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The Co-Founder Of Lyme Disease UK Natasha Metcalf On All The Amazing Work Of LDUK.

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By Sophie Ward
Presented to you by Sophie Ward, a Lyme Disease campaigner, blogger, author and radio presenter. Learning how to adapt living life with chronic illness. The challenges we face and the lessons we have to learn. There isn’t a text book with all the answers. We learn on the job, through experiences and fellow sufferers. Chronic illness is tough and there will be rough times but I hope my podcast will inspire you all to keep chasing your dreams and that you DO deserve to live life.
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Faith Abbott - Graves Disease
Faith Abbott, battles Graves Disease but has an amazing outlook on her approach to fighting her illness and life. She talks with us today about managing her health & the healing journey she is on. She is so empowering & offers so much insight & advice over social media at @thathealingfeeling ! Please do give her a follow, you won’t regret it. I hope you learn more about this hard chronic illness here today & are inspired by Faith’s amazing journey, fight & advice given here today. Faith was a delight to interview & it sure is an honour to have her on the podcast. ENJOY!
October 14, 2019
Intro & Questions Kick Starting Series Two With Sophie Ward
YES, YES, YES! We are back in town and how good it is to be back. I have missed you, I hope you have missed me and CHRONIC BUT ICONIC too! I wanted to kick start the series with some questions that were submitted to me over on my Insta:@sophiewardy , head over and give me a follow to follow my story and all the blog, podcast & things I get up to along the way. I hope you enjoy and find this episode useful, but most importantly GET EXCITED for another amazing series, with FAB guests talking about all things CHRONIC ILLNESS. Here on this channel we aim to raise awareness, bring understanding, be open and honest but also be positive, empowering and motivating. So sit back, plug in, headphones on and come with us for the ride. ENJOY. xo
October 7, 2019
Series One - Highlights
WOW! What an OUTSTANDING series one. Thank you so much for all the love and support. It has surpassed my goals for the podcast. I never really knew how people would take to this podcast idea. I wanted to create a platform with content that was interesting, empowering and relatable for all to enjoy with ease. I know and FULLY understand how difficult it is to concentrate and enjoy content with a chronic illness. Whether it is light, noise sensitives and so on. It isn't always easy to read, follow a video and so I wanted to create content that people could check in and out of at their own leisure and listen ANYWHERE. At first, I will be honest I thought I would just have to discuss chronic illness topics on my own but when amazing guests came forward and shared with me their AMAZING stories with so many hints and tips for the listeners. The sparkle was added to the channel and it became my baby. Such a joy and a project that inspired me so much. It pushed me outside of my own comfort zones. I had to learn how to conduct interviews and keep things balanced, informative and interesting. Hand on my heart, I am so incredibly grateful for all the support, outstanding guest and listeners. Now, we have SERIES TWO to get excited about and for. Here are just SOME of the amazing highlights from series ONE. I hope you enjoy and once again, the BIGGEST THANK YOU! XOXO  Keep following my journey via my Instagram: @sophiewardy . 
July 22, 2019
Emma Franklin - Lyme Disease Journey, Treatment, Struggles & Advice.
Emma Franklin joins me today to share her Lyme Disease journey, her treatments, struggles and advice. Emma has gone through the mill when it comes to her health. She is a warrior for sure. I felt it was important to show how debilitating this disease is. How hard it makes life, the prices we pay and the torture we go through. Emma is a beautiful lady in her 20's and I felt it was important to talk about how it is truly hard having to not only come to terms with poor health but managing poor health. Finding a balance. Being able to live SOME form of life with our health complications. Emma does a lot of work over social media to share & document her journey with Lyme. It is inspiring to see her with her main supports helping her get around, live life and break free from four walls. We all need our supports as they are truly our life-line. Emma's Instagram handle is @emmablondevoyage , so please give her a follow and see for yourself the tough Lyme journey us LYMIE's live through. Some of Emma story is heart-breaking but her strength and will power to keep trying to live regardless is inspiring. She is amazingly lucky to have strong supports and it is so nice to see Emma and her boyfriend being amazingly strong together. Thank you Emma for being a guest on my podcast, so many will be able to relate to your story and struggles. I hope one day we can meet in person and you were a delight to interview. Thank you! Enjoy!xo
July 15, 2019
Ash Palmisciano - Mental Health, Diversity, Trans Issues & Acting
How lucky am I? I am SO lucky, AND HONOURED this week to have Ash on the podcast talking about some VERY important subjects, such as: mental health, career paths, trans issues, diversity and just feeling confident in ourselves. Ash shares with us his story and the work he does today to try and help people find the bravery to find their voice and be the person they want to be. Ash shares his amazing story to prove we should NEVER GIVE UP on our dreams and set back's aren't failures but massive lessons to help us to continue growing and moving forward. Having had his own experiences with mental health, Ash shares good advice on self-care and self-love, which we all need to take his advice and practise to help us in our own mental well-being. Ash is always SO busy filming with his gripping and challenging storyline on one of the British top soaps - Emmerdale and this has helped him become a champion of diversity! Getting involved in the amazing National Diversity Awards and even becoming a judge at this years awards. Ash is such a lovely person inside and out and one TALENT that is for sure. He ensures he does his research, uses his own experiences and the feedback from the public to keep himself growing and developing as a person as well as an actor. THANK YOU ASH for taking the time out of your MANIC busy schedule to talk to me today and GIVE ASH a follow over on Instagram: @ash.p.x ! I hope you enjoy this episode and give it some love.
