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By The Climate Buddha
Solutions to Abrupt Climate Change and a resource for understanding the science, consequences, and actions necessary to mitigate, survive and understand the predicament we are all in.
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James Hanson Interveiw part 2s


Chutechi the religion
How Chutechi the religion works in relation to climate Buddha
February 13, 2021
#ClimateBuddha #Instantradicalchange
Humanity is a world of interconnected kindness relationships and trust.
February 11, 2021
Politics Today ... learning another man’s philosophy
The system is flawed by historic design. #Distributepower #Instantradicalchange
January 28, 2021
Roadmap of change. The basis of the #Instantradicalchange
#Climatebuddha, #AbruptClimateChange, #DaysofBOE #LogicalRadical #HumanitiesEndGame, #ChuteChi, #ChuteChiNTHE, #Universalalignment, #UniversalAlignments, #UniversalAgreement, #Freedomtokill, #UniversalAlignmentPeace, #CompetitiveEnlightenment, #WeaponSurrender, #InstantRadicalChange, #UniversalAlignmentWage, #DistributePower, #CrimeisNotEntertainment, #SystemsChangeParty, , #FOIRE, #HypnosisoftheMasses, #Directdemocracy, #ProtestProtest, #HopeLessandDoMore, #Enough #ChuteChiOpenSource #HumanGods #DaysofBOE
November 11, 2020
#Climatebuddha Secret Industrial Complex #AbruptClimateChange Politics and Monkey Brains
The climate Buddha demonstrates connections with the current political environment and the history of the Catholic Church. parallel processes in religious thinking and dysfunctional dangerous political groupings of all types #distributepower richardcarrier guymcphereson paulbeckwidth samcarana richardwolff
October 29, 2020
#Hopelessanddomore is about the facts of life #abruptclimatechange
#Chutechi #Abruptclimatechange #Distributepower #Instantradicalchange Looking at the complete failure of concentrations of power protecting us from Climate Change
October 6, 2020
Why do smart people differ in politics?
The #climatebuddha shares #distributepower through the lens of philosophy, media and our human limitations. #Protestprotest sees fundamentally that the right to peaceful protest is the most important political human right. The history of Authoritarians and their followers are humanities greatest tragedys. Everything can change quickly #instantradicalchange can happen and we just saw it happen but we need to add, right now, #universalalignedwage where the earth inhabitants are supplied with a currency that supports their lives completely. #competitiveenlightenment is necessary for all of this to happen: The powerful need to cede power to a worldwide democracy voluntarily and peacefully. #Chutechi
September 25, 2020
#Freedomtokill #UniversalAlignment
The Climate Buddha asks what is the #Freedomtokill?
September 24, 2020
#HumanitiesEndGame Time Frames and Political Solutions
I am #climatebuddha. I am an early adopter of #Chutechinthe world view which has been  integrated into the teachings of my own religion "The Religion of Weapon Surrender." I have produced about 50 podcasts plus extensive written social media on subject of #AbruptClimateChange and its consequences. I have read and presented much of the overwhelming scientific evidence supporting the high probability of there being an extremely short time frame for Business as Usual, all leading toward permanent no good news with the attendant problem of little hope for humanity.  #distributepower #instantradicalchange #logicalradical #competitiveenlighenment #abruptclimatechange #universalalignment #chutech #universalalignmentwage #Universalagreement #universalalignmentpease #Directdemocracy #crimeisnotentertainment  The #UniversalAlignment(s):  Everything must stop-Inner Peace End humanity's games-Outer Peace Everybody is cared for-Enlightened Compassion Make joy for all-Enlightened Effort Solve only two problems-Enlightened Discipline Use Resources for only those two-Enlightened Giving
September 16, 2020
Baked In Climate Change Reality
A meditative contemplation of the consequences of understanding the “baked in” amount of temperature increase. #chutechi #distributepower #instantradicalchange #logicalradical
September 11, 2020
BLM Antifa Climate Economics Philosophy Human Limitations
The #climatebuddha shares #distributepower through the lens of philosophy, media and our human limitations. #Protestprotest sees fundamentally that the right to peaceful protest is the most important political human right. The history of Authoritarians and their followers are humanities greatest tragedys. Everything can change quickly #instantradicalchange can happen and we just saw it happen but we need to add, right now, #universalalignedwage where the earth inhabitants are supplied with a currency that supports their lives completely. #competitiveenlightenment is necessary for all of this to happen: The powerful need to cede power to a worldwide democracy voluntarily and peacefully. #Chutechi
August 28, 2020
