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Mediation in Focus

Mediation in Focus

By Civil Mediation Council
A new podcast series from the Civil Mediation Council about all things mediation, be it conflict between colleagues, companies, couples or communities. Join hosts Martha Clarke and Mia Forbes Pirie in exploring different topics of mediation.
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Women in Mediation • Interview with Jane Gunn
Women in Mediation is a CMC series inspired by International Women's Day where Mia Forbes Pirie interviews successful women mediators on their journey in mediation. When Mia first thought of becoming a mediator, she was initially told that she could not be a successful commercial mediator unless she was male and middle-aged. At the time, this was pragmatic, well intentioned advice. It made her curious about other women's stories in mediation and inspired her to begin a series on Women in Mediation.
June 15, 2022
Mediation in Focus • CMC Women's Day Panel 2022
On the second episode Mia Forbes Pirie hosts the CMC’s International Women’s Day - Women In Mediation panel. Listen to an insightful conversation with panellists Zaza Johnson Elsheikh, Suzanne Tager, Maria Arpa and Susanne Schuler. Visit the CMC’s website to learn more about the panelists and the Women In Mediation series:
March 08, 2022
Mediation in Focus • The Cost of Conflict
On this first episode of the CMC's podcast host and mediator Martha Clarke interviews Catriona Smith and Gill Dix on their recent findings published in the ACAS report 'The Cost of Conflict'. To learn more about the report you can visit the ACAS website.
August 02, 2021