July 8, 2019
Angie Sudduth Walsh - Life Coaching Business Venture.
Angie Sudduth Walsh is a force to be reckoned with. Despite battling Lyme and her own struggles, after battling for years and coming out fighting she has now set up her own amazing life coaching business. Having being through all of the challenges life has thrown her way and how she has overcome so many obstacles, Angie now feels in a place where she can offer sound, honest and amazing advice that can help SO many people across the board. Whether you battle a chronic illness or not, we all have times we find challenging, go through tragedy and suffer with self-guilt, low self-esteem, confidence issues and self-loathing that we want to recover from and gain tools that we can use to protect us. Helping us live the best possible life, in the best frame of mind we possibly can. Angie targets a subject each week *example: self-love* and offers daily Facebook lives, exercises to work on, personal message and tips a long the way that will help you reach a *healthier* mindset and reach your full potential. Please visit Angie's website for more info: Angie's price is $37 a month/£29 a month and membership can roll on and be cancelled at anytime. However, I really don't think you will want to miss out on all the amazing skills, advice and exercises Angie has to offer. Knowledge is power and we continue to learn more and more about ourselves EVERY DAY.  Thank you Angie for helping and to continue helping me. I wanted you to come on the podcast and I am so thankful to you for coming on because I think so many of my listeners can gain SO MUCH from your programme. THANK YOU, Everyone check Angie out, she is amazing and I am so lucky to call her my dear friend. ENJOY THIS EPISODE.
June 24, 2019
Simon Green - Raising Awareness, Being A Hero, Role Model & The Queen's Garden Party.
Simon Green, where do we start? How lucky am I to have interviewed this amazing hero. Simon is the brightest role model. Not only surviving the odd's when it comes to his health but how he goes from strength to strength raising awareness and achieving greatness. All Simon's work, got him an honourable invite to the Queen's Garden Party this year and  was so excited to hear more about how that event went. What a privilege but one that is well deserved. Simon fights hard to gain more diversity and inclusion within our society and works tirelessly campaigning to remove judgements from our society. He is a judge for the National Diversity Awards and is pretty much a key piece of the NDA's furniture . His own story and determination doesn't just motivate the nominees he is judging but the other judges too. It is such an honour to have Simon on the podcast and I am so honoured to have him as a guest . Simon was a delight and I KNOW so many of you will enjoy this episode but also get so much motivation from it. Thank you Simon! ENJOY all, xo.
