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Soul Quest with Cisco and Sharon

Soul Quest with Cisco and Sharon

By Sharon
In this podcast you will find conversations with inspiring people about their quest towards living their authentic life. Each episode will cover topics from personal development to life changing lessons.
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Episode #32 with Daniel Jackson

Soul Quest with Cisco and Sharon

Episode #48 Cisco's Latest Cycling Adventure
Cisco chats about his France and Italy Cycling Adventure! IG @Cisconira
September 28, 2022
Episode #47 with Mari Sandoval
 Cisco chats with fitness trainer and artist, Mari Sandoval, from Chicago!  Get some great tips from both Mari and Cisco as they chat about mental and physical fitness! Find Mari on IG @Marimeow Cisco and Sharon
September 22, 2022
Episode #46 with Bobby Williamson (Sharon's brother)
What a fun episode!  Hear some stories from Bobby and Sharon's childhood. Bobby also tells us about a bully he dealt with in middle school and how that ended, and his musical journey. Find Bobby on Facebook Cisco is back from his bike trip in Europe and will rejoin next episode!  Find Cisco at www. Find Sharon at
August 16, 2022
Epidsode #45 with Liam Pham of MetaHug
Lian is fascinating!  She tells us about her journey that led her to help kids around the world and now her current creation called MetaHug. MetaHug is a community-driven platform to help children with limited resources learn important topics such as Web3. Kids learning through MetaHug will also have to ability to pay it forward through gaming education.  A big mission of Lian's is to help our youth learn Web3, which is the now and the future of technology. Do you want to learn more?  Go to and find lots of helpful videos for families that teach topics such as blockchain, smart contracts, and more! Learn more about us-Sharon and Cisco at  Sharon's website:  and Cisco's website:
August 10, 2022
Episode #44 with Terri Maxwell
Terri Maxwell has lots of lessons to share in this episode.  Terri is an author, speaker, and CEO of many businesses including Shift/Co, which is a business growth community for conscious business owners. We enjoyed every moment of this conversation and we hope you will too! Find Terri at Shift/Co at or on Linkedin Watch Cisco's bike journey in Europe on IG @cisconira Find Sharon
July 26, 2022
Episode #43 with Erin Tullius of Heartwing Healing
Erin is a homeopath that helps many families heal illnesses with natural remedies.  In this episode, Erin discusses the challenges with her son's health that lead her to research and find answers outside of conventional western medicine. Find Erin at
July 11, 2022
Episode #42 with Chris Carlson
We met Chris on a Spiritual Awakening FB group and we invited him to Costa Rica with us.  We loved getting to know him there and his peaceful and courageous energy added a lot of help to us and the participants.  He has some AMAZING stories to share about his life as an addict, the passing of his father, a suicide attempt, and deep spiritual experiences. You don't want to miss this episode! You can connect with Chris on Facebook We are looking for 3 fun couples to join us at our Wimberley, TX Couples Retreat! This will be a fun weekend of laughter and bonding. Follow us on IG @SoulQuestPodcast or Facebook.
April 18, 2022
Episode #41 with Katie Leadbetter
This is an enlightening conversation with Katie Leadbetter of Clean Eating with Katie!  Katie is a nutrition consultant, a cancer survivor, and a friend! She shares how her life journey brought her to focus on nutrition and overall well-being, how she overcame her cancer diagnosis, and how the pandemic brought her, her husband, and two dogs to Texas from California. Check out her teas, and wealth of information at Check out a super helpful course for those diagnosed with cancer at Find us on IG @SoulQuestpodcast Be the first to join our FB group! Are you a couple in search of a fun weekend of bonding?  Join us in Wimberley, TX for a Couples Retreat!
April 11, 2022
Episode #40 The highlights of our experience in Costa Rica
It is difficult to describe the magical experience we had at Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica.  In this episode, we discuss the highlights of this amazing experience we are both so grateful for! Follow us on IG @soulquestpodcast Subscribe to our youtube channel for videos of the podcasts. Interested in our upcoming couples retreat in Texas?  Sign up for the Dream Beautiful Newsletter to be the first to get details!
