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After Class

After Class

By Citizen Yoga
After Class is a podcast by Citizen Yoga, a yoga studio that strives to be a safe space with a focus on creating a community that supports mental health. This podcast is where we delve deeper into philosophy as well as discuss topics and share stories that relate to and come from our students, teachers, and wider community.
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Reclaiming Personal Power for Collective Healing

After Class

Reclaiming Personal Power for Collective Healing
Kacee sits down with her close friend Dr. Jennifer Leyton-Armakan, who is a clinical psychologist specializing in acute and developmental trauma, anxiety disorders, depression, grief and loss, substance use disorders, and issues related to major life transitions. Dr. Jen provides individual and family therapy to adolescents and adults, she proudly integrates mind-body approaches and evidence-based techniques within the therapeutic process. Note: This podcast was recorded on June 1, 2022.
June 27, 2022
Liberation in Letting Go
Kacee sits down with Aymey Kinney, an Experience Manager at the Citizen Yoga studios, as she shares her story of why she chose to shave her head. They delve into bucking beauty standards and the process of redefining yourself confidently.
June 07, 2022
Postpartum Mental Health: When to have a plan + when to surrender
Kacee returns to podcasting from maternity leave with special guest and Licensed Therapist, Annie Phillips, LMSW, PMH-C. Kacee and Annie discuss the importance of women's mental health especially during the pregnancy, birth and post-partum experience. Connect with Annie and learn more about her work:
May 10, 2022
My Body Is Not A Business Card
Kacee and Alyson McAdams, MPH, RDN explore what drives the compulsion to compare ourselves to an often unrealistic ideal. Alyson shares tools to reduce comparison.  Alyson McAdams is a non-diet, weight inclusive dietitian specializing in disordered eating, intuitive eating, and family nutrition. Alyson works with families and individuals to develop a strong, flexible, and positive relationship with food. She is passionate about helping you discover peace with food and your body so you can show up fully for what matters to you in life. Learn more here
November 16, 2021
Learn and Teach from the Heart
As a Citizen teacher known for his challenging sequences and HIIT series (high intensity interval training), Paul Witherspoon strives to enhance his students’ physical and mental well-being through creativity, integrity and teaching from the heart. Diving into how he found yoga, Paul and Kacee connect over loss of a sibling, the transformational qualities of grief, and their passion for change and innovation as a means of helping the community. Take a LIVE Zoom or in-studio class with Paul, check out his schedule here. Practice with Paul anytime, anywhere on Citizen On-Demand. 
July 01, 2021
How to Be an Inclusive Yoga Teacher
How do you create a yoga culture that is more reflective of what yoga is all about — healing, justice, and anti-oppression? In this episode, Avery Kalapa (they, them), a community weaver, wellness organizer, and a Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, eRYT500, YACEP, BFA, unpacks identity with clarity, inspiration, and affirmation to empower yoga practitioners and students to create more welcoming and inclusive places for everyone. From starting with an analysis of what makes a space exclusive to inner and outer work that frees ourselves from social conditioning, together we can  help shift how we relate to each other so everyone can come as they are.
June 03, 2021
Preconception Health: It's Common, Not Normal
Growing up in an active, health-conscious family, Dr. Maren always knew that she wanted to practice a more holistic and integrative version of medicine, but this took a turn when she suffered from miscarriages and pregnancy complications. She struggled to understand what was "wrong" with her body when she has always taken care of herself and experts didn't have any answers. She eventually came across functional medicine. As a patient she finally got answers to her health issues and as a physician she was able to fuse traditional and integrative practices. Listen to Dr. Christine Maren, D.O., IFMCP and Kacee discuss the complexities of preconception mental health.
May 08, 2021
Relieving the Pressures of Social Media
In 2005, 5% of people used social media. Now that number is almost 80% and we spend an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media each day. Unpack how social media has changed how we communicate and contributed to loneliness with Kacee and Jessica Malek, who has almost 10 years of experience in the social media industry. They'll leave you with tools to minimize your technology usage and truly connect with those around you.