June 20, 2019
Miranda Turley's Lyme Story
This week I was lucky enough to interview Miranda Turley on her Lyme journey. Having met Miranda at the Ashton Memorial light up I felt her story had to be told because so many of you will be able to relate. Miranda's life, as all of ours do, got turned upside down and having to adapt is only the start of the hard work. Gaining acceptance, support and often fighting the medical community is extremely draining. It leaves sufferers like Miranda having huge medical bills as we are forced to seek private care and treatments in order to get treated. Miranda has a GOFUND me page: We talk a lot about how awful this disease is, the ignorance there is towards it and also how hard it is for our support's to understand our struggles. I would like to thank Miranda for sharing her story with me today and being so open as it isn't the easiest to be so honest. Thank you. I hope you enjoy this episode. Leave a comment and get in touch. XO
June 17, 2019
John Wellby On Mental Health & Diabetes
John was amazing on this episode, as he openly talks about his own personal struggles with his own mental health and diabetes. Mental health especially for men still sadly has a lot of stigma behind it. It has taken more celebrities to open up in public about their own mental health struggles for more support and acceptance to become common place. This shouldn't be the case however, we must be grateful in the shifts within society it has caused and the positive changes it has achieved. It takes brave people like John, sharing his story and being open vital to the every day, 'real' people. Celebrities, have access to amazing doctors and support, where as we don't always have that strong level of support. This can often lead to the mental health issues to worsen as we panic about not having the support these celebrities come out and claim there is around. People like John, who is in a band, runs his own business, has a wife and a family is far more relatable and people gain so much courage to come out of the wood work when people like John are brave enough to open the door first. I thank John for being so honest with me. Diabetes is also a massive worry and struggle for John. People forget that not so long ago diabetes meant death. People didn't survive long and there were no real effective ways to treat to condition or at least manage it. Although it isn't seen as much as a 'killer' these days the stats of the population that are affected by the disease are on the rise. The symptoms are often over-looked and not seen as deadly, when they most definitely are. Unfortunately, with cancers & heart disease being so common place within our society and such killers often chronic illnesses such as diabetes lose their support, funding and public standing. I thank John for again being so open but for bringing this awful, terrible disease back into the lime-light. To help people gain more of an insight into the disease and get more education/awareness out there. I hope you all enjoy this episode and can relate in the many subjects we touch on. Thank you John for coming on the podcast and being a wonderful guest. 
June 13, 2019
Sophie Ward - Awareness Month Review & Poetry Reading
Wow, what a breath-taking awareness month we have had. I thought it was important to celebrate our success over the month and just run through everything. We are always so quick to move on to the next projects and I am very guilty of this. We should give ourselves time to celebrate our successes and how far we have come. First of all, thank you so much for supporting and being a MASSIVE part of this awareness month with me. It means the world to have your support and to see you enjoying the podcast so much. I couldn't have done it without my amazing guests and I am so grateful to them. Truly. Thank you. We have truly left our mark this month, lighting up landmarks, media coverage and more and more people WANTING to educate themselves which is amazing.  I have had a few rough days with my health and when that happens, often inspiration and words flood to my head as I try to cope with the symptoms going on. So I wrote this poem and wanted to kick start this podcast by reading it out to you. I think it is important to share this work to prove that we can always make good out of the bad and that we should use our talents and skills in a creative, positive way. I hope you enjoy, I hope it covers what a crazy, exciting and amazing month it has been AND THANK YOU. Thank you for your support, amazing feedback and being my main source of motivation. I am forever grateful to you. Follow me on Instagram: @sophiewardy, Twitter: @sophwardy and follow my blog for all the updates: Credits to Adam Simpson who has composed all the music in this episode. Thank you! Thank you, sit tight and stay tuned for so MUCH MORE. xo
June 10, 2019
Joanne Monck & I Discussing The FAB National Diversity Awards
Joanne and I are both humbled and extremely honoured to have been nominated for a National Diversity Award this year. This means more than words can describe to us because diversity amongst our society is SO important. We have both faced our troubles and our battles but we have found the courage to talk about our stories and now go on to inspire other's to do the same. This confidence and support is all backed by the National Diversity Awards, along with the amazing BREATH-TAKING heroes and role models who fight for diversity nationwide. The sky really is the limit now, as big companies get on board, people are more educated, aware and understanding and so we really are shooting for the stars. Joanne and I have both made it our mission in life to try to create a less judgemental and fair society. We want to leave a positive legacy and a mark on the world. We go out on the frontlines talking, raising awareness, working to shift people's mindsets and change the world we live in. We have both face rocky journeys but that has made us passionate about helping PEOPLE, healing hearts and soothing souls because we have been through and felt pain which we hope we can prevent other's from experiencing. I hope you enjoy this chat! I HOPE YOU ALL GET BEHIND THE NATIONAL DIVERSITY AWARDS and show your support. It really does go a long way and mean so very much. Thank you NDA's for inspiring us all and to all the amazing heroes out there, you motivate Joanne and I everyday with your OUT OF THIS WORLD work. Follow Joanne on Twitter: @JoanneMonck Follow me on Twitter: @sophwardy and on Instagram: @sophiewardy . Join in on the conversation and have your say! I hope you enjoy this episode! FINALLY, to finish A MASSSSSSIVE thank you to the National Diversity Awards, the whole team and the organisation for all your hard work and current work you put in day in, day out.  We are so thankful to you!
