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By Citystate Radio
Citystate is an experimental urban affairs radio show on WXOX 97.1 Louisville, with hosts Patrick Piuma, Pat Smith, and Patrick Henry. Citystate covers all things civic-related with chats, interviews and thoughtful discussions, exploring urban issues and culture, locally, nationally, and around the globe.
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#101 New Urbanisms / Butchertown Background/ Butchertown Now
Journalist Mark Long joins the Patricks to talk about Louisville's Butchertown neighborhood past and present, but first we catch up with Patrick Henry patching in live from his family vacation in Seaside, Florida for a chat about New Urbanism. 
June 24, 2021
#100 Vibing in Origin Park / Rescue Bucks / Urban Government Center Blues
We kick off our 100th episode with an audio journey to the new Origin Park with its executive director, Scott Martin, before diving into a discussion on early community debates on how to use Louisville's American Rescue Plan funding for COVID-19 relief, followed by some chat on this next round of obstacles for the long delayed development of a vacant brownfield in the Paristown Pointe Neighborhood.
June 18, 2021
#99 The NIMBY Menace / Action Recommendations / Office Spaced
This week the Patricks talk about a recent Courier Journal oped from the CEO of Greater Louisville Inc discussing the impact of NIMBYism on attempts to develop affordable and dense housing in Louisville, followed by a dive into the new Louisville Downtown Revitalization Team's Action Plan for revitalizing downtown, including some ideas for empty offices. 
June 10, 2021
#98 Better Spaces for Girls and Women / Cincinnati Streetscapes
The Patricks talk about a couple recent articles on making better public spaces and places for teenage girls and women, and then get into Piuma's new piece on his recent trip Cincinnati. 
June 7, 2021
#97 Downtown Redux / Journal of Wack Engineering / Olmsted Speedways
The Patricks follow up last week's episode on a new direction for downtown, followed by a discussion on how the profession of transportation engineering continues to fail cities, and also a look at the new trial road re-openings for cars in Olmsted's Cherokee and Iroquois parks. 
May 28, 2021
#96 Psilocybin Cicadas / Deep Dive on Downtown
This week the Patricks talk about what's right and maybe what's wrong with downtown Louisville. 
May 21, 2021
#95 Missing Middle & Single Family Zoning / Covid-19 Relief Funds for Louisville / Gun Violence Escalates
The Patricks coming at you with another 52 solid minutes of chat. This week they are continuing the discussion on higher density forms of housing and why Louisville doesn't have more of it, a little discussion on what we would do the millions of dollars coming Louisville's way via the federal COVID-19 relief funds for cities, and a discussion on new investigative journalism looking at where all the guns saturating the Metro are coming from. 
May 14, 2021
#94 Louisville Doesn't Want to Be Big? / Housing Boom / Evictions / River Road Improvements
The Triple P discuss the idea that Louisville has decided not to be a big city, some of the reasons for the skyrocketing cost of single family housing, the Metropolitan Housing Coalition's new report on evictions during COVID19, and new plans for improving River Road along the Ohio.
May 7, 2021
#93 Slint's Louisville
Talking with Britt Walford and Todd Brashear of Slint about Louisville in the early 90s
April 29, 2021
#92 Hacking Street Trees / Electric Vehicle Blues / Aesthetics vs Affordability
The Pat-bois talk about spring cold snaps, utility companies hacking up streets trees, why can't we bury power lines, Elon Musk's car tunnel fiasco, Electric Vehicles, and they attempt to get into a great article from Henry Grabar in Slate (April 12, 2021), " 'Good Design' Is Making Bad Cities, but it Doesn't Have To"
April 23, 2021
#91 Secret Pop Up Fireworks / Spaces for People without Homes
The Patricks discuss recent revelations on the KY Derby Festival's secret pop up fireworks displays, and consider how cities touting climate action leadership can justify hugely polluting fireworks shows. In the second bit, they talk about efforts to protect unsheltered people in cities and the very high cost of continually clearing camps vs providing services that can help people.
April 15, 2021
#90 Closing Park Roads to Cars / Restaurant Problems / Major Infrastructure Proposal / Amtrak Teaser
The Pattys talk about keeping Cherokee, Iroquois parks closed to vehicle traffic, recent issues with restaurants not being able to find staff, Biden's expansive new $2 trillion infrastructure proposal, and Amtrack's proposal to expand U.S. passenger rail over the next 15 years. 
April 8, 2021
#89 The State of Historic Preservation in Louisville w/ Vital Sites
Talking with Charles Cash, Heath Seymour, and Jessica McCarron with Vital Sites, a new voice in this era of asset-based development in Louisville. Vital Sites is a resource for financial assistance, technical expertise, and policy solutions to encourage investment in vacant, undervalued, and endangered properties in Metro Louisville.
April 2, 2021
#87 Extra Strength Patricks (x4) St. Patrick's Day Episode
Talking cities, food, travel and more with our friend and fellow Patrick, Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket. We also discuss some local issues around the potential unwinding of some of our pandemic-induced car-free park in Louisville Metro.
March 18, 2021
#41 A Roundtable Urbanist Discussion on Coronavirus and Cities
A couple weeks into a national pandemic shutdown, we talk with a group of urbanist friends from cities across the country to here how their communities are dealing with Coronavirus and their thoughts on the future. Our roundtable discussion includes Mike Lydon of Street Plans in Brooklyn, Nate Hommel of University City District in Philadelphia, Tommy Pacello of Memphis Medical District Collaborative in Memphis, and Robin Abad Ocubillo of the San Francisco Planning Department in San Francisco.
April 1, 2020