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Wide Atlantic Weird

Wide Atlantic Weird

By Cian
An Irish podcast about why people believe weird things. A critical look at cryptids, UFOs and conspiracies. Enter the Cabin In The Woods with Cian and his guests (but have a beer handy!)
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The Lower Quinton 'Witchcraft' Murder (with Dr Jeb Card)
Jeb Card joins us to discuss the supposed witchcraft connections to the murder of Charles Walton on Valentines Day, 1945. Important players include (returning podcast fave) Margaret Murray, Egyptologist and writer of 'The Witch Cult In Western Europe' and Robert Fabian, Detective Superintendent of the London Met and early true crime tv celebrity. Both took the murder as a clue that something sinister, long-lived, and magical was brewing in the rural English countryside. And of course we can't get to them without covering Flinders Petrie, James Frazer, The Golden Bough, Dennis Wheatley, and Victorian ideas about witchcraft, archaeology, and the supernatural. There's also pagan survivals, magical peer-review murder, and a sidetrack about Night Of The Demon! *NOTE: for extra details on the connections between the novel Ritual by David Pinner and the Wicker Man, wait till the end comments LINKS Buy Me A Coffee or I'll curse you with a bit of runic parchment. You have three days! Spooky Archaeology, Dr Jeb Card Jeb Card on Twitter Murder by Witchcraft, Donald McCormick Under The Shadow of Meon Hill, Paul Newman The Case that Foiled Fabian, Simon Read A Colder War, Charles Stross The Witch, Ronald Hutton Triumph Of The Moon, Ronald Hutton Witchcraft Murders, Library Of The Occult Britain’s Wicca Man documentary
August 06, 2022
Cryptid Chat (with Truth Is Scarier Than Fiction)
Cian is joined by YouTuber 'Truth Is Scarier Than Fiction' to discuss the making of the Cryptid Iceberg videos and more! NOTES Buy Me A Coffee, or I'll wood knock-you out! Truth Is Scarier Than Fiction Youtube Truth Is Scarier on Twitter The Allure of Vintage Dinosaur Artwork by HoopsandDinoMan
July 20, 2022
The Many Faces Of Fawcett 4: Never Say Fawcett Again
Could this be ... the Final Fantasy of Fawcett? In this last episode of Fawcettmania, Cian sits by a stream and flicks the pages of 'Brazil That Never Was' by A.J. Lees, as well as articles by arch Fawcett-dismisser John Hemming. In an episode as thrilling as a mid-Victorian face-off between rival explorers at a packed RGS debate, we conclude: -confirmation (probably) of the date when Conan Doyle attended Colonel Percy's lecture! -tangents about John Hanning Speke and a descendent at a London punk gig -Fawcett writes for Occult Review and uses his Ouija board in the trenches of WW1 -John Hemming says Fawcett discovered nothing; Brian Fawcett says Jack Fawcett is a waster who 'reads Fu Manchu novels!' -Fawcett describing a real tribe as Bigfoot-like savages is pretty horrific -Cork mystic Geraldine Cummins makes an unlikely return to the show -Fawcett is (maybe) seduced by a fairy woman in Carrigaline; Brian is (definitely) seduced by a fairy woman and sees miniature UFOs Links: Buy Me A Coffee, you swine! Brazil That Never Was, A.J. Lees, 2020. Lost City Of Fantasy, John Hemming, The Spectator, 2017 Mutant Museum reading 'The Monster Of Partridge Creek!' Dr Edward Guimont visits the Betty & Barney Hill Collection
July 15, 2022
The Many Faces of Fawcett 3: Veil Of The Primeval
So there's a lot of Lost World in our Fawcett this episode, but it's not my fault that the two won't stay a Stegosaurus length apart! In this episode, our boy Percy gets down on the British Empire following the First World War, is quite polite about a certain odious British biologist, hints at sightings of living dinosaurs yet again, and lays out his alternative history of South America before going missing for good. It's good for what ails ya. Buy Me A Coffee! -The nature references at the beginning will be quite dated by the time you hear this. A lot of this was recorded back in early summer. SOURCES: -Exploration Fawcett, Percy Fawcett, 1953 -Goblinlike, Fantastic: Little People And Deep Time at the Fin de Siecle, Emily Fergus, 2019 -Conan Doyle: The Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes, Andrew Lycett, 2007 -The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle, edited with Introduction and Notes by Ian Duncan, 1998 -The Lost White Tribe, Michael Robinson, 2016 -Danny Vendramini’s 'Them + Us’ Neanderthal page
June 22, 2022
H. R. Haggard and Egypt (with Lauren the Gothic Bookworm)
Lauren returns to the cabin to discuss all things H.R. Haggard, especially his deep obsession with ancient Egypt. We cover: -Haggard in 'Who's Who in Egyptology' -his own visits to Egypt -his writing of 'Cleopatra' -his mania for collecting Egyptian rings -his dislike for modern, changing Egypt -his friendship with Howard Carter -his attempts to exonerate Western archaeologists @gothicbookworm (Instagram & Twitter)  @mummymaniamondays @mummymaniafacts (Twitter) (read & subscribe for free!)   Submissions:   My H Rider Haggard favourites: She (1887) Cleopatra (1889) Smith and the Pharaohs (1912-13 serially) all of Haggard’s illustrations Books:  The Cloak that I Left by Lilias Haggard, (Hodder & Stoughton: London, 1951)    The Mummy’s Curse by Roger Luckhurst (Oxford University Press 2012)    The Mummy’s Curse by Jasmine Day (Routledge, 2006)    The Days of my Life by H Rider Haggard (written 1910-12, published posthumously in 1926 in 2 volumes)    You can read all of Haggard’s works for free on Project Gutenberg
June 09, 2022
The Many Faces of Fawcett 2: Not Your Father's Fawcett
It's 'Not Your Father's Fawcett!' The journey continues with our dive into the first part of EXPLORATION FAWCETT, the 1953 book of Colonel Percy Fawcett's own notes and journals, as tidied up, illustrated and edited by his son Brian Fawcett. Featuring: -my visit to a Fawcett-related address in London -the infamous giant snake sighting! -Fawcett's links to living dinosaurs and other crypto-critters -Lost cities, Atlantis (because of course), H.R. Haggard, 'white indians' It's enough to make you never want to hear the name 'Fawcett' ever again! LINKS Buy Me A Coffee, you scoundrel! Exploration Fawcett, Percy Fawcett, 1953 Monster Mysteries, Rupert Matthews, 1989 In Search Of Prehistoric Survivors, Karl Shuker, 1995
May 24, 2022
The Fictional Life Of Hulk Hogan Part 3 (with Dr Dónal Gill)
In which we're asked to audition for Metallica, endorse the George Foreman grill, and wrestle over 365 days in a year. We also cover: -Hogan's years at WCW -the infamous Monday Night Wars between WWF and WCW -the meta writing of Vince Russo -Hogan's comeback match against the Rock Buy Me A Coffee, Brother! Part 1 Part 2
May 04, 2022
Beliefs In The Early Medieval Period (with Dr Eoghan Ahern)
Dr Eoghan Aherne visits the cabin to talk about the early medieval period, and some things we might believe about it that might not be true! Topics include: -modern myths about the medieval period -were medieval people particularly credulous? -a medieval flat Earth? -classical ideas during the medieval period: the four elements -the scientific revolution as continuity rather than revolution -the importance of miracles and the Irish saints -the distinction between ‘natural’ and ‘supernatural’ -Religious relics in Ireland -Belief in the Devil, demons and possession -St Colmcille and the Loch Ness Monster -Pagan gods as demons Buy Me A Coffee Bede and the Cosmos, Eoghan Aherne, 2020 DISCOUNT FLYER for the book. 30% discount available, enter the code BC30 at checkout. Why Can The Dead Do Such Great Things Robert Bartlett Observation In the Margins, Katherine Park
April 24, 2022
Return to the Lost World: Origins and Illustrations (with Dr Richard Fallon)
Arthur Conan Doyle and Professor Challenger make a welcome return to the show, as we turn once again to the worlds of Edwardian fantastic Imperial fiction, and the history of still-living dinosaurs in literature. Dr Richard Fallon joins us to talk all things LOST WORLD, in particular the vision Conan Doyle had for a subtle, restrained presentation of the tale via the illustrations of his brother-in-law PATRICK LEWIS FORBES, versus the more familiar, bombastic, monster-filled illustrations of HARRY ROWNTREE. Will the great writer get his way? Topics include: -dueling visions of The Lost World through its illustrations! -dinosaurs in lost race/world stories versus in Swiftian satire -Conan Doyle's own supposed 'cryptid' sighting -Professor Challenger as a representation of Conan Doyle's ideas about science -the faked 'imposter' photos taken for the Lost World LINKS Buy Me A Coffee! It keeps me awake while hunting dinosaurs Creatures Of Another Age, Richard Fallon Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World: Illustrating the Romance of Science, Richard Fallon (includes some of Forbes' illustrations) Reimagining Dinosaurs in Late Victorian and Edwardian Literature, Richard Fallon Call for Interdisciplinary Science Reviews Special Issue Gallery of Lost World illustrations, including Harry Rountree's set
April 05, 2022
Flying Saucer Cinema: Day The Earth Stood Still vs Thing From Another World (with Dr Edward Guimont)
Cian welcomes Dr Edward Guimont back to the cabin for a chat about two seminal 1951 flying saucer movies. There'll be saucers skipping across water (whyever would you do that?), McCarthyism, and pulp-era sci-fi authors acting like jerks. Topics include: -our history with both movies -the short story 'Farewell To The Master' and 1930s pulp Sci-fi origins -Robert Wise and Star Trek: The Motionless Picture -The Star Wars Expanded Universe -The classic flying saucer shape on film -Klaatu and the Contactees -Comparisons to Star Trek: First Contact -John W Campbell and pulp sci-fi magazines -Ancient astronauts and The Thing -Mad scientist archetypes -McCarthyism in 50s sci-fi LINKS: Support the show at Buy Me A Coffee Dr Edward Guimont on Twitter The Impossible Archive Podcast Worker's Cauldron episode on Soviet Sasquatch
March 26, 2022
The Many Faces of Fawcett: Lost City Of Z
Cian returns to the cabin to tackle a subject that he should have tackled long ago: the life and mysterious disappearance of Percy Harrison Fawcett. First part (fingers crossed) of a series attempting to contrast the various books about Fawcett that are out there. Featuring: -extended thank yous to all the nice folks who've sent me books and things during the hiatus -in-depth breakdown of the 2009 David Grann book 'The Lost City Of Z' -audio from my trip to Spike Island, where Fawcett was stationed in the early 20thc Buy Me A Coffee:
March 20, 2022
Megalodon and Other Prehistoric Cryptids (with Tyler Greenfield)
Tyler Greenfield visits the cabin to chat about sightings of supposed living extinct creatures. We discuss early 20th century origins of living Megalodon stories, the French Pterodactyl trapped in rock, the bizarre 'Triassic Kraken,' and how the mysterious Cadborosaurus got its type specimen. (Episode picture thanks to Tyler! It's a full-size replica of our titular beast) Links: Buy Me A Coffee Tyler’s Blog Tyler on Twitter Megalodon: Monster Of A New Mythology, Dr Edward Guimont Cryptozoological Reference Library The French Pterodactyl: A Fortean Folly, Mick Goss The Triassic Kraken
November 05, 2021
The Man Who Studied Ghouls: TC Lethbridge and Weird Archaeology (with Lisa Grimm)
Ancient chalk figures, Arctic exploration, pendulums, and emotions 'recorded' onto the landscape: TC Lethbridge dabbled in them all, and remains an important figure in mid-20th century alternative thinking. Lisa from the Beer Ladies Podcast joins us at the cabin to talk about Lethbridge. We cover: -Lethbridge’s early archaeological career -Lethbridge as an institution figure vs an outsider -The imperial era of archaeology and exploration -The Mildenhall Treasure -‘Lost white race’ theories -The disputed Cambridge chalk figures -Lethbridge’s pendulum ideas -early takes on the ‘Stone Tape’ theory -Colin Wilson promoting TC Lethbridge -A ‘ghoul’ as a physical area of negative energy Some links: Buy Me A Coffee: T.C. Lethbridge: The Man Who Saw The Future, Terry Welbourn, 2011 Lisa on Twitter Beer Ladies Podcast Picture from Iron Man Records
October 25, 2021
Paranormal, People, & Politics with the Workers Cauldron
Cian is joined at the cabin by David & Mercedas from the Worker’s Cauldron to talk about a variety of paranormal topics and their cultural/political influences. Subjects include: -evolution of Wicca -social context and the paranormal -alien abduction in the 90s -creating episodes -David’s trip to Bluff Creek -colonial literature’s influence on Forteana -Demonic possession and economic anxieties -Ghost-hunting groups -The Ballinspittle Moving Statues -70s Haunted House Stories -Vampire as political satire -Phantom helicopters -Influence of the X-Files Worker’s Cauldron Podcast: Books & Articles Mentioned: Our Most Troubling Madness, Tanya Luhrmann Drawing Down The Moon, Margaret Adler Triumph Of The Moon, Ronald Hutton They Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves, Brigette Brown Communion, Whitley Strieber UFO Abduction Reports: The Supernatural Kidnap Narrative Returns in technological Guise, Thomas E Bullard Explorers Of The Nile, Tim Jeal The Great Orm Of Loch Ness, Ted Holiday Hunting Dinosaurs In Central Africa, Edward Guimont The Water Horses of Loch Ness, Roland Watson Hostage To The Devil, Malachi Martin Monsters Of The Market, David McNally
October 13, 2021
Ley Lines and Spooky Geology (with Sharon Hill)
Sharon Hill joins us to speak about Spooky Geology and Ley Lines! We discuss the origins of the lines before they became associated with mystical ideas, leys as a way to connect with landscape, how they’re thought of in the paranormal community today, connections to UFOs (of course!), a little bit of Stone Tape Theory, and some real geological processes that might have been an influence on the idea. Sharon’s Strange Times Spooky Geology Sharon’s Twitter Scientifical Americans Sharon discussing Paranormal Researchers Spooky Archaeology, Jeb Card Analogue Ghosts of the 1970s and Hauntology
September 25, 2021
Tales From The Hollow Earth (with Dr Edward Guimont)
The history of beliefs regarding lost cities and civilizations beneath the Earth's surface is as vast and winding as the caverns of Agartha itself. In this episode we welcome Edward Guimont back to the cabin for a chat about some of the most interesting characters who have contributed to Hollow Earth thinking. Beginning with an apocryphal  tale of American pilot Admiral Byrd encountering a super-civilization of Nordic Masters inside the Hollow Earth, we cycle back to John Cleeve Symmes and his manifest destiny-style plans to conquer the Hollow Earth for the USA. Meet Raymond Bernard, the health food utopian who placed flying saucers within the Hollow Earth, Willy Ley, who wrote on occult Nazi beliefs, and Gerard Kuiper, respected astronomer who lended legitimacy to the idea that Nazis studied the sky in order to spot the movements of allied vessels on the far side of the concave Hollow Earth.  NOTES: Buy Me A Coffee Dr Edward Guimont on Twitter Dr Edward Guimont’s Website Impossible Archive Podcast Full text of the supposed Admiral Byrd secret diary Pseudoscience in Naziland, Willy Ley German Astronomy During The War, Gerard Kuiper
August 28, 2021
Bigfoot At The Movies: Man Or Beast
Pack your harmonica and join an expedition into the murky world of 1970s low-budget docudrama-making as we take a look at Bigfoot hunter Robert Morgan's 1974 'American Yeti' Expedition into the Pacific Northwest, and the recobbled film 'Bigfoot: Man Or Beast' that chronicles this epic event! NOTES: Sasquatch hunters need coffee. Help me out here: Bigfoot: Man Or Beast on Youtube Bigfoot, The Life And Times Of A Legend, Joshue Blu Buhs The Mysterious Monster Mash of the Mid 70s, Sharon Hill Regional Horror Films 1958-1990, Brian Albright
August 15, 2021
Oceans Of Time: Thoughts On Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) with Victoria Pearson
Cian and Victoria discuss the definitive Dracula of their childhood, Francis Ford Coppola's 1992 'Bram Stoker's Dracula!,' which is a mouthful. NOTES: Buy Me A Coffee because I never drink wine! Victoria's Twitter The Impossible Archive, Project Blue Book episode Marsh's Library Dublin exhibition on Bram Stoker From The Shadow Of Dracula, Paul Murray, 2004 In Research Of Podcast - Dracula (*NOT Monster Talk as I mistakenly said in the episode! Listen to their addendum too!) Bram Stoker And The Seduction Of Old School Movie Magic, David Crow The Art of Dracula 1992, Nick Louras
August 07, 2021
Some Thoughts On Mystery Big Cats
Recorded at the tail (aha!) end of an uncharacteristic Irish heatwave, and following a spot of solo camping that accidentally strayed into mystery big cat territory, Cian marshalls some thoughts on the subject of ABCs or Alien Big Cats. With some detail on the Exmoor Beast and the Surrey Puma, as well as thoughts on whether this is a flesh-and-blood happening, or something more mystical.
