What do I need to do to make progress? –       What prospect do I need to call today? –       What appointments do I have, need to make? –       How will I improve my health today? –       What meals will I have and where? –       What time will I get up, go to bed? –       What phone calls do I need to make? –       What spiritual activity will I do today:? –       What will I do for my spouse, family? –       What will I delegate? –       What will I do for self? –       2 most important outcomes for day? Block 15 min on your schedule to answer these questions, feel free to change or edit them, but be sure to sue them when planning your days and weeks. Gift to listeners: business breakthrough session
August 21, 2020
Quick Biz Tips
Special guest today is Latoya Clark, owner and founder of Maylon Media *Remember to take your own advice. Be your first customer *You can't pour out of an empty glass *As soon as you have done something more than once, it can be documented and taught to others. *Write it down. Cross it off. *Get the "Momentum" chrome extension Social Links: Let’s Connect!
August 15, 2020
Focus on Key Results
Why are you getting paid? key question for business owners If you’re not crystal clear why you are getting paid and what results your company expects of you, what you need to accomplish on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, it is very hard for you to perform at your best. 5-7 key result areas. These areas represent the results you absolutely, positively have to get to fulfill your responsibilities and make your maximum contribution to your business. key result areas of managers: planning, organizing, staffing, delegating, supervising, measuring and reporting key results of sales people: prospecting, building rapport and trust, identifying needs, presenting persuasively, answering objections, closing the sale and getting resales and referrals. once again we go back to CLARITY and how critical it is, high performers clearly know their key result areas. All employees and team members MUST be able to clearly identify their key result areas AND communicate them with others in the company. If everybody in the organization clearly understands everyone’s key result areas and responsibilities the productivity will skyrocket. hiring the right people and effectively DELEGATING make a list, grade yourself, where are you weak and underperforming? Make plan to change this, because poor performance often leads to procrastination, the better you become at a particular skill, the more motivated you’ll be to perform that skill and the less likely to procrastinate on it What one skill, if developed and done in an excellent fashion, would have the greatest positive impact on my business? One of the best and fastest ways to stop procrastination and get more done faster is to become absolutely excellent at your key result areas. #ChristophNauer #Balance6 #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #timemanagement #businesscoaching #business #professionals #relationship #money #health #selfcare#productivity #coaching #consulting #mentoring #teambuilding #leadership
August 14, 2020
Launching and Growing a Business during Quarantine
Today I talk with Rebecca Troxell, Founder and CEO of Rebecca’s Vault - a specialty Gift Concierge service. Rebecca provides business owners and individuals with thoughtful gifting approaches that set them apart in the eyes of their clients, friends, and family. The mission of Rebecca’s Vault is to change the perception of gift giving from giving a “thing” to giving the Perfect Gift that shows the recipient that they are Seen, Appreciated, and Valued! Today, Rebecca and I discuss the challenges of growing a business during the pandemic and how she exceeded her goals for growth in the first half of 2020! A client for years, Rebecca shares how she has implemented systems that keep her on task, make sure she meets and exceeds the goals she sets for herself, and delegates responsibilities to efficiently maximize her time. We dive into how she prioritizes tasks (as well as herself) and makes sure to get everything done. Additionally, we also cover the importance of setting specific goals and how to ensure successfully reaching them! Find out from a successful entrepreneur and business owner how finding and working with the right coaches – seeking out Mentors and guidance – has helped her grow and continuously surpass her goals and expectations! Finally, discover who some of the people are that have influenced, motivated, and guided Rebecca as she continues to grow her gifting empire! #ChristophNauer #Balance6 #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #timemanagement #businesscoaching #business #professionals #relationship #money #health #selfcare#productivity #coaching #consulting #mentoring #teambuilding #leadership
August 11, 2020
Mastering Time Is an Art and a Joy
