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Chronicles Of A Modern Beast

Chronicles Of A Modern Beast

By Pedro Meneses
From rock bottom and $500 to my name, I moved to the US, left everything behind seeking answers to turning my life around, becoming an entrepreneur, and thriving in business. This show will take you from good to great, from fearful to fierce, from average to the most elite version of yourself, by helping you develop mental toughness and teach you how to win! I interview world-class entrepreneurs who will share their stories to help you get a clear vision, operate at the highest level, and build an empire. I’m Pedro Meneses. This is my journey towards greatness, and I want to take you with me!
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59. Breaking The Shackles Of Conformity w/ John Highley
How serious you're about putting in the work and doing the hard stuff that will help you break free in your life? How important are those goals you have that you're willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them?  If that's you, this episode will teach you what it takes to break the shackles of conformity and the reward behind doing the hard work and pushing yourself to the limit! John is the Creator of the Dent Trainer online education and the leader of the Marketing Savage Movement.  John's mission in life is to help over 1,000,000 business owners break the shackles of conformity. John is a top contributor who has several podcasts and soon to be a published author. John has coached and helped train over 10,000 clients who now represent what winning looks like at all times. John is a full-time entrepreneur who has ownership in 6 companies. He's also a loving husband and proud father and lives in Cincinnati Ohio.
June 17, 2021
58. The Ultimate Sacrifice Of A Leader w/ Stacy Raske
Stacy Raske is a bestselling author, speaker, podcast host, Iraq War Veteran, boundaries expert, leadership mentor, authenticity alchemist, success consultant, influence activator, and legacy builder. Her mission in life is to activate the highest power and potential in others by shattering the invisible ceiling to embody their truth and purpose while enjoying the ride. She loves to help Alpha leaders shift from intimidating to influential. Stacy believes that "everything we need to be successful is already within us, and we must give ourselves permission to embody all we desire." In this episode, we spoke about how external success starts by shifting your relationship with you. And how that allows your success to be simple and ease filled. Enjoy the show!
June 10, 2021
57. The Birth Of The Chronicles Of A Modern Beast
On this episode of the Newly-branded Chronicles Of A Modern Beast Podcast, Pedro dives into the reason behind the re-branding, who should be listening to the show to get as much value as possible from it! Tune in for the start of a new direction on this show, and to take the first step into our new journey!  What you'll learn in this episode? 1. What is this new podcast about: Is the top podcast to help entrepreneurs transition from who they are right now to who they need to become to operate at the highest level, overcome hell, and build an empire. 2. Who is the podcast for: Entrepreneurs who need a dose of reality to wake up, develop mental toughness, and get a clear vision of what they want in life. They want to discover their uniqueness and develop the skills that will help them be successful in all areas of life by removing the fear of taking action and giving 0 fucks of being judged! They are ready to pay the price, fight and win at all costs! 3. Where is the podcast will take you: From good to great, from fearful to fierce, from average to the most elite version of yourself! Beast up!  Connect with Pedro at
June 3, 2021
56. The Mindset Behind Getting What You're Worth w/ Jonathan Lautermilch
Jonathan is the Owner and Founder of Smart Shark and Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Fit Pro Collective. Jonathan's mission in life is to help as many Fit Pros as possible get paid what they’re worth. Jonathan has 13 years of fitness industry experience, has written 2 books, over one hundred blogs, and is a Co-Host on the Real Talk With Real Fit Pros Podcast. Throughout his career, Jonathan has helped thousands of Fit Pros create thriving careers and businesses within the fitness industry. He's also a loving husband and lives in Dallas Texas.
May 6, 2021
55. Cast Your Vision & Never Quit! w/ Jamie Hyde
As a survivor of lifelong depression and anxiety, Jamie is always driven by helping others. After having done this for many years, he decided to turn this passion into a mission. The first step of his program is to work with his clients to choose a life goal they want to reach to design their business around their life, not the other way around. The rest of the program is designing a customized marketing program that combines online and offline strategies to maximize their exposure. Listen to the episode and learn how to cast your vision and never quit! 
April 29, 2021
54. Fine-tuning Your Skills & Mindset For Growth w/ Jessica Dennehy
Jessica Dennehy is a business & legal strategist on a mission to help entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams. Through her company Pivot & Slay, she coaches business owners to be adaptive and evolve their mindsets so their companies can withstand the test of time. She helps create structure, more efficient business processes and protects brands using Trademarks and other legal strategies that most small business owners overlook. Jessica is a corporate attorney that also owns a brand of luxury barbershops in New York called MadMen. She has a book launching this spring about continuously Pivot in life and business and is co-authoring a second book about what to expect in the first 12 months of business. In this episode, she explains the simple steps you can take right now to improve your skills and mindset for growth and success in your life and business! Enjoy the show! 
April 22, 2021
53. Sort Your F*uckin' Life Out w/ Samuel Smith
Samuel has always been an entrepreneur, from mowing yards and delivering newspapers at age 12, to building two seven-figure companies before his mid 30’s. Poor stewardship and an unchecked addiction to alcohol saw the meltdown and total collapse of his life and marriage, leading to rock bottom and broke when he should have been enjoying the fruits of his labor. Samuel has since been sober for over 3 and a half years, and now has two companies that he had built back into the mid-six-figure range, this time with the proper fundamentals and stewardship to ensure long-term success. In 2020 when the world shut down, he began to follow his natural desires to teach and lead other business owners and help them avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that he went through. He talks openly and frankly about his failures in life and in business and how sobriety and focus have turned his life around helping other men realize that they are not alone and that they too can overcome their dependence on alcohol and addiction. He lives by the fact that there are no superhumans in this world, only normal humans who decide to do super things and commit to them, one step at a time.
April 15, 2021
52. Take It All Just A Little Less Seriously w/ Megan & Alex Johnson
Alex is passionate about social and environmental innovation, hence founding The Disruption Society, a Motion Design & Animation Studio empowering businesses, social enterprises, and nonprofits dedicated to sustainable development and climate justice. He is a member of 1% for the Planet, the International Society of Sustainable Professionals, and co-leads the Midwest Chapter of Climate Designers.  Megan is a life coach, creative consultant, space holder, and speaker who helps high achieving visionaries as they rise as the leader of their own life. With a focus on self-trust, wholeness, and sovereign reclamation Megan coaches humans who are ready to hand back their limiting beliefs, stand in their power and reclaim the life of their dreams.
April 8, 2021
51. Overcome Anything! w/ Cesar Espino
Cesar R. Espino is a real estate investor, mind coach, multiple international best bookseller, and the host of the podcast show, You Can Overcome Anything! His highest intention is to empower, motivate, and inspire others...
