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H.O.M.E. (House Of Melanated Excellence )

H.O.M.E. (House Of Melanated Excellence )

By CL Victor( P.$. 40M)&Jermaine(God Ade)
This podcast is intended to promote a higher level of thinking through the power of self knowledge.
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“Sisterhood Consciousness” with Akua Divine & Joshelyn N. James.
In this episode we sit down with two beautiful Sisters Akua Divine & Joshelyn N James who are both on the path of Knowledge Of Self and Entrepreneurship. In this dialogue we discuss healing the relationship between Sisters & Brothers of our Culture. Listen as these Dynamic Queens give a passionate philosophy on Love , Sisterhood, and Spirituality .
October 12, 2021
“The Real Judas & Messiah “ with brother Kaba Hiawatha Kamene
In this episode we open up our third season titled “The Sweetness Of Understanding “ with legendary scholar and educator Brother Kaba. In this interview Brother Kaba redirects our attention to the real Judas and Messiah that resides within us. Listen as he delivers a powerful and thought provoking perspective on Education and Spirituality.
September 28, 2021
Supreme Mathematics of Season 2 “The Wisdom Chronicles “
Relax your mind and Rock out with your brothers from H.O.M.E. As we go through our entire season and break each episode down through the lenses of Supreme Mathematics. We also give you the whole 16 bars to the H.O.M.E Anthem, trust us it goes hard!!! We’ll see y’all next season.
August 24, 2021
“Sexual Inner-Course”- Tantra for Us with Inez Powell
Is a 2 hour Orgasm even possible? Better yet , is it possible without physical touch or penetration? In this episode we answer those questions while discussing the phenomena of Tantra, Orgasms ,and Sexual Racism with Inez Powell . Inez is a Sensual Alchemist, Spiritual Sex Coach, Yoga Instructor, And overall Beautiful Person inside and out . Listen carefully as she details her upbringing as a Melanated Latina with Cuban roots navigating through the Catholic and Santeria Religions , to Ultimately becoming Sexually liberated and embracing the Poly lifestyle.
April 27, 2021
“Love is Law” : The Equity Of Justice.
Listen to this intriguing interview with the legendary Defense Attorney Ikiesha Al-Shabazz, as she reflects on her upbringing in 40 projects , once considered to be one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in South Jamaica Queens . Listen closely, as she details her no excuse mentality. From being overweight to a Physique Competitor, from being a project kid to an undefeated Murder Case Attorney. She also breaks down her abilities as a Spirit Medium and the science of non-physical phenomena. She’s a College professor at CUNY , She’s a Mother, and a published author of the book “ Black Girl Slim : Don’t be fat , Be First “ . She is doing all of this while being declared legally blind. Listen as her 5%er foundational background and her no excuses attitude helped her to navigate the traps of 40 projects to traps in the court of law.
April 13, 2021
The Wise Craft of the Sacred Woman:”Alchemy “
When did we as a people begin to fall for the okie doke? It seems as though the practices and sciences of our Ancestors has been completely demonized and perverted. We have become fearful of our own true spirituality. In this episode we bring in an Initiated High Priestess of the Ifa tradition , “Muvva Brown”. She has dedicated her life to seeking knowledge and wisdom from several different schools of thought through out her life. She has a study group of over 29,000 Melanated female students on Facebook called “ Spirituality For Black Women:Alchemy “ where she educates women on the sciences of their own divinity. Listen carefully as She clarifies the misconceptions of Voodoo, Kabbalah, and Hebrew and connects the dots between these Ancient Wisdoms called “Alchemy “ to the modern science of Quantum physics. This episode will definitely take you for a ride so buckle up and hang on !!!!
March 16, 2021
Sutek Amen Ra : “ The Making of A New Black Wall st”
Q. Why haven’t “We” as a people been able to produce another Black Wall Street ? A. There is an Economic War going on outside, that no Melanated Man/Woman is safe from. We have been under Economic attack for many decades. Jobs and Justice !!! Has been the dominant Outcry for “Us” over the course of many, many years . H.O.M.E believes that now is the time to change that outcry and help to usher in a real Revolutionary Battle Cry!! Imagine taking the Minds of Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Amos Wilson, Dr. Claude Anderson, and Georgia Mae through an Alchemical process, the end result would be the genesis of “Sutek Amen Ra “. Join H.O.M.E. and listen carefully as we sit down and build with a Legend . Listen as he enlightens and guides through what true Economic Empowerment means and the Mindset needed to create it . Through his studies and own personal life experiences from the Streets of Harlem , Corporate America, the Music Industry , Business Ownership, Activism , and as a Resident Scholar from the House Of Consciousness . Sutek provides US with specific....specific.....specific strategies needed for “US” to empower ourselves Economically & Culturally and stop being casualties of Economic War. “ Death to the Negro” is that Revolutionary Battle Cry for the Warrior in “US” All. -* H.O.M.E Theme music is copyrighted and owned by H.O.M.E.* -All other music played during podcast * is not owned or copyrighted by H.O.M.E. *
March 3, 2021
“Quote Dealers”
Are you a Quote User ? Nothing like a Wise Quote that stretches your mind , provokes thought , and takes you Mentally Higher . So, Come and get your fix with H.O.M.E. , in this episode we supply you with 11 of our all time favorite Quotes raw and uncut. Quotes from Einstein, Farrakhan, Mark Twain, Yoda, just to name a few. So relax your mind and listen , Listen very carefully as we smooth it out and get you connected to the dope-ness of Powerful Quotes .