June 6, 2019
Morven-May MacCallum on Lyme Awareness, Fundraising & Her Amazing Book
Morven-May is an extremely talented and successful author. She has written the book JOY, which is available on Amazon and in most bookstores. FINDING JOY is told from three different perspectives which makes the book an ideal read for not only Lyme sufferers but friends and family to. To help people understand the true hardships and terror the sufferers and their loved ones go through when battling with Lyme Disease. Morven-May is an amazing campaigner, giving talks to companies and schools to name a few, along with hosting book promotions, heading to festivals and setting up stalls, events and fundraising. She is even crazy enough to jump out of a plane. CRAZY. But all for an amazing cause. She has enjoyed a successful but busy awareness month, getting Inverness Bridge to light up green and hosting a meet up to witness this amazing event. Even though we are into June now, the campaigning never slows down as we keep fighting to educate people in hope we can protect and save lives. An amazing guest with an amazing Lyme story. I know so many people will be inspired by this episode and will enjoy it immensely. Many thanks to Morven-May for coming on the podcast and motivating us all. DON'T forget to check out Morven-May's book FINDING JOY on Amazon or at most bookstores. ENJOY. XO
June 3, 2019
Kiki Elin - Lyme Journey To Wellness.
It was an honour to have Kiki on the podcast channel. She is has suffered with Lyme since the age of 15 and now feels she is chronically healed at age 28, hence her social media platforms mirroring this. You can find her on Instagram: @chronicallyhealed and her amazing website : where you can find links to her YouTube journey too. Kiki has taken her life back and is an inspiration to us all. She is now managing her all social media platforms, documenting her journey and successes but she is also wow'ing us all being a working model too. Which is a very demanding career, so every credit to Kiki. I hope that so many of you can gain motivation from this episode and realise despite illness we all deserve life. Her message and hope is that she can carry on inspiring people & protecting other's from the disease. Thank you ! Be sure to check out Kiki's social media platforms. 
May 31, 2019
Andrew McGuiness On His Lyme Journey & Career
Award-winning author of Anatomised. Fiction mentor. Historian. Lyme patient, campaigner & advocate, A.F.McGuiness ( Andrew) kindly came on Chronic But Iconic today to talk about his book, career, Lyme journey, awareness work and his thoughts on the disease. It was an absolute delight to talk to Andrew and I know you will all love & enjoy what Andrew has to say on this episode. It was such a massive honour having Andrew as a guest because he is in HIGH demand. Having been on Sky News and the BBC raising awareness, he really is a force to be reckoned with and truly inspiring to all of us.  Anyone who has read and enjoyed Andrew's book please reach out to him over Twitter: @AFMcGuinness  or via Andrew's website, below. Andrew really values your feedback and it really does mean a lot to him. So please don't be shy. Reach out today. Andrew was a delight to interview & talk to. He is very knowledgeable, wise and an incredibly talented writer. I am so honoured to have had te opportunity to interview him. So please take a listen and enjoy. Enjoying the podcast so far? Let me know: or Instagram: @sophiewardy . Thank you. 
May 28, 2019
Amanda - Broken In Love, How Music Has Helped Her Lyme Struggle.
Amanda is 23 from the U.S who has battled with Lyme Disease since the age of 8. She struggles with many symptoms and this means that life is often hard to balance as well as being so young. Amanda has a wonderful Instagram page @brokeinlove_art where you can see her amazing work, talents & links to her YOUTUBE channel which you should all check out. Amanda is proof that even with battling a chronic illness we should still fight & chase our dreams and that often we can use our talents in a positive way to help us heal. Thank you Amanda.  Take a listen and enjoy. xo
May 25, 2019
Adam's Thoughts On Lyme Disease & Being A Partner Of A Sufferer
I felt this was an important interview to do. I didn't plan to do it on a day I wasn't feeling well because of the full moon but in the end it worked out perfectly. This episode will really bring home the realities of a chronic illness and how valuable amazing support is. It isn't always easy to find support, not at all and we do all go through the process of feeling alone, a waste of space, a drain and write ourselves off as un-dateable and unlovable. I have felt this way for so many years until Adam. Adam has only been in my life a short amount of time but he has never been over-faced or run a mile when reality has hit or back off on the bad days. Adam had little to no real prior knowledge about Lyme before we met and he really has had to learn quickly and get up to speed with awareness month being May.  I felt it was good to go back and review the month and what he has learnt. To share his take on it all but also give people proof that there ARE people out there that see past your illness and see you for you. They are support and massive cheerleaders.  