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Cinema After Dark Podcast

Cinema After Dark Podcast

By @maxcolefilms @cinemaafterdark
The Cinema After Dark Podcast @cinemaafterdark is a weekly show, hosted and produced by filmmaker, Max Cole @maxcolefilms. We feature working members of the independent film, television, and entertainment industry. We engage our guests and listeners with a variety of thought-provoking topics and serve as a promotional vehicle for entertainment enthusiasts. Please spread the word and subscribe today. This show is currently on a break due to Max's upcoming production schedule. Show music by Chris Goodhall @chris_goodhall.
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EP107 | Feat. Richard T. Wilson

Cinema After Dark Podcast

EP107 | Feat. Richard T. Wilson

Cinema After Dark Podcast

EP154 | Special Episode w/ Mela Hudson
This is a special episode of the interview conducted with Actress, Mela Hudson.
August 31, 2018
EP145 | Live w/ Melessa Y. Sargent
Melessa Y. Sargent returns to talk about screenwriting and her organization, the Scriptwriters Network. She provides an update on their networking events, services, programs, guest speakers, and the consultants that the Scriptwriters Network offers. How do you overcome writer's block? What are the benefits of script coverage? What is a high concept screenplay? Do you need to reside outside of Los Angeles to have a successful writing career? Find out this and more in this episode. Melessa is looking for people like you to join. Listen and learn how you can participate, join, learn, and network with other entertainment professionals.
May 13, 2018
EP153 | Live w/ Suzanne Schmidt
Suzanne Schmidt joins us and discusses her latest web series, HEY YOU, IT’S ME. Producing this series led to a successful crowdfunding opportunity, and through festival success, a private investment group helped her deliver season one. This series is currently distributed via Seed&Spark. We also discuss the genesis of Susanne’s newly formed production company, High Tide Pictures.
October 9, 2017
EP152 | Live w/ Raeshelle Cooke
Raeshelle Cooke joins us and discusses her latest films, MT. WASHINGTON and WRATH CITY. We discuss her influences, love for music and music videos, and the use of misdirection, social commentary, and twists and turns in cinema. We also talk about the importance of #WomenInFilm, especially from the perspective of a woman of color.
October 9, 2017
EP151 | Message From Max Cole
Max sends a shout-out and shares an update with guests and to everyone that has listened to this podcast. Thank you for sharing this podcast with friends, family, and colleagues. Please use the links below to continue spreading the word. Keep filming! I greatly appreciate your support!
October 9, 2017
EP150 | Live w/ Heidi Dean
Social Media Strategist, Heidi Dean, revisits us with an update. What do you post when you’re not booking? Heidi discusses the influence of the Chewbacca Mask Lady video and the impact it had on social media and within the Facebook Live community. We also talk about Sophie Turner and the influence of followers when booking a job. Heidi also shares the three steps necessary to increase follower growth. What is an Inspiration Station, and why should you have one? What are the best social media platforms? What is Heidi's 21 Day Social Rockstar Challenge? Find out this and much more in this episode.
September 4, 2017
EP149 | Live w/ Ciera Foster
Ciera Foster returns with an update. We discuss 3 Levels of Focus, Feminism, The Bechdel Test, #WomeninFilm, Ethnic Diversity, how to dismantle gender and racial stereotypes in film, as well as the inclusion of women in films. Ciera shares her love and appreciation for comics, and we discuss her role as Amanda McKee | Livewire in NINJAK VS THE VALIANT UNIVERSE (TV Series). We also discuss her roles in MY APOCALYPTIC THANKSGIVING, ON THE RUN, and all of Ciera's amazing charity work.
September 4, 2017
EP148 | Live w/ Alexandra Boylan
Alexandra Boylan shares the fascinating story of how she went from homeless to relocating back to Albuquerque, New Mexico to make her first feature film. Alexandra provides several distribution pointers. We discuss HOME SWEET HOME — a film she raised $2500 via a crowdfunding campaign that was sold and distributed for $20,000. We talk about what it means to be a #WOMENINFILM and why men and women must act to create change in the industry. We also discuss AT YOUR OWN RISK, WISH FOR CHRISTMAS, THRESHOLD, and TO THE NEW GIRL. Alexandra serves as the Outreach Coordinator for Ms. In The Biz. She is the co-collaborator of the book, “Thriving in Hollywood.”
