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Clicks and Funnels

Clicks and Funnels

By Brian Muldoon
I'm Brian Muldoon and this is Clicks and Funnels Podcast.

I love to help entrepreneurs and business owners achieve real success offline and online through my coaching and support that will help you do just that!

If you're looking for dependable tips and strategies that will help you succeed faster online, you're in the right place!

I want to personally welcome you to join my fast-growing community of hard-working passionate people who want more business and personal success, have a TON of fun doing it!
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Episode 98 - A "No B.S" Approach To Personal & Business Success From A Guy Who's Been There And Done...BIG TIME!
Today I have a very special guest who is, in my opinion, the definition of what it means to be an entrepreneur on a mission. He is a Speaker, Author, publisher, TV Producer and Seminar Promoter. He is the Chief Inspirational Officer at The Best You Corporation, which is one of the largest personal development events and brands on the planet! His "No B.S" and "No Negativity" approach to business and people has positioned him as a highly respected front runner who is not afraid of big risk for huge gains when it comes to success and living life without limits. So without further adieu,  join me for an in depth conversation with...Bernardo Moya. Enjoy! Brian
July 2, 2019
Episode 97 - Things To Consider If You're Thinking About Working With A Mentor, Coach Or Consultant.
Welcome to today's episode of Clicks and Funnels, thank you so much for stopping by. Have you ever thought about investing in someone to help you improve your business, or to help you gain some clarity to be sure you're going about things in the way possible, but you're still a bit unsure if it's the right move for you? Or... Maybe you did that already in the past and got short changed! I know how difficult it can be to trust someone who you know very little about and wonder if they can actually do what they say they can do. That said, investing in someone who does not have a vested interest in your business, who is paid on results can be a GREAT thing.  Enlisting the right kind of help can get you where you want to go a lot faster than you might think, especially if what you've been doing isn't working out. Today, I'm sharing some important things to consider before you decide to work with a Mentor, Coach, Consultant or other expert. Enjoy, Brian
June 11, 2019
Episode 96 - If You Don't Like Seeing Yourself On Camera - Try This...
In the last few weeks I have connected with a number of people who don't like seeing themselves on camera. It simply freaks them out and makes them very uncomfortable. Like anything, the more you try the easier it gets. But often that's easier said than done, so in today's episode I'm going to share some insights on why you should get in front of the camera, how to deal with the weird part and what you can do if you just can't bring yourself to stepping in front of the lens. Enjoy, Brian P.S If you're enjoying this podcast and it's helping you and your business. Subscribe now and post a review so others can find it too! Got a question? Send it to:
June 5, 2019
Episode 95 - Free Or Paid...Which Offer Is The Right One To Lead With?
Welcome to today's episode of Clicks and Funnels. You want more conversions, but it's easier said than done, right? If only you had a crystal ball to tell you what your offer needs so you could change that. Free or Paid offers can work, and in both cases it's about creating a value proposition that will make people want to say YES! Which one is right for you? Have a listen to find out. Enjoy, Brian
June 4, 2019
Episode 94 - If You Have A Personal Or Business Relationship In Trouble - Hit The Play Button Now!
Today's episode is all about the relationships in both our professional and personal life. Relationships matter more than anything else...even money or success. Because when you are the champion in our relationships it means that everyone is getting everything they need, and when that is happening life is RICH! If you're struggling with one or more relationships, have a listen to today's episode and hopefully you'll have a breakthrough that will help you fix those important relationships in your life. Enjoy, Brian P.S If you enjoy my podcast, please subscribe and post a review.  I really appreciate your support!
June 1, 2019
Episode 93 - Your Mobile Phone Is The New Distribution Channel That Can Change Your Business And Your Life!
Welcome to today's episode. I was checking out some Gary Vee content online when a stumbled across a video where he was talking about a time when radio was the best way to get in front of customers, and how it was replaced by TV. Today, you and I have access to some of the most powerful platforms on the planet to promote who you are, what you have and what makes you cool! And the best part is that you can leverage it right now and change your business and life FOREVER!! Enjoy, Brian Questions: What me to help you put a world class marketing strategy in place for you that will get results? Go Here Now. 
May 30, 2019
Episode 92 - How To Get Hook, Story And Offer Working For Your Business
Hey everybody! Thanks for dropping by to check out today's podcast which is all about Hook Story & Offer. I have had sooo many conversations with people who are trying to perfect this in their business, but are really struggling to get it right. If this sounds familiar, then I hope you'll find today's episode helpful! Enjoy, Brian 
May 28, 2019
Episode 91 - How To Generate FREE Advertising To Increase Sales And Create Long Term Assets.
Advertising is everywhere. On one hand we can't escape the endless stream of ads in our social media feeds and more. Yet, on the other hand your online success depends on it, which is why most businesses, entrepreneurs and experts have a monthly ad spend budget. That said, most people's ad budgets are not big enough to compete against the competition who leveraged Facebook and other platforms early on when ads were much less to buy and there were a lot less people buying them. So although it's super important to invest in advertising so you can scale through paid ads as well. There is another way to create your own free advertising campaign to help you increase sales and create long term assets, while you're waiting for your paid ads to work. Enjoy, Brian 
May 20, 2019
Episode 90 - How To Get People To Buy In To YOU!
