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By Claire Vlases
The world is starting to recognize the serious negative impacts of our food system on our planet, particularly those caused by intensive animal agriculture. How does climate change impact your community? What role do our food choices have in creating solutions to climate change?
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The threat of climate change is becoming more and more visible in Montana’s national parks and in our agricultural based economy. We have millions of heads of cattle across the state, so the devastating impacts of intensive animal agriculture are ever present. Many of American youth feel helpless when thinking about climate change; we often feel the trajectory is unstoppable. But in reality there is much we can do to make an environmental difference. Most of us have heard of the common environmental campaigns. We need to recycle, save water, drive less. But less well known is the impact of our food choices on our environment. By using a model to create change proposed by a famous social-cognitive psychologist Albert Bandura, we will explore the theory of self efficacy and apply it to our food choices to play a part in creating a more sustainable future. Sources: “Albert Bandura on Behavior Therapy, Self-Efficacy and Modeling Video.” YouTube, PsychoTherapy Net, 27 Feb. 2014, 1:20 - END “Barbara Jordan, Democratic National Convention Keynote Speech, 1992, Part 1.” YouTube, TSU Jordan Archives, 5 Sept. 2012, 9:37 - 9:50. Clayton, Susan, et al. “MENTAL HEALTH AND OUR CHANGING CLIMATE: IMPACTS, IMPLICATIONS, AND GUIDANCE.” American Psychological Association, Climate for Health, EcoAmerica, Mar. 2017, Lang, Susan S. “Diet for Small Planet May Be Most Efficient If It Includes Dairy and a Little Meat, Cornell Researchers Report.” Cornell Chronicle, Cornell University, 4 Oct. 2007, “Montana Agriculture Facts 2018.” NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL STATISTICS SERVICE, United States Department of Agriculture, Apr. 2019, “Montana Fires.” YouTube, KTVQ News, 26 July 2019, 0:55 - END. “Multiple Raging California Fires Force Thousands to Evacuate.” YouTube, CNN, 28 Oct. 2019, 1:29-1:33. Perlman, Howard. “How Much Water Does It Take to Grow a Hamburger?” United States Geological Survey, U.S. Department of the Interior, Water Science School. “Water Q&A: How Much Water Do I Use at Home Each Day?” United States Geological Survey, U.S. Department of the Interior,
February 01, 2020