March 25, 2021
50. Structure A Successful Life w/ Anthony Hudson
Anthony is the Owner & Founder of The Hudson Hustle, Ripped Routine Program, and Host of the Ripped Routine Podcast. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NPC Men's Classic Physique Champion, a former College Athlete who has coached thousands of individuals to become the best version of themselves. He works closely with parents, business owners, and entrepreneurs to develop supreme confidence, form unbreakable habits, and build a roadmap to achieve certainty in their Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances. In this episode, he taught us the principles he has mastered and implemented in his life and with his clients to create structure in our lives. Enjoy the show!
March 18, 2021
49. Accelerating Your Sales & Marketing w/ Billy Batt
Billy Batt is a serial entrepreneur with several business ventures to his name. He is the Founder and Owner of Chrome Leads. He is also the founder of the New World Marketing Order Podcast, the Chief Marketing Officer at the Pro-Choice network Contractor Hub and the Chief Marketing Officer at Pace Social Media. Billy has worked with Real Estate Professionals and Contractors, helping them accelerate their business sales and marketing systems through e-Commerce website revenue. He has achieved success in commercial/residential roofing, coaching, kitchen/bath remodeling, rent to own, and investors, among other fields. He has used various marketing techniques with a signature process to skyrocket conversions. Billy was tagged as the 10x Ambassador because every activity that he undertakes has the potential of reaping back 10x. The 10X ambassador is on a mission to help people hit $100,000,00 in closed contracts by 2024. Are you part of his dream? If so, then don’t miss an episode!
March 11, 2021
48. From immigrant to building an empire of multiple 7 figure business’ w/ Jhoanny Perez
Jhoanny is an immigrant from the Dominican Republic. She teaches Immigrants the step-by-step formula to provide them the tools & resources to open their dream restaurant no matter their economic status or background. This passion was born out of the desire for people to create generational wealth, security for their families, and local economic impact. Eight years ago, she and her mother brought a major dream to life. They built three 7-figure restaurant businesses in NYC. Last year in 2020 She had the sudden idea of mentoring other operators who were struggling during Covid- & also mentor food Entrepreneurs to grow their service or start a restaurant or any other food biz. And now she helps others build their dreams! Enjoy the show!
March 4, 2021
47. Automating The Day-to-Day Operations of your Business w/ Darin Haener
Darin Haener is the President and Co-Founder at Fermentable LLC. FermentAble was created by a professional brewer who experienced first hand how frustrating it is to manage your brewery’s day-to-day operations. Darin started his professional career by working his way up through the ranks at a local brewpub to become a professional brewer not long after his 21st birthday. After spending a decade in the brewing industry he decided to move on to his other passion of making software. Throughout his career as a brewer, he always wanted the software to help with managing the processes, inventory, and the dreaded tax reports but there was nothing available. By 2015 he had been in software for some time and decided to take a look at what options there were out there for brewers. Eventually Fermentable was created to help breweries in their day-to-day operations.
February 25, 2021
46. Overcoming Your Fears w/ Jacqueline Wales
An astute observer of behavior, and endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human, Jacqueline finds people who are vulnerable and honest about their struggles incredibly interesting and courageous. As the author of When The Crow Sings, The Fearless Factor, and the soon to be published The Fearless Factor @ Work, Jacqueline has explored human behavior and asked tough questions to discover hard truths for more than 35 years. She grew up in the School of Hard Knocks and witnessed first-hand many of the conditions that sabotage a person’s ability to succeed. This experience helped me enormously. While observing and talking with thousands of people over several decades, she comes to understand that the challenges we all confront are not much different—no matter who you are or what you’re doing in life. The first half of her life was spent wandering and wondering. She was a writer, a singer, and a global nomad who lived and traveled on three continents developed a passion for martial arts earning a black belt in karate, and now an avid Crossfit athlete. She is an active co-partner in a long-term marriage and along the way, she became the mother of four children who have grownup to be amazing adults. She believes in the power of being fearless – to create the career and life you want.
February 11, 2021
45. Change Your Focus w/ Kathy Gruver
Kathy Gruver is an award-winning author, professional speaker, and former actor with over 30 years of experience in mind/body medicine and human behavior. Kathy has written eight books, which have garnered 12 awards. She has hosted a TV series based on her first book, developed a stress reduction program for the US military and cohosts the Fire and Earth Podcast. She has penned countless articles and regularly appears as a guest on print media, radio, and TV, including Dr. Phil Show. Her humorous, down-to-earth, and engaging style has captivated audiences on four continents. And one of her biggest honors has been delivering two TEDx talks. She helps high-stress individuals and companies learn to shift mindset. Acting as an intermediary between teams and leaders, she has helped countless clients improve communication, decrease stress, and encourage better life and work choices. In this episode, She will provide us with actionable tools to improve our communication and stress and empower us to make positive changes in life and business!
February 4, 2021
44. Develop Your Leadership Skills w/ Brian McKittrick
Brian McKittrick is an Insurance & Finance Specialist, a career sales professional, and a badass leader. He has been a top-performing salesman since his first commission sales position in 1999. For over 20 years, Brian has excelled in retail, car, and insurance sales both as a sales associate and leading sales teams as high as over 100 members. In this episode, we discussed the insurance world and the systems he has created. The skills he has developed to build a successful business, the mindset behind everything he has accomplished, and more!
January 28, 2021
43. How Your Experiences Can Shape Your Success w/ Danny Galvez
Danny Galvez is a walking human pattern interrupt.  From the moment you see him, you would think he's on a mission to hit someone up for $3.55 for gas so he can get to his sister in Florida who is leaving an abusive marriage. Born into a military family, and the eldest of 5 children, Danny learned the importance of leadership, tenacity, persistence, consistency, survival, and humility. He's a man on a mission who carries an abundant amount of clarity, focus, and energy and infuses it into everything he does from family, friendships, work, and everything in between. His career started at the young age of 21 where he became an On-Air Radio Personality/DJ working in various music formats from Country, Rock, Hip-Hop, Adult Contemporary, and Top 40.  During his time in Radio, he learned to write, produce, and create messages that sizzle and get a response. His superpower is walking into a room of any size and being the most memorable person before he leaves, usually enlisting the help of those in attendance. Today, he is the Chief Happiness Officer at Break Free Academy and Phonesites, serving their clients as they navigate the various stages of entrepreneurship.  He's a hypeman for Ryan Stewman, Emcee, and audiobook narrator and producer. He's a content creator and copywriter extraordinaire who loves to bring the essence of the truth to light with storytelling through words, sounds, and video. In his free time, you'll find him hanging at the beach with people he loves including family and his children.