July 24, 2021
Lost Souls and Lost Cities: Stories of Polar Terror (with Leanne from Strange Ways)
In a MUSICAL episode long delayed, Cian welcomes Leanne from The Strange Ways blog to talk about the special place the chilly polar extremes have always held in fact and specifically horror fiction. The poles themselves become mirrors through which colonial-era Europeans saw themselves and measured their achievements. We discuss Dan Simmons' book The Terror, the more recent TV adaptation, the clairvoyants who searched for the lost Captain Franklin, Arthur Conan Doyle's captain Of The Pole Star, ghost stories of Scott and Shackleton, Frankenstein and its polar bookend, and lovecraft's At The Mountains Of Madness. And there's even a couple of polar exploration-themed songs along the way! Songs performed by Geraldine Gill, Kevin Gill and Cian Gill. Intro music by Kevin Gill and Cian Gill Buy Me An Eldritch, Cyclopian Coffee Leanne's Blog, The Strange Ways The Spectral Arctic, Shane McCorristine Writing The Disaster, Franklin and Frankenstein, Adriana Craciun The Sea of Ice And The Icy Sea, The Arctic Frame Of Frankenstein, Janice Cavell
July 17, 2021
Mummy Lore In Myth And Fiction (with Lauren the Gothic Bookworm)
Take THAT, Bembridge scholars! Cian is delighted to welcome Lauren the Gothic Bookworm to the cabin for an awesome chat about all things Mummy, curses, and of course, Victorian Gothic! So many of our favourite writers, books, historical topics and more appear, including but not limited to: -the mummy in comparison to other 'classic' monsters -The Victorian/Edwardian fascination with Egypt and mummies; colonialism & orientalism -Victorian 'invasion' literature -early Victorian mummy fiction -Arthur Conan Doyle's mummy & curse stories -HR Haggard's mummy and Egypt in his fiction -The British Museum unlucky mummycase -Favourite mummy movies, including the 1959 and 1999 mummies Buy Me A Coffee Gothic Bookworm Mummy Mania Mondays The Anatomy Shelf The Mummy’s Curse, Roger Luckhurst Other sources: Nicky Nielsen: Egyptomaniacs Bob Brier: Egyptomania & Mummies Jasmine Day: Mummymania
July 10, 2021
Man Of The Year Million: The Ideas and Futurism of HG Wells (with Dr Dónal Gill)
Best remembered today for his incredible output of genre-defining early science fiction novels during the 1890s, for much of his career Herbert George Wells was perhaps better known for other things. From the early 1900s he positioned himself as a man who would predict the future. Cian and Dónal chat about War of The Worlds, When The Sleeper Wakes, Well' ideas about progress and eugenics, and about his amusing meetings with other famous folks from his day - Joseph Conrad, George Orwell, Orson Wells, Charlie Chaplin and even Joseph Stalin. No-one would have believed, in the last minutes of listening to the podcast, that you would support the show by sending us a coffee: War of the Worlds: One More Day cardgame
July 03, 2021
Bonus Episode: Jurassic Park Trespasser
From the vaults, comes a Crichton-adjacent bonus episode in which Cian and Chris 'The Voice' Joyce discuss Jurassic Park: Trespasser, a famous over-reaching early open-world game that pretty much disappointed everybody upon its release. But, sifting through the wreckage of this abandoned dream, the guys discover that somehow, life ... has found a way. NOTES: After much consideration, you have decided to endorse the podcast: Buy Me A Coffee The Jurassic Time Youtube videos of Hammond's memoir Jurassic Time
June 26, 2021
Heuvelmania: Bernard's Sea Serpent Classification System (with Cameron McCormick)
Cameron McCormick, writer on marine monster mysteries and sea serpent superfan, drops into the cabin to talk about the work and influence of Bernard Heuvelmans, remembered as the 'father of cryptozoology.' Heuvelmans was important as an early figure in the codification of cryptozoology, but many of his ideas were to remain unique to him in the decades that followed. Despite his respected status as a pioneer, not many who followed built upon the specific zoological ideas he came up with to explain monster sightings. In this episode we focus particularly on Heuvelmans' classification system for sea serpent sightings. He believed there were (approx) nine different categories of unknown enormous underwater animals. NOTES Buy me a coffee, ya landlubber Cameron's Blog Cameron's Tumblr Cameron with Sharon Hill and Tyler Greenfield talk about the International Society of Cryptozoology, recommended! Eddie's new podcast The Impossible Archive, recommended! Plastic Plesiosaur podcast episode Brazil That Never Was,-As%20a%20boy&text=The%20book%20told%20the%20true,the%20Amazon%2C%20and%20never%20returned. Montreal Bloomsday Video Interview Searching For Sasquatch by Brian Regal The ISC Journals
June 15, 2021
Neanderthals And Northmen: Eaters Of The Dead (with Dr Edward Guimont)
Michael Crichton had a habit of recycling various Victorian-era fringe beliefs and obsessions in his techno-thriller fiction. With Eaters Of The Dead, he created a faux-academic 'translation' of the travels of the real-life Ibn Fadlan. The resulting novel has echoes of Beowulf, elements of cryptozoology, relic hominids, and a positive portrayal of Vikings as part of America's changing process of self-identification. Incoming professor of history at Bristol Community College, Fall River, MA, Dr Edward Guimont rejoins the pod to discuss all this, with many links to other subjects familiar to listeners here at the cabin in the woods, in NEANDERTHALS AND NORTHMEN: EATERS OF THE DEAD. BuyMeACoffee, you Viking dog! Dr Edward Guimont’s Twitter Dr Edward Guimont's Website Love In The Time Of Chasmosaurs article about the Ladybird Lost World Ladybird Lost World on Tape In Search Of First Contact, Annette Kolodny
May 29, 2021
From The Vaults: The Reincarnation of Bridey Murphy
A classic episode about the fascination 1950s America had with a woman who relived a past life as a 19th century woman from Cork! Hypnotism, regression, and a time in podcasting history ...
May 15, 2021
Red Sky At Night: Lost Cosmonauts (with Dr Tom Ellis)
Dr Tom Ellis talks about the myth of the Lost Cosmonauts, why this symbol has had such staying power, and what it tells us about Western perceptions about the Soviet Union and its space programme. Topics include: -American reactions to Yuri Gagarin’s flight -The secrecy of the Soviet space programme breeding rumours and myths -The idea of the ‘communist mind’ and communism as a ‘secular religion’ -Robert Heinlein and the Lost Cosmonauts -‘Yurimania’ and promoting Yuri Gagarin as a sex symbol -The Italian Battista brothers’ claims of recording lost cosmonauts -The Lost Cosmonaut image in film and art as a representation of memories of the Soviet state -Vladimir Komarov, the ‘real’ lost cosmonaut -Lost cosmonauts as a political idea vs a cultural idea LINKS Buy Me A Coffee Tom Ellis on Twitter Tom Ellis’s Blog Gagarin And The Lost Moon Tsar-Bomb album Imogen Knox’ article on Haxan Bobcat Goldthwait’s American Bigfoot Conspiracy Culture, Peter Knight, 2000 Hermann Oberth Roadside Picnics Article by darmon Richter: Chernobyl and the Falcon Lake UFO Incident The Space Suit Film, Gary Westfahl, 2012 Supposed Lost Cosmonaut Recordings Sven Grahn’s Article about Torre Bert Into The Silent Sea: Short Lost Cosmonaut Film The Cosmonaut Who Couldn’t Stop Smiling, Andrew L. Jenks, 2012
May 01, 2021
Early Modern Witchcraft Belief (with Imogen Knox)
Cian is joined by Imogen Knox for a chat about witchcraft belief during the early modern period. Subjects covered: -stereotypes about medieval vs early modern witch trials -witch hunts as a 'top down' or 'bottom-up/ phenomenon? -vomiting of pins, apports, and other witch-related phenomena -the role of authorities in witch hunts -Matthew Hopkins, the Witchfinder General -witch-hunting before/after the Reformation -a case from Co Antrim and an earlier case it may be patterned after -the role of Margaret Murray, Montague Summers and Dennis Wheatley in shaping modern ideas about witches NOTES: Buy Me A Coffee!! Please and thank you :) Imogen Knox on Twitter Imogen's Blog, Terrible Imaginations Wonderful and True Tale of the Bewitching of a Young Girl in Ireland;view=fulltext Alternative original version of the story Fantastic Fights Podcast, House of Hell episode
April 24, 2021
BONUS EPISODE: The Origins Of Kong
This is a find from the vault - an old patreon episode that's an addendum to our COLONIALISM AND KONG episode, which you can find below. Loads more info about Willis O'Brien and the 1933 King Kong, the history behind the 'lost world' genre and 'jungle' pictures, my own background with stop-motion animation, O'Brien's lost projects, plus the bizarre expanded ecology of Skull Island in Peter Jackson's 2005 version. ORIGINAL KONG EPISODE BUY ME A COFFEE :)
April 17, 2021
Irish Burial Customs and 'Teig O'Kane and the Corpse' (with Dr Aoife Bhreatnach)
'I FOUND it hard to place Mr. Douglas Hyde's magnificent story. Among the ghosts or the fairies? It is among the fairies on the grounds that all these ghosts and bodies were in no manner ghosts and bodies, but pishogues--fairy spells. One often hears of these visions of Ireland.' Taking, of all things, the Hellboy story 'The Corpse' as a starting point, Cian is joined by Dr Aoife Bhreatnach from the Censored Podcast to talk about Irish burial customs, the stories of Douglas Hyde, changelings, folkloric moving graveyards, sectarian burial rivalries, Irish fairy lore, and lots more! LINKS Censored Podcast Irish Garrison Towns Blog Buy Me A Coffee Hellboy: The Chained Coffin and Others The original Taidhg O'Catháin story collected by Douglas Hyde The Burning of Bridget Cleary (Irish Times) The Burning of Bridget Cleary by Angela Bourke
April 10, 2021
Creatures Out Of Time: Those Who Hunt The Skunk Ape
From what might become a semi-regular miniseries focusing on the monster-hunters of cryptozoology, this episode is about a man who had a sighting of the Florida 'skunk ape,' a regional type of Bigfoot, and it changed his life. Obsessed with the creature, he spent every day for six months sitting in his stand in the swamp until he captured photographs - and eventually footage - of the creature. What kind of man does it take to hunt the skunk ape? We find out. A portrait of the renegade, outsider, throwback woodsman type monster obsessive. Episode includes: -discussion about the various regional types of Bigfoot -disagreement among cryptozoologists about how many species there might be -Discovery Florida's video of a visit to the Skunk Ape headquarters -Physical description of the skunk ape -Upcoming film on the skunk ape, shot on location! -Smithsonian article all about the Skunk Ape Headquarters -Some reports from the 70s -The 'outsider' traits of the cryptozoologist -How a feud with the parks system became an origin story for the monster hunter ... -Conspiracies in Bigfoot world ... -Primate Products: are actual monkeys the answer? -The amazing Myakka Ape photo LINKS: Buy Me A Coffee! Thanks :) Hunting Monsters by Darren Naish Discovery Canada Video The Skunk Ape Research Headquarters Skeptical Equirer, Skunk Ape, Joe Nickell, 2014 Smithsonian Article, Joseph Stromberg, 2014 TheCryptozoologist.Webs Skunk Apes, 2011 Darren Naish On The Myakka Ape
March 27, 2021
The Digital Campfire: Looking Back At Creepypasta (with Chris Joyce)
Cian and Chris host a campfire chat to remember the heyday of creepypasta: bad grammar, juvenile topics - and yet occasionally incredibly effective bite-size (ok, sometimes epic) slices of crowd-sourced digital horror. Creepypasta ruled the roost in the early days of Web 2.0, back when folks wondered whether Ted really was a caver, whether N64 cartridges really could be haunted, and why you should stay away from cabins in the woods (present company excluded, of course). Conversation includes: -personal memories of creepypasta -origins of the name -some famous Cpastas: Jeff the Killer, Ben Drowned, Slenderman, etc -Candle Cove and short Cpastas vs epic, expanded ones -our personal fave Cpastas -NoSleep and the 'rules' for online creepy fiction -the 2014 Slenderman attack and moral panics -nostalgia and the obsession with old video games and pre-digital tech -the legacy of Cpasta? Indie horror gaming & social media ghost stories LINKS: Buy me a coffee! A haunted coffee. Vox Possible's Bandcamp Page Finger Post Blog Creepypasta, Candle Cove, And The Digital Gothic, Jessica Balanzategui Slender Man Is Coming, Blank & McNeill Haunted PS1 Indie Game Horror The Ghost In My Machine Blog Dear David in the Irish Times The Russian Sleep Experiment Sonic.exe It Had My Mother's Voice Tales From A Retired Cryptozoologist
March 14, 2021
Return to Yowie Country: The Australian Apeman Again
Cian returns to the subject of the Australian 'yowie' with more detail, more opinions, and possibly more conclusions, giving an in-depth take on the most thorough piece of literature on the subject, the 2006 book The Yowie: In Search Of Australia's Bigfoot by Healy & Cropper. Subjects include: -aboriginal and pre-colonial tales of the 'yahoo' -links to contemporary US bigfoot culture -Yowie or yahoo? What's in a name ... -Do cultures worldwide report 'hairy man' beings? An archetype? -Colonial era 'Australian gorilla' reports and 19c newspaper hoax culture -Why were there so few sightings in the early 20th century? Should we trust back-dated reports? -Rex Gilroy and the emergence of the yowie into popular culture circa 1975 LINKS: Buy me a coffee, ya bogan! The Yowie: In Search Of Australia's Bigfoot, Healy & Cropper, 2006 The Hairy Man, Henry Lawson, 1907 Video of Rex Gilroy (worth a look!) American Monster, William Giraldi
February 27, 2021
A House That Eats Girls: House (1977) with James Harding
