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Marriage, Money and Motherhood

Marriage, Money and Motherhood

By Chrystal Bernard
Welcome to the Marriage, Money and Motherhood Show. Who says you can’t have it all? Join Chrystal Bernard as she highlights keys of having a successful marriage and optimal finances all while being an excellent mother. Chrystal also touches on faith and entrepreneurship from her experience and others.
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5 Financial Habits That Delay Generational Wealth
This Generational Wealth multi-series is to shed light on how simple behaviors and financial habits can place you on the path to producing wealth (or not producing wealth) for years to come. As a self proclaimed bargainista and financial coach, the habits and actions highlighted are what I have personally experienced or coached people through to forgo financially unfruitful behaviors and embrace wealth producing actions. Blog mentioned in episode:
October 18, 2019
Marriage, Money & Motherhood Podcast Trailer
Welcome to the Marriage, Money and Motherhood Podcast Trailer! This episode touches on what we will be discussing on this podcast! Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes!
September 12, 2019