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Citizens Church is located in Kernersville, NC
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"The Lord Reigns Forever" - Lamentations 5:1-22

Citizens Church

"The Key to Contentment"/ Philippians 4:10-23
Sunday, June 26, 2022. Pastor Dylan Dodson Where do we find contentment? Does it come from within or does it come from outside of us?
June 28, 2022
"Nothing Compares to Christ" / Philippians 3:1-20
Sunday, June 19, 2022. Continuing "Gospel Partnership" series, we turn our attention to Philippians 3 as Paul writes of the supremacy of Christ versus the things of this world.
June 21, 2022
"Humility Instead of Pride" / Phil. 2:1-11
Our natural self turns to pride and self-centeredness. Is there a better way?  Pastor Brandon Mercer
June 13, 2022
"Affection, Confidence, & Power" / Philippians 1
Sunday, June 5, 2022. Kicking off our brand new study through the book of Philippians
June 07, 2022
"Facing Criticism" / Acts 11:1-26
Sunday, May 22, 2022.   News has travelled to Jerusalem that Peter ate with Gentiles and in the face of criticism, Peter retells the story of God's miraculous work in the lives of those who were saved.
May 22, 2022
"Gentile Pentecost" // Acts 10:34-48
Sunday, May 15, 2022.   Peter is invited to Cornelius' home and he shares the gospel as the entire household is saved and baptized!
May 17, 2022
"Saul's Interaction with the Risen Lord" / Acts 9:1-31
Sunday, May 1, 2022. **Recording a few minutes into message**   Saul, the persecutor, has a life-changing interaction with the Risen Lord
May 02, 2022
"Rejection Leads to Redemption" / Acts 8:26-40
Sunday, April 24, 2022. Pastor Grant Yowe walks us through the end of Acts 8 as Phillip meets the Ethiopian eunuch.
April 25, 2022
Easter 2022 / John 20
To the skeptic, Jesus provides community, peace, & life.
April 18, 2022
"The Gospel Goes to Samaria" / Acts 8:1-25
Sunday, April 10, 2022   As Stephen's death sends a shockwave of persecution throughout the region, believers are scattered. Phillip, one of the 7 chosen to serve, goes to Samaria and experiences the Spirit breakout among the gentiles.
April 11, 2022
"Stephen's Martyrdom" / Acts 6-7
As we enter into Acts 6-7, we get to read Stephen's speech as he relates the history of Israel's patriarchy in relation to the crucified Messiah.
April 04, 2022
"Don't Hold Back" / Acts 5:1-16
Sunday, March 27, 2022   Peter engages with Ananias and Sapphira as the community experiences the  seriousness of holding back and lying to the Spirit.
March 31, 2022
"Aftershock" / Acts 4:23-37
Sunday, March 20, 2022  The prayer of the apostles after their release from jail sends out a spiritual aftershock to the community of faith.
March 24, 2022
"A Prolific Moment" / Acts 4:1-22
Sunday, March 13, 2022  Standing trial before the religious leaders, Peter and John are filled with the Spirit's boldness as they bear witness to the gospel and respond to the healing that has taken place.
March 18, 2022
"More Than I Asked For" / Acts 3:1-10
Peter and John visit the temple and meet a lame beggar who experiences a miraculous healing.
March 08, 2022
"A Chain Reaction" / Acts 2:21-47
Wrapping up Acts chapter 2, we see a "chain reaction" from the gospel being preached. Thousands are added to the Christian community and believers share all things in common because they have the main thing in common, Jesus.
March 01, 2022
"The Spirit is Here" / Acts 2:1-21
The day of Pentecost has arrived and the Holy Spirit descends upon the apostles through tongues of fire. Meanwhile, Peter begins his sermon.
February 25, 2022
"Power in the Prep" / Acts 1:12-26
Having just heard Jesus' missionary call for gospel mission, the apostles return to Jerusalem. What are they to do? Sit on their hands and wait? No! The apostles show us the "power in the prep" as they unite together in prayer with one another, including the newly appointed, Matthias.
