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It's October: Have You Hit Your Business Goals?

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Welcome to Classy on the Outside, where it's all real talk about business. (And yes, sometimes we swear.)

Sharing those awkward, funny or just plain cringe-worthy stories about being in business is more than just entertaining. It opens the door on the weird, unexpected stuff behind owning a business (impostor syndrome, solopreneur loneliness, client issues, pricing and so much more!) so we can all feel a little less alone and more empowered to succeed. We're a community that's all about being real about business.

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Welcome to Classy on the Outside, where it's all real talk about business. (And yes, sometimes we swear.)

Sharing those awkward, funny or just plain cringe-worthy stories about being in business is more than just entertaining. It opens the door on the weird, unexpected stuff behind owning a business (impostor syndrome, solopreneur loneliness, client issues, pricing and so much more!) so we can all feel a little less alone and more empowered to succeed. We're a community that's all about being real about business.

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How to Cope with Anxiety as an Entrepreneur - Vikki Louise
How do you cope with anxiety as an entrepreneur? We've all got some degree of some type of anxiety, so it's a quest that applies to all business owners. Actually, anxiety is basically unavoidable as entrepreneurs. But coping with it while you run your business is definitely possible. Today's guest is Vikki Louise, an anxiety coach and host of the F*ck Anxiety & Get Sh*t Done Podcast, who helps other business owners by giving them the tools and the foundation they need to manage their anxiety.
November 5, 2019
Help for Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs
If you haven't heard the term "multi-passionate entrepreneur" before, it basically refers to people who have lots and lots of different interests. (It's a Marie Forleo-ism!) These interests or passions are generally unrelated, or seemingly unrelated. It can be good but can also keep entrepreneurs feeling stuck or paralyzed by options. Tune in for help and visit the show notes for even more resources.
October 28, 2019
Creating One Business from Multiple Passions - Zanetta Kok
As human beings, we typically have more than one thing we're interested in or super passionate about. It can seem impossible though to create one business or one brand out of those multiple interests--especially when they're not really related. But here's some good news: combining multiple passions into one successful business is totally achievable! Today's guest, Zanetta Kok, who founded Kitty Town Coffee is a shining example of this. She joins us to talk about her entrepreneurial journey in bringing her two passions to life in one fabulous business. Grab the links in the show notes to easily connect with her.
October 22, 2019
When is it Time to Try Something New?
You ever get stuck in a rut within your business? Sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we can get stuck without even knowing it--which kinda sucks, actually.  It might be from fear of trying new things or because we tend to make up "rules" for ourselves and stick to them. But it's so important to give yourself permission to try something new. It will do great things for your business, even if the new thing turns out to be a flop. Tune in for more, and sign up if you're interested in the free content at the end.
October 15, 2019
Dress Your Business Message - Toi Sweeney
What does it mean to "dress your message" in your business? Listen to this episode with Toi Sweeney, author of Secrets of a Well Dressed Brand, to find out! Toi is a kick-ass female entrepreneur who has an amazing sense of style. Not only that, but she was a speaker at the RISE Conference, she's been featured on Forbes, and has been a guest on several other podcasts (including Rachel Hollis' show). As always, grab the links mentioned in the show over at the show notes section of Classy on the Outside.
October 8, 2019
It's October: Have You Hit Your Business Goals?
October 1st: what is the first thing you think of? Fall colors? Pumpkin spice lattes? A slower pace? Or, is your immediate reaction a panicky, oh-no-time-is-running-out-and-my-business-isn't-on-track? If this last one sounds more like you because you haven't quite hit your business and professional goals, then this episode is for you. Tune in for five steps to check in with yourself and gain some perspective about not being on track to hit your business goals for 2019.
October 1, 2019
How to Go From Soul-Sucking Day Job to Energized Entrepreneur - Katrina Widener
How do you go from being stuck at a soul-sucking day job to being an energized entrepreneur? Today's guest, Katrina Widener, fills us in on her journey into entrepreneurship and gives us a few pointers about being aligned with our businesses. For the links Katrina mentioned (and a few more helpful resources!) head to the show notes. 
September 24, 2019
Business and Politics: Do They Mix?
Do you mix business and politics? Or do you keep your political beliefs completely separate from your public persona, and therefore your business? This episode is not a discussion on political views. Instead, this podcast episode is kickstarting the conversation with a few questions about whether you as an entrepreneur talk politics. Listen in and then join the conversation on Instagram!