Corona Virus and Humanity. Solutions to Everything by The Climate Buddha
The Climate Buddha draws on an excellent article
March 3, 2020
Gretta’s Questions for Sir David Attenbough
The Climate Buddha offers Greta some comments and thoughts in your upcoming interview with sir David Attenborough #universalalignment #distributepower #Instantradicalchange #Chutechi #
December 30, 2019
Gretta and The Climate Buddha
Gretta has something to say to those who have done nothing. #chutechi #instantradicalchange #competitiveenlightenment #distributepower # universalalignment #systemschangeparty #logicalradical
September 24, 2019
NTHE and the Climate Buddha
The problems with the Aerosol Masking Effect and Policy. #nthechutechi, #chutechi, #logicalradical, #universalalignment, #abruptclimatechange, #climatebuddha, #Distributepower, #instantradicalchange, #competitiveenlightment, #
September 16, 2019
Hurrican Solutions fot Abrupt Climate Change
Communicating beyond the concept of the army of one via #DistributePower #InstantRadicalChange #LogicalRadical #CompetitiveEnlightenment #UniversalAlignment #Chutechi
September 1, 2019
Harold Hensel is Interviewed by the Climate Buddha
Harold Hensel is a multiyear citizen journalist with a long history of working on the Climate Change issue. ChuteChi has been following his work for years and see's his effort as worth being presented to you. My listeners. This episode includes information about: World wide fires....Arctic Ice Loss.....Why Harold does not like Guy McPhereson's message.  Super Tanker: Bio Char:
August 29, 2019
#WeaponSurrender #Chutechi #Distributepower #Instantradicalchange
A way to solve the worldwide weapon problem in the face of abrupt climate change
August 24, 2019
Fires Fires and Climate Change
As of today’s date all of our major forests on every continent continent are burning at an extent never seen before in the history of humanity.
August 23, 2019
Chutechi The Religion of weapon surrender
The #logicalradical says the facts require #instantradicalchange due to #abruptclimatechange. #chutechi says preparing is about #distributepower due to civilization’s collapse so implement the policy of weapon surrender of all governmental entities to ChuteChi as an offering for the benefit of all living beings through Chutechi religion. The religion of all religions. 
August 6, 2019
ChuteChi #Distributepower Solution to Guns and War
The religion of "Chutechi" has a solution to everything. Surrender all weapons, all guns, to my religion....As part of the #distributepower and #instantradicalchange  work of #climatebuddha in the face of #abruptclimatechange. METHANE and an ice free arctic....who would have thought?
August 4, 2019
Chutechi Solution to War Guns International tribal conflict
Chutechi always promised that he would provide you with the solutions to the problems that are society faces in the time context of abrupt climate change once again, Chutechi has done this
August 3, 2019
New York Blackouts
The Climate Buddha discusses the karmic implications of the blackouts in New York City being potentially separated by economic caste.
July 31, 2019
Peter Wadhams Interveiw Commentary
The Climate Buddha comments on an outstanding interview by Peter Wadhams. Yale communications is critcized.
July 26, 2019
Sal and Sean Hear what The Climate Buddha Knows.
Taking a Sunday with friends doing a Climate Buddha podcast where I share with friends what is going on and going down....
July 15, 2019
Poverty, Stress, and the Urgent Need for Universally Aligned Decisions
One political solution to climate change based upon #distibutepower principles. Discussions of Urgency in Action concerning everything in every-way via #instantradicalchange. Talk of #UniversalAlignment and the work of Guy McPheresen. #AbruptClimateChange evidence and time we have left to  make the big decisions is precious, and how the Millennia Generation can go out with humanities best effort. 
July 13, 2019
Deutsche Bank and Climate Change
Currect Events deep money and climate change issues.
July 10, 2019
The Elite Know about Abrupt Climate Change
We are living in the matrix of misinformation disinformation from a deep and powerful concentration of power who intend to keep it that way
July 6, 2019
James Hanson Interveiw part 2s
What was missing in James Hanson’s answers
July 4, 2019
James Hanson interveiw part 1
Discussion about recent interview by James Hansen #instantradicalchange #distributepower #logicalradical #chutechi #universalalignment #climatebuddha #competitiveenlightenment
July 3, 2019
What did the UN just say?
Secretary-General of the UN lays down climate news almost as dire as the Climate Buddha.
July 1, 2019
Guy McPhereson’s Testimony
Talked about about abrupt climate change the blue ocean event ahead and Guy McPherson’s testimony in the New York State Legislature about Climate change.
June 27, 2019
MIT AI Solutions and The Climate Buddha The Climate Buddha discusses the MIT Technology review article concerning AI being used for Climate Change. 