special guest today: Terza Ekholm O Customer Retention and Referral Specialist O live in Colorado Springs, CO and work from home O help businesses save time and make more money O I am an artist and use this system to grow my own wearable art business O set my mind every night before I go to sleep and first thing when I wake up O use digital and physical tools to schedule and track my tasks for measurable results O automate as much as possible O participate in a community of thriving business owners as well as an active mastermind group O check in with my accountability team every day O schedule time to workout and play O I have daily, weekly and quarterly goals that I track and report to my accountability coach and team every week. O I encourage my team to do the same. O Take yourself and your business seriously. O Nobody manages Time.  We master it.  It’s not about getting everything on your calendar; it’s about managing your calendar and your processes to support the achievement of your goals. O Know that you won’t hit your goals every day.  When you do, expand them. O Celebrate your wins, but don’t rest on them. O It takes more time to find a new customer than it does to keep and serve your existing ones.  Keep going for the new customers, but leverage your existing relationships to make this easier.  Ask them for referrals and introductions. O When a business says no to what you have to offer, ask them who their biggest competitor is.  Then present your offer to them. O Document your systems so that you can hand off repeatable sets of tasks to assistants, freeing you up to do what you do best.  This is what it means to THRIVE. favorite quote:  “Your personal JOY is sustainable.  Sustain it by keeping the commitments you made to yourself about your life." Email: Text/Phone: 719-213-9469 Art/Clothing Store: Sign up for a free gift and learn about Client Retention: Schedule a consultation with me: #ChristophNauer #Balance6 #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #timemanagement #businesscoaching #business #professionals #relationship #money #health #selfcare#productivity #coaching #consulting #mentoring #teambuilding #leadership
July 30, 2020
Best Way to Prioritize
The more thought you invest in planning and setting priorities BEFORE you begin to work, the better you get at getting more done faster, The more important and valuable as task is to you, the more you should be motivated to get it done and overcome procrastination My mentor Brian Tracy suggests the ABCDE method to prioritize, he says: it is the most powerful priority setting tool that you can use every day. This technique is so simple and effective, that if applied consistently, can make you one of the most efficient and effective person in your field. Here is how it works: write down everything you have to do for the coming days. Next, you place an A, B, C, D, or E next to every item before you start with the first task. Items with an A are defined as something very important, something that absolutely has to get done, not negotiable.  Doing this task will have very serious positive consequences if you do it OR very serious negative ones if not done. B items are tasks that you SHOULD do, but have only mild consequences, these as your tadpoles, If not done, someone may be inconvenienced or unhappy if you don’t do the task, but it is definitely NOT as important as an A task, The Rule: never do a B task as long as there’s an A task left to be done C tasks are items that would be nice to do but there aren’t really any consequences to speak of. These activities really don’t have an affect on your business D tasks are items that are meant to be delegated, things that could AND should be done by somebody else. The rule: delegate anything and everything that someone else can do, this allows you to free up time to take care of A tasks that can only be done by you E items are tasks to be eliminated, delete them from your to do list Once you start applying this method of prioritizing you will be organized and ready to get more IMPORTANT things done faster. The Key to making the ABCDE method work for you is to discipline yourself to start immediately, not tomorrow, NOW. #ChristophNauer #Balance6 #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #timemanagement #businesscoaching #business #professionals #relationship #money #health #selfcare#productivity #coaching #consulting #mentoring #teambuilding #leadership
July 23, 2020
Using Resources to Delegate, Accomplish Goals and Increase ROI
Special guest today: Joanne Barrios who runs a multi-line insurance agency representing many different companies specializing in Business Insurance, over 20 years of experience, Spanish Bilingual. making insurance planning a simple and stress-free task for all involved. partners with my prospects and clients, gaining a true understanding of their wants, needs and concerns to deliver solutions that provide security, prosperity and peace of mind. creating a daily schedule which includes personal time helps take away the pressure and stress from feeling weighed down and overwhelmed. make lists and categorize the priority of each item on the list Main tip: delegate and use your resources to help you accomplish more and keep running your business to generate income. Taking the time to do your own books, your own insurance search, etc. takes you away from doing what only you can do and may keep you from reaching your goals. It helps to have a trusted team of advisors on your side. Money well spent