September 4, 2017
EP147 | Live w/ Rod Hermansen
Rod Hermansen shares a touching story about his father that inspired him to continue pursuing acting and storytelling. We discuss his roles in WHOEVER KNEW, THE LYME LYTE, GEOSTORM, THE HUNGAR GAMES: MOCKINGJAY, and COMING HOME — the feature film he wrote, directed, and stars in, inspired by his relationship with his daughter. Rod is currently developing another feature film, AN EYE FOR AN EYE.
September 4, 2017
EP146 | Feat. Burgandi Trejo Phoenix | Part 2
During Part 2 of my discussion with Burgandi Trejo Phoenix, we discuss Talentboom and her work as a Brand Ambassador. We also talk about her work on CONAN (TV) and the one woman show that she is developing with a self-created character, Chiquita Bonita. We also discuss SPEED DRAGON. Burgandi is in the process of producing her first short film and feature film.
August 12, 2017
EP144 | Live w/ Denell Johnson
Denell Johnson shares a crazy life changing story at the beginning of this episode. He discusses his transition to Los Angeles and some of the lessons he learned while trying to navigate the business side of the film and television industry. He tells a hilarious story involving Don Cheadle, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, John Cho, and Kristen Bell. He also shares a fantastic story about the time he auditioned for Damon Wayans and how he was able to book that job and work with him. We discuss his roles in DEAR WHITE PEOPLE (TV Series), HOUSE OF LIES (TV Series), THE ORVILLE (TV Series), LETHAL WEAPON (TV Series), and NCIS: LOS ANGELES (TV Series). Denell also talks about the web series he wrote and produced, DOGS ARE A WOMAN’S BEST FRIEND.
August 3, 2017
EP143 | Live w/ Myah Hollis and Sarah Hawkins
Myah Hollis and Sarah Hawkins join us and discuss the genesis of OR DIE TRYING, a web series written and created by Myah and executive produced by Sarah. We talk about the promotional concept trailer they shot as a pitch for their crowdfunding campaign, as well as how they were able to launch season one.
August 3, 2017
EP142 | Live w/ Jackie Dallas
Jackie Dallas shares a cool story about her transition into the entertainment industry. She shares several important pointers for those inspiring to start an acting career. We discuss the impact of her role as Jen on the hit Netflix series, STRANGER THINGS. We also discuss her roles in THE PINING, MR INVINCIBLE and TALK WITH ME. Jackie also announces her upcoming role in the web series, REPRESENT. She is currently producing a feature film titled, LOOK INTO THE FIRE.
July 31, 2017
EP141 | Live w/ Jonathan T. Coleman
Jonathan T. Coleman shares how working for a college radio station was his first exposure to broadcast. He discusses the importance of exercising your creative and rest muscles. We also discuss the methods that he uses to obtain voice-over work. Jonathan reminds us of the importance of selecting the right equipment. He shares several do’s and don’ts that will help anyone looking to start a career in the voice-over industry. In addition to his work in film development and production, and as an established Voice-Over Artist, Jonathan has been developing a cerebral puzzle platformer game (Albatross Game), about time travel, causation, and death with Chad Voss.
July 31, 2017
EP140 | Live w/ Ethan Paisley
Ethan Paisley explains how his YouTube channel, which quickly landed over 600,000 views, taught him the business aspect of filmmaking. Ethan credits social media for jump starting his career and shares several pointers. We discuss THE ART OF ESCAPE, PLAYING THE GAME, POINT 453, INDELIBLE, and the upcoming film, THE ART OF LOVE — a film project under James Franco’s production company, produced by Elysium Bandini. We also discuss the genesis of Ethan’s production company, TAKE 18 ENTERTAINMENT, a company run by a group of film enthusiasts under the age of 18, as well as how much Ethan enjoys producing and directing.
July 31, 2017
EP139 | Live w/ Bentley Michaels
Bentley Michaels returns with several significant career updates as a Voice-Over Artist. We share several laughs, discuss the voice over services that he offers, and we also discuss two of his latest projects: VOICE OVER VLOG and INCONVENIENCE: A CLERKS MUSICAL. Learn how voice overs are created and produced from one of the industry's best! You don’t want to miss this episode!
July 24, 2017
EP138 | Live w/ Jamie Bernadette
Jamie Bernadette joins us to discuss her love for acting, producing, and writing. We review her latest work, including ALL GIRLS WEEKEND, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE: DEJA VU, THE 6TH FRIEND, and AMERICAN SATAN. Jamie also shares her appreciation for horror/thriller films, as well as her desire to continue writing and producing more content.