January 21, 2021
42. How To Be Successful Through Your Discipline & Persistency w/ Jory Mack
Jory has created everything he has organically through making smart investments, working every day, and busting his tail off no matter what happens. He lives by the motto “it’s more blessed to give than receive” and spends his days working to provide others with the tools to become successful. He has run into incredible amounts of obstacles and wanted to quit multiple times, but never had it in him. Even during covid, he started new businesses by making aggressive moves during times others gave up. He now has 10 businesses and has grown at a rate of 30-70% every year for only 7 years. He likes piña coladas and long walks on the beach. He doesn’t like following the masses cause he realizes many times the M is silent. He can speak Braille and slam revolving doors.  He can tie his shoes with his feet and can divide by zero.  He can sneeze with his eyes open and clap with one hand... All of his puns are intended, and he is the only one allowed to touch the paintings in museums. In this episode, he shared his story and gives us some insight into what he has implemented to become a successful entrepreneur and live a fulfilled life even in the midst of tragedy and adversity!
January 14, 2021
41. Putting A Melody To Your Message w/ Joey YAK
Joey is an Entrepreneur who creates Custom Theme Music and Creative Consults/edits for 7+ Figure Businesses. He went from having a record deal through Universal Republic, doing a nationwide tour with Bone Thugs N Harmony, made it to Hollywood, but quitting it all to follow his calling in life and starting his own business in his back yard. He went from making music just for himself to creating theme music for the world's most prominent entrepreneurs! And this week, you better believe it, that this week he is coming to the show to put his melody to your message!
January 7, 2021
40. Setting Your Targets For A Successful 2021
In this episode, I go over the strategy I use to set my targets for the new year and break them down into daily achievable actions you can take to accomplish everything you want for the new year!  Enjoy! 
December 31, 2020
39. Aligning Your Empire w/ Burton Hughes
Burton Hughes is a former Mr. Ohio in bodybuilding and an IFBB Pro in Men's Physique, featured in/on Magazines, book covers, and other forms of Modeling/acting over the years. Burton is Motivated, Driven, Relentless, and Committed. His competitive spirit and discipline led him to later become highly successful in business, with over 18 years of Sales Leadership and Business Management experience in both Roofing/General Contracting and Real Estate as well. Coming from humble beginnings to now being a successful 7-figure earner, Burton has overcome everything from depression, suicide, abandonment, and everything in between to become an accomplished entrepreneur, leader, and husband. He is now one of the most remarkable examples of what a man can become when you commit to yourself and your goals. In this episode, Burton and I discussed what he has done to become so successful, align his life to what he was meant to be on this planet, and inspire you to do the same! Enjoy the show, Cheers! 
December 24, 2020
38. Boost Your Business Ranking In Google & in your Market Place w/ Adam McChesney
Adam McChesney is the owner of Mizz Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in St. Louis, Missouri. Mizz Marketing started 2 years ago and is a full-service agency that focuses on ROI-driven lead generation. They work primarily with local businesses to better position them online with their website and Google Listing. He has a passion for entrepreneurship, networking, and helping other hungry business owners to grow and scale their businesses through his services. In this episode, he shares the strategies and systems he has implemented to position their clients as # 1 in their local markets. Enjoy the Show!
December 17, 2020
37. Paving The Road To Success w/ James Golden
James Golden got his start within the world of pavement management, consulting, and operations working under a civil engineer and mentor at the age of 19. What started out as a part-time job performing roadway condition assessments, has turned into a 22-year career and passion for helping municipalities across the US to save taxpayer dollars, maximize their annual budget and increase the conditions of their roadway networks. When he is not advocating for roadway preservation, James enjoys helping others in the constant pursuit of becoming the best version of themselves through his “Good to Goalden” podcasting, personal and group coaching initiative. "Dream Big, Work Hard, Become Legendary"  Enjoy the Show! 
November 25, 2020
36. Getting Your Mind Right w/ Ryan Stewman
Ryan is the CEO of 9 different multimillion-dollar per year companies, such as the online sales training program HardcoreCloser and PhoneSites. He is also the Leader of a global mastermind movement, Apex Entourage. He is a 4x best-selling author, host of the "Rewire" and Hardcore Closer Podcast, each with over a million downloads, and he has written and contributed thousands of articles on sales and business for Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huntington Post, and many others. Ryan is a man who is unafraid to take action. He went from serving time in prison to becoming one of the most sought-after leaders in online sales training. He has social media exposure of over 2 million followers and has coached over 17,000 people to overcome their own limiting beliefs within their minds and fight the Force Of Average™. He's on a mission to help millions of people become the greatest version of themselves by living the G CODE. In this episode, Ryan shared the habits he has created and the mindset that he has implemented over the years that will help you become the most elite version of yourself and succeed in every area of your life! Enjoy the show! 
November 19, 2020
35. The Price Of Freedom w/ Ian Smith
Ian Smith is the co-owner of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, NJ.  Ian gained national attention when he defied Governor Murphy's orders to shut all gyms.   But his battle for freedom is about much more than fighting to keep a place open so people can work out. His battle is against the tyranny and what has crippled us as a society and our ability to develop ourselves to our full potential. In this episode, Ian is sharing his story about rebuilding his life, finding strength of mind and purpose in fitness, upholding strong masculinity, and fighting for his and other small business owners' constitutional rights.    Enjoy the show!
November 12, 2020
34. Develop The Right Habits To Keep Your Vision On Track w/ Kris Whitehead
Kris is a High-Performance Personal and Professional Development Coach and the founder of Think to Succeed, New England Custom Remodeling, and ICONIC Alliance. Kris exploded Think to Succeed into a worldwide coaching practice in mere months and owns and operates 3 successful businesses currently and has grown 5 over the last 17 years. Ranging from 2 Design/Build companies, Real Estate Investing, and profitable online businesses. Kris' expertise pinpoints the fundamental building blocks required to succeed in today’s marketplace, online and offline. His goal is to help YOU win… And in this episode, Kris will give you the game plan we need to succeed in business, relationships, and life. So make sure you take to listen to this episode and get a fresh dose of life-changing information as we go deep into what's required to live a fulfilled life and keep your vision on track!  Enjoy the Show!