will pay back in dividends including better quality of life, which is priceless. Now more than ever I can’t emphasize how imperative it is to slow down, reevaluate your goals and consider what resources are currently available to help you reach those goals. Assessing what works and with new regulations and limitations what doesn’t work will help avoid unnecessary tasks. get more comfortable delegating additional tasks to free up time to have more online meetings with clients and prospects. #ChristophNauer #Balance6 #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #timemanagement #businesscoaching #business #professionals #relationship #money #health #selfcare#productivity #coaching #consulting #mentoring #teambuilding #leadership Joanne V. Barrios Joanne Barrios Insurance Services 1700 N Broadway, Ste. 380 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 510.444.7442 CA Lic 0D00299
July 21, 2020
Money Match Maker
Special guest today: Anna Swartz-Lopez with Maestro Capital Solutions, called the "Money Matchmaker", I  connecting business owners and real estate investors with lenders, leading clients through the lending process, like a realtor leads you through the process of buying a home. Analogy: completing tasks is like trying to fill a basket with large, medium, and small sized rocks. If you fit the large ones in first, everything fits, but if you put the small ones in first, you run out of room. It is hard to tell if I am making progress or just spinning my wheels, unless I have a goal to move toward. Separating business and personal finances is crucial for financial health and well-being. "The corporate veil" applies to small businesses, too. Our circumstances have shifted, so you need to consciously shift your mindset in order to adapt. Be creative, and realize this is the new normal - don't wait for things to go back to the way they were. Take time to educate yourself and keep developing as a business owner. #ChristophNauer #Balance6 #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #timemanagement #businesscoaching #business #professionals #relationship #money #health #selfcare#productivity #coaching #consulting #mentoring #teambuilding #leadership  Also on LinkedIn or Facebook
July 20, 2020
Serve From the Heart, and Charge For It
Today’s guest is Brady Thomas, an award winning photographer specializing in fine art portraits for women, men, children, families, including pets & horses. She offers well crafted headshots and business portraits that effectively your communicate brand. She conducts extensive interviews in her pre-photoshoot consultations to discover who her clients are, and what is important to them. After years of education, studying the masters, and honing her craft, she knows it’s not about her. This is an experience resulting in legacy heirlooms that will last for many generations. This is about her client’s relationships, family, children. This is about triggering a memory and bringing a smile when her clients walk past a portrait hung in their home. Money and Self Value If you believe your product and service are at a high level, then just charge for it! Sounds easy, right? Sometimes not. Self-doubt, Compare ourselves and pricing to others, Imposter Syndrome. You are your brand. Believe in yourself & Stand in your worth. Money is simply a form of energy. A legitimate transaction is an EQUAL exchange of service for value. If not equal, you lose energy and you damage your brand > damaged self-value > Spiral. Give 100%, ask 100% in return. Do the work, get the chops. Learn to feel joy in the ask, “That will be $15,000 Mrs. Smith. How would you like to pay for that?” You are asking to close the circle of energy between service and value. Try to stay in language of Thrive, not just Survive. Serve from the Heart, and Charge for It. Be of service, but don’t discount. It's not being of service, and It’s not sustainable business. Some potential clients budgeting right now, and that’s ok, but don’t guilt sell. Instead, offer more service. Give more. Get creative, but don’t undercharge. That's Survival language. #ChristophNauer #Balance6 #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #timemanagement #businesscoaching #business #professionals #relationship #money #health #selfcare#productivity #coaching #consulting #mentoring #teambuilding #leadership
July 03, 2020
Proactive Procrastination
most effective of all personal performance techniques. can’t do everything, need to procrastinate on some items, as such you need to deliberately and consciously delay working on small tasks, need to put off less important items and do most critical ones first, eat that frog, need to eat biggest ugliest frog first and procrastinate on smaller and less ugly frogs and tadpoles Difference between high and low performers is determined by WHAT they procrastinate on procrastinate on low value tasks, make list of everything you do who could do what? outsource, delegate or eliminate, and most of all, WHAT can wait? What can you procrastinate on? 3 Questions for Max Productivity 1.  What are my highest value activities? What are the biggest frogs I have to eat in order to get the greatest contribution to my business, personal life, health, family 2.  