May 01, 2021
Reigniting Joy In Your Life
In this episode, Kacee sits down with Kerry Biskelonis, founder of Reset Brain and Body in Plymouth, Michigan. As a former Type-A who glorified being busy herself, Kerry saw first hand the benefits of yoga and meditation on her mental and physical health. Kerry then decided to work more directly with her chronically stressed peers after completing her 200hr yoga teacher training. Listen to them explore topics around social anxiety, social media, and how to reignite joy in your life, especially after the pandemic. 
April 22, 2021
A Mother's Journey through Grief
Monni Must, Kacee's mother, tells her life story. Monni details her own childhood abuse, its affect on her as a mother, and how she healed the trauma of losing her own child to suicide 12 years later. It is a story of hope and vulnerability. They're also joined by Cricket Alexander, Clinical Director at BLND health, who explains how EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) Therapy can help heal trauma and who it could benefit. Watch on-demand mental health care videos with BLND Health, check out Citizen On-Demand.
February 12, 2021
The Journey to Authenticity
In this episode, Kacee continues her conversation with Angela Wisniewski, the owner of Coup D'état, a design gallery in Michigan that curates one-of-a kind vintage and antique pieces form artisans around the world. Listen to their honest conversation on authenticity and how Angela expresses herself in a way that is true to who she is.
January 18, 2021
Style Tips with Angela from Coup D'état
In this episode, Kacee talks to Angela Wisniewski, the owner of Coup D'état, a design gallery in Michigan that curates one-of-a kind vintage and antique pieces form artisans around the world. Enjoy part 1 of a two episode series. 
January 15, 2021
The Courage to be Visible
In this episode, Kacee Must talks to Michigan teacher Rachel Sementelli. Through her yoga journey, Rachel has had a diverse group of teachers including Citizen's own Todd Tesen and has come to truly believe in the transformational power of asana, pranayama, and meditation. She's an advocate for women's health and body literacy and is also a doula, a pelvic steam facilitator, and a reiki practioner. Enjoy this open conversation on the women's wellness and empowering yourself in your fertility. Take a LIVE Zoom class with Rachel Sementelli, check out her schedule here 
January 15, 2021
Couples Therapy, When To Go
Especially during the Pandemic, couples and family members are faced with a level of closeness that can place unfamiliar strain on the relationship. Kacee and Cricket, the Clinical Director at BLND Health, explore big questions. How is it best to address charged issues in your relationship or marriage?  How do you know when to fight or let go of a relationship? Why is couples therapy helpful? If you know you need couples therapy, but your partner is hesitant to go, how do you start the conversation?  Watch on-demand mental health care videos with BLND Health, check out Citizen On-Demand. 
December 18, 2020
Uncovering Seeds of Action
Kacee Must sits down with Michigan teacher Christopher Warnack to talk about worthiness, belonging and the motivations behind our actions. He opens up about how he found yoga, what it was like practicing all over the country, and how he came to teach for Citizen yoga during the pandemic. He touches on his experience with EMDR, a form of psychotherapy, his values, and how he's found the rhythm of happiness for himself. Listen to him tell his coming out story, why empathy and community is so important to him, and what to expect in his classes!  Take a LIVE Zoom class with Chris, check out his schedule here 
November 27, 2020
Managing Intimate Relationships
Sarah Brabbs and Kacee Must bring you the perfect episode for the holidays, whether you are traveling to see family or staying home with your partner: Managing Intimate Relationships. Whether that relationship is with your partner, family or friend, learning how to manage how you deal with people's perceptions of you, your own blind spots, and identity management, will always be a useful skill to master. Sarah and Kacee dive into the fear of being misunderstood, how your reputation in the business world is key to building relationships, and how to choose your values over fear. They chat about how to have hard conversations with those you are close to, toxic positivity and more, in this jam packed episode that will leave you taking notes and trying to implement some life-changing tips.
