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Cleanse Your Aura

Cleanse Your Aura

By Robin Bornstein
Conversations with Energy Healers, Reiki Masters, Yogis, Mediums, Entrepreneurs, and sometimes just cool people I find along the way!
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Elemental Empress Keeva Dagg
Join me as I meet up and network with Keeva Dagg, Creator of Elemental Empress Medicine. Keeva Dagg - Creator, Channel, Guide It feels like a gift to share Elemental Empress medicine with you. I birthed this into the world through my experiences in natural medicine, birth work, and my life journey. Through connecting with people I have seen the reflection that I have the ability to channel ancient wisdom through my being. Embracing this path has initiated me into sharing my medicine with others and being a guide along their journeys. The healer in me sees the healer in you. I use my wisdom to support you in building a strong connection with your intuitive guidance system. Through the body we see the world with grounded clarity and presence. Breathing first and acting second. You deserve to live in full alignment each day.
December 31, 2021
On the Side of Love with Alan Cantor
Alan Cantor is a spiritual guide, transformational coach. He has a vision for a better world for all children and expresses that through his work with men. While working toward his ordination as an Interfaith Minister, Alan attained a master’s degree in Spiritual Coaching and Direction. Alan is an avid cyclist and fundraiser for cancer research having participated in the Pan Mass Challenge for many years. He is a member of a Unitarian Universalist Church and serves as a lay pastoral care minister and a worship associate. He is also a member of the Common Street Spiritual Center in Natick, MA and serves as chair of the Programs & Events Committee. Alan lives in Ashland, MA with his wife Nancy. He is the proud father of four fantastic children, and is a grandfather to four wonderful beings. Alan Cantor | LinkedIn (20+) The Surround | Facebook
June 11, 2021
Energy Healing with International Healers' Healer Debbie Barker
My interview with Debbie Barker the International Healers' Healer. Debbie has a new free download over on her website "Break up with Stress and Feel Your Relaxed Self Return in 6 Steps" and I highly recommend giving it a try!! Debbie Barker - I absolutely LOVE what I do! I was sitting in a class called Body Works in 2004 (one of the core classes I was required to take to earn my Certified Natural Health Practitioner designation) and it blew me away. The instructor was showing us how to align the spine by using the energy in the body. She showed us a technique with the eyebrows and north and south fingers to release thoughts and emotions like one had been talking to a therapist for 20 years!! I knew I wanted to learn more about energy and help people heal their bodies and their minds. The next thing I knew, I became a Reiki I Practitioner in 2004 and have not looked back (Reiki is a Japanese technique to relax the body AND the mind.) A few years later and 2 more Reiki Attunements, I became a Reiki Master. Now I do attunements for other Reiki practitioners as well as Reiki sessions on others. I’ve also completed my study of Pranic Healing Level I in 2008 which deals with the body’s energy centers. Loving these natural methods of healing, I continue to study other energy healing techniques such as Jin Shin Jyutsu in 2010, Palmajetics in 2010, Vas Pesh in 2011, and Emotion Code in 2018. I have two awesome adult children, Kristin and Timothy. I enjoy time with my family, rollerblading and touring on a motorcycle with David, my incredible husband since 1980. Facebook business page: LinkedIn: Website:
April 29, 2021
Lifesaving Filmmaker - Mirtha Vega
Mirtha Vega is an Entrepreneur/Financial Consultant/Indie Filmmaker! A passionate natural entrepreneur, Cuban-American Mirtha Vega loves to awaken the "hidden entrepreneur" within everyone. Helping others achieve what they truly desire in life, and win at high levels is a personal mission for her. Additionally, she consults with and educates families (and individuals) on how money works, and how to live debt free. She helps those who consult with her (free of charge, of course) to prepare for potential worst case scenarios (hello COVID!), as well as the importance of both saving and investing for the present and the future. Ms. Vega is also a writer/director/producer. Her first feature, Tryst (2003), is a claustrophobic thriller set in a boutique hotel room and shot in San Francisco, CA. Her 2nd feature, The Human Solution (2021), is a drama that deals with the topic of eugenics and is set in 1938 and 1953 Sweden. It's based on historical facts, was shot in the UK, and is a recipient of the 2021 ReFrame Stamp for gender parity in filmmaking. She’s currently in development on her 3rd feature which will be shot in the US in fall of 2021. She’s particularly fascinated by stories that delve deeply into the human condition, exploring the choices characters ultimately choose to make. Rather than offering up passive tales, she elects to engage audiences with questions - what if this happened to me, how would I react in this situation, etc. - daring them to go along for the ride as they watch each film. Ms. Vega is also deeply committed to supporting women behind the camera and all future productions (as in the case of The Human Solution) will have a 100% female production crew, without any discrimination whatsoever on the basis of nationality, religion, disability, sexual orientation, race, age or creed. The particular emphasis will be given to hiring talents that have been overlooked for far too long or are just breaking out. Reach out to Mirtha for an opportunity that will revolutionize your life, changing your mindset, and exploring how to live the dream at:
April 22, 2021