July 23, 2017
EP137 | Live w/ Tim Calandrello
Tim Calandrello shares a fascinating story about how he was able to break into the industry through the editing room. We discuss his preference for NLE’s and the difference between scripted and documentary editing. We also discuss the genesis of his production company, Twisted Pumpkin Inc. (a film and television production and marketing company that specializes in documentaries, theatrical trailers, and promo campaigns), as well as the importance of creating great trailers for documentary filmmakers. Tim also shares the importance of referrals and explains what it was like working with the likes of Steven Spielberg, Nancy Spielberg, Morgan Spurlock, James Moll, Francis Ford Coppola, Meryl Streep, and many others. He has worked exclusively with musicians and composers including Hans Zimmer, Nathan Wang, The Crystal Method (who also scored Hired Gun), Foo Fighters, Everclear, and others.
July 23, 2017
EP136 | Live w/ Lindsay Wilner
Lindsay Wilner shares how the Sundance Film Festival, and the desire for a career change, inspired her to write her first feature film screenplay, LEDGE DWELLER. She explains how a midlife crisis, and identifying with her protagonist, became the backbone of the story. We discuss the impact of the mid-life on relationships. Lindsay also shares the genesis of her production company, Look and See Film Productions. We also discuss Lindsay’s recent experience in Amsterdam.
July 8, 2017
EP135 | Live w/ Christine Jace
Christine Jace explains how playing characters take her out of her shell and are her biggest escape. We discuss her recent roles in and DREAM GIRL and CEO. Christine is also developing a new dramatic short. She looks forward to participating in the 48 Hour Film Festival. Christine is an advocate for animal rights. She shares a fun fact that might make you think of dog food and horse grain differently.
July 8, 2017
EP134 | Live w/ Kate Romero
Kate Romero shares an interesting story about her upbringing. We discuss her early acting experiences and how she was able to land key roles on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, GENERAL HOSPITAL and THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Kate also landed two awesome roles in MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, GROWING PAINS, and in one of the coolest films ever made, TOP GUN. Kate shares a tragic and uplifting story about how she suffered a major shoulder and neck injury on set, which led to a life-changing series of surgical procedures. We discuss the genesis of the talent agency she formed, Stellar Angel Talent and how she went three decades as a Talent Manager to a career in stand-up comedy. Is laughter better than sex? Find out in this episode.
July 2, 2017
EP133 | Live w/ Chris Goodhall
Chris Goodhall, the mastermind behind the most of the music on the podcast, rejoins us for our FIRST LIVE EPISODE. Chris and I discuss American football, hockey, his early childhood influences, and his view on film collaborations. Chris also shares his love for cooking and eating great food, his views on extraterrestrial life, relationships, sex, and we both share numerous encounters with flakey people in this industry. Wait until you hear Chris’s 45-minute dating disaster. Oh my!
July 2, 2017
EP132 | Feat. Tammy Lynn
We talk publicity with Tammy Lynn, Head Publicist and Founder of Spotlight PR Company. She shares her early experiences in broadcast PR and why she created her company. Tammy is specifically interested in working with rising artists instead of celebrities. Are you an indie filmmaker? Are you the struggling actor? Is your career on the rise? If so, you don’t want to miss this episode. When is the best time to contact a PR company? Is it better to “DIY” your own PR campaign? Or, is it better to hire a PR company? What types of services does Spotlight PR Company provide? Tammy answers these questions and why you need to reach out to her in this episode. Tammy also shares a cool fun fact that might make you look at Kellogg’s cereal boxes differently!
May 31, 2017
EP131 | Feat. Ramsey Denison
Ramsey Denison discusses his transition into the editorial side of broadcast television. What does a normal day as a television editor look like? Find out in this episode. We discuss his latest documentary, WHAT HAPPENED IN VEGAS, and how a concerned call to 911 led him to be harassed by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and thrown in jail. Ramsey walks us through the production process of this compelling documentary and he shares the complexity of using drones during production. We discuss the tragic deaths of Trevon Cole, Erick Scott, and Stanley Gibson — each killed by the hands of police officers. Ramsey claims that some police officers receive six weeks of vacation or more after shooting and killing someone. We also discuss a fantastic retired police officer that build alliances with communities, which decreased the crime rate. You DO NOT want to miss this episode!