November 5, 2020
33. Hoppy Hour: The Power Of Engagement w/ Jeremy Barnes
Jeremy is a senior accounting and financial management professional with experience in finance operations, strategic planning and analysis, and project management. While serving in the military, he acquired the mentality to always leave a place better than how he found it. And now, he applies this same thought process to his work in accounting and finance. But Jeremy’s abilities go far beyond the balance sheet. In 2016, he started Hops News while working as Chief Financial Officer at Appalachian Mountain Brewery to showcase breweries doing incredible things through their liquid. After a short break, in 2019, he decided to fire back up the podcast. And during the pandemic he took the show live hosting a weekly Happy (Hoppy) Hour where they talk to people in the beer industry about the incredible things they are doing through beer. They have also featured non-profits and use the donate feature to support their cause. To date, they have raised over $2,000 during their episodes and over $40,000 through direct support of local events. Jeremy started Hops News not just because he loves beer, but because he loves the culture that craft beer has created and to move forward his mission in philanthropy through beer! As a lifelong learner, Jeremy is tough but fair when it comes to leading his team and is passionate about developing the best in everyone. And this week, he will be in the show sharing his story, experience, talk about beer, and leadership. Enjoy the show! 
October 29, 2020
32. Promote The Brew w/ Scott Schmidt
Scott is the Co-Founder of Promote The Brew and the Market The Brew Podcast. During his 30 plus years in marketing, Scott spent most of his time developing the Harley-Davidson worldwide dealer promotional products program. He also had the pleasure of working with Snap-on Tools, Miller Brewing, Kohler, Baxter, ERDMAN, and GE Healthcare. Most days, you will now find Scott and his brother Steve working with craft breweries on their retail merchandise programs. They not only help with actual products, but they also help develop Product Timelines and Product Plans to help breweries increase profitability through reduced inventory. They also offer several educational programs on apparel and social media at Since March, they have been helping more companies with their messaging and digital media marketing. They've been helping them engage with customers who are adjusting to new ways of doing business, including working from home. And in this episode, Scott will be sharing with us his knowledge and strategies that he and his brother have used to help his clients get through the challenging 2020 year! Enjoy the Show! 
October 22, 2020
31. Make Your Money Work For You, Not Against You w/ Jonathan Fodera
Jonathan Fodera is the President of Sprout Lending, a company that specializes in helping small business owners get access to working capital to sustain, grow, and enhance their businesses, and he’s also the host of “Create Success Out Of Failure" podcast. In this episode,  Jonathan will take us into the business financing world,  show us the different types of business financing available, the pros and cons of each type, and how you and your business can benefit from having access to working capital whether you are a start-up or an established business.  Enjoy the show!  Need access to working capital? Go to Get your line set up today to grow your business!!! 
October 1, 2020
30. Overcome Adversity w/ Jon Paramore
Jon is an Entrepreneurial leader, business coach, and 1 of 5 Expert Value Speakers for GAF. From a young age, he knew that he was geared to be an entrepreneur, and since then, he has built several multimillion-dollar companies but not without a fight! Jon is known for his ability to remove the chaos from almost any type of business using his proven systems and processes. Through his own adversity and experience, he has developed leadership programs to help others become the best version of themselves from a full circle approach of mind, body, and productivity. He's the host of Go To War Podcast and the co-founder of SMASH, where he mentors professionals and prepares strong leaders to build epic companies that will impact the world. Jon’s techniques have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get away from inefficient practices, increase their revenue, and gain long-lasting clients. Despite his amazing success, Jon attributes his greatest lessons coming from all of the failures and adversity he has overcome in his personal and professional life. In this episode, he will show you how you can thrive and grow in your personal and professional life through hard work and determination, and SMASH the limiting beliefs that keep you from everything you truly desire! Enjoy the Show! 🍻
September 25, 2020
29. Gotta Show Up To BLOW UP!
Life can be complicated sometimes, but you gotta show up no matter what life throws your way! Excuses are for weak people. If you want to be a winner you have to get the job done and show up in every area of your life!  In this episode, I give you a real-life lesson that will make a difference in your life and it will determine if you are a winner or a loser!
September 18, 2020
28. Sales & Distribution w/ Nate Levi
Nate grew up in Colorful Colorado, and as far as he can remember, he has always been around good beer. He worked as a bartender and restaurant manager during and after college, and after graduating from the University of Colorado in 2002 with a degree in International Affairs, he decided that the regular 9-5 behind a desk wasn’t really his thing. In 2009, he started working at Oskar Blues brewery on the brewery and hospitality side, and in 2012, he took a job with Green Flash Brewing as their Midwest district manager. He has done everything from a street rep, to district manager, to become a top regional sales manager. And he has worked at small breweries from 800 barrels per year, all the way to the Top 50 national breweries. Since August of 2019,  he has worked with one of the top 20 Brewery in the mountain west, Epic Brewing in Denver, where he manages sales across Colorado, Southwest, Midwest, and East Coast distribution. In this episode, Nate not only shared with us his experience in sales and distribution but also how you can create a profitable system to take your sales through the roof! Enjoy the Show Skol!
September 10, 2020
27. Empower Yourself Through The Struggle w/ Trevor Cowley & Kale Goodman RBO
Trevor and Kale are serial entrepreneurs. Together they own multiple businesses including Easier Accounting & 60-day credit repair. They also own shares in many other business ventures that they’ve invested in together and have grown to the 8 figure level. Last year, they decided to start their own platform and podcast called "Real Business Owners" to help motivate, inspire, and grow other entrepreneurs with the real information that’s lacking in the success world filled with fake gurus. In this episode, we talked about struggles, and how you can use it to your advantage to become a successful business owner and entrepreneur!  Enjoy the show! 
September 3, 2020
26. Marketing, Brand Identity, And Sales w/ Warren Bondi
Warren is the Co-Founder & CMO at Beer Marketeers, a full-service marketing, design, and branding agency, that also offers sales and production consulting to the craft beverage industry, bars, and restaurants. Born and raised in Louisiana, Warren has been working in the alcohol industry for 8 years. Graduated from Tulane in 2014 with a degree in marketing and an established passion for craft beer, he worked in distribution for a handful of years while running his own small marketing company and working for his mentor where he earned his marketing chops at a tech marketing company. He finally met his business partner in Florida where they started a non-profit beer fest and got their first brewery client, Idyll Hounds. Then he quit his real job and moved to Nashville where he continued his venture in marketing and growing his company into one of the most successful marketing agencies in craft beer. Since 2016, he and his team have worked with nearly 40 breweries, distilleries, restaurants, bars, and other beverage industry folks throughout the US and other countries. As of recent, they are also aiming to expand into the cannabis industry. In this episode, we covered important topics you need to know about marketing and sales to make your business thrive in any season. Enjoy the show, Skol!