September 17, 2019
Entertainment with a Side of Transformation and Manifestation with Justin Webb
This episode is a little different. It's more for your entertainment than anything. Yes, there are some business and personal development takeaways and you'll find some inspiration woven throughout the episode. But today's guest, Justin Webb, is a voiceover artist and fellow podcaster so in addition to the relaxing sounds of a professional voiceover artist, you will also be entertained by funny stories, travel tidbits and--if you hang out til the very end of the episode--a rather crazy story about my trip to NYC and what happened there. You'll definitely want to read the show notes so you fully appreciate the last ten minutes or so of the episode!
September 10, 2019
The "Big" Podcast Reveal: Business Lessons Learned
You ever build up something so much that you're terrified of it? Tune in to hear what happened when I finally announced that I was doing this podcast for female entrepreneurs. I'm also sharing some lessons learned to inspire you to tell the world about your own business venture or hobby or side hustle. 
August 27, 2019
Productivity Tips for Female Entrepreneurs with Jodi Womack
Do you wish you could be more productive as a business owner or side hustler (or both)? Tune in to hear from Jodi Womack, author of the book Get Momentum. She drops her number one productivity tip for female entrepreneurs in addition to discussing ways that fellow business owners can be more productive--and finally stop procrastinating on those big business projects. (Link to her book located in the podcast show notes.)
August 20, 2019
The Business of Podcasting: a behind-the-scenes look
We need more honesty about the entrepreneurial journey. Do you agree? If so, you'll want to listen to this episode which is an exploration of some successes and disappointments in the first year of this podcast. As always, it's honest and real. In fact, you'll hear about revenue and social media stats in addition to some intangible stuff about the business and podcast. Enjoy! 
August 13, 2019
From People Pleasing to Confident Solopreneur with Kathy Frogosa
What does it take to go from a people pleasing perfectionist to a confident solopreneur? Kathy Frogosa of Frogosa's Elite Solutions joins us this week to talk about her experience with this journey. She shares her humor and a long list of great resources that helped her out along the way. Listen in to grab her tips and get the summary over in the show notes.
August 6, 2019
Self Care Ideas for Business Owners
The last thing the world needs is another cheesy list of ideas for business owners that's a mile long because someone needed to take up space on the internet. Today's episode includes an in-depth example on trying out a new self care idea, complete with examples of potential pitfalls to help you avoid wasting your time. Once you're done listening, grab a free (and practical and concise) list of self care ideas to help you find what works for you.
July 30, 2019
The Importance of Self Care in Business with Adam Dince
Self care isn't just another over-used term. It's actually a really important concept to understand--and practice--if you run a business. Adam Dince joins us this week to talk about self care, give examples of it and offer up five great starter tips that are completely reasonable and logical. There's also details about a free resource that can help you if you're feeling stuck or burnt out. 
July 23, 2019
What Happens When a Perfectionist is Honest in Business
All kinds of things happen when a perfectionist starts being honest in business. (And no, I'm not advocating that anyone lie.) This episode is about admitting that you don't have all the answers, all the time. You'd be surprised at the doors it can open up. Take a listen and join the conversation!
July 16, 2019
Burning Your Business Model to the Ground with Laura Pennington Briggs
Sometimes we solopreneurs and freelancers have to burn it all down to start fresh. Today's guest shares her story and illustrates the amazing results that can materialize once you have the courage to burn down a business model that no longer serves you. Read more over on the podcast Show Notes.
July 9, 2019
What to Do When You Feel Stuck
As an entrepreneur, feeling stuck is especially tough. If you've ever been spinning your wheels and feeling stuck, tune in to this episode. You'll find some helpful advice and a free PDF download to start uncovering your awesome-ness in order to move yourself, and your business, forward. 
June 25, 2019
The Courage to Create Your Life with Andi Eaton
As a published author (times 2!), traveling creatIve director and consultant Andi Eaton knows a thing or two about the courage it takes to create and live the life you love. Tune in to hear what's it's really like to write a book and her advice for aspiring writers and those with big goals.
June 18, 2019
Classy on the Outside, Awkward on the Inside
You asked for it, you got it! Join me on this week's episode where I share out some of the reasons why I have earned the title CAO (Chief Awkwardness Officer). And don't leave me hanging! Join the conversation over at the Podcast Insiders group where you just might get to hear even more hilariously awkward situations that will totally make you feel more normal!
June 11, 2019
Fear & Your Business with Jane Mountain
In today's episode, Jane Mountain of My Five Acres joins us to talk about fears. As entrepreneurs, we've all got 'em! The key is figuring out whether or not they're helpful or unhelpful fears and determining how to move past them. Jane shares her wisdom and finishes up by telling us her top 3 tips for dealing with fear when it creeps up in her business. 
