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Chrome OS Bridging the App Gap & The Pixel Effect

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As Chrome Unboxed continues to expand, we want to offer updates and news in a variety of categories, including articles, videos and audio. Podcasts are a great way to take in a lot of info in a simple, streamlined way. We're happy to be offering a weekly podcast and look forward to where The Chrome Cast is going!
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Stadia Is Coming, iPad OS Has Limits, and Linux Apps Improve
In this week's episode, we are mainly dominated by the announcements surrounding Google's Stadia cloud gaming service.  With availability, pricing, and an initial game lineup finally revealed, we take some time to react to all that could be coming in the near future. We also talk quite a bit about iPad OS and the new announcements surrounding Apple's update to the iPad lineup.  With rumors of mouse support and the announcement of a "desktop class" browser, there were rumblings that Chromebooks should be worried. inally, we spend some time talking through some pretty great improvements coming in Chrome OS 76 for Linux apps.   You can find links to all the things we discuss below.  Enjoy! NOTABLE LINKS: Why I Think Google Stadia Will Be The Real Deal Then There Were Five: Chrome OS Adds New, Quick-Fix Channel Small Change Makes Big Difference In Chromebook Settings For Chrome OS 76 Google Expands Consumer Chromebook Market In Australia iPads Getting Desktop-Class Browser and Mouse Support: Trouble For Chromebooks? Chrome OS 76 Vastly Improves Gaming and Graphics Performance For Linux Apps [VIDEO] It's Not Just You - Linux Apps Are Completely Broken With The Latest Dev Channel Update
June 7, 2019
ARM Chips in Pixelbooks, Magic Trackpads, and Pixel Slate Price Slash
In this week on The Chrome Cast we cover a lot of ground.  From news of the Pixelbook being tested with ARM chips to gauging the worth of the Pixel Slate in light of the $200 price slash to finally welcoming the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 as a fully-supported Chrome OS accessory, this episode gets into a ton of news from the past week.  We've put in the show notes below all the links to all the things we talked about, so check those out and enjoy this week's edition of The Chrome Cast! NOTABLE LINKS: Possible Google-Made Chromebook With ARM Chipset Shows Up In Geekbench Get $200 Off The Pixel Slate of Your Choice Buying A New Chromebook? Don't Forget To Check The Expiration Date Group Calls in Duo Are Now Love For All Here is Your Best Option for a Wireless Trackpad For Any Chromebook What's Actually In My Bag
May 31, 2019
Chrome OS Bridging the App Gap & The Pixel Effect
In this week's episode, we talk through quite a few things, but there is a clear theme that runs throughout the entire episode: the app gap.  Chrome OS as an ecosystem is slowly overcoming these missing pieces in the form of a proper video editor in Adobe Premiere Rush and through an upcoming ability to run containered, legacy Windows apps with the help of Droplet Computing. Those two things are worth a ton of discussion as they remove the barrier of entry for many users and make the adoption of Chromebooks a much easier transition for those people who "just need that one app." In addition, we discuss the importance of the Pixel 3a as not just an affordable phone in Google's Pixel lineup, but as a possible harbinger of a future where Google sees the importance of high-quality, low cost hardware for Chromebooks from the #madebyGoogle brand as well.  While discussing hardware, we also cover the latest smart device, the Lenovo Smart Clock which we have in the office for review. NOTABLE LINKS: Droplet Computing Is Back!  Running Windows Apps Locally on a Chromebook Is Just Around The Corner The Possible Effect The Pixel 3a Could Have on Chromebooks [VIDEO] Lenovo's Smart Clock w/Google Assistant Now Up For Pre-Order For $79 Adobe Premiere Rush Lands on Android Today, Chromebooks Support Coming Soon Chrome OS Brings Android's Rich Media Notifications To Chromebooks Chrome and Edge Get UI Overhaul for Picture-in-Picture (PIP)
May 24, 2019
Chrome OS, Apps, and the Future of Computing
This week we're in a post-Google I/O hangover, talking through a ton of news that has happened since the event and a few things that were pretty important that occurred after last week's podcast at I/O.  The big conversation continued to swirl around Hiroshi Lockheimer's rather bullish outlook that Chrome OS is positioned as the future of computing in Google's eyes.  With this in mind, we talked at length about what that means both from an app perspective and the user's perspective. We also covered down on quite a few things that have shown up this past week including the death of Campfire (Windows dual-boot for Chrome OS), the new Intel Zombieload Attack, a somewhat-plausible Pixelbook 2 sighting, the impending arrival of two smaller Chrome OS tablets, and Sonos finally getting around to adding the Google Assistant to their already-fantastic speaker lineup. ANOTABLE LINKS: Chromebooks Are the Future of Computing According to Google SVP Put Out The Campfire: Windows on Chrome OS is Probably Dead Google Kills Hyper-Threading on Chrome OS In Wake of Critical Intel Flaw New Chromebook Tablets Could Be Close to Launch Possible Pixelbook 2 Shows Up In Geekbench Results Crostini For All: Every Chromebook Launched This Year To Be Linux-Ready The Long-Awaited Brydge C-Type Keyboard for Chrome OS is Now Available Sonos Will Finally Bring The Google Assistant To Beam and One Smart Speakers
May 17, 2019
Let's Talk About Google I/O 2019