August 27, 2020
25. Turn Knowledge Into Action & Get Massive Results
Episode Notes: 4 steps to turn knowledge into action and get results. Knowledge without action = failure 1. Developed Discipline Discipline is the commitment to do whatever it takes to get things done. It's the difference between being in control of your future and letting your environment dictate your destiny. It means freedom. Like anything else, it’s a skill you can develop, so stop making excuses. 2. Take Imperfect Action You can’t develop any new skills if you don’t practice and implement what you learn. Stop putting shit off because you think conditions are not right. The right moment is now! You're not afraid of failing, you’re afraid of being judged. Stop listening to other people’s opinions. Life is not about perfection, it’s about progression. 3. Consistency Newsflash: There’s no shortcut to get to the top, it takes handwork, day in, and day out, over a long period of time. Success takes time. Consistency helps you create the skills you need to be successful. To be consistent means you have to replicate a positive behavior day after day until it defines you and becomes a habit. It requires patience. Best way to be consistent? Stop focusing on the big goal! Take your goals and break them into practical, small daily actions, and stick to it until it becomes a new habit. 4. Accountability You have to be responsible for your actions. God or bad, stop blaming others and own your shit. When you hold yourself accountable, you don’t allow yourself to look for the opportunities to make excuses, you find a way to make it happen because you know it needs to happen. 2 types of accountability     -Self-accountably     -Accountability from others Take inventory of the people around you. If you are hanging with losers you’ll become a loser. If you are hanging with winners, you’ll become a winner.         “Birds of a feather, flock together” Surround yourself with the right people. Find a group (network, mentorship program, etc.) that can help you grow and hold each other accountable. Be humble.
August 20, 2020
24. Take Time To Invest In Yourself & Watch Your Business Grow w/ Tony Whatley
Tony Whatley, "The Side Hustle Millionaire" is a business mentor, speaker, best-selling author, and podcast host. He is best known as the Co-Founder of LS1Tech, an online automotive community that grew into the largest of its kind, with over 300,000 registered members. This business sold for millions in only five years after starting. Amazingly; it was just his part-time business! With over 27 years of experience in oil/gas, managing $100MM+ international EPIC projects, to almost 20 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket, digital marketing, branding, restaurants and breweries, and small business consulting and startups, he has also built and scaled project management departments, and consulted within Fortune 100 corporations on systems, processes, and leadership. He is also the founder of 365 Driven, his coaching program, and a leading society of driven entrepreneurs. In this episode, he will teach us how we can turn any business or side hustle into a million-dollar project and how you can become 365 driven. Enjoy the Show,  Cheers!
August 13, 2020
23. Make America Fit Again w/ Marc Zalmanoff "The Fitness Ninja"
Marc "The Fitness Ninja" Zalmanoff is the owner of Marc Z Fitness & Nutrition in Frisco, Texas. Since 2003, he has been providing highly effective workouts and nutrition guidance to willing (and unwilling) participants. Specializing in personal training and small group training, he provides a positive, fun, effective atmosphere that breeds success and encourages his clients to push outside of their comfort zones on a regular basis. He truly believes there is greatness inside of every client he works with and strives to pull it out of them. With 18 years of experience, he recently started coaching other coaches on how to efficiently and effectively grow their business for long term sustainability. In this episode, Marc shared with us the important role your health plays in every area of your life, especially, on your performance as a business owner and entrepreneur. Marc is also on a mission to Make America Fit Again, and would love for YOU to be a part of it! Enjoy the show! Cheers! -- -- If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business, go to and watch the FREE video to learn how you can boost your sales online!
August 6, 2020
22. Supercharge Your Customers' Virtual Experience w/ Matthew Leff
Matt Leff is the founder and owner of Rhizome Productions. Rhizome Productions is an event production company based in Nashville, Tennessee. They conceive and produce craft beer, spirits, and food events with a focus on education and passion for the community. Leveraging their ties to the brewing, culinary, and hospitality industries, they create events that bring aficionados closer to the masters of their craft. They operate roughly 20 events per year in cities including Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, New Orleans, Denver, Buffalo and beyond. All Rhizome events are mutually beneficial, and since 2011 they have raised over $800,000 for local charities. The pandemic and the recent events happening all over the country have not been an obstacle for Matt to keep serving the industry. In this episode, he shared with us how he has been able to pivot and keep bringing the same Beer Experience Virtually Enjoy the show, Cheers! 🍻 If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business, go to and watch the FREE video to learn how you can boost your sales online!
July 30, 2020
21. The Ultimate Guide To A Successful Content Marketing Strategy w/ Amy Brooks & Morgan Culhane
Amy and Morgan are the founders of Content on Draft, a digital marketing firm with a craft beverage focus. They specialize in creating custom strategies for craft beverage companies that engage followers online and grow their customer base. These strategies are designed to save companies time on their day-to-day marketing and see more revenue from their overall marketing efforts. Amy and Morgan are a dynamic duo who work together to create the best strategy possible and then help you implement it. They are both passionate about craft beer and have the personal goal of helping the craft beverage community thrive. In this episode, they gave us the whole scoop about how your content strategies and marketing efforts play an important role in the growth and expansion of your brewery! Enjoy the Show, Cheers! If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business, go to and watch the FREE video to learn how you can boost your sales online!
July 23, 2020
20. Rebranding & Repurposing Your Business For Success w/ Isaac Arthur
Isaac Arthur is a cofounder of CODO Design, an Indianapolis-based branding firm founded on the belief that they can create better work by directly including clients in the creative process. Since 2009, he’s led branding efforts within the food and beverage industry and spends most of his time traveling around the country helping craft breweries rebrand and redefine their foundational positioning, develop their brand strategy, identity, and internationally- have a recognized package design that sells more beer. This decade of Isaac’s work can be summed up in his popular book, the Craft Beer Branding Guide, and his latest book, Craft Beer, Rebranded. Whether you’re defining your brand for the first time or reinventing an old one, in this episode we discussed with Isaac the importance and the impact a well-defined branding strategy can have on your business. Enjoy the show, Cheers! 🍻 -- -- - If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business, go to and watch the FREE video to learn how you can boost your sales online!
July 16, 2020
19. Develop Your Marketing & Sales Skills To Grow Your Brewery w/ Julie Rhodes
Julia Rhodes is the owner of Not Your Hobby Marketing Solutions, a consulting company that offers online educational programs and customized coaching services designed specifically to teach business skills to craft beverage professionals. With over 20,000 hours of experience on the business side of the specialty beer industry, from field sales to regional management, a BA in Marketing from Texas State University at San Marcos, and more than 15 years of experience working in the service industry, Julie is an authority in beer sales, marketing, team management, distributor partnership management, supply chain logistics, and customer service. She is also Cicerone Certified, a member of the Pink Boots Society, The Brewers Association, The Colorado Brewers Guild, and Women of the Vine & Spirits! Don't miss the opportunity to learn from a true professional about the importance of seeing your brewery as more than just a hobby and develop your business skills!  Enjoy the Show, Cheers! If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business, go to and watch the FREE video to learn how you can boost your sales online!