One of the most difficult things to identify in our business process, is what our customers and prospect are thinking. If we only knew what they really wanted, so we could provide it to them consistently. Have you ever noticed when you've got everything working it's like the sales just show up, even the ones you thought were dead! There are a couple of ways that you can gain valuable insights into what your customers and prospects are wanting you to provide them with, that can be a powerful way to catipule engagement, conversions and sales. I'm sharing them in today's episode... Enjoy, Brian
May 17, 2019
Episode 89 - Why You Should Start Your Own Podcast
Welcome to today's episode which is all about an podcast episode I was listening on the train from Belfast to Bangor earlier today. It was Episode #206 from Russell Brunson's, Marketing Secrets Podcast. (Awesome Stuff For You Below...) The episode start out with Russell talking about what to do while you're waiting for your paid ads to work, which immediately grabbed my attention. What I didn't see coming was how creating your own podcast can help you scale while your waiting for your ads to do the same. Tons of great insights I'm sharing with you from what I took away. PLUS some links to Russell's "Must Have" books and his podcast as well. Enjoy, Brian DotCom Secrets Book - FREE Copy  Expert Secrets Book - FREE Copy Marketing Secrets Podcast - Subscribe Here Got a question or need some help? Email:
May 16, 2019
Episode 88 - Do What Matters To YOU And STOP Catering To The Needs Of People Who Will Never Be Happy Anyway!
Welcome to today's episode. I appreciate you taking out some of your valuable time to listen in... The best thing you can do for yourself, is to do what matters to you and focusing your attention on the things you already have in your life that make truly wealthy. Chasing something, the next deal, sale or so called big ticket client is not the way toward real success long term. You've got to put time into doing what matters to you, and what you have already. Enjoy, Brian 
May 14, 2019
Episode 87 - One Way To Maximise Your Ad Spend, Build Your List And Sell Your Main Thing
Even if you're just getting out of the gates online, or you've been promoting you main offer for a while now. One main thing on it's own can often mean a lot going out on the front end in ad spend, and very little showing up on the backend. If you only have you main thing and not much else that you can offer right now. Then jump on to today's episode to get some tips that can help you maximise your ad spend, build your list AND help you sell the MAIN THING! Enjoy, Brian P.S Would you like me to help you build out your marketing strategy and offer? Click here to get started.
May 8, 2019
Episode 86 - The Secret To Effective Sales And Marketing
Welcome to today's episode. I have found that there are 4 essential steps you need to get really good at if you want to achieve and increase your sales and marketing efforts. When done effectively, the entire process from when they first meet you to your prospect making a purchase will get a whole lot easier! Enjoy, Brian
May 7, 2019
Episode 85 - How To Stop Worrying About Online Trolls And Create Content With Confidence
Welcome to today's episode. I was speaking at an event last night in Belfast and I got speaking with a person who had asked me if I had any advise on how to stop worrying about what other people might think or say about her. Like many people, she has been struggling to find her voice because she is too focused on what might happen when her friends, colleagues and family might say to her when she starts posting content online. Listen to today's episode to hear what I told her, and if this sounds like you, I have a couple of suggestions that will help. Enjoy, Brian P.S Would you like me to help you build out your marketing strategy and offer? Click HERE To Get Started!
May 3, 2019
Episode 84 - 3 Ways To Increase Productivity And Get More Results Consistently
Hey everyone! Welcome to today's episode. One thing us entrepreneurs have in common is we love to learn and try new things. It's totally awesome and something I totally respect and admire about you, as well. But, whenever we come up against a wall and we find ourselves struggling to get past it, we can easily become distracted by things that keep us from progressing forward.  I have been using a one month 3 step process that has really helped me eliminate distraction, get more done, get more results faster and it easy to measure too. Wanna to hear how it works? Just tune in now! Enjoy, Brian 
May 2, 2019
Episode 83 - The Words You Use Could Be Costing You $$
Welcome to today's episode... If there is one thing that annoys people, it's people who try to impress them with how much they know. Knowledge IS power, no doubt about that but... It's not the first thing people visiting your website are looking for. They want to hear or see how you can help them in simple terms that speak directly to the bigger problem they are hoping you can help them solve. Enjoy, Brian
April 30, 2019
Episode 82 - If You're Struggling To Feel Good About Yourself And Your Business, right now. Try this...
I can recall countless times in my professional business journey when it seemed like all I could do was struggle to put a month together. I had my online course, I had my coaching and consulting, but I didn't have the right kind of customer.  My excitement and passion had all but vanished, I felt like a worker bee. Get out and produce, that was what it was like for a very long time and it's when things no longer felt fun and exciting. If you do what you love and do what's required, the money follows. If that's not what's happening for you, maybe it's time to STOP, take a step back and rethink where you can shift from where you are now, to where you really ought to be. Enjoy, Brian
April 30, 2019
Episode 81 - It's NEVER Too Late To Achieve Something Extraordinary!
With the increase of people entering the online space to promote their products and services, it's no surprise that many people feel like they might be getting started, or their too old or too far behind the learning curve to compete online. If any of this sounds like you, I want to tell you that, that is not what you should be thinking! The opportunities that are out there right now are unbelievable, and the internet makes it possible for you to create something truly amazing and reap the rewards and perks that come with it. If you're feeling stuck or uncertain because you're still finding your way, or you feel it's too late for you because you lack certain skills, like the tech stuff...or you feel it's only a game for the young... Today's episode is dedicated to YOU! Enjoy, Brian
April 26, 2019
Episode 80 - There "IS" Room For YOU!!