April 29, 2017
EP130 | Feat. Bri Castellini
Bri Castellini discusses her transition from prose writing to screenwriting — she listened to a podcast, which inspired her to become a screenwriter. Bri shares her education experience and how it forced her to network and learn the language of film. She explains how working for the former President of MTV led to invaluable experience. She also shares her interest for the Z NATION (TV Series) over THE WALKING DEAD (TV Series) due to the trajectory and common goal of the plot. We discuss, BRAINS (Web Series), the web series she created. Bri also shares a valuable lesson about the do's and don'ts of crowdfunding. You’ll learn from someone who learned from her mistakes. Bri and I both also share our love for WriterDuet — a fantastic cloud-based screenwriting program. Before we wrap, we discuss her latest short film, ACE AND ANXIOUS, and another short film that she plans to shoot later this year.
April 29, 2017
EP129 | Feat. Alex Lynn Ward
Alex Lynn Ward knew she wanted to be involved with everything art related at a very young age. We discuss her appreciation for comedy and how it has opened doors for her in her acting career. We talk about the politics of a stand-up comedic career, and how she ended up in FORBES magazine after landing an opportunity to create content for –– a company founded by Elizabeth Banks.
April 18, 2017
EP128 | Feat. Joy Ngiaw
Joy Ngiaw was introduced to music at a very early age. She has worked on a variety of notable projects and has been fortunate to work as an Assistant Composer on AMERICAN GOTHIC, POWER, CHANNEL ZERO, THE NIGHT OF, BULL, LEGION, and TIME AFTER TIME. We discuss the importance of networking. What does Joy’s creative process look like? What software/hardware does she prefer? Find out in this episode. Joy shares a beautiful score titled, WINTER (AN EARLY SPRING SOUNDTRACK). We also discuss the Boston Pops NOSFERATU project and how that led to meeting the head of the Valencia Symphony Orchestra, which also led to the upcoming silent film she’s writing for Charlie Chaplin (THE ADVENTURER), which premieres in August. Joy has worked on five films (LOLO PEPE, PLAZA BLVD, UNCLE EDDY, MAN OF MY DREAMS, and MISS UNDERSTANDING).
April 18, 2017
EP126 | Feat. Brad Holbrook
Brad Holbrook tells us how graduating with two degrees and an interest in acting and television journalism, led him towards a career as an actor and Anchorman. Brad shares one of his favorite roles –– the role of a Morning Show Host on THE ONION. Do you live in the New York area? If so, check out:
April 8, 2017
EP125 | Feat. Chloe Raynes
Chloe Raynes explains how internships at RCA and MTV prepared her for a career as a Music Supervisor. She explains how working with students at Tisch School of Arts became her first clients. We discuss the importance of music licensing from a filmmaker and musician standpoint. Chloe explains why having a great film soundtrack is an essential creative component. a) When is your music ready for licensing? b) What are Music Supervisors looking for? c) How do you increase the odds of getting your music placed in films? d) Is it ever okay to license your music gratis? e) How do you get your music to a Music Supervisor for placement in films? Chloe shares a Music Supervisor’s perspective and answers all of these questions in this episode.
April 8, 2017
EP124 | Feat. Aaron Quick Nelson
Aaron Nelson talks about his early connection with the film and television industry. He credits his upbringing and the strong women in his life for their support. Their guidance strengthens him. Aaron passed one of his first professional challenges when he was given the wrong scene to prepare for on set. He explains the importance of patience and not taking everything personally. He also explains that it’s important to make use of every resource and opportunity available. We discuss Aaron's roles in CHRISTMAS IN HOMESTEAD, SAINTS & SINNERS and STRATOSPHERE. We also discuss Aaron's upcoming slate, which includes: 7 PILLARS, KNOCKOUT: THE UNTOLD STORY OF ROYCE CLAXTON, and NOWHERE TO HYDE. Aaron is a loving and devoted father and husband. We discuss the importance of finding balance. He also shares his workout routine.
April 8, 2017
EP123 | Feat. Kristina Coolish | Val Emanuel
Kristina Coolish and Val Emanuel share an interesting story about how they met on the No Doubt music video set. Val was discovered in a mall. She tells us how this experience led her to a career in modeling, as well as being cast in over 100 music videos soon after. Find out why Kristina believes models should always receive compensation for their music video work. We discuss managers, mentors, and agents. Do you need them? We talk about Val’s latest work, THE SHERIFFS, STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, REBEL (TV-Series), SNOWFALL (TV-Series). We also discuss Kristina’s upcoming role in SPREADING DARKNESS. Val takes us through the genesis of RoleModels Management — a model agency with social values that was created to build the bridge between models with certain values and brands who are willing to fight for the same good. Val is all about finding talent that has positive images.