November 20, 2020
Diversity is Bigger than Black + White
Kacee Must talks to fellow fitness business owner and founder of Vibe Ride Detroit, Lactricia Wilder. Their main focus of conversation is inclusivity, how to have difficult and uncomfortable conversations about diversity and inclusion, and what it means to be a business owner in downtown Detroit. Lactricia shares her journey to opening her spin studio downtown and how much the city has evolved. She gives her personal experience living through the changes the city has gone through. In an honest and open conversation about diversity, being a business owner and the problem of colorblindness, these two founders dig deep into what it means to constantly seek change and growth during a pandemic. 
November 13, 2020
Healing, Self-Discovery & Founding Citizen Yoga
Content Warning: This episode contains conversation about suicide, abuse and depression.  In a unique episode Michigan based yoga teacher Ann Fancy interviews Kacee Must about her life and the path to how Kacee created Citizen Yoga. This episode was originally recorded on Ann's podcast "Becoming Lit" in April of 2019 and explores Kacee's family, her childhood and dealing with self doubt and confidence. They discuss body image in the sports and yoga industries and how those societal norms shaped them both. Kacee talks about her travels around the world and all the interesting things she's done including working as a medium. She opens up about the story behind her sister's passing, how she dealt with the loss by moving to India, and how her love affair with philosophy began as a way to find meaning and healing. Listen to this vulnerable, deeply moving episode and get a deeper understanding of the woman behind Citizen Yoga and the evolution of Citizen Yoga from concept to studio. 
November 06, 2020
Hope, the Antidote to Suicide
Content Warning please note, this episode contains conversation about suicide.  Kacee Must and former Detroit Lions NFL player Eric Hipple sit down to talk about suicide prevention. Both of them experienced losing a family member to suicide -- for Kacee it was her sister, and for Eric it was his 15 year old son. Eric talks about how he works to raise awareness about suicide prevention through community and education in schools, in the military and across the country. He shares his resilience plan, personal mission, and breaks down emotional intelligence. In an incredibly eye-opening and educational episode you will be inspired to find hope and purpose even in the darkest of times. 
October 30, 2020
Breath, Growth, Death
Our second installment of Heart of the Room is out featuring Detroit based yoga teacher and law student Lydia Munn. Listen to Lydia and Kacee talk about the importance of voting, why Lydia chose to go to law school, philosophical concepts like death of the ego, body positivity, the importance of mental health in the Black community, her teacher training experience with Citizen, and more!
October 23, 2020
Patience, Not a Pill
Heart of the Room for Season 2 is back! In a deeply personal and vulnerable episode with Michigan based Citizen teacher Kayla Spray, you will get a lense into why she uses the messages she does and what drives her personal mission of showing people how to heal through yoga. Kayla opens up about her childhood, her parents, relationships, and overcoming fears. She also shares her journey as a teacher, and as student and how yoga helped her through various injuries and moments of personal growth.
October 16, 2020
Coming of Age in COVID
Olivia Warren, high school senior from Cleveland and the youngest podcast guest to be on After Class, talks with Kacee Must about how COVID 19 has affected her and her peers. She discusses being politically active and how she makes her voice and political opinion heard despite being too young to vote in the upcoming election. Olivia speaks to her view on cancel culture, life transitions, her experience of social and political movements, social media and more in this episode about what it's like to be young in 2020.
October 09, 2020
15 Minute Breathwork + Meditation
In this special, one-of-a-kind episode Michigan based instructor Jeff Stone walks you through a 15 minute breathwork and meditation exercise. Perfect for using during a lunch break, in the morning or before bed, this practice will ease your nerves and serve to center and balance you! Enjoy this short and sweet, unique episode of After Class. 