Welcome to today's episode... I recall not so long ago when I questioned whether or not I had arrived too late to the online opportunities. If the guys with the super big lists had scooped up all the dosh. It wasn't until I really started to put myself out there that I soon realised there was a TON of opportunity and rewards available for me and anyone else who was doing the same. Fast forward and that has definitely changed for the GOOD! The information age is exploding right now, which means there is SOOOO much room for you to jump in front of those opportunities and rewards, as well. Have listen to hear what I mean... Enjoy, Brian
April 25, 2019
Episode 79 - How To DRAMATICALLY Change Your Business in The Next 30 Days!
One of the biggest challenges I see people coming up against, is how to get the most difficult things out of the way so their business can really grow. Thrust me when I say, I know exactly what that feels like!  You get frustrated and ticked off because you so desperately want to be further ahead than you actually are.... The best way to move yourself and you business forward is momentum, but it can be challenging to find and maintain momentum without someone there to keep you up beast and on track. If you're frustrated with where your business is currently at and you need someone who can really help you change that today, do these 2 things.  1) Listen to today's episode 2) Come back to this page and sign up to the "One Funnel Away Challenge" (Link below 👇) PS This is going to be the last one for a while, so don't miss out, whatever you do!! Click Here To Sign Up Now to find out exactly how the challenge works and everything you're going to get that's included! Enjoy, Brian
April 23, 2019
Episode 78 - The ONE THING To Take Back Control From Overwhelm And Fear
Do you feel like all you have in front of you is another thing to add to the 8 million things you still have to do? I get it!! When we have so much going on in our daily lives, it doesn't take much to reach the tipping point. The point where we literally get freaked out, overwhelmed and completely off track... I want to share a simple and effective way for you to take back control and bring the stress levels WAY DOWN...FAST! You can start doing this today and the best part is that it works! Enjoy, Brian
April 16, 2019
Episode 77 - Why Your Business Will Always Be Broken
You know when you started your business it wasn't going to be easy, right? A lot of growing pains and challenges to figure out what you needed to do to give yourself the best chance at getting it successfully launched and generating revenue. Many entrepreneurs believe that eventually you scale to a point where you have enough customers and revenue that you can sit back and watch the growth for years to come. How, although it is true you achieve a higher level of success in your business you will definitely have time to reap the rewards and look back on your accomplishments and say, "well done". But one thing that will never change are the new challenges and problems your business will experience when the growth spurts happen . I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but I do want to point out that you need to be prepared for the new growth that comes with building a successful business. The best business owners are the ones who become great at solving the simple and complex problems in their business. When you get good at this, the rest becomes FUN! Enjoy, Brian Would You Like Me To Help You Improve Your Market Without Spending An Arm And A Leg? If you answered, "YES" then go HERE NOW!
April 12, 2019
Episode 76 - How To Turn Prospects Into Raving Followers
With so much competition out there, it's getting harder and harder to get people to notice and engage with you, to follow you and to ultimately buy from you. However, there is a proven way to change that so people sit up and action, and I'm going to reveal it to you in today's episode! This can become a super powerful communication tool that you should only use to help and serve your customers at the highest level. Enjoy, Brian
April 11, 2019
Episode 75 - The Death Of Hustle And Grind
Hey everyone! Welcome to today's episode which is all about the death of hustle and grind. Sounds kinda strange, right? If you're like most entrepreneurs and experts who are out there hustling their butts off, you can be certain of one thing. Hustle and Grind is burning people out at an alarming rate and it's only going to get worse before it gets better! I invited my wife and business partner onto the show today to share what we have uncovered that still allows us to work hard, but enjoy life so much more than we had been in the past, and now we want to pass it on to you. Enjoy, Brian & Janice
April 10, 2019
Episode 74 - How TO GET MORE S@#T DONE!
Do you ever find yourself getting easily distracted from what you know you should be paying attention to? Do you also find that it can all get a little overwhelming when you think about all the stuff you want to get done? Good news! I was once there ALL OF THE TIME, but I figured out a way that has helped , not just me but my clients as well, get more s@#t done, faster and consistently too. And the best part is, I'm going to reveal exactly how you can too!! Enjoy, Brian P.S Got a burning question you'd like to ask me? I've got your back :-) email your question to: 
April 9, 2019
Episode 73 - Meet Tim Cooper
I'm super excited about today's episode because I have a very special guest on today's show. TIM COOPER! If you don't know who Tim is, he is a RECOVERY COACH and the author of the book, "The Art Of Unlearning", which is what Tim is best known for... Tim coaches people all over the world how to unlearn all the crap that is actually holding most people back and how to recover the best parts of who they actually are, so they can step into their most powerful and truly confident self! Listen in now and meet Tim Cooper... Enjoy, Brian Get The Art Of Unlearning Book: HERE Tim Cooper Academy: Follow Tim On IG: Follow Tim On Facebook:
April 8, 2019
Episode 72 - 5 Core Ingredients You Need To Succeed Online
When you're running all the different parts of your online business, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle and lose focus of the key areas within your online business that are an essential part of your current and future success. There are times when clients contact me to ask if they are missing something, or doing something wrong. They are often experiencing some sort of pain and frustration in their business that has caused them to get off track and lose clarity. The good news, is that most of the time it's a broke ad, a tweak in the copy or a reshoot of a video call to action... That said though, it's super important that you have key elements of your business dialed in.  I have identified 5 that are unbelievably important to anyone's online success, including yours. Hop on and hear them now. Enjoy, Brian P.S Do you have a burning question specifically about your business that you'd like to ask me? I'd love to hear from you... Email me your question to: and I'll feature it in one of our episodes.