June 4, 2019
Show Yourself Some Grace
What happens when you come back from a vacation and are on the go, non-stop and now it's another short week with too much to do? All together now: Stress! But instead of freaking out, try showing yourself some grace when you have too much going on. Take a listen to this short episode, then join the conversation to tell us how you're going to hold yourself to a standard of grace instead of perfectionism.
May 28, 2019
From Burnt Out to Abundant with Audree Kate
What do you get when you have three businesses, you say yes to everything and you try to make everyone happy? Burnt out, that's what! Audree Kate Lopez talks to us about how in the world she managed to create abundance instead of burn out while staying sane and enjoying it all. Pop over to the show notes for all the links and to get on the VIP Insiders list. 
May 14, 2019
I Can Do This...But Should I?
It can be way too easy to get sucked into the trap of doing something just because you technically can. But, just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD. If you're a people-pleaser, a perfectionist or someone who has just said 'yes' too many times and are feeling lost in your business: grab your headphones and listen! Then come join the COTO Insiders conversation.
May 7, 2019
Business Beliefs, Boundaries & Balance with Tara Wagner
What do beliefs have to do with boundaries and balance in business? Plenty! Tara Wagner joins us to discuss the importance of mindset, setting boundaries and whether that work/life balance thing is really possible. Tune in for all of this and more, especially if you've ever felt burnt out or resentful of your own business. Then, head to the show notes for your chance to become a Classy on the Outside VIP Insider.
April 30, 2019
Perfection is a Killer
Fellow perfectionists, listen in on round 2 as I dive into some examples of how perfectionism kills off creativity and new ideas. This quick episode will help spur you on to take action on that thing in your business you've been putting off. And if you want an accountability partner, head to the show notes and drop your email in the form. 
April 23, 2019
How to Fail at Being Perfect with Eff Perfect
This one's for you, my fellow entrepreneurial perfectionists! Listen in with Jenna and Ashley of Eff Perfect as we discuss the signs of perfectionism and what to do about them when they start creeping in. This episode is practical with tips and advice but it's also funny! When you're done listening, head over to the show notes where there just might be a little somethin' somethin' waiting for you. 
April 16, 2019
10 Questions to Get Clarity in Your Business
Are you feeling 'stuck' somewhere within your business? In today's episode, we'll walk through 10 questions to help you get some clarity in your business, get out of your own head and finally get un-stuck. First, be sure to grab the free 10-question exercise and have it handy. Then, grab your headphones and a pencil as we help you get some clarity in your business! 
April 9, 2019
Pivot, Quit or Succeed with Louise Henry
If you've ever found yourself contemplating a shift in your business or thinking about shutting it down and starting a new venture, do yourself a favor and tune in. Louise Henry joins us to discuss her three different businesses and how she decided when to make changes, when to shut some things down and how she started new businesses. She also drops some advice on staying focused, asking for help and getting uncomfortable.  There's a free bonus waiting for you in the show notes as well. 
April 2, 2019
Stop Justifying Your Business
Have you ever gotten frustrated with something new that you're trying out in your business? It's hard enough trying something outside of our comfort zones but to make matters worse, sometimes it feels like we have to justify our actions as small business owners. If you've ever had that urge to explain or justify why you're not perfect at something, listen up. There's no need to justify whatever it is you're doing in your business! Do you agree? Weigh in on the conversation. 
March 26, 2019
Courage in Business with Allison Nelson
Allison Nelson joins us today to discuss having courage in business. You as a fellow entrepreneur will totally get this, because courage is a must for being in business. You've got to have the courage to admit it when you're wrong, when you need to say no and even to take control of your own schedule. Spoiler alert: if you tune in, you're also going to get some really practical and real-life tips on how to use timeblocking to create more white space in your schedule. (Can I get a heck yes?!) Get the links over at
March 19, 2019
Having Fun in Your Business
Are you allowing yourself to have fun in your business? Or are you of the mindset that work shouldn't be fun?  Listen in to find out what limiting belief may be at play and learn tips to fight the guilt that comes with it. Plus, dare to take the challenge and set yourself up for some fun next week!
March 15, 2019
Working from Home with Karima Neghmouche
Working from home comes with a ton of perks. But...things can get awkward too.  Karima Neghmouche dishes on her go-to tactics to push past her inner critic, about getting ready for the day and why it's totally okay to be multi-passionate. Plus, she shares her number one tip to help you get started on the path of better self-care. (Spoiler alert: it's not at all cheesy and it's totally doable!) Listen in as Karima and I chat, then head over to the show notes for more and to join the conversation. 