Cian invites James Harding from Toronto 16-bit rockers Villainest to the cabin for a chat about the 1977 Japanese movie 'House.' Frequently noted for its strangeness, Cian and James push past appearances to discuss the context in which the film was made in order to appreciate the creativity and joy this experimental haunted house movie brings! Topics include: -Villainest's amazing reworking of the 'House' theme (stick around till the end for the full track!) -memories of limited access to Japanese cinema when we were younger -memories of the Tartan Asia Extreme series -Japanese cinema during the 1970s and the effect of Jaws & blockbusters -Nobuhiko Obayashi's background in advertising -The genesis of 'House' as a child's dream-logic -Memories of the atomic bomb and clashes of culture in 20th-century Japanese films LINKS: BUY ME A COFFEE ;) Check out the amazing work of Villainest, James' band, here: Listen to the Villainest cover of the House theme music Listen here Listen to the amazing Rex Viper doing Mighty Wings, with James on lead vocals! Listen here
February 20, 2021
Invisible Empire: Mysticism And Colonialism in Joan Lindsay's Picnic At Hanging Rock
Join Cian at a chilly Cabin In The Woods for a Valentine's chat about the ever-mysterious Picnic At Hanging Rock. Whether you're more familiar with the book or the film, you'll be fine in terms of spoilers here, so grab an ale (no Fosters, please) and get ready for a disappear (ahem) into: -the tradition of 'Australian Gothic' -Picnic as a still-relevant urban legend -whiteness in the novel, Miranda Must Go, and the Australian 'tabula rasa' -why we love unresolved mysteries -a post-colonial interpretation of PAHR -a 1900s period piece or a 1960s new age classic? -which characters 'transcend' and why? -the 'great Australian novel', Joan Lindsay as a mystic -Lindsay's obsession with time, her own background with Hanging Rock -why St Valentine's day? -the enigmatic final chapter! LINKS: HUGE thanks to friends who have supported already! You can buy me a coffee here (no sugar please): BUY ME A COFFEE HISTORY NOW, Northern Visions Television,a%20topic%20in%20Irish%20history. Australian Ghost Stories, edited by James Doig The Bunyip by Rosa Praed Sydney Morning Herald article about Picnic, by Janelle McCulloch Joan Lindsay, A Time For Everything, Latrobe Journal Joan Lindsay's Mysterious 'Picnic At Hanging Rock,' Leanne Easey, State Library Victoria Fear And Loathing In The Australian Bush, Kathleen Steele Must Miranda Go? Kill Your Darlings, Kathrin Bartha Australian Scenery, Marcus Clarke Time Loop At Hanging Rock, The Nightshirt, Eric Wargo
February 13, 2021
Flat Earth Belief Throughout History (with Dr Edward Guimont)
The podcast returns to the topic of flat Earth, and Cian is joined once again by Dr Edward Guimont from snowy New York to cover the history of who exactly believed the earth was flat, when did they believe it, and why did they believe it? A litany of topics are covered in this wide-ranging episode, including: -the infamous Bedford Level experiment naturalist with Alfred Russell Wallace -Flat earth belief within Christianity in the 19th century -Flat Earth belief in Islam, including Boko Haram -Connections to Qanon and creationism -Flat Earth, Kruger, and the Boers -Ronald Reagan's UFO fixation -Christopher Columbus as a 'proto-Protestant', Washington Irving, and bad history -The need for pre-Columbian contact and historical revisionism -Geocentrist belief in China -The myth of flat Earth belief in the Middle Ages LINKS BUY ME A COFFEE! Please and thank you :) Our Previous Flat Earth Episode Dr Edward Guimont's Page My Guest Appearance on Censored Podcast Inventing The Flat Earth, Jeffrey Burton Russell The Light Ages, Seb Falk
February 06, 2021
The Fictional Life Of Hulk Hogan Part 2 (with Dónal Gill)
In which Cian & Dónal once again take a headlock to the Hulkster's life and career by taking the claims of his 'auto-biography' to task. In this long-awaited follow-up we tackle: -Hogan joining the WWF and his relationship with Vince McMahon -The first Wrestlemania -Hogan and Mr T visit some kids to promote Wrestlemania -Rowdy Roddy Piper makes Hogan cry by ripping off his crucifix -Hogan and Vince bro out making 'No Holds Barred' -Hogan's relationship with Randy Savage & the Ultimate Warrior -Hogan pretends to have discovered the Undertaker -Vince and the WWF are taken to court for steroid scandals FURTHER LISTENING: THE LAPSED FAN ON THE STEROID TRIAL:
January 23, 2021
BONUS EPISODE: The Order and 1980s Domestic Terrorism
In this episode, Cian and Ali discuss 80s domestic terrorist group who called themselves THE ORDER, in a direct lift from the 1978 white supremacist text The Turner Diaries. The MAGA goons who caused chaos at Washington this month contained at least a core of serious, organised, far-right insurrectionists whose ideas can be traced to this underground 'white supremacist bible' . They committed robberies, murders, and other crimes during the 1980s in order to fund their imagined race war and overturning of the government and were by turns hilariously incompetent and terrifyingly effective. Instead of creating a 'White Redoubt' break-away state in the Pacific Northwest, their reign of terror ended in a shoot-out that only served to further spark off militia groups.
January 19, 2021
The Cottingley Fairies Go To The Movies: Part 2
Cian returns to the mystical, mythical, WW1-era pastoral English fairyland only to find that it's become a weird British indie film hellscape of death, hallucinations, and poor life decisions in the SECOND of his Cottingley Fairy film analyses, this time talking about the 1997 movie PHOTOGRAPHING FAIRIES. Plus, as the film section is a bit short this time around, enjoy a bit of background about the extremely weird 'Turanian Dwarf Theory' in which writers and anthropologists came to believe that folkloric dwarfs and fairies are memories of an ancient prehistoric race of subhumans ... SOURCES: Strange And Secret Peoples, Carole Silver Some Backgrounds Of Fairyland, HP Lovecraft The Watcher By The Threshold, John Buchan
January 16, 2021
The Cottingley Fairies Go To The Movies: Part 1
It's early January at the cabin, before the snow. Cian watches the 1997 movie Fairy Tale: A True Story in the first of two investigations into the 1997 double-bill of Cottingley Fairy films. Grab yourself whatever you may need to get through a schmaltzy 90s kid film. Along the way we'll talk about: -how Victorians & Edwardians were obsessed with fairies -why Theosophists, Spiritualists, and Arthur Conan Doyle were so keen to believe in real fairies -the strange friendship between Conan Doyle and the American magician Houdini -the importance of ambiguity in films about fraud/belief -the role of youth, femininity and class in the story of the Cottingley Fairies SOURCES: Borderland Forms: Arthur Conan Doyle, Albion's Daughters, and the Politics of the Cottingley Fairies, Alex Owen, History Workshop, 1994 The Coming Of The Fairies, Arthur Conan Doyle, 1922 Princess Mary's Gift Book
January 09, 2021
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: Aliens, Spirituality & UFOlogy
Join us at the cabin for a semi-seasonal late-December big-budget sci-fi extravaganza as we tackle Spielberg's 1977 film Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and its inspirations from the real-life world of UFOlogy. We cover: -Close Encounters vs Star Wars -The Paranormal boom of the 70s -Themes of religion and spirituality in UFOlogy -J Allen Hynek, 'secular' UFOlogy, and the ETH -Small-town America as a magical place in film -Real cases that influenced the film -Alien abductions -Spielberg's interest in UFOs NOTES: Rolling Stone Interview: Varicose Brains, Martin Kottmeyer: Directed by Steven Spielberg by Warren Buckland:,makes%20in%20structuring%20his%20blockbusters.
December 23, 2020
The Constructed Man: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994) with Dr Dónal Gill
Dónal returns to the cabin to discuss Kenneth Branagh's 1994 film 'Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.' It's a spoilerfest so beware - we take the film apart into it constituent elements (it's primarily constructed of hubris and bare chest real estate) to find out whether it's ALIVE or rather a cobbled-together monster. BUT, what if the real monster was John Cleese all along?
December 19, 2020
Monsters Of The Frontier: Mokele Mbembe and Mammoths (with Dr Edward Guimont)
Cian is delighted to welcome Dr Edward Guimont to the cabin for a wide-ranging chat about monster hunters and strange beliefs in the context of post-colonial Africa and the American frontier. Dr Guimont teaches at the University of Connecticut and has written about archaeology in Zimbabwe, cryptozoology, myths of living mammoths, and is now working on the Flat Earth idea within the colonial period. Amongst other things, we cover: -History of Great Zimbabwe and the myth of Ophir -Nessie and Scottish Nationalism -The Sirius Mystery -Arthur C Clarke and Carl Sagan -Qanon, Bill Cooper as UFO conspiracy -The origins of the ‘dinosaurs in Africa’ myth -The Scramble For Africa and Neo-Colonialism and Cryptozoology -Young Earth Creationists and Ctyptozoology -The Myth of the Living Mammoth In North America -The Closing of the Frontier and American Monsters -EcoGothic Extinction Fiction -Links to Conspiracy Culture NOTES: Dr Edward Guimont’s Twitter Hunting Dinosaurs in Central Africa, Dr Edward Guimont Dr Edward Guimont’s Website The Sirius Mystery, Robert Temple Africa Is A Country A Living Dinosaur?, Roy Mackal Thomas Jefferson Monster Hunter, Justin Mullis on the Monster Talk Podcast EcoGothic Extinction Fiction, Jennifer Schell Floating Coast, Bathsheba Demuth
December 12, 2020
Even Stranger Things: The Montauk Project (with Misfits & Mysteries Pod)
Cian is joined by Emmy & Steve from the Misfits & Mysteries podcast, direct from NYC, to talk about New York state's pet 'window area' and myth cycle, the Montauk Project. The chat features: -the Philadelphia Experiment -kidnapped psychic children -Stranger Things -the Montauk Monster -Time travellers LINKS: Misfits & Mysteries Blog & Podcast:
December 05, 2020
American Militia 3: The Oklahoma City Bombing (with Ali Keane)
Cian and Ali return to the American Militia miniseries, and take a look at the life and crimes of Timothy McVeigh, a man who was inspired by the events of Ruby Ridge and Waco to strike against the federal government himself, committing the terrible Oklahoma City Bombing. We cover: -the Turner Diaries -the conspiracy that McVeigh was a patsy and was never executed -McVeigh's military experience -McVeigh's gun fixation -Racism in the world of the militia movement -details of the bombing -McVeigh's interest in numerology and Star Trek NOTES: Check out our patreon here: American Terrorist, Lou Michel, Dan Herbeck Aberration In The Heartland, Wendy Painting Racist Foundation Of Oregon,
November 28, 2020
Those Babies Were Huge: Apollo 11 And UFOs On The Moon
It's flying saucer time once again! Join Cian at the cabin for a chat about the Pepper Transcript, a forgotten bit of UFO lore. There's UFOs in space, Apollo astronauts, and a secret UFO base on the moon. Featuring: -James McDivitt's 1965 earth orbit UFO sighting -Apollo 11's anomalous sighting -The Pepper Transcript -Alleged sighting by Armstrong and Aldrin of giant UFOs 'parked' in a lunar crater NOTES Our patreon! Check it out. It's lovely. Outer Space Sound by Elan Hickler World Famous Strange But True, Colin WIlson Usborne World Of The Unknown UFOs The Apollo 11 UFO Incidents by James Oberg The Gemini 4 UFO by James Oberg
November 21, 2020
Clever Girls And Bad Science: The Jurassic Park Reread
Cian enjoys a coffee (forgot to mention the beverage but hey the episode's long enough already) at the cabin in the woods and pores over Michael Crichton's seminal 90s dino-stuffed techno-thriller. He still loves Crichton ... but discovers more troubling themes within the story this time around. Join us for a slightly uncomfortable, and extra-long, revisiting of a classic. Come for the dinosaurs, stay for the analysis of anti-environmentalism! :) -Crichton's later unfortunate foray into the world of climate denial -The extended universe of Jurassic Park -What dinosaurs are canonically in JP? -Book Hammond (spiteful corporate greedbag) vs film Hammond (just wants to make children happy) -JP as a Frankenstein story -Crichton's attitude towards science vs industry -The reality of de-extinction -Wild west genetics & the birth of Ingen -The dinosaur renaissance -Hammond's tiny elephant! NOTES Our Patreon! Take a look. It's lovely :) And You Call Yourself A Scientist Drilled
November 14, 2020
Colonialism And Kong: Peter Jackson's Remake Reconsidered
Cian is a massive Kong fan, and after years of resigning Peter Jackson's 2005 remake to the 'dud' bin, he dusts off this 3-hour love letter to the original and gives it another shake. Join us at the cabin in the woods as we discuss: -my history with the original and Jackson's Kong -the history of CGI used for creature effects -Jackson's bloated, indulgent nature -Jackson's love for Kong -The history of the 'lost world' genre -Colonialism in King Kong -The effect of Jurassic Park on movie dinosaurs -The ecology of Skull Island NOTES: OUR PATREON! SIGN up to get this week's BONUS episode, more King Kong content! Knock Once For Yes podcast halloween specal UK Wildlife Podcast Halloween episode School Of Movies King Kong Episode King Kong Cometh by Paul A Woods, 2005 The World Of Kong: The Natural History of Skull Island, Weta Workshop, 2005
November 07, 2020
A Formative Haunting: Borley Rectory, The Definitive Haunted House
Our Halloween mega-episode: the entire twisted history of Borley Rectory, the infamous Most Haunted House in England! -we cover the four eras of Borley including its history with the divisive ghost-hunter Harry Price Here's our fabulous new Patreon! Take a look! Sources: The Enigma of Borley Rectory by Ivan Banks The Most Haunted House in England by Harry Price Haunted Houses, Maple & Myring
October 31, 2020
Bonus Episode: Lick It Up, The No Makeup Years of KISS
A sample bonus episode of Wide Atlantic Weird Extra, which will be available only to supporters of our new Patreon! Cian & Dónal talk KISS - in particular the 80s and early 90s, their wilderness no-makeup years! Snubbed by fans until recently, the lads go through your fav superhero clowns' every album from that era! Get ready to LICK IT UP! Patreon here!