What is it that can only be done by me and nobody else? The late management guru, Peter Drucker, came up with this question 3.  What is the most valuable use of my time right now? This is the key question of time management, if answered correctly, we can overcome procrastination. You can get your time and life under control ONLY to the degree to which you discontinue lower value activities. Secret of success? Warren Buffet puts it this way when asked : “Simple. I just say NO to everything that is not absolutely vital to me at the moment.” Ask for time Summary Creative Procrastination is: -  Procrastinate on low value tasks -  Identify time-consuming tasks -  This is an ongoing responsibility asking yourself: What’s the most valuable use of my time? Or your “MVU,” as I like to say schedule your free business breakthrough session #ChristophNauer #Balance6 #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #timemanagement #businesscoaching #business #professionals #relationship #money #health #selfcare#productivity #coaching #consulting #mentoring #teambuilding #leadership
June 26, 2020
Preserve your history
Special guest today: Clifton Barnes with CA&C Video. Do you have an anniversary coming up and want to get a special gift for your spouse? How about a seminar presentation that would you love to share with the world? CA&C Video Productions was created in 1985 to do just that and so much more. From graduations to small social gatherings, CA&C Video will preserve your history because your history matters. Not only that, let’s say you have analog media that’s been collecting dust in your attic. We also transfer VHS to DVD. So if you have those Hi-8 tapes, cassette tapes, even Beta-MAX, we can convert those to digital formats such as DVD, jumpdrive or a private online platform. Second generation videographer, Love promoting VHS to DVD Me and the calendar app go hand in glove. Just like in a previous podcast I don’t use hand a paper, I use apps like Notes and Evernote Goal Setting HUGE. Setting goals allows me to see the progress I have made. Without seeing where you have been you can’t know where you came from and where you are now. Doesn’t mean you stay in the past but if you don’t know the past, your mistakes are bound to repeat The way my father started the company was with filming church services and giving them to the sick and the shut-in. The Bible is still important to me. Listen to the bible while walking with the phone Meditating Me: Livestream Promote others and let others promote you. Use social media to your advantage. #ChristophNauer #Balance6 #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #timemanagement #businesscoaching #business #professionals #relationship #money #health #selfcare#productivity #coaching #consulting #mentoring #teambuilding #leadership
June 22, 2020
Creating a Pandemic-Proof Business and Life
Our guest today is Sheilla Vidal, an independent life insurance broker partnering with individuals and business owners so they can continue caring for those that matter and live a life of financial security and dignity. She is improving  the financial situation of  families and communities, one policy at a time, through  their no-cost living benefits. How a successful business like Sheilla makes sure everything gets done: · If it’s not written or scheduled, it won’t get done. · Delegate! What Business owners should do right now ·  Protect your assets ·  Biggest lesson that businesses should learn from the pandemic: Income Protection, an Asset that will be there when tough times come. Be self-sufficient. ·  What will happen to your business if you become disabled, retire or die? How will you continue to care for your clients, employees, family ? ·  Know other roles life insurance plays  in business Tips how to Survive and Thrive ·  Be a lifelong leaner. Invest in yourself. ·  Everyone has value to offer, including you! ·  Strive to be better everyday ·  Don’t be afraid to Ask. Opportunities open when you ask. LIAM (Life Insurance Awareness Month) is now! launched LIAM, which is normally in September.   There is no time to wait in protecting your assets with life insurance. Life insurance is an asset, a legacy and a concrete way of taking  care of the people we love and it’s more affordable than you can every think. Call me for a free consultation to help you understand how to acquire this affordable asset and legacy! Sheilla Vidal, Freedom Equity Group  #707-319-5651 #ChristophNauer #Balance6 #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #timemanagement #businesscoaching #business #professionals #relationship #money #health #selfcare#productivity #coaching #consulting #mentoring #teambuilding #leadership
June 22, 2020
How to get your message out in 2020 and beyond