March 28, 2017
EP122 | Feat. William Joseph Hill | Pamela Hill
William Joseph Hill and Pamela Hill share their journey into the film and television industry. We discuss the changes they have witnessed Hollywood go through over the last decade. We also talk about the value of building strong relationships. According to William and Pamela, relationship building is the key to collaboration. People want to work with them due to the strong relationships they have cultivated. We discuss the genesis of Four Scorpio Productions — their independent production company — and the feature film, CYBER FIGHTER, that William is developing. We talk about THAT DARN GIRLFRIEND (web series), SUBTEXT, THE EAGLES, ROOM OF DOORS, MADAME ESMERALDA AND THE AUDITION, and ULTRAMAN X THE MOVIE. William Joseph and Pamela also share how they have been able to balance personal live and career, as well as how they have been able to collaborate so well over the years.
March 28, 2017
EP121 | Feat. Ashton Bingham
Ashton Bingham spent most of his childhood making movies and practicing magic. We talk about his first magic gig at the age of 14. We discuss the Magic Castle — a private historic Magician’s Club in Hollywood, and his experience auditioning to become a Magician Member. We also discuss the importance of creating self-produced content and putting your dreams and goals first. Ashton shares his very first set experience on the hit TV series, 90210. We also discuss the web series that he co-created, F**KIN' ACTORS, and being able to be himself and poke fun at himself was one of his most fulfilling recent experiences as a storyteller. We talk about his collaboration with Art Kulik and the recent success of this series. The viral video Ashton created, HOW TO FOOL A TELEPHONE SCAMMER, has been watched over 50 million times.
March 28, 2017
EP120 | Message From Max Cole
Max gives a shout-out to guests and to everyone that has listened to this podcast. Also, thank you for sharing our podcast with friends, family, and colleagues. Please use the links below to continue spreading the word.
March 27, 2017
EP119 | Feat. Lilian Sue
Lilian Sue loves indie films. She shares a cool success story about a recent film and PR campaign. Her leadership moved the film from top 30 to top 5. This film also received a development option. Lilian explains the importance of working with filmmakers and media outlets to present the best light possible for the filmmaker and their film. She prefers to make a connection and have conversations with the people she follows on social media. Lilian’s brother is one of the biggest influences of her life, as well as Michael Jordan. Lilian shares her love for video games. She appreciates games with strong storylines, and we discuss some of her favorite games on both console and computer, as well as the current state of virtual reality, and the impact of artificial intelligence.
March 18, 2017
EP118 | Feat. Ghiya Rushidat
Ghiya Rushidat shares an early fascination with music in motion pictures. Amsterdam was one of Ghiya’s favorite performances, but it was also a performance that started with a very embarrassing moment. We discuss the impact of technology and the benefits it provides film and music collaborators. What scores and composers influence Ghiya? Find out in this episode. Ghiya also shares a favorite composition, as well as shares her love for composing for indie films. Ghiya explains how she connects with her higher self while she’s composing. We discuss her favorite music library. Ghiya talks about the director/composer relationship. What is the best method of collaboration? Ghiya answers this question during this episode. Ghiya is scoring a virtual reality game. She’s also recording an album with artists from around the world, a documentary, and meditation and healing project with a group of scientists.
March 18, 2017
EP117 | Feat. Tracey Maye
Tracey Maye shares her love for movies and how she got into writing for film. She does not approach screenwriting like a hobby. Tracey approaches it like a career. We discuss her writing process and her writing approach for features and television. Tracey's creative processes start with a spark of an idea. She explains that creating dialogue is the most enjoyable part of the screenwriting process. Are darker, edgy characters more appealing to write? Find out in this episode. Screenwriting makes Tracey feel more connected to the art of writing, but does it make her lonely? Find out in this episode. Tracey also shares the genesis of RILEY THE SERIES. She tells us about her incredible collaboration with Jennifer Cetrone –– who plays Riley and is its Executive Producer.
March 11, 2017
EP116 | Feat. Kenny Cooper | J. Patrick Wise | Roger Payano
Kenny Cooper, J. Patrick Wise, and Roger Payano share the difficulties of navigating this industry. We also discuss their latest achievements and disappointments. We talk about how much time it takes to get settled and to find success in the film industry. It’s a process that requires time and patience. Kenny Cooper, J. Patrick Wise, and Roger Payano discuss their latest web series, ME, YOU, & HIM. This web series explores LA's dating culture from a male perspective. It's the type of view that's shared when women aren’t present. ME, YOU, & HIM also explores loss. Kenny Cooper, J. Patrick Wise, and Roger Payano explain why they created this web series out of necessity. We discuss the writing and collaboration process –– a process that provided them with an opportunity to observe how they perceive each other and how to work towards a common goal.
