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Beyond Ordinary Business

Beyond Ordinary Business

By Claudia Cordova Rucker
Your friend in creating a beyond ordinary business and life. We share, inspire, and connect you to an amazing sisterhood who wants to contribute to your entrepreneurial dream. We know that when we do so we are creating businesses that are kind, supportive, inclusive and profitable. We are helping you so that you can contribute to creating a better world. A kind and compassionate world.
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Your authentic success
Are you feeling a little out of focus and sad.  Let me inspire you through my own story on how you can use pain for a higher purpose.  How that higher purpose could be defining what success looks like to you and creating your own personal success mission statement.  Follow along you will be so glad that you did.  
May 3, 2020
Finding opportunities, grants and an abundance mindset during these difficult times.
Today we are experiencing a renaissance of opportunity. Learn about tips on how stay in an abundance mindset, find and apply for grants so that you can change the world.
April 21, 2020
Beyond ordinary business leadership support.
Are you an entrepreneur? Do you use you business as a vehicle for good? Do you feel alone at time. Listen to our podcast on how we are creating a sisterhood to support you and how you can contribute to helping other likeminded women.
April 12, 2020