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The Citizen Theatre Podcast

The Citizen Theatre Podcast

By Citizen Theatre
Take a deep dive with Tomas Parrish into the people behind the magic at Citizen Theatre, with guests ranging from performers, designers, stage managers, and more. Unearth the beauty that lies behind all aspects of Citizen Theatre and its artists, and what moves them.
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Now that the world likes me, what’s next?! - Margot Tanjutco
A conversation with writer, comedian and Citizen Margot Tanjutco, ranging from, writing for yourself, feeling your organs, and positive discrimination. Content Warning: Mild course language
August 4, 2020
Spectacle or Sentiment? - Teri Steer
A conversation with Stage Manager Teri Steer about When The Light Leaves from the perspective of the desk, Matilda and Spectacle or Sentiment. Content Warning: Mild course language
July 21, 2020
Behind the Visuals and Graphics - Stu Brown
What do Black Sabbath, La Vie en Rose, and Marilyn Monroe wigs have in common? The answer is Resident Visual and Graphic Designer, Stu Brown. Tune in to discover the fascinating world of Citizen Theatre’s design.
July 14, 2020
Bold Offers! Judgement Free! - Freya Pragt and Jack Wunsch
Chaotic comedy and engaging anecdotes. Join Freya Pragt and Jack Wunsch as they discuss acting school, imposter complexes, and the icon that is Maude Davey. Content Warning: Mild course language
July 7, 2020
Behind the Sounds - Imogen Cygler
Imogen Cygler discusses being Citizen’s resident Composer, an OffKilterArtPop artist, and the effect of Scandinavian Pop music. Content Warning: Mild course language
June 30, 2020
From Sustainability to Utilitarianism: Costume Design and its Important Role in CT - Aislinn Naughton
Aislinn Naughton lets us into her world as a designer and the influence that different facets of society have on her design. Tune in for great advice, and a fascinating dive into design and process. Content Warning: Mild course language
June 9, 2020
One Hand Full Of What You Know - Kayla Hamill and Jordan Barr
Jordan Barr and Kayla Hamill discuss making people laugh, not working, productivity guilt and Lizzo. Content Warning: mild course language and discussions surrounding death.
June 2, 2020
The Catalyst and the Continued Curiosity of Citizen - Jayde Kirchert Part 2, LIVE From the Malthouse Theatre Cafe
From Lucy the Cat, Citizen Theatre’s “Training,” to the upcoming production of the new work Mara KORPER - a joyful and exciting episode with Jayde Kirchert. Content Warning: Mild course language Citizen Theatre would like to mention that the sessions with Jayde Kirchert were made prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic, and all dates for shows and initiatives mentioned are currently postponed. We look forward to offering you these initiatives and seeing you at theatres once we have made it through to the other side of this challenging time.
May 26, 2020
The Catalyst and the Continued Curiosity of Citizen - Jayde Kirchert Part 1, LIVE From the Malthouse Theatre Cafe
Tomas Parrish and Jayde meet at the Malthouse Theatre Cafe to discuss Citizen Theatre and how it started, the intrigue of Musical Theatre and how it can help or hinder, and Intimacy Coordination. A huge first ep for Citizen! Content Warning: Mild course language, discussions around intimacy.
May 18, 2020