February 9, 2021
“Psychological Immunity “
We hope you can swim? We enter into some deep waters on this one. In this episode we sit down to build with the God “Saladin Allah “ from the Nation Of Gods and Earths historically known as the %5 ‘ers . This brother has dedicated his life to education and the cultural empowerment of his people. He is a Father, Published Author, Poet, Hip Hop artist and so much more..... Listen closely as Saladin drops jewels on us about the history of the %5 Nation , living a purposeful life, the benefits of self knowledge, and ultimately how to build up and maintain your “ Psychological Immunity “.
January 26, 2021
“Polarities Of 2020” Pt 3
This is the final part of this episode where we discuss George Floyd , Breanna Taylor, COVID-19, and much more . Listen as we conclude a very challenging dialogue and leave with a sense of healing and direction for our culture.
January 21, 2021
Polarities of 2020 pt 2
In this part of our build we discuss certain events that took place in 2020 . The Election, Chadwick Boseman, Kobe Bryant , and the great NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, join us for a casual dialogue of introspection as we find the silver linings in these Melanated Skies.
January 13, 2021
“Polarities of 2020” pt 1
WE ARE BACK!!!! Season 2 the “Wisdom Chronicles” . In our first episode back , we share our perspectives on some of the events that took place this year . Can we find the positives in tragedies? It’s difficult to do at times, especially with the challenging year that many of us have faced, but H.O.M.E is built for this type of deep introspect it’s what we DO !!
December 29, 2020
Supreme Mathematics of Season 1 : The Recap
In this episode we examine our experiences of our first season through the lenses and lessons of Supreme Mathematics .
August 5, 2020
Masterclass with “Neek” Lesson: 103.9 Build Your Brand, Attract the Bag
In this episode we sit down with the legendary radio personality “Neek” from Hot 103.9 out of Columbia,SC . Listen as she delivers a Masterclass on creating a platform and building a brand.
July 7, 2020
“Unleashing Your Legend Through Competition “ Prince Vs MIcheal Jackson
* We do not own the rights to the music of this podcast episode * In this episode of H.O.M.E we team up to do battle. Team Michael vs Team Prince , We explore the competitive mindset of these two Icons, while breaking down some of their classic song lyrics with a touch of our own personal stories of what their music meant to us . Individually and Collectively.
June 23, 2020
Rutherford 4 Coroner : Vote June 9th
In this special edition of H.O.M.E. we sit down discuss the potential corruption in the George Floyd medical examiner’s report with Naida Rutherford. She is a devoted nurse practitioner who is seeking to change things for the better and make a powerful impact in her community by running for political office , as the next Coroner of Richland County in Columbia,SC. Listen closely as we discuss leadership, health, corruption, and politics in this special edition episode of H.O.M.E.
June 3, 2020
Self Discipline: “The God Degree”
In this episode we discussed the practice of Self Discipline. For an individual to truly be in tune with his/her divine nature , Self Discipline is key. There is no way around this Truth . For, It is the highest form of self love . For this topic we sat down and broke bread with Master Goodwin , who is a 7th Degree Black belt in Martial Arts. Listen as he shares his knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of his craft and offers practical and logical methods for increasing self discipline to improve the quality our lives for the better.
May 29, 2020
Who’s The Master !!! “The Last Dragon” Decoded.
In this episode we discussed the symbolism and metaphysics of this cult classic movie The Last Dragon. This movie from 1985 has many hidden gems embedded within it that are just as relevant today as they were back then . Join us as we pay homage, and show & prove how this movie gave us messages and universal truths that could help guide us into reaching our own spiritual pinnacle.
May 15, 2020
“Damn,Damn,Damn!” Was the death of James Evans Sr., also the death of the strong Black male on T.V.?
The relentless inferior depictions of the Black heterosexual male in the arts, mainly television ; is nothing new. Not since the portrayal of James Evans Sr. by John Amos on "Good Times" has there been such a powerful image of a strong Black heterosexual male. Tune in, and put your listening ears on as we enter into an impassioned conversation about this; where are the image depictions at now ? , the importance of imagery , and Tyler Perry's contributions.
May 5, 2020
Considerations with the Soul Whisperer
Dr. Nicohlas Cooper-Lewter aka the “Soul Whisperer “ joins us for a dynamic and compelling interview of his journey to becoming who he is today as one of the top mental experts in the world. In this discourse we discussed serious subject matters such as Sexual abuse, Mental health, Racism, Epigenetics, Elijah Muhammad, and so much more. So sit back and buckle your seat belts as the Soul Whisperer paints a detailed and vivid picture of how he used his Mind and his calling to overcome tremendous adversity , all while being purposefully driven to diagnose and find remedy for the mental conditions of his people.
April 17, 2020
Faith or Science Maybe both!!
This is the first episode of H.O.M.E where we discuss how science is seemingly calling the shots on what decisions the church makes regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.
March 30, 2020