March 25, 2022
Episode #39 with Allison Harden
Allison shares her journey with marriage, divorce, her move from California to Austin, and starting her own content writing business. She also shares a super cool hobby of hers that she and Cisco have in common! Find Allison at @emdasheditorial or on Linkedin, and contact her at COSTA RICA is upon us!  If you need to get away for some self-care, this is the perfect opportunity!  Let us know if you need financial assistance to get there and we will try our best to help you out.  Our mission is to guide you towards an amazing time in nature with luxury and healing ceremonies that will inspire you to make positive changes in your life.  When you take the time to heal, grow and recharge, you help the world around you do the same!     @Soulquestpodcast
February 08, 2022
Episode #38 with Jake Sasseville of Imiloa Institute
Jake has had an incredible journey of hardships and celebrations. From the loss of a sibling to creating major success for himself as a teen and into his 20s and then crashing and having nothing. He found himself living in his grandmother's basement going through his dark night of the soul and from there he found himself in Hawaii with a famous neighbor he admired. We are happy to share this amazing soul's journey through life and what brought him to create Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica. Follow Jake on IG @Jakesasseville   and follow his nurturing and uplifting creation @Imiloa.Institute Want to join us at our retreat and meet Jake in person? You have a few more days to take advantage of $500 off and FREE AIRFARE to our BE THE CHANGE RETREAT! Are you single and ready to find an aligned and high vibe relationship in 2022?  Register for How to Attract High Vibe Love Use code: Holiday20 to get $20 off! Find us @SoulQuestPodcast
December 26, 2021
Episode #37 with Tiff Fede
Tiffany Fede has had an incredible journey so far.  We were intrigued by her stories! She has so much to share about her challenges and how she currently lives her life with the perception of love and high vibration. Find Tiff on IG and TikTok as embodied_soul_goddess You can also check her out on her podcast: Awakened Divinity.  Join us in Costa Rica!  Email Shay at impact@imiloainstitute and tell her you want the $500 off holiday special and the FREE AIRFARE! How to Attract High Vibe Love:  Get $20 off with the code: HOLIDAY20 Follow us on IG @SoulQuestPodcast
December 21, 2021
Episode #36 with Alvin Peoples of the The Peoples Choice Podcast
What a great conversation with the friendly and amazing Alvin Peoples!  He tells us about his challenges such as a friend's suicide and growing up in poverty.  Through it all, he maintains his optimism and love for life.  He is an inspiration and we love what he is doing with his podcast. Check out The Peoples Choice Podcast! on Apple and Spotify. Be the Change Retreat is fast approaching!  You have until 12/30 to get your airfare paid for! Our new class is starting on January 6!  Right now it's $20 off the normal price.  How to Attract High Vibe Love Follow us on IG @SoulQuestPodcast
December 11, 2021
Episode #35 with Sharon and Cisco Chatting About Labels and Other Important Stuff
We discuss what we have observed and our perceptions of the divide happening in the world, labeling people and putting them in a box, and our personal choices of not getting that V word. These are our perceptions based on our experiences.  We honor your perceptions, experiences and choices. We send you love as you move through this interesting timeline of events right now. Let's go to Costa Rica!  Get away and heal in nature!  Join us! Know anyone going through a divorce that could use support?  Send them to our divorce group! Follow us @SoulQuestPodcast on IG.
