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Coffee,Cannabis and Chris

Coffee,Cannabis and Chris

By Christopher Fernandez
An Open Door into the Mind of a 50 year old with volumes of knowledge wanting to share with anyone with a thirst for personal growth and self realization. Forgiveness is the Skeleton Key to life’s biggest questions because only then are you open to opinions. I will never judge or discriminate because I know the pain and wish it upon nobody. Love is forever. I truly believe if it’s pure on one end unity can be attained. ALOHA🤙🏽 It’s been a Rough 2020 and I know we can overcome and prosper with each other’s help and support. I’ve been physically down and healing over the last month. I’m Back🤙🏽
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Honesty Hurts
I’m a hypocrite and sorry. I really do apologize for not being able to be strong enough to be there for myself.. aloha
June 15, 2021
Hindsight Is 2020
ONLY Reference the past to improve the future. Don’t dwell where growth is not possible after forgiving yourself because we are Worth It and Worthy. It’s been a while and I apologize,I broke my clavicle and 4 Ribs and my rotator cuff is bad but I’m alive and will never put myself in harms way again. Live and Learn🤙🏽
December 16, 2020
Birth of a Dynasty
After my liver treatment I decided to pursue cooking as my profession but Pizzelles changed my life. My Mom makes them every year for Christmas and People Wait Patiently but always ask.. any made yet.. So I stated Ma’s Cookies Maui Made Pizzelles as a form of income for me and Ma.. Well it’s time message me for orders....Seriously..💜🤙🏽 aloha
October 16, 2020
Long Winded Monday
The Weekend was hot and Monday long,the combination was most intriguing and opened my heart and mind to want more. I’ve been shitty in my life but never on purpose,just me losing sight of the goal/prize when I’m asked for/to help.. I’m not gonna change God made me this way. Perfectly Flawed.. Ask me anything I will never lie. aloha
October 13, 2020
Real Conversation
I was having a hard time describing the topic of this Conversation in my head and putting it here for a heads up on my thoughts.. I turn 50 tomorrow and still haven’t even started living yet.. Are You Ready Because I Am Experienced. Enjoy the Ride and check my IG:just_chris808 if any questions please feel free to ask and I Am Restarting My Cookie Company Up MA’s Cookies Maui Made Pizzelles and BFF’a Doggy Snacks. aloha
September 28, 2020
Always Hello
No matter how crazy it gets never neglect to recognize those that appreciate you. When you are being celebrated by anyone or thing to acknowledge is all that counts. Say Hello it won’t kill you. 🤔If it does you said it wrong so practice first in the mirror😁 Practice makes better.
September 17, 2020
911 2020
We are in dire times but we control everything.. I know it sounds crazy but make a list and visually plot the path to success. No Matter What If You Want It Get It. There are no promises or guarantees love won’t mess up so stay vigilant and healthy. heinetime25@yahoo if any inquiries or suggestions from around the World just ask. Aloha
September 12, 2020
Live Your Smile
I’m sorry about not being on. Death is a part of life we have no choice but to accept. Plain and simple but we as humans have theses things called “emotions” and well they can make it messy but we can always clean up and keep growing on our path to Destiny. Your not alone and I realize now neither am I and I thank you from the bottom of my soles to the tips of my fingers. You have a friend. aloha
September 8, 2020
Free The Crab
If you had the chance to save a life would you? Now what if it wasn’t a human,dog or “pet” would you consider. We are all wired differently but a good heart is a good just that. GOOD. Compassion is needs to make a comeback ASAP. Be the catalyst not the cause of it..aloha
August 30, 2020
Do I deserve a blessing
It’s a beautiful Friday and I’m blessed to be able to share time with you💜 We All Deserve Blessings and get them daily we just need to recognize them no matter size,shape,color,age,gender or nationality. Peace and patience.
August 28, 2020
Compassion Please
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aaron 🤙🏽 Having a heart doesn’t make you a nice person but having compassion does. We are not alone in being different,our title is Unique. Never forget that a smile changes lives. Stay Compassionate 💜
August 25, 2020
Don’t Count blessings,Appreciate and share them
Human nature is our biggest flaw and love is our redeemer. Don’t Stop Love From Living . Share everything and nothing can hurt you.. Promise as long as you never forget. aloha
August 21, 2020
Aloha Friday Vibez
Acceptance is pretty hard when they keep changing it up on us.. The Rules of Engagement are adapt and overcome by showing them their is hope and love for everyone here #Unconfuckenditionally aloha, Christopher Chris Fernandez
August 15, 2020
Humble is the mind of a true Warrior because the Battle has already been Won,they just haven’t Accepted it yet. Love is the Key.
April 3, 2020
Forgiveness is growth
If not for the ability to forgive and not forget we would surly be a very grumpy bunch of assholes.. Live and learn so not to get burned.
March 30, 2020
Friday Nite Love
BBQ,Ohana,music and beautiful evening set the tone for this Cast and I pray health and happiness to everyone.. Stay Positive and Smile.
March 28, 2020
Fuck Covid19
Hashing out the current situation our country is in while attempting to not lose Shit and stay positive in an Back Asswords World. Love y’all unconditionally and always here for you..
March 27, 2020
Real Life 2020
Life’s too difficult to not enjoy to the fullest. We are blessed to be able to share joy and knowledge with those we respect and love. I want you to know that you will always have somebody in your corner/who has your back, got your 6.. If you have any questions or inquiries please ask email at There’s no such thing as a dumb question just ignorant people.. Educate to grow. Aloha
February 21, 2020
The Perfect You
Learning we deserve happiness is the first step to accepting our Greatness and Invincibility. We are Destined to Rule our Kingdoms as we want and will without judgements but opinions.. Perception is the key to not getting “Bitch Slapped” figuratively or literally.. Be kind Rewind.
February 13, 2020
Past presents Future
Talk Radio rules the air waves back in the day and it was actually Excellent and informative unlike radio today which needs music for one and Radio personalities that attract not react to bs.. Shout Out The Past the future is not your fault.. Love
February 8, 2020
Need a Hug
Shit can really suck but never give in or up because of the Negativity or Opinions of others.. I have a list of people deserving of a verbal #BitchSlap . But God has a plan bigger then mine and it is perfect. But (wo)man isn’t and in need of dealing with.. in time I suppose.. My time.
February 5, 2020
We Are All Golden Inside
...Racism only exists when we allow the ignorance of others to influence our opinions and actions.. My personal opinion on subject and corroborated by others from the Hawaiian Islands.. Our Tolerance for ignorance isn’t acceptance but Gods Will being manifested through his people. #Facts 🤙🏽aloha
January 29, 2020
Be committed or Bounce
After attempting to run a mile at what I thought was my “Pace” turned out to be my Down fall.. Pride strikith again and half mile I was dead. Reality check cashed.. Damn.. but lessened learned slower and paced correctly tomorrow. Cool now time to grow.. have a beautiful day. aloha
January 23, 2020
Maui Thought Process
Got up and this morning wondering how I got where I am and thanked God for blessing me with people that love me as family and friends that stay true. They are the true Gifts in this life.. and Pitbulls(Love you Cinza).. #1ove #4givness
January 22, 2020
This year we are not letting anything or anyone disrespect or get over on us. Making a mental change along with spiritual choice for happiness takes more work then you think but worth it. Focus on the Good and Stay Medicated. My Medication of choice is Cannabis. Email:
January 5, 2020