April 5, 2019
Episode 71 -Money is NOT The Only Way To Measure ROI (Return On Investment)
Money Money Money! Do you ever find yourself tiring from the constant thoughts about MONEY? It can be all consuming if we make it the driving force behind everything we do... There is a lot of ways to create and measure ROI in our lives, as long as we give those things value too. Have a listen and decide for yourself. Enjoy, Brian
April 4, 2019
Episode 70 - How To Get Out Of Your Own Way
Welcome to today's episode... If you're frustrated with your business right now and you're tired of listening to the competition tell you how they can show you how to make $100,000.00 in the next 90 days. If you're out of energy and maybe feeling a bit sorry for yourself like I did...listen to today's episode on how to get out of  your own way! Enjoy, Brian P.S. If you're enjoying this podcast, please subscribe to my channel and post a review.
April 3, 2019
Episode 69 - Why The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Stay Poor (Part 1)
Welcome to today's episode. I've been listening to recordings from Funnel Hacking Live 2018 and if you don't know what that is, it's a really cool event that is hosted by Clickfunnels. It's all about growing your business online and getting your message and expertise out into the world so you can get paid for it. One of the speakers is Myron Golden, he's a really cool guy who knows a lot about making money online. I wanted to break his talk into two sections because the first thing that stood out was something that I take for granted and often overlook. Listen in now and see if this sounds like something you can identify with too. Enjoy, Brian
April 1, 2019
Episode 68 - 2 BIG Reasons Why You Want To Be Doing More LIVE Webinars
Welcome to today's episode, which is all about webinars... I get asked from time to time if webinars still work and to answer to that question is...Hell Ya!! I believe that "LIVE" webinars are going to have a major resurgence over the next couple of years because of the demand for real authentic engagement. People want to connect in real time, which means there is a massive opportunity for you to reach more people and present more offers!! How awesome is that? Enjoy, Brian
March 29, 2019
Episode 67 - What's The Best Email Marketing Autoresponder For You?
Email engagement has changed dramatically. Open rates are way down and will stay down for a long time to come. So if you are currently paying a lot for your email marketing autoresponder, or you have a small list, now may be the perfect time to switch providers or think about who is the best choice for you if you are just getting going. You can get some amazing email marketing software for a very low cost that packs a punch in terms of of capability and features for the money. The bottom line is that there is a lots of competition which means you have to play the long game to win, which means every penny counts...more than ever. Enjoy, Brian
March 28, 2019
Episode 66 - How To Get Past Frustration + Why Content Creation Is What You Need To Do More Of...NOW!
Welcome to today's episode, it great to have you here! Frustration is never going away, in fact I was losing the plot trying to record today's episode because I found myself getting super frustrated!! I also spoke with a frustrated client today too, who didn't know what to do next in her business. What I suggested to her eliminated the frustration and she regained her confidence, clarity and smile. If you're frustrated right now because you're stuck, or you're not sure how to get over the hurdle that's in front of you right now, have a listen to what happened in today's episode. Enjoy, Brian
March 27, 2019
Episode 65 - 2 Ways To Have The Cheapest Price
Wow! I am so thrilled to be back! I've had this super bad ass cold that tried to rob me of my voice, but I stole it back! I'm also super excited to be able to record today's episode, which is all about finding the sweet spot when you're pricing your offers without having to give the farm away because everybody else is... Enjoy, Brian
March 26, 2019
Episode 64 - 3 Important Questions That Can Help You Gain More Clarity, More Certainty And Motivation.
Welcome to today's podcast.  Today's episode is all about looking back since the start of the new year and looking at how far you've come and what you've accomplished. Distraction is all around us but more so in our mindset than anywhere else, so I have 3 important questions I ask myself every month that keeps my mind sharp and on point. I'm sharing them with you today, so jump in and let's get started! Enjoy, Brian
March 13, 2019
Episode 63 - Entrepreneurs Buy Stuff When They Feel Stuck Or Frustrated...But It's NOT The Solution.
I recently read a book from Alex Charfen called, "The Entrepreneurial Personality Type" and in the book he talked about a trap that many entrepreneurs fall into, which is buying something you think will help you solve a bigger problem in your business. This is a trap I fell into myself way too often because I thought it was the solution I needed at the time, but I needed to do something else instead, and you can do this too. Enjoy, Brian
March 11, 2019
Episode 62 - 4 Things You Can Do NOW To Set You Apart From The Crowd
In today's episode I'm sharing 4 things that you can really focus on refining in your online business that will help you stand out in your own true authentic way. It's a great time to be online and this is your year to own it, so jump on to today's call to listen in! Enjoy, Brian P.S Thank you so much for being hear, YOU are the reason why I do theses podcast ;-)
March 8, 2019
Episode 61 - Are You Charging What Your Offer Is REALLY Worth, Or Following Someone Else's Lead?