March 11, 2017
EP115 | Feat. Burgandi Trejo Phoenix | Part 1
Burgandi Trejo Phoenix shares the importance of staying focused and keeping herself focused and busy creatively. She talks about the assistance that she obtained from others when she first arrived in Los Angeles and how that helped her get started in the industry. Burgandi also discusses the importance of being kind, as well as being yourself. She reminds us not to take rejection personally. Burgandi is drawn to dark, edgy material. Want to know what her ideal role is? Discover that and much more, including the two published articles (NetWORK…… EMPHASIS ON THE WORK! & ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE, ELIMINATE THE NEGATIVE… (AND DON’T MESS WITH THIS MS. IN BETWEEN!)) that she recently wrote, in this episode. Please stay tuned for PART 2 of this episode very soon!
March 11, 2017
EP114 | Feat. Justin Key
Justin Key explains how his life transitioned from chickens, cows, pigs, horses, and ponds, to a career in Hollywood. We talk about the first industry job he landed, which was an International print campaign for Walmart. Justin also shares the importance of building a great portfolio and the steps necessary to obtain print work. We talk about the expansion of roles for men of color. Yes, men of color! Justin discusses the influence of Kevin Hart and Sterling K. Brown. We also talk about the importance of being in a “hybrid state” as an actor. Justin also shares a technique he uses post addition to that every actor can utilize. Justin is the co-founder of Defying Gravity 101: The Science of Rising Above. We discuss the genesis of the company and the importance of being your own business while utilizing certain key principles to take advantage of our existing capabilities to choreograph our success.
March 1, 2017
EP113 | Feat. Gabrielle Stone
Gabrielle Stone, daughter of actress, Dee Wallace, and the late actor, Christopher Stone, talks about the importance of growing up on set, keeping an open mind, and having the support of her mother. We discuss the closeness of her relationship with Dee and the challenge of booking jobs despite her mother’s success and popularity. Gabrielle talks about her role in the upcoming film, SWELL, and we discuss the impact of self-produced work. Gabrielle also shares her desire to do more work behind the camera. We discuss Gabrielle’s role in, SPEAK NO EVIL, and the upcoming short film that she wrote, produced, directed, and acts in IT HAPPENED AGAIN LAST. Gabrielle also shares her experiences on the sets of ROCK PAPER DEAD, GRIEF, DEAD QUIET, and THE COMPETITION.
March 1, 2017
EP112 | Feat. Greg Atkins
Greg Atkins shares his love for theater work, as well as the collaborative approach he learned that cultivated great friendships and working relationships. We discuss his appreciation for improv and his enjoyment teaching it — especially as it relates to storytelling. Greg once had to write 70 scripts for 70 different interactive characters. How? We discuss Greg's consulting experience with Disney and other major entertainment companies. Is it easier saying “no” than “yes?” Who should you surround yourself around when you’re navigating this industry? Greg explains in this episode. Greg and Max share several laughs, as well as a few tequila shots. He mentions a few corporate stage experiences. We also discuss InterActors, the premier company in standardized patient work, which has provided the highest quality training and assessment for the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries.
February 18, 2017
EP111 | Feat. Cleo Berry
Cleo Berry discusses his journey into the film and television industry. We talk about the success he had at the age of 17 through competitions, and he mentions the Best Male Commercial Award he received and how that helped him break into the industry. We discuss the importance of having supportive family and strong representation. We also discuss his recent Tide Super Bowl commercial spot and the diabetes amputee print ad that he discovered, which left him in tears. Cleo reminds us of the competitiveness of Hollywood, and the need to sharpen the “bounce back muscle,” while making the rejection one receives a badge of courage. We discuss Cleo's roles in SCHOOL OF ROCK (TV Series), YOUNG & HUNGRY (TV Series), BIZAARDVARK (TV Series), and LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED? He also shares an interest that might shock you.
February 12, 2017
EP110 | Feat. Vincent Vittorio
Vincent Vittorio talks about the power and influence of broadcast journalism and why he appreciates documentary storytelling. We discuss the profound impact that documentary films have on audiences. Vincent explains the producer/director relationship. What role does a producer play in documentary production? He answers this question in this episode. Vincent also shares his vision for Life Is My Movie Entertainment — his independent production company — as well as the type of content he’s seeking to produce. We discuss Documentary Go — the parent company Vincent plans to utilize to distribute documentary content. We wrap this episode reviewing the company’s slate for 2017.