October 14, 2021
Episode #34 with Tianna Roser
Welcome to another fascinating conversation!  Tianna Roser is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist, Reiki Master Teacher, Life Between Life Regression Therapist, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, and the author of "Awakening Transformation: A Beginner's Guide to Becoming Your Higher Self."  She's an amazing soul here to guide others toward awakening their inner light. Find Tianna at Are you interested in joining us in Costa Rica?  We would love to have you join us for some healing, growing, and aligning to our authentic selves. @SoulQuestPodcast
September 23, 2021
Episode #33 with Jasmiune Matthews
We really enjoyed chatting with the wonderful, spiritual, and charismatic creator of Jazzy J's Creations. Her motto is "Food is life,  Knowledge is Power, And Love is everything."  Jasmiune shares how she went through a depression, how she chooses to live life, her love of cooking, and her journey into Jazzy J's!  We are amazed with this wise and beautiful 25-year-old! Find Chef Jazzy J at Follow us to Costa Rica! @soulquestpodcast  
September 17, 2021
Episode #32 with Daniel Jackson
Are you interest in the spirit world?  Paranormal activity?  This is the episode for you!  Daniel is a fun and informative guy with messages from the other side.  He shares the journey that led him to be the light and channeler he is today. Find him at Want a free flight to our retreat in March?? Lots of promotions are available for the next 4 tickets sold to our Costa Rica Retreat!  Find us on IG @SoulQuestPodcast
August 31, 2021
Episode #31 with Kathleen Kastner
Kathleen is a yoga instructor, vegan coach, and book author.    In this episode, she shares her journey into yoga and plant-based eating.  Kathleen brings so much light into the world! This episode is packed with information on living a healthy lifestyle.  Check out the yoga and surf retreat that Kathleen and her husband are hosting in Costa Rica! Find Kathleen at her website:   Find her books: Youtube Channel Documentaries mentioned:   What the Health, Game Changers, and Seaspiracy Sharon and Cisco's Retreat in Costa Rica! @SoulQuestPodcast
August 20, 2021
Episode #30 with Skyler Johnstone
We enjoyed interviewing the down-to-earth, fun and personable,  Skyler Johnstone about his CBD-infused honey called Canna Bees.  We talk to him about his entrepreneur journey with hemp products, how he is helping bees, and his farm in Home, Washington.  Find Canna Bees at Join us in Costa Rica! @SoulQuestPodcast
August 12, 2021
Episode #29 with Diana Lane
Diana is full of knowledge, and the perfect blend of science and Wu.  She incorporates spiritual acupuncture, herbalism, the esoteric arts, bodywork, nutritional consulting, sound therapy, and crystal healing into her multifaceted medical practice. Diana shares her story of how she followed the pathway into Chinese medicine, how she helps her patients, and lots more!   Find Diana:   Books recommended:  A Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield  Costa Rica Retreat with Sharon and Cisco  Follow us @SoulQuestPodcast   Find Sharon @DreamBeautiful_with_Sharon   and Cisco  @CiscoNira Thank you for listening and sharing! 
August 05, 2021
Episode #28 with Cisco and Sharon
Cisco tells us about his upcoming Cali bike journey!  We also announce our new venture in creating a Patreon community to support us going onwards with this podcast, and to give you actions to take so that you can live your best life along your journey! The Patreon community is created to give you bonus podcast footage with our guests and audio and video recordings of meditations, workouts, and workshops.  Tier 1 is starting August 1 and during this month you will get to see bonus footage of Cisco and Tim on their bike expedition. Tier 2 will start on Sept. 1.  Tier 2 will include workouts, meditations, spiritual and mental health lessons, and workshops. Join us on Patreon starting Aug. 1! Costa Rica Retreat @SoulQuestPodcast
July 29, 2021
Episode #27 with Lawrence Spain
Lawrence tells us about Spain Sober Living and how he chooses to live life. He has a big heart and helps so many people in recovery and with mental health struggles. Find Lawrence on IG @spainsoberliving and at the website Follow us on IG @SoulQuestPodcast   Join us in Costa Rica!