March 5, 2019
From "No" to "I've Got This" with Dr. Darria
Doctor, author, consultant making regular appearances on CNN, Fox News and The Dr. Oz there anything Dr. Darria Long Gillespie doesn't do?  Well, tune in to find out! Dr. Darria chats with me about all things business, health and life including her top 3 tips on staying productive while working from home.  Check out the show notes for all the links. 
February 19, 2019
Dealing with Overwhelm
Feeling overwhelmed? I get you. Solopreneurs have a TON of stuff to do, all the time. And no one else to do it for you!  Take a listen to this short little episode and head on over to the show notes for a FREE checklist to help you deal with that overwhelmed feeling. 
February 18, 2019
Understanding the Impostor Complex with Tanya Geisler
By now you know about Impostor Syndrome, but do you really understand it?  Tanya Geisler joins us today to dissect the Impostor Complex (it's actually not a 'syndrome') and she offers up some wisdom for those of us that deal with it on the daily. If you tune in, you're going to find out:  -6 behavior cues to watch for -12 lies (and one truth!) about the Impostor Complex -3 objectives of the Complex -And, why it's actually good news that you feel like an impostor Head on over to the show notes to join the conversation and get the links and resources mentioned on the show. Oh, and are you on our VIP list yet? 
February 7, 2019
From Pain to Purpose: Jaymie Gerena's Transformational Journey
If you've ever felt that you just don't fit in or that you're not 'enough,' then this, my friend, is a must-listen episode for you.  Join in as Jaymie Gerena shares her transformational journey from pain to purpose that began with a very dark time, then moved into a serious look inward and ultimately involved having the courage to change.  Get the show notes and be sure to sign up for regular email updates after you listen! 
January 28, 2019
End of Year Recap
Even though it's getting to be the end of January, it's not too late to look back at your year and do a recap!   What can these end of year recaps tell you? Well, for one thing it will really help you celebrate your successes if you're someone who doesn't often pause to celebrate the 'wins' in life and business. More than that, it reminds you how far you've come and helps set the tone for your new year.  Not sure what even counts? Tune in for some ideas both big and small, then list your own successes to look back on next January! Want to be the first to know when free business tools are available or when fun new things get created? Sign up for the occasional email delivered right to you!
January 22, 2019
Impostor Syndrome & Owning Your Brilliance
Have you ever been confused about how to figure out your strengths?  Or whether that voice you hear is your inner critic or your intuition? Then this episode is for you!  Heather Whelpley joins us with a fresh perspective on Impostor Syndrome and how women can get clear on their strengths to minimize that inner critic and own their brilliance. Plus, she shares one simple but powerful action step you can take to get clear on your own strengths (yes, you've got them!).  Want even more? Grab the FREE exercise complete with an email script in the show notes.
January 15, 2019
What are you waiting for?
Do you ever find yourself waiting?  Waiting on perfection. Waiting on the new year. Waiting until you feel 'ready.'  Stop!  It's a struggle to stop waiting and start doing sometimes, especially for those of us who are perfectionists. If you're finding yourself interminably waiting to do something in your business or your life, listen in for some encouragement.  Now, how can we encourage you in your business? Drop a comment and tell us what one thing you can do today to move it forward! 
December 31, 2018
Building Businesses: A roller coaster journey
What does it look like to build several (!) successful online businesses?   As anyone who has ever been in business knows, the journey of owning and running a business doesn't always go the way you might think. Kate Boyd will fill you in on how she built her businesses and provide a behind-the-scenes look at her journey from college to her current company and everything in between, including what she calls her "Eeyore Days."  Kate not only shares her story but she also highlights some tips and advice that helped her along the way. Anyone who's thinking of starting a business or trying something new needs to listen in on Kate's honest and real story! Important links:
December 26, 2018
Two Easy Tweaks to Get Your Christmas Spirit Back
Feeling frazzled, hurried and just kind of ‘blah’ about Christmas this year? I get it. That’s why I took a suggestion from one of my closest friends and recorded this quick little episode on the fly this Christmas morning. Take 5 and get two easy tweaks to help you enjoy the holidays before they’re over for the year. (PS Merry Christmas!!)
December 25, 2018
5 Tips to Handle Stress
Business, to-do lists, personal situations, and holidays...they all add up to stress sometimes. But what do you do when there are things you're worried about that are over and above everyday stress? While I'm no expert at handling stress like a completely healthy adult (just bein' real!), I am making progress on my coping skills. Today's short episode focuses on five things I do to help myself deal more effectively with those bigger sources of stress. What else would you add?