February 14, 2022
"We Need More Power!" / Acts 1:1-11
This is the first message in our sermon series through the Book of Acts. Jesus gives the missionary call, and the disciples watch him ascend into Heaven. The question is, "to do what Jesus commands to, what will be our source of strength & power?" 
February 07, 2022
"Back to Basics: Love" - 1 John 4
Everything hinges on our love for God and our love for neighbor. But, why is this so important?
January 31, 2022
"Back to Basics: Evangelism" - Mark 1 / Matthew 28
From Jesus calling his first disciples at the sea of Galilee, to His command to "go" at the time of His ascension, evangelism has been the mark of Jesus's disciples. We "fish for people" because people matter to God. Time to get back to the basic practice of sharing Jesus with others!
January 24, 2022
"Back to Basics: Generosity" - Matthew 6
Jesus teaches us that "where your treasure is, your heart will be there also." With this guiding principle, we explore generosity as a follower of Jesus and evaluate our hearts.
January 09, 2022
"Back to Basics- Community" - Ephesians 4:1-6
One of the most foundational pillars of Christianity is community. Our community is centered around one calling and one Lord who is in all things. What would it mean for us to get "back to the basics?"
January 02, 2022
Christmas Eve 2021 - "The King Has Come to Bring us Hope"
In Luke 1, Mary is expressing the great joy that our hope is producing! Scripture is clear. Jesus came for the lowly, poor, hungry, & sinful. The King has come to root our hope that we can be in relationship with Him today.
December 26, 2021
"The Lord Reigns Forever" - Lamentations 5:1-22
As Jeremiah closes out this book, he does so with the eternal reminder that the Lord will reign forever even as our kingdom falls.
November 29, 2021
"The Effects of Sin Are All Around Us" - Lamentations 4:1-22
Jeremiah laments as the effects of sin are visibly seen. Children are neglected and priests are slain. The city is in ruin and the people are suffering. In the midst of it all, it may be tempting to "hide" from the Lord. However, when we are tempted to hide, let us run to God even faster.
November 22, 2021
"In the Midst of Ruin, Our God Hears Us." - Lamentations 3
If there is ever a "high point" in Lamentations, chapter 3 provides the readers with the encouragement that God does hear the cries of his people. In the midst of ruin and chaos, the Lord will hear His people.
November 15, 2021
"How Lament Points us Towards our Compassionate God" - Lamentations 2:1-22
As Jeremiah continues to describe the present state of mourning, grief, & lament in Lamentations 2, we ask the question, "can lament actually point us towards God's compassion towards us?" 
November 13, 2021
"Worship in the Midst of Grief" - Lamentations 1:1-22
As we open the book of Lamentations, Jerusalem is desolate. Personified as a woman, the city "sits alone as her tears fall down her cheeks." Lamentations opens us up to the idea that our grief, suffering, & sorrow actually provide an invitation to worship God through it all.
November 01, 2021
"We Have Received Life " - Esther 9:18-10:3
As we finish the book of Esther, we find ourselves reading about the festival, Purim, a day in which all jews celebrate God sparring their people from death. We too have been spared from death! Because of Jesus, we were destined for death but have received life.
October 25, 2021
"The Day Has Arrived" - Esther 9:1-17
The day of war is here. The Jews will defend themselves against all who attack them, and in fact, Esther will ask for a second day of war in which many more enemies will fall by the sword. 
October 19, 2021
"Evil is Being Reversed: The Death of Haman" - Esther 7:1-10
This week, Esther makes her request before King Xerxes and identifies Haman as the evil one who has plotted to kill all of the Jewish people. Ironically, Haman is hanged on the gallows that he had constructed for the jew, Mordecai. 
October 04, 2021
"The Celebration of Mordecai" - Esther 6:1-14
Esther chapter 6 gives way for the elevation and celebration of Mordecai after he was overlooked 5 years prior. Haman, the evil one, parades Mordecai around on the king's horse and in the king's robe. Ultimately, we see that in Jesus, our story ends in banquet, not destruction. 
