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By Christopher Locke
Poethood/Fatherhood examines what it’s like to try and be both. The joys, the failures, and all the in-betweens. Each week features a different poet/father and a little of his writing as testament to both.
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Geffrey Davis


Geffrey Davis


David Allan Cates
In today’s episode, I read an essay and poem by David Allan Cates. David discusses his responsibility as a father to always emanate hope to his three daughters, even when his writing process sometimes feels like it is coming up short on finding such a thing.
April 06, 2020
Jim Daniels
Jim’s essay and tender poem address the night before his oldest son Ramsey moved out of the house, and how a heat wave allowed Jim and his wife one more night to be the parents they remember being when their son was young.
March 29, 2020
Geffrey Davis
In today’s episode, I’ll read an essay and poem by Geffrey Davis. His essay, “Brief History of an Ugly Jump Shot” details a time he played basketball with his young son and how a particularly ugly shot he takes transports him back to childhood and how all it took was a single comment on how bad a shot was to deflate any glory or pride you felt. His poem, “Survivor” is about the ways of surviving childhood sexual abuse can compromise a certain faith in the innocence of your own hands.
March 22, 2020