They don't see your illness as a flaw but as a challenge and I think that is so important. We must always keep faith in fate and hope in our hearts. We are always quick to make judgements, pull away and run in this day and age and we watch it all the time when suffering with a chronic illness. We lose friends, family and partners, that naturally we do lose hope. So, here Adam and I are trying our best to restore your faith. I know people may say, it is easy for me to say but believe me I know how lucky I am to have found Adam because I had really lost hope and faith. I hope this episode is enjoyable and restores some hope for you all too. Links: if you would like to read & purchase my book to follow my story you can purchase In The 'Lyme' Light on Amazon in Kindle & Paperback versions. You can purchase natural soap sponges via my website: And you can follow Adam and I on our Instagram's @sophiewardy & ajsimpson1991 . Thank you and enjoy! xo
May 22, 2019
Laura Brown - New Music Release 24th May
Wow, how lucky am I to have the wonderful Laura Brown BACK on my podcast channel. So many of you were touched by Laura's fight and journey with Lyme Disease but were also so inspired by her amazing talent. Her music has been a massive healer of her's and GUESS WHAT? She is releases brand new music on Friday 24th May, 2019. You can pre-order NOW via her website: , so please head on over to Laura's website and be inspired by her wonderful musical talents. You can follow Laura's journey on her Instagram: @lcbrownmusic . I am so thankful to Laura for coming back on the channel and talking more in depth about her music but also her family life. It truly means so much to me and Laura has a BUSY summer ahead of her, so keep your eyes peeled for all the updates and exciting news. For Mother's wondering how to balance, health, life , relationships and a family the topics we talk about in this episode and Laura's hints and tips will REALLY help so many of you. Thank you Laura, you deserve all the success in the world, you are so talented and it was an honour to have you back on the channel. Take a listen now and enjoy. 
May 20, 2019
Julia Knight's Lyme Story & Being Lyme Disease UK's Media Manager
Julia is a superwoman is so many ways. She is extremely hard working and does SO much for the Lyme Disease UK community. She has a heart of gold, always making sure she is giving people the best advice possible and the best form of support to every single member. Her journey has been a heart-breaking one however, and I am so thankful to Julia for being so open and honest about her own Lyme journey which at some points even made me really upset hearing the pain and struggles Julia has gone through. We touched on many pressing subjects such as: awareness, education, the media, celebrities speaking out, the growing community & lots more. I think so many of you will be able to relate to the destressing circumstances that Julia faced with support networks, doctors and how she has come about learning to deal with her health. Please give this episode a listen, I am sure you will find this episode inspiring and informative. Thank you so much Julia for being an amazing guest and remember if you want more information on Lyme Disease please head to the Lyme Disease UK website: and if you kindly would like to donate to the cause please head to the website and head over to the donate page. Thank you. 
May 16, 2019
Kirk Haworth - Plant-based Cooking, Career Chat & Lyme Disease Journey.
Kirk is an incredibly talented chef, who's journey with Lyme Disease has led him to eat a plant-based diet. He has used this to his advantage to create amazing, show-stopping dishes and take his career in a new direction but also to help him heal. Kirk explains how hard it has been to deal with his health and balance his career & sport. I think he has a very motivation message throughout the interview that he has never really 'given up' he is still achieving, chasing dreams and adapting around his health in order to aid in his recovery and find a better work/life balance. We touch on the dark years before being diagnosed and some of the treatments Kirk has undergone. Kirk puts it perfectly that we are all in control of our own journey and have to listen to our guts when it comes to our treatments. We have to do what feels right for us not just dive in without really thinking things through or doing the research. Kirk caters for all sorts of events and if you want more information PLEASE check out his website: and his Instagram @Kirk_haworth & @plates_london . Kirk says on the podcast that please reach out to him, he is willing to give advice and help wherever he can. Whenever it is on a personal level, diet level or just about more information about Kirk's journey. Sometimes reaching out and having those hints, tips and advice can really help us. Thank you Kirk for being an amazing guest! You were a delight & I am so honoured to have been able to share your story, get to interview you and be inspired by your amazing work. Thank you!
May 13, 2019
The Co-Founder Of Lyme Disease UK Natasha Metcalf On All The Amazing Work Of LDUK.