Special guest today John Waller, he helps businesses with Custom OnHold messages, increase their visibility and trust on the internet and also Be Safe with a Virtual Video Business Card. How to make sure everything gets done: It is kind like the plate juggler in the circus, if you want to learn how to juggle six plates, you have to practice juggling 7. It is like being on an air craft carrier. Your head is constantly on a swivel, take your eyes off of anything, and you are done. goal setting: You have to start the current year with it already completed, you have to know what you are going to do at any given moment ahead of time. The Japanese look @ the next 5,10 or 20 years NOT the next 90 days. One of the 6 in my business name Balance 6 is time, some tips in this regard: You only have 24 hours in a day. If you waste it is on you. TV is the EIR. that is the electronic income reducer. Don’t watch someone else’s life get better, work on yours. tips for success: You have to have a new paradigm for what you are doing, and I don't mean 2 dimes. You have to know how to pivot and when to make a change that may be new, different or uncomfortable. I started two new businesses in the last 30 days. Who know what will happen but it will be whatever I make of it and will be awesome. Importance of being referrable and follow up are key,  I have to reach out Virtual business card #ChristophNauer #Balance6 #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #timemanagement #businesscoaching #business #professionals #relationship #money #health #selfcare#productivity #coaching #consulting #mentoring #teambuilding #leadership
June 12, 2020
Post COVID Business and Investment Success
Special guest today is Marcella Silva, land banking expert 1.  Find out about the best kept secret in real estate from an expert! 2.  Learn how a successful business owner and investor gets things done. 3.  Learn about putting your hard-earned money to work. 4.  Find out how you can “survive and thrive” in any environment. 5.  See why clarity and goals are important to success. #ChristophNauer #Balance6 #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #timemanagement #businesscoaching #business #professionals #relationship #money #health #selfcare#productivity #coaching #consulting #mentoring #teambuilding #leadership
June 12, 2020
How to Tame the “Inner Critic”
Special guest today: Trina Swerdlow, BFA, CCHT, Transformation Coach, Trainer, & the Author of: Stress Reduction Journal. Her work is purpose driven, tough childhood, “suffered in silence.” This is WHY, she loves helping people find their voices & step into their personal power. Two KEYS to make sure business owners get everything done: 1) Create a GOAL LIST each week including Personal &  Business, Check off goals after completion, highest priorities in red. 2) Get an “accountability partner” Solid support helps business owners AVOID feeling isolated. TIPS to Survive & Thrive: Survive: Stay grounded in body & to earth. “Go inward before going outward.” - Check in with ourselves. Meditate. Listen to that still small voice, connect with beingness (“human beingness”) to avoid “human doing" Thrive: Stay visible & connected to tribe (customers & community) Connectedness is KEY—inwardly & outwardly. How to Tame the “Inner Critic:” Overcoming negativity begins with ourselves & our internal dialogue. Illustration used: Poster 1) man working, trying to do some productive, writing, on man’s shoulder sits gnarly monkey telling him “you are not a good writer,  not smart enough, etc. Poster 2) same man, now monkey is OFF his back & on its back (belly up), man is holding monkey tenderly in his arms (next to his heart) & looking in its eyes, man asks for more information. “Why are you so angry at me? What are you REALLY afraid of?” Trina has helped many people tame their inner critics & every inner critic she’s EVER encountered is simply trying to protect the person. Ex: from failure and/or humiliation. Explore what you can learn about your own negative self-talk. Begin to look at this “monkey mind” from a perspective of compassion & curiosity -- knowing its simply trying to help you survive -- it’s a protector. After you begin to tame the monkey & see its core intention through caring “soft eyes,” you’ll make room to develop a positive inner voice that reminds you of your wonderful strengths & your MANY accomplishments! Resources: Stress Reduction Journal, Guided Meditations. Create “inner” Sacred Place to relax into & get nourished from the inside out.  In times of stress, keep coming back to the PRESENT MOMENT & spend TIME & ENERGY taking good care of ourselves, our loved ones, & the world at large. ~ The world needs ALL of us to COME TOGETHER ~ 3 FREE on homepage, quick read e-book: “Weathering Life’s Storms: 8 Powerful KEYS to Increase Your Resiliency.” Click here: Stress Reduction Journal—Meditate & Journal Your Way to Better Health Click here for CALMING MP3 Audio: Relaxing Guided Meditations
June 06, 2020
Stand up and be the authority
Today's guest is Reggie Keding with New Key Construction has been in Construction since 2006 and specializes in middle and upper end residential construction Learned more about systems and processes. Focus on the important but not urgent items as priority 1 Hire people with talent that don’t need to be babysat. Do the opposite of a shot gun goal. Have a much clarity as possible You should be able to taste it! Act as if this is a great economy. Be the example. Stand up and be the authority. Take it upon yourself to be amazing at something. This will help separate you from the crowd.