July 28, 2021
Episode #26 with Erik Mabbun
Erik shares his story about detoxing from alcohol, as his liver started failing, and how he rediscovered his wild soul and awakened to the beauty of life.    Read what Erik writes about his journey in his article, Rediscovering the Wild Soul. Would you like to follow Erik's journey or get help?  Email:   IG @Mabbun54 We hope you will join us in Costa Rica in March!  Our Be the Change Retreat is going to be just what you need to recharge and make a positive change in your life!  The first 6 people to purchase a ticket will receive 10% off, a free massage, and possibly a free flight to Costa Rica! Find out more here. @SoulQuestPodcast @CiscoNira @DreamBeautiful_with_Sharon
July 23, 2021
Episode #25 with Lisa Guandolo
Lisa's story of self-healing from the effects of Lyme Disease is amazing!  She is inspiring and we are happy to share her journey! Follow Lisa on IG @the_healthy_fairy @SoulQuestPodcast Be the Change Online Class Costa Rica Retreat  The next 6 people to sign up get 10% off and a free massage during your stay at Imiloa! Books talked about in this episode: The Power of Now The Energy Cure Herbal Antibiotics Dying to Be Me Becoming Supernatural Find our other podcast about divorce at
July 16, 2021
Episode #24 with Shelley Moon
Shelley sells her beautiful jewelry at pop-ups in Austin, TX.  She shares about her childhood journey from Korea to California, how she is finding so much more peace with herself in her 40s and what has helped her form a successful business. Book she mentioned:  The Inner Matrix by Joey Klein  Find Shelly on IG      Website   Costa Rica Retreat info: Find Sharon on IG Find Cisco on IG Soul Quest on IG Jodi of Inner Matrix Systems on Facebook:
June 30, 2021
Episode #23 with Maddie Allred
What a delight to connect with this young, fresh bubbly energy!  Maddie is the host of You're Your Biggest Critic Podcast.  We enjoyed talking to her about mental health in high school and beyond.  She shares the journey of her own mental health challenges and what motivated her to create her podcast.  Share the love and send this to a friend! Follow Maddie Allred on Instagram Our upcoming classes: Attract High Vibe Love Be The Change  The first 6 tickets sold to our Costa Rica Retreat are 10 % off with a free massage while you are there! Soul Quest on Instagram
June 18, 2021
Episode #22 with Michele Traina
Michele Traina is the creator of Divorce Diaries.  She's a comedian, actress, single mom, and an amazing woman!  This is an episode Sharon recorded for Divorce Awakening Podcast. Michele has a lot to share about divorce, dating, and following her dreams! Find Michele Join Cisco and Sharon in a new class!  How to Attract High Vibe Love! Costa Rica Retreat
June 11, 2021
Episode #21 Cisco and Sharon Growing From Their Challenges
Sharon and Cisco discuss their current challenges of pet loss and owning their own business.  This one is also a video on our new youtube channel! You have until June 11 to win a chance for a free flight to our retreat in Costa Rica! Be The Change Retreat info here
May 31, 2021
Episode # 20 with Paige Pozzi
Sharon chats with the inspiring, Paige Pozzi, the founder of Camp Life Connect, and homeschool super mom!  Listen to Paige tell her story of dealing with her father's passing when she was 16, the experience that guided her towards nature, dealing with her mom in hospice, and the creation of Camp Life Connect!   Find Paige on IG @CampLifeConnect  Books Recommended by Paige:  Man's Search for Meaning  The Brave Learner  Being Mortal  Join Cisco and Sharon in Costa Rica!  Click here for more information about the Be The Change Retreat!
May 24, 2021
Episode # 19 with Doogie Roux
If you are a cyclist you will enjoy this episode!  Cisco and Doogie chat about cycling, the HTX, and the importance of self-care. Find Doogie at @Doogieroux Want to join us in Costa Rica next March!  You have a chance of winning a free flight if you commit before June 11!  Password: sloth Get more info here:
May 17, 2021
Episode #18 with Felicha Jones
This is a must-listen!  Felicha is doing amazing things for the kids and low-income families in her community of Houston, TX.  She is the owner of Smart Scholars Academy and Smart Scholars Foundation.  In this episode, she tells us about her childhood and the lessons she had growing up that drove her to live her life differently. She is giving back to her community with such kindness and support.  We are so inspired by her and her foundation.  We will be donating 50% of any proceeds made in the Soul Quest Design Etsy store during the month of May to her foundation.  If you would like to donate directly to Smart Scholars, find her foundation here The Soul Quest Design Etsy Store Join us for our next Be The Change Online class next Sunday, May 16.  Please share this episode and give us a review! We appreciate you!  Enjoy your journey!
May 10, 2021
Episode 17 What does it mean to be authentic?