February 10, 2017
EP109 | Feat. Bill Ostroff
Bill Ostroff discusses the genesis of the First Glance Film Festival. We talk about the festival's incredible 20-year journey (20 Philadelphia, 17 Los Angeles). He mentions the type of films both festivals accept, the importance of submitting "good" stories, making sure your film has excellent sound quality, and the importance of being a festival that represents the independent filmmaker. Bill has watched more than 18,000 independent films. He explains why he watches every single film that enters his festival before his screening committee. Many of the feature films screening in First Glance Film Festivals receive distribution. Bill discusses the presence of non-screening award shows and the impact they have on delegitimizing film festivals, as well as how winning awards from these shows do not technically make a filmmaker an award-winning filmmaker. Bill later shares several critical networking practices every filmmaker should follow.
February 8, 2017
EP108 | Feat. Carma Sharon
Carma Sharon discusses the influence of music videos and pop culture throughout her upbringing. She shares her desire to be known as an artist and influencer –– someone that brings joy to people's lives and touches souls. Carma also discusses the importance of finding the truth in every role she plays. Carma also talks about her recent roles in DEAD SQUAD, BINDII, THE BARD, TRUTH, INNOCENT KILLER, and R.S.V.P. Carma has a celebrity crush. Find out more in this episode.
February 6, 2017
EP107 | Feat. Richard T. Wilson
Richard T. Wilson discusses the genesis of Outreach Arts and his continued inspiration to pursue meaningful, thought-provoking stories. He talks about the value and emotional investment involved in pursuing topics such as substance abuse, online safety, suicide awareness and teen suicide, gambling, alcoholism, etc. Richard also speaks about the importance of writing, producing, and directing material that resonates, which he has been able to accomplish casting local talent. Richard also discusses UNDER THE FLOWERS –– a web series he wrote, produced and directed under his umbrella production company Mad Shelley Films.
February 5, 2017
EP106 | Feat. Emily Best
Emily Best, the founder and CEO of Seed&Spark, shares a fascinating story about the genesis of her company. She explains how she was able to utilize the resources around her to secure 22 lobsters and 60 pounds of coffee to make her first feature film, LIKE THE WATER. Why Seed&Spark? Emily explains why. Emily also tells us why her company values the importance of having successful crowdfunding campaigns, as well as why successful campaigns are an important part of a creator’s toolkit. Emily discusses the online course offers and why it’s important that filmmakers build genuine connections. She explains why anyone can use crowdfunding as a tool to build their careers over time.
February 3, 2017
EP105 | Message From Max Cole
Max sends shout-outs to Chris Goodhall and Sandra Joseph for their incredible contributions and support of this podcast. Thank you for subscribing and listening to this podcast! We have excellent guests coming your way in 2017. Stay tuned!
February 3, 2017
EP104 | Feat. Justin Sorvillo
Justin Sorvillo makes us laugh and cringe while taking us through his journey into the film and television industry. He discusses the genesis of ACTORTAINMENT an excellent vehicle for project sharing. Justin also discusses his roles in RILEY (Web Series), GENTLEMEN’S FURY, SPACE COMMAND, OFFICE NINJA (Web Series), and AS IN KEVIN. Justin shares his love for improv and the classes he takes at UCB Theatre and Impro Theatre (Impro Studio). He also explains why gravity works against him. This is one hell of a funny episode!!
February 3, 2017
EP103 | Feat. Heidi Dean
Social Media Strategist, Heidi Dean, eats, breathes, and lives social media. Why should every actor be on social media? What should you post on social media? What is too much information? What is appropriate? Heidi answers these questions and explains the benefits of her, “WHAT THE HECK DO I POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA?” class. What are easy ways to tarnish your brand? What types of social media posts will make you stand out and shine? Heidi will guide you in this episode. Are certain social media platforms better to use than others? Is being discoverable important? Heidi answers these questions and shares the mistakes that actors make on social media. She also debunks five social media myths and explains the importance of signing up for her online social media classes. Every actor with (and without) a social media account should listen to this episode!