June 05, 2020
Long term thinking improves short term decision making
think long-term when planning goals and deciding on daily tasks, how successful people manage time, how to get rid of time wasters, stop doing low level time consuming activities so you can maximize results. superior thinker: Ability to accurately predict the consequences of doing or not doing a task After 50 years of research by Dr. Edward Banfield of Harvard University he concluded that the long-time perspective is the most important and accurate way to predict who in the US is moving up socially and economically. He is saying that long-time perspective is more important than -  Family background -  Education -  Race -  Intelligence -  Connections Successful people are willing to make sacrifices, go without certain things, so that they can enjoy far greater rewards in the long term. This is not easy to do, especially living in an instant gratification society, but everyone who’s made sacrifices for a greater good can appreciate this. Denis Waitley, a motivational speaker, says, “Losers try to escape from their fears and drudgery with activities that are tension- relieving. Winners are motivated by their desires toward activities that are goal-achieving.” FOCUS on activities with large potential and positive consequences, make them top priority and work on them until done No matter what we do, time is going to pass anyway. It is up to us to decide how to use it and how we use it will determine where we end up at the end of the weeks, months and years that pass. The law of Forced Efficiency says that “There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.” 3 Questions for Max Productivity 1.  What are my highest value activities? What are the biggest frogs I have to eat in order to get the greatest contribution to my business, personal life, health, family, 2.  What is it that can only be done by me and nobody else? The late management guru, Peter Drucker, came up with this question, DELEGATE, build a team 3.  What is the most valuable use of my time right now? This is the key question of time management, if answered correctly, we can overcome procrastination. #ChristophNauer #Balance6 #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #timemanagement #businesscoaching #business #professionals #relationship #money #health #selfcare#productivity #coaching #consulting #mentoring #teambuilding #leadership
May 29, 2020
The connection between Productivity and Happiness
Possible definition of “optimism” can be: generally having a positive and constructive approach to life, usually happy, content, full of energy Optimistic People: -  Constructive and effective with their time -  Get tools needed to be successful, -  Always looking for ways to improve, who can help, what do I need to become better -  Laser sharp focus unwavering focus leads to action, taking action changes things, action is needed to achieve goals To take massive action you need to be organized The more organized with time, the more action you take, get more done, focus on task completion not perfection, leads to goal achievement -  Lots of people busy all day but accomplish little, hamster wheel, unhappy, frustrated, disappointed, leads to negative self talk, working on low value task -  As such, critical task left undone -  Task undone would make big difference in business if done -  Talked about this last time: focus on 20% vital leads to 80% results Productive people different: do not procrastinate on high value tasks, complete them first, even if hard and complex because payoff much better Fact: optimism is learned trait, just like time management, it is something we can learn, however, it takes effort, concentration and discipline, adopt qualities of optimist, this will increase productivity and positivity, to become optimist, we have to learn to think like one eliminate negativity from life as much as possible, surround yourself with positive people 4 behaviors of optimistic people -  1. Think and talk about goals: think and talk about what you want and how to get it -  2. Look for good in every person, law of attraction Practice positivity, focus and count your blessings not curses, look for good in every person and situation, learn from mistakes, set-backs, problems, see opportunity, there’s valuable lesson in every setback -  3. Feed your mind with positive material (book: power of