Worthy with Amber Goodenough
Amber Goodenough is a wellness coach and yoga teacher who helps stressed out women who are anxious and struggling with health challenges connect with their mind, body and spirit so that they can find healing and freedom. She received her life coach training through the Martha Beck Institute and is an RYT -200 Yoga teacher. She also is a certified holistic health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She helps women who are overwhelmed and stressed begin to take back their health and sanity by releasing the emotional and sometimes physical weight that's been holding them back for years. She currently resides in her favorite place on the planet, Santa Barbara, California with her husband of 21 years and their french bulldog, Otis. Instagram Facebook Facebook Group : What the Hell Just Happened Weekly Coaching Website :
April 20, 2021
By, Christopher. Christopher Booth is a Pianist, Composer & Songwriter. Join us as we discuss "Playing it Forward" to help those suffering with Mental Health Challenges
An interview with Christopher Booth who created a channel on YouTube called By, Christopher. His first album was named Journeys and can be found on his YouTube Channel. Journeys was released in 2001 and coincided with the 9/11 tragedies. Because of the calm and soothing nature of the Journeys album he was invited on local TV and radio to play his music. Christopher had tremendous success on a local level. He found though that he was not a fan of being in the spotlight, but loved writing music. He turned to teaching and has been teaching on and off for many years. Christopher and his partner recently had a baby girl. Part of his inspiration for doing the 2nd album is his daughter, Winter Skye. COVID shifted the direction of how he would introduce the 2nd album. He added photography and poetry and this creative addition adds a soothing and more ethereal feeling. The mental health aspect comes from Christopher's own family history particularly his mom who suffered with depression. Also, losing two uncles to depression, as well as others who have Bi-polar. Christopher's Mom always encouraged his music as it had a soothing effect on her. She passed away from cancer in 2012. He knows she would have loved to have been around to hear this new album, A Reflection Of Time. A Reflection of Time is very much a personal album. Christopher wrote it in a way that hopefully many people can relate to. Especially the poetry. He wants to be able to have an impact on those who have mental health challenges. COVID has obviously brought new challenges to peoples lives who normally wouldn’t be classified as having mental health issues. That is where he feels his music really reaches, especially now. One question Christopher gets a lot is “where can I buy your music?” As you will learn, he doesn't sell it. He sees his music and talent as a gift from the universe and is something to be shared. So instead he takes a “Play it forward” approach. Christopher asks if his music brought positivity into their day to pass it on to someone else they know. And who doesn’t know someone that could use some extra relaxation? Connect with Christopher Booth on these platforms: YouTube: Instagram: @awakenmusicproductions Twitter: @byChristopher1 LinkedIn: Christopher Booth
March 24, 2021
Visionista, Wellness Warrior & Women's Empowerment Ambassador, Jenn Gulbrand
Interview with Jenn Gulbrand.  Visionista. Wellness Warrior. Women's Empowerment Ambassador. Founder of WeBreathe Wellness, SheBreathes Balance & Wellness, & WeBrand Boutique Certified Business & Mindset Coach, Spiritual Strategist, RYT, Reiki Master Teacher Wellness Entrepreneur with 30+ years founding and leading businesses in health & wellness industry. • Founder, WeBreathe Wellness Retreat Center Inclusive Retreat Center for he/she/they/them where we hold space for growth and healing to occur organically. We believe in fostering community where people of all genders, age, and cultural backgrounds come together, with a common goal to raise the collective vibration of the world. • Founder, WeBrand Boutique, a full service agency dedicated to branding people + spaces where she serves as Business Strategist and Marketing Coach for clients looking to breathe energy into their brand or physical space. • Founder, SheBreathes Balance & Wellness Collaborative Women’s Empowerment, Education and Advocacy initiative dedicated to the complete renewal of women in body, mind and spirit. I created this modern platform as a catalyst for women on the rise because I believe women are being called to step up and serve the world through heart-centered businesses. • Certified Business and Mindset Coach & Spiritual Strategist at and Support women in life's transition on a conscious path to finding freedom, flow and transformation. Together we ignite divine feminine power, activate mindset shifts, and connect to her soul purpose so she is empowered to elevate her life.
February 09, 2021
Chief Dream Officer "CDO" Nancy Cantor
Nancy Cantor, a business development coach since 1994, offers private and group coaching for business owners, corporate executives and their teams.  She helps her clients excel in areas where they have been stuck and create strategies that lead to unprecedented success.  For more information, Nancy founded the Dream Factory Community, a membership organization for women. Whether you are caring for your family, starting or building a business, navigating retirement, or all of the above, transitions are challenging -- especially when you face them alone. Our members create a cooperative environment where everyone appreciates and supports one another. You clarify your visions, create your plan, and cultivate a community for accountability and support, so you can live your personal and professional dreams.   For more information,  774-248-4593,
February 06, 2021