November 27, 2018
Undercharging in Business: The Underlying Factors
Coming up with pricing for your business is tough stuff! On the surface, it may seem easy to set pricing and stick to it. But as any business owner or freelancer knows, there are oh-so-many factors and potential pitfalls surrounding pricing. How do you know if you're undercharging or undervaluing your work? What happens if you are? And are you 'crossing the line' when it comes to your proposals and clients? In this episode, Hannah Martin and I delve into a wealth of topics centered around the idea of pricing. We talk about everything from the importance of passion and purpose in business to what happens when you haven't valued your work enough. This episode is full of wisdom and connection, complete with some (of course!) goofy moments like me getting my times zones screwed up and Hannah's cat making an appearance or two. You will love it because it's real! And because Hannah is just plain awesome. Show notes: > > > Blog post discussed in episode:
November 9, 2018
Wracne: a rant
This is a rant that's not entirely business related. It's short and to the point, plus I have a feeling it's rather relevant to most you agree?
November 3, 2018
Loneliness & Boundaries: The Struggles of Entrepreneurs
Picture this: you've finally started that business you have dreamed of and you're working from home. Literally a dream come true since it's exactly what you worked for! But why does it feel so lonely?! Join Jamie Van Cuyk and me as we discuss this not-so-uncommon feeling of extreme loneliness and what to do about it--and the guilt that comes with it. Jamie also shares some insights into time blocking, time management, boundary setting and networking. We cover a lot of ground in this one so hang on to your hats and enjoy the ride!  Show notes: Yes, my internet did conk out on me during this but Jamie handled it flawlessly and we were able to keep rolling. Ah, the life of a work-from-home entrepreneur, eh?!
October 24, 2018
Avoiding the Negative Spiral Road
You know that feeling when little things just keep going wrong in your day? Technology fails, the internet conks out on you during a live video a business owner working from home, you get me. I started going down that negative thought spiral and here's what I did to stop it from going further and trashing the rest of my day. What feedback do you have on this process? Have you tried something similar?
October 16, 2018
Impostor Syndrome & The Inner D-Bag with Lauren Bacon
"I'm not good enough." "I'm so stupid, why do I always do that?!" "What right do I have to be here? I'm no expert!" Do these thoughts sound familiar? Well, my friend, you just might have an inner douchebag. Or impostor syndrome. Perhaps even both (the horror!). Before you despair, take a listen to this episode where the amazing Lauren Bacon talks with me about her struggle with impostor syndrome, why that inner d-bag might actually be okay and all sorts of insightful and entertaining morsels related to business and women. When you're done, go tell that inner d-bag who's boss! Show notes:
October 5, 2018
Awkward Adventures in a Classy Town
Have you ever found yourself somewhere you just knew you were out of your league? Join me in laughing as I share my awkward Vail adventures, then tell me what experiences you’ve had that are similarly awkward. Who knows, you may be featured on an upcoming episode 😉
September 10, 2018
4 Tips to Get Your Business Brain on Track
Did you identify with yesterday’s episode and you’ve been in the place where you’re trying to work on your business but just can’t get out of your own head? Well then yesterday’s rant becomes today’s helpful tip! Today’s episode has 4 helpful tips to help you rise above that negative internal chatter and get back to working on your business and moving toward your goals. Drop a comment below and share what you found helpful in these situations!
August 21, 2018
Business Planning: Getting Out of Your Head
Have you ever sat down to create a vision for your company? Or started a business plan? If you have, then you know the frustrations that can come with it. How do you get out of your own head to get your thoughts down on paper? Tell me, because I realllly need some pointers!!
August 20, 2018
Cheez-Its: A Happy Accident in Business
What does a YouTube channel, a business woman and Cheez-It dust have in common? The perfect combination of classy on the outside and real on the Inside! Sometimes, happy accidents do happen in business.
August 13, 2018
Awkward Business Situations
Hey fellow business owners and entrepreneurs, have you ever been in an awkward business situation? You know the kind I mean: it’s embarrassing, mortifying and totally your own doing. Listen in, then tell me about one of your own! (Please? Seriously...don’t leave a gal hanging out here!)
August 13, 2018
Classy on the Outside, Real on the Inside
Calling all business owners and entrepreneurs! Do you ever feel like you project this amazingly confident and poised business person who has her stuff together, but internally you feel alone and maybe a little crazy? Listen to this explanation of the COTO movement and tell me what you think!
August 13, 2018
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