July 9, 2020
18. "All Of Us or None Of Us" Empowering Women And Diversity In the Craft Beer Industry w/ Tara Nurin.
Tara is the beer and spirits contributor for Forbes as well as a writer for several publications such as Food & Wine, Wine Enthusiast, Vice Munchies, VinePair, SevenFifty Daily, and THCNet, a B-to-B website covering the legal cannabis industry. She is a certified beer judge who teaches a for-credit university beer class and presents beer seminars for institutions like the Smithsonian and the Brewers Association. As a former broadcast news reporter and beer TV show co-host she has won two first-place awards from the North American Guild of Beer Writers. She founded NJ’s original beer education group for women and volunteers as the archivist for the Pink Boots Society for women in the beer industry. She’s currently writing a book about the history of women in beer for a publication that is to be published spring of 2021. In this episode, Tara shared her expertise as we talked about the powerful influence of women in the Craft Beverage Industry, as well as her opinion about the current economic impact that the pandemic has caused in the craft beer world and more! Enjoy the Show, Cheers 🍻 If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business, go to and watch the FREE video to learn how you can boost your sales online!
July 2, 2020
17. The Power Of Video Marketing To Grow Your Brewery & Crush Your Sales w/ Bryant Vander Weerd
Bryant Vander Weerd is a three-time Emmy award-winning videographer and motion designer and the owner of Full Poor Media, a full-service creative agency based in Denver, Co. that focuses on marketing and content creation for the craft brewing and distilling industries. The goal of Full Pour Media is to make content creation easy for breweries and distilleries. Before he started his company, Bryant worked in TV news for eight years as a videographer, where he won all his awards for video and editing, including the Emmy's and two AP awards. Bryant has a passion for creative storytelling through video and he is on a mission to bring that passion and energy to serve his clients and the craft beverage industry through Full Pour Media. In this episode, he shared more about his experience, knowledge, and his work to keep serving the craft beer industry! Enjoy the show, Cheers! 🍻 — — If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business, go to and watch the FREE video to learn how you can boost your sales online!
June 25, 2020
16. Establishing The Authenticity Of Your Brand To Grow Your Brewery w/ Tristan Chan
Tristan Chan is the Owner and Founder of PorchDrinking is a national craft beer publication focused on great storytelling within the beer industry. With writers across the country, PorchDrinking has been covering the beer industry for almost eight years and it aims to serve as a resource to the craft beer industry while still upholding the industry’s culture of community, camaraderie, and passion for the craft. Tristan also previously served as Communications Manager for Ratio Beerworks in Denver, CO. for the past four years before the onset of COVID-19, and is now launching his own marketing firm, The Porch Collective. This new venture aims to help breweries, as well as growing hospitality businesses more effectively tell their stories and scale quickly. Enjoy the show, Salud! 🍻 -- --  If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business online go to and grab the deal of the day!
June 18, 2020
15. BottleShare, A Relentless Commitment To Serve the Craft Beverages Community w/ Christopher Glenn
Christopher Glenn is the Owner and Executive Director of BottleShare Through donations, events, and collaborations, Bottleshare supports industry workers and families experiencing adversity outside of the workplace, reciprocating the love and strength that characterizes craft culture and the people that make it so special. His approach of fundraising is rooted in what uplifts the Bottleshare and its partners; a love for craft beer, wine, spirits, and an even deeper love for the beautiful community to which we all belong. When a fellow craft beverage worker is experiencing an emergency or extreme hardship, Christopher, his team, and his partners, focus not only to help them financially, but to lift their spirits, give them something to celebrate, and share their story in such a way that they feel their very own hope renewed. Recently, he partnered with the Brewers Association (BA) to create the "Believe In Beer" relief fund to support breweries and state brewers guilds impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. His passion for life drives him to lead his army to deliver a world-class non-profit organization the brewery industry deserves. This army consists of members locally and nationally that work tirelessly to grow BottleShare and help those in need. In this episode, Christopher will share his amazing story and how recent events in his life have shaped his entire world and mission into serving others. Don't miss this episode and the opportunity to learn from Christopher's story, passion, and how you can even join him in his mission! Enjoy the episode, Cheers! 🍻 — — If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business online go to and grab the deal of the day!
June 11, 2020
14. Mapping Out Creative Solutions to Expand Your Brewery w/ W. Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith is a consultant for the beverage industry helping companies such as Black Lab Brewing Company, Escarpment Yeast, and Stonehooker Brewing Company through the process of opening and expanding their facilities. Kyle is also the Owner and Operator of Gorman & Smith Beverage Equipment. Holding a Bachelor of Engineering Science from The University of Western Ontario with a specialization in Biochemical and Environmental Processes, and currently working towards a Master’s of Brewing and Distilling Sciences from the University of Heriot-Watt, Kyle brings a solutions-focused mindset and a refreshing yet tactical approach to problem-solving. Kyle has been judging beer since 2015, where his reputation for technical aptitude with beer has resulted in him sitting on the best of show panels for both the Ontario and Canadian Brewing Awards. Additionally, he lectures for the Brewing Program at Niagara College. Kyle lives in Toronto and occupies his time off the clock with live music, experiments in the kitchen, and a passion for mixology, and this week, he's coming to the show to share some tips and strategies in brewery planning, equipment, product development, and more to help you in the expansion of your Brewery. Enjoy the show, Cheers! 🍻 — — If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business online go to and grab the deal of the day!
June 4, 2020
13. Boosting Your Brewery's Sales, Marketing & Distribution Strategies w/ Rick Laxague
Rick Laxague is a well-known expert and consultant in the Craft Beer Industry with over 20 years of experience in the three-tier system: restaurants, distribution, brewery sales, and operations. Sales, chain accounts, IRI data analysis, marketing, brand building, and in-depth understanding of distribution, are some of the topics Rick has become an expert and where he has developed the experience that can help you to grow your brand. Rick has worn many hats and thrown in many cases throughout his career. A big part of his experience was with Crescent Crown Distributing in Arizona. His last role there was Area Sales Manager for the dedicated craft beer division, coaching and leading a sales team to be nationally recognized. In early 2014 he helped take a “BA Top 50 Ranked” regional brewery national as their Director of National Accounts and increase that segment of their business from 30,000 cases to almost 300,000 cases in two years, an increase that equates to $4.8 million in IRI dollar sales. In this episode, Rick shared his knowledge and experience with those that need help growing their Breweries to the next level. Enjoy the Show, Cheers! 🍻 If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business online, go to and grab the deal of the day!
