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Divorcing: Reality

Divorcing: Reality

By Claire
The personal development world is awash with people it can be hard to relate to. I bridge the gap. Single mum. Entrepreneur. British. In Divorcing: Reality, I look at how we can harness the unique difficulties we face in life to open up to the opportunities that REALLY DO exist, even if...
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Self development (in a crazy world)
In this episode, I talk about self development as a journey. What irks me about the coaching world, and the huge benefits I’ve seen at the level of self, as a result of my commitment to self development.
May 10, 2021
Building your dreams, and why we stop dreaming
In this episode, I explore something that happened with my daughter that could have resulted in one of those life long beliefs. I talk about bringing conciousness to this as a parent, and about how important I think it is for us to keep dreaming.
May 3, 2021
What is coaching, anyway?
In this episode, I look at what beginning your personal development journey aged 33 with two small children to care for is ACTUALLY like.
April 26, 2021