I had a really interesting meeting with a client who was struggling with charging more for their service because they felt people wouldn't pay for it. He said to me, " all the guru's are charging this and giving all of that in return, you can't ignore that can you?" After some conversation, my client realised that he was worth way more than he had himself convinced he was worth because his focus was on what other people charge and letting that define his net worth.  I would say that you are worth more too and that's why I'm talking today about YOU taking a look at who you're targeting. Are you targeting your PERFECT/PREMIUM customer with the perfect message and offer that's different and unique from the next guy/gal? Here's the thing... It requires the same amount of effort to close a $47.00 sale as it does a $197.00. The only difference is when you know how to separate yourself and your offer from everyone else who's selling the exact same thing, it's like striking gold! (literally...) Enjoy, Brian
March 6, 2019
Episode 60 - Why You Need To Speak Directly And Clearly To Your Customer + Split Test To See What's Working.
I'm sharing what I have learned about speaking in plain and simple terms and how this can help you get noticed while everyone else is trying to cute  or cleaver.  One of the most important things you have to get right, is to get your prospects to click because a click is engagement, a click means YES. Whether it's in your ad's, a link in your blog or on your website getting your customer to engage is the first step to building  a long term relationship and split testing is one way to test engagement. If you already have an opt-in, try creating a different one and then compare the results. You don't want to rely on one thing, you want to have a few ways to measure so you can get more data to see what's working best and how that's showing up in your bottom line. Enjoy, Brian
March 5, 2019
Episode 59 - The Art Of Unlearning And Already Having What You Need
Welcome to today's episode, which I'm super excited to share with you! Clicks And Funnels Podcast is about helping and supporting "YOU" the entrepreneur to succeed and achieve in all aspects of your business and in life.  Today is all about appreciating everything you already have and realizing that it's worth way more than any kind of monetary success. Yes, grow and scale, but don't miss out on the good bits along the way... Enjoy, Brian The Art Of Unlearning Book: Questions & Feedback:
March 1, 2019
Episode 58 - Is Being OBSESSED A Good Thing?
OBSESSED! You seen it everywhere and heard it from lots of people out there, but is being obsessed really a good mindset to have? Being committed to your success and working really hard everyday to achieve it is an essential part of any success, but when you're mission starts to consume you, you can miss out on the things that truly matter. Enjoy, Brian
February 28, 2019
Episode 57 - Funnel Hacking Live 2019: The 3 BIG Takeaways for YOU!
First let me say that this was my first FHL and it definitely won’t be my last. It was a first class event that delivered way more than the cost to attend.  I’ve got 3 BIG takeaways for you and let me just say that they have less to do with marketing and everything to with YOU!  Enjoy,  Brian
February 24, 2019
Episode 56 - Day 2 Funnel Hacking Live 2019
Today was EPIC!  I can’t wait to share all of it with you and today I’m talking about one thing in particular that really stood out for me. He's an amazing guy.... Dean Graziosi...  Enjoy,  Brian
February 22, 2019
Episode 55 - Day 1: Funnel Hacking Live 2019 Takeaways.
Day 1 in Nashville and already I can tell you, that if you have never been to FHL, you need to seriously think about coming next year.  I’m going to be record a FHL wrap up of everything that was covered here at the event, but until then I’m going to share one or more big takeaways from each day and pass them on to you!  Let's get started! Enjoy, Brian
February 21, 2019
Episode 54 - Just Arrived For Funnel Hacking Live 2019!
I arrived into Nashville yesterday for FHL with Russell Brunson and 4500 other funneladdicts.  I’m going to be covering the event over the next 4 days, so be sure to tune in to hear the latest from this once a year event.  Enjoy, Brian
February 19, 2019
Episode 53 - Is Your Call To Action Direct Or Passive?
I know for many people, telling people to take action can feel uncomfortable.  However, when a person is ready to take action, we have to be direct in telling them what they need to do next. Have a listen to hear what I mean... Enjoy, Brian
February 14, 2019
Episode 52 - It's Early 2019...Are You On Track For Your Best Year Ever?
Here we are in late February 2019 and I know for many entrepreneurs this is the time when the vision and the goals start to take a back seat. If you're finding that you're reverting back to old habits and distractions, tune into today's episode to help you get back on track! Enjoy, Brian
February 13, 2019
Episode 51 - 2 Ways To Take Control Of Your Day
Distraction and interruption is EVERYWHERE! So it super important that you keep those distractions and interruptions under control, because if you're not controlling your day then you can be certain that someone will be! There are 2 things you can do to ensure you take control of your day. Enjoy, Brian 
February 12, 2019
Episode 49 - Get YOUR Stuff Done First!
Welcome to today's episode, which is all about getting your stuff done before anyone else gets the stuff they want you to do for them. I've been testing this out and I have had a few stressed out clients do it as well, and guess what? IT WORKS! Enjoy, Brian
February 5, 2019
Episode 48 - Make Sure You Do These 2 Things For YOU!
We may have things that eat up most of our time. Projects, customers, timelines, bills and more, but we have to schedule in what we need as well. If you don't, you're saying NO to one person who matters most...YOU! Yes, our customers are essential to our success and livelihood,  but without you at your best, feeling your best, you just doing stuff to make money.  Make sure you take time for YOU and your FUTURE TOO :) Enjoy, Brian
February 4, 2019
Episode 47 - Focus On What's Good And Let The Rest Go!
Today's episode is all about mindset. We tend to get pretty hard on ourselves and focus on what's gone wrong and what needs fixing... But what about everything that gone well...what about that stuff? A shift in focus to what's good is what we all need to be doing more of... Enjoy, Brian
January 30, 2019
Episode 46 - It's Late January...Are You Finding Your Losing Momentum?