Google I/O 2019 has now come and gone and we are taking a bit of time talking though all the highlights from the event.  There were new devices announced, tons of new services, and quite a bit of Chrome OS-specific news unveiled.   On the broader Google front, we discuss the affect the new Pixel 3a could have on Google's hardware efforts, Google's rebranding of Home devices to the Nest nomenclature, and a bit about some new skills that the Google Assistant will soon possess. On the Chrome OS side of things, we chatted about a ton of smaller things that are in the works for Chromebooks like Virtual Desktops, Android Instant Apps, a new PWA install flow, one-click Linux install for Android Studio, and Android P coming to most devices. Finally, we also talk about Chromebook market share growth and the affect that should have on app development for Chromebooks in the near future. NOTABLE LINKS: Next Generation Google Assistant Set To Revolutionize How We Talk To Devices Google Debuts Nest Hub Max, Rebrands and Drops Prices For Home Devices Google Brings One-Click Install for Android Studio on Chrome OS New PWA Install Prompt Coming to Chrome 76 on All Platforms Chromebook Desktop-Class Apps are Coing With Flutter For Desktop and Flutter For Web Chromebooks Make Big Strides in Sales Numbers in Q4 of 2018 Crostini Report: What's New With Linux on Chromebooks
May 10, 2019
Getting Ready For Google I/O 2019
Google I/O, though routinely a developer's conference, looks to be bringing us some new hardware along with all the new software we can expect for the future from Google.  Though I/O is clearly aimed at developers, there's a ton of news that comes out of this event about all the things that we can expect from Google in the coming months for all us non-developer types, so it will be an exciting week.   On the hardware front, we're talking a bit about 'Atlas' and whether or not we think it could be the next Pixelbook or not and whether we'll possibly see it next week at Google I/O.  With the Pixel 3a and 3a XL definitely coming along with the Google Nest Home Hub, who knows?  We'll be dug in and tuned in for all the fun next week! We also talk through a few new changes coming to Chrome OS, including VPN support being extended to Linux apps on Chrome OS, virtual desktops getting closer for Chromebook, Picture-in-Picture features, and Chrome OS 74 rolling out to many devices with tons of fun new features like PDF annotation and better file management. On the current hardware front, we chat about the recent review of the ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 and the upcoming review for the insanely-affordable Poin2 Chromebook 14.  Between the small bezels, small footprint, premium build and exceptional user experience, the review on the Flip C434 is full of a lot of positives and very few negatives. SHOW NOTES: What we're expecting and hoping for at Google I/O 2019 Some thoughts on 'Atlas' and whether or not we could see it at next week's event Some thoughts on a few sessions expected at I/O aimed at Chrome OS VPN support coming for Linux apps on Chromebooks Virtual Desks getting closer than ever for Chrome OS Picture-in-Picture is getting a mute button Chrome OS 74 is here with a ton of new features ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 Review
May 3, 2019
The Chrome Cast - Ep. 8
In this week’s episode of The Chrome Cast, we discuss upcoming devices, new Chrome tweaks, a bit about baseboards, the Chromium repositories, and open source development. HIGHLIGHTS New changes coming to the YouTube Channel New Samsung flaship Chromebook in the works A bit about baseboards and unibuilds Discussion on Samsung’s folding phone and future tech in general HP Chromebook x2 versus the Pixel Slate
April 27, 2019
The Chrome Cast - Ep. 7
We’re excited to be back! In this episode of The Chrome Cast, we discuss new services, new partnerships between Amazon and Google, upcoming devices, Google I/O 2019, a new #madebyGoogle device, and more! HIGHLIGHTS Exciting new changes at Chrome Unboxed New AMD Chromebook board with flagship-level power A new #madebyGoogle device is in the works YouTube TV adds Discovery Channel lineup Microsoft office document editing in Google Docs Google and Amazon are friends again: Chromecast support coming to Prime Videos and YouTube comes back to Fire TV Google I/O coming soon with tons of Chrome OS sessions
April 20, 2019
The Chrome Cast - Ep. 6
In this episode of The Chrome Cast, we discuss a ton of new Chrome devices both announced and rumored, the first Chrome OS tablet sighting, Google Assistant, and more. HIGHLIGHTS New Chromebooks announced New rumored Chromebooks Acer’s Chrome OS Tablet leaked at BETT Neverware and Google together at BETT Split Screen and Android Parellel apps 3D Gaming With WebGL Fuchsia up and running on the Pixelbook Google Assistant everywhere
February 6, 2018
The Chrome Cast - Ep. 5
In this episode of The Chrome Cast, we discuss some new Chromebook features, Progressive Web Apps, Santa and more. Pixelbook vs. Samsung Pro/ASUS Flip C302 Dictation on Chrome OS Free Netflix AR Stickers on the Pixel 2 a.k.a. why’s Robby salty? Santa on Google Home Google Home Max Progressive Web Apps Much, much more. Enjoy!
December 24, 2017
The Chrome Cast - Ep. 2
For our latest podcast, we recorded a YouTube Live session at our home office. In this episode, we talk the biggest news in the Chromebook and Assistant space, including: Google Home Mini Pixelbook CES 2018 Upcoming high-powered hardware from Samsung & ASUS
October 27, 2017
The Chrome Cast - Ep. 1
Hey everyone! We are super excited about Google’s hardware event coming up this Wednesday. We’ll be in attendance and ready to deliver all sorts of news and hands-on from the event, so be sure and subscribe to the website and YouTube Channel before then to keep up with all that happens. Additionally, you should follow us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are great ways to stay connected and informed about everything we report on here at Chrome Unboxed.
October 1, 2017
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