October 04, 2020
Flavor and Savor the Present Moment
John Evans from BLND Health is a guest on another episode of After Class hosted by Kacee Must. In this insightful and information-packed episode John and Kacee touch on normalizing performance anxiety, emotional acceptance rather than avoidance, and decentralizing emotion from your self. John gives lots of great book recommendations so make sure you take notes! If you've been wondering how to live a successful life, John gives you the recipe: living by your values and savoring the satisfaction and awareness that gives you in the present moment. 
October 02, 2020
The Paradoxes of the Yoga Industry
Owner and Founder of Michigan based yoga studio Yoganic Flow Kerrie Trahan is a guest of the podcast on this episode of After Class! She and Kacee sit down to talk about the paradoxes of the yoga industry, the influence of social media, and more! They touch on yoga philosophy and how it applies to real life when yoga is not all "love and light", losing and finding your voice when you face adversity and isolation, in the yoga industry. Both founders talk about the challenges of managing people and how to create a unified, authentic and inclusive community. In this honest and open discussion about blind spots, ego, fear, truth, Kemetic yoga, racism and politics, this episode looks at what it means to be an active member of the yoga industry.
September 25, 2020
Breaking Up with Your Therapist
Kacee Must interviews Brooke Buys, founder of BLND Health, a therapy group that has an "off the couch" approach to therapy. They discuss how to determine when it's time to go to therapy, the best practices in choosing a therapist, and the benefits of taking care of your mental well-being. Going to a therapist allows for a safe, objective space to process life. They talk about therapy as a privilege, which is important in a discussion around affordability and the stigma around mental health, for individuals as well as couples.  In this down-to-earth chat, Brooke and Kacee dive into what it really means to put your mental health first. 
September 18, 2020
Building Resilience in COVID
In the first episode of Season 2 of After Class, host Kacee Must and guest Ann Fancy have a vulnerable, open, and honest conversation about life and running a business during a pandemic. They discuss the effects of COVID-19 on the Citizen Yoga community, Black Lives Matter protests, and navigating a business going through extreme stress and transition. Listen for a multitude of lessons and reflections on being willing to surrender, holding space for others during the pandemic, and what it means to be a leader. 
September 11, 2020
Earth Day Special: Realistic Sustainability
In a special episode of After Class, Kacee Must interviews friend, inventor, entrepreneur, and documentary filmmaker Heather McDougall about all things sustainability. Heather is the CEO and co-founder of Bogobrush, a biodegradable and recyclable toothbrush! She sits down to chat about how brushing your teeth can be a moment of inspiration, her 8 limb approach to sustainability, and more! Listen to the end for a beautiful surprise!
April 22, 2020
Boundaries + Worthiness
In another episode of Heart of the Room, Kacee Must interviews Michigan based teacher Soojin Kim. Raised as Korean American, Soojin opens up about how her upbringing shaped her adult life, her relationships, and her teaching career. She talks about how she dealt with insecurity as a teacher and what she did to help herself out of that. As someone who deeply values friendship, she gives a prescription for how to be a better friend but also how to know when to lose a friend and build boundaries. In an episode about journey and self-discovery, you might find that you see some of Soojin in yourself. 
March 13, 2020
Transformation + Truth
In another episode of Heart of the Room, Giustina Easton, a Michigan based Citizen teacher opens up to host Kacee Must about her transformation in the yoga studio, as an individual, and aligning her values to how she lives her life. She discusses her journey to yoga, how Citizen made an impact on her life, and how she worked on stepping out of her habit of being a people-pleaser. Learn more about forest yoga, her passion for working towards inclusivity in the yoga industry, and her thoughts on adjustments in yoga. 
February 28, 2020
The F Word
In a no-holds-barred episode of Heart of the Room, Michigan based Citizen teacher Lauren Laudani opens up with host Kacee Must about breaking out of self-imposed boundaries, surrounding herself with positive, motivated people, and how she grew to love the practice of yoga. She and Kacee dive into the scary "F" word -- which in this case is Feedback -- and how to take criticism -- constructive or otherwise -- from someone else. Also, find out why Lauren is called the "shepherd" in this fun, enlightening and informative episode with another inspiring teacher.