Dear friend, If you find yourself losing momentum because things have got off to a rough start, you're not alone... In fact, most entrepreneurs and people face early setbacks and get off track with their goals and desires of having an amazing year. I know I have already, but I refuse to let it define the rest of my year! If this sounds like you, I hope you will find today's episode helpful! Enjoy, Brian 
January 29, 2019
Episode 45 - Why You Absolutely MUST create organic content now!
Of course, having an email list of subscribers is massively important  to your business, but there is change in the air... People are not opening emails and email open rates are in the toilet! So how do combat this real situation that is happening online? How do we get people to subscribe and open our communication and then take action? The answer is, create organic content... There are 2 keys elements here. One is why you need to be doing this now, more than ever, and the second is the key to doing it well so you get a positive ROI in return. The game is changing and we all have to make those adjustments in order to scale big. Enjoy, Brian
January 28, 2019
Episode 43 - The One Sentence Persuasion Sentence
I truly believe that this one of the most value statements ever created that encompasses everything you need to turn prospects into raving fans! If you want to become a more effective communicator, copywriter and all around super amazing marketer...this will help you BIGTIME! Enjoy, Brian
January 27, 2019
Episode 44 - How To Turn Your Offers Into A Precious Commodity
Today's episode is really cool because I sharing proven way to take your current offers and make them so irresistible, that people will almost want to throw many at them! Crazy right? I know, but this just plain WORKS! Enjoy, Brian
January 24, 2019
Episode 42 - Why I Start My Day At 5AM
Hey! Let me just start off by saying it's episode 42, so ignore that I say 43 in this recording... :-) Who wants to get up at 5am?  Not me, that's for sure! ...Or at least that's how I used to feel. If you want to be at your best everyday, or as close as one can get to that... You need time for YOU and YOU ONLY, and I found the secret to doing that. It ain't always easy, but it's ALWAYS worth it!! Listen in to find out WHY it works in my life, and how it can work for you too... Enjoy, Brian High Performance Planner UK:  High Performance Planner US/Canada: Learn more: 
January 15, 2019
Episode 41 - 2 Angles You Can Use To Dramatically Increase Your Engagement And Opt-ins
Happy Monday! Hope your Monday is off to a great start... What does our business need an endless supply of? You guess it...more customers, and today I'm sharing a couple of really cool angles you can use to grab peoples attention, so you can help them out, and then present them with an offer to help them even more. Enjoy, Brian
January 14, 2019
Episode 40 - Something Dan Henry Told Me To Do...
It takes  A LOT of time, effort and resources to create an online course and other offers, right? So I was tuning in to a call with Dan Henry who was talking about selling your next amazing offer before you have it created. I'm actually going to test this idea with my list and run cold traffic as well, and I'll come back to you with the results soon. In the meantime, have a listen to hear more... Enjoy, Brian
January 9, 2019
Episode 39 - Playing It Safe Is A Losing Game
The theme for this years podcast episode is all about YOU have your BEST YEAR EVER! Sometime we can be our own worst enemy. We know what would should be doing, but we don't. Why? Well, one reason is that our mind wants to keep us safe, so it's always trying to convince us to leave well enough alone while the ones who refuse to keep dominating and flourishing. I've done it...playing it safe, because safe means less disappointment, and safe means avoiding pain.  But, the truth is, playing is safe is a losing game... Enjoy, Brian
January 8, 2019
Episode 38 - Russell Brunson's "One Funnel Away Challenge" Can It Really Help Your Business?
Hey everyone, Brian Muldoon here and in today's episode I'm talking about one of Russell Brunson's latest projects called, "One Funnel Away Challenge". Bottom line: It is the best $100.00 I invested last year and now he is running the challenge again starting Jan 14/2019. I would definitely encourage you to invest in this challenge because it has really helped my business and the other 7500 other people who took part in the first one back in 2018. Here is the link to check it out for yourself! One Funnel Away Challenge Hope To See You Inside The Challenge! Brian
January 7, 2019
Episode 37 - Goal Setting For Your Best Year Ever! (Pt 3)
Hey! It's our 3rd and final episode of goal setting and there are 4 key points I'm covering that will help keep you focused and on track toward your achieving your big goals for 2019! Enjoy, Brian
January 4, 2019
Episode 36 - Goal Setting For Your Best Year Ever! (Pt 2)
Episode 2 of goal setting:  Ok, so today we're to dive into part two of goal setting. I'm talking specifically about 2 very important elements to help you ensure that you're truly committed to achieving your goals. Enjoy, Brian
January 3, 2019
Episode 35 - Goal Setting For Your Best Year Ever! (Pt 1)
This is episode 1 in my series for goal setting called, "My Best Year Ever! 2019) Would you like 2019 to be your best year EVER? You can make it happen if you have the right goals and you take the right a few other things that have been essential to my own success, that I'm going to share in this mini series. It's about you getting YOU to the next level and staying there! Enjoy, Brian
January 2, 2019
Episode 34 - Success vs Expectations
This actually is episode 34, even though I mistakenly refer to it as episode 33 in my recording! Today, I'm talking about the difference between expectations around short term success and long term success, and which one you should be concentrating on most. I hope you enjoy it! Brian
December 31, 2018
Episode 33 - How To Cure Online Overwhelm
Overwhelm gets in the way productivity, creativity and profits. In todays episode I'm going to share a couple of key things that will help you avoid overwhelm and help you get your business activities into perspective. Enjoy, Brian
December 30, 2018
Episode 32 - How To Stop The Gotta's And Start Putting Yourself First