June 20, 2019
Why Change is needed now.
#instantradicalchange is needed now. Here’s how it works....#logicalradical says we can handle the truth. Full participation policy based technocratic democratic systems in place supported by Universally Aligned Living Wage. #instantradicalchange
June 16, 2019
The Pope and the Climate Buddha
The Climate Buddha talks about how to solve the climate crisis from understanding Religion’s role in its creation.
June 15, 2019
Sam Carana’s Facebook Feed The Climate Buddha #instantradicalchange
Climate buddha discusses the problems with Abrupt Climate Change through Sam Carana’s Facebook feed.
June 13, 2019
Ongoing discussions of methane and abrupt climate change.
The Climate Buddha #instantraficalchange #universalalignment #logicalradical #distributepower #chutechinthe #chutechi
June 12, 2019
Leonid Yurganov The Climate Buddha
The climate Buddha discusses an article about the speed of methane release in the arctic and climate change in reference to a satellite engineer who knows the data well
June 10, 2019
Aerosol Masking Effect Research article
Chutechi as The Climate Buddha reads and explains Scientific article about the catch-22 predicament .
June 8, 2019
Kevin Hester’s Face book feed.
Kevin is a multi year climate activist and is a progressive radio network Nature Bats Last co host with Guy Mcphereson. #universalalignment, #instantradicalchange, #distributepower, #chutechi #climatebuddha
June 8, 2019
Arctic News and Abrupt Clinate Change
The Clinate Buddha talks about Abrupt Climate Change and what to do about it. #distributepower #instantradicalchange #universalalignment #logicalradical #chutechi #climatebuddha
June 5, 2019
God Nature Politica Climate Change
Discussion of How climate change is related to the concept of God in our politics and life.
May 30, 2019
Memorial Day Systems Theroy
The Climate Buddha discusses the problem with understanding climate change. Systems thinking. #instantradicalchange #distributepower #universalalignment #chutechi #climatebuddha #logicalradical
May 28, 2019
Golf Universal Alignment The Climate Buddha Solution
I discussion about the nature of universal alignment and how that date and how that relates to all of us in importantance.
May 21, 2019
Chutechi Reviews Guardian Article
The entire article is read and commented on in real time by the climate Buddha
May 20, 2019
A Culture of War
One inspiring effort to solve the Climate Crisis by Chutechi The Climate Buddha
May 17, 2019
John Oliver Bill Nye Commentary
#instantradicalchange monopoly structureal realignment noahs real arc
May 16, 2019
UN Extinction Chutechi
Climate Buddha and the loss of it all. Nthe
May 14, 2019
Playing the Chutechi Blues
Chutechi plays the blues on his shrouded Dejembe.
May 11, 2019
Chutechi Kings Authority Climate Change
Chutechi takes on why we need to distribute power.
May 8, 2019
Climate Drums Song
Chutechi on blanket co2, aerosol masking effect, incremental change? Great chutechi blues and a lovely day.
May 7, 2019
Me and Muddy Waters playing Chutechi Djembe Blues
Blues by Chutechi. Builds to great ending. Recording quality inconsistent. This is the first time I have ever drummed to this song.
May 3, 2019
Uk Government Climate Emergency
Chutechi solves the climate crisis.
May 2, 2019
I am the person to solve climate change
Chutechi answers the call to solve climate change
April 29, 2019
Chutechi talks about a artlcle about the Number One Climate Person On Earth from the UN
The science lag with the UN. Nukes....Disttibuted Power infrastructure
April 27, 2019
Chutechi and the drum rockets
Great beat
April 26, 2019
The Climate Buddha talks about Abrupt Climate Change The Climate Buddha talks about Abrupt Climate Change
April 26, 2019
Chutechi History and Extinction Rebellion #ChutechiNTHE
Talk of a mind state for climate change. extinction rebellion in relation to #InstanrRadicalChange Aerosol Masking Effect.
April 26, 2019
Chutechi About Fox News
Chutechi talks about the cost of Climate Change article from Fox News
April 24, 2019
Comment on Guy McPhrerson 4/20/19 Presentation and The Climate Budha and #AbruptClimateChange
Discussed the value of media outlets. Why system change is first in line toward the Universal Alignments.
April 21, 2019
Clear Model of Situation. #LogicalRadical #AbruptClimateChange
The situation we are in. The near term problem .... the solution. Why we all will be Logicalradicals. Mechanisms for Flipping the climate.
April 20, 2019
The Climate Buddha talks about collapse.
Audio Podcast talking about collapse, climate change, survival and what to look forward to.
April 18, 2019