Cisco and Sharon chat about authenticity and living as your true self. Authentically Me Costa Rica Retreat
May 03, 2021
Episode # 16 with Tenley Sage Houghton
In this episode, you will hear Tenley, a manifestor by Human Design,  discuss amazing money manifestations, divorce and the challenges and celebrations of co-parenting, growth in her career, and living alcohol-free.  She also shares two good lists:  10 things you need when going through a divorce, and 10 things you don't need when going through a divorce.  This was a fun and insightful episode!  Thank you Tenley! We appreciate you sharing the love and giving us a review.  On iTunes, go to Find Tenley at:     and    Metathinkers Find us at      @DreamBeautiful_with_Sharon        @cisconira Etsy Store
April 26, 2021
Episode #15 with April Garner
April discusses the timeline she set for herself and the challenges she endured when life didn't go as planned.  She shares the challenges of her first marriage, the grief of miscarriage, and what she has learned along her quest.  She is a great writer!  Check out her blog at Find Cisco at   IG @cisconira Find Sharon at   IG @DreamBeautiful_with_Sharon   @DivorcedBliss
March 14, 2021
Episode # 14 with Michelle Morton
Cisco chats with Michelle about her bike journey across Texas. Find Michelle on IG @mic2lee @soulquestpodcast ❤️ @dreambeautiful_with_sharon @cisconira
February 27, 2021
Episode 13 Cisco and Sharon Talk About Childhood Lessons
There are so many lessons that we experience in childhood that make us who we are today!  Join us as we reflect on some of ours. If you enjoy this podcast, please leave us a review and share it with a friend! Find us at and On Instagram as @cisconira  @dreambeautiful_with_sharon  @soulquestpodcast  @divorcedbliss
February 22, 2021
Sharon chats with Lacey Melguizo from Unscripted Heart
Lacey tells us about her much needed work with kids and parents, her Women in the Moon course coming up Jan. 28, and challenges she has endured during her journey to now. She recommended the books “Me and White Supremacy” and “The Book of Joy.” You can find out more at Check out the Soul Quest Etsy store
January 20, 2021
Happy 2021!
In this episode we talk about things we want to release this year and intentions we are making for the year. We also get into alien talk, mental rehearsal, the gut alcohol and a few other tangents! We would love for you to join us in our first class we are teaching together coming up this month and check out the Soul Quest Etsy store called soulquestdesign for inspiring messages!
January 03, 2021
Cisco and Sharon on Thanksgiving
Join us as we chat about parenting styles and attachment to things. This was an organic conversation brought on from our Tday dinner. 😀🙏. Follow us on Etsy at Soulquestdesign
December 13, 2020
Episode #9 with Hannah Williams
Hannah tells us about her inspiring lessons as a striving actress, musician, yoga teacher, wife, mother, and real estate agent. Find her at
November 24, 2020
Cisco’s Bike Journey from HTX to Ft. Collins, CO
Cisco talks about the challenges and celebrations along his 1179 mile journey on a bicycle with his friend, Tim. Find Cisco and all the cool stuff he does at and
August 16, 2020
Cisco and Sharon back after a long break!
We put on our mics and just chatted like we do everyday. 💜🙏
May 14, 2020
Episode #6 with Veronica Galindo-Rios
Meet Veronica! Learn about her family, her struggles with her first marriage, how she was led back to the man that was her first kiss and her journey with Marconics.
October 15, 2019
Episode # 5 with Deez
Cisco interviews a client and friend, a first generation Canadian-Indian that has transplanted in Houston, TX.
September 14, 2019
Meet Annie!
In this episode, Annie reflects on her childhood and how her subconscious beliefs that she obtained in childhood are playing out in her life today. She is continuously working on reprogramming those beliefs. She mentioned Lacey Phillips and To Be Magnetic. Here is the website
August 12, 2019
This is a conversation about the deaths of friends, family and pets we have dealt with along our quests.
July 30, 2019
The Quest of Johanna Clark
This episode is a conversation with an amazing 19-year-old that is inspiring everyone around her with her spiritual development and quest to be the most authentic she can be in order to help everyone around her. Follow Johanna on Instagram @flowering_wildchild and click the link in her description to find her beautiful poetry. 💜
July 19, 2019
Soul Quest #1
This is an introduction to us!
June 24, 2019