I gotta do this, I gotta get to that...sound familiar? Hey, we've all had the gotta's, but you can control the gotta's and in todays episode I'm going to share 5 useful things you can start, and stop doing right now that will help you crush the gotta's. Enjoy, Brian
December 29, 2018
Episode 31 - The Secret To Effective Marketing Revealed
There is so much information online about marketing do's and don't, what to do next and a whole bunch of other stuff. In today's episode, I'm zoning in on some a couple of things that will help you become better at marketing. Enjoy, Brian
December 22, 2018
Episode 30 - How To Sell Without Being Salesy
People who are in the business of helping other people generally find it difficult to ask for money. They get REALLY uncomfortable when the comes time to ask the prospect to make a buying decision...and I totally get that. Good news, if this sounds like you... There is a way to increase the desire to have what you're offering without being salesy, that when done effectively, makes the sale happen almost automatically! Enjoy, Brian
December 18, 2018
Episode 29 - You Should Be Creating Online Products And Services
Having online products and services to sell will allow to grow and scale, which is the next level solution to trading time for money! Enjoy, Brian
December 17, 2018
Episode 28 - The Difference Between "Wanting" & "Needing"
Some people believe that they buy when they WANT something and others only when they NEED something... The truth is, it's a combination of both and when used together in your marketing messages, you can consistently turn curious prospects into raving fans who can't say no to your offer. Enjoy, Brian
December 13, 2018
Episode 27 - How To Stop Being A Broke Expert
There are 5 things that will help you attract the kind of people who are willing to pay you what you're worth! After you've listened to this episode, you can check out PLR Store and these other links as well. The PLR Store: ID PLR: Exclusive Niches: Enjoy, Brian
December 12, 2018
Episode 26 - The 1 Thing That Is Never Done In Your Business
There never seems to be a break from everything your business needs to be profitable and sustainable, right? But there is one thing that will never be done in your business, and it's also the one thing that will increase your sales more than anything else!
December 11, 2018
Episode 25 - Why You Need To Be Creating Content
So you have a big idea, but how do you get people to listen? The answer: Create content! Yes, creating content to share requires time and effort, but once you do this for a while on a regular basis, you will find your voice and your tribe. Enjoy, Brian
December 10, 2018
Episode 24 - How To Let Go Of What's Not Working And What To Do Next
Working hard to get more customers and sales is a daily grind, but if it's paying the kind of dividends you need and expect its worth it, right? But what do you do when all that hard work is not bearing enough fruit, and it's having a negative effect that is wearing down? Do you just keep going, or do you shift? If this is where you're at in your journey, I get SUCKS! I'm going to share 4 steps that helped me get out of the fog so I could focus on finding a solution, which turned out to be a HUGE weight off my shoulders. Enjoy, Brian
December 8, 2018
Episode 23 - Do This One Thing To Significantly Increase Your Bottom Line
Who doesn't want more sales? A simple and high converting step to add to your sales process online, or offline that REALLY works, if you just do this one thing... Enjoy, Brian Ryan Levesque Book:
December 5, 2018
Episode 22 - Why You Should Offer Virtual Coaching
Not that long ago, people would ask what you do...and when you said I'm a coach, many people thought it was kind of a fade, not to be taken seriously. But...SERIOUSLY! Online coaching is growing and people are signing for online coaching like crazy! If you're not already offering online coaching, or you're not seeing the growth you want from your existing online coaching business, definitely make sure you listen in!
December 4, 2018
Episode 21 - My Best Advise For Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Taking the leap from what may or may not be a 9 to 5 sure thing to becoming your own boss, is a big deal, but also a very exciting time, as well. That said, it's also easy to find yourself up to your neck with stuff to get done, which can often end up working against you. Here is my best advice if you're embarking on your journey as an entrepreneur. Enjoy, Brian
November 30, 2018
Episode 20 - The Most Important Ingredient That Will Make People Want To Follow You
If you want to build your tribe, you have to be a someone your market can relate to, and there is a powerful way to do this effectively. I have used it, and I always get my clients to use it whenever possible because it...WORKS! Enjoy, Brian Need some help taking your business to the next level? Help is just a one email away!:
November 29, 2018
Episode 19 - How To Shut The Door On Distractions
You don't need me to remind you of all the distractions that are happening in and around your life everyday... But...I do have a solution to close the door on distractions, so you can give your time and attention to one thing that really matters, which is YOU! Enjoy, Brian
November 28, 2018
Episode 18 - Are You Building Assets In Your Business?
Creating assets that will serve you, not just now, but in the future is SO important. Time is everything and if you want more of it, create more assets... Also, I have a link to a pretty cool little mic for recording on your iPhone called the SHURE MV 88. I'm testing it out and so far, I think its worth what I paid. £119.00. UK & Europe: North America: Enjoy, Brian
November 27, 2018
Episode 17 -What Is The Best Marketing Automation For Your Business?
When it comes to emailing your list, knowing what you want to accomplish from your marketing efforts in advance and knowing what kind of experience you want your customers and prospects to have, will help you determine if already you have the product, or you need something more. I've posted a few links below to some popular email marketing software. Enjoy, Brian Active Campaign: Infusionsoft: ConvertKit: Get Response: DRIP: Ontraport:
November 26, 2018
Episode 16 - Want To Free Up More Time And Get More Done? Do This One Thing...