September 27, 2021
"Esther Approaches the King" - Esther 5:1-14
Esther is now approaching the king and while she gains his favor, requests a banquet for himself and Haman. The ball starts rolling for the destruction of Human and the deliverance of the jews.
September 21, 2021
"Up Against Our Enemy" - Esther 2:19-3:15
Today we introduced to the villain of our story, Haman. Haman plots to kill all of the jews and and as we leave Esther 3, all of Susa is in confusion and chaos.
September 05, 2021
"Broken Systems, Flawless God" - Esther 2:1-18
Pastor Matt Meers turns our attention to Esther 2, as Esther and Mordecai are introduced, Esther gains favor with the king, and the characters learn how to navigate a broken system.
September 05, 2021
"A better King" - Esther 1:1-22
The book of Esther unfolds with great tragedy and oppression. As queen Vasti is vanished because of her unwillingness to expose herself, the king is faced with what he must do next. It is through the negligence and wickedness of King Xerxes, that we find our true and better king in Jesus.
August 23, 2021
"Best. Sermon Ever." - Matthew 7:24-29
This is our last Sunday in the book of Matthew. Jesus closes his sermon by talking through two different builders, one wise, one foolish. Will we hear these words as Jesus challenges our foundation? Sermon by Cameron Brooks
August 19, 2021
"Best. Sermon. Ever." - Matthew 7:13-23
Jesus is clear that there are two ways. One, the narrow way, leads to life, while the broad road leads to death. What will we choose?
August 09, 2021
"Best. Sermon. Ever." - Matthew 7:1-12
"Do not judge." What does this exactly mean for us? Jesus directs our eyes to our Father in heaven and the grace that He has in store for us.
August 02, 2021
"Best. Sermon. Ever." - Matthew 6:25-34
Jesus continues his sermon and extends the kind invitation to "look to the birds" as we replace worry with faith.
July 27, 2021
"Best. Sermon. Ever." - Matthew 6:16-24
Jesus now turns our attention to fasting and begins to discuss our heart and our treasure.
July 18, 2021
"Best. Sermon. Ever." - Matthew 5:38-48
This week, Jesus continues to "raise the bar." But the question is, "why?" Could He be telling us something about God and salvation? (message by Pastor Adam Flynt)
June 27, 2021
"Best. Sermon. Ever." - Matthew 5:17-37
What does Jesus have to do with "the law?" Today, we turn our attention to the first 3 examples of Jesus as he begins his discussion on his followers and following the law.
June 20, 2021
"Best. Sermon. Ever." - Matthew 5:13-16
Jesus now turns from blessedness to responsibility. How are we to show the goodness of our Heavenly Father? 
June 15, 2021
"Best. Sermon. Ever." - Matt. 5:1-12
Jesus begins his famous, Sermon on the Mount, in Matthew 5. Today, he begins with the beatitudes and shows us that the blessed life is the life that is laid down for Jesus.
June 06, 2021
Armor of God- Ephesians 6:10-20
As Paul concludes Ephesians, he turns to the armor of God as we battle, not against one another, but against the enemy. But the question is, are we engaged in the battle? 
May 30, 2021
Parents & Children- Ephesians 6:1-4
As Paul continues with Ephesians, he now turns the readers' attention to the relationship between parents and children and how to honor one another.
May 23, 2021
Marriage- Ephesians 5:22-33
As Paul continues his letter to the Ephesians, he now turns their attention to the attitude of service and submission between a husband and wife.
May 16, 2021
Unity- Ephesians 2:11-20
As Paul continues his letter to the Ephesians, today he turns our attention to this: gospel unity is oneness, not same-ness. 
May 02, 2021
Mercy- Ephesians 2:1-10
Paul continues his letter to the Ephesians, turning their attention to the mercy of God in light of their sin. Because of sin, we are dead. Because of Jesus, we don't have to be.
April 26, 2021