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By ClickSubmit
Click Submit is a podcast for lovers of data. Data that helps... Data that creates change... Data that brings hope. This podcast is all about homelessness, data, and equity. We hope you enjoy it!
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Day Shelters Make The World Go Round
In Episode Two, The Click Submit Krewe had the chance to talk with Laura Delapp, Day Shelter Manager at the Haven, which is located downtown Charlottesville Virginia. Laura Delapp let us in on the interworkings and importance of day shelters and how everything is connected to data.  Get creative with your day shelter data! To donate to The Haven, Click Here Produced by 8-Bit Animal
September 18, 2022
Burnout in the Data World
Click Submit is back with Season 2! We are starting the season with a discussion between Shercole and Gwen about what's been going on with them and dealing with burnout in the data world. This episode includes Click Submit Co-hosts: Shercole and Gwen Episode Editing Team: 8BITANIMAL Cover Art: Shercole
September 08, 2022
See You Next Season!
Click Submit is on break until September! Want to be on the show? Have a show idea? Contact us at
May 31, 2022
Episode 7: Show Me The Money
Shercole and Gwen had a chance to sit down with Leila Gowland, Speaker, Coach, and Expert Negotiator.  With Leila, the team discussed knowing your worth, salary negotiation and more! Get inspired as you continue to progress in your career. Offer: 50% off You Got This: The Ultimate Negotiation Course  Code: clicksubmit Learn more about Leila Gowland Here.
May 31, 2022
The Official Unofficial Thoughts on Data Quality
Check out Gwen and Shercole give their thoughts on all things Data Quality! How do we center front line staff in data quality? What tools can help us manage data better?  Tool: HMIS CSV Data Quality Tool (Excel)
May 30, 2022
This Was Not Recorded At NHSDC
Tragically, none of our four recording laptops recorded our NHSDC session. We got together afterwards anyway for an informal chat about the things we learned at this conference that will stick with us and about what is next.  Sign Up for our first Happy Hour and our newsletters! Here:
April 15, 2022
Diary of an HMIS Meme Maker
That's right folks, we talked to the one who started it all! Join us to learn more about their process and hear about our hopes and dreams for the future of HMIS.  Join the CoC Alliance Slack Hub For Ending Homelessness Facebook Group CoC Alliance Facebook Group HMIS Help list-serv
January 20, 2022
Public Data is Cooler Than TikTok
This episode is all about how we use data for good, collaboration! It's a thought-starter about how people inside our HMIS world can start utilizing different data sets more to create solutions that help our populations.  We thought a great example of not only using data for good but bringing data sources together is the Pandemic to Prosperity. It’s a collaboration with National Conference on Citizenship, to track the impact and ongoing recovery from the COVID health and economic crises. Our guests this episode are Allison Plyer, Chief Demographer, The Data Center of Southeast Louisiana, and Alysha Rashid Policy and Data Consultant of the Pandemic to Prosperity Project Resources on the website:
December 13, 2021
A Multi-What? How We Got Here
Special guest episode with Abby Miller! We discuss the changes to the gender data element and what it means to bring your whole self to a discussion about data.
October 19, 2021
Oh Wow, It's October: The 2022 Data Standards
Join us for the inaugural episode of Click Submit, where we talk about all things data, equity, and homelessness! 2022 Data Standards
October 12, 2021