This was a super fun and informative interview with the wonderful co-founder of Lyme Disease UK, Natasha Metcalf.  I am so pleased that Natasha agreed to kindly come on my channel and share how she came about setting up the wonderful Lyme Disease UK, the level of work that is put in behind the scenes every day, the support, the awareness work we do, the community, goals for the future. We really covered a lot and this episode is one that I think many people will be inspired by and will also help people begin to understand how much hard work goes into LDUK. So, that we can offer the best level of support to the community but also be out on the frontlines educating not just the people of the U.K. but the world in hope we can protect & save as many lives as possible. You can visit the Lyme Disease UK website: for more information and resources. You can kindly donate through the Lyme Disease UK website too and remember every little helps. Don't shy away from getting involved in raising awareness. Putting posters up in vets, local supermarkets, clubs, public areas is so very helpful and effective. Even just talking to friends and family members can protect and save lives. Hosting a fundraising event? THANK YOU, be sure to tag LDUK in all your amazing pictures on Twitter: @UKLyme and Instagram: @LymeDiseaseUK . I hope you all enjoy this interview, as much as I did. It was an honour to have Natasha as a guest. I am so thankful to her to not only agreeing to be a guest but inviting me to be an admin at LDUK last January. Natasha has helped me find purpose in life and I am so passionate about the charity and the fight. Thank you ! Please leave your feedback and enjoy this episode. Thank you. 
May 9, 2019
How To Handle Judgements When Battling Chronic Illness With Angie & Andrea
These two woman are amazing and I am so lucky and grateful to have them both on my podcast, sharing their amazing stories and tips for us all to learn from and gain inspiration. These women are driving forces in the chronic illness world. Their determination, outlook on health and life is something we can all draw a lot of motivation and inspiration from.  Please take a listen and I hope this episode shows the importance of BALANCE, inner beauty, healthy relationships with ourselves and others and also the importance of surrounding ourselves with positivity. We need to zap away the negatives because they only pull us down. It isn't always easy to do and there is no overnight fix, we have to work at it every single day and these lovely ladies are rocking it. It was such as honour to have these amazing women BOTH on the podcast today and I can't wait for next time. A MASSIVE thank you to Angie & Andrea. Take a listen and enjoy. xo
May 6, 2019
Sophie Ward - Swimming Mindset & Lyme
New episode! I can't tell you how strange it was not having a guest but I put a question out onto Instagram what would you like me to do my podcast on? So many came back to me wanting to know how I have used my swimming mindset to deal with my Lyme Disease battle. So, here we are. I get a bit emotional in parts, as it is a tough journey when it comes to Lyme Disease but also often talking about my past brings back lots of red flags. We see certain traits as massive positives and often they are but when they go to the extreme they can have a negative affect. My swimming days are upsetting and raw to me, in lots of different ways. Often ways I don't realise. In recent years I have run away from all emotions linked to swimming but often forget to give my time in the pool credit for the strong person I have grown into today. I know hand on my heart if I hadn't of been an athlete back in the day I probably would have allowed my Lyme to make me bedridden and defeat me. My discipline, drive and ambition has made me determined to keep 'living' and fighting. I talk about the importance of routine, setting goals, the drive never to give up and pain thresholds. This episode was harder for me than I thought it would have been, so I am so sorry for the emotional break down mid-way. I am only human though and this podcast wouldn't be 'real' if I wasn't open and honest with you all. I hope you enjoy, I hope you feel inspired and find comfort in my journey. Watch out on my Instagram to have YOUR SAY on what you want me to discuss next! Leave your comments and feedback, I love to hear from you. ENJOY! Follow me on Instagram: @sophiewardy , read more about my journey through my book 'IN THE LYME LIGHT' available on Amazon & follow my blog: . Thank you for being a Sophantastic Star!
May 2, 2019
Laura Brown - Music Dreams With Lyme
In this episode I was SO lucky to chat with the lovely Laura !Brown who is a songwriter & artist. Despite her hard time battling with Lyme Disease she is determined to use her passion - music to keep chasing her amazing dreams. You can find Laura on Facebook; Laura Brown where you can find links to all her website & music. We talk openly about how Laura is finding balance in her life and using music as a healing mechanism but also as a strong motivator. Please take a listen and offer your support. Laura’s new music will be released on 24th May, 2019! She will be back on the podcast towards the end of May but you can pre-order her music NOW. So get in there quick, Laura is amazing! Thank you Laura! Credits to Adam Simpson for the wonderful podcast edits & check out Laura’s Instagram: @lcbrownmusic !