May 28, 2020
12. Sell More Beer Online Using A Fully Automated Online Ordering Menu w/ Adam Niec
Adam is the co-founder of Certain Pay, a merchant processing company that helps grow and protect businesses around the country through valuable and transparent payment solutions. For the past few months, due to the recent events, Adam found himself in the need to find a solution for his clients and started a new company call 'Dining Performance Group,' that offers a fully customizable Online Ordering System that is designed around the Business Owner's needs, not just the consumer. They created a fully interactive, secure, and streamlined Online Ordering Menu that helps a business be more visible AND capture more sales Online. For the past few months, Marketing Brewing Co. and Dining Performance Group, have joined forces to make this system available to the Craft Beer Industry and help breweries around the country grow their sales online. In this episode, we will discuss and show you how this system and the marketing strategies we have created can change the game for you and your brewery in the following months. Enjoy the show, Cheers! 🍻 -- -- -- - -- -- - -- -- If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business go to and schedule a demo for your online menu!
May 21, 2020
11. Creating An Exceptional Customer Experience In Your Taproom! w/ Andrew Coplon
Andrew is the Founder of Secret Hopper along with his wife, Stacie.   Having spent the past 19 years managing a food service that oversees large events at sports and entertainment venues across the country, Andrew learned that it's about more than just a baseball game or concert.  It's about creating an overall exceptional customer experience.    Andrew has taken this belief and combined it with his passion for craft beer to help breweries monitor their tasting rooms, increase their in-house revenues, and learn to differentiate as the craft beer industry soars past 8000 breweries.     In this episode, he shared with us his knowledge and how you can create an exceptional experience in your Taproom!   Cheers!    -- -- -- -- --    If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business go to to get started and connect with us!
May 14, 2020
10. How Knowing The Data Can Impact Your Brewery's Revenue & Future Sales w/ Aled Owens Hopalytics
Welcome back to The Brewing Business Show! This week I have the honor to introduce you to Aled Owens Aled is the founder of Hopalytics, a data analytics organization supporting the craft beer industry through tracking consumer perspectives and insights. Hopalytics published the first Texas Craft Beer Report at the end of 2019 and recently produced a report on craft beer consumer behavior during the COVID-19 lockdown to help breweries better plan their beer to-go strategies. In this episode, he gave us a detailed overview of his report and the strategies you can implement in the upcoming months to bulletproof your brewery! Enjoy the Show, Cheers! 🍻 -- -- -- -- -- If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business go to and fill out the form to get started! Make sure to join our community on Facebook for Craft Beer Professionals  Brewing Business Network!
May 7, 2020
9. Turning a Supplement Company Into a Multi-Million Hand Sanitizer Production During a Pandemic w/ Brandon Gazaway
This week I have the honor to bring as a guest a Multi-million Dollar Entrepreneur, leader, and mindset strategist, Brandon Gazaway As a young leader in a vibrant and ever-changing industry, Brandon quickly rose to become the youngest CEO in one of the largest international companies in the world today. In addition to his operational expertise. Brandon was recognized for his leadership and intuition by being named President of one of his industry's prestigious trade councils. Setting his heart and his sights in a more fulfilling direction, he decided to exit the corporate world and forge the path of an entrepreneur. Brandon brought his passion and his expertise to the fitness industry by acquiring and growing a highly recognized supplement store from one location to over 8 thriving locations within 12 months. Compounding on that growth, and with a focus on quality products and customer service, he leverages his experience to create a, now leading, supplement manufacturer that services multi-billion dollar accounts across the globe. He’s a loving father and husband to a beautiful wife and 3 amazing kids, his heart is apparent in every interaction as he brings his personal experience and his wealth of knowledge to his life, business, relationship, mindset, and motivational strategies. In this episode, he will share with us valuable lesson in mindset and business, but most importantly the strategies he has implemented to readjust his supplement factory into a multi-million hand sanitizer production to help in the battle against the COVID-19 -- -- -- -- --  Make sure to join our community on Facebook for Craft Beer Professionals  Brewing Business Network! If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business go to and fill out the form to get started!
April 30, 2020
8. Sales Strategies For Your Brewery w/ Aaron Gore
Aaron has spent most of his adult life either selling beer to retailers, selling beer to customers, or managing a team doing the same. Starting in the beer industry in Rhode Island, he soon was responsible for managing sales throughout the Northeast for Finch Beer Company out of Chicago, IL. Moving to the Carolinas in 2015, he has worked for Big Boss Brewing Co. and was the Director of Sales for Granite Falls Brewing Company. He now owns the sales consulting firm Fresh Pitch Beverage Consulting, helping small and mid-sized breweries to sell their beer more strategically, more efficiently, and more effectively. He also acts as a staff writer for, as well as a contributor to the Beer With Me Network on YouTube. In this episode, he shared his knowledge and sales strategies to help you sell more beer and crush it during any season. Enjoy the show, Cheers! 🍻 —————- Make sure to join our community on Facebook for Craft Beer Professionals  Brewing Business Network! If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business go to and fill out the form to get started!
April 23, 2020
7. Innovating The Financial Strategies Of Your Brewery w/ Audra Gaiziunas
Audra is the CEO of Bhramari Brewing Company and Owner of Brewed For Her Ledger in Asheville, North Carolina. She has worked with 190+ breweries and brewpubs over the past decade and has served as Bhramari’s CEO since 2016. She also served as Dogfish Head’s Controller from 2009 to 2010 and Mother Earth Brewing’s CFO from 2011 to 2014. She teaches Craft Brewery Accounting and Finance through the University of Vermont, South Puget Sound Community College and University of North Carolina Charlotte. She is a member of the Brewers Association Finance Committee, has spoken at over two dozen conferences, authored articles for The New Brewer, and is a nano-brewing columnist for Brew Your Own Magazine. As a brewery financial professional, she has built over two dozen emergency financial cases during this pandemic, and recently, she shared her process for predicting cash flow needs in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format. In this episode, she will be sharing with us her knowledge and expertise for you to learn and implement strategies that can help your brewery. Enjoy the Show, Cheers! 🍻 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --  Make sure to join our community on Facebook for Craft Beer Professionals  Brewing Business Network! If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business go to and fill out the form to get started!
