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Fabulas De Machina Anglia

Fabulas De Machina Anglia

By Christos Alexiou
The English version of Fabulas De Machina is a podcast about creepy and dark stories from the cyberworld. This is not your typical podcast. It is more of a complete audio experience.
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Fabulas De Machina Anglia | Trailer | Season 1
The internet is crammed with people. Societies, cults, and groups are formed and destroyed every single day. Sometimes, stories emerge. Not every story has a happy ending. At least, the ones that make it to this podcast, absolutely don't. The English version of Fabulas De Machina will take you on a path that's dark and full of terror. Be prepared to be part of a cybernautic horror experience, one that's delivered in your headphones. This is Fabulas de Machina, and these are events that have unfortunately unfolded in the internet. I am Christos Alexiou. 
January 19, 2021