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Here’s The Deal

Here’s The Deal

By Christopher Flowers
A Podcast for Veterans by Veterans. This podcast is intended to inspire Veterans to pursue their passion and blaze their own path in business.

We will have interviews with experts in fields essential for business owners
I’m sure we will go off the rails on some issues because we are Veterans and we can do that!

I would call this a mix of Dave Ramsey, Maria Bartiromo, and Joe Rogan. Somedays we may be civilized and some days we may be SAVAGE! You will have to tune in to see where it goes. Oh and if you don’t like what you hear DON’T LISTEN!
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Microwave Mentality

Here’s The Deal

2021 Episode 2 Here's The Deal w Lt. Col Kathy Gallowitz USAF Ret.
Kathy has an amazing passion for her fellow Veterans and helping transition to civilian life. Her Vanguard Veteran helps make "Veteran Champions" and she has a book out: Beyond Thank You for Your Service. 
January 8, 2021
Here's The Deal 2021 Episode 1 FAIL BIG!
FAIL BIG! If you have not heard this speech by Denzel Washington you must! We here at HTD are going to reach new heights in 2021 because we are willing to FAIL BIG! This is the year to reach out and push beyond where you are right now. 
January 3, 2021
Christmas 2020 Edition Here's The Deal
Giving a shout out yo Jesus and going over the new show format in 2021. Week 1 Business, Week 2 Politics, Week 3 Personal Finance, Week 4 FIRE FOR EFFECT! (Talk about whatever the fuck we want!) 
December 20, 2020
Business owners need to have an exit strategy DAY ONE of business. If you are not planning for retirement now you will face a harsh realization in the END GAME
December 14, 2020
Here's The Deal Episode 11 with Moses Sanchez of Nonnahs Marketing
Moses Sanchez US Navy Vet, family man, and Co-Founder of Nonnahs Marketing (Shannon spelled backwards, his daughters name and CO-Founder) breaks down his story and how he pursued his passion. He also breaks down Social Media Marketing and it's intricacies at a high level.   
December 11, 2020
Here's The Deal Episode 10 w Laura Roma and the Homes for Hero's Project
In this episode Laura goes into detail about how her and her husband Mario truly take care of their clients and the givebacks they do with  the Homes for  Hero's monetarily and the community service they provide  
December 5, 2020
Here's the Deal Episode 9 Commercial Real Estate w Brandy Braveboy
One of, if not the, largest investments you will make in a business is your building or office space. Brandy Braveboy, USAF Ret, is now with Phoenix West Commercial Real Estate. She will discus the importance of you having representation on your side of the table when purchasing or leasing commercial Space. Brandy has your 6!   
November 28, 2020
Here's the Deal on Merchant Processing with Ray Gonzalez of Nexgen
There is not a more critical tool in your business than merchant solutions! My personal friend and former co-worker goes over the TRUTH in merchant processing as in independent solutions provider.
November 22, 2020
Veterans Day Edition of Here's the Deal
Be Inspired! We talk today about Veterans who have started some of the worlds most successful businesses. Nike, Fed Ex, Go Daddy, and more! 
November 11, 2020
Here's The Deal Episode 6 Vet-erview with Mario Aguirre of Fall In 360
Here's The Deal Episode 6 WE HAVE GOOD AUDIO! We record from Fall In 360 Studios and Vet-terview Mario Aguirre. In this episode he talks about his growing up, joining the military, his passions, and how  they all tie in.  
November 8, 2020
Microwave Mentality
In business quick and easy will KILL your business. This is not a microwave deal, your business financing will take time, but will sustain a healthy business in the long run.
November 2, 2020
Episode 4 Teamwork! You need to know where your strengths are and hire and delegate to people who are strong where you are weak. 
October 27, 2020
Before You Start Your Business STOP!
We will talk about the do’s and do not’s of starting a business. Don’t quit your job and spend money BEFORE YOU TALK TO US!
October 10, 2020
Business Tax Returns, your vision, your banker &CPA
This inaugural episode is to set, or rethink your taxes, and how to acquire business loans. The relationship between your vision, your banker, and your CPA must be in step.
October 6, 2020
October 6, 2020
October 6, 2020