October 31, 2020
The Great Grey Man and other Ghost Stories of Mountaineering
Enjoy a wee drop of whiskey at the cabin for a chat about the infamous Great Grey Man of Ben Macdhui - whether it be a cryptozoological Bigfoot-like creature, or a more mystical being of folklore. The Grey Man is only one of many strange tales told about high elevations. In this episode, we investigate: -the 1975 Bonighton Everest ghost -Dan Simmons’ novels ‘The Terror’ and ‘The Abominable’ -1920s mountaineering mania -Ghosts and hallucinations on Everest -Frank Smythe’s sighting of weird aerial creatures on Everest -Isolated high-altitude psychosis -Early stories of the Great Grey Man of Ben Macdhui -Mystical encounters with the Grey Man -The Grey Man speaking Scots Gallic and psychic communication! IMAGE from Haunted houses by Maple & Myring SOURCES: -Haunted Houses, Maple & Myring, 1979 link here -Howard Bury’s Footsteps episode (beginning of the Yeti myth!) link here -Day of the Triffids episode (me talking to Neil from UK Wildlife podcast!) link here -The Horror-Horn episode (Yetis in the Alps!) link here -The Abominable, Dan Simmons, 2013 link here -The Secret Lives of Ghosts, Paul Gater, 2013 link here -The Business Insider article about high altitude hallucinations, Kevin Loria 2018 link here -Frank Smythe’s hallucination, from The Crystal Horizon, Roger McDonald link here -Live Science, Hearing Voices When Climbing Mount Everest, Charles Q Choi, 2017 link here -Yeti, Graham Hoyland, 2018 link here article about the Great Grey Man, David McNicoll, 2018 link here -The Secret of Spey, Wendy Wood, 1930 link here -The Big Grey Man: Myth or Monster, Affleck Grey, 1989 link here -A Brocken Spectre in Ireland link here
October 24, 2020
Evil Fairy Folk: Arthur Machen’s Novel Of The Black Seal
Join Cian at the cabin for a beer as he gets to know influential Welsh writer of the strange, the inimitable Arthur Machen, and focuses on his 1895 tale of a Victorian scientist searching for a forgotten race of malevolent ab-human ‘fairy folk’ living in (or under?) the Welsh hills. Discussion covers: -Psychogeography & hauntology of Machen’s work -the ‘orientalising’ of Britain’s Celtic fringe -Victorian pseudo-history -Margaret Murray & the Witch-Cult Hypothesis (of course!) -Machen’s influence on (you guessed it) HP Lovecraft Wide Atlantic Weird Merch: The Three Imposters, Arthur machen, 1895 Ghostland, Edward Parnell, 2019, Arthur Machen Supernatural Horror in Literature, HP Lovecraft, 1927 Conan And The Little People, From An Underwood No 5, Todd B. Vick, 2019 The Horror Of Geologic Time, Aaron Worth, 2018
October 17, 2020
Swift’s Monsters: Irish Identity and Gulliver’s Travels (With Dónal Gill)
Join Cian & Dónal at the cabin for another October monster episode .... this time, the monsters of Gulliver's Travels! We discuss: -Swift's life and identity as an Irishman -The place of the Anglo-Irish and Church of Ireland in the 18th Century -Gullivar's Travels, the four books -The Lilliputians, The Brobdingnagians, Laputa, & the Yahoos Wide Atlantic Weird Store
October 14, 2020
Lovecraft and the Irish (with W. Scott Poole)
Cian is delighted to invite to the cabin in the woods W. Scott Poole, author of In The Mountains Of Madness: The Life And Extraordinary Afterlife of H.P. Lovecraft for a chat about the great New England horror writer! In this episode we have an enormously fun conversation that includes: -Lovecraft's short story The Moon-Bog, set in Ireland -Lovecraft's racial worldview and how the Celts/Irish feature in it -Links to better-known HPL stories such as The Rats In The Walls and The Horror At Red Hook -Recent revisionary takes on HPL's universe such as The Ballad Of Black Tom -Lovecraft's discussions with Robert E Howard about race -Connections to other writers of fantastic/weird fiction -Recent book Wasteland: The Great War And The Origins Of Modern Horror Don't miss this one! NOTES: Wasteland, W. Scott Poole, 2018, Counterpoint Press In The Mountains Of Madness, W. Scott Poole, 2016, Soft Skull Press The Ballad Of Black Tom, Victor Lavalle, 2016, Tor A Means To Freedom, Lovecraft & Howard, 2017, Hippocampus Press "Pencil, Writing, Close, A.wav" by InspectorJ ( of 'Cthulhu and R'lyeh' by Bendukiwi
October 10, 2020
Bonus Episode: The Devil Rides Out (1968)
Join Cian at the cabin in the woods for an informal, off-the-cuff bonus episode on the 1968 classic The Devil Rides Out! There's folk horror, Hammer horror, 1930s glamour, and dashed bad company Satanists in this episode! Enjoy one of our favourite films of all time with comparisons to the original 1934 book and extra notes on the life and work of the inestimate Dennis Wheatley. Take a glass of Imperial Tokay at the door! The Devil Rides Out, 1934, Dennis Wheatley The Devil Rides Out, 1968, Terrance Fisher The Devil Is A Gentleman, 2010
October 07, 2020
Crypto-Ornithology: Washington's Sea Eagle and the life of John James Audubon (with Brent Burton)
Join Cian on a bright cold Autumn morning for a cup of green tea and a deep-dive into the history of America's most mysterious bird. Special Guest: Mr Brent Burton, naturalist & science educator. -the life of American birding hero John James Audubon -his 'sighting' of the elusive and massive Washington Sea Eagle -new evidence on Audubon's personal situation when he made the claim -did Audubon invent the bird to appeal to financial backers? -other reported sightings of the bird SOURCES: Wide Atlantic Weird STORE! Brent on Instagram: Audubon's Bird Of Washington, Matthew R Halley, Bulletin Of The British Ornithologist's Club, June 2020 Interview with Matthew R Halley, American Birding Podcast Karl Shuker On The Washington Sea Eagle Substantiating Washington's Sea Eagle, Scott Maruna
October 03, 2020
A Chair Made Of Antlers: Red Dragon And The Fetishisation Of Serial Killers
Join Cian for a coffee on an autumn morning at the cabin in the woods to discuss: -Thomas Harris' 1981 book Red Dragon -memories of serial killers from the N64 game Shadowman from 1999 -the literary debut of Hannibal Lecter -the stereotype of the genius serial killer in fiction -the stereotype of the super-smart FBI profiler -serial killer and the occult -who serial killers target and the society that lets them do it SOURCES: Wide Atlantic Weird MERCH! CHECK IT OUT: Red Dragon, Thomas Harris, 1981 Shadowman, N64, 1999 Paperbacks From Hell, Grady Hendrix, 2016 Criminal Profiling: The Reality Behind The Myth, Lea Winerman, American Psychological Association Making Murder: The Fiction Of Thomas Harris, Philip Simpson, 2009 A History Of British Serial Killing, David Wilson, 2009,leading%20expert%20on%20serial%20killers. Are American Serial Killers A Dying Breed? The Guardian, David Taylor, 2018 Quora Thread On Ted Bundy, including quote from Franklin Veaux
September 26, 2020
Hellfire Club Part 2: The Road Trip (with Victorian Pearson)
Hi folks – this episode is part two of a two-part miniseries! To get the full story of the background of Dublin’s infamous Hellfire Club, and the site we visit in this episode, I strongly encourage you to go back and listen to the previous episode if you haven’t already– it’s rather soberly named The Hellfire Club: Lore Of Dublin’s Hell House, and it’ll fill you in on the details of the supposed black mass, the ghosts and ghouls, and the real-life bizarre characters associated with the notorious group. THIS EPISODE: my visit to Dublin's Hellfire Club with the fantastic Victoria Anne Pearson, Phd candidate at UCC and specialist in 18th century Ireland! Some Of Victoria's Work: How Four Women Sparked A Social Revolution On Christmas Eve 1775 The Monster Fuzz Podcast The Hellfire Club: Accidental Satanists by Dave Walsh The Hellfire Club: A History Of Anti-Morality by Geoffrey Ashe, 2000 Who Were The Hellfire Club? Abarta Heritage
September 23, 2020
The Hellfire Club: Lore Of Dublin's Hell House
On a wooded hill overlooking Dublin city sits a mysterious stone lodge shrouded in legend and lore. Dubliners know it as the haunt of the Hellfire Club, a secret group of devil-worshippers who carried out ghastly and terrible rites there in times gone by. Join me as I find out the truth and learn of the strange men who once shocked eighteenth-century Dublin with their wild escapades and hard living. A world of rakes and libertines drinking and whoring to excess; idle rich who lived for absurd bets and deeds. You won't hear a tale as strange anywhere else, so grab a brew and join me at the cabin in the woods. SOURCES: The Hellfire Club: Accidental Satanists, Dave Walsh, 1999 Blasphemers & Blackguards: The Irish Hellfire Clubs, David Ryan, 2012 The Hell-Fire Clubs: A History Of Anti-Morality, Geoffrey Ashe, 2000 Buck Whaley And The Hellfire Club, Come Here To Me Blog, Sam McGrath, 2010 Sad Piano by Alexander Blu
September 19, 2020
Sounds In The Sierras: Investigating Famous Bigfoot Vocalisations
In the early 1970s, two men climbed into the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. They came to a remote spot in the woods, miles from civilization. There, they recorded the sounds of a group of creatures whose existence is still debated. The sounds they captured remain to this day the most extensive collected of purported sasquatch evidence on record. At the cabin we enjoy a beer and discuss: -the ecology of Bigfoot -Bigfoot populations -the story of the Sierra Sounds -forest animal noises -skeptic vs believer evidence Sources: Real Life Ghost Stories Cabal Minion on Twitter Q Anon Annonymous Podcast Where Bigfoot Walks, Robert Michael Pyle, 1995 The Dark Divide Record Searchlight article about Al Berry Vixen Scream by Gadzooks Coyote by Scott Hopkins Wolf by Betchkal Cougar by SFX Library The Sierra Sounds Estimates of Pitch and Vocal Tract Length from Recorded Vocalizations of Purported Bigfoot, R. Lynn Kirlin & Lasse Hertel, 1980 Skeptical Humanities on the Sierra Sounds, Mark Newbrook (Lingualist) Scientific American on the Sierra Sounds, Karen Stollznow, 2013 Hippies With Guns Imitating the Sounds If Bigfoot Were Real, Darren Naish
September 16, 2020
What Is QAnon And Should You Be Worried (with Dónal Gill)
Not a fun episode, but one that had to happen. Cian and Dónal (now a Dr of political science) talk about: -the origins of Qanon and 4chan 'fake insider' culture -what do Qanon followers believe -why did Qanon become mainstream during lockdown -a detailed breakdown of Qanon-proponents now entering the US govenrment -the so-called 'save the children' and its connections to Qanon -why Qanon is already spreading to other countries
September 12, 2020
Old Stinker: English Eerie, Ecology, and the Yorkshire Werewolf
In 2016, tabloid newspapers were telling tales of a werewolf-like creature sighted in Yorkshire. Variously known as 'Old Stinker' and 'The Beast Of Barmston Drain,' this creature seems to have sprung from the misty centuries of English werewolf lore. Or has it? On this episode, Cian sinks a Black Sheep ale while looking into: -what is the real history or werewolf lore in England? -is lycanthropy a curse, or something you do yourself? -links between werewolfism and early modern witch trials -21st century tabloid newspaper legends -Re-enchanting the landscape and 'English Eerie' -Extinction and rewilding SOURCES: Wolf howl by Betchkal The Book Of Were-Wolves, Sabine Baring-Gould, 1865 Haunted Ireland, Tarquin Blake, 2014 MALEFICIUM: Wichcraft and Witch-Hunting In The West, Gordon Blake, 2017 Three Men Seeking Monsters, Nick Redfern, 2004 Hull Daily Mail Article article by Garth Haslam Wolves In The Wolds: Late Capitalism, the English Eerie and the Wyrd Case Of Old Stinker, Sam M George
September 09, 2020
British Israelites And The Hunt For The Ark Of The Covenant In Ireland
In 1899, a group representing the so-called British-Israelite movement descended upon the ancient ceremonial burial site at the Hill Of Tara in County Meath, Ireland. This band of eccentric pseudo-archaeologists believed that the Anglo-Saxon British were the true descendants of the ten Lost Tribes of Israel, and that the fabled Arc Of The Covenant was hidden beneath this ancient Irish site. But they came up against some of the biggest names of the Irish celtic revival movement, then in full swing, to whom the Hill Of Tara was also of extreme symbolic significance. Join Cian for a beer and a story at the cabin in the woods. By what twisted logic did these kooks connect themselves to the Ten Tribes? What is the appropriate song to use to ward off colonialist tomb raiders? And why did WB Yeats push Aleister Crowley down the stairs of the Golden Dawn temple in London? Find out in BRITISH ISRAELITES AND THE HUNT FOR THE ARK OF THE COVENANT IN IRELAND. Wide Atlantic Weird on Twitter Wide Atlantic Weird on Instagram My Kind Of Movie Podcast Superduperstitious Podcast The Night Monitor on Bandcamp British Israelism by J Wilson, 1968 Tara And The Ark Of The Covenant by Maireid Carew & Aisling Flood, 2003 The History Of The Ten Lost Tribes by David Baron, 1915 Demolishing The Myths At Tara, Irish Times, 1998 Voices From The Dawn, Howard Goldbaum,constructed%20during%20the%20Neolithic%20era.&text=Tara%20was%20first%20desecrated%2C%20according%20to%20legend%2C%20when%20St.