April 29, 2019
Allergies, Dyslexia & Asthma With Adam Simpson
Welcome to an new episode of Chronic But Iconic. In this episode I am joined by Adam Simpson, who suffers with asthma, dyslexia and a peanut allergy. Allergies are on the rise globally and especially nut allergies. We have also seen over the News and the media how on planes nut products have to be limited and customers MUST inform the airline before boarding if they have an allergy to nuts. I felt it was important to highlight the dangers of allergies and how managing them can be really tough when ordering out or dining out. Labels aren't always clear and members of staff/chefs aren't always as careful as they should be when dealing with allergies & intolerances.  We also talked about asthma, again - this illness affects SO many. Whether it is standard asthma or sports induced. I used to have sports induced asthma back in my swimming days but since retiring, I am so lucky to be fine now and not need to take my inhalers. Adam opens up about the struggles when it comes to exercise, what the future looks like battling asthma, managing his inhalers and how careful he has to be day to day. People often forget how debilitating asthma really is. When you can't seem to breathe properly and are gasping for air, it is the most frightening thing.  We go on to talk about dyslexia and how Adam has used dyslexia to his advantage and not allowed it to be a hurdle. Adam is extremely inspiring as he talks about his difficulties growing up and working with his passion- music. Adam really proves how you can always adapt and learn to add your own spin on things. You don't have to follow a certain path or do things a certain way. If the passion is there you can still become great at whatever you put your hand too.  I know so many of you will be able to relate to Adam, and I am sure you will enjoy this episode. Adam will be back on the podcast in the coming weeks to talk about being a carer. We touch on it slightly in this episode but I think it is important to give care giver's a voice. Often we forget it isn't just the sufferer who has to deal with a hard diagnosis. The carer is only human as well and they have the hardest job trying to be strong but they too need support and care. I think so many of you will find comfort in Adam's story and I hope to give you all a place you can reach out and have your voice heard too. NOW, enjoy! You can follow Adam on Instagram: @ajsimpson . Thank you Adam.
April 22, 2019
Lottie Amor - Talking About Stem Cell Treatment & Balancing Life With Lyme
This episode is really worth a listen! The lovely, Lottie Amor speaks openly and honestly about her stem cell treatment in L.A. How she felt before her treatment and the road to recovery. We touched on hot topics throughout the interview such as balancing life, gratitude, dealing with loss of self and adapting to life with a chronic illness. Lottie runs her own blog Lottie Lyme, which documents her Lyme journey as well as her treatment diary. So please do take a read: . Lottie also understands that Lyme treatments are expensive and we are all unique. What works for one Lyme sufferer, may not work for another. All we can do is be open about our own experiences and give the best level of support/advice we can. We also state that we are NOT medically trained and our experiences and advice are from lessons from our own battles. Friendship, support, our out-look on life and well-being is also talked about. It is a jam packed episode and it was such an enjoyable interview. Even I need to take some hints and tips from Lottie about having rest time and not feeling guilty. I thank Lottie for being a wonderful guest and can't wait to have her own the channel again in the near future. Check out Lottie's Instagram : @LottieLyme ! Support my content and become a Patron, receiving discounts and goodies for being part of the Sophantastic family:
April 16, 2019
Gratitude With Andrea Kuczynski
Welcome to another episode of Chronic But Iconic. For this episode I was lucky enough to be joined by the wonderful Andrea from America, speaking about gratitude. Gratitude is the key to a positive mindset and an essential tool to help us in finding happiness. Our society is so focused on wealth, big gestures and material objects that we believe will bring us happiness. Chronic illness, chronic disease make us re-think our ideals, our beliefs and we have to re-wire our minds, teaching ourselves how precious our lives are and everything that is in it. We have to appreciate simply being alive and the people we are sharing our time with. When illness knocks us down, we go through a grieving and angry stage, whereby we hate our bodies, blame ourselves and often begin putting negative energy out into the world. We all need time to cry, it is healthy to let out the negative energy but we have to understand that putting negative energy into the world means that we receive negative energy back. The more we think positivity and act in a positive manner, we attract that energy back. Law of attraction is very real. Andrea shares her own experiences as well as hints and tricks on how to practise gratitude everyday. Andrea has her own amazing podcast channel - The Voice Of Hope, on Anchor - so be sure to give her a listen. She is amazing and speaks about some really important topics.  I can't wait to appear on her podcast in MAY, so watch out for that episode. It was a pleasure to have Andrea on and I am so blessed to have interviewed her on this important topic. Remember start being open minded, practising activities that make you happy, surround yourselves with loved ones and find peace within ourselves we can take a massive leap forward to our happiness selves. Enjoy, and please be sure to contact and leave your messages. 