positive thinking), always expect best, expect success, keep trying new things -  4. Reap the power of rewards: optimists understand this that’s why they are productive and positive give yourself rewards, rewards motivate, motivation leads to action, action changes things, get things done,  if I do this 5 times, I get …, set up reward structure, link new habit with reward, soon subconscious mind wants reward Quote by Brian Tracy : You are internally impelled or motivated to engage in the habit because your subconscious mind wants the reward. #ChristophNauer #Balance6 #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #timemanagement #businesscoaching #business #professionals #relationship #money #health #selfcare#productivity #coaching #consulting #mentoring #teambuilding #leadership
May 22, 2020
The Power of the 80/20 Rule and how to apply it
Last time we talked about 10/90 rule, which most people have never heard of -  first 10% of time spent on planning and organizing work before you begin can possibly save as much as 90% of time in getting work done today we’ll talk about the 80/20 rule, most of you have heard of it,  Vilfredo Pareto noticed that people in his society could be divided naturally what he called 20% vitally few and 80% trivial many He later discovered that this principle could by applied much more broadly i.e.  20% of activity, 80% of results 20% of customers 80% of sales 20% of products or services 80% of profits 20% of tasks, 80% of value of what you do Etc, etc So, let’s say you have 10 items on your to do list, 2 of them will turn out to be more valuable than the other 8 combined In other words, number of tasks is LESS important than importance of tasks It’s possible that 1 task of your list of 10 can be worth more than the other 9 together. Now that should be the task we should do first. Unfortunately, most people procrastinate on the top 10-20 % of tasks that are most important AND valuable, called the “vital few” by Pareto Instead they keep busy with the 80%, the least important or “trivial many” that contribute little results Question: how can you change this? Start by reviewing your business, where does most of it come from? What activities lead to most of our business? What business and/or services have the biggest ROI? We need to know our profit margins? Which jobs brought in the most money and where did we lose money or only had a tiny profit margin? We want to make sure not to go after more jobs like that since this would fall into the 80%. Most business owners don’t do this, maybe they feel it’s a waste of time. However, this ties in with our topic of last week’s podcast, the power of planning, 1 min of planning can save you 10 min of execution. In this case it keeps us from focusing on the more lucrative jobs, the ones that make our business profitable. Entrepreneurs appear busy all day long but seem to accomplish very little. Usually, the reason for this is that they are working on low value tasks and procrastinating on the activities that – if completed – could make a real significant difference in their business. The most valuable tasks are usually the most difficult and challenging. However, the payoff is usually tremendous. That’s why we must refuse to work on low level activities, the 80 %, and put all our efforts and energy into the 20% until they are done. So, before you begin work, ALWAYS ask: does this task belong in the top 20 or bottom 80? Whatever you choose to do over and over eventually becomes a habit, my motto: What we learn, we practice, what we practice, we become. ALWAYS start working on high value activities and refuse to spend time on the 80 until all 20 tasks are done this leads to a sense of accomplishment, success and motivation. Those feelings motivate you and help you being more productive. Time management is taking control over what you do next and the choice is ours. Making the right choice, in other words picking important over unimportant tasks, ultimately determines the key of your success and life and business. Close with quote from my mentor, Brian Tracy: Effective, productive people discipline themselves to start on the most important task that is before them. They force themselves to eat that frog, whatever it is. As a result, they accomplish vastly more than the average person and are much happier as a result. This should be your way of working as well.