We have all become multi tasking machines and it's taking it's toll! I needed to find a way to get more done and to get rid of anxiety that was being caused from my, "To Do" list, which never stopped piling up. Until I started doing this ONE thing that a client of mine, Tim Cooper suggested I try. If you are struggling with productivity and interuptions throughout your day, try this ONE thing. I did and it's made one hell of a difference!! Enjoy, Brian
November 24, 2018
Episode 15 - When Learning Becomes A Problem
In this episode, I'm talking about the importance of learning and when our desire to learn and upgrade our current skills and knowledge, is no longer serving us in the way it was intended. Enjoy, Brian
November 22, 2018
Episode 14 - Do This One Thing And You WILL Crush Your Competition
There is a TON of people competing against you to build their lists and sell their stuff, so you have to be better than the other guy/gal... or you'll lose, and we want to avoid that at all costs. Figure this ONE THING out in your business and you will never look back! Enjoy, Brian
November 20, 2018
Episode 13 - Being YOU Is Always Your BEST Option
Celebrity used to work really well to sell stuff online. But today, you HAVE TO be different in a way that makes you unique from everybody else, even if nobody's ever heard of you... And how you do that, is by being YOU! Remember, there is only ONE YOU :) Enjoy, Brian
November 19, 2018
Episode 12 - Maybe It's Time For A Little Reward.
So often we have our heads down and WORK day in and day out, month after month, year after year, forgetting to acknowledge that hard work with a little reward from time to time. You don't have to wait for the next WIN to give yourself a pat on the back! Enjoy, Brian
November 17, 2018
Episode 11 - A Quick Fix For A Losing Opt-In Page
In this episode, I'm talking about simplifying your opt-in page, when it comes to building your email list. Busy pages confuse, and there is a proven formula for get more opt-ins...more often. Enjoy, Brian
November 14, 2018
Episode 10 - You Don't Have To Go It Alone
You're busy doing all the stuff that needs doing to take care of your business, but if you're anything like I was, you're probably forgetting to take care of the #1 asset in your business...YOU! You don't have to go it alone and in today's podcast, I'm going to share something that helped me take better care of me, that also helped my business as well! Enjoy, Brian
November 13, 2018
Episode #9 - A Simple 4 Step Process To Help You Get More Opt-in's
In today's episode, I'm sharing a simple 4 step framework that will help you get more people to opt-in to your list...especially, if you sometimes struggle with asking prospects to take action. Enjoy, Brian
November 12, 2018
Episode 8 - My Top 3 Software Choices For Creating An Online Course Or Membership Site
I'm going to reveal my top 3 choices that I would recommend for creating an online course or membership site. I use these 3 in my business every day and they are all fantastic! Below are links to all the 6 software, plus 3 must-have books. DOTCOM Secrets and EXPERT Secrets and Funnel Hacker's Cookbook. Enjoy, Brian P.S. Some of the links are affiliate links, which means I get paid a small referral when a person uses one of those links. So I wanted to say, thank you so much using my affiliate links! Kajabi: Clickfunnels Software: Funnel Hacker's Cookbook: Kartra (Affiliate): Thinkific: Udemy: Teachable: Dotcom Secrest Book: Expert Secrets Book:
November 9, 2018
Episode 7 - How Having A Funnel On Your Website Can Literally Transform Your Business!
If you have a stand-alone website that does not have a funnel with a specific offer, you definitely want to listen in on today's episode. Enjoy, Brian P.S. Have a question, or need help? Get in touch:
November 8, 2018
Episode 6 - If You And Your Business Are Stuck...Do This!
If you're not getting what you want and it's doing your head in...You're Not Alone! You Can Fix This... Making a change, even in the smallest of ways can free you and your business, so you can start moving ahead in the right direction. Thanks for tuning in! Brian
November 7, 2018
Episode 5: A Step By Step Process For Fixing Anything In Your Online Business!
In this episode, we're talking about keeping the emotion out when your sales process or funnel when it isn't converting. It's just a matter of finding the piece that's broken and fixing it...that's it! Listen in now! Enjoy, Brian
November 5, 2018
Episode #4 - How To Simplify Your Online Sales Process
On today's podcast, I'm sharing a simple 3 step formula that will make it so much easier for you to get people to opt-in and purchase your products and services. It's a process that I use in my business and to help my clients and it works like magic! I'm also including two links below that will take you to a sign-up page to get Russel Brunson's Dot Com Secrets and Expert Secrets. These are two MUST have books in your collection, if you don't already own them, plus you can get both of them FREE, right now by clicking on my affiliate links below! Expert Secrets: Dot Com Secrets: Enjoy! Brian
October 30, 2018
Episode #3 - You're FIRED!
In this episode, I'm talking about difficult clients and customers who are never happy with all that you do for them, and why it may be time to say...You're FIRED! Enjoy :) Brian
October 29, 2018
Episode #2 My SECRET Formula To 10x Your Sales and Conversions
In this episode, I'm going to share with you a 3 step formula I created that enabled me to increase sales from $600.000 to over $6 million in less than one year, and how you can you can use it in your business too! P.S Would you like me to help you build out your marketing strategy and offer? Click HERE To Get Help Now!
October 25, 2018
Episode #1 Never Give Up On Yourself...NO MATTER WHAT!
In this first Clicks and Funnels podcast episode, I'm talking about never giving up on yourself, or your matter what!!
October 25, 2018