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Christ Scene Investigators

Christ Scene Investigators

By Reidland Church
Who was Jesus?
Can you trust his claims?
Did he do the things he claimed to do?
Was he really God, or just a good teacher?
Did he really raise from the dead?
Or was the whole thing just an elaborate hoax?
Show me the evidence.

Christ Scene Investigators. A podcast where modern American teenagers examine the claim that an ancient Jewish rabbi was actually the son of God and the savior of the world. Come with us as we examine the evidence and give a verdict.
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CSI 3- Prophecy fulfilled?

Christ Scene Investigators

CSI 3- Prophecy fulfilled?
Was Jesus ministry actually proceeded by hundreds of prophecies about the Messiah that he fulfilled?  If he did fulfill them was it only because they were extremely vague?  Or were the prophecies actually slipped into the Jewish scriptures after the fact to prop-up Jesus claims?  Our bunch of real American teenagers are going to examine the evidence. Get the show notes here
March 24, 2022
CSI 2- All about Christmas
Is there any truth to the idea that Jesus was born near Bethlehem in a manger and visited by wise men as described in the Bible?  Or is Christmas just a Christian take-over or an exisiting pagan holiday still filled with pagan symbols and traditions?  Our crew of teenagers takes a look at the evidence. Get the show notes here
March 17, 2022
CSI 1- Was Jesus even a real person?
Join us a our crew of real American teenagers look at the claim that Jesus was a real historical person.  Was he?  Or was he just a legend?  What evidence is there for the fact that Jesus ever even lived?  Come examine the evidence and give a verdict on this question with us. Get the show notes here
March 10, 2022