May 19, 2020
Power of Planning and How to have 2 Extra Hours a Day
reason for procrastination and lack of motivation: - vagueness, confusion, and fuzzy-mindedness about what you are trying to do and in what order and for what reason. We must avoid being vague, confused or fuzzy minded which happens when we don’t have a plan I’m sure you’re familiar with the question: How do you eat an elephant? Well, one bite at a time, so you apply this to your big, challenging, overwhelming tasks: you break it down into specific step-by-step activities and then you start on the first one. Our mind and ability to think, organize, structure and plan are our most powerful tools to overcome procrastination, which is what we usually do when we have a huge, challenging task to get done. The thought of doing it is so overwhelming that we procrastinate. So, our ability to set goals (which we discussed in our last episode), plan and take action hugely influences the course of our lives. The ability to plan before we act is really a measure of our overall competence. The better and detailed the plan the easier it is to overcome procrastination. Every minute of planning saves 10 in execution, let me repeat this So, in other words, spend 10 minutes planning and you save almost 2 hours in execution. WOW!! Knowing all this, why is it then that so few people practice it? Planning is not really difficult, the old fashioned way, you only need pen and paper, more modern way, a word doc on your computer How many times have you heard me say: Who do you know who’d like to have an extra hour or 2 a day? Well, now you know how! 2 extra hours a day is what you get when you practice this and are working from a list: ALWAYS work from a list, when something new comes up, add it before doing it. Doing this will increase your productivity by 25% or more (about 2 hours a day) from the moment you start consistently working from a list As you complete tasks tick off the items on your list, imagine what it feels like each time you do that -  Feeling of success -  Visual picture of accomplishment -  Motivates and energizes -  Raises self-esteem and self-respect -  Feel more effective & powerful -  In control of your life -  Think better -  And the list goes on Planning Project -  Make list of every step needed -  Organize steps by priority -  Lay out project on paper or computer doc so you see every step -  Work, 1 step at a time - Most important rule of personal effectiveness is 10/90 rule: -  first 10% of time spent on planning and organizing work before you begin -  possibly save as much as 90% of time in getting work done Closing Quote by my mentor Brian Tracy When you plan each day in advance, you will find it much easier to get going and to keep going. The work will go faster and smoother than ever before. You will feel more powerful and competent. You will get more done faster than you thought possible. Eventually, you will become unstoppable. #ChristophNauer #Balance6 #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #timemanagement #businesscoaching #business #professionals #relationship #money #health #selfcare#productivity #coaching #consulting #mentoring #teambuilding #leadership
May 08, 2020
Goal Setting
Only about 3 percent of adults have clear, written goals. These people accomplish five and ten times as much as people of equal or better education and ability but who, for whatever reason, have never taken the time to write out exactly what they want. The purpose of my life is  ­­­­­­­­­­… (soul sentence, guiding light, compass ) Start out with gratitude, blessing, accomplishment journal What would you love to have? Set goals in 6 different categories:  Time Health Money Relationship Self-Improvement Higher Power or Spirituality SMART Goals: S - specific, significant, stretching M - measurable, meaningful, motivational A - agreed upon, attainable, achievable, acceptable, action-oriented R - realistic, relevant, reasonable, rewarding, results-oriented T - time-based, time-bound, timely, tangible, trackable Definitions provided by Project Smart. What new habits do I need to develop to accomplish these goals? What old habits, stories that keep me from achieving my goals do I need to drop? Recondition sub-conscious mind: daily action: affirmations, meditation, get accountability partner What do I need to do in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days to achieve these goals? -  Develop strategies (what) & tactics (how) -  Decide who will do it: • Do It Yourself • Get Help Doing It • Get It Done For You • Don’t Do It #ChristophNauer #Balance6 #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #timemanagement #businesscoaching #business #professionals #relationship #money #health #selfcare#productivity #coaching #consulting #mentoring #teambuilding #leadership
May 08, 2020
How to adjust to Covid 19 environment
importance of clarity during these uncertain times, three key qualities you need to develop the habits of focus and concentration, seven simple steps that can double and triple your productivity #ChristophNauer #Balance6 #smallbusiness #entrepreneurs #timemanagement #businesscoaching #business #professionals #relationship #money #health #selfcare#productivity #coaching #consulting #mentoring #teambuilding #leadership
April 27, 2020
Introduction to Balance 6 Coaching
description of coaching practice why I became a coach importance of working smarter not harder most rewarding part of coaching
April 14, 2020