April 12, 2019
The Importance Of Support- Joanne Monck
This interview is a very heart-felt and at times a heart-breaking interview but fear not it has an inspiring and happy ending. Joanne kindly agreed to be my guest and discuss her story, through her gender transition, her life, her lessons, her work and most importantly the support she has had around her. I think Joanne's story is so touching  to so many of us and really highlights the importance of support. We are surrounded by negativity, judgements and we can't allow these kinds of toxic energies influence us.  Joanne shows how finding the courage to follow your heart regardless of the judgements that you may face is key to a happier you. We only get one life and we must live it the way WE WANT TO. Our real friends, family and community will be supportive and they are the ones we should be loving, spreading time and energy on and surrounding ourselves with. Joanne has gone from strength to strength and through her process has been blessed with amazing support which has allowed her to blossom, grow and begin all the awesome work she does today. I hope that Joanne's story helps friends and family reach out to their loved ones, for people to find the courage to speak up, live the life they DESERVE and focus on the positive people in their lives that make us smile and life worth living for. I want to thank Joanne again, for her amazing work within her community, time, strength and inspiration. She is an amazing role model to us all and we can al take something away from listening to her story. As always, enjoy listening, engage, leave your love and support and I will get back to all your messages. You can follow Joanne on TWITTER and see evidence for yourselves of ALL the amazing work she does, day in day out at @JoanneMonck . There are parts in this interview where the connection was lost but we managed to create a full episode. THANK YOU Joanne, enjoy. xo
April 8, 2019
The Importance Of Self-Love With Angie Sudduth Walsh
This episode is such an important episode in many ways. Chronic illness, tragic events and traumas affect our self-love in many ways. For many it is a spiral, we can't seem to break free from or regain a healthy level of self-love. This topic is a difficult and an emotional subject for me because I battle with low levels of self-esteem, love & confidence everyday. Angie has been poorly most of her life and the story of how she has rebuilt her love for herself after hitting rock bottom and going through years of tragic events is encouraging to us all.  I love Angie, she is so amazing and all the work she does to help other's leaves me speechless. I know so many of you will be able to relate to the topics we bring up in this episode and Angie comes across so well and comforting. Please leave your feedback and comments on this episode as I will endeavour to help you all as much as I can and if you enjoy Angie and want her back on the show, be sure to give us some love and tell us. You can use Angie's website: To access all the wonderful services Angie provides and the addition help she can offer you please check out her website and contact Angie directly to book in with her. She is amazing and she won't disappoint you. I am so honoured to have had her my first guest on my podcast series, I can't wait to have her on again because we have so many hot topics we could really get into. I hope you all find this episode helpful, I know so many of you will relate and FINALLY let's appreciate ourselves and give ourselves some love. Enjoy- Sophie xoxo
April 2, 2019
Sophie Ward - Who Am I?
Before I kicked off the series I just wanted to tell you a little about the girl behind the microphone. Who is this lady? What is here story? Although I hope to go into more detail about certain aspects of my story throughout the series and I am aware many of my listeners will read my blog, follow my social and have read my book. There will still be many that don't know me, don't know me at all and wonder if they will be able to relate to my podcast, enjoy my podcast and gain anything from it. I felt it was important to do a little overview and for you all to understand why I am doing this podcast, what my aims are, what I am working on with myself through my own struggles and my goals for the helping others along the way. Again, please reach out and share your own struggles, stories and advice. I LOVE hearing from you and I truly hope many of you will get involved in my podcasts and that amazing friendships are built - RIGHT HERE. I am just 25 years old but I have experiences life in ways I never thought I would. I have faced many fears and gone from an elite swimmer to skin and bones. My self-confidence has hit rock bottom and it is a daily battle to build t back up. So, here is why I am here. To share my journey on how I have re-built my life, re-discovering myself, building strong relationships and still learning. We can all learn so much from each other and I can't wait to grow a strong community right here. If you want to read my blog please visit: or to purchase my book you can do this via Amazon & Amazon Smile : In The 'Lyme' Light by Sophie Ward.
March 29, 2019
Welcome To My NEW Podcast!
This episode is simply me introducing myself, my new podcast and the topics that I want to talk about through this podcast series. I, myself battle with Lyme Disease but chronic illness in any which way is so tough to live with. I hope with this podcast I am able to connect with like-minded people, bring comfort, friendship, entertainment but also discuss pressing topics that affect sufferers everyday. I hope to talk about hot topics such as: self-love, adapting to life with chronic illness, finding the positives, the community, awareness work, building and business and working from home, support and well-being to name a few. I hope to welcome guests to come on and share their own struggles, journey's, hints and tips to help my listeners as well. I would love your feedback and will always endeavour to get back to you all, as I appreciate the time you have taken to reach out to me. I hope you enjoy and thank you! If you want to read my blog please visit: or to purchase my book you can do this via Amazon & Amazon Smile : In The 'Lyme' Light by Sophie Ward.
March 29, 2019
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