February 15, 2020
Happiness + Self-Work + Stress
In the second episode of the segment Philosophy 4 Life Jen Tindle + Kacee Must dive into three topics: happiness, self-work, and stress. They discuss how self-work leads to self-sufficiency and how you can survive change as you continue to develop and move through life. Kacee touches on finding mindfulness practices and how to notice your reset habits. They tackle the questions: what is stress and what creates it? In an episode that gets right into the heart of what keeps us from being at our happiest and most self-sufficient, Jen and Kacee leaves listeners with tools to face the changing world around them.
January 17, 2020
Living According to Ayurveda
In our segment called Well-being we are educating about all things wellness so that our listeners can live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Our first guest is Rachel Redmond, who did her Ayurveda training in Albuquerque, New Mexico and studied acupuncture and Chinese medicine and became a doctor of Oriental Medicine. Rachel shares with host Kacee Must about how to take care of yourself according to Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and holistic practices in the winter season. Emotional and spiritual health is directly impacted by our well-being. Ayurveda is considered a sister science of yoga, and focuses on how to eat and live and take care of yourself based off of your elemental makeup. Ayurveda can help you maintain balance within your spiritual self based on the mind-body types of every individual. Rachel also shares her personal journey with health and motherhood! Dive deep into the 3 doshas, the five elements, and more as Rachel explains how to live your best life!
December 27, 2019
Finding Alignment in Body, Mind + Life
This is our second episode of our segment HEART OF THE ROOM where our guest, Michigan based Citizen Yoga teacher Ann Fancy discusses her journey to yoga with host Kacee Must. Ann talks about finding her voice as a yoga teacher and how it's linked directly to having a strong sense of self. She also expounds on how Citizen Yoga has impacted her life, especially since Kacee says that Ann is one of the reasons Citizen Yoga got started. In a super honest, transparent conversation sprinkled with plenty of dry humor, Ann opens up about how she used yoga as a way to deal with her anxiety, how she developed as a teacher, and more!
December 09, 2019
Yoga is a Game Changer
Our first guest on our segment HEART OF THE ROOM which features our teachers at Citizen Yoga is Sindy Warren,  who is not only a yoga teacher at Citizen in Cleveland, but is also an employment lawyer and owns her own human resources consultant business. Sindy was one of the first teachers at Citizen Yoga Cleveland and she and host Kacee Must discuss what it was like being a teacher in that time. Learn about Sindy's journey to yoga and her spiritual development. She opens up about struggling with a binge eating disorder and how she came to terms with it. She also talks about how she developed and grew as a yoga teacher and the challenges of being a yoga teacher in the 21st Century.
December 06, 2019
Foundations are Never Boring
This episode is part of a segment called Philosophy 4 Life where we delve deep into philosophy concepts and connect it to real life. This episode we are focusing some foundational philosophy concepts + a question from one of our listeners on fear and anxiety is answered. Jen Tindle, 200 hr Teacher Training graduate and lover of philosophy is the guest on this episode, asking as well as answering questions about the topic at hand. Enjoy a lively and thought-provoking conversation about philosophy and how it applies to everyday life. 
November 19, 2019
In this segment of the podcast called SPEAK UP, we aim to address and bring light to topics that need a louder, more authentic, and compassionate voice. As teachers and people in the wellness industry, we bear witness to so many of our students, male and female, struggling and rejoicing on the journey to parenthood. During this session, Kacee Must interviews Jesse Sutherland, a Citizen Yoga student and 200-hr graduate. Jesse is a community advocate for "fertility challenged" individuals. Though Jesse's story is personal and is definitely not everyone's experience, we believe in the power of sharing to help others feel less alone and understood. Jesse honestly details her journey with In/Fertility. Aside from her story, Jesse shares resources that she created such as support groups for those who have struggled with something similar. We strove to feature someone who is impacted by our Citizen Yoga community who had a life-changing experience while practicing yoga. 
October 30, 2019