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Clearly Blue Digital's ContentEd - the podcast about all things content - whether in marketing or sales, education or professional development, leadership or team building. We bring you to focus the importance of content in defining a business’ success and failure!
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Raj Sevilimedu, The Principal


Ameen Haque, The Storywallah
#ContentEd #Season2 #Episode5 We saved the best for the last! Who better to cap off our season on Storytelling than the Storywallah himself! We're privileged to podcast this conversation with Ameen Haque where he talks of stories, storytelling, and storytellers. Listen in to understand how you can apply his key insights into your role at work and in life. #storytelling #stories #podcast #podcasting #ContentEd #Season2 #lockdownstories #storywallahs #Spotify #podcasters #podcastshow
July 27, 2020
Naveen Lakkur, The Coach
Tune in to #ContentED as we talk to Naveen Lakkur, the #Founder and Chief Innovation Coach at the Institute of Inspiring Innovation. He tells amazing business stories. Learn why and how any #story should be told. Get a peek into the tools he uses. Inspiration. Ideation. Incubation.  #Innovation #Coach #NaveenLakkur #Podcast #podcasting #Spotify #podcastshow #interview #motivation #BusinessStories #podcastlife #podcasts #podcaster #ideation
May 08, 2020
Geeta Ramanujam, The Storyteller
Listen to answers to questions such as "Can anyone become a storyteller?", "What are the traits of a storyteller?" and "How can one become a storyteller?". Tune in for an interesting and informative episode on the art of storytelling on our podcast #ContentED as we talk to Geeta Ramanujam, the Executive Director of Kathalaya Trust.  #Podcast #storytelling #stories #GeetaRamanujam #kathalyatrust
March 24, 2020
The Theatrewallahs
S2 E2 of #ContentEd presents 2 artiste entrepreneurs who thrive on telling #stories through #theatre. Sharath Parvathavani & Dr. Rajshree of YouAndMe Theatre. It is said that there is a story within each of us. It could be just the push you need to find it.   #Storytelling #artofstorytelling
February 26, 2020
Lakshmi Pratury, The Troublemaker
Welcome to Season 2 of ContentED focussed on storytelling. We present the first episode with Lakshmi Pratury, the founder and CEO of INK Talks. ‘Think visually, not verbally’, she narrates her story.  #ContentED #Storytelling
January 31, 2020
Raj Sevilimedu, The Principal
ContentEd #5 "The Principal" - with Raj Sevilimedu - IQVIA. This multifaceted and dynamic leader, engages us with an array of topics - the education system and institutions, changing lifestyles leading to diseases, and digital healthcare. #lifestyles #healthcare #educationinIndia
October 23, 2019
Pavan Soni, The Evangelist (Part 2)
ContentEd #4 "The Evangelist " - Part 2 with Dr. Pavan Soni, Mentor, Columnist, Founder & CEO - Inflexion Point. This time Dr. Soni talks about organisational culture, every aspect of innovation, self- discipline, leaders he admires and more. Listen in and tell us what you think! #innovation #organisation culture #self-discipline #contentstories
September 26, 2019
Pavan Soni, The Evangelist (Part1)
ContentEd #3 "The Evangelist " with Dr.Pavan Soni, Mentor, Columnist, Founder & CEO - Inflexion Point. This vibrant speaker and innovation coach talks about the education system, every aspect of innovation, self- discipline, entrepreneurship and more. Listen in and tell us what you think! #innovation #education #parenting #contentstories
September 17, 2019
Rahul Shrivastava, The Salesman
ContentEd #2 "The Salesman" features Rahul Shrivastava, Head BD & Strategic Initiatives at Cambay. This dynamic go-getter talks about what drives him and how he empowers his team and his customers to success.  #podcast #salesman #marketing
September 04, 2019
Neha Bagaria, The Entrepreneur
  ContentEd's first episode kicks off with Neha Bagaria, the Founder & CEO of JobsForHer, an online portal that enables women to start, restart and rise in their careers. ContentEd is proud to have Neha as our first guest.
August 16, 2019