January 30, 2017
EP102 | Feat. Keena Ferguson
Keena Ferguson discusses the importance of being true to yourself, as well as being bold in the film and television industry. We talk about her one-woman show, KEENA UNBRANDED, and how she was able to push herself to meet the challenge of creating and playing multiple characters. Keena later tells us why it was important to jump out of her comfort zone. Keena then discusses her roles in ATLANTA (TV Series) and LINDON PASSING –– a film that she recently wrote and directed. We discuss her roles in TREW CALLING, BAD DAD REHAB, and GAME OF SILENCE (TV Series). We also discuss Keena’s recent voiceover work as Master Ranos in the STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC - KNIGHTS OF THE ETERNAL THROWN video game.
January 28, 2017
EP101 | Feat. Armie Hicks Jr.
Armie Hicks Jr. talks about his transition into the film and television industry. We discuss the importance of having persistence and the benefits of having an athletic, competitive background. Armie discusses his role in the television hit series ATLANTA. We also discuss his roles in EVIDENCE AGAINST ME (WEB SERIES), DAMIANE AND HER DEMONS, VAL-N-TYNES, and THE CONTRACT –– a film he wrote, produced and directed. Armie also gives us his NCAA Final Four and NBA Finals picks. Armie and Max share plenty of laughs in this episode.
January 25, 2017
EP100 | Feat. Hilary Barraford
Hilary Barraford discusses her journey into the film and television industry. She talks about her roles in the RILEY (WEB SERIES), THE ICE CREAM TRUCK, MR. REAL ESTATE, SERAH, and THE WAY WE WALK. Hilary also shares how she almost got run over by a nun, her love for the New England Patriots, and how she was high-fived by former Red Sox player, David Ortiz "Big Papi."
January 22, 2017
EP99 | Feat. Raja Deka
Raja Deka discusses his transition from a career at NASA and the CIA to a career in the film and television industry. He talks about his roles in SECOND TIME AROUND, THE VENOM BROTHERS, and SO FAR. Raja also sheds light on his experiences on HOMELAND, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, and BLACK•ISH. Raja introduces a feature film that he is developing. He shares his appreciation for Global Human Services – a nonprofit, humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for the world's most vulnerable populations by providing access to health care. You might catch Raja with his pants down in this episode.
January 20, 2017
EP98 | Feat. Christopher Goodhall
Christopher Goodhall makes his 2nd appearance on this podcast. We discuss our recent collaboration and the work he put into the creation of the new bumper music. Chris then shares the methods he uses to create a score. We talk about the uniqueness of the collaboration between filmmakers and composers. Do film composers need to reside in the same city as the production to collaborate effectively with filmmakers? We explore the answer to this question during this episode. During the break, Chris shares a special treat – a fantastic score that he composed exclusively for this podcast. Chris also mentions the new R-rated sound that he’s developing in 2017. He also shares some of his hobbies.
January 15, 2017
EP97 | Feat. Nia Fairweather
Nia Fairweather discusses her journey into the film industry. We talk about her recent roles in OORDEEL, EVERYTHING I DID WRONG IN MY 20's, FIREFLY, FATHER(S) DAY, and PARALYSIS. She also shares her love and appreciation for an incredible visual art form that might shock you.
January 14, 2017
EP96 | Feat. Laura Bradbury
Laura Bradbury shares her love for traveling. We discuss her recent roles in I NEED YOU, STROKE OF FAITH, DARK TUNNEL, and A PLACE BETWEEN. We also talk about her upcoming role in the SHADOWFALL web series. Laura then shares her love for the Titanic.
January 9, 2017
EP95 | Feat. Larry Altmayer
Larry Altmayer discusses his transition from the federal government to the entertainment industry, acting, and Hollywood. We talk about the importance of fellowship, collaboration, and his experiences at The Table – a local film group. We also discuss his latest work, ATTRACTION, THE TEACHER’S PLAN, SUBTEXT, OUR WORLD TODAY, WHAT IN THE WORLD?, and TWELVE.
January 7, 2017
EP94 | Feat. Lynnaire MacDonald
Lynnaire MacDonald shares a devastating earthquake story. We talk about her love for Marvel, superheroes, and comic books. Lynnaire then discusses the genesis of Film Sprites PR and the services that she offers indie filmmakers and actors. She shares the benefits of PR assistance during crowdfunding campaigns, as well as the impact that Film Sprites PR has had in previous campaigns. Lynnaire also shares Film Sprites PR's best achievements of 2016, then reveals a surprising superpower that will shock you.
December 30, 2016
EP93 | Feat. DK Bowser
Dk Bowser discusses his acting career. He explains the importance of maintaining a good reputation, and he shares how it helps him book jobs. He also shares how a recent bout with cancer changed his life.
December 28, 2016