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Claire Cumbee

Claire Cumbee

By Claire Cumbee Robinson
Just a horsegirl who still wants time for happy hour and enough funds for retirement and the next horse show! Chatting about all things competing,dating, friends, and finances!
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ClaireCumbee Friends

Claire Cumbee

Work Life Balance, What about Work Horse Balance?
Hear a girl out?! May have spent thirty minutes venting , but maybe you find yourself relating?! Comedic relief? Check out the blog at or IG ClaireCumbee
November 26, 2019
ClaireCumbee: Judgey McJudgePants Has No Place
Thanks for listening! Thank you to one of my amazing sponsors Earn 20% off your first purchase with code CCR5 This episode calls out some of our industries worst critics and elitist views, and it may not be coming from who we point our fingers from! This episode is definitely a good dose of my own medicine as I reflect on some of my own misshaps and judgey feels. Enjoy! Make sure to rate and share with friends! If you like what you hear reach out and send in your inquiries on my social media outlets IG: Clairecumbee of Facebook!
November 05, 2019
Claire Cumbee : Horse Show Mom, Interview with Lisa Rease
This episode I chat with my very own amazing mother who happens to be a rider, horse owner, Horse Show mom, landowner, breeder. She sits on the Board of Directors for the Connemara Pony society and has ridden western and english. Enjoy her amazing and pure heart; I feel like the love for her ponies and family is so evident.
October 29, 2019
ClaireCumbee Post Horse Show Hangover
End of horse show blues are hitting hard at the end of a long week at Fair Hill? Does  anyone else have to face work on Monday after a horse-show, and just don't feel in the mood? Also don't miss out on a special 20% off from sponsor Pure Form Equine's Chock Full A Chia with code CCR5
October 20, 2019
ClaireCumbee Conditioning
My current riding schedule,Conditioning, breaks
October 16, 2019
ClaireCumbee Friends
Chatting making happy hour, dry shampoo, and good friends
October 16, 2019
ClaireCumbee Dating
A mostly single gal dating. Here's the ins and outs. Want your significant other to enjoy horse showing? Talking about some helpful tips, compromises, and not settling for someone whose not proud of you.
October 16, 2019
ClaireCumbee Intro
Hey guys! Super excited or slightly terrified to release my first segments! I talk horses, dating, finances, friends! As with anything I’m publishing before I’ve taught myself the ins and outs of editing and audio, but be patient and enjoy!
October 16, 2019