April 16, 2020
Differentiating Your Brewery And Identifying Your Ideal Customers To Make More Sales w/ Mike Claudio
If you have a sales team in your brewery, or you supply equipment, raw ingredients, and other services to breweries of all sizes... You don't want to miss this episode! This week, I have the honor to bring as a guest Mike Claudio. Mike is a Business Development and Sales professional with 15+ years of experience. He spent 9 years being trained in a corporate environment by one of the top training companies in the country. He took that sales and business development training and spent 6 years translating it to a system that works in the construction industry. He has helped several companies grow and generate millions of dollars in revenue by implementing this structured approach to communication, follow-through, and follow up. Now he strives to help make a positive impact so that quality contractors can stand out amongst the rest. In 2018, he started WinRate Consulting, focusing on coaching contractors on sales and communication practices to help them create a more consistent pipeline. Everything he does is based on identifying the right clients and projects, knowing how to target them, properly qualifying the opportunities when they come in, and how to differentiate yourself to close the deal. He took his experience in sales and working directly for construction companies and decided he wanted to help more businesses. In this episode, he will share with us how the same systems and systems and processes can apply to the Craft Beer Industry and your business and make more sales. Enjoy the Show, Cheers! 🍻 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Make sure to join our community on Facebook for Craft Beer Professionals  Brewing Business Network! If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business go to and fill out the form to get started!
April 14, 2020
Crafting A Business Strategy w/ Dr. Sam Holloway
This week 'The Brewing Business Show' is back for Episode 5!   Every day more brewery owners are understanding that running a beer business it’s not simply about making the best beer. There are many other moving pieces involved to build a bulletproof brewery/business.   That's why this week, I have the honor to bring as a guest Dr. Sam Holloway.   Sam is the Bay Area Distinguished Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship at the University of Portland (Oregon, USA).  Sam’s academic research includes studying the international craft beer industry.   He is a featured speaker, regularly presenting his research at universities and beer industry conferences throughout the world.  Holloway is also a shareholder and Board member of Eugene, Oregon's Oakshire Brewing, a community inspired small-batch craft brewery serving the Pacific Northwest (USA).   Based upon his research and practical experience, Dr. Holloway launched (CAS), a global online knowledge-sharing community whose membership includes beer industry entrepreneurs and stakeholders in 19 countries on five continents.   This week he shared with us valuable information and strategies that can help you get through these times.   Enjoy the show, Cheers! 🍻   -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --   If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business go to and fill out the form to get started!   Make sure to join our community on Facebook for Craft Beer Professionals  Brewing Business Network!
April 5, 2020
Small Business Financing for Breweries w/ Zach Siegel, the 'Small Biz Hero'
Welcome back to The Brewing Business Show!   In this week's episode, we will be talking about Business Financing.   A business loan can be a powerful alternative to help your brewery/business have access to working capital, but sometimes, it can turn a little bit complicated to understand the options available and what suits your business needs better.    Now more than ever, you should be able to understand the options that are available to you and that can help your business get through any challenge.  That's why I have the honor to bring to the show, Zach Siegel, also known as the Small Biz Hero.    He helps business owners understand and navigate the complicated business loan world.   He understands that people crave full guidance and transparency when applying for business financing and because of that, The Small Biz Hero teaches and offers a variety of business lending programs for any of your small business needs.    With a specialization in SBA Loans and Term Loans, he will be sharing with us about all the alternative financing solutions you can have access to almost immediately.    He will show you everything you need to know before you make a decision to get financing for your business, but most importantly, he will also show us all the benefits of having access to capital and the best practices to maximize your loan.     Enjoy the show! 🍻 If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business go to  and fill out the form for a free consultation. Make sure to join our community on Facebook for Craft Beer Professionals - Brewing Business Network!
April 3, 2020
Payment Processing Systems for Breweries w/Marshall Lowy
Welcome back to The Brewing Business Show!   In this week's episode, we will discuss a complicated topic for business owners to understand, 'Payment Processing Systems.'   A strong payment processor can be a business's best friend or worst nightmare.   That's why I have the honor to bring to the show, Marshall Lowy.   Marshall is the co-founder of Certain Pay, a company that helps grow and protect businesses around the country through valuable and transparent payment solutions.   He and his partners have created a business that has the power to change the whole scope of how payment processing is viewed.  Through the years, working for other companies, he always knew there was a better way to run a payment processing company.   Over the last 6 years, he has gained a significant amount of knowledge about the industry, and now he's completely dedicated to serve and help his clients to not only process credit cards but to help them grow and scale their business.   In this episode, he will teach us how important it's to have the right system and how this global crisis can be a good time to shop around and look for a better system that can help you cut up to 95% of your merchant processing fees. Get a free audit on your current Merchant Processing System by going to the link below:  Referrer Name: BREWING BUSINESS SHOW
April 2, 2020
The Importance Of Your Health As a Brewery Owner and Entrepreneur w/ Jason Priest
Welcome back to The Brewing Business Show!   In this week’s episode, I have the honor to introduce to you, Jason Priest. Jason is the founder of Dad Bod Health. He’s a registered nurse, personal trainer, health coach, and fitness nutrition specialist.   As a father, Jason always tries to lead by example and he is on a mission to change the lives of 1,000,000 men so they can become the leaders of their family in every aspect.   He's a great example of how you can balance your life and take care of your health without sacrificing your favorites food or drinks.   If there’s something that Jason loves, it is burgers and beers!  In this episode, he will share with us how your health plays a big roll in the success of your brewery/business and in your personal life.  He will teach us how improving your health will directly affect your business, family, mindset, and every other area of your life.   Enjoy the episode,   Cheers!🍻   If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business go to  and fill out the form for a free consultation. Make sure to join our community on Facebook for Craft Beer Professionals - Brewing Business Network!
April 1, 2020
'Core Values' The Cornerstone of Any Successful Business w/ Tomas Keenan
Welcome to the “The Brewing Business Show”   In our first episode, I have the honor to introduce to you, Tomas Keenan!   Tomas is an entrepreneur, business coach, author of the Best-Selling Book ‘Unfuck Your Business,' and Co-founder of Top Class Installations, an industry-leading GPS tracking company.   You might be wonder, what tracking devices have to do with a Brewery?   Tomas has been operating small businesses since 2001.  After his first attempt crashed, Tomas has built a successful career and learned the keys to building and sustaining a successful business.  In his book, he talks about how you can build a solid foundation for your business through the process of decision making based on defining personal and business 'Core Values.'   No matter what kind of business you are building is inevitable to go through rough times.  If you don’t have a solid foundation in place, it can cause you to lose everything you have worked for.   Today, Tomas will be laying down the foundation that you as a Brewery Owner can implement to create and sustain a successful business.   Cheers. 🍻   Thi show is brought to you by the Marketing Brewing Company. If you're a Brewery owner eager to grow and scale your business go to  and fill out the form to get started  Make sure you also join our community on Facebook for Craft Beer Professionals   Brewing Business Network!
March 31, 2020