September 05, 2020
Time And Again: Versailles And Other Timeslips (with Faye Sewell)
Cian welcomes Faye Sewell from Youtube's The Ghost Trail to the cabin in the woods to talk about a curious subdivision of ghost stories: Timeslips! There are various famous cases of these from around the UK primarily. Are they ghost sightings? An example of the 'stone tape?' Is it time travel? Is quantum physics involved? Trace the history of this idea with us as we focus on the famous 1901 Versailles timeslip, examine the details of the case, the reaction at the time, the analysis by the Society for Psychical Research (then and now) and the lasting effects of this influential example. Get yourself a beverage, check your watch, and join us at the cabin for this episode: TIME AND AGAIN: VERSAILLES AND OTHER TIMESLIPS. NOTES: The Ghost Trail on Youtube Wide Atlantic Weird on Twitter Dead Still An Klondike Enchanted Modernity, Anglicanism & The Occult in Early 20th Century Oxford, Laura Schwartz, 2017 Review Of The Mysterious Paths Of Versailles, Society for Psychical Research Arthur C Clarke's Chronicles Of The Strange & Mysterious by Fairley & Welfare, 1987 Are Perceptions Of Time Slips Explainable by Quantom Mechanics by Alberto Miatello, 2018
September 02, 2020
Cryptids In Classic Fiction: The Monster Of Lake LaMetrie
An unexpected and relatively short BONUS EPISODE about the 'weird western' short story The Monster Of Lake LaMetrie written by Warden Allen Curtis in 1899. Join us for a quick chat about this cryptozoological oddity: there's a prehistoric lake in the wilds of Wyoming, some Victorian mad science, and of course prehistoric reptiles! Sources: The eText of the story from Famous And Forgotten Fiction Analysis Of The Story by John Guy Collick Hypnogoria Podcast
August 31, 2020
Budd Hopkins' Intruders: How Alien Abductions Got So Popular
It's a quiet night in the woods by the cabin, and the stars are out. That means it's time for a tale of UFOs - but this one is darker than usual. Released the same year as Whitley Strieber’s influential book Communion, and spawning a TV movie/miniseries that was broadcast just a year before the debut of the X-Files, Intruders (1987) remains a key artefact in the history of the development of UFO lore. In particular, it massively popularised the idea of UFO abductions. In this episode, Cian focuses on the 1992 TV miniseries (recommended, by the way) to learn how the various elements of abduction lore were coming together at this time. Missing time, blinking lights, little grey men, and inter-generational hybrid breeding programmes - it's all here in BUDD HOPKINS' INTRUDERS: HOW ALIEN ABDUCTIONS GOT SO POPULAR. NOTES: Zora Neale Hurston from Paranormal Women by Allison Jornlin History Now on NVTV Hookland on Twitter Violet Hour Media Intruders by Budd Hopkins (1987) Intruders TV Movie (1992) From Other Worlds by Hilary Evans (1998) UFO Investigation Manual (2013)
August 29, 2020
Irish Lake Monsters: The 1969 Connemara Expedition
In 1969, a small group of international monster-hunters came to the wind-swept west of Ireland in response to a spate of recent lake monster sightings. They were a colourful bunch, and included one Ted Holiday, a John Keel-like figure who came to believe that lake monsters were mystical symbols of ancient evil, just as UFOs were symbols of good. Join us for a romp with this monster-hunting expedition in lakes barely big enough to hold a monster, find out the weird biological theories that were tossed around to explain the monsters, and above all, revel in a time when it was believed that SCIENCE would uncover that unlikely beasts still roamed this earth! Crack a beer and join us at the cabin in the woods to find out what lurks beneath Galway's péist-ridden lakes! SOURCES: The RTE video of the 1969 expedition: The Somali Elephant Shrew Sharon Hill on Supernatural Creep, Skeptical Enquirer World Famous UFOs, Colin Wilson Review of Ted Holiday's Goblin Universe by Nocturnal Revelries Mystery Animals of Ireland by Dick Raynor Strange But True by Colin Wilson Irish Lake Monsters by BCSCC The Legendary Iris Peiste by Malintra Shadowmoon
August 26, 2020
Love And Other Bugs: Beyond The Mothman Prophecies
Mothman has been done. A lot. So here at the cabin in the woods, we said we wouldn't cover this weirdest of all cryptid creatures unless we had a personal take on it. So in this episode, we investigate extra elements associated with the Mothman mythos. In 1966 and 1967, the West Virginia town of Point Pleasant endured a 13-month period of seeming invasion by MIBs, UFOs, and a winged bird-like creature known as the Mothman. Writer John Keel immortalised this period in his 1975 book the Mothman Prophecies. That much is known by most fans of the strange. So here we investigate: -witness Linda Scarberry's love for a visiting Swedish UFO researcher -an earlier British Mothman story from 1963 -how genuine was Keel about all this anyway? -who were the Ultraterrestrials? -the 2017 Chicago Mothman flap -original newspaper reports of the Scarberry sighting -the lasting legacy of the Prophecies within paranormal culture NOTES: The Saucer Life Podcast American Lore Theatre Charlotte Ahlin Interview AP Magazine Interview With Hakan Blomqvist Loren Coleman's Article on Cryptozoonews The Mothman Prophecies by John A Keel In Research Of Podcast (Blake Smith & Jeb Card) Flying Saucer Review March-April 1964 (Saltwood Mystery Article),%20Manuals%20and%20Published%20Papers/Specialty%20UFO%20Publications/Flying%20Saucer%20Review/FSR,1964,Mar-Apr,V%2010,N%202.pdf Allison Jornlin at the Hythe Kent Mothman Sighting Location Article from Point Pleasant Register, Nov 16th 1966. From Mothman Wiki Marcella Bennett's Sighting from the Mothman Wiki
August 22, 2020
Dawn Of The Wild - An Audiodrama About Monsters In 1950s California
You're very welcome to the cabin in the woods once again! Usually on Wide Atlantic Weird, we investigate real-life stories of ghosts, monsters and UFOs, taking a critical, almost-academic look at the origins of these tales.  This episode is something a little different, and something very special. Just this once, we’re proudly presenting a short AUDIODRAMA (an audio play) about the birth of the Bigfoot phenomena in California in the 1950s, and the various eccentric characters who first went in search of this beast. This episode, Wide Atlantic Weird presents: DAWN OF THE WILD. SHOW NOTES Cast: Narrator - Jo Hart Jean Brown - Faye Sewell Cleve Grounds - Ali Keane Selwyn Ahern - Cian Gill Tom Slick - Fionn MacSkool The Ghost Trail on Youtube Scuts Link Owen Schinkel Kylie Anderson Loon Sound by NicStage Cricket Sound by InspectorJ Bell Sound by InspectorJ Wilhelm Bigfoot Scream by Wilhelm_Screaming Growl Sound by JosephPharoah99 Night Forest Sound by LionRoar0905 Camera Click Sound by Bratok999 Camera Flash Sound by sjturia Horror Suspense Drone by Hybrid_V Town Hall Sound by KentDavies959
August 19, 2020
Horrific Hauntings: In Search Of The Walsingham Ghosts
Cian cracks a can of Native IPA at the cabin in the woods to investigate a classic American haunting from Georgia, USA. The Walsingham Ghosts case has a spectacular series of dramatic elements: poltergeists break the neck of a dog, manifest invisibly in front of a mirror, drip blood onto a dinner party, and manifest as a horrifying blue floating human head! Follow the investigation as Cian traces this story from London spiritualists to expat ghost-hunters in HORRIFIC HAUNTINGS: IN SEARCH OF THE WALSINGHAM GHOSTS. Swan River Press: Monsterfuzz Podcast: The Ghost Trail on Youtube: Horror Ambience Sound by Klankbeeld Usborne Haunted Houses, Maple & Myring, 1979 My (Now Corrected) Article About The Walsingham Ghosts True Ghost Stories (1915) by Hereward Carrington San Francisco Examiner, 29 Nov 1891 Brooklyn Eagle, 05 Dec 1891
August 17, 2020
Lord Dufferin's Irish Ghost: A Victorian Urban Legend
Ulsterman and Victorian celebrity Lord Dufferin held the highest positions in the British Empire during its heyday, but he was most famous for a classic ghost story he told about a strange happening at Tullamore. It's a brandy-and-cigar kind of tale. Dive down the rabbithole with us as we try to find the source of the story in an adventure that involves Charles Dickens, the madness-inducing King In Yellow, and of course, various 19th century mystics and occultists (but you knew that already, right?). Sources: Ghosts & Haunted Houses, Maple & Myring, Usborne, 1979 Premonitory Tales Death And Its Mystery, Camille Flammarion, 1921 The Lost Imperialist, Andrew Gailey, John Murray, 2015 The King in Yellow, Robert W. Chambers, 1895 Legitimacy of Unbelief: The Collected Papers of Piet Hein Hoebens, 2017 Lifted: A Cultural History of the Elevator, Andreas Bernard, NYU Press, 2014 Music & Sound: Moonlight Sonata, Audio Library No Copyright Music Deep Horrors, Kevin McLeod Crowd Talking, Free Sound Effects
August 15, 2020
Howard-Bury's Footprints: The Discovery Of The Yeti
In 1921, an Anglo-Irish explorer leading a reconnaissance expedition on Mount Everest reported seeing strange footprints on the slopes of that mighty peak. Newspapers around the world went into a frenzy, speculating on the existence of a race of strange creatures in the high snowy peaks of the Himalayas. It was to be the beginning of the West's fascination with the Yeti. At the cabin in the woods, Cian uses this story to delve into the fascinating worlds of 1920s Everest expeditions, 1950s cryptozoology, the liminal world of the Anglo-Irish, colonial era-spy adventures in remote locations, and the tale of the only Asian bear ever to live in Mullingar. Pour yourself a whiskey for this episode: HOWARD-BURY'S FOOTPRINTS: THE DISCOVERY OF THE YETI. SOURCES: Anomalies by Garth Haslam Howard-Bury Article by Jason McKevitt Yeti: An Abominable History by Graham Hoyland Mount Everest: The Reconnaissance by Charles Howard-Bury Abominable Snowman: Legend Come To Life by Ivan T Sanderson, 1961
August 08, 2020
For Fear Of Little Men: Voices In The Woods (with Andrew Byrne)
Cian takes another trip into the realms of folklore. A stray Reddit tale introduces our host to the Native American legends of disembodied voices that mimic humans to trick and trap travellers in the wild. Always a fan of campfire lore, Cian investigates this idea as it turns up in contemporary legends, the original mythology of native peoples, and how folks have used the idea of malevolent forest spirits in classic fiction. And as some traits cross over with Irish mythology, Cian invites Mr Andrew Byrne to talk about similar legends from the old sod. One again, there'll be history, mystery, mythology and even some Tolkien as we trace the history and origins of this idea. Join us for a beer at the Cabin In The Woods. There's a campfire burning, and we're ready to tell stories in this episode: FOR FEAR OF LITTLE MEN: VOICES IN THE WOODS. Up the airy mountain Down the rushy glen We daren't go a hunting For fear of little men (William Allington) From NWHikers From the BFRO
August 05, 2020
The Miracle of 1985: Ireland's Moving Statues
In the summer of 1985, a strange phenomenon broke out all over Ireland. Statues of the Virgin Mary were seen to move, hover and speak. Whether this was an example of mass hysteria or a manifestation of the country's discomfort with modernization, it's a story that straddles the worlds of the religious and the Fortean. Join Cian for a beer at the cabin in the woods as he dusts off a classic episode on this topic!
August 01, 2020
Tales Of Living Mammoths: Kind Of A Big Deal
It sometimes seems the human need to believe in unspoiled wildernesses full of large, overlooked creatures knows no bounds! And it feels like there's hardly an 'impossible' animal that doesn't have some folkloric core of supposed 'real life' sightings. And so it is with the woolly mammoth. At the cabin in the woods, Cian nurses a beer and investigates an almost-forgotten tale: the legend of the living mammoth of Siberia. This case is going to take a deep trek into the musty wilderness of the cabin's library: childhood monsters books, 1950s cryptozoology tomes and of course, 19th century hoax newspaper stories. It's a fine example of how myth and reality blend over the years to create a legend. This episode: TALES OF LIVING MAMMOTHS: KIND OF A BIG DEAL. Mammoth Video from 2012 Encyclopedia Of Cryptozoology On The Track Of Unknown Animals, Bernard Heuvelmans, 1955 The Most Mysterious Places On Earth, Nick Redfern, 2013 National Geographic Article on McClure's The Killing Of The Mammoth
July 29, 2020
We Need To Talk About Chris Jericho And Joe Rogan (with Dónal Gill)
Things get a little serious at the cabin in the woods this week as Cian and Dónal talk about problematic podcast hosts Chris Jericho and Joe Rogan. Both have a tendency to showcase fringe beliefs and bad-faith actors without any critical context. Both regularly expose their huge audiences to conspiracy thinking without pushback. And neither seem to feel that wielding such influence requires them to act with any responsibility about who they platform and how they do it. In a world where media literacy is needed more than ever and where an inability to tell truth from BS is having real, harmful consequences, this stuff matters. We need to talk about Chris Jericho and Joe Rogan. Why Is Joe Rogan So Popular? The Age Of American Unreason The Death Of Truth Surviving Autocracy
July 25, 2020
The Jewel Of Seven Stars: Bram Stoker's Spooky Egypt Part 2
THIS IS PART 2 OF A MINI-SERIES, MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT PART 1 FIRST! WE PROMISE IT'S GREAT. REALLY! On this episode, enter the Wide Atlantic Weird cabin-in-the-woods to find the place stuffed with mummified cats, cursed relics and forbidden idols as we delve into THE JEWEL OF SEVEN STARS! This 1903 book from Dublin-born Bram ‘Dracula’ Stoker affords us the perfect excuse to doff a pith helmet, drink cognac, and tell mystical tales of turn-of-the-century Gothic London and spooky, mysterious Egypt! Come to find out when the Western world actually decided that mummies were scary, why the British were obsessed with Egypt, and how to tell when a fellow is decent by looking at his skull – but stay for the eccentric Irish occultists, the racial hang-wringing, and of course the blatant Orientalising.
July 22, 2020
Roots Of Horror: John Wyndham And The Day Of The Triffids (with Neil Philips of UK Wildlife Podcast)
An empty, apocalyptic London, survivors proposing radical utopias - and all while 9-foot, monstrous carnivorous plants roam the streets? It must be THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS, the most famous novel by John Wyndham, the mid-century British author famous for penning so-called 'cozy catastrophes.' Cian is joined at the Cabin In The Woods by Mr Neil Philips from the UK Wildlife Podcast to discuss Wyndham and the book, Soviet science, Cold War paranoia, mad botany, and 1950s apocalypse fiction. Grab yourself a drink, a pipe, and a tweed jacket for ROOTS OF HORROR: JOHN WYNDHAM AND THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS! Theme by Kevin Gill & Cian Gill UK Wildlife Podcast Page The Blind Logic Of Plants by Adam Stock A Guide To The Day Of The Triffids by Melanie Kelly
July 18, 2020
Fake News: The Fictional Life Of Hulk Hogan Part 1 (with Dónal Gill)
Like arch-conspiracy fiend Alex Jones, wrestler Hulk Hogan has had to claim in court that his real self is seperate from his in-ring persona - and that's just the beginning of his self-fictionalisation. Join Cian and his BROTHER Donal at the Cabin In The Woods for a somewhat off-topic episode of Wide Atlantic Weird where the lads delve into the extremely weird world of professional wrestling in FAKE NEWS: THE FICTIONAL LIFE OF HULK HOGAN PART 1.
July 15, 2020
BONUS MICRO-EPISODE: The Vanishing Hitchhiker of Cobh
Since we were in the area - a very brief ghost story/urban legend for you from County Cork.
July 12, 2020
St Kevin's: Cork's Abandoned Victorian Asylum
Every town has that one spooky abandoned building, the one that seems to naturally gather scary stories and urban legends. On the west side of Cork City, the great Victorian redbrick section of the Our Lady's complex, St Kevin's, has a real-life history of scandal and tragedy. In this episode, Cian takes a trip to the empty, fire-scarred structure that still stands above the Lee Valley onto the city. We'll discuss the Victorian origins of the complex, the scandals that went on inside, and the reasons we're drawn to places of tragedy. The Ghost Trail On Youtube Abandoned Ireland Article on St Kevin's Harrowing By Name Blog Article On St kevin's Cian's old blog, an earlier visit to St kevin's
July 11, 2020
The Jewel Of Seven Stars: Bram Stoker's Spooky Egypt Part 1
*NOW UPDATED WITH EXTRA BONUS MATERIAL!* On this episode, enter the Wide Atlantic Weird cabin-in-the-woods to find the place stuffed with mummified cats, cursed relics and forbidden idols as we delve into THE JEWEL OF SEVEN STARS! This 1903 book from Dublin-born Bram ‘Dracula’ Stoker affords us the perfect excuse to doff a pith helmet, drink cognac, and tell mystical tales of turn-of-the-century Gothic London and spooky, mysterious Egypt! Come to find out when the Western world actually decided that mummies were scary, why the British were obsessed with Egypt, and how to tell when a fellow is decent by looking at his skull – but stay for the eccentric Irish occultists, the racial hang-wringing, and of course the blatant Orientalising. -what race were the ancient Egyptians anyway? -did an Irish palm-reader predict the downfall of Charles Stuart Parnell? -why did Oscar Wilde’s father want Cleopatra’s Needle brought to London? -can Cian jam HG Wells, AC Doyle and ‘Invasion literature’ into another episode?? All these questions and more will be raised, mulled over, and distainfully dismissed in THE JEWEL OF SEVEN STARS: BRAM STOKER’S SPOOKY EGYPT PART 1. Theme from the 1959 Hammer version of The Mummy: Quadrivia article about Cleopatra’s Needle
July 02, 2020
Ancient Astronauts, Religion & Science In Prometheus (2012) (with Daffy Price)
Prometheus, made with a decent amount of creative control by increasingly-eccentric director Ridley Scott, is a sorta-maybe prequel to the Alien movies, and a rather divisive entry into the franchise. Cian invites Prometheus fan Daffy to the Cabin In The Woods on a rainy summer's night to discuss the ups and downs of this visually-stunning but thematically confusing film. The guys discuss racism in Ancient Astronauts theory, the place of religion in science, bad plot tropes, and lots of other good things. So grab a bottle and listen here for ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS, RELIGION & SCIENCE IN PROMETHEUS. Spoilers aplenty. DRAGON'S HOARD ETSY
June 26, 2020
Rumour Control: The Unbelievable Development Hell Of Alien 3 (with Ian Stokes)
Christ on a bicycle, you just wouldn't believe the madness that went on behind the scenes during the making of ALIEN 3. An astonishingly bleak, gothic entry into a big-budget franchise that killed off most of its beloved cast, Alien 3 was hated by fans upon release and has only very slowly gained a slightly better reputation over the years. Cian and Stokes enjoy some fine German beer (and Kinsale Pale Ale - recommended!) while getting into the almost incredible reasons why this film spent so long in development hell. From unused scripts about monks on a wooden planet to British wrestlers, dogs in costumes, sexy blonde studio spies, and a pre Fight Club David Fincher, this story has enough weirdness going on to swing a Xenomorph. But does the film hold up? Will the guys ever record an episode about Alien Resurrection? And what is the connection to Last Action Hero? Join Wide Atlantic Weird for some horror film goodness and a descent to Fiorina (Fury) 161 in RUMOUR CONTROL: THE UNBELIEVABLE DEVELOPMENT HELL OF ALiEN 3.  Theatre Preview (The Bitch is back) Alien 3 UUP Original Script (Hicks, Ripley and Newt) Brian Glover, wrestler, angry, bald, yorkshireman. Wrestling 1: Wrestling 2: Bottom (i.e Secret Shame): Special Effects Whippet: Super Face Hugger: Bambi Buster: Michael Biehn Time Bomb: Michael Biehn on Ripley & Hicks: Reactions to Alien 3:
June 17, 2020
From The Vaults: The History Of KISS
From the vaults, we bring you a VERY special episode of Wide Atlantic Weird (before it was WAW). Back in 2017, Cian was reunited with his brother Donal in snowy Montreal to talk about the history of the band KISS. Donal has long been a card-carrying member of the KISS army, and Cian has had to live with the results of this obsession, so there's a lot to talk about! And the guys came up with a special concept just for the occasion: instead of reviewing a book or movie, they each read two of the four KISS biographies (along with a few other books for good measure, as they just couldn't stop themselves) and they discussed the story of the band's career through the often-conflicting lenses of the four members. Even for those with no interest in the music, it's a fascinating trip into the world of four conflicting personalities who decided to dress in leather, paint their faces white, tour the world and fight bitterly with one another for over 30 years. These guys wrote awful things about one another on a regular basis, remember events differently and big themselves up in their books to a hilarious degree. Rock 'n roll excess, spectacle, terrible business and artistic decisions: there's something for everyone here, and as KISS would say themselves, you wanted the best, you got the best!
June 14, 2020
The Land Beyond The Forest: The Mythical World Of The Uberwald
Digging up an old script at the Cabin In The Woods, Cian addresses an old topic, a suitably spooky and Gothic one for an unseasonably cold summer’s evening: the Uberwald, the mythical imaginary version of Central and Eastern Europe where Gothic tales of the macabre traditionally take place. On this journey we take on the Fighting Fantasy books, The White Wolf Of The Harz Mountains, Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla, and of course Dracula. Grab your torch, pitchfork, and a can of Nightcrawler milk stout and meet me at the castle as we explore the history of this influential idea. The White Wolf Of The Harz Mountains Etext Carmilla Etext Dracula Etext Dracula 1992 Theme Sabrewulf Theme (Killer Instinct)
June 12, 2020
A Franchise Nobody Wanted: The Rest Of The Blair Witch Mythos (with Ian Stokes)
Some months ago we did an episode solely about the first Blair Witch movie from 1999. We're doing everything else in the franchise (two movies and a bunch of video games) in one episode. While this might give you an idea of the level of quality we're dealing with, there are interesting things to notice within these films and games. Perhaps the take-home lesson is simply that not everything needs a franchise. But grab a beer and join us at the Cabin In The Woods to see whether there's anything salvageable within the FRANCHISE NOBODY WANTED. Big thanks to our guest Ian Stokes!
May 30, 2020
Edwardians And Dinosaurs: The Prehistory Of 'The Lost World'
Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World is the proverbial ‘not-terrible’ dinosaur story. Let’s face it, besides Jurassic Park, there aren’t many. And Conan Doyle knocked it out of the (ahem) park back in 1912 when he brought prehistoric creatures of literary age in this tale of daring Englishmen, led by the infuriating Professor Challenger, finding dinosaurs alive and well on a flat-topped mountain in the jungles of South America. The book is a seminal text in the colonial-era adventure genre. In this episode of WIDE ATLANTIC WEIRD, Cian sups on a Bud on the porch of the cabin in the woods and covers the myriad influences on old ACD when he wrote The Lost World. Explore the Victorian and Edwardian obsession with archaeology and exotic places. Percy Fawcett disappearing into the Amazon in 1925. The discovery of Troy. The colonial adventurer who later became an anti-imperial Irish revolutionary. The birth of what we now call cryptozoology – the hunt for mystery animals in both fact and fiction. And exactly why might readers in 1912 have been primed to believe that living dinosaurs might just exist? Down a quick brandy to steady your nerve, pack your elephant gun, and follow a crumbling map to EDWARDIANS AND DINOSAURS: THE PREHISTORY OF ‘THE LOST WORLD.’ Ladybird Pickwick Cassette Edition Lost And Found In Maple White Land by Sherri S. Malch The Lost City of Z by David Grann Frank Reade and Romaina – from Science Fiction Studies Darren Naish on Piltdown Man and Conan Doyle (Tetrapod Zoology) Discovery of Mountain Gorillas from Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund Beasts And Men by Carl Hagenbeck, 1909 Hunting Monsters by Darren Naish, 2016
May 17, 2020
The Shores Of Hell: History And Memories of DOOM (with Ian Stokes)
In 1993, the world of gaming was changed forever by Doom, a fast-paced game with action and horror elements that was hugely controversial for its violent and Satanic plot. Joining Cian for a beer and a chat about the history of the game is Ian Stokes, the Wide Atlantic Weird resident IT guy. Grab yourself a brew for a conversation about the wild and woolly days of cowboy game developers, space marines and imps from Hell, connections to moral panics and school shootings, a film so bad even the Rock couldn’t save it, and a tie-in book series that turned out to be covert Mormon propaganda. Don’t put it off any longer – there are weird growling sounds coming from the interior of this episode, so charge your BFG and head inside to take on the forces of the underworld in THE SHORES OF HELL: HISTORY AND MEMORIES OF DOOM. (major thanks to Mr Stokes for the extremely thorough notes this episode!) Videos John Romero Dooms Development: A year of madness Doom Cover Art Collection (Includes PC, playstation art etc) Doom Music PC Robert Prince Notable Songs (PC) At dooms Gate (Master Of Puppets): Adrians Asleep (Alice In Chains Angry Chair): PlayStation Aubrey Hudges (Playstation) Notable Songs (Play Station) Main Theme Breath of Horror: Books/Comics RIP & Tear Comic: PC Gamer Crapshoot Doom Novels:
May 10, 2020
It Never Gets Respect: Metallica and the making of St Anger (with Dónal Gill)
Another strange tale from the world of music here as Cian and Donal delve into Metallica’s infamously difficult phase during the recording of their much-maligned St Anger album. Metallica stand head and shoulders above most other groups in the metal world, and at the time they were making this record their star was still shooting up. But personal problems left them wracked with insecurity and an identity crisis that played out onscreen in the documentary Some Kind Of Monster. The film is full of unintentionally hilarious moments as these monster egos tiptoe around one another on eggshells, using nonsense therapy-language, and making ludicrous musical decisions. It was an incredibly strange time for one of the biggest bands on Earth, and the guys have a lot to say about it. So grab yourself a coffee, get FRANTIC, and fall madly in anger with IT NEVER GETS RESPECT: METALLICA AND THE MAKING OF ST ANGER. Donal's Facebook for Obscure Kiss Riff Of The Day
May 06, 2020
Twisted Pair: Is Neil Breen Self-Aware? (with Ali Keane)
A proper, enjoyable 'bad movie' needs to have been made with by someone who truly believes in what they're doing, without irony. Cian and Ali enjoy a beer and return to the subject of their very first episode: the so-bad-they’re-good films of visionary ‘auteur’ Neil Breen. This time they finally discuss his divisive 2018 movie Twisted Pair, an effort that had them wondering whether Breen had finally become self-aware and if the game was finally up. Would Breen now become another Tommy Wiseau, incapable of delivering the unselfconscious gold of his early career? Well, the guys have been thinking about it for some time but they’ve finally decided. So take a listen to TWISTED PAIR: IS NEIL BREEN SELF-AWARE and decide for yourself. Quote about Breen from Bad Movie Bible Escape Bar Gig on Facebook The Scuts on Bandcamp
May 01, 2020
Dead Men Working In The Cane Fields: The Zombies of William Seabrook's 'Magic Island'
As something of a follow-up to our last episode about the birth of the ‘Spooky New Orleans’ archetype, join Cian for a lockdown bottle of ale on the porch at the Cabin in the Woods for a reading from the book ‘The Magic Island’ by William Seabrook. In 1929, Seabrook’s book was a massive success, telling dark tales about Haiti and its voodoo secrets, and in particular popularising the word ‘zombie’ among Western audiences. Having always been haunted by a story about zombified sugar-cane plantation workers, Cian has tracked the story down to the chapter ‘Dead Men Working In The Cane Fields’ from this book. So pour yourself some rum and settle down for a story from the very dawn of the zombie genre – the Dawn of the Dead, if you will.
April 29, 2020
Lafcadio Hearn In New Orleans
The popular image of New Orleans as a spooky, mysterious city full of witchcraft and voodoo needs no introduction. But few know that the city owes this image largely to the work of an Irishman named Lafcadio Hearn – a Victorian-era writer and traveller who sought out magic and mystery wherever he went, a collector of folklore and stories of everyday life. During his ten years writing about life in the Crescent City, he emphasised its sensuality and difference from the rest of America. Today, the ripples he created still affect how we think about New Orleans and Louisiana. So join Cian for a bourbon at the cabin in the woods as we explore the backstreets of the French Quarter and the bayous beyond, searching for the reality behind the myths of voodoo queens and superstitions. Sources: A Fantastic Journey by Paul Murray Inventing New Orleans by Frederick Starr Book Of The Dead by Jamie Russell Ghosthunter theme (PS2) The Swamp Cemetary Marie Laveau by Papa Celestin Tellers Of Weird Tales Lafcadio Hearn Japanese Gardens
April 26, 2020
What You Did Not Create: Slipknot And Nu-Metal Nostalgia
Get ready for a look back at a strange world: 2001 was a different time. A time of baggy jeans, wallets on chains, and a strangely heavy, angry, and proudly stupid style of music that inexplicably became mainstream. It was the era of Nu-Metal: a subgenre now so hated and disgraced that even those of us who were fans are happy to pretend it all just never happened. For myself and my brother Donal, one of our key memories of this bizarre time is the book Slipknot: Behind The Sickness Inside The Masks. It’s an absurd, juvenile, but breathlessly genuine time capsule of an age that has yet to be enshrined in any sort of nostalgic movement. We loved this book as teenagers and we’re returning to it now. Slipknot were perhaps the breakout stars of the Nu-Metal era and this book chronicles them at the height of their intensity and bombastic ridiculousness. Get ready for dead crows in jars, shitting on stage, dicks for noses, and rotting cow heads. We discuss Nu-Metal in general, the nature of nostalgia, and why Metallica’s St Anger was terrible. Live from lockdown, from the cabin in the woods in West Cork and lovely Montreal, Quebec, this is Wide Atlantic Weird; this episode: What You Did Not Create: Slipknot And Nu-Metal Nostalgia.
April 21, 2020
Restless Dreams: 90s Survival Horror Nostalgia (with Aodh O' Catháin)
Video games have played a key role in the evolution of horror storytelling over the last couple of decades. And if you have fond memories of pre-rendered backgrounds, polygonal zombies, bad controls and even worse voice acting, then this episode RESTLESS DREAMS: 90S SURVIVAL HORROR NOSTALGIA is for you! Cian and Aodh get misty-eyed recalling the highs (and hilarious lows) of the Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Dino Crisis franchises. The 90s and early 00s were something of a boomtime for big-budget, mainstream horror games. But there's much to discuss: what exactly makes a game 'survival horror?' Why did the Resident Evil series become a silly action slugfest? And just where exactly has that sly bastard Albert Wesker gone off to this time? Along the way, find out why whether a psychological take on horror gaming is better than zombies-in-your-face, and why dinosaurs are awesome but endless key unlocking puzzles aren't. So make yourself a Jill sandwich, find yourself a crackly radio, and pray that you're still the master of unlocking.  You're about to enter the world of survival horror ... And this is our last escape.
April 09, 2020
Choose-Your-Own-Satanic-Panic: Fighting Fantasy And House Of Hell
Join Cian for a quarantine session of brandy and nostalgia at the cabin in this much-delayed episode. If you fondly remember reading (and cheating) through Fighting Fantasy gamebooks in the 80s, this installment has you covered, as Cian talks us through House Of Hell, his favourite FF adventure. It's a haunted house game that really goes into far more disturbing territory than most. Cian spots the influences of Dennis Wheatley in this creepy Satanists-for-kids adventure, and wonders as to the influence of the Satanic Panic too. Whatever the truth, House Of Hell remains an oddly unsettling addition to this genre, replete with cultists, goat heads, sacrifices on altars, and a torturously-constructed puzzle. You may never escape from the House! So roll up your stats, grab some cheese and brandy, and MAY YOUR STAMINA NEVER FAIL! To listen, turn to paragraph 88. Wide Atlantic Weird on Facebook House Of Hell App from Tin Man Games House of Hell Solution by Lafe Travis
April 05, 2020
Geraldine Cummins: The Cork Psychic
With the world in the midst of difficulties and upheaval, we bring you a brief update on the Wide Atlantic Weird status, as well as a short episode about a woman from County Cork who was famous in the 1920s for her mediumship, automatic writing, her follow-up books to the Bible (!) and for telling fortunes for the great and the good. Her name was Geraldine Cummins, and while not well-remembered today, her success during her lifetime tells us much about the state of belief in these ideas in Ireland in the early 20th century. Wide Atlantic Weird Facebook World Famous Psychics & Mystics by Margaret Nicholas
April 04, 2020
All Of Them Witches: Margaret Murray And The Witch-Cult Hypothesis
Reading Lovecraft is a great way to discover new writers and strange old pseudoscientific theories. In this episode I discuss how through Lovecraft I first learned of Margaret Murray and the infamous Witch-Cult Hypothesis – the idea that the ‘witches’ persecuted in early-modern witch trials were in fact the survivors of an ancient pagan cult. Yes, not only did people take this idea seriously, but they ran with it. Really ran with it. This episode of WIDE ATLANTIC WEIRD delves into what Murray believed, what others made of it, and the long-term effects of this particular odd belief. Cthulhu, wicca, Dennis Wheatley, Rosemary’s Baby: they all have their part to play in ALL OF THEM WITCHES: Margaret Murray And The Witch-Cult Hypothesis. So burn your black candles, put on your wicker antlers, crack open an ale and sit by the fire for a bewitching (sigh) episode of WIDE ATLANTIC WEIRD. Sources: Wide Atlantic Weird on Facebook The Witch-Cult In Western Europe, Margaret Murray, 1921 The Call of Cthulhu, H. P. Lovecraft, 1928 Supernatural Horror In Literature, H. P. Lovecraft, 1927 The Golden Bough, James Frazer, 1890 The Devil Rides Out by Dennis Wheatley, 1934 Rosemary’s Baby, 1967 Paperbacks From Hell, Grady Hendrix, 2017 Cursed Britain, Thomas Waters On An Underwood Number 5, Todd V. Bick New England Folklore
March 18, 2020
American Militia 2: The Shadow Of Waco (with Ali Keane)
In the second of our American Militia episodes, we examine the horror that was the 1993 Waco Siege. In February of that year, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms bungled a raid on a religious cult, the Branch Davidians, and their leader David Koresh, who were living in a compound in Texas. What resulted was an hours-long shootout, a 51-day siege, a killer fire, and controversies that still rage today: who shot first and who started the fire? Anti-government conspiracy believers still see the Waco siege as evidence that a sinister New World Order seek to control all patriotic free Americans. Join Cian and Ali to help you decide what you think. Perhaps you see the Branch Davidians as child-abusing, gun-hoarding religious nuts who needed to be stopped for the safety of all concerned, before Waco became another Jonestown. Perhaps they were innocent Americans minding their own business, victims of a tyrannical government who wanted nothing less than to show that they could and would destroy their own citizens just to show their power. Or, just perhaps, the Feds are just as human, just as hubristic, and just as subject to petty, meaningless mistakes as the rest of us – except that when they screw up, they screw up big and people die. This episode of Wide Atlantic Weird will take you to the plains of Texas to find answers in THE SHADOW OF WACO.
March 13, 2020
The American Folkhorror Of The Blair Witch Project
In 1999, a supposedly-real ‘horror film’ was released that showed us virtually nothing while filling us with a terror of virtually everything. Those of us who were young and impressionable at the time still owe our fear of camping to THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, an upstart indie film that expertly utilised internet marketing, folklore and terrific world-building to create a movie that exists to this day within a kind of urban-legend mystique, proving that American folk-horror can be done right! Join Cian on the porch of the cabin for a beer and find out what exactly folkhorror is, why THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT is a legit example of it, and why, though it may be hard to get lost in America these days, it’s a lot easier than in Europe! Haunting Atmosphere – CO.AG definition definition Sticks by Karl Edward Wagner True Detective Season 1 Picnic At Hanging Rock
March 09, 2020
Chariots Of The Slobs: Jack London And The Ancient Aliens
Sitting by a roaring fire in the Wide Atlantic Weird cabin, Cian delves into a potted history of the Ancient Aliens theory – once a fringe, almost-dead belief, it’s come back with a vengeance, now being one of the most popular paranormal worldviews out there. Statistically, you probably know someone yourself who believes that ancient non-white cultures around the world were incapable of building their pyramids and statues, and needed a little help from the (little green) men upstairs! But the history of the Ancient Astronauts theory is a strange one, so settle in for a tale that involves pulp horror, H.P. Lovecraft (of course), Swiss conman Erich Von Daniken, and even Jack ‘Call Of The Wild’ London, who provides us with jungle adventure, mysterious extraterrestrial visitors, and loads and loads of racism in CHARIOTS OF THE SLOBS: JACK LONDON AND THE ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS. The Red One by Jack London Charioteer of the Gods by Jason Colavito
February 29, 2020
American Militia 1: The Road To Ruby Ridge (with Ali Keane)
Cian and Ali begin their deep dive into the American militia (or Patriot) movement. There are some odd beliefs very particular to America at play here, so we crack a couple of cans and get stuck into the founding of the country and the constitution to find out exactly why grown men like to LARP at being military folks out in the wild woods of backwoods America. In this episode, we focus on the siege of Ruby Ridge in Idaho, 1992 – an inciting incident that helped to kickstart the modern militia movement. It’s a fascinating and tragic story of a family hiding out in a cabin atop a mountain that became a target for increasingly more militarised police and federal forces. To find out just how this insane situation came to be, why the full force of the US government came down on the Weavers, and how citizens across the country changed their view of their own government as a result of this disastrous siege, take a listen to AMERICAN MILITIA 1: RUBY RIDGE. Along the way we meet such radical groups as the Aryan Nations and the Three Percenters, we discuss far-right white supremacist bible The Turner Diaries and murderous racists The Order, and amidst this grim tableau we even manage to eke a few laughs out of the life of irascible arch-conservative, anti-government warrior and all-round blowhard Colonel Bo ‘Rambo’ Gritz. And stick around for a made-to-order punk song about the militia movement! The Scuts American Experience: Ruby Ridge (PBS) Bo Gritz’ Spike Videos Erase And Forget: Documentary about Bo Gritz
February 23, 2020
BONUS EPISODE: Pitching Bad Movie Ideas To The Asylum (with Ali Keane)
On a dark and stormy night, as London is pelted with rain and lashed by intense winds, the WIDE ATLANTIC WEIRD crew serves you up a BONUS EPISODE. Enjoy a true strange SCARY CLOWN tale from The Ghost Trail’s Faye, then Cian and Ali indulge in their old hobby of bad movie-watching. They discuss infamous mockbuster studio THE ASYLUM, running through the reasons why the likes of Sharknado just doesn’t cut it for veteran bad movie watchers the way Troll 2 or The Room does. If you’ve ever had someone tell you that Asylum films are ‘hilarious,’ we’re here to set you straight. Having disparaged the studio, our shameless hosts then reveal their own attempts to write movies for The Asylum, sharing their own mockbuster script ideas. See if you can guess what current blockbusters they’re hoping to cash in on with MAD BOYS, BONE ISLAND RUMBLE, and other non-classics. Jim Cameron won’t be beating down their door anytime soon, but this is a fun episode, a little off our usual beat, that WIDE ATLANTIC WEIRD is happy to present! Haunting Atmospheric Soundscape - CO.AG Pied Piper by Shaolin Dub James Bond est mort ce soir by Circus Marcus Hard Fight by Tagirijus Cue 4 by Soularflair Season Of The Slasher by Natural Snow Buildings The Ghost Trail Youtube Instagram @FayeSewell Cracked Article about The Asylum The Scuts
February 16, 2020
The Witch (2015): Religion and Superstition In Movies (with Dónal Gill)
In 2015, a fantastic horror/historical film called The Witch made the rare decision to take the religion and worldview of its characters seriously. Cian and Donal discuss the film, the life and beliefs of 17th-century puritans, the difference between Catholics and Protestants, and other light subjects! This spoiler-ific take on The Witch also touches on (of course) witchcraft itself, the importance of the Salem witch trials, and what makes the film so bloody good. Permanent Revolution by James Simpson The Battle For God by Karen Armstrong The Gillbillies on Facebook Arnold The Pooch On Instagram
February 10, 2020
Contagion And Conspiracies: The Coronavirus (with James Lynch)
Wondering what all the hype is about? As the hype builds, Cian phones friend of the show and man of medicine James Lynch for a brief chat about the Coronavirus. Is it unique? Should we be scared? And are there any conspiracy theories about this one yet? (the answer to this last question is OF COURSE). Whether you're a sceptic or you've been prepping for the virus apocalypse for years, you'll pick up a few tips from this short episode of WIDE ATLANTIC WEIRD. Music by Kevin Gill and Cian Gill
February 03, 2020
A Winter Weird Fiction: What Was It? –by Fitz-James O’Brien
While a winter gale rocks the Essex woods, Cian stokes the fire and cracks out a remarkable story written in the mid 19th Century by a fellow Corkman. Allow us to introduce to you the remarkable (and unjustly forgotten) Fitz-James O’Brien: immigrant, man of letters, toast of the literary scene of both London and New York, Civil War fighter, and writer of classic tales of the mysterious. Barely remembered now, this astonishing Irishman once wrote stories of early science fiction that bear comparison to the work of the great H.G. Wells from over forty years later. In What Was It, a brave New Yorker deigns to spend several nights in a haunted house in order to get to the bottom of the hauntings, only to find that the source of the poltergeist-like activity is something unique in the history of the supernatural (and science fiction of the time!). And for a bonus, for this story, O’Brien gives us a crash course in the kinds of weird literature that were popular at the time, and Cian digs out an old tune for a musical ‘treat’ at the end of the episode. So if it’s a weird, windy, stormy night for you, wherever you are, find yourself a decent winter ale, start up the fire, and dive into the WIDE ATLANTIC WEIRD to find out … WHAT WAS IT? Theme Music: by Kevin Gill and Cian Gill THE GALLOWS TREE: Song by Cian Gill, lyrics from the poem ‘The Demon Of The Gibbet’ by Fitz-James O’Brien
February 02, 2020
Disappearances In National Parks
While driving across England, Cian reads some classic accounts of mysterious disappearances from wilderness areas and national parks in the US in an attempt to review the idea proposed by David Paulides that there are strange elements that link each of these cases. Full credit for this idea goes to Mr Paulides. From the forests and cafes of Southern England, Cian does his best to get lost, both physically and metaphorically as he goes down the rabbithole into a world of podcast-ready true crime, conspiracy-hiding Parks services, and maybe even a little Bigfoot. This episode features both true mystery as well as further musings on the conspiracy mindset and how it is consuming all before it - but this time, from a green and leafy setting! Special thanks to CO.AG for music (see below). Sources: Link to Paulides' Site & Books Coast To Coast AM Interview Dennis Martin Disappearance, Knox News Music: CO.AG - Encounters With A Shadowy Figure CO.AG - Haunting Atmosphere
January 21, 2020
What's In The Cards: Testing Extra-Sensory Perception Using Zener Cards (with Faye Sewell & Ali Keane)
Cian quits the cabin and travels to London where he’s joined by Faye from Youtube’s The Ghost Trail and Ali from punk band The Scuts to test whether any of them really have any psychic ability using the (infamous) Zener cards. Yes, the ones from Ghostbusters. Invented by Karl Zener for JB Rhine back in the 1930s, Zener cards were instrumental in Rhine’s decades-long attempt to get proper scientific evidence for what he termed ‘extra sensory perception’, and get real scientific recognition for the field of parapsychology along the way. Rhine did succeed in creating one of the only actual university departments dedicated to studying the paranormal, so Cian and his team decide it’s high time they test his methods and see exactly WHAT"S IN THE CARDS for them! Back off man, we're scientists! Links & Credits: The Ghost Trail Series – Youtube The Scuts – Bandcamp Unbelievable by Stacy Horn Tom Delonge Joe Rogan Interview Original ‘Exorcist’ Case, Mark Opsasnick I Am Grateful – Jared Elejorde
January 13, 2020
Forest Of Fear: The Dechmont Woods UFO Encounter
Cian leaves his Essex cabin in search of mystery: join our host on the first Wide Atlantic Weird road trip as he travels to Scotland to investigate the site of the famous Dechmont Woods encounter of 1979. This case has it all: a credible witness, a police investigation, and a sighting of craft and ‘creatures’ utterly unique in the UFO canon of alien greys and silver-suited Nordics. In all seriousness, it’s one of those classic ‘high strangeness’ cases that still baffles today, one so deeply odd that any attempt to explain it results in even less credible scenarios. It’s going to take more than bad service station coffee for Cian to keep his nerve on his investigation into THE DECHMONT WOODS ENCOUNTER. New Theme Music by Kevin Gill and Cian Gill Video clips: Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World Sound: She Is In The Woods by COAG
January 07, 2020
Monsters Of The Week: A Retrospective of The X-Files (with Chris Joyce)
NOTE: If you have a low tolerance for banter, you can safely skip the first 20 mins. In the early 90s, when we didn’t really have much to worry about but didn’t appreciate it, our collective unconscious fears manifested in the form of The X-Files, a TV show that took inspiration from supposedly real paranormal encounters, and in turn helped to perpetuate the belief in UFOs and government-alien conspiracies. Join Cian and Chris ‘Carter’ Joyce for a spoileriffic investigation into three classic (and one not-so-classic) episodes of season 1 to find out how this pop culture juggernaut helped to prepare us for the era of Trust No One, No Experts, and Post Truth. We’re both suffering from seasonal ailments so please excuse the various sniffles (and the rumbling in the background is a lovely warm fire).
January 03, 2020
Vegetable Horror: The Seed From The Sepulchre by Clark Ashton Smith
Cian digs out an old favourite from the days of pulp magazine adventure and horror: a short story by Clark Ashton Smith from 1933 about a trip down a South American river that goes very, very wrong. If you enjoy chaps in pith helmets going to forbidden lost cities and learning Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, if you like seriously disgusting body horror, and if you like Triffids and other kinds of vile, vicious vegetation that like to feast on man, then look no further! There's but a smidge of Cosmic Horror here, and perhaps a touch of Ancient Astronauts too. All in all, it's an astonishingly unsettling, horrible and entertaining tale to listen to while you sit round your Christmas hearth. Cian downs a green tea during the telling of this tale, but feel free to have something stronger yourself, if you think your stomach can take it. Etext of the story She Is In The Woods by COAG
December 17, 2019
The Ghost Trail: The Making Of A Youtube Show (with Faye Sewell)
Things are getting about as festive as they ever do in the Wide Atlantic Weird cabin: the forest around is bare, and the fire is roaring. It’s the right time for some ghost stories, so Cian is joined by Faye from the Youtube show The Ghost Trail. They brew a batch of Columbian coffee and get comfortable. The Ghost Trail is all about visiting spooky locations and telling ghost stories, so it’s an ideal time to talk about it! Cian and Faye discuss the making of the series, as well as the state of paranormal shows in general (they agree that there’s a lot of bad ones out there). They get around to talking about the ‘recording’ theory of ghosts, infrasound, spontaneous human combustion, the ‘third man’ theory, time slips, crisis apparitions, and many other topics. In fact, it’s a veritable seasonal feast of paranormal subjects. WWW hasn’t touched too much on ghosts so far so this is a good place to get started! Links: The Ghost Trail Series Faye's Books Rain Sound Effect - Free Sound Library VCR Sound Effect Some Sounds
December 10, 2019
All Those Who Wander: Unsettling Stories of Hiking And The Great Outdoors
Stories of hiking and camping in remote places frequently feature elements of isolation and horror. On a sunny day on the porch of the Wide Atlantic Weird cabin, Cian explores a few campfire-worthy examples. Are they true? Your host offers his 2 cents, but you can decide for yourself.  Cian brings you a few of his favourite scary (non-supernatural) outdoor tales, mostly culled from the darkest corners of Reddit. Loneliness, isolation, creeps, cultists and serial killers feature in this collection of odd stories. There's even a wistful, nostalgic element, as Cian reflects that, as horrifying as some of these narratives are, he is drawn to them as they remind him of his time  living in the Great Outdoors in North America.  Grab yourself a can of Dr Pepper and join him in a skin-crawling, yet somehow comforting, bevy of stories from big countries: the US, Canada, and Australia - countries big enough to prove that not all those who wander are lost.  NOTE: There are a few bad words in this ep. Music: Ghost Story by Kevin McLeod
September 02, 2019
The Coming Of The Greys: An Interrupted Journey (with Chris Joyce)
On a brilliantly starry, starry night, Cian leaves the Wide Atlantic Weird cabin to wander through the woods, sit by the railway tracks, and phone his friend Chris ‘Spooky’ Joyce. They have an important conversation to resume: The Coming Of The Greys! Yes, the interrupted journey is un-interrupted (?) at last in this sort-of follow-up to The Coming Of The Greys: One From The Vaults! So where do those darned alien Greys come from anyway –and why are they so interested in probing us? (Hint: the answer ain’t Zeta Reticuli) The guys dive back into the nitty-gritty of the infamous 1961 Hill case to get things started. So many threads – why did the ‘men’ the Hills reported in their creepy initial UFO sighting only morph into more alien-looking creatures after the weird dreams began? Did Barney Hill have unconscious memories of waking up on the operating table? And why in the blue blazes did anybody ever think that hypnotic regression was a reliable way of recalling real memories? From there, the guys hit up the TV version with James Earl Jones, have Close Encounters Of The Christopher Walken Kind in 1989’s Communion(which has nothing to do with eating wafers), get paranoid untangling the influence of the X-Files, and generally try to figure out how the Grey came to represent the standard image of an extra-terrestrial. Oh, and of course this episode should really have been titled Fifty Shades of Greys. Sources: The Iron Skeptic: What Did Barney See? Entirely Unpredisposed, Martin Kottmeyer Varicose Brains Part 3, Martin Kottmeyer Alien Abduction At The Outer Limits, Jason Colavito Doctoring Villas Boas, Eye Of The Psychic
August 30, 2019
Fake News In Science: Tabloid Lies About Wildlife (with Neil Philips from UK Wildlife Podcast)
Poor public understanding of science is leading to an overall dumbing-down of decision-making around the world; environmental, political, and otherwise. So Cian leaves the cabin to visit ecologist Neil Philips in the woods to find out how sensationalist ‘journalism’ and fake news is affecting wildlife in the UK and abroad. Is hunting good for conservation? Are seagulls and foxes a menace to society? Why do we insist on demonising any and all non-domestic animals? Cian and Neil investigate various recent wildlife-related media scandals including the work of Brian Ford, whose pseudoscience about dinosaurs has blown up yet again in the Twittersphere with the release of the 2ndedition of his book rehashing 19th-century ideas and presenting them as a brave new theory. We get angry, we get reighteous, and damn if it isn’t time for someone to call BS on this stuff before it’s too late! Neil is just the man to speak about these issues as he’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get into the trenches, using data and peer-reviewed research whenever possible to combat pseudoscience online. It’s only a short leap between bad biology and the disasters of the 20th century folks, so get stuck in and listen to FAKE NEWS IN SCIENCE while it’s only in the headlines and not yet in your face … Sources: UK WIldlife Website Neil Philips on Twitter
August 27, 2019
Bigfoot Before 1958 Part 2: It's Evolution, Baby!
Cian thinks longingly of his days in the Pacific Northwest while sipping on a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale round the campfire at the Wide Atlantic Weird Cabin. Join him to learn of the wonder and mystery, the lies and intrigue, behind the 1958 Bluff Creek footprints – the case that kickstarted a legend. Is it true that prankster logging manager Ray Wallace really invented the Bigfoot myth using giant wooden feet? Did William Roe’s report of seeing a busty Bigfoot inspire cowboy Roger Patterson to fake his infamous 1967 ‘Patty’ film? And what’s the connection between the bizarre 1924 Ape Canyon Sasquatch attack and later cop-out belief in the kind of mystical, magical, non-evidence-leaving Bigfoot that drives Cian up the wall? Find out the answers to all these questions and more, in part 2 of BIGFOOT BEFORE 1958. Sources: The Roe Affadavit, 1957 Why Americans Need To Believe In Monsters, 2019 William Giraldi  William Roe Bigfoot Illustration, Cryptomundo Abominable Science, Loxton & Prothero, 2015 Daniel Perez Article, Cryptomundo, 2013 Hunting Monsters, Darren Naish, 2016 Orgone Research Article Bigfoot: The Life And Times Of A Legend, Joshue Bluh Buhs, 2009  On The Track Of Bigfoot, Marian Place, 1974  Wallace Hoax Behind Bigfoot?, BFRO  Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, Jeff Meldrum, 2007  Kevin McLeod, Scary Music
August 20, 2019
The Coming Of The Greys: One From The Vaults (with Chris Joyce)
We all know what aliens look like – small grey guys with big heads, right? Over coffee with sometime co-host Mr Chris ‘Spooky’ Joyce, Cian plans an episode about the origin of the grey alien trope. It’s going to be called ‘The Coming Of The Grays’ – but wait, it seems that some time ago, in early 2017, Cian and Chris already recorded an episode for an older ‘cast on this topic! On a windy day at the cabin, when recording is not possible, Cian enters the vault and dusts off the tapes. We are proud to present his findings to you: The Coming Of The Grays Part 1: One From The Vaults! It’s a free-wheeling discussion about the pre-history of the UFO phenomenon. We discuss Victorian phantom airships, 1930s Swedish Ghost Rockets, the Kenneth Arnold sighting, and most importantly for the history of those nefarious grey aliens, the Hill abduction case of 1961. How did a sighting that initially seemed to be of human-looking aliens in Nazi uniforms, with ‘Jimmy Durante noses,’ come to birth the phenomenon of the grey aliens? Find out in THE COMING OF THE GREYS: ONE FROM THE VAULTS!
August 11, 2019
Sphere Itself: Getting Your Head Round The Flat Earth Theory (with James Lynch)
The Flat Earth Theory – so obviously wrong, and bonkers, that it isn’t even worth talking about, right? While Cian enjoys a morning coffee on the porch of the Wide Atlantic Weird cabin, all-round man of science, engineering and medicine James Lynch calls to offer his expertise on this surprisingly important issue. After all, if such a basic ‘fact’ can be thrown into doubt, then so could just about any other scientific fact or theory! Our Flat Earth adventure becomes an exploration of fringe beliefs and alternative facts. Why DO people believe weird things? What kind of evidence would they accept to falsify their theory? How is science different from other belief systems? We discuss the recent documentary Behind The Curve, talk about the psychological underpinnings of Flat Earth belief, the secret (possible) religious motivations behind the movement, and James provides technical expertise on astronomical phenomena, plane flight paths, atmospheric refraction, and expert commentary on a host of the usual Flat Earth claims. Phew! There’s a lot packed into this episode. So make yourself a cup of good coffee and prepare to join us on our adventures into the realm of FLAT EARTH!
July 29, 2019
Bigfoot Before 1958 Part 1: The Prehistory Of A Legend
In 1958, enormous footprints found near Bluff Creek, California made Bigfoot a worldwide phenomenon, elevating the mystery primate to cryptozoological superstardom. But believers have always maintained that ideas about Sasquatch predate this key year, both in the legends of Native Americans and in the reports of white settlers. In this episode of Wide Atlantic Weird, Cian relocates to his cabin in the woods for summer and cracks open a bevy of Bigfoot reports that predate 1958 to find out just how this myth might have come about. He also cracks open a Mirror Pond Pale Ale. Hear from the diary of Elkanah Walker, the missionary who wrote about hairy giants and hidden tribes in Washington State in the 1840s. Wonder at the stories of the Seeahtik, the mystery tribe who seemed both flesh-and-blood as well as supernatural, and could use hypnotism to hunt their animal prey.. Visit the cabin where a number of Bigfoot lay siege to five miners at Ape Canyon in 1924. And discover the works of JW Burns, the man who coined the term ‘Sasquatch,' and was indirectly responsible for the very first opportunistic Bigfoot festival. After all, there must be something behind the Bigfoot mania that’s swept America and the world since 1958 – right? Sources: Oregonian Articles, 1924 Mrs Wakeman Vs The Antichrist, 2014, Robert Damon Schneck Introducing B.C.'s Hairy Giants, 1929, JW Burns Mysterious Entities of the Pacific Northwest Part 1, 2007, Joe Nickell Music by Kevin MacLeod
June 27, 2019
Monsters Of Britain: Plesiosaurs and Alien Big Cats (with Neil Philips from UK Wildlife Podcast)
Cian is joined by naturalist and wildlife photographer Neil Philips to discuss  what makes British monsters different (and sometimes similar) from their international cousins (American monsters in particular). From the leafy woods surrounding the Wide Atlantic Weird bunker, they discuss the history of Nessie sightings, the Owlman of Mawnan, the Canvey Island Monster, and the incredibly bizarre Alien Big Cats phenomenon. It seems that even when these creatures ARE literally real, as some mysterious big cats turn out to be, the phenomena still inevitably develops a shroud of mysticism, fakery and blurry pictures that imitate the lore surrounding Bigfoot and other cryptids, confusing the issue. And the guys return to the confounding subject of the British Bigfoot, again delving into the murky world of a supposedly British monster that appears to have been copied wholesale from his transatlantic origin. Remember, we want to believe - but only if the evidence is good enough! Sources:    Neil Philips’ UK Wildlife Page Hunting Monsters, 2016, Darren Naish Books On The Loch Ness Monster, 2019, Darren Naish Bigfoot at Hanningfield Reservoir Arthur C Clarke’s Chronicles of the Strange and Mysterious, 1987, John Fairley & Simon Welfare
May 28, 2019
Cryptids In Classic Fiction: The Desrick On Yandro by Manly Wade Wellman
When it comes to the beasts that hide from man, nobody did backwoods Americana mystery creatures quite like Manly Wade Wellman. His character John the Balladeer was a guitar-slinging hobo who wandered the Appalachian mountains, encountering mythical creatures from North Carolina folklore. In this episode, Cian relaxes in the forest outside the Wide Atlantic Weird bunker and reads one of the best Silver John stories, The Desrick on Yandro. For anyone who enjoys monsters, folklore, and mid-20th century pulp stories, this is truly one to enjoy (while sipping your finest, cheapest rotgut bourbon, of course.) When Silver John discovers a legend about a mysterious cabin on top of a mountain called Yandro, he takes a step into a world haunted by one of the most imaginative collections of weird beasts in all of fiction. Enjoy.
May 13, 2019
Cryptids in Classic Fiction: The Horror-Horn by E. F. Benson
When reports of the so-called 'Abominable Snowman' first filtered from the peaks of the Himalayas to Western Europe during the golden age of mountaineering, English writer of classic ghost stories E. F. Benson took the trendy new idea of the mysterious hairy mountain-dwelling apemen and wondered what might happen if they existed not only in remotest Asia, but in the Alps too. 'The Horror-Horn,' written in 1922, tells the tale of daring, winter sport-loving Englishmen who inadvertently come into contact with the European version of the Yeti. From deep within the library of the Wide Atlantic Bunker, your host Cian explores what these initial Yeti reports were like, what Benson might have known about the Abominable Snowman at this time, and why even a 'fate worse than death' at the hands of a female Alps Yeti might not have been the scariest thing about this oddly Lovecraftian tale. So grab yourself a beverage, snuggle into a comfy armchair while the wind whips outside your window, and enjoy this reading of Cryptids in Classic Fiction. Sources: Colonel Howard-Bury's Yeti Sighting The Horror-Horn by E. F. Benson, etext
May 07, 2019
Only A Paper Moon: The Inevitable Apollo Moon Landing Hoax Episode (with James Lynch)
Somehow the Wide Atlantic Weird Bunker has gotten itself blasted into Earth orbit, and from there, host Cian samples a fine session IPA and speaks with Apollo buff James Lynch about the technical details behind one of the original Big Three conspiracy theories: the Apollo Moon Landing Hoax. They dissect why people believe conspiracy theories in general, why the Apollo landing was ripe for a campaign of distrust, and what this meant for the time in which it happened. They discuss Bill Kaysing, the guy who first invented this idea, the 2001 Fox documentary and the rebirth of the theory in the 2000s. Learn why NASA didn't photograph stars and why the Apollo lander looked so damn rickety. It's a fundamental conspiracy theory and deserves a deep-dive, so get ready to take one giant leap for podcast listeners and blast off for the great unknown (or at least a studio in Nevada)! Sources: Buzz Aldrin Punches Bart Sibrel Nardwuar, Bill Kaysing Interview National Post Article on Moon Hoax Capricorn One Alternative 3 Sputnik Sound Effect Saturn Radio Sound Effect
April 29, 2019
The Yowie: Australia's Bigfoot, Or An Invented Cryptid?
NOTE: the style and format of the show was very different back in these days! But we think you'll still enjoy it. Cian is fascinated by the origins of cyptids and mysterious animals. How do these beliefs get started? Often we’re sold the idea that a creature has been reported for centuries, or has its origins in local folklore. And sometimes it’s clear that a creature has actually been invented (or rebranded) relatively recently, and its supposed history is just a fiction. From the woods outside the Wide Atlantic Weird bunker, he *enjoys* a can of Fosters and gets stuck into this hairy topic. THE YOWIE: This hairy wildman is, bluntly described, Australia's answer to Bigfoot. It became incredibly popular during the 1970s as the result of one man's journalism. Suddenly, it seemed that Yowies were everywhere! But do the roots of the Yowie myth go back any further? Is it fair to make a connection between this modern cryptid and 19th-century sightings of 'wildmen' and 'Australian gorillas?' Listen on to find out, mate! THE MINNESOTA RUNESTONE: When an Irish journalist visits a remote town in the cold north of the US, she finds a community that is united in its belief that Vikings visited the area in medieval times, unrecorded by conventional history. As it becomes clear that this belief has some very strange undertones, things get weird. Based on a true story (ish!). References:    Graham Joyner, The Hairy Man Of South Eastern Australia Graham Joyner, The Australian Gorilla: An Insoluble Problem   Does The Yowie Exist?  Joe Nickell, Skeptical Enquirer Searching For The Yowie Tony Healy & Paul Cropper, The Yowie: In Search of Australia’s Bigfoot Darren Naish, Hunting Monsters, Arcturus, 2016
April 04, 2019
The Strange World of Post-Truth and the Death of Expertise (with Dónal Gill)
Conspiracy theories, UFO folklore, fringe beliefs - they all have something in common, and it's something worrying. A thread of anti-intellectualism runs through them all. Cian decides to find out what's really going on and enlists the help of his brother Donal, PHd student and lecturer in Political Science, to get to the bottom of several important mysteries. Why is conspiracy thinking more rampant than ever? Why is this a danger to the very fabric of democracy? How is all this related to Trump, Brexit, and other populist happenings? And is it worth going to see the never-ending KISS Farewell tour? Find out in this special Wide Atlantic Weird interview episode. Various topics Cian has investigated in previous episodes have been leading up to this, so tune in to find out how his travels through the various alternate realities of paranormal belief have led to his deepening suspicions that all is not right in the world of fringe thinking. Links: The Gillbillies Facebook